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Intro: Fourteen Months After the Creation of the Hutt EmpireEdit

Amanda paused, unsure of how to proceed. Jabba's newest slave, Mara Jade, sat across from her on one of the plush harem sofas. It was midnight and the two were alone in the harem, the other slaves either pleasuring guests or sleeping in their own personal rooms, attached to the harem. Mara had been proving exceptionally stubborn to the training Amanda had been giving her. Due to her striking appearance and spirit, Jabba had wished to add her to his harem ever since their first meeting, though could not until he had defeated the empire. Now, firmly in control of the galaxy, Jabba had ordered Mara to be captured. Three months ago, Mara had finally been caught and brought to Jabba's Nal Hutta (formerly known as Coruscant) palace. "Never, I will not obey him!" Mara was saying. She was dressed in a revealing all red costume that complimented her hair, as well as permanent make-up and an unbreakable red collar/necklace to symbolize her status as one of Jabba's pets. Amanda sighed. Three months, and Mara was still not close to submitting. She had been given a deadline of five days from now to make Mara obey, for that was the day of the first Hutt Council meeting after the formation of the Hutt Empire. Already an excellent dancer, Mara would be a valuable addition to the festivities. So here Amanda was, staying up late in a desperate attempt to train Mara on time. Instead, she could be sleeping or pleasuring a guest. Boba Fett had even seemed interested in taking her tonight! But no, she had to remain here in a seemingly futile attempt to break Mara.

Suddenly, the harem door opened. Amanda immediately dropped to her knees, glaring at Mara when she did not do the same. Standing there was Leia, the harem queen and Amanda's only superior among Jabba's pets. Beautiful, spirited, and dressed in the most revealing and expensive costume of all, Leia was the pride of the harem, the best of all of Jabba's slaves. Amanda had aided in Leia's training, and the two were now best friends, as well as intensely intimate with each other. "Welcome, your highness," Amanda said to the harem queen, kneeling before her and touching her forehead to the Queen's foot. Leia smiled at her approvingly, then turned to Mara. In a superior tone, she said, "Mara, The High Exalted One demands that you spend the night with him tonight, alone, for he senses it is the only way to tame you." Mara got off the sofa and studied Leia. Extremely sweaty, with the Hutt's slime visible on her body, it was obvious she had just been pleasing Jabba. "Hutt slut," Mara muttered as she left the room.

Once they were alone, Leia lessened her haughty attitude. "The High Exalted One appreciates your efforts, but he has realized Mara cannot truly submit until she sleeps with him and feels the pleasure he can give." Amanda was surprised. She and other slaves were often allowed to please Jabba alongside Leia, but this was the first time since Leia's arrival since one of Jabba's pets would do it without Leia, or even spent the night with him. "Don't worry, he made sure to have his fill of me before I came here," Leia said, grinning.

Amanda, still kneeling, started kissing her Queen's feet, and then, when Leia shot her a look of inestimable haughtiness, began to lick them in earnest. "Forgive me, your highness, I failed in the task you set me, this is my fault. You should punish me," Amanda begged. Leia looked down at her best friend, running her toes slowly over Amanda's tongue, carefully sliding each one along her mouth. Amnada took it gratefully, enjoying the taste of her queen. Leia let her go on just for a bit of suspense. Besides, it felt nice.. "No, for I did not succeed as well. It will take a night with The High Exalted One to tame her. Besides I could never punish you," Leia said. Amanda stopped kissing Leia's feet and looked up. "Thank you, my mistress," she said, smiling.

"Of course, Amanda," Leia said, then sighed, "I miss my master." "Your highness, he must really want to tame her if he is willing to spend the night without you," Amanda said, trying to comfort her. "I know, he said he'll really miss me. But he will have Mara to ravage all night, whether she wants it or not. I guarantee that by tomorrow morning she'll have realized her place. He told me to sleep here. I wonder, can I spend the night in your room?" Leia asked seductively. Amanda grinned. "It would be my honor, your highness," she said, giggling.

The two walked into the lift that would take them to the rooms for the senior slaves. After it stopped, they stepped out into a hallway of seven rooms. All the way at the end was Amanda's personal room, the most luxurious of them all. They proceeded to enjoy each other's company for over an hour, Amanda stripped naked of everything Leia who asked jabba to let her be naked forever watched her, except their slave collars, complementing over each others bodys, licking and sucking each other's breasts, groping each other everywhere they could reach , and indulging in all their favorite games. Amanda loved doing this with all her sisters, but she enjoyed playing with her best friend and Queen by far the most. Their last game, the giggle game, took the longest, but the usual victor won. On Leia's fifth turn, Amanda finally lost it. "Ha ha ha ha yes yes yes ha ha ha!" she yelled once Leia's hand moved from her breasts to her entrance. Leia didn't stop there, but continued until Amanda reached her peak. "Yes! Yes! I love you so much your highness. Yes! Yes!" Amanda screamed. Once she calmed down, Leia rubbed the climax along Amanda's flank as she said soothingly, "I love you too, now it's time to get to bed." "Yes, your highness," Amanda agreed, slightly worn out. Their play time was very fun, though nothing compared to a night with the High Exalted One.

They climbed into Amanda's king sized bed. "Almost as comfortable as The High Exalted One's throne," Leia remarked. The two wore nothing but their collars, Leia's still connected to Jabba's throne by her massive leash. Amanda quickly snuggled into her Queen's side, licking the Hutt's slime from her breasts as she did.. "Oh, Amanda, you never told me how you were drawn into The High Exalted One's service!" Leia said, tilting her head farther in. Amanda hesitated. She was proud of her place now, but less so of her beginnings, before her enslavement. For this reason, she had never talked to Leia about this before. However, she had to eventually, or else Leia could bring the High Exalted One's wrath onto her. "I'll tell you,your highness, though my story is much less glamorous than yours," Amanda said. "Just tell me," Leia commanded. "Alright, fine," Amanda said. She began to tell her story.

Seventy Five Years Ago: From Humble BeginningsEdit

Amanda was born on the backwater world of Utapau, forty seven years before the outbreak of the Clone Wars. Her early childhood was pleasant and uneventful. She was an only child, and her parents were fairly wealthy from a lucrative blaster modification business, at least at first. Once she had turned five, her father began to neglect his work and start to gamble (a new sensation on Utapau), convinced by advertisements that it was an easy way to make money. Instead, he soon began to lose all of his savings. By the time Amanda was seven, the family had started to slip into debt. Amanda's mother, tired of financial trouble, soon became a heavy alcoholic.

Refusing to admit his mistakes, Amanda's father began to blame Amanda for their problems, reasoning that the additional expenses required for her upbringing had forced them into debt, with his gambling only a side effect to the problems she had caused. He began to act colder and harsher towards her, believing his own lies. Despite the irrationality of these statements, her mother did nothing to deter her husband, too deep in alcohol to care. Amanda was shaken by these changes. Her parents had never been really close to her, but they had never been cruel before. At the age of eight, her father made her work for several nearby businesses, saying it was high time she start paying her fair share.

Only eight, she was unable to make much, and her father continued to gamble. When she was nine, her father berated her one night for their continued financial stress (by this point they were on the verge of loosing their house), saying she wasn't working hard enough. "But dad, maybe your gambling is part of the problem too," she meekly muttered. Enraged, he smacked her hard across the face. That was the beginning of the physical abuse. For the next two years, Amanda worked day and night to 'pay off her debts,' occasionally receiving a beating when her father got bad news. Once she was ten, her father began to lighten her meals, blaming her large appetite for their continued debt.

The breaking point came on her eleventh birthday. That day, they finally lost their house. Amanda received a horrible beating that night. Moving into a small apartment, Amanda was now only treated as a servant. Until she was sixteen, she worked from dawn til dusk, surviving on less and less food. The law was thin on Utapau and her family didn't have any friends, so no one knew about her predicament. Finally, when she was 18, she had had enough. One night, she sneaked out of her home and journeyed to the nearest sinkhole city.

Finding the spaceport, she quickly located a Republic ship. It was a small, personal yacht, but it clearly belonged to a Republic citizen. She had never left Utapau before, and was eager to see this Republic she had heard about. Soon after she arrived, she saw two men leave the ship, leaving the hatch open. This is my chance, she thought. She quickly went into the open hatch and entered the ship. Going to the back, she heard a rumbling on the other side of the door. This must be the engine room. She went inside. The room was small, but there was enough room for her a small window. Soon, she heard the pilots come back on. To her relief, they started the ship. I'm free! she thought. She heard the ship blast into orbit.

