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Leia sitting in a small space on Jabba's throne

Original credit goes to Shabby Blue.

Chapter 1:Edit

Posted: July 05, 2006 - 10:40:19 pm

Darkness surrounded the young Twi'lek as blinding blue-white light shone from above. The repugnant smell of smoke in the air filled her nostrils, making her nose twitch. Atop her head, two green lekku tails swung wildly as she struggled with the sturdy chain pulling her closer and closer to the slimy rotund slug.

"Na chuba negatorie!" the girl screamed, her words spoken in the native tongue of her new Huttese master. The great Jabba the Hutt rumbled with deep laughter, toying with his lovely pet as he playfully tugged on her leash.

Today was no different than any other for the Twi'lek slave dancer, having recently taken residence in this hellish house of pain. Her name was Oola and she had just finished performing for Jabba in the main audience chamber of his grand palace on Tatooine, entertaining him and his seedy minions with her sensual ballet. And now, Jabba wanted more from the young Twi'lek. He wanted to savor her delicious beauty for himself, and he wouldn't take "No" for an answer.

"Come to me," Jabba beckoned with another jerk of Oola's leash. "Na chuba negatorie!" she repeated in Huttese. It was one of the few phrases she had learned of his language and it clearly emphasized a refusal to obey her Master.

"Now!" the Hutt demanded in a deafening voice.

"Na! Na! Natoota!" the helpless girl screamed.

Other dancing girls in Jabba's palace had warned Oola of the unbelievable horrors the lustful Hutt thrust upon his women. She had already been subjected to some of these awful perversions already and wanted no more of it. Her defiance today would surely warrant painful punishment, but could a beating from the Gamorreans be any worse than being defiled by this disgusting beast again? At least she'd still keep her dignity.

With her last amount of strength and courage, Oola chose to resist Jabba's advances, failing to realize that it would be the last decision she'd ever make.

"Boscka!" the mighty Hutt boomed in anger, slamming his large pudgy fist down on the control switch next to him. A trapdoor in the floor fell open beneath Oola's feet, dropping the dancer into a pit of darkness below. Her screams of terror echoed loudly throughout the room, stirring awake some of the drunken vagrants sitting in the dark corners of the chamber. Releasing the chain that had kept her in his grasp, Jabba watched it follow his disobedient slave down into the Rancor's den.

The giant stone slab on which Jabba lounged slid forward to the grilled opening in the floor. Other people sitting around the throne room jumped up and ran forward to gather around the opening so they could watch the beast below come out of its cage and feed upon its newest meal.

This was always a sadistically entertaining highlight in Jabba's palace. Unfortunately, Oola didn't put up much of a fight with the Rancor and the entire event only lasted for a few brief minutes. The gargantuan beast scooped up the panic-stricken Oola with one of its clawed hands and tore her apart between its razor-sharp teeth, finishing her off with three quick bites. The crowd above hooted and hollered with wild enthusiasm.

A loud laser blast suddenly caught everyone's attention, their heads turning to the stairway entrance where a stranger appeared, knocking one of Jabba's clumsy guards out of his path.

"Boushh," whispered several pirates and smugglers throughout the room, recognizing the new visitor as the Ubese bounty hunter frequently employed by the Black Sun Corporation. Boushh entered and approached Jabba, leading a towering Wookiee prisoner by chain. Jabba's eyes widened as he looked upon them both with great interest.

The bounty hunter spoke in the Ubese language, "I have come for the bounty on this Wookiee." His voice was monotone and electronically-processed beneath asilver and yellow helmet that covered his entire head.

Jabba's thunderous voice rose above the whispers of the crowd. "At last, we have the mighty Chewbacca!" A deep rumbling laugh followed his enthusiastic announcement as he called forth his new golden translator droid.

"Oh, uh yes, uh, I am here Your Worshipfullness. Uh... yes?" C-3PO said nervously.

Jabba spoke in Huttese to the droid and then waited for C-3PO to translate to the bounty hunter.

"Oh, the illustrious Jabba bids you welcome and will gladly pay you the rewardof twenty-five thousand," C-3PO translated to Boushh.

"I want fifty-thousand. No less," Boushh confidently replied.

Without hesitation, C-3PO dutifully turned to Jabba and repeated, "Fifty-thousand. No less."

Jabba immediately flew into another rage, knocking the droid off the back of his throne with his powerful arm. Jabba began ranting in Huttese to the shocked C-3PO who struggled to his feet and tottered around to the front of the throne, half his face now covered in Jabba's slimy green ooze.

"Oh... what did I say?" the disheveled droid muttered in confusion. Turning to Boushh he then translated Jabba's angry words. "Uh, the mighty Jabba asks why he must pay fifty-thousand."

The bounty hunter drew a small silver sphere from his belt and held it up for Jabba and the others in the room to see.

"Because he's holding a thermal detonator!" a shocked C-3PO announced to the room.

Several guards drew their firearms and many people immediately ran for cover. A silence filled the room for a moment until finally Jabba shook with laughter, breaking the tension.

"This bounty hunter is my kind of scum. Fearless and inventive," he said with a wide grin. He continued speaking to C-3PO who then translated to Boushh.

"Jabba offers the sum of thirty-five, and I do suggest you take it."

Everyone in the room waited in anticipation for Boushh's reply, fearing the worst. Finally Boushh muttered something in Ubese and depressed the switch on the thermal detonator.

"He agrees!" Threepio exclaimed in relief. The crowd applauded and the afternoon party quickly resumed, noisier than ever.

Chewbacca growled as two Gamorrean guards led him away to the dungeons. The band started playing again and three lovely dancing girls joined the lead singers Joh Yowza and Sy Snootles in a wild, jazzy performance.

When most of the eyes in the room had turned away from Boushh, the bounty hunter began scanning his surroundings passively. In the dark alcove to the left, he spotted Han Solo's frozen slab of carbonite hanging on the wall. Looking back at Jabba, Boushh noticed another bounty hunter staring directly at him. Boba Fett, unquestionably the most dangerous bounty hunter in Jabba's palace, gave the fellow hunter a respectful nod. The Ubese nodded in return, an uneasy sense of fear suddenly rushing through his body.

Passing through the crowd, Jabba's majordomo Bib Fortuna, approached Boushh. His dark blue and gray robes swaying loosely around his tall thin Twi'lek body. He easily stood two feet taller than Boushh, and the bounty hunter had to look up to face him.

"Your bounty fee for the Wookiee is being arranged at this moment and should be ready for you by morning. Master Jabba has instructed me to offer you one of our guest quarters for the night. As his guest, please feel free to enjoy the food, the entertainment, and of course the women here in Jabba's palace," Bib said in a formal, if not slightly sinister, voice.

"I will. You will thank Jabba for me," replied Boushh.

"Yes, of course, of course," Bib said with a creepy smile. "Someone will show you to your guest quarters whenever you are ready."

Boushh nodded and then watched Fortuna slip away, back to his position at Jabba's side. Boushh moved off into the crowd toward the back of the audience chamber, attempting to mingle and avert any attention from Jabba or his guards.

A drunken three-eyed Gran staggered up to Boushh and nearly tripped over the short Ubese hunter. Boushh stepped aside to let the smelly creature pass, noticing that the Gran had left an open seated booth behind at the corner wall. Boushh quickly slid into the back of the booth, knowing it would be the perfect place to keep a low profile in here for awhile.

Settling back into the dark, smelly hole in the wall, Boushh peered across the room at Jabba again. The Bloated One was puffing on his hookah pipe and rocking back and forth to the tunes of the band. Under the yellow helmet, Boushh sighed in relief. So far everything was going as planned.

An hour passed. With one last song, the band finished their set and, with Jabba's permission, took a break. Most of the crowd dispersed to other areas of the palace while Jabba settled into his late-afternoon nap.

Someone approached Boushh's table and slid into the booth, catching the bounty hunter off guard. Boushh looked up to see one of Jabba's female dancers, a red-spotted lavender-skinned beauty with bright puffy orange-red hair. She wore a tight purple bodysuit that accentuated her figure nicely.

"Hi," said the dancer in a soft purr. "Mind if I sit here?"

Boushh stared at the woman in silence.

"I saw you out there. You're one of those bounty hunters, aren't you?" the dancer asked with a flirtatious smile.

Boushh nodded, still declining to speak. The female reached her gloved hand up to caress the nose of the bounty hunter's helmet as she leaned forward.

"My name is Rystall. What's yours?"

After a brief pause, the Ubese hunter spoke. "Boussh," he said flatly in his electronically-filtered voice.

"You look like someone who could use a good time," Rystall continued with a seductive smile. "I mean, since Jabba is going to give you ALL that money, well... maybe you'd like to spend some of it on me, if you know what I mean," she said with a girlish giggle.

Rystall slipped one hand under the table and placed it on the bounty hunter's leg. Boushh was taken aback by this, unsure of how to respond without causing a scene, yet he managed to maintain a calm demeanor towards Rystall's obvious proposition. The last thing Boushh needed right now was to draw unwanted attention to himself, and this dancer wasn't helping him keep a low profile. Fortunately Jabba now appeared to be asleep on his throne. Most of the scoundrels in the room were too drunk to notice Boushh in the back corner, and Boba Fett had apparently disappeared.

Taking Rystall's hand and gently lifting it from his leg, Boushh spoke in garbled Basic under the mask, "I appreciate the offer, but I'm not interested."

Rystall's smile turned to a frown. "Oh. Well then, maybe some other time before you leave?"

"Not likely," Boushh muttered. He slid around to the other side of the booth, stood up with his long rifle staff in hand, and walked off toward the hall where the guest quarters were located.

Rystall watched Boushh leave. Her eyes followed him through the crowd until she noticed someone else -- a smuggler sitting by the door. Smiling again, Rystall hopped out of the booth and strolled over to her next potential customer.

Meanwhile another dancing girl standing in the shadows on the other side of the room watched Boushh exit the audience chamber. Her name was Mara Jade, but as far as everyone in the palace knew, she was simply known as "Arica", a newly-hired dancer from the streets of Mos Eisley.

Mara had been sent here by the Emperor to go undercover as a palace dancing girl so that she could get close to and kill Luke Skywalker upon his arrival. It seemed like a simple task at first, but now things were becoming more complicated. Mara suspected this Boushh fellow to be one of Skywalker's friends in disguise, here to help rescue the smuggler Han Solo. The last thing Mara needed was more of Skywalker's friends getting in her way.

Using her Force-guided senses to learn a little more about this bounty hunter, Mara probed into the mind of the person beneath that Ubese breathing helmet, and to her surprise she discovered that Boushh was in fact a woman! With what Mara knew of Skywalker's Rebel associates, it wasn't too difficult to figure out that this could likely be Princess Leia.

Mara smiled. Perhaps a simple suggestion to Jabba would put things in motion and keep the princess from interfering with her assassination of Luke Skywalker. Adjusting the silky blue veils of her semi-transparent dancing costume, Mara approached Jabba's throne.

"Excuse me," Mara whispered to Bib Fortuna who was leaning on the edge of the throne, sharpening his yellow teeth with a small metal file.

"What is it?" he scowled, annoyed that some dim-witted dancer would interrupt him.

"May I speak to Jabba?" Mara asked in her best innocent-sounding voice.

"Can't you see he's sleeping? What do you want?" Fortuna hissed.

"It's extremely important that I talk to him. It's about that bounty hunter that came here with the Wookiee," Mara explained.

Bib Fortuna sneered, wondering what some stupid new dancing girl would know that was so important. "Why don't you just tell me instead."

Mara was losing her patience. She reached out with the Force to touch the Twi'lek's mind. "I'd rather tell him," she whispered coldly, then giving Bib an intense stare she spoke, "You shall wake him up."

For a brief moment Bib's expression changed into blank confusion until he finally responded, "I shall wake him up."

Chapter 2:Edit

Posted: July 05, 2006 - 10:40:19 pm

Late that evening, Han Solo was released from his frozen carbonite prison by the mysterious bounty hunter who had successfully snuck into the trophy alcove while everyone else slept in their quarters.

Suffering from hibernation sickness, Solo found himself to be temporarily blinded and unable to view his savior. Reaching up and touching the helmet of the person crouching above him, Solo nervously asked, "Who are you?"

Boushh removed the yellow helmet and whispered in a soft, soothing voice, "Someone who loves you."

"Leia!" Han exhaled in relief as the Princess leaned forward to kiss him.