A Hard Life AheadEdit

Amanda's good fortune was not going to last. For the next three hours she hid in the engine room, uncomfortably crammed. Eventually, she felt the ship pull out of hyperspace. She looked out the porthole. Outside, she recognized the world of Naboo from an atlas she had read during the small amount education she was given on Utapau. Suddenly, a blast rocked the ship, then another. They were under attack! She heard the pilots panic and try to maneuver, but this was a pleasure yacht, not a fighter. Another laser hit the ship, and Amanda heard the power go out. They were a sitting duck. Through the window, she saw the other vessel, a small but heavily armed fighter, dock next to them.

Soon, she heard a cutting sound. They must be boarding! she thought. She heard the door fall, then two blaster shots. Then she heard voices. "They're dead, let's see if there's anything intresting aboard," said one human male voice. Amanda heard what sounded like two men walk around the ship, searching various cabinets and compartments. After a while, they spoke again. "I told you this wasn't a smuggler's ship," said another voice. "Hey, it looked like it might be one in disguise, and we can still sell it," the first man said. The footsteps stopped outside the engine room. "Wait, let's see what's in here," the second voice said. Amanda was terrified, but had nowhere to hide. The door opened, and Amanda was face to face with two human men, both looked to be in their thirties and wore combat gear. Two perverse grins appeared on their faces. "Jackpot," one said.

The two escorted her to the front of the ship, holding her at blaster point. She saw the former pilots dead in the hallway. "You're coming with me," the second man said, "Jaxton, drive this ship and follow me." The first man, Jaxton, nodded and remained on the ship. "Move it," the second one, obviously the leader," ordered, prodding her with the blaster.

She was pushed through the destroyed doorway onto the pirates's ship. It had an all black interior and was sparsely decorated. "Listen, I'm just a runaway, so you could just leave me on the planet and I'll be out of your hair," Amanda said. "Yeah right," the leader said, stepping onto the ship and closing the hatch. "You'll be very useful where we're going," he told her. "Where is that?" she asked. "Bespin. With all our captures, plus that yacht over there, we have enough money to start our own casino," he said. "What does that have to do with me?" she asked. "Ha! You'll be working there. No pay, of course. Jaxton has really been wanting a whore to have fun with, so he'll keep you for a while. When he's tired of you, you'll be an ah, entertainer for the casino patrons," he answered.

Amanda didn't scream, she didn't beg. Instead, she simply sighed. "Thought you'd be more upset than that," the man said. Clearly, he was cruel and enjoyed others' suffering. "It can't be worse than what I've dealt with before," Amanda said. Grunting, the man ordered her into the ship's holding cell, than locked her in. Can't be too bad, she thought. Once again, Amanda heard a ship blast into hyperspace.

Long NightEdit

That night, however, Amanda realized what she was in for. She heard the door to her cell open. "We've docked for the night, and Jaxton wants some company," said her captor menacingly. She was hauled out of her cell and taken to the other ship. Amanda was thrown inside the hatch. "Hello beautiful," Jaxton greeted her. "You're going to be my slut when we get started on Bespin, might as well get used to it," he told her. He examined her. Though she wore raggedy clothes and was a little thin, she was very pretty. "Take off your clothes, now!" he ordered. "I'm only eighteen!" she protested. She received a hard slap to the face. "Now," he yelled. "Reluctantly, she removed all but her undergarments. "All of it," Jaxton ordered. Amanda did as he asked. He looked her up and down. "Nice," he said.

"Now, I am going to ravage you. If you resist or fight back, I'll call in Vol, and we'll both enjoy you," he said. Amanda realized he wasn't lying. Throughout the next hour, she learned exactly how bad her new life would be. Jaxton was brutal. Even though she did not resist, she still acquired several bruises from the rapist. Apparently, these pirates were as sadistic as they were greedy. She tried to take some pleasure from his actions, but ultimately failed. Jaxton began to thrust inside her. "No, no, no!" she screamed. Mad with lust, he slapped her across the face. In the end, he climaxed into her. Barely feeling any pleasure, she failed to do the same. Jaxton finally got off her. "Enjoy that, slut?" he asked. Amanda did not respond.

Jaxton sent her back to Vol's ship, not giving her her clothes back. Naked, she crawled into her cell. Not given a blanket, she tried to sleep as best she could. Shivering, she laid and the floor and tried to ignore her pain, tears flowing from her face. Soon, she to ignore the hunger as well. She had not been given food for twenty four hours. Eventually, she managed to does off. As horrible as this night was, it was only the beginning to another dark period in Amanda's life.


The next morning, they arrived on Bespin. Amanda was provided nothing to wear led off the ship at blaster point. Looking around, she saw it was a seedy world, much worse than Utapau. Jaxton and Vol quickly escorted her to a run down hotel and checked out a room, the attendant seemingly unconcerned that she was held prisoner. The next week, with all their compiled funds, they bought a large, abandoned building and refurnished it into a dazzling casino. It quickly began to generate huge profits. Moving in to the casino, Amanda was forced to become Jaxton's whore, just like he promised. She hated the vile man, but had no choice and no chance of escape. She was clothed in nothing but her skin and fed little, and she became increasingly thin.

After a year of this continued torture, Jaxton finally grew tired of her, getting other girls from the vast wealth he now commanded. This was no respite from Amanda's seemingly hopeless life, however, as Amanda was forced to become a stripper in the Casino, having to pleasure various guests who paid for her. Her nineteenth birthday flew by, forgotten, and Amanda's torrent of misery continued.

Throughout the next year, Amanda pole danced in the casino. Through some miracle, she was not given any sexually transmitted diseases, but her low amount of food continued to make her unhealthily thinner. Amanda would have been able to run, if not for the bracelet she was forced to wear. Incredibly difficult to remove, it was designed to prevent her from leaving. If she stepped ten feet from the casino premises, it would explode and kill her. It seemed there was no way for Amanda to escape her hopeless situation.

Fifty Five Years Ago: Amanda's New LifeEdit

Soon after Amanda's turned twenty, Jaxton and Vol began to expand into the weapons dealing business. Using the profits from their casino, it started off quick. They bought weapons from public weapon manufacturers, made them more deadly, and sold them to various crime lords and gangster throughout the galaxy. The details interested her little, though it sadly reminded her of her father's own blaster modification business. Will my life ever change? she often thought to herself.

Six months after the start, Jaxton and Vol sold a large quantity of weapons to a crime lord named Jabba the Hutt. The hutt was one of the main benefactors for men like Jaxton and Vol making him the perfect customer for the two small-time thugs who were just starting out in the buisness. Amanda didn't know a lot about Jabba the Hutt, other than that he was a powerful crime lord, but her captors certainly did. Making a huge profit off of the deal (especially as they had cut corners on several of the modifications) they spent a night ravaging Amanda in triumph together. It was the worst night of her life, and that was saying something. The things they did to her, the horrible agony of two men forcing themselves on her at the same time, drew Amanda to the edge. Over the next three days, she started to contemplate suicide. Amanda considered leaving the casino and let the explosion do it's thing, for clearly, life held no happiness for her. During the third night, Amanda resolved to walk away from the casino the next morning.

When she woke up, Amanda put on her usual rags, walked downstairs, and entered the casino lobby. Walking inside, she discovered Jaxton and Vol in intense conversation. "What is that ship doing here?" Vol yelled. "I don't know, maybe Jabba found out we jipped him on those blasters," Jaxton answered nervously. "Damn, this isn't good, let me do the talking, ok?" Vol asked. "Fine," Jaxton replied. Amanda stopped. That thug who her captors sold weapons to was here? This was frightening. If he was really coming this far about the weapons, he must be really pissed!

Suddenly, the doors barred open. The strangest sight Amanda had ever seen was coming in. It consisted of a large dais/throne like thing made out of hard stone, with several rugs and pillows on it. Anti grav technology
Jabba the Husttla

Jabba and his slaves

propelled it forward. Sitting on it was a massive slug like creature. He had slimy, green skin, with large intimidating reptilian eyes. A long muscular tail extended from his body. His most defining feature, however, was his amazingly bloated size. His massive stomach and several extra chins were two prominent examples of his fat's affect on him. Surrounding him were three scantily clad human girls. Each looked to be around twenty and, for some reason, looked subservient to the Hutt.

"Vol!" Jabba's booming voice yelled. Trembling, Vol stepped forward. "Welcome mighty Jabba," he said. "I have no time for games Vol. Those blasters were worthless, and I'm here to rectify the situation," Jabba boomed. "What do you mea....." Vol began, but was cut off when his body lifted into the air. Behind him, Jaxton was lifted as well. Both grabbed their throats as if choking. The casino patrons quickly ran in terror, but Amanda, mesmerized, did not move. "No, please," Vol coughed. Jabba said nothing. Soon, the two pirates dropped to the ground, dead. Jabba looked around. "I think that is proper payment," he said. He suddenly noticed Amanda.

"Hello there, my lovely," he said to her. Amanda stared at him. Extremely thin and naked, Amanda didn't look so 'lovely' these days, though she was naturally beautiful. "Come here!" he commanded. She slowly walked forward. If she refused, who knew what he would do to her? When she was close enough, he reached out with a stubby arm, and, with massive strength, hurled her into him. A slimy tongue reached out from his wide mouth and kissed her, revealing his attraction to her. Amanda jerked back, surprised. He was clearly the most disgusting creature in the galaxy, yet for one brief moment, she had felt some pleasure from his kiss.

"You will be coming with me, my lovely," he said to her. Too afraid to resist, she sat on the throne as it left the casino. After they were some distance away, the Hutt waved his hand. Several dozen feet away, the Jaxton and Vol Casino somehow disintegrated into ashes, crumbling to the ground. "Melina, wine!" he demanded. One of the slave girls reclining on his tail handed him a large flask of Huttese wine. He drank some, then lowered it to her. "To their deaths," he said. Amanda couldn't help but grin, that was one thing she could get behind. She drank out of Jabba's hand. It didn't taste too bad. Jabba wrapped his arm around her. "I am your master now," he said in a commanding voice. Did he say, master? If that's right, than I'm going to be,,,his slave! Amanda realized with horror. Without any further conversation, the throne reached a nearby space port. Standing there was a large pleasure yacht, though Amanda saw it was also heavily armed. The dais moved up the lowered boarding ramp and into the ship.

The Journey to TatooineEdit

The throne headed deep into the ship. Soon, it entered a large lounge like room. Amanda saw three twi leks

The Star Jewel Traveling in Space.

move to some poles and strip dance on them. It didn't really worry Amanda, she had had to do far worse than that while in the casino. Just then, her stomach growled nosily. Due to the small diet she had been receiving since she was ten, Amanda had grown used to this. Jabba noticed, however. He pulled her close to him. "Are you hungry, my pet?" he asked. Did he say pet? Is that what I am? she thought. Regardless, she was starving. "Yes," Amanda said. "Yes, what? Jabba asked with a hint of anger. Amanda sighed. If submission would get her food, then she would be submissive. "Yes master," Amanda said. Jabba stroked her shoulder.

Jabba spoke in Huttese to one of his servants. Amanda didn't understand it, but a minute later dinner was brought out. Jabba was given a large assortment of creatures she didn't recognize. Amanda and the other slave girls were each handed a plate of five loaves of bread. It didn't look like much, but Amanda ate hers ravenously. After the first bite, Amanda knew the bread had been modified. It filled her up more than it should have and tasted much more complex. She quickly devoured the rest, still feeling slightly hungry. "Usually five loaves is enough for my pets, but I can see you have been starved, luckily you have me to take care of you," Jabba said.

Jabba ordered for Amanda to be brought five more loaves. This time, Jabba took the plate and held out a loaf to her. "Ask, nicely," he commanded. Amanda swallowed her pride and said, "Please, master," she begged. Jabba lowered the bread to her mouth. Amanda was forced to eat from his hands. After her tenth loaf, Amanda was finally full, for the first time in eleven years. "You shall soon learn to appreciate me, as all of my pets do," he told her. Amanda said nothing.

The ship soon arrived on a desert planet. The dais left the ship and headed for a large palace like structure. The heat didn't really bother Amanda, for Utapau summers were worse than this. Entering the palace, the dais stopped in front of a large door. "Melina, you are coming with me," Jabba said. He turned to Amanda, "This is where you leave me, my lovely, but before you decide to resist, just remember where you would be without me," he said. The slaves, minus Melina, left the dais and went through the door.


Amanda entered the harem, and was immediately shell shocked. While the "harem" back at the casino had consisted of a rundown bed and a pole to practise dancing with, this had to be the most luxurious place in the galaxy. A floor of polished marble was covered by thick, soft blue trith-fur carpeting, and studded with massive silken couches and futons. The walls had been completely covered with billowy velvet, and cut into the floor were a number of deep, steaming pools. Bowls of fruit and bottles of wine were placed so that one would always be at hand. Discreet glow-panels gave everything a soft shade, and the skylights had been shaped to shatter the twinsun's light into a spectacular rainbow diplay.

At the far end of the room was a piece of floor that was not covered inmarble but in blue mats. The ten poles sprouted from them and touched the cieling, as well as a mirrored wall and a wide variety of equipment to improve blance, speed and coordination, made it the best studio that Amanda had ever been in.

"Wow," she gasped. One of the girls turned to her, "Like it?" she asked. Amanda nodded. "Good, because this is where you'll stay for the rest of your life!" the girl said. Amanda couldn't believe it. This would be the best place had ever stayed! "Now come on, it's our job to assess your dancing capabilities, to see when your ready to entertain The Exalted One," the other girl said. Amanda was led to the dancing area. It was easy for her to impress the other slave girls. She had been strip dancing for years. "Wow, you're pretty good. A little fine tuning, as well as learning the regular palace routines, but overall, impressive," one said, once Amanda had finished. "Honestly, you might be the best dancer we have, with a little work," the other girl added. Just then, Melina returned. "Are you ready for your new outfit? It's my turn to dress up The Exalted One's newest pet, plus I am the harem mistress, so let's get started.

Amanda was ordered to strip and sit on a stool, and Melina got to work. She took out some make-up and began to rub the brush all along Amanda's face. Once she was done, Melina began to stroke her fingers across Amanda's make-up. "Stop, you'll smear it," Amanda protested, jerking back. "No, just making sure I applied it correctly. This make-up is permanent, it never smears," Melina explained. "Really?" Amanda asked. "Our master has created several technologic advances. Now for your hair," Melina said, then added in an angry tone, "And if you ever question me again, I will starve you for a week, understand?" Amanda hesitated, then said, "Yes, mistress."

Melina then worked on Amanda's hair, making it into waving curls going down to her neck. "Usually Jabba's pets are given earrings, but your hair would hide them, so we'll skip that," Melina said. "Let's see, you look like a blue. Melina walked away and returned with a long blue strap-like thing. She proceeded to apply it onto Amanda. Two straps were placed on her shoulder. They went down to her breasts, forming into two bra shapes. They diverged slightly and converged below her belly button, then went down and barely covered her entrance. Melina stepped back and examined her, as if expecting the straps to stay on by themselves. And they did!

"Good, now for the finishing touches," Melina said. She put a small black skirt on Amanda. It barely hid anything, but would be the only covering her backside had. Melina then put two black heels on Amanda's feet. "One more thing," Melina said, "Time for your collar." Amanda stuttered. "My," she asked. "Yes, you are a pet, not just a slave. A permanent collar will ensure your bondage. If you are ever one thousand feet from your master, it will cause you to collapse into unconsciousness, now kneel before me and hold still!" Amanda obeyed. Having her collar knock her out was better than having a bracelet kill her. "The Exalted One told me to give you specifically this one," Melina said. She produced a thin silver collar with a small circle formed in the front. Melina fastened it on Amanda's neck, then clicked it shut. "Finished, now you are forever one of us. Now I have to get you a room."

Melina led Amanda down a small hallway that branched off from the harem. They walked past several closed doors. "Right, this one's empty," Melina stopped. She opened a door. "Welcome to your room," Melina said. Once again, Amanda was overwhelmed. The room boasted a large king sized bed, several comfortable pillows, a small, personal hot tub, its own air conditioner, a large mirror, and, strangely enough, an alarm clock on her table.. "Now go to sleep, I don't like to be kept up," Melina started to leave, then stopped. "Oh, and this is for questioning me," Melina said. She suddenly took her hand and slapped Amanda hard across the face, driving her to the floor. "Let that teach you," she said, leaving.


Amanda hauled herself up and sat on the bed. Tears formed on her cheeks. Melina's blow had stung, but the knowledge that yet more of her life would be spent under the thumb of cruel captors was even worse. Suddenly, she heard a knock on the door. Another human slave girl entered. "Hi, I'm Jess," she said. Amanda didn't respond, what if she was as mean as Melina? "I want to talk to you, since that bitch Melina is too important to tell you about your new life," she said sarcastically. Amanda smiled. "Come on in," Amanda said.

Jess sat down next to her. "Don't worry, everyone here is nice except for Melina, and she can't do too much," she said, "Anyway, I wanted to welcome you, sister," Jess finished. "What do you mean, we're not sisters!" Amanda said. "Not in blood no, but all of Jabba's pets are sisters in all but name. We are your family now," Jess explained. "But I already have a family, not a very good one, but still I have a family," Amanda argued. Jess sighed. "No, you don't, that part of your life is meaningless now. You don't have a mother, you don't have a father. You are no one's daughter, and you have no other siblings. All you have is us, and The Exalted One. We are the only relations you have, sister," Jess said. "Speaking of The Exalted One, that's all we're worthy to refer to him as, I think you have the wrong idea about him," Jess continued.