"I've got to get you out of here," Leia whispered, helping Han to his feet. She knew it would be difficult to escape from Jabba's guarded fortress on their own without the aid of Luke and Lando, but she was going try it anyway.

The silence of the trophy room was suddenly broken by a deep rumbling laugh.

"What's that?" Han asked. The all-too-familiar jovial laughter of a Hutt echoed again and Han suddenly realized, "I know that laugh."

The curtain behind them immediately flew open to reveal Jabba, several of his guards, and other various goons. They had been expecting something like this to happen thanks to a tip from Jabba's red-haired dancing girl.

Han turned to face the direction from which Jabba's laughter emanated. He had to think fast and talk even faster to get Leia and himself out of this mess.

"Hey, Jabba... look, Jabba, I was just on my way to pay you and I got a little sidetracked. It's not my fault!"

Jabba's bulbous face stretched wide with a wicked smile. "It's too late for that, Solo. You may have been a good smuggler, but now you're bantha fodder."

"Look, Jabba, I..." Han stammered.

"Take him away!" Jabba bellowed. He had Han in his clutches and he was not willing to give Solo a chance to talk his way out of it this time. He had already made that mistake once before, over three years ago in a docking bay at Mos Eisley.

"Jabba, I'll pay you triple. You're throwing away a fortune here. Don't be a fool!" Han babbled as two guards grabbed his arms and dragged him away.

"Put him in the dungeon with his Wookiee friend," Jabba ordered. "I will deal with both of them later."

Leia watched as Han was once again separated from her. She felt panged by the knowledge that she had failed to take Han out of this horrid place. Sure she had succeeded in releasing him from carbonite, but for what greater suffering? What might happen to him in Jabba's awful dungeon? And more importantly, what might now happen to her? There was still hope, however -- Luke's backup plan.

The Hutt then directed his attention to the lovely female wearing Boushh's battle armor, smiling lavishly and licking his elongated lips. "Bring her to me."

Lando Calrissian, disguised as one of the palace guards, emerged from the crowd and stepped forward to take Leia's arm. She instantly recognized him under his bronze tusked helmet. "I'll be alright," she whispered.

"I'm not so sure," Lando replied in a hushed tone. A Gamorrean joined him in bringing Leia forward to Jabba.

"We have powerful friends," Leia proclaimed to Jabba as the Gamorrean behind her pushed the Princess against the Hutt's blubbery belly. "You're going to regret this," she threatened.

Jabba leered at her and smiled. "I'm sure," he said, sliding his tongue out to meet her face. Leia winced in revulsion and turned her head away just as Jabba planted a sloppy wet kiss across her cheek. Leia wanted to step back and wipe the thin layer of saliva from her face, but the stocky green Gamorrean behind her firmly held Leia in place. She could hear snickering from the crowd behind her.

"Oh, I can't bear to watch," C-3PO said, raising his arms to block his view of the disgusting sight before him. Behind the droid in the shadows of the trophy alcove, Mara Jade crossed her arms and smiled, watching Leia struggle between Jabba and the two guards. Her instincts were right about the bounty hunter -- another of Luke Skywalker's rescue party, just like the two droids. The Jedi would no doubt appear soon to save his pathetic friends. And then he would die!

"Master," Bib Fortuna said, stepping up to Jabba's side and pointing to Leia. "I recognize this woman. She is Leia Organa, the Princess of Alderaan!"

"A Princess?" Jabba responded with genuine intrigue, still fondling the petite woman in his giant scaly hands.

"Yes, My Lord. Her face is frequently broadcast on the Imperial Holonetwork. She is wanted by the Empire for helping the Rebellion."

This news peaked Jabba's interest in the young woman. The crowd whispered, sharing their thoughts on Fortuna's revelation. Fortuna then added that the Empire would pay 300,000 credits to anyone who handed the Princess over to them. The noise of the crowd increased, as did Leia's nervousness.

"Shall I contact the Empire immediately and inform them of your claim on her bounty?" Bib Fortuna suggested in haste.

Jabba stared at Leia, skeptical of her considerable worth. He pondered what to do with the girl.

"First let's see what she has under all that armor," he said with a chuckle, releasing the Princess back to his guards who completely understood his intention.

Two more Gamorreans joined in dragging Leia to the center of the trophy alcove. Lando frowned beneath his mask, stepping back and watching the Princess struggle and kick violently as she tried to break free of the strong Gamorreans holding her down.

"Get your filthy hands off me!" she shouted.

Jabba chuckled, enjoying the young woman's feisty spunk.

The Ubese breathing apparatus and metal plating that covered Leia's shoulders were lifted above her head and tossed to the floor. Two greedy scavenging Jawas ran up and grabbed them along with Leia's discarded helmet.

Leia's bulky leather suit was next slit open from behind and peeled off her shoulders to reveal her creamy white skin. With the suit pulled down even further to her waist, her petite ample breasts were made visible to the raucous crowd, with the rosy pink nipples erect from fear and the coolness of the room.

The guards let go of her arms and stood close to prevent the Princess from breaking loose. She looked at them with vehement anger and then glared at Jabba with equal ferocity, covering her naked upper body with her gloved arms.

Like most of the scum-ridden people standing around Leia, Jabba didn't care for her modesty. He gave a signal to one of the guards who then grabbed Leia's arms from behind and held them down to her sides so that Jabba could gawk at the beautiful body of the Alderaani Princess. Others in the room quietly mumbled comments of lustful appreciation. Leia fixed her angry brown eyes on Jabba.

"How dare you treat me this way," she said to him. "You will pay for this."

Jabba smiled again, satisfied with what he could see. At last, he answered Bib Fortuna's question. "She is too pretty to hand over to the Empire for a mere 300,000 credits," he said. "Solo still owes me a lot of money for that shipment he dropped and he's not going to be able to pay it while he's sitting in my dungeon. So I think I'll take his woman instead."

Fortuna nodded obediently, but personally couldn't understand Jabba's reasoning. Giving up all that money for this Rebel woman? The Hutt was a fool, guided by lust more than greed.

Leia didn't understand a word of what Jabba had said to Fortuna in his Huttese language, but she could tell that it was not good. She suddenly had a very bad feeling about this.

A sly grin spread across Jabba's round head as he contemplated his decision. It would be a greater revenge to defile and humiliate Solo's female companion than to simply kill the Corellian smuggler. Solo and Chewbacca could rot in the dungeon for a few months while Jabba enjoyed the Princess, and then after he finally killed the two of them, he would turn the Princess over to the Empire and claim the price on her head.

The Hutt leered at Leia again, gazing upon her luscious body. Saliva oozed from the corners of his mouth. On second thought, maybe he'd just keep her permanently. Afterall, she would make a good replacement for poor Oola.

"Melina," he called to his loyal harem keeper, his booming voice echoing throughout the small room. "Where is Melina?"

Melina Carniss, a dark-haired woman in her mid-30s dressed in a bright red jumpsuit, glanced up in recognition of her name. She pushed her way through the crowd and approached Jabba. "Yes Master?" she answered.

"I want this girl for my harem," he explained. "Take her there and prepare her for me. Have her ready by dawn."

"As you wish," Melina replied.

As the Harem Keeper, Melina conditioned all of Jabba's slave girls, training them to dance and entertain, and teaching them to respect their new Hutt master. It was her task to ensure that Leia would become an obedient, submissive slave for Jabba. Oola failed to learn that lesson and it cost her dearly.

"Wartug, give me a choker," Melina ordered one of the Gamorreans standing beside her. He drew a gold metal collar from his belt and handed it to her.

"Stand still," Melina directed the younger woman as she locked the collar around Leia's neck. The Princess glared at Melina with the same bitterness she felt for all the other scum in the room.

Melina could see that this girl was going to be a tough little bitch to tame. Jabba had a real knack for picking girls with spirit. It made them more entertaining for him, but it only made Melina's job more difficult.

Hooking a lengthy steel chain through a ring in Leia's new collar, Melina pulled on its strong links, causing Leia to stumble forward.

"Come on," she said in a stern voice, tugging on the chain again. The Princess had no choice but to follow the Harem Keeper from the room, leaving the sadistic laughter, hooting, and whistling of Jabba and his men behind her.

Chapter 3:Edit

Posted: July 05, 2006 - 10:40:19 pm

Melina Carniss led the captive Princess upstairs one level in the palace. Wartug the Gamorrean followed them as an escort. The three reached a door that opened into a small room with a low sandstone ceiling and square polished stone tiles covering every wall. Several old hydro showerheads extended from the wall on the left. A small control panel and a sealed door were all that distinguished the wall on the right. Directly across from Leia was another larger doorway, also closed. This appeared to be a primitive bathing room of some kind, and surprisingly well-lit compared to the rest of the dark, murky palace.

Melina walked over to the control panel on the wall and flipped a switch, activating one of the hydro showers in the corner. Unlike the more common sonic showers throughout the galaxy, these sprayed water in high powered streams from the wall down to the floor.

Wartug removed Leia's chained collar, per Melina's request. "Now take the rest of your filthy clothing off and get under that shower," Melina told Leia. The pig guard stood close with a deadly vibro-axe in hand, snorting to himself and ready to inflict pain if Leia showed any sign of resistance.

Leia looked at the running shower and asked, "Am I expected to bathe?"

"That's right," said Melina.

"What for?"

"Don't ask questions, just do what you're told," Melina hissed, backhanding Leia across her face and knocking her to the floor. Leia looked up in shock, rubbing the back of her bruised head.

It seemed pointless to object to something as trivial as bathing, so Leia began removing the rest of her bounty hunter attire. First her boots, then the rest of her thick leather jumpsuit, and finally her thin undergarments. Melina and Wartug watched her every move with cold expressionless faces.

Once Leia was completely naked, she covered her breasts with one arm and her pelvic region with the other, trying not to blush.

"Lose the modesty. There's no place for it here," Melina snarled as she pressed another switch on the control panel. It summoned an old rusty SB-25 servant droid into the room. Melina instructed the squeaky droid to take Leia's clothing to Jabba's armory. SB-25 promptly gathered all the garments together and sped out of the room, leaving Leia without anything to wear.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" Melina asked. Leia frowned in defeat.

With a sharp eye, Melina watched Leia walk over to the hydro shower. As Melina could see, the young princess kept a firm and flawless body, her flesh smooth and creamy. A narrow trimmed tuft of curly brown pubic hair hid her most sacred body part from the eyes of the Harem Keeper and the Gamorrean. The Alderaani woman had a small petite figure, no more than 5 feet in height and probably 100 to 110 pounds in weight. Leia already had the perfect body for a dancer, but Melina wondered if the girl had any real talent to go with it. She would be trained in the art of seductive dancing, of course, but Jabba would more than likely use her for other forms of entertainment instead.

Reaching out to touch the spraying water, Leia winced from the liquid's unexpected temperature. "It's cold!" she shouted.

"What did you expect, a pleasure bath? Just clean yourself up, and do it quickly. You don't have time to enjoy it," Melina said sharply.

Leia winced again as she stepped under the freezing shower. Wasting no time, she began splashing the cold liquid over her bare shoulders and back, washing away the small Tatooine sand particles and other grime that had managed to get under her bounty hunter suit earlier that day. She dipped her head under the water, soaking her hair and loosening it up after untying the braided knot in back. The long wet mane of dark brown hair draped down her backside and clung to her skin.

After no more than five minutes under the freezing shower, the Princess jumped away from it and clutched her dripping wet body, shivering with goosebumps all over her naked skin. Melina tossed a small drying cloth to her.

"Does Jabba normally make his prisoners shower before putting them in his dungeon?" Leia asked while rubbing the towel over her body.

Melina smirked. "Is that where you think you're going? The dungeon?"

Leia paused, now covering herself discreetly with the small towel, and stared at Melina in confusion. "What do you mean?"

"Don't you get it? You're Jabba's new harem girl. You'll be sitting by his side every day, pleasing him until he grows tired of you," Melina said in amusement.

"WHAT?" Leia cried out in shocked disbelief. Melina's only response was cruel laughter.

Leia had not been expecting this kind of treatment as a prisoner. Her prior experience on the Death Star had led her to believe Jabba would just throw her into some dark dungeon cell with Han and Chewie until Luke came to rescue all of them. She didn't even imagine this! No wonder Lando had shown such concern for her safety when she was brought forward to Jabba earlier. What had Luke's foolish plan gotten her into?