"What do you mean, I already know he's a disgusting, vile, cruel, crime lord who cares for no one but himself," Amanda said. "No, you're wrong," Jess said, "He cares for everyone, especially his pets. We are very dear to him. Look around you. You have a king sized bed and a personal hot tub! You saw the harem. The Exalted One loves to spoil us," Jess said. Amanda hesitated, then said, "Maybe you're right, maybe. I'll have to see how he treats us. Speaking of which, what is it like to live here?" Jess smiled. "It is a heaven, Amanda. We are never hungry. We are never thirsty. We have to practice dancing from 11 to 2, but the rest of the time we can simply relax and enjoy ourselves," Jess said. Amanda didn't like how she said that. "But what about dancing for him?" Amanda asked, "Isn't that horrible?"

Jess grinned. "No, and we have to do far more than that," Jess said. Amanda gaped. "Yes, you will make love to The Exalted One, and let me tell you, it is pleasurable beyond imagination. Of course sometimes you will have to pleasure his guests as well, but you wouldn't believe how fun that is either. They can't treat us badly, or they'll be severely punished. And no matter who it is, you'll have a great time," she explained. "There's no way pleasuring that beast is fun," Amanda argued. "It is, Amanda, trust me," Jess said, "Pretty soon, you will see your master as the most attractive being in the galaxy. In fact, the fatter he gets, the more alluring you will find him," Jess said.

"What about Melina, why is she so cruel to us?" Amanda asked, trying to change the subject. "I don't know. The Exalted One made her harem mistress, giving her some superiority over us, but she's not supposed to be cruel. Part of it is probably because she was a high aristocrat, making her think she's way better than the rest of us. Plus, she's pissed he won't make her harem queen. I'm sure The Exalted One will discipline her soon," Jess said.

"I thought you said she was already harem mistress," Amanda asked, confused. "That's different from harem queen. The harem queen is The Exalted One's personal slave, as well as a step above harem mistress, who is only in charge in the queen's absence. Since a harem queen has never been appointed, the mistress is technically in charge here," Jess explained. "Why has a queen never been appointed?" Amanda asked. "The Exalted One says he's waiting for a specific person who will come and become queen, but that it is far into the future. Of course, he sometimes enslaves women and has them serve him personally, but they are never meant to last and are always given away or disposed of," Jess said, "But we're getting off topic. Regardless of Melina, you will soon be glad you were brought here. Two weeks into my enslavement, and I was rejoicing that The Exalted One took me."

"Jess, don't you miss your family?" Amanda asked. "Not at all," Jess said, "Something you'll soon realize, Amanda, is that none of your previous attachments or relationships will matter to you. In a month, all you will care about is serving your master and relaxing with your sisters. Your true sisters, us. You will love us, and forget about everyone else. The Exalted One is your life now, and you will soon accept that."

"I may have no previous attachments, but I bet you still miss your former family," Amanda accused. "No, you don't understand. I don't. I barely remember them. My life only started to matter the day I came here," Jess repeated. "Why didn't they try to find you?" Amanda asked. Jess grinned. "The man who used to be my father did. He came for me. Offered to buy me back. But our master refused. The man tried to leave, but was not allowed to," she said. "Why not?" Amanda asked.

Jess shrugged. "The Exalted One said it was because he had seen the man during the senate debates and knew him to be a selfish bastard. I had known that before I was taken, but I had still loved him, I think. But when The Exalted One had him dropped into the rancor pit, I did not care. I sat on our master's throne and watched the man die without any sadness whatsoever. My only reaction was to thank The Exalted One for his wonderful masterly care of me," Jess revealed.

"That's horrible!" Amanda exclaimed. Jess shook her head, "No, it wasn't. I had lost all connection to him the second I was taken to The Exalted One," she explained. "So where are you from?" Amanda asked. "Coruscant, my former father was a senator there," Jess answered. "Wait, your father was a senator?" Amanda asked, shocked. "Well of course. Hutts prefer their pets to be taken from the aristocracy, so many of us here had parents in the senate. What about you?" Jess asked. " not from the aristocracy. In fact, I have nothing," Amanda admitted. "Correction, you had nothing. Now you have a wonderful, luxurious, and pleasurable life here. You're the first girl here who isn't an aristocrat here, but it's not a big deal. The Exalted One probably saw that you were helpless and decided to take you in. That should show you how gracious he is," Jess said.

"Now I better go. Just remember three things. Set your alarm for 9am and only call Melina 'mistress' while in her presence. And most importantly, only refer to our master as, The Exalted One. If you are ever granted the honor of speaking to him, call him either 'master' or 'exalted one,' anything else would be horribly disrespectful. Don't give Melina a reason to hurt you," Jess warned as she walked out.

Once alone, Amanda removed her new clothes and got into bed. She wasn't sure what she thought of her situation. On one hand, she was a slave, a giant slug's slave, who would be forced to pleasure him and his guests. On the other, she now relaxed in a king's size bed, her own hot tub was three feet away, and she wasn't going to bed hungry for the first time in years. Maybe what Jess said was true, she would enjoy being Jabba's pet and would soon be immersed in her new life. After all, where would she be now if Jabba hadn't taken her? Alone, starving, and homeless on the slum world of Bespin. As she started to drift off to sleep, Amanda decided to see how the next day went.

Path to SubmssionEdit

First DayEdit

Morning EncounterEdit

Amanda was woken up at 9 by her alarm clock. Yawning, she decided to test out her hot tub. Next to it was a small control panel. She quickly adjusted the temperature to her liking and entered it. The water was like heaven. She hadn't had this at the Jaxton and Vol casino. She put on the bubbles and enjoyed the water against her naked body. Amanda suddenly noticed her collar. It was the only thing she currently had on. Reaching it, she tried to un-click it. Maybe Melina was wrong and it really could come off. Pulling, she tried to tear it apart. It didn't budge.

"You won't have any luck there. The second it clicks on the collar seals forever. No force in the galaxy can remove it. Face it Amanda, you'll be a pet to The Exalted One forever. You'll soon be proud of it," Jess admonished as she entered the room. "Jess, get out of here, I'm not wearing anything!" Amanda exclaimed. Jess grinned. "Not a problem," she said in a suggestive tone. Amanda watched, stunned, as Jess removed her own clothing and joined her in the hot tub. "Jess, I know you think we're sisters but I'm not sure I'm comfortable wit...." Amanda protested but stopped after Jess put a finger on her lips. "Just stay still," Jess ordered soothingly.

"Wh.." Amanda started, but was interrupted as Jess leaned forward and kissed her. No, I don't like women, why is....oh, oh that feels sooo good, Amanda thought. To her shock, she didn't pull away, and even started to lean into the kiss. When finally Jess pulled back, Amanda found herself leaning forward. "Bu..but I've never liked women?" Amanda asked, more to herself then Jess. Jess smiled. "Liked that, didn't you?" she asked. Amanda nodded. "I..I don't understand, I've never felt that way before," she admitted. "I felt that way my first time here too, but pleasuring yourself with your sisters here is extremely fun," Jess said. "Why?" Amanda asked. "I don't know why, but something you'll find here is that no matter who you do it with, sex is very enjoyable in this palace," Jess said, with a knowing gleam in her eye.

"You really think being here makes sex more enjoyable?" Amanda asked incredulously. Jess nodded. "Well, to be honest I think it's more because of The Exalted One himself. He is so pleasurable that it spreads around his presence. Plus, you've seen some of his ah, uncanny abilities," Jess said. Amanda found it hard to believe that a Hutt's presence dozens of yards away could do that, but had she also found it hard to believe that a Hutt could choke people telekinetically and disintegrate casinos with a gesture, which Jabba had certainly done.

"But don't you find it wrong that he does this?" Amanda asked, accepting the explanation. "No, in fact, I find it yet another thing that we should be grateful to him for. It provides something really fun for us to do and strengthens the bond between us," Jess argued. "Now, Amanda, let's see how good you are!" Jess exclaimed, kissing her passionately. her hand started stealing downwards. "No, I don't think I shou-.." Amanda started to say before giving in. She immensely enjoyed this. Then Jess started to do more. And Amanda let her enjoying it more and more.


Amanda was ashamed. Jess had gone all the way with her, and Amanda had loved every moment of it. Worse still, Jess had ordered her around during the entire thing, and Amanda had obeyed her every command. Then, Amanda realized something. She had no spirit. Jabba didn't have to break her, she was already broken. Broken by her father, broken by Jaxton, broken by endless rapist casino patrons. If what Jess said was half-true, Jabba would have no trouble making her obey. "Amanda, that was really fun. You're really good at that, but you shouldn't have let me control you like that. The Exalted One likes girls who obey him unconditionally, but he also wants us to have spirit," Jess told her. "What, does he want his pets to order him around while they please him?" Amanda retorted angrily. "No, of course not. He expects you to obey each and every one of his commands without question. But he also wants you be creative, not be a mindless, un-spirited girl always wait for what he tells you to do. And honestly, that's all you did with me," Jess admonished.

"I would think he wouldn't want me to have spirit, so he can break me," Amanda said. "No. First of all, he doesn't break us, he tames​ us. Second, the more spirit we have, the better. It doesn't take him any time to get us to obey him, you already do. What he wants is your appreciation, your loyalty, and your adoration, which he deserves and you do not yet give him. But he also wants you to be spirited in pleasing him and his guests. And he can't have that if you don't have spirit," Jess explained, "You may have been broken before, but hopefully The Exalted One will rebuild you into what you should be: a spirited, creative, and loyal slave of your master." Amanda glared at her. "Now come on, it's time to dance," Jess said.

Amanda and Jess went into the harem to dance. Finding their own area, they began to practice. Despite her lack of spirit, it was clear Amanda had great potential. "Wow, you're almost as good as me already," Jess complimented. "Yes, the common whore can dance, too bad that she can't do anything else." Amanda turned around. It was Melina, staring at her with extreme contempt. "Does my dancing please you, mistress?" Amanda asked, keeping her cool. Melina walked up to her. "How dare you speak to me. I told you to never question me!" Melina yelled. "I wasn't questio...." Amanda started, but was interrupted by a slap from Melina. "That was for questioning me," Melina said. Then she slapped Amanda again. "And that was for the back-talk," she added. Amanda, bleeding, watched Melina go off to bully other slaves. "Come on, let's take a break," said Jess sadly.

Jess led her to one of the harem sofas. "Sit here, I'll be right back," she said. Soon, Jess returned carrying a bottle of wine and two glasses. She quickly poured Amanda one. "Don't worry," Jess said when Amanda hesitated, "This wine doesn't leave a hangover and only affects you for an hour." Pouring herself a glass, Jess proposed a toast to The Exalted One. Amanda reluctantly accepted and the two drank together. This quickly made Amanda feel better. Coupled with that, Jess soon started to flirt with her, and the two ended up naked in a hot tub in full view of everyone, kissing again. To her relief, Amanda observed most of the other girls do the same, pairing off. Only Melina abstained, viewing them all with disdain, acting as though she was above them.

First DanceEdit

At 6pm, Melina led everyone to Jabba's throne room for their dance. Amanda was fairly nervous. She had practiced their routine extensively, but feared what happened if she failed. Entering the room, she saw variou
MTS2 getagirl4 455153 gella3

Two of Jabba's Twi lek slaves.

s human and alien guests eat and smoke illegal substances in a festive party. What drew her attention was her master, however. Seated on his large throne and disgustingly bloated, Amanda should have been repulsed by the sight of him. But strangely, she was almost....drawn to him. Before she could ponder this, the dance started. Amanda preformed her part well, and though she did not know it, caught her master's eye.

After the dance, Amanda knew it was usually her duty to flirt with guests and pleasure them if she wished. Walking around, she didn't have as much luck as her sisters. She was still too thin, and her beauty was jaded by years of abuse. Suddenly, her body was inexplicably thrown in the air. She fell back, straight into Jabba's fat. "I desire to speak with you, slave," said Jabba. Remembering what Jess said, she bowed her head, "Yes master, what can I do for you?" she asked. "I wish to know how appreciative you've become. Are you happy to serve me yet?" he asked her.

Overwhelmed by his piercing gaze, Amanda decided to lie. "Yes master, I am," she lied. "You are obedient, but I know your thoughts. You do not yet fully appreciate me. In less than two weeks, you shall. For now, I wish to enjoy your company tonight," he told her. Amanda balked. She was terrified, shocked, and excited. No I'm not! Amanda thought desperately.'After the party, Amanda was forced to remain behind with her master, while the other slave left with other guests. Melina saw her with Jabba and gave her a look of jealousy and anger, then turned and stomped away.

First NightEdit

She had to ask him something. "Master, your pet humbly requests the great honor of speaking to you," Amanda said, remembering how Jess taught her to speak. "Yes, my pet?" he asked. "Why did you take me?" Amanda asked, forgetting her manners and referring to herself as 'I'. "I am a common orphan, not an aristocrat, and my beauty is a shadow of it's former self," she said. Jabba laughed. "Ho ho ho, I took you due to my great mercy. Without me, you would be lying in a pool of blood on Bespin right now," he said. Amanda had to admit he was right. "Also, I know you can accomplish much in my service, I have big plans for you. Besides, the bread you have been eating will restore your beauty in matter of days. All the damage you suffered while helpless without my protection will be forgotten," he said.

"Really?" Amanda asked. The years had been hard on her, and the notion of her body recovering from them was very appealing. "Yes," Jabba said, "But now it is time for you to learn of the pleasure I can give. Will you submit to me willingly?" Amanda sighed. "Yes master," she accepted. "Now come to me," Jabba commanded. Amanda went to him, lying on some pillows in front of his belly. She found herself lifted and was soon immersed in her master's body, stripped of her costume, and trapped under her master. He reached out with his tongue and kissed her, beginning an experience she would never forget..

Day 2Edit

Amanda awoke. Why did she feel sooo.. good? Then she remembered. She had let Jabba have his way with her. She hadn't resisted, but had obeyed his every command. What she had heard had been true, Jabba had given her more pleasure than she had thought possible. Amanda blushed slightly while remembering how he had kissed her, stroked her, entered her, it had been amazing. "Did you enjoy that, slave?" Jabba asked. Amanda knew there was no point in lying. "Yes master," she admitted. "Do you now appreciate me?" he asked her. Amanda didn't know what to say. On the whole, probably not. Oh, she obeyed him, just like she had obeyed all her captors, but no, she didn't adore him yet. "No, master," she said. "Ho ho ho, you soon will. I look forward to having you again, especially once you become more spirited," Jabba said.

Amanda was dismissed and returned to the harem. Once she entered, Melina glared at her. She was in the process of bullying Lyn Me, but paused a moment to give her a look of pure venom. Amanda did her best to ignore her as she started to begin her dance practice with the rest of her sisters. Despite her inexperience with these dances, it was clear she was already one of the better dancers. On their grand finale of their last routine, Amanda jumped into a twirl, and landed on her face.

"You should watch out for other people's feet while you dance, charity case," said Melina, having just intentionally tripped her up. "Why did yo...?" Amanda began, but was interrupted by a slap to the face by Melina. "Apologize for hitting my foot," Melina demanded. Amanda knelt before her. "Please forgive me, mistress," Amanda begged. "No. In fact, you're not allowed to set foot in any harem pool or hot tub for the next month as punishment," Melina said. "Oh, and that's for daring to speak to me," Melina said, then kicked Amanda's face with her foot, driving her flat on her back. "Let that be a lesson to you all," Melina chanted, then walked away.

Sobbing, Amanda retreated to her room for the next couple of hours, choosing to weep alone. She was not disturbed and only came out when it was five minutes before she had to dance. She left her room and accompanied the other girls to the throne room, ignoring Melina's smirk. After dancing, Amanda did her duty of flirting with Jabba's guests. She utterly failed. She tried, she really did, but her heart just wasn't in it. Plus, she was still the least attractive girl in the harem, due to a decade of malnourishment and abuse.

When the festivities were over, Amanda was the only one returning to the harem alone. All her sisters were accompanied by a guest. Melina walked by her on the arm of a wealthy spice dealer. "Night, charity case," she said to Amanda. Amanda knew she should have been relieved, but in truth she was disappointed. She felt like she failed her master. And why would I care about that? Amanda thought to herself. Entering her room, she did her best to tune out the sounds of her sisters' pleasure and go to sleep.

Day 5Edit

For the past two days, Amanda's life had not changed much. She kissed Jess, danced for her master, failed to find a bed partner, and was picked on by Melina. However, she wasn't the only one. After dance practice, Amanda saw Lyn Me crying on one of the plush sofas. She went over to the blue-skinned Twi Lek. "Lyn, what's wrong?" Amanda asked her. "Melina just called me the worst dancer she had ever seen. She said if I don't improve she's going to ask The Exalted One to kick me out," Lyn said.

"And you don't want that?" Amanda asked. "Of course not. This is the best life I could ever imagine. I love it here, and Melina wants to ruin that," Lyn said, "And the only reason I performed badly during practice was because she was mocking me the entire time." Amanda stroked her lekku. "I'm so sorry, Lyn," she said. Amanda could understand where she was coming from. "But maybe I can make you feel better," Amanda said.