Melina smiled fiendishly, witnessing the familiar look of helplessness that she had seen in the faces of so many other girls enslaved by Master Jabba. Melina was thankful that she now held such a privileged position above other harem girls and dancers. That was the reward for many years of loyal service to Jabba.

"If you're finished drying off, come here." Leia cautiously stepped toward Melina, noticing Wartug grab a small blue bottle from the nearby table and hand it to the Harem Keeper. She removed the cork from the bottle top and poured a some thick pink lotion into the palm of her hand. "Now stand still, spread your legs apart a little... this won't hurt," continued Melina, suddenly reaching down between Leia's legs and cupping her crotch.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing?" Leia gasped, jumping back and dropping her towel.

"Wartug..." Melina spoke calmly. The Gamorrean responded by grabbing Leia's arm and pulled her to him, turning her to face Melina as he stood behind her with his huge green arms bracing her shoulders. Leia squirmed nervously, feeling a large bulge from under the pig's furry tunic pressing against her exposed ass. Wartug snorted and shifted his weight.

"As I said... stand still and open your legs a little so that I can apply this lotion," Melina said in a strict voice. She reached down and placed the palm of her hand against Leia's furry mound, rubbing the lotion all over her pubic mound between the thin brown curls of hair.

When Melina finished rubbing the lotion, she picked up the towel from the floor and wiped the residue from her hands. As Leia stared at her she began to feel a cool tingling sensation around her crotch. "Hey... Hey! What is happening? What did you just do to me?" she demanded in a trembling voice.

"This lotion kills the roots of your pubic hair," Melina explained with another smirk on her face. She reached down and rubbed the towel between Leia's thighs, wiping away the lotion and with it every tiny strand of hair, leaving the shocked Princess' pussy completely smooth and as hairless as a pre-pubescent girl.

"From now on you won't grow anymore of those little brown curls," Melina continued. "Jabba prefers it this way. Makes us taste better, if you know what I mean."

Leia's wide eyes, which had been fixated down at her groin, instantly drew upward at the mention of the word 'taste'. Leia gazed at Melina in stunned silence. Surely she didn't mean...

"Now come over to the table here," Melina instructed, motioning for Wartug to ease his grasp of Leia's body and allow her to follow. "Dip your hands in this bowl and rub the liquid onto your skin."

Leia looked down at the bowl and hesitantly asked, "What will this do?"

"Relax," Melina said in a softer, calmer voice. "It is called Vasillian nectar. It's a Huttese perfume."

Leia reached down to dip one finger in the bowl and then sniffed it. "I can't smell a thing."

"Most humanoids can't, but Hutts can easily detect its odor. It's supposed to be a strong aphrodisiac for them."

Leia didn't like the sound of that, but Melina gave her little choice in the matter. Minutes later, her face and most of her body were oiled in the perfume. For some strange reason, she began to feel warmer and surprisingly relaxed as the perfume soaked into her skin. She wondered if the Vasillian nectar caused this or if it was simply her imagination.

"Now let's get you something to wear," Melina said.

"It's about time," muttered Leia under her breath.

Melina opened the small sealed door next to the table and revealed a closet full of various garments consisting of shiny metal and brightly colored fabrics. Picking up a set of clothing, Melina turned around to face Leia.

"Jabba would probably appreciate you in something like this. It's a bit more revealing than that ugly Ubese leather," Melina said, placing the pile of clothing on the table.

Leia picked up part of the outfit, discovering that it was nothing more than a gold metallic brassiere and a dark maroon diaphanous teal-skirt made of fine sandworm silk. It would barely cover her body.

"You don't really expect me to wear this, do you?" Leia protested.

"It's that or nothing, and I'm sure Jabba doesn't care either way," Melina mused. "Go ahead and put it on. I'll call someone to help you."

Melina summoned the same SB-25 servant droid back to the room again so that it could assist in dressing Leia. The droid started by braiding her loose hair into a single long ponytail and adorned her head with a large ornate gold headdress that held the braided knot in place on top. Leia's eyelids, cheeks, and lips were painted with coloring to make her face look sexy and exotic. After the droid fastened the teal around her waist, Leia stepped into a meager pair of gray Jerba boots made of womprat fur.

The next part of the costume was the gold brassiere. Leia reached for it, eager to cover her breasts, but the servant droid took hold of her hands, stopping her. Leia looked at the droid in confusion just as one of its mandibles grabbed her left breast and squeezed.

"Hey! What are you doing?" panicked Leia. "Get this droid away from me!" she shouted.

"Just hold still for a moment or you will really feel some pain," Melina warned, standing nearby with her arms crossed.

A small needle extended from the droid's second mandible, immediately reminding Leia of the interrogator droid from the Death Star four years ago.

"No! NO! What is it going to do to me?" Leia cried in fear, grabbing the droid's arm and trying to break free.

"Quiet and be still!" Melina demanded. She directed Wartug to brace Leia's arms again so that she couldn't interfere with the droid's work. Without hesitation the droid squeezed Leia's breast even harder and then inserted the needle into her erect nipple.

"Ahhhhhhh!" the Princess screamed in terror, watching the thin needle slide completely through, creating a tiny hole in her swollen nipple. Next, the droid withdrew its needle and pierced into Leia's other nipple.

"Make it stop!" Leia cried out again, more from shock than from the piercing pain.

Once the droid finished, it dabbed the piercings with some alcohol and then proceeded to attach two small gold rings to both of her nipples. Finally the droid placed the gold brassiere over Leia's soft breasts and clipped the brassiere's thin straps over her shoulders. SB-25, Wartug, and Melina all stepped back to give Leia some room to breathe.

Still shaken and traumatized by the droid's minor mutilation of her body, Leia dropped to her knees and slipped her hands inside the cups of the brassiere to rub her tender breasts where the rings now pressed against the soft fur inner-lining.

"Why have you done this?" she whimpered.

"It is the mark of a harem girl," Melina explained. "All of Jabba's females must be pierced. Even I still wear them."

Melina unzipped the front of her red jumpsuit to reveal the two silver rings pierced through her own nipples. Leia looked up, surprised to learn that Melina had once been a slave of Jabba too.

The Harem Keeper zipped her suit back up while the droid added fancy gold bracelets to Leia's arm and wrist. Then two tiny gold rings were placed on Leia's earlobes. Thankfully, both ears had already been pierced long ago when Leia was a teenager on Alderaan. Finally, Wartug re-attached the chained gold choker around Leia's neck. Completely dressed for her servitude, the Princess was now ready to be presented to Jabba.

Melina checked her chronometer. "The suns will be rising soon and the Master will be expecting you in his throne room. Stand up and come with me."

Wartug pulled Leia to her feet. With shaky legs and a half-naked body, the Princess followed Melina to the other sealed doorway. The door opened to reveal a large oval-shaped den, nested with dozens of soft multi-colored pillows on the floor.

"This is Jabba's private harem," Melina whispered. "You'll sleep here when you're not entertaining our Master. The door is locked from the outside and a guard watches the room at all times, so don't even think about trying to escape while you're in here."

Leia looked around the room, noticing several other scantily-clad females sleeping peacefully among the bed of pillows. Some of the women were humanoid like Leia, but others appeared to be of more exotic species.

A Tatooinian female, roughly the same age as Leia, awoke from the sound of Melina and the captive Princess entering the room. She stared at Leia with sorrowful eyes, knowing what Leia would soon face as Jabba's newest pet.

"Camie! Go back to sleep!" Melina scolded the girl in a hush- toned voice. The raven-haired beauty quickly lowered her head back to her pillow and closed her eyes.

"Okay... are you ready to go see Jabba now?" Melina asked the Princess.

"No," Leia bluntly replied.

"Good. Let's go," said Melina with a smile, jerking on Leia's chain.

Chapter 4:Edit

Posted: July 05, 2006 - 10:40:19 pm

A distinct smell permiated the dark dingy halls of Jabba's palace. Leia hadn't really noticed it earlier when she was first brought to the harem, but as they were leaving to go back to the main audience chamber she paid closer attention to her surroundings. The air was stale and reeked of some kind of fungus growing on the walls around her. The hard stone floor was dirty and damp with a few puddles of water here and there, obviously caused by old worn out plumbing in this ancient citadel.

"At least they gave me some boots to wear with this ridiculous costume," Leia noted after mistakenly stepping in one of the wet puddles.

Wartug led the slave girl by her chain to the stairs at the end of the hall, with Melina following closely behind. Once they were gone, Lando Calrissian emerged from a shadowy inlet of the nearby wall and peered through the tusked grating of his guard helmet. Just as he expected -- Leia was now dressed in one of the harem girl costumes.

Familiar with Jabba's taste in women, Lando had frequently witnessed the Hutt's sexist treatment of girls like Oola, Jessa, and Camie, and the three exotic dancers in Rebo's band. With Leia's flawless face and that petite young body of hers, she would soon end up chained to Jabba's throne as his new favorite. Lando didn't want to imagine what the Hutt might do to her then.

Luke needed to know what was happening here, so Lando carefully made his way up to one of the observation towers, making sure nobody saw him. When he opened the tower's door he was momentarily blinded by two golden suns rising up over the vast sandy horizon. A herd of wild Bantha could be seen crossing a dune in the distance. From the observation tower Lando could safely transmit a clear signal to Luke without any interference or interception by others within the palace.

At Ben Kenobi's home on the edge of the Jundland Wastes, Luke Skywalker sat on the floor, quietly practicing the Jedi meditation techniques Yoda had taught him months ago on Dagobah. This would allow him to glimpse into the near future and see what lay ahead for his friends in Jabba's Palace. Such visions had already helped guide him in the preparation of his rescue plan, along with the tactical information Lando had gathered during his undercover infiltration of the palace.

As Luke focused his mind, he could sense something was different about the situation this time. Some important element had changed, affected by a person or thing Luke hadn't foreseen. The future was always in motion, Yoda taught him. Luke wished the Jedi Master were here to guide him now.


A sharp electronic noise broke Luke's concentration. He stood and walked over to Ben's old desk where a holoprojecting transmitter sat, beeping repeatedly with its blue light flashing at Luke. The young Jedi sat down in the chair and pressed a button on the transmitter, causing a miniature rectangular three-dimensional image to appear above the projector lens.

"Lando," Luke said in recognition of the masked palace guard. "Is everything going as planned?"

"Not quite, Luke. Leia was captured by Jabba and taken to his harem. I don't know how, but Jabba was tipped off about her and caught her a couple hours ago when she freed Han."

"Is Han okay?"

"They've taken him down to the dungeon where they're keeping Chewbacca. He should be safe as long as Chewie's with him," Lando answered. "But I'm worried about the Princess. I warned you this might happen if she got captured. She shouldn't have been a part of this rescue mission, Luke."

"It's not like either of us could stop her, you know," Luke said. "She was determined to help save Han."

"Yeah, but that feisty spirit of hers might get her in deep trouble. You don't want to know what Jabba does to women like her."

"Then I'm trusting you to keep an eye on Leia. Don't let anything happen to her in there, okay?"

"You got it, Luke," Lando replied. "But what about the plan?"

"We'll have to go with the backup plan now," continued Luke. "You remember what to do right?"

"Yes. Shouldn't take more than a day or two to fix the guard rosters. When most of the guards are away from the palace I'll signal you."

"What about Threepio and Artoo?" Luke asked.

"They're in position. They've been assigned to take the places of the two droids I sabotaged last week."

"All right. I'll be awaiting your signal then. Good luck."

"You too," said Lando, and with that he signed off. Luke sat back in the chair, contemplating the plan. Something unexpected must have changed the course of future events to bring about Leia's capture -- something that Luke hadn't foreseen or anticipated. Now who or what could it possibly be?


Mara Jade leaned against the east wall of the main audience chamber, hanging out with the three dancers of Max Rebo's band and trying not to look too out of place in her dancer disguise. She watched Melina Carniss bring Princess Leia into the room and present her to Jabba.

"Kneel, slave. Kneel before your master, the Great Jabba the Hutt," ordered Melina. Leia didn't move an inch, prompting Wartug to step forward and force her to her knees.

"Watch it!" Leia hissed, her bare knees hitting the rough stone floor.

"Oh dear! Princess Leia, what have they done to you?" C-3PO cried, standing on the raised platform behind Jabba's throne.

Jabba's large copper-red eyes widened, gazing upon the exquisite beauty before him. "Mmmmmmm," he rumbled. "Is this the same wench that destroyed my favorite wall decoration?"

"She is, my Lord," Melina answered.

Jabba hummed with pleasure. "I am impressed. Come, sit with me little Princess," Jabba spoke in Basic, patting his pudgy hand against the side of his belly.

Melina handed Jabba the end of the chain attached to Leia's collar. The Hutt took hold of the large bronze ring at the end and pulled, urging Leia closer to him. She had no choice but to crawl up onto the edge of the stone dais the Hutt lounged upon.

"Sit there and look pretty and don't say a word," Jabba commanded in Huttese. C-3PO translated for Leia. It seemed strange that Jabba spoke some sentences in Basic and others in Huttese, Leia observed. She sat down on the furthest edge of the throne, as far as Jabba would allow her to go with the chained collar around her neck.

"Now... Any news of the Jedi?" Jabba asked his majordomo.

Bib Fortuna was quick to respond. "Nothing yet, my Master," he whispered. "You have nothing to fear from that boy. You are safe in your fortress, with dozens of guards to protect you. Skywalker would be foolish to come here."

"Even so, do not allow him inside. Understood?"

"Yes, as you wish, Master," Fortuna nodded.

Sitting so close to Jabba, Leia could hear every Huttese word of the discussion, yet could not understand any of it except the mention of Luke's name. She wondered what they were saying.

"Skywalker will come, and I'll be waiting for him," spoke a creepy monotone voice from behind Leia. She turned around to see Boba Fett standing on the raised platform behind Jabba's dais.

"As will I," Mara thought to herself, focusing intently on the conversation at Jabba's throne.

"Good Fett, that's good," Jabba muttered, his stomach rumbling noisily. "Someone see what's taking Porcellus so long with my breakfast."

Fett's Mandalorian helmet slowly looked downward at the helpless Princess, his faceless stare sending shivers through her body. She felt momentarily mesmerized by the bounty hunter until a painful tug on her braided ponytail jerked her head away.

"Hey, cut it out!" snapped Leia, pushing the Kowakian lizard monkey Salacious Crumb away from her. He cackled in amusement and plopped down on a pillow near Leia's leg, chattering in his gibberish language.

The Princess shuffled in her place on the throne, fidgeting with the skirt that barely covered her legs. She lowered her head and sighed. Looking down at her costume, Leia noticed too much cleavage poking out of the metal brassiere and quickly adjusted it, feeling a slight twinge of embarrassment.

"Ha! She's too defiant," Lyn Me, the pale white-skinned Twi'lek dancer, whispered to Rystall as they watched from the band's alcove. "She'll be dead in less than a week."

"I'm not so sure," replied Rystall, staring at Leia with curious fascination. "What do you think, Arica?"

Mara was silent for a moment, then realized Rystall was addressing her. "Yes... Princess Leia will be Rancor food before she knows it," she nodded. Lyn Me broke out in laughter and quickly covered her mouth.

"Excuse me ladies," came the feeble voice of Porcellus, Jabba's portly chef, brushing past the dancers with a large tray of freckled toads for the Hutt's breakfast appetizer.

"Ick!" Lyn Me exclaimed, making a disgusted face as she stepped out of Porcellus' way. The chef set the food tray next to Jabba and paused for a moment, noticing the beautiful new slave girl sitting by the Master. He humbly smiled at her and then scurried back to the kitchen to finish preparing the next breakfast dish.

The mighty Hutt stirred on his throne, grabbing a handful of toads and shoving them into his mouth. "Rebo! Get over there and play me some music!" he bellowed as he munched on another freckled toad. The blue Ortolan with big floppy ears scrambled to his keyboard while the rest of the band took their positions.

Leia watched the various members of the group enter and set up their instruments. Joh Yowza, the furry thin-legged Yuzzum lead singer, decided to sit this one out because of a terrible hangover he was suffering after getting drunk with his pal Saelt Marae the night before. Of course, Sy Snootles had no problem taking his spotlight.

"Where's Greeta?" whispered Rystall.

"With Beedo I think," Lyn Me answered. "Arica, you'll have to stand in for her."

"Terrific," Mara sighed in displeasure, following the other two dancers to the stage.

Leia recognized the one who tried hitting on her the day before, back when everyone thought she was Boushh. Rystall glanced over at Leia and smiled, their eyes meeting briefly before the Princess turned her head away.

Max Rebo began strumming at his keyboard while Droopy warmed up on his horn. Sy Snootles put on another layer of lipstick as the rest of the band finished assembling. They started off with a slow, moody love song that bored Jabba and made him sleepy. He interrupted them in the middle of it and told the band to play something more lively with a stronger beat. Rebo instantly pounded at his keys and the rest of the band followed with Sy wailing into her microphone.

The music was too noisy for Leia's tastes, but she listened and watched the lively bunch play out three upbeat songs in a row. Occasionally Rystall looked over at her while performing behind Snootles. Each time, Leia would avert her eyes but then slowly look back up to see if Rystall was still staring in her direction. The dancer gave her a half-cocked smile as she sang, making Leia feel even more awkward and uncomfortable.

Mara Jade also felt uncomfortable, pretending to be an exotic dancer. She did her best to mimic the dance routines of Rystall and Lyn Me with equal grace, relying on her quick Force-enhanced reflexes to keep her from messing up the performance.

For the next half hour Jabba engorged himself on his huge morning feast while the band entertained. His breakfast was one of five large meals the Bloated One fed upon throughout the day. Watching Jabba eat wasn't nearly as disgusting as trying to avoid the pieces of food that fell out of his mouth, Leia soon discovered.

"Here little Princess, eat some of this," said Jabba, pulling Leia up to his belly and suddenly forcing one of his huge stubby fingers into her mouth. The end of the finger was covered with some kind of creamy sauce from one of the dishes Porcellus brought to the Master. Leia gagged and almost choked when Jabba withdrew his finger from her mouth.

"Swallow it," Jabba ordered in Basic, his voice deep and intimidating. Leia looked up with wide eyes and a sickly expression on her face, then swallowed the rich sauce with one big gulp. Jabba watched her for any signs of food poisoning, for there was always the chance some secret assassin in his palace could have mixed something into the food.

"No fierfek? Good..." Jabba grinned, scooping up some sauce from the bowl and putting it in his own mouth. "Mmmmm, want more?"

"No," Leia shook her head in disgust.

Jabba chuckled. "It's good, have some more," he said, dipping his fat finger in the sauce again and then presenting it to Leia. The thick cream oozed off the fingertip, dripping down onto Jabba's rotund belly. "I insist."

Leia could sense a threatening tone in Jabba's voice. She stared at his finger and grimaced, then as she summoned all her courage she slowly leaned forward and stuck out her tongue, tasting the creamy sauce again. "Ugggh," she moaned. It had a strong spicy taste to it, and judging from the other strange dishes Jabba ate, Leia didn't want to know where this particular sauce originated.

"Don't let it go to waste, my pretty," the sadistic Hutt chortled.

Leia ran her small pink tongue all over the tip of Jabba's finger, cleaning it of the spicy sauce. She groaned when Jabba scooped up one more glob of sauce and she reluctantly opened her mouth, allowing him to feed her the entire glob. Jabba chose to keep his finger inside her mouth until Leia swallowed again and sucked the creamy sauce clean from his fingertip with only a small bit of cream trickling down her chin.

"I think I'm going to be sick," Leia moaned, sitting back against a large stuffed pillow by Jabba's tail and wiping the remaining sauce from her face. The mighty Hutt shook with laughter and summoned Porcellus to take the empty plates away.

Some of the palace guards and other wicked vermin mingling throughout the room caught Leia's attention. She noticed a few of them were now watching her rather than the band. The Gran named Ree-Yees, whom she had bumped into the day before, wiggled his wrinkly lips at her from across the room as he chugged a glass of ale. Two Taatooinians sat in one of the dark booths in the far wall, talking to each other as they pointed to her and licked their fingers in a teasing manner. Leia didn't even want to imagine what the others in the room were thinking about as they stared lustfully at her with their mouths drooling.

When Max Rebo's band finished their next song, Jabba told them to do something different this time -- something sexier. Max looked over at Rystall, speaking to her in Ortolan. "Okay," she said. "Come on Lyn."

A stirring of the crowd rose as Rebo began to play a soft instrumental tune on his keyboard. Mara Jade finally saw her opportunity to slip into the background away from the others for now. Lyn Me and Rystall walked out into the center of the room, twirling around for the audience, both smiling and flaunting their half-naked bodies suggestively. The various sycophants, bootlickers, and other of Jabba's minions cheered and whistled appreciatively.

Max tapped at his circular keyboard, increasing the tempo, which signaled Rystall and Lyn Me to sway their hips together as they faced each other, dancing almost like mirror images of one another. Both moved rhythmically to the music, wiggling their bodies slowly and sensually with each beat.

Lyn Me reached up and slid her right thumb under the strap of black leather that crossed her breast, pulling it off her shoulder as she continued facing her fellow dance partner. Rystall reached her arms behind her to pull down the zipper on the back of her tight purple bodysuit. Little by little the two of them eased their costumes off their bodies, teasing the crowd with each erotic maneuver, and all the while keeping in step with the music. The crowd of onlookers cheered and waved their arms in raucous excitement.

Leia, however, stared at this entire show with utter disgust, having never seen such an obscene display in her entire life. Sure, she had overheard Han back on Hoth from time to time telling Luke a few stories about the spaceport hotspots the smuggler had visited in his youth, but this was unbelievable!

Soon the two dancers stood in the center of the room, completely naked, still swaying their bodies to the sound of the music. Leia could see that Rystall had dark reddish-purple spots that went from the sides of her face and neck all the way down the sides of her body, tracing her long sexy legs down to her odd-looking hooved feet. Her breasts were small and perky compared to the fuller, rounder breasts of her Twi'lek dancing partner as they jiggled from the movements of their dance routine.

Lyn Me was shorter than her fellow dancer, and not as thin. She was more curvaceous, but just as beautiful and exotic to look at as far as Jabba's crowd was concerned.

As if Rystall and Lyn Me's naked dance routine in front of dozens of rowdy men wasn't enough to amaze Leia, the climax of their striptease ended with the two dancers wrapping their arms around each other in a loving embrace, rubbing their naked bodies together, and kissing passionately. Rystall took a more aggressive approach as Lyn Me submitted to her, opening her mouth to allow the dancer's tongue inside. They both gently rubbed their hands all over each others' bodies during this long hot kiss while the crowd exploded in wild applause. Jabba's belly shook with enthused laughter, his hand absent-mindedly making small jerks of Leia's chain. She glared behind her at the fat tub of slime, rubbing her sore neck beneath the collar.

The band finished playing it's sensual music to loud applause as Rystall and Lyn Me gathered up their costumes. As they passed by Jabba's throne, Rystall winked at Leia and smiled, puckering her lips in a mock kiss before heading back over to the rest of the band in the corner. Meanwhile the wild crowd called for another performance.

"More! More!" people shouted.

"We want Yarna!" snorted Wartug and another off-duty Gamorrean guard, eager to see the large six-breasted dancer perform.

"Let the new one dance!" cried out an old Dug in the back, standing on his arms and waving his legs.

"I need another drink!" shouted Ree-Yees, slamming his empty mug on a table.

"Enough!" Jabba finally boomed, bringing the roar of the crowd to a standstill. "No more entertainment for awhile. I have important business to deal with," he decreed. "Bib, bring those two spice dealers in here, and the old Nimoudian."

The disappointed audience dispersed, heading off to different areas of the palace. Some stayed behind, too tired or too drunk to get up. Rystall and Lyn Me took this opportunity to go to the harem for a quick shower.

"That's the last time I do that," Lyn Me muttered.

"You enjoyed it," Rystall teased.

"You wish."

Melina approached Jabba's throne. "Shall I take the Princess back to the harem now to begin her training?"

"Yes," the Hutt answered. "But I'll have need for her later."

Melina grabbed Leia's chain, motioning for a nearby guard to escort them back to the harem. Lando stepped forward, his force pike in hand.

"Training for what?" Leia whispered to Melina.

"You're going to learn to dance like the others you saw, so you can entertain Jabba as they did," answered Melina.

Leia didn't like the sound of that.

Chapter 5:Edit

Posted: July 05, 2006 - 10:40:19 pm

Rystall stood naked under a hydrospray in the harem shower, soaking down her red-orange hair with warm water and rubbing soapy lather over her lavender skin and breasts. She moaned softly as she brushed her hands over her sensitive purple nipples.