Amanda leaned in an started kissing Lyn passionately. Lyn responded fiercely, but just as it got heated, Melina interrupted. "Wow, our two worst slave girls are playing together. That's so sweet," Melina said. "Lyn do you like Amanda?" Melina asked. "Yes I...." Melina interrupted her with a slap. "So, you're friends with a trouble maker. Lyn, you're banned from swimming for the next month, teach you to behave. Amanda, you're banned for the next year," Melina promised. "Why?" Amanda asked. "Because I feel like it," Melina said, punctuating it with another slap.

"Now, aren't I such a good mistress. Get on yours knees and thank me for being so nice," Melina ordered. Amanda got to her knees and said, "Thank you, my mistress, for being so wonderful," she said. "Good. Now, you two better get your act together," Melina warned, then finally left to go pick on Jess and another Twi Lek. "You know, this place was wonderful before Melina became mistress six months ago," Lyn said, "Now, everyone's just scared here all the time." Amanda believed this, but didn't see how it mattered. "So what can we do?" she asked. "I don't know, maybe we can all go to The Exalted One and ask him to remove Melina. With all of us together, he might agree," Lyn offered. "No way. If he doesn't Melina will be even worse," Amanda said.

"Look Amanda, Jess is right, you have to get your fire back. I know your life has been hard, but if you don't regain your spirit, you'll never be happy here," Lyn said, disappointed. "See you later," Lyn said, coldly walking away. The rest of the day was uneventful. To Amanda's great frustration, she still failed at getting a partner. Her worn down looks took a toll on her. As she laid in her bed that night, hearing Jess moan some guy's name, she wondered if she would ever change.

Day 7Edit


Amanda woke up in her large bed, as she had for the past week. Yawning, she left her bed and walked over to her mirror; and was stunned by what she saw. Looking at herself, it was as if the last ten years had never happened. Her body was no longer sickly thin, but was now healthily slim. Her hair, which had lost much of its luster and shortened significantly due to malnourishment, had now miraculously regained its former glory. The dark brown hair's color had been completely restored, extending a perfect length in wavy curls down to her neck. Even a couple wrinkles that had started to appear on Amanda's skin had vanished overnight. In short, every damaged aspect of Amanda's body had been fully repaired.

Amanda looked herself up and down in the mirror. With her beauty restored and her everlasting make-up, even the usually humble Amanda had to admit to herself that she had probably become the most attractive girl in the harem. She would never be coming back to the harem after a party alone again. In fact, examining her nude form and silver collar, Amanda realizes that her master would probably be very pleased with her. She wasn't sure if she was happy about this.

Amanda suddenly heard her door opening. "Amanda, I was wondering if you wanted to......Wow!" Jess exclaimed upon seeing her, "You're the most beautiful sister in the harem, even including Melina." Amanda was confused. "I still don't know how this could have happened. though I'm not complaining," Amanda admitted. Jess looked at her feet, clearly uncomfortable. "There's something I never told you," Jess said awkwardly. "What?" Amanda asked.

Jess sighed. "You know that bread in the harem, the only thing we eat besides the fruit?" Jess asked. "Yes, I know it's fat free and loaded with all essential nutrients, but that wouldn't cause this," Amanda said, gesturing to her body. "Amanda, that bread has a lot more than 'essential nutrients," Jess admitted. "Well, spit it out, what does it have?" Amanda demanded. "It's got something amazing, something seemingly impossible. Amanda, it's got rejuvenating serum!" Jess said. Amanda didn't understand. "What's that?" she asked.

Jess turned away. "Rejuvenating serum is a spectacular advancement created by The Exalted One soon after


his harem was created. You've seen what he can do," Jess said. Amanda nodded. "Well, this serum is put into our bread. It, well there's no easy way to say this. It makes us immortal, forever youthful, unageing, whatever you want to call it. After we're given it once, it lasts forever, all our breads got it. The serum must've caused you to regain your beauty as a side effect. I'm sorry, Amanda, but you will be twenty one forever," Jess said.

Amanda stared, unable to fathom what that meant. Her mind reeling from the shock, she fell back into her bed. After a while, she started sobbing. "Wh...why, why didn't you tell me?" Amanda cried. "I'm really sorry Amanda, but the news that you will be serving The Exalted One forever can be a shock to untamed slaves. If it makes you feel any better, know that you'll soon be grateful for it," Jess consoled. "This can't be true, surely he would mas produce and sell it to every being in the galaxy for trillions of credits," Amanda offered.

"No. You see Amanda, it's a closely guarded secret. Besides, only the small numbert of Hutts in the galaxy and their slave girls are able to use it," Jess said. "Why?" Amanda demanded. Jess began to explain, "because Amanda, the serum only works for Hutts..." "Which I'm not!" Amanda interrupted loudly, "Or those who have had relations with them," Jess finished. "Well I haven't, so... Oh my god, five days ago, I.... Damn it!" Amanda swore.

"Amanda I'm sorry, really I am," Jess said. "No, it's not your fault," Amanda replied, "Come on, let's go practice." "Are you sure you're okay?" Jess asked. "Fine," Amanda said, controlling her rage. She walked slowly to the main harem room, holding in her tears. Melina saw her enter, then looked at her with a mixture of hatred and horror.

First GuestEdit

It was obvious Melina hated Amanda's new appearance, but managed to say nothing throughout dance practice. After Amanda performed flawlessly through the routines, however, Melina made her pay after practice. Amanda had gone and talked with one of her sisters near a pool, and Melina saw her chance. Running forward, she hit Amanda and pushed her into the pool.

"Clumsy, clumsy, charity case," Melina said as Amanda pulled herself out. "Sorry, mistress," Amanda said. "Yes, well I'm afraid you've disregarded your banning from all harem pools. As such, you leave me no choice but to forbid you from drinking all wine in the harem for two weeks, disobey that and you won't be eating either. Now, kneel down, admit you're clumsiness caused this, and thank me for my mercy," Melina commanded.

Even having been subdued by Melina for six months, most of the other girls would have refused this. But Amanda was weak, broken, spiritless. "I'm sorry mistress, my clumsiness caused me to trip. Your mercy is unbelievable," Amanda said. "Good, Melina said, then kicked Amanda in the gut and walked away. Amanda struggled to breathe. "Come on, we really need to do something about her," Melanie, one of Amanda's sisters, said, having seen the whole thing. "Why bother, it's hopeless," Amanda said, leaving for her room.

She joined the other slave girls in pleasing their master as usual. That night, she was quickly claimed by the first guest she talked to, a Hapan bounty hunter, and soon joined him in her harem bed. Amanda really enjoyed herself that night, moaning for the next two hours. This would be her last chance in a week, though, for there were going to be no parties in for seven nights. Jabba had become the newest, and youngest ever, Hutt Council member, having bartered his way on with his rejuvenating serum. He had convinced the other Hutt lords, including Zorba, their leader, into having their annual meeting here. The next week would be spent preparing.

Day 10Edit

Amanda woke up. It was her tenth day and she wondered what the Exalted One would desire today. She hoped she would be able to satisfy him-what am I thinking! Amanda thought. Maybe I really will want to please him. She wasn't sure if he truly was the vile, evil, gangster she had thought he was. Yes, she had seen him kill people, but only those who probably deserved it, like Jaxton and Vol. But he didn't kill for the fun of it, wasn't cruel to those who served him, and wasn't cruel to her, or any of his slave girls for that matter. He could have locked them in hard cells, kept them on the brink of starvation, and treated them as Jaxton, Vol, and her father had treated her. He didn't have to give them personal rooms, didn't have to give them a harem with ten pools and fresh fruit, and didn't have to make them happy.

And they were all definitely happy. He may have taken them against their will, but, if given the choice, any of them would rather stay as his pet than go free. Amanda grudgingly admitted that she was better off here than she would have been free, even with Melina. And yet, Amanda still wasn't sure. Was it really true that Jabba's illegal activities actually helped others, as her sisters claimed, or did they bring misery to many? And did her sisters truly appreciate their master for who he was, or were they all just brainwashed and broken into obeying him loyally? Amanda just didn't know.

Dance practice passed without incident, as Melina seemed distracted by something. After practice ended, Amanda ended up, coincidently walking in the same direction as Melina: toward the harem rooms. Behind them, the other girls began to unwind, settling into pools and relaxing on sofas. Amanda saw Melina glance back. "They should enjoy it while they can," Melina muttered. "What?" Amanda asked, curious. Melina just seemed to realize she was there. "Nothing," Melina said quickly. "And what did I say about asking questions? You will be punished. For a wee.." Melina began, but was interrupted by Jess, "The Exalted One wants to see Amanda," Jess said. Relieved, Amanda turned away from the furious Melina and left the harem.