Lyn Me stood under an adjacent hydrospray, lifting one of her legs and sliding her hand up and down its slick wet smoothness with her own bar of soap in hand, washing away the sweat and sexual juices generated from their earlier performance.

"Hi Rys... hi Lyn," cooed a familiar Rodian voice from behind them.

Both women turned around to see their third dancing partner entering the shower.

"Hey Greeta," they both said in unison.

The bright-green skinned Rodian dancing girl turned on another hydrospray and squeaked from the momentary shock of cold water hitting her bumpy textured skin.

"I think that one's broken," said Lyn. "But the other one next to it works."

Greeta shut off the faulty hydrospray and moved over to the next, switching it on and humming softly as she felt the soothing warm water splash against her small pert breasts. She dipped her large head under the spray, running her long nimbly fingers through her tall spiky yellow hair.

"So Greeta, you spend the night with Beedo again?" Rystall spoke loudly over the noise of the hydrosprays.

"Yes," the Rodian giggled with her tiny protruding mouth. "And... I think I'm in love!"

Both Rystall and Lyn Me groaned, then laughed in amusement.

"That's what you said about Doda, and Barquin D'an, and that skiff mechanic, and..."

"No, this is diferent! You'll see."

"Whatever," the Twi'lek smirked.

"Hey Lyn, wash my back?" asked Rystall, looking over her shoulder and smiling suggestively.

"Fine." Lyn stepped closer to Rystall and began to rub her bar of soap over Rystall's backside, starting at the knape just above her ass and moving in circular motions upward along the curve.

"So anything interesting happen while I was gone this morning?" asked Greeta while washing her long green legs.

"Not much," replied Lyn, gently kneading and massaging Rystall's back. "But last night that new bounty hunter freed Han Solo from the big metal block. Jabba caught her and put her in his harem."

"Boushh was a woman?" Greeta's large black eyes widened.

"Sure was," Lyn smiled smugly. "And she got what she deserved."

Rystall shook her head and frowned, disgusted with Lyn Me's callous attitude. "Okay, that's enough Lyn. I'll wash you now."

"So what did they do with Han Solo?" asked Greeta, her head turned sideways while she rinsed her soaking wet mane of hair.

"They put him in the dungeon," Lyn answered, turning around for Rystall to soap her up. "Why do you ask?"

"Well," paused Greeta. "Maybe I should tell Beedo about this. I mean, he's always talking about Han Solo. Did you know Han Solo killed Beedo's cousin?"

"Big deal. I heard Han Solo killed a lot of people," Lyn responded.

"Those are just stories, Lyn. He's too good looking to be a cold-blooded killer," Rystall said dreamily.

Lyn rolled her eyes then motioned for Rystall to wash the two lekku tails on her head. "That's what you think about half the men in this place, Rys."

"Yeah, including your 'boyfriend' Boba Fett!" Rystall said with a sly smile, squeezing one of Lyn Me's sensitive lekku with her hand. "Still got a crush on him, Lyn?"

Lyn gasped from the stimuli and responded by reaching up to the hydrospray and twisting the spray head, causing water to hit Rystall in her face. She gasped, jumping backwards while Greeta and Lyn Me laughed.

"Very funny," grinned Rystall.


Meanwhile, down the hall from Jabba's harem, Melina showed Leia around thetraining room for Jabba's dancers, which she called "The Dancer's Pit". Tall vertical mirrors lined the walls all around the room, embarassingly reflecting Leia in her harem costume no matter which direction she looked.

Two other dancing girls had been practicing when Leia, Melina, and Lando entered the room. Melina briefly introduced the other girls to Leia. The first was Jess and judging from her complexion, Leia guessed she might be from Chandrilla. She had long silvery white shoulder length hair with a single purple-blue streak dyed into it. She wore a dark silver and blue brassiere similar in style to Leia's, and a long blue skirt that loosely wrapped around her legs, covering them completely. Lucky her, Leia thought.

The second girl's name was Camie. Leia remembered seeing her in the harem earlier that morning. Her skin was tanned, her dark hair long like Leia's, but not braided in a ponytail. It hung loosely over her shoulders and down her back. She wore a light green dancer's thong with a matching top that hugged her breasts tightly. Both costume pieces were made from the skin of a Dewback and much more revealing than Leia's ornate costume.

Melina excused the two girls from the room and told Lando to escort them back to the harem down the hall. His eyes met Leia's for a moment and she nodded, indicating she would be safe in here for now. He left, following Jess and Camie from the room.

"Now, let's get started," Melina said to Leia.

"I'm not going to be here long enough for you to teach me anything," the Princess quickly retorted. "So don't waste your time."

Melina frowned. "With that attitude, you may be right. But nevertheless, it's my job to see that you're trained in the skills of a harem girl."

"First, I need to explain something to you, so I want you to listen carefully." Melina sat Leia down on a bench next to wall and stared into her eyes with cold intimidation. "As of now, you no longer have any control over what happens to you. You're not a royal princess anymore, and you can forget about that stupid rebellion of yours. From now on, you are the property of Jabba the Hutt, understand?"

Leia glared up at her with equally fierce brown eyes, her anger growing inside.

Melina continued, "If you want to stay alive, you will respect Jabba as your master. You will sit with him, dance for him, and if he so desires... you will perform whatever sexual needs he asks of you. When he issues a command, you are to obey it instantly and without objection. As the keeper of Jabba's harem, I expect you to give me that same respect."

Leia felt so enraged by Melina's words. The thought of being anyone's slave offended her more than anything. "Go to hell," she spat out.

Taken aback by Leia's outburst, Melina whipped her hand back and then slapped the younger woman across the face, knocking her against the mirrored wall. Leia looked back at Melina with wide watery eyes, rubbing her red cheek with one hand. She didn't expect Melina to react so violently.

"I had a feeling you'd be difficult to work with," said Melina in a stern voice. "But Jabba expects fast results, so let's get to work."

Melina grabbed the chain of Leia's gold collar and jerked her to her feet, pulling her over to the middle of the empty room. She unclipped the chain and carried it with her back to the bench where she sat down and crossed her legs. Leia stood in the center of the floor, watching Melina intently.

"Okay, let's see you dance. Show me what you can do," ordered the Harem Keeper.

"Are you kidding? I'm not a dancer," Leia scoffed.

"You can't dance at all?" Melina asked in disbelief.

"No! At least... not like those dancers from earlier."

"Then just show me what you can do," Melina was losing her patience with this one.

"Where's the music?" Leia asked.

"No music. Just dance," urged Melina.

Leia sighed in resignation, staring at the floor as she pondered what to do. She vaguely remembered a performance she once saw in a spaceport tavern she and Luke had visited during their mission to Mimban. Leia looked up, seeing herself in the mirror directly in front of her.

Bowing her head and crossing her arms, Leia took a step back and spun around on one foot, attempting to mimic the dance. It wasn't as sexy and provacative as what Jabba's dancers did, but it was the best Leia could come up with. The only other type of dancing she knew was formal dancing for royal galas and other social events she had attended as a teen on Alderaan; the kind of dancing a proper princess would be taught. Of course, here in Jabba's palace she would look silly trying to dance like that, especially with no partner to lead her.

Twirling around once more, Leia extended her arms and tilted her head back, trying to be as graceful as possible. She improvised as much as she could. She knew it must look more like an amateur ballet than what a spaceport tavern dancer would perform.

From the bench against the wall, Melina folded her arms and watched Leia, scrutinizing her athleticism and grace. In her opinion, Leia wasn't that bad. She had some potential to work with, but it would take time to train her to be as good as the other harem girls. Perhaps one of the dancers in Rebo's band could give her a hand. They were just hired performers, not slaves of Jabba, but they danced better than anyone else in the palace -- besides Melina.

When Leia finished her short dance routine she looked over at Melina, curious to see if she met the Keeper's approval.

"Where did you learn that?" Melina asked.


"Never heard of it. I see potential in you, but you have a lot to learn."

At that moment, the door to the training room opened. Leia turned around to see Lando entering, having returned from the harem. He took position by the door and nodded to Melina. The Harem Keeper stood up from the bench and walked to the door, pausing to speak with Lando.

"I'll be right back. Keep an eye on her until I return." She paused, staring at Lando beneath his mask, skeptical of this new guard's trustworthiness. "I've seen you looking at her a lot," Melina continued. "But keep your hands off her. She's Jabba's property."

"Yes, Ma'am," Lando mumbled.

When they were finally alone in the room, Lando whispered to Leia, "How are you doing?"

"How do you think I'm doing?" said Leia, going back over to the bench to take a seat. "I didn't exactly plan on becoming Jabba's slave. And now they expect me to dance for him. That woman Melina thinks she's going to teach me to dance like some kind of half-naked tavern girl. And can you believe this costume they've made me wear?"

"Well, let's hope that dancing is all you have to do," replied Lando. "But I suggest you just go with it for now and don't protest too much. Jabba has a short temper and we don't want you getting killed like his last dancer, before we can all get the hell out of here."

"All right, I'll try," Leia sighed. "What about Luke's plan? Have you contacted him?"

"Yes, I've told him everything that's happened so far. We're going with his backup plan. If all goes well, then he'll be here in a couple more days."

"A couple more days?" an upset Leia exclaimed.

"Yeah, remember I've got to change the guard rosters so that most of them will be assigned positions outside the palace when Luke arrives. It's not easy when there's guards and spies everywhere. It'll take time."

"Right, the fewer guards around here, the better," Leia responded. "What about Han and Chewie? Are they okay?"

"They're fine for now, safely locked in a dungeon cell together."

"I wish I could see Han," Leia said mournfully.

"I'll try to sneak down there tonight and check on them."

Lando leaned against the wall, both hands gripping his force-pike. Leia noticed Lando's eyes looking down at her chest, stealing quick glimpses of her revealing cleavage beneath the golden brassiere. Leia frowned, folding her arms over her breasts. "Hey Calrissian, up here!"

Lando caught his mistake, looking back up at Leia's face. "Sorry," he grinned behind the guard's mask. "Just got a little distracted for a moment. I'm a sucker for a beautiful lady."

"Well, keep your mind on the mission."

Lando didn't say another word, and Leia sat there in silence for a few minutes, mentally going over Luke's far-fetched rescue plan. Originally, her job was simple -- free Han, and if possible get him out of the palace. But that didn't work, so now they had to go with Luke's even crazier backup plan.

Disguised as one of many palace guards and going by the alias "Tamtel Skreej", Lando was the key person in Luke's plan. As Luke's eyes and ears inside the palace, Lando would pull all the strings and get everything just right for Luke to come in and do his Jedi magic when the time was right.

Jabba's palace was too well guarded from within. Who knew what dangerous foes could be hiding in the dark shadows. The only way Luke could save his friends would be to get them outside the palace, away from the majority of Jabba's men. Then Lando could smuggle the droids out by himself afterward, if necessary.

Leia didn't completely understand how it could work, but she had faith in Luke and his Jedi skills.

Suddenly the training room's door slid open, and in walked Melina, followed by Rystall, whom Melina had found in the shower room a short while ago. Lando and Leia both recognized the red-haired dancer.

"You can leave now," Melina ordered Lando. He exited the room, leaving the three women by themselves.

"This is Rystall," said Melina, introducing the dancer to Leia.

"We've already met," Rystall said, smiling at Leia. Leia blushed in embarassment.

"Oh? Well anyway, Rystall is going to help me teach you a few moves that should please Jabba," Melina explained. "So let's get started."

Leia begrudgingly stood up from the bench and walked over to the other two women.

"Watch what I do, and then do the same thing, okay?" said Rystall. Leia nodded and watched as Rystall began a slow series of sensual maneuvers. Rystall swayed her hips and bent forward, wiggling her ass, then took two steps to the left, placing both hands on her breasts as she eased her body down, bending her legs and wiggling her body some more.

Leia took position and slowly repeated the same moves as Melina stood by and watched. "Very good," said Melina. "Continue."

Rystall rose, placing her hands on her hips, and turned around, shaking her body rhythmically as she hummed a quiet musical tune to keep the right pace. Leia accurately followed these steps, to Melina's approval. No doubt, Leia was a fast learner.


Three hours had passed, and Rystall had thoroughly taught Leia four different dance routines. They had practiced them over and over until Leia got it down to memory. These were simple routines, nothing too elaborate for a novice dancer, but enough to entertain Jabba. Melina had also shown Leia two of her personal moves guaranteed to turn on a Hutt.