Entering the throne room, strangely empty apart from Jabba, she approached her master and bowed, "Exalted One, your slave wishes to know why you summoned her," Amanda spoke, remembering her manners. "Come to me," Jabba ordered, licking his lips. Amanda walked to the dais and climbed on. Jabba rubbed her shoulder. "Do you appreciate me, my pet?" Jabba asked. "To an extent, master, though I am not yet sure I should," Amanda answered honestly. "Very soon, you will," Jabba assured her, "But for now, you know that I am the most pleasurable being in the galaxy, and I know you wish to pleasure me tonight," Jabba said. Amanda did, oh yes she did, "Yes master, your pet wishes that very much," Amanda said.

"I shall enjoy taking you, as there have been little opportunities for several days, due all the preparations for the Council. But first, drink with me, my pet," Jabba ordered. He lowered his wine glass to her, and Amanda, like a good, obedient pet, gladly accepted her master's gift and drank shamelessly from his hand. After she was finished, Jabba took away the glass and quickly removed her costume, beginning an amazing experience just like the first time. Throughout the late afternoon and into the night, he ravished her repeatedly, occasionally sharing a glass of wine with her. Part'y due to her intoxication but mostly due to her lack of spirit, she failed to do anything except obey his commands. Though he found the night enjoyable, he was again disappointed in her, though he didn't say it. Finally exhausted, Amanda laid against her master and began to sleep against him. Jabba knew that very soon she would truly appreciate him.

Day 14Edit


The day of the Hutt Council meeting had finally arrived. The whole palace was constantly preparing for the arrival of the other Council members, hoping to impress Zorba and the other Hutts. Amanda and her sisters had been practicing intensely in anticipation of their routine. Strangely, Melina did not seem like her usual self. While still mean spirited, Melina had seemed... disconnected, not paying much attention to Amanda or the other slaves. She disappeared for long periods everyday (as harem mistress she could leave the harem unaccompanied occasionally.) Amanda couldn't fathom why. Regardless, the practicing had paid off, Amanda felt sure they would satisfy their master (and secretly she wanted to.)

The Hutt Council members finally arrived. Five minutes before they were to leave the harem, Amanda talked to Jess. "You nervous?" Amanda asked her. "A little, but we should be fine," Jess admitted. "I am. I don't have this 'spirit' everyone keeps pestering me about, and Melina keeps telling me I'm weak," Amanda confided. "That's right, you are. You're a broken little slut who shouldn't be here, but Jabba wants you, so don't mess up," Melina insulted, having just returned from one of her trips from the harem. Jess paled. "How dare you say The Exalted One's name!" Jess yelled. Melina scowled. "What did I say about questions, you'll be punished later. Oh yes, you will," Melina said, the last part mostly to herself. "Now let's go!" she commanded.

Amanda and her sisters entered the throne room and began to dance for the assembled Council. It was pretty intimidating, having fourteen Hutts in the same room staring at them, but they got past it. Amanda glanced at the Hutt who's dais stood parallel with Jabba's. He was the largest Hutt in the room, even larger than Jabba. Or was he? Amanda noticed that her master seemed significantly less fat than he always was. Continuing her dance, she decided that Zorba simply made him seem smaller. Zorba himself seemed only vaguely interested in the dance, his eyes focused on Melina, glaring at her. Despite these distracting thoughts, Amanda finished her dancing without messing up, and their routine went flawlessly.

Melina's PlanEdit

After the dancing, Amanda and her sisters began to flirt with the other guests while the Hutt Council began its meeting. Zorba, the only Hutt not accompanied by a personal slave girl, besides Jabba, called for Melina to 'keep him company' during the meeting. Amanda, herself talking with a wealthy spice dealer from Kessel, nevertheless noted how much talking Melina and Zorba seemed to do. After a while, Melina left Zorba's throne (presumably after being dismissed by him,) and seemed to disappear. Amanda, by now in the middle of
passionately kissing the spice dealer, barely noticed.

After ten minutes, Amanda finally stopped kissing her partner and decided to sit down for a break. Melina reappeared in the room. "Jabba, would you order us some more wine?" Zorba was saying. Jabba nodded and sent a servant to fetch some more. Amanda was just going to get some wine herself when Jabba laughed. Loudly. "Ho ho ho!" Jabba boomed, his voice seizing the attention of the entire room. "My fellow Hutts, these pleasantries and petty matters bore me. It is time to discuss real business," he said. Zorba scowled, and the rest of the Hutts waited for his response. To Amanda, they seemed to fear him greatly. At long last, Zorba spoke. "I agree. The rest of you, leave the room immediately," Zorba ordered, reasserting his authority. Amanda, her sisters, and the rest of the staff hurriedly left the room.

Amanda's sisters walked down the hallway to the harem. Amanda, the last to leave, noticed Melina had not joined them. Turning around, she spotted Melina waiting at the throne room's entrance. "Mistress, is something wrong?" Amanda asked. Melina seemed ready to rebuke her for the question, but abstained. "No. In fact, everything going right," Melina responded. Amanda thought she detected a sinister tone. "What do you mean?" Amanda inquired, suspicious. Melina hesitated, then seemed to come to a decision. "Everything is about to change, charity case. I could let you be sent to die in the desert with the rest of Jabba's sluts, but I like you," Melina said.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Amanda asked, nervous. "This is Jabba's last night alive. Zorba is going to kill all your sisters, but I like you. You're weak, spiritless, and have no spine whatsoever. Maybe I'll persuade my new master to take you with us," Melina offered. "What do you mean, it's his last night alive?" Amanda demanded. Melina smiled viscously. "I have been here twenty five years! I was the best of all his slaves! I served him loyally, but did he put me in my rightful place? Did he make me harem queen and his personal slave? No! I don't give a crap if he makes me harem mistress. I don't give a crap if he says some specific person is coming in fifty years! I deserve more. Zorba is going to give me that, in exchange for killing that ungrateful bastard!" Melina revealed.

Amanda couldn't believe it. "How are you going to do that?" she asked. Melina smiled even wider. "Last year, after Jabba told me I could never take my rightful place, Zorba found me. At last year's Hutt Council meeting, he discovered how I felt and made a deal with me. You see, Zorba thinks that Jabba, with these mysterious abilities of his, are a threat to his leadership. He rules by fear after all, but he is afraid that the other members will rally around Jabba and dispose him. So Zorba proposed that I kill Jabba. In return, he'll make me his harem queen. All year, I've been forming a relationship with the wine maker in Jabba's kitchen. It took a while, but I got him to trust me. That's who I've been meeting with these last few days. Half an hour ago, I went to see him. While he was distracted, I put some of the poison into Jabba's next batch of wine. Each Hutt has their own tastes, so all their wine is all prepared separately and stored separately. It was so easy. Zorba's already ordered another batch of wine for all the Hutts, and Jabba is going to die seven seconds after drinking his," Melina revealed.

Amanda was distraught. "What about all of us?" Amanda demanded. Melina snorted. "Zorba has no need for your sisters. They will be sent into the desert to die. But not you. I like how you obey me, I like how you accept any punishment no matter how unjust. I love how weak and unspirited you are. And, you're very attractive. That's why I want to keep you. You'll go to Zorba's harem, and I assure you that it's a different experience. Unlike the other Hutts, Zorba doesn't waste time being kind to his pets. Like your former masters, he breaks them into obedience. You'll be kept in a cell, only coming out for a harsh dance practice and pleasuring his guests, and they will be hard on you. Unlike me, you won't have Zorba's protection. I'll enjoy abusing you, and I just might make you pleasure me. And since you are immortal and Jabba shared his rejuvenating serum, you and all your new sisters will live like this forever. Jabba will receive his wine in one minute, and your new life will begin. Now, kneel down and thank me for watching over you," Melina commanded, grinning wickedly.

Amanda's ChoiceEdit

Amanda stood in shock. Melina was going to ruin her life, and kill everyone she loved. Jess, Lyn Me, all her sisters, and Jabba! In a sudden realization, Amanda realized that she loved her master and finally, truly, appreciated him. Her sisters weren't brainwashed, they just responded to the kindness Jabba gave them. All those luxuries, all that protection, it was just out of care for his pets. He didn't have to give them those things, Amanda realized. He could be just like Zorba, but he was far from it.

Jabba truly was a wonderful master, and it was time Amanda finally gave him the credit he deserved. was also time to give herself the credit she deserved. She had thought herself weak, helpless, and worthless, but she was not. She had put up with her father, Jaxton, and Vol for twenty one years, that alone showed strength. But the thing that really convinced her of her worth, the thing that finally restored her pride, was Jabba's interest in her. He had felt her worthy. He had spared her a doomed fate on Bespin. He had added her to his harem despite her non-aristocratic background, something he had never done before. Amanda had nothing to be ashamed of, but much to be proud of.

A well of fire formed within her, and in that instant, Amanda's spirit was finally restored. She had, at last, rebuilt herself. Gathering her newfound will power, Amanda turned to Melina and said, with determination in her voice, "No!" Melina reeled back, stunned. "What?" Melina asked, disbelieving. "I don't obey you anymore! And I will stop you!" Amanda promised. "Ha, you actually think he'll believe you?" Melina taunted.