Rystall now focused on teaching Leia the art of the striptease, explaining to her how to slowly and seductively remove her clothing, piece by piece, while teasing Jabba or his audience. Leia was reluctant to learn these particular moves, but went along with it, mentally telling herself that she'd probably never have to perform this for real before she escaped.

Melina looked down at the chronometer on her wrist, noticing what time it was. "I'll be back in a few minutes. Go ahead and take a break for awhile," she told the two women before leaving the room.

When Melina was gone, Leia immediately rushed to the door and found that it was locked. "Damn," she cursed.

"There's probably a Gamorrean guard standing outside the door anyway," Rystall told her. "Why don't you just sit down and take a breather with me until she gets back." Rystall was already sitting on the bench and patted the spot next to her with her hand, invitingly.

Seeing there was no hope of escaping the room, Leia gave in to Rystall's suggestion and took a seat on the bench, several inches down from the dancer. She picked up a towel on the bench and wiped sweat from her brow. Her body was covered in perspiration from the long dance workout, and Leia found herself actually longing for another of those hydro-showers.


In Jabba's luxorious private quarters, Boba Fett discussed Princess Leia's fate with the mighty Hutt.

"You worry too much, Fett," Jabba mused. "I doubt the Empire would mind if I held onto her for awhile."

"You don't realize how much they want her," Fett explained. "Almost as much as Skywalker. You shouldn't risk angering the Empire over a mere woman."

"She's no mere woman, Fett. She's a Princess, and from Alderaan no less. I haven't tasted Alderaani pussy in twenty years. And it's not like there's a lot of them left out there now," Jabba chuckled.

Fett sighed beneath his helmet. "You'd be better off handing her over to the Empire and collecting the bounty."

Bib Fortuna stood nearby, silently agreeing with Fett, but he dared not speak his mind to Jabba.

"I'll consider it," Jabba responded.

"And Skywalker?" Fett added.

"We've discussed the Skywalker situation already, Fett. Now leave me. I need to relax."

Jabba slithered across the marble floor to his huge oval shaped bathing pool of warm, soothing Tatooine mud. The Hutt had many pleasures in life, one of them being his daily mud bath after lunch. He enjoyed emersing his massive blubbering body up to his neck in the pool and letting the mud sooth his scaly skin. Most often, some of Jabba's harem girls would join him, keeping him company as they surrounded his body. None of them liked it, but they had little choice.

As Fett exited the room, four of Jabba's harem girls, including Camie and Jess, were brought in by Melina Carniss to join Jabba in his bath. Each girl wore skimpy outfits which they quickly discarded onto the floor. They already knew their duties, given their training, and each of them slid into the mud pool near the shallow edges surrounding Jabba.

Upon his command, Jabba's women eased themselves through the thick messy tan-colored sludge closer to him and began to rub themselves against Jabba's massive belly as he fondled their naked bodies. The girls were waist-deep in slippery wet mud, but that didn't seem so bad compared to being groped by their Hutt master.


"So you're really a Princess, huh?" asked Rystall.

"Sort of," Leia shrugged. "My homeworld... no longer exists."

"Oh, I'm sorry," replied Rystall with a sorrowful look.

"Where exactly do you come from?" Leia asked, having never seen someone of Rystall's species before.

"Coruscant. I was born there, in the lower levels. I'm not sure who my parents were, but some Ortolons found and raised me when I was young. They taught me how to dance."

"And how did you end up here?"

"Well that's a long story," Rystall paused. "You see, a long time ago I was slave girl like you."

Leia dismissed the insinuation that she was Jabba's slave and replied, "You were a slave of Jabba?"

"No, on Coruscant. When I was a teenager, this Vigo of the Black Sun saw me in the streets of Coruscant and invited me to his palace. It seemed like a dream come true, but when I got there he locked me in a room and made me his sex-slave. He threatened to hurt my foster parents, the Ortolons, if I didn't behave. I had no choice..."

Leia couldn't imagine what all Rystall must have gone through. She wondered if this Vigo had worked directly for Prince Xizor.

"Anyway, one day this man named Calrissian visited the Vigo's palace."

This immediately perked Leia's attention.

"He was some hotshot gambler, and the Vigo liked to play games with other big gamblers. Since this man was a special guest, the Vigo offered me to him for the night. And let me tell you, he was wonderful in bed, but that's beside the point."

Leia restrained the urge to laugh and prompted Rystall to continue with the story.

"Well, that night I told this man all about my foster parents and what the Vigo was doing to me. I guess he felt sorry for me, so the next evening during a game of Sabaac he gambled for my freedom and won. The Vigo had no choice but to let me and my parents go. That was the last time I saw Calrissian, and I never even got a chance to thank him."

Leia was almost tempted to tell Rystall that Lando was right here in the palace, disguised as a guard, but decided it would be too risky and might jeopardize the mission.

"So after that, my foster parents and I left Coruscant and hooked up with Max Rebo. He let me join his band as a backup dancer. We toured for a couple of years and ended up here at Jabba's for a permanent gig," Rystall finished explaining.


"And how is my newest pet doing?" Jabba asked Melina as he greased up Camie's naked breasts with a thin layer of mud while two other girls rubbed themselves against his belly.

"She's doing well, my Master. I think you will be pleased with her. Shall I bring her to you after dinner tonight?

"No... Let Boba Fett have her tonight," he replied.

Melina was surprised by Jabba's instruction. "The bounty hunter? You're letting HIM have your new slave?"

"It's not something I would normally do, but Fett's been trying to convince me not to kill Skywalker when he arrives. He would rather take the so-called Jedi, along with the Princess, back to the Empire and collect on their bounties on my behalf. I don't want to lose Fett's services, but I also don't want to let the Empire have Skywalker. I think the Princess might be the tool to turn Fett's mind around, to show him what her real value is. Consider it a means of insuring his continued services in the future," Jabba explained.

Melina pondered this unusual act of generosity. "I shall send her to his quarters this evening."


"So what about yesterday... you know, with you and me in the booth?" asked Leia.

"Oh..." Rystall grinned. "Well, that's how I make some extra money on the side. I thought you'd be a high-paying customer. No offense."

"Customer? You mean you let men pay you for sex?" Leia said in disbelief.

Rystall shrugged. "It's a living. Better than putting out for free. Dancing in Max's band doesn't pay much, but I'm loyal to him. He's helped me and my family and I don't want to walk out on the job."

"I see," said Leia, contemplating Rystall's strange career choices.

"The offer still stands, you know," Rystall purred, sliding closer to Leia. "I won't charge you for it though," she added with a smile. She placed her gloved hand on Leia's bare thigh.

"I, um..." Leia was at a loss for words, suddenly finding herself in an awkward position.

"Shhh," Rystall responded, leaning forward to kiss Leia on the mouth. Before Leia could resist, Rystall's lips were already touching hers, passionately kissing the Princess as Rystall's hand slowly moved down between Leia's legs and under her dark red skirt. Rystall expertly guided Leia to lie down on the bench. The lavender-skinned dancer straddled the bench in front of Leia's outstretched legs, lifting the narrow skirt of Leia's costume and leaned forward. To Leia's surprise she felt Rystall's warm wet tongue licking along the tender folds of Leia's slit, her head and face hidden beneath the loose skirt.

Soon, Leia's hands were pushing her skirt aside and grasping the head between her quivering thighs, her fingers running through Rystall's wild orange-red hair. Her whole body shook with excitement as Rystall's tongue wiggled its way inside Leia's pussy, slithering around the juicy inner walls of her cunt and then circling the throbbing nub of her clit. In a matter of minutes Leia arched her body upward in violent orgasm, rocking the entire bench and pressing Rystall's face against her dripping mound.

Rystall lifted her head, her face gleaming with Leia's vaginal juices. Her tongue ran over her full lips and her eyes pierced into Leia's. She had enjoyed this immensely. Leia looked exhausted, her face and thighs sweaty and her calf muscles twitching.

"Did you like that?"

"It was... it was wonderful," Leia panted, looking down at the smiling Rystall. Leia slowly sat up, adjusting her skirt to cover her wet naked thighs.

"Now it's my turn," Rystall said eagerly, beginning to unzip the back of her purple bodysuit. But before she could proceed further, the door to the room opened and Melina returned. Rystall quickly zipped her suit back up and stood up from the bench while Leia sat there fidgeting and adjusting her skirt.

"No more dancing for today," Melina told Leia. "I'll take you back to the harem. Dinner will be brought in soon, and then Jabba has something special planned for you tonight."

Rystall turned to Leia and said goodbye. "Maybe another time," she added in a whisper before leaving to head back to the band's quarters.


Leia sat on a small bed of pillows in Jabba's harem, nibbling on some bread and a small plate of vegetables. It had been two hours since the incident with Rystall in the dancers' training room, and Leia couldn't stop thinking about it. That wasn't the first time she had been with another woman, sexually, but it was certainly one of the best sexual experiences she had felt in a long time. Rystall knew what she was doing and she did it well, giving Leia pleasure she had never felt before. Pleasure. Was it wrong to experience such a thing here in Jabba's palace, given the situation she was in? She was a prisoner, held captive against her will for the purpose of entertaining Jabba. She couldn't allow herself to enjoy any aspect of being here. That's just what they'd want.

"What's your name?"

Leia looked up, her thoughts interrupted by one of the other slave girls in the harem. She had seen this one earlier... the brunette in the Dewback-skin bikini.

"Oh, um... Leia. I'm Leia."

"Camie," the slave girl replied, sitting down on the pillows next to Leia and taking a bite of a green tarrok stick she held in her hand.

"Enjoying the food?" Camie asked.

"Not really," shrugged Leia. "Want the rest?"

"Nah, I've got enough right here," said Camie, munching on her vegetable. "Better get used to the food, because it's all we get and there's not much of it."

"How long have you been here?" asked Leia.

"Two years," Camie solemnly answered, looking down at the pillows.

"How did you get here?"

"Well, I had just got married and moved out to a moisture farm outside Anchorhead with my husband Fixer. One day this local swoop gang showed up and raided the farm. They... they killed Fixer, and took me with them." Camie paused, deep in thought, then continued, "They kept me for a couple weeks, using me like one of their biker girls, and then when they stopped by Jabba's palace they handed me over to him as payment for some debt the leader of the gang owed him. I guess you know what happened after that..."

"I'm sorry," Leia said. "I wish I could help..."

"You can. Just watch my back, and I'll watch yours. That's the only way any of us can survive in a place like this."

"Alright," Leia smiled, glad to have someone else on her side.

"You better get some sleep. You never know when they might come get you to go perform for Jabba... or one of his guests," Camie warned, fully aware of Jabba's plans for Leia later that night.

Leia nodded, pushing her plate of food aside and lying down on the pillows. Camie chose not to sleep just yet, sitting against the wall next to Leia, pondering the cruel turn of events in her life and knowing Leia would soon share a similar fate.

Chapter 6:Edit

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"Leia," whispered a familiar female voice as a hand nudged the Princess' bare shoulder. "Leia, wake up."

Leia opened her eyes, noticing Camie there beside her. "What is it?"

"Some guards are here to take you," Camie answered, motioning to the other room where she could hear a couple of Gamorreans grunting Leia's name to Melina Carniss.

Leia sat up on the bed of pillows, an uneasy feeling growing inside her. "Take me where?"

"You know where..." Camie said sorrowfully.

"I don't think I can do this," Leia nervously whispered to her new friend.

Camie hesitated, looking to see if anyone else in the room was watching them. She slipped her hand underneath one of the pillows to retrieve something hidden there. "Here," she said, opening a small cylindrical vial and holding it up to Leia's face. "Quickly, inhale the scent, before they come in here."

"What is it?"

"Euridian spice. It'll help you get through tonight."

"A drug? No, I don't think so," Leia shook her head, pushing the vial away.

"No time to argue, just take it. Trust me, it won't hurt you." Camie saw Melina and the two Gamorreans named Jubnuk and Gartogg enter the room. "Hurry Leia!"

Leia quickly took the vial in her hand and held it to her nose, deeply inhaling the potent aroma. It gave her a brief dizzy spell as she passed the vial back to Camie.

"It'll take awhile for it to kick in," Camie whispered. "Good luck."

"She's over there," Melina pointed to Leia. The two Gamorreans trodded over to the young woman and lifted her to her feet, their large green pudgy hands pawing at her naked flesh. "You come with us," Jubnuk snorted, leading Leia to the door.


They took the Princess upstairs two levels to a torch-lit hallway where some of Jabba's guest quarters were located. Leia recognized this area of the palace from the first day she arrived, disguised as Boushh, when she had been given a guest room of her own. Obviously she was not being taken to Jabba, Leia concluded.

Approaching one of the doors near the end of the hall, Gartogg pounded on it three times with his large fist. They waited patiently for a response. Suddenly the door unlocked with a sharp click, but did not open.

"Come in," echoed a calm, yet creepy voice from behind the closed door. The other Gamorrean, Jubnuk, pulled her safely to the side of the door as he cautiously opened it. In the darkened room a few steps back from the entrance stood Boba Fett, his sawed-off blaster rifle aimed directly at the two pigs standing before him.

"What do you want?" he said in his eerie, monotone voice beneath the Mandolorian helmet.

Jubnuk pulled Leia forward and shoved her into the room past Fett. She stumbled and fell to the stone floor. "From Jabba. Enjoy her," he said.

Leia turned to look up in surprise at the realization of what the guard meant. Both Gamorreans amusedly oinked as they left the room, their heavy footsteps and grunting growing fainter as they sauntered back down the hallway.

Boba Fett turned the lights on with a control panel switch on the wall as Leia scrambled to her feet. He sighed beneath his mask, recognizing the Princess. A generous gift from Jabba, but a wasted one. Fett had no interest in spending the night with one of the Hutt's harem girls, even if she was the beautiful Princess Leia Organa.

Leia backed up against the wall, inching her way to a corner of the room away from Fett, who silently stared at her. She was a pathetic little thing -- breathing heavily, shivering from the cold, and dressed in practically nothing.

"If you touch me," Leia hissed, crossing her arms over her chest and trembling from the coolness of the room. "You touch me and one of us is going to die."

It was an empty threat considering her current situation, but what else was she going to say? Fett lowered his rifle and motioned toward the bed where a thin white sheet lay wrinkled and folded over.

"Cover yourself. I'm not going to touch you," he said.

Leia looked at the bed and then back at Fett. She watched him carefully while she leaned over to grab the sheet, quickly throwing it over her bare shoulders to cover her naked skin.

"You're not?" she replied inquisitively, watching the bounty hunter sit down in a chair facing her on the other side of the room.

"Sex between those not married is immoral," he said, laying his rifle across his lap.

"So is rape," Leia shot back.

The bounty hunter nodded in agreement. "So is rape."

Leia felt uncomfortable standing against the stone wall. Slowly she eased herself down to the floor to sit. She watched Fett and he watched her, both in silence for several minutes. Considering the obvious reason she was brought to this room tonight, Leia found Boba Fett's actions toward her unexpected.

"You're not going to call the guards to take me back?" she finally asked.

"And insult Jabba? I don't think so. He'd feed you to the Rancor and hold a grudge against me. You can go back in the morning."

Leia bent her legs and held them close to her body, wrapping the sheet around them as well. "So we just sit here all night?"

"If you want to use the bed, you are welcome to it," Fett replied.

"And you will just sit there all night?" she asked skeptically.

"I won't hurt you. I won't touch you. Sleep if you will. Or not. I do not care."

Leia doubted Fett's word, trusting him about as much as she would trust Darth Vader. Afterall, Fett had led Vader to Cloud City, resulting in their capture and the carbon-freezing of Han. As far as Leia was concerned, this bounty hunter was not an honorable man by any measure. She'd have to stay awake all night and keep her guard up just to be safe.

So Leia sat on the floor and Boba Fett watched her from his motionless position in the chair. After several minutes of complete silence, she spoke again. "Why are you doing this? Why are you working for Jabba?"

"He's paying me over half a million credits for my services," Fett answered bluntly.

"So it's just about money? Then whatever he's paying you, we can pay more. Just help me and my friends get out of here," pleaded Leia.

Fett smiled beneath his helmet, amused that this foolish girl would try to bribe him.

"No," he replied bluntly. "What you are doing is morally wrong. The Rebels are in the wrong, and the Rebellion will fail, as it should."

Leia shifted uncomfortably on the floor, enraged by Boba Fett's words. For the next twenty minutes she continued arguing with him about the moral implications of helping the Empire instead of the Rebellion, but it soon became clear that she was talking to a stone wall. He had no interest in listening to her pleas for help. Eventually, out of frustration, she gave up.

"Luke Skywalker is going to come and kill you," she threatened menacingly.

"Everyone dies," Fett replied. "But since nobody has paid me to kill you... sleep well." And with that, silence resumed.

Leia felt a wave of warmth rush through her, as if the heat in the room had suddenly increased 30 or 40 degrees. She wiped a drop of sweat forming on her forehead just as it occurred to her that the spice drug Camie gave her might be taking effect. Grateful that it wasn't even necessary due to Fett's sexual abstinence, Leia couldn't help but wonder what the spice would actually do to her once it fully kicked in.

Choosing to give up the all-night staring contest, Leia thought it better to climb up into Fett's empty bed and get some sleep. Fett moved his head slightly, confirming to her that he was still awake under his helmet, watching her every move.

Fett admired the beauty of this young woman. Her dark brown hair tied back in a long braided ponytail; the silky smoothness of her naked legs; the curve of her backside, revealed as she rolled over in bed and pulled part of the bedsheet over her. If Fett were a younger man, he might have been tempted by Jabba's offer.

Fifteen more minutes passed in silence until Fett heard a soft moan come from the Princess. He watched as Leia threw the bedsheet off her body and rolled over on her back. Through the enhanced vision of his helmet visor, Boba Fett could see her skin covered in sweat. Strange, he thought, since his helmet's sensors indicated the room was a comfortable temperature, not hot enough for a half-naked woman to be perspiring so much.

Princess Leia let out a soft moan and licked her thin red lips with her tongue, responding to the effects of Camie's drug. Her mind was now clouded with lustful thoughts and her body tingled with growing sexual arousal.

She rolled her head from side to side against the pillow as she subconsciously began running both hands over her body. One hand found its way under the gold metal brassiere covering her breasts while the other hand traced down her flat belly, across her belly button, to the rim of the metal plate covering her pelvis. In an instant, Leia hastily unfastened the metal plate and tossed it, along with the red silk skirt, off the bed. She plunged two of her trembling fingers into the sodden mess of her dripping wet pussy, moaning loudly.

"Ooooooooooh," Leia cooed, quickly slipping a third finger inside her cunt to heighten the sensation. Her ability to rationally comprehend what she was doing and why she was doing it escaped Leia as she found herself completely intoxicated by the Euridian spice, making her a horny and willing participant in any sexual activity. But in this situation, there was no sex to be had with a disinterested bounty hunter.

Fett curiously watched the young woman furiously fingering herself, her legs spread wide on the bed before him, giving a perfect view of Leia's obscene self-gratification. He wondered what had come over her and if it was some sort of ruse to make him drop his guard.

"What are you doing?" he finally asked, interrupting Leia's moment of ecstasy.

"Mmmmmmmm," she responded dreamily, lifting her head to look down at Fett in his chair across the room. Bringing one of her hands to her mouth, Leia sucked on each finger, savoring the slick juices of her sex as she held her legs wide open and rubbed her swollen clit with the other hand. Mixed emotions swam in her mind as she stared at the bounty hunter. She hated him with a passion, and yet her body desperately craved sexual contact with another being. As hard as she tried, she couldn't resist saying to him, "I need you so badly... come... fuck me."

Fett did not respond immediately, surprised by Leia's offer and her use of vulgar words. What kind of game was the Princess playing? "I am not interested in sex with you," he flatly replied.

Leia rolled out of bed onto the floor and began crawling on hands and knees toward Fett, her body guided by the strong drug-induced need for sex. She reached Fett's feet and knelt in front of him, looking up at his helmeted head. She could see her face reflected in the black T-shaped visor.

"Do you want me, bounty hunter?" she purred. "I think you do."

Fett sighed beneath his helmet. "Your attempt to bribe me with money failed, Princess. Offering your body will accomplish nothing more."

"This isn't a bribe," Leia responded, nuzzling her head against Fett's lap.

"I assumed you were a respectable woman, despite your Rebel affiliations," he said in annoyance. "But clearly you are suited for being Jabba's whore."

Leia lifted her head from Fett's lap and looked up at him, his last remark breaking through to her. She looked down at her naked body and realized she had been acting like a slut, trying to seduce an enemy no less. Leia felt embarrassed and ashamed of herself, and cursed Camie for ever giving her that drug to begin with. The sexual arousal was still there, however, and Leia could feel an intense craving between her legs, but this time she compelled herself to resist with as much strength and determination as she could muster.

Standing up before Boba Fett, Leia scowled at him and backed away, not saying a word. She picked up the bottom half of her costume on the floor and refastened it around her waist, then crawled back into the bed under the bedsheet. Rolling over, she embraced the pillow and closed her eyes, trying to ignore her pussy's desperate need to be filled. After a restless two hours of sexual frustration, the effects of the drug began to subside and an exhausted Princess drifted off to sleep under the watchful eyes of the bounty hunter.


Leia awoke to find herself lying on an elegantly decorated bed in a room from her childhood in the palace on Alderaan. The silk sheets were pulled back down to her legs and she was completely nude. Her long flowing hair lay unbraided and draped over her shoulders, half covering her breasts. A blurry figure appeared at the end of the bed and slowly came forward. It was Han! His face grew clearer as he slowly climbed on top of her. Reaching out with her arms, Leia embraced him and looked up at her lover with tearful eyes. She felt a sense of joy and happiness rush through her. Han kissed her and they began to make love. It was so wonderful and Leia hoped it would last forever.

In the heat of passion, she closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around Han's broad shoulders. Seconds later when she reopened them again, Leia was horrified to discover that Han was no longer lying on top of her. In his place lay Boba Fett, with the green metal codpiece of his armor removed to reveal a long thick meaty cock ramming deeply into Leia's cunt.

Leia stared at her frightened reflection in his helmet visor and screamed, but her voice made no sound. She wanted to push him off her, but her body seemed to be paralyzed beneath him. Fett slapped Leia once across the face. "Whore!" he shouted, then thrust into her with all his might, making her wince in pain and silently cry out again. Able to throw her head back, Leia helplessly wept, tears streaming down her cheeks.

From all around her she could hear the rumbling laughter of others in the room grow louder and louder. She saw a dozen Gamorreans on each side of the bed watching her, snorting and cheering Fett on as they gripped and stroked their own bulging green cocks.

Looking up again, Leia saw someone else on top of her now. A fat slobbering brute of a Gamorrean forced his way into her pussy. Leia shook her head back and forth, wanting to scream at him to stop, but her voice still made no sound.

Everything was happening at a dizzying speed, overwhelming Leia's senses. The face above er kept changing from one person to another. Leia turned her head to look away and saw, between two Gamorreans standing by her bed, Han was watching her from the far wall. She tried crying out to him for help.

"He doesn't care about you anymore. You're just a whore now. A dirty little slut Princess!"

Leia turned her head to see who was speaking and discovered Boba Fett on top of her again. The bounty hunter fucked Leia mercilessly. Her body still immobile, Leia couldn't scream or struggle for release. The thrusting increased and she felt like she was going to be torn apart.

Again the guards parted and Leia could now see beyond them, to her astonishment, the tall slab of carbonite hanging on the wall with Han again frozen inside. A Gamorrean walked over to the carbonite block with a huge iron hammer in hand. Raising his arms, the pig slowly drew the hammer back then swung it with all his might, hitting the carbonite block with a loud thud. Leia gasped in terror and screamed out for Han. At that same moment, her current rapist thrust himself deep inside Leia's aching cunt.

Another swing of the hammer brought a deeper thrust into Leia's stretched pussy. She moaned and cried out to Han again, her head still turned on its side to look at the guard with the hammer. He swung for a third time, sending the cock inside her back down into the deepest part of Leia's vaginal tunnel.

"No! No more! Please, no more!" Leia's voice finally cried out.

The guard lifted the hammer back for a fourth swing and when it hit the slab, the carbonite shattered into a thousand pieces as if it were nothing more than glass. Leia's eyes widened and she let out a loud, high-pitched, blood-curdling scream.

"Wake up!" said a voice that shook Leia out of the horrible dream. She gasped and jerked upward in bed. She was back in Boba Fett's quarters, with Fett standing next to the bed with his rifle in hand. In a panic, Leia squirmed away from him, accidentally falling off the other side of the bed onto the floor. Fett walked around to the other side.