"Maybe not, but I have to try!" Amanda yelled, darting forward, pushing past a surprised Melina and reaching for the door. She touched the handle, but then Melina grabbed her arm. "I don't think so," she said. Amanda was spun around and thrown to the ground. "I was going to let you live," Melina said, pinning her. Amanda struggled. "Too bad, because I doubt The Exalted One will spare you!" Amanda yelled, pulling back her leg and kicking Melina in the gut, throwing her off. With Melina briefly stunned, Amanda got up and pulled the door open.

She saw a servant pouring wine into Jabba's goblet. "Master!" Amanda yelled, running to the center of the room, "That wine is..." Melina tackled Amanda, pinning her once again and covering her mouth. "I'm sorry master," Melina said, "She's trying to disrupt your very important meeting. I'll....." Amanda pulled Melina's arm away and grabbed her hair, using it to throw her off. "Master, she's poisoned your wine!" Amanda yelled, standing up and trying to pin Melina. Melina wrenched herself free, then used her foot to bring trip Amanda back to the ground. "Master, I would never do that. This rebellious slave is making up stories. All she wants is to ruin your Council Meet....." Melina began but was interrupted by an attack from Amanda. "No. I'm not rebellious master, I know my place now!" Amanda pleaded while putting Melina in a headlock. Melina pulled her arm away and pushed Amanda away. Amanda swiftly returned and the two wrestled back and forth before the Hutt Council. Ending up right above the rancor pit, Amanda managed to get on top of Melina. "Take this, traitor," she said, using her sharp nails to scratch Melina's forehead. Blood sprouted and dropped to Melina's eyes, blinding her.

Amanda went to her master. "Exalted One, she has conspired with Zorba the Hutt to poison you! Don't drink that!" Amanda begged. Jabba laughed. "Ho ho ho, I doubt it. My harem mistress and Council leader wish to poison me? I don't think so," Jabba said. "Please, master..." Amanda said, but was silenced by a wave of Jabba's hand. Amanda couldn't move. Jabba's power had her frozen in place. "Enough," he said. Amanda watched with silent horror as Jabba brought the wine to his lips, and drank.

Zorba laughed. "You should have listened, fool," he said triumphantly. Amanda saw the Hutt Council members were surprised, but were too afraid to verbally oppose their leader. As the seconds ticked down Amanda knew she had failed. She and her sisters would be killed. Even her master, seemingly all-powerful, would die as well. In the end, Amanda knew she would welcome death. She had been prepared to die two weeks ago before meeting Jabba, and she could accept it with Jabba now gone.

All the while, Amanda was counting. It was over! And her master...did nothing. He didn't collapse, he didn't choke, he didn't die. Amanda thought she had counted too quick, but the seconds ticked by and Jabba was unfazed. Twenty seconds later, he laughed. As he laughed, he suddenly became much fatter. His usual size, Amanda realized. He had only been pretending to be thinner than Zorba, now he was easily larger.

"Ho ho ho," his voice boomed. "You honestly thought poison could have any effect on me? That I didn't know of your plan ever since it entered your mind? I've known the whole time. I only needed to show the Council here why you are unworthy and I should take your place. Do you agree my friends? Do you accept me as your leader and condemn him to death?" Jabba asked the assembled Hutts. Realizing Zorba's doom was finally at hand, they all spoke their assent. Jabba resumed speaking. "You actually believed that you stood a chance against me? I'm sorry to disappoint you. Black lightning erupted from his hands, engulfing Zorba. Defenseless, Zorba could only scream as his body was fried. In three seconds, all that remained of his was a pile of slime and ash.

He turned to the Hutts. "I will be seizing all of Zorba's assets and I will use them to further our goals. I intend to lead the Hutts back to their days of glory, and will not rule through fear. Is that agreeable to you?" Jabba questioned. Again, they all assented. "Good. Now return to your quarters, I have a disloyal pet to deal with," he ordered. The Hutts did so.

Once they were gone, Jabba's power released Amanda. "Melina, you have partaken in a futile attempt to betray me, even after all I have done for you. I have been forced to watch you abuse my loyal pets, like Amanda here. I kept you from doing any real harm, but they are still shaken," Jabba said. Just then, all of Amanda's sisters appeared in the doorway. "We thought we heard something, do you wish us to leave?" Jess asked Jabba. "No. Melina has attempted to betray me. I had no choice but to allow her to abuse you all these six months, but in the end the result will benefit you," Jabba said. The girls all knelt, "Yes master," they said as one. Their loyalty to him was unshakable.

"Now Melina, you will suffer far worse then they did," Jabba decreed. He pressed his button, and Melina, still sobbing on the rancor pit, was dropped to the beast. Amanda and her sisters watched with delight as Melina was slowly eaten. Once it was over, Jabba turned to Amanda. "As well as for gaining control of the Council, this also helped me teach you appreciation," Jabba said. Amanda bowed, "Yes master," she said, now his obedient pet. "Come to me," he ordered. Amanda eagerly did. Jabba then spoke to her sisters. "Your queen will not be arriving yet for many years, and it looks like you need a new mistress. Amanda will now take that position," Jabba decreed. The slaves cheered.

"Me, master?" Amanda asked, disbelieving. "Yes, and I am sure you will be much better than Melina was," Jabba said. "Thank you, master," Amanda said, awed. "Now return to the harem, my pets. Your mistress will join you in the morning," Jabba ordered. They all left, and Jabba turned to her. "Now you will truly please me," Jabba said. "Yes master," Amanda agreed, than began to remove her slave costume, eager to please. And so, Amanda spent her third night with her master. This time, her spirit fully restored, she did not fail him.

Amanda's New LifeEdit

For the next fifty-three years, Amanda served as harem mistress. She had fully embraced her life, even received an even more revealing costume and had her breasts and buttocks slightly largened, so she would stand out as the harem mistress. If any new recruits had breasts or buttocks larger than hers, they would be shrunk so Amanda's would outmatch theirs.

And to make it all the more wonderful, her sisters loved her. She lead them every night while they danced for their master, and under her the harem size nearly doubled, some of the new girls were from Zorba's harem. Every new girl was quickly taught to appreciate her master. Though she demanded respect from her sisters, she was never mean or cruel to them, and they all worshiped her.

Amanda watched Jabba lead the Hutts to greatness, massively increasing their wealth and power. The Council did not rue the day he came to power. True to Jess's word, Amanda never grew a day older, something she was now very happy about. Thirty years after her enslavement, The Clone Wars started. Amanda was interested, but

Amanda does a table dance for Jabba.

knew her master protected them.

After three years, some kind of Empire formed, which granted Jabba more leniency and allowed the Hutts to expand their businesses even more. Amanda immensely enjoyed her new life. She was often required to please Jabba along with her sisters, and this was her favorite thing about her enslavement. For over fifty years, little changed in Amanda's life.

Then, twenty three years after the formation of the Empire, some interesting events happened. A bounty hunter captured some smuggler Jabba was after who was imprisoned in carbonite. Then, another bounty hunter brought forth a captured Wookie and threatened to kill everyone with a thermal detonator. This frightened Amanda, but her master handled the situation.

However, after this bounty hunter left Jabba informed her that he was not what he appeared to be. Amanda, knowing he was always right, accepted his invitation to stay with him that night behind a curtain near the frozen smuggler, as Jabba was certain the bounty hunter would attempt to free him.

True to Jabba's word, the bounty hunter freed the smuggler from the carbonite. Soon after, Jabba opened the curtain and revealed his trap. The smuggler was brought to the dungeon, but that wasn't what interested Amanda. The 'bounty hunter' was unmasked and was actually a female, and a very attractive one. "This is Princess Leia Organa of Alderran!" Fortuna told Jabba. At these words, Amanda smiled. Her queen had finally come.


"So that's my story, your highness," Amanda was saying. Leia rubbed her hands through Amanda's hair. "That was a very interesting story. Why did you never want to tell me?" she asked Amanda. Amanda sighed. "Because the early years of my life are still painful for me and my upbringing is far less noble than yours," Amanda explained. Leia started stroking Amanda's back, who cooed in response. "I don't care about your birth, I care about what kind of person you are and how well you serve The High Exalted One, which you do better than anyone," Leia said. "Except for you," Amanda said. Leia smiled, "Yes, except for me," she agreed.

Amanda looked up at her queen. "You ready to go to sleep?" Amanda asked. Leia smiled. "Yes," she agreed. Amanda's story had kept them both up really late. Turning off the light, Amanda snuggled into her queen's side, kissing her neck and stroking her collar and groping leia's large ass. Leia ran her hands through Amanda's hair and rubbed her boobs, and soon the two kissed and drifted off to sleep with their legs warpped around each other.

The End

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