"Stay away from me!" Leia yelled at the bounty hunter.

"Relax," Fett responded with some irritation. "It's morning. The guards will be coming for you soon."

Leia's frantic head looked up at the tiny window high on the wall where a narrow ray of Tatooine's twin sunlight shone through. She climbed to her feet and backed away. Boba Fett returned to his chair near the opposite wall. Leia sat down on the edge of the bed and watched him, still shaken from the awful nightmare.

"There's some food on that table next to the bed. I haven't the appetite for it, so you're welcome to it. It may be all you get on this day," said Fett.

Leia looked over at a metal tray of sausage and bread. She felt a bit reluctant to eat but knew Fett could be right. She would need her strength for whatever she may face today. Reaching over, Leia grabbed the tray and set it in her lap.

Boba Fett watched the Princess eating the remaining food he had brought with him from his supplies onboard the Slave I. She must have been starving, for she barely chewed the food and wolfed it down in a matter of minutes.

"Anything to drink?" Leia asked.

Fett pulled a small flask from under his belt and tossed it to her. Leia didn't understand why he was being this good to her. Opening the flask, she took a sip. It wasn't alcohol, just water. Leia took two swallows and then tossed the flask back to the bounty hunter. He caught it with quick reflexes.

After a brief period of familiar silence in the room, a knock at the door brought Fett to his feet. He unbolted the lock and stepped back, calling whomever was outside to come in. The door creaked open and the same two Gamorreans from the night before entered. Jubnuk leered at Leia as she sat on the bed, imagining what all Fett had done to her last night.

"How was she?" he jokingly asked Fett. The bounty hunter gave no reply. The pig shrugged and grabbed Leia's arm.

"Come on. Time to go," he grunted while Gartogg waited by the door.

Leia turned and gave Fett one last look, a mixture of desperation and shame in her eyes. Fett stood motionless as the two guards led her from the room. Moments later, the bounty hunter himself left and returned to the main audience chamber.


Chapter 7:Edit

Posted: July 05, 2006 - 10:40:19 pm

Jabba the Hutt was already gobbling up his morning breakfast as Jubnuk and Gartogg brought Leia to his throne. Leia made a spot for herself against some plush pillows resting against his slithering tail and slid onto the edge of the stone dais. Salacious Crumb angrily chattered at her, protective of his own spot at Jabba's side.

Leia felt like she was on display to the entire room -- a trophy for Jabba's minions to gaze upon, much like the carbonite slab of Han Solo that had been proudly hung in the trophy alcove for the last few months. Showing off his captured enemies sent a message to anyone else who considered crossing the Hutt crimelord.

Jabba feasted on one plate after another while discussing important business with Tessek and Bib Fortuna. Leia didn't pay much attention to what was said, for their petty criminal dealings in the Outer Rim meant nothing to her compared to the ongoing rebellion against the Empire.

Meanwhile, Max Rebo sat at his organ in the corner, playing a peaceful melodic tune. The rest of the band members were elsewhere in the palace, probably sleeping in their quarters.

After Porcellus carried away the last empty dish of Jabba's morning meal, the Hutt excused Fortuna and the Quarren and called forth his translator droid. C-3PO immediately stepped out from his hiding place behind Jabba's throne and addressed his master in a frightful manner. Jabba spoke a few words of Huttese and then C-3PO turned to Leia and loudly said in front of everyone, "Jabba wishes to know if you, um, enjoyed yourself last night and if, um, you thoroughly pleased his guest." A group of Jabba's followers snickered and laughed.

Leia glared at Jabba, then over to Fett who stood on some steps near the throne, and then back to Jabba. She knew by now that Jabba didn't need C-3PO to translate for him. That short exchange was just to embarrass Leia in front of everyone in the room. Well she wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of a demeaning response. "I think you already know the answer," she said.

After a brief chuckle, Jabba added in Basic, "Now it's your turn to please me, Princess. Go... dance for me, little slave. Show me what Melina has taught you."

This was it, the moment she had dreaded last night in the harem. Spending the night with Fett had spared her the humiliation of entertaining the Hutt, but now she would have to perform for him like some sleazy dancer in a spaceport tavern.

"Dance, slave," Jabba's low voice rumbled. Leia had to comply, for he surely would not ask her a third time.

Lowering her head and frowning, Leia eased herself off Jabba's throne and stepped forward on the stone-covered floor. Droopy, the Kitonak horn player, slipped into the room and joined Max in the band's corner and began playing a jazzy tune on his horn to accompany Max's keyboarding.

Leia began the exotic dance slowly at first, getting in sync with the rhythm of the music as she twirled and shook her body to the beat. Her hips swung slowly from side to side, teasing Jabba with the moves Melina and Rystall had taught her. She raised one arm above her head, while her other hand glided gracefully across her flat belly. Immersed in the performance, Leia's body rode an invisible wave guided by the music.

Jabba's copper-red eyes widened, watching his Alderaani slave dance with such sensuality. Turning her back to Jabba, Leia unfastened one of the thin black cords that held her gold brassiere in place and let it fall loose against her naked backside. Jabba hummed in excitement, enjoying the show so far. Other people in the room began to stir to life and a soft murmur from the crowd gradually grew louder, accompanied by hooting and whistling and clapping from several men.

Next went the other cord, now leaving the gold brassiere held in place only by Leia's two hands. With much encouragement from the spectators, she lowered the brassiere to reveal her two curvaceous breasts, each accentuated with the small gold rings through her erect nipples. Leia's face showed no pleasure from this embarrassing act; it was blank with expression, her eyes closed so that she could not look in the direction of her wicked Hutt Master or the cheering scum that littered the edges of the room.

"Mmmmm," Jabba hummed, licking his elongated lips with his slimy tongue as he watched Leia's luscious tits jiggle with each movement of her sexy body.

The Princess rubbed her hands over her breasts, squeezing them and fingering the shiny metal rings hanging from her nipples. She could tell what she was doing excited Jabba, so she was obviously doing it right. As Rystall had suggested from their training, Leia cupped one of her tits in her hands and lifted it to her open mouth. The crowd went wild when Leia ran her tongue along her soft breast, licking it and twirling her tongue around the swollen pink nipple.

Letting go of her exposed tits, Leia slid both hands slowly over her naked upper torso down to her waist, gripping the metal rim of the gold teal waistplate that covered her womanhood. She closed her eyes and paused for a moment, hesitant to proceed further with this shameful performance. With a surprising sudden jerk of her hands, Leia yanked off the entire bottom portion of her costume to reveal her naked sex.

Eternally shaven clean, the narrow slit of her vagina and rosy bud of her clitoris were witnessed by all in the room. Tossing the red teal-skirt aside, Leia pranced across the floor in a circle so that everyone could view her glorious nudity. Once they all got a good look, Leia stopped in place, spun around once, and then dropped to the floor on her knees. Leaning back, she spread her legs to reveal her smooth pink pussy to Jabba. His bulbous face widened as he smiled, his round eyes becoming narrow slits as they focused on Leia's delicious-looking cunny.

"Almost finished," Leia thought to herself. The big finale was all that remained.

Reaching down with one hand to her clit, Leia gently rubbed it just as Melina had instructed earlier. She let out a fake moan of pleasure and spoke Jabba's name, also as Melina had told her. "Oooh... Jabba," she cooed, rubbing her clit to a frenzy, forcing herself to get off for this sadistic slug's entertainment. "Ohhh Jabba," she repeated. The words meant nothing to her; it was merely part of the act Melina had trained her to perform. Yet Leia's body couldn't help but respond to her own ministrations and she felt her pussy become slicker and slicker with sweet honey. She rubbed her clit and fingered her cunt at a frenzied pace now, bucking her hips upward off the floor. "Ooohhh Jabba... ooooh... ohhhhhhh... Jabba!"

Loud thundering laughter could be heard from Jabba now, his own immense body shaking with enjoyment. Leia couldn't believe she was doing this. It was so humiliating, especially this last part. Sliding two fingers into her slick wet pussy, she moaned Jabba's name over and over and frigged herself to an orgasmic shudder that left a small pool of cuntal nectar on the stone floor before her. She withdrew her hand from the dripping mess between her legs and licked her fingers clean.

Breathing heavily, Leia stood up, her naked body damp with beads of sweat. She ignored the roaring applause around her and gathered up her loose costume pieces on the floor, covering her frontside with the bundle in her arms.

"How much more will I have to go through before Luke arrives?" Leia wondered. She hated what these people were turning her into - a common slut, entertaining the worst filth of the galaxy with her body.

"As always, you impress me with your skills Melina," Jabba said to the Harem Keeper who stood by Jabba's throne, having quietly observed Leia's entire performance. "I look forward to seeing what you have done with her by next week." Melina smiled and nodded to her master.

"Come join me Princess," Jabba ordered, leering at Leia with the same cruel lechery he felt for Oola before her demise. His slimy lips gleamed with spittle in anticipation of what was to come. "And leave your costume off," he added.

Leia's tension rose as she stepped forward to the throne, not sure of what to expect next. Jabba again rumbled in pleasure, getting a good glimpse of Leia's curvy ass as she bent over next to the throne to set her costume on the floor. He then eagerly grabbed one of her arms when she stood back up and pulled her onto the throne, her ringed nipples brushing against the cold scaly skin of his round belly. "You look delicious," he said, staring with lustful admiration at her naked flesh.

Leia wondered if this vile beast literally intended to eat her, her eyes widening in fear. She wanted to shake loose of his firm hold and run away, but she had the sense not to resist him this time. This would be a true test of endurance for the strong-spirited Princess. Jabba smiled, recognizing her discomfort, and lifted Leia up to his slobbering mouth where he started to lick at her breasts with his huge salivating tongue. Disgust and revulsion overwhelmed Leia, but she still did not resist the Hutt's advances.

Jabba coated Leia's front with his tongue's wetness, tasting each of her erect nipples. They were, unfortunately, too small for someone of his size to suck on, but Jabba had other ways of savoring Leia's body with his mouth.

With his huge powerful arms, the massive Hutt lifted the nimble slave up by her thin waist and flipped her over so that she was lying face down on his belly with her legs splayed wide near Jabba's mouth. This was enough for Leia to finally shake and struggle for release, having no idea what Jabba would do next, but alas his hold was too strong for her to break free. "What are you doing?" she panicked.

"Hold still, my pretty," Jabba ordered as he opened his mouth and extended his enormous tongue, dripping in saliva. To Leia's horror, he proceeded to lick her inner thighs, sampling the sweet nectar of her dance's orgasmic finale, while at the same time coating her legs in a thin sheen of Hutt drool.

"Mmmm, Alderaani pussy," Jabba mumbled, smacking his huge lips. Hungering for more, he curled his gigantic tongue for a tight penetration into Leia's narrow slit, then instantly burrowed the tip of it between the folds of her vaginal lips.

"AAAAHHHHH!" Leia cried out, squirming from the sudden intense sensation. Jabba expertly licked and sucked at the tender folds of her pussy, just as he had done countless times before to his other young harem girls. All Leia could do was lie forward against Jabba's belly, her breasts pressed hard against its blubbery mass, and her trembling legs spread wide open behind her, held in place by Jabba's arms.

"Unnngggggghhh," she moaned from an oncoming orgasm, her pussy voraciously sucked by this Huttese beast. It was too much for anyone to bear, and yet she could not deny the unbelievable physical pleasure Jabba's tongue gave her. Multiple orgasms followed and a steady stream of juices squirted from Leia's spasming cunt while Jabba licked up every last drop.

To hell with the Empire. Jabba was keeping Leia for himself, and he would be enjoying this delicious young slut for a very long time.

"Ohhhhhhhh--yesssssssss!" Leia cried, her whole body shaking in its fifth tremendous orgasm. Her eyes were tightly closed as tears of shame ran down her cheeks and her mouth hung open, moaning and screaming in ecstasy.

Most of the beings in Jabba's main chamber watched in awed silence as the great Hutt tongue-fucked Princess Leia into a quivering slut before their eyes. A few of them began to rub the growing bulges in their pants, while some boldly whipped out their cocks and openly jerked off to the perversity of the scene.

Ree-Yees furiously stroked his three identical pricks as he sat at a table, belching from the last mug of ale he had just downed. Amanin, the giant yellow and green Amanaman bounty hunter, fiddled his nubby yellow penis with one long outstretched arm, wishing he could fuck Jabba's new slave girl himself. Even Yarna d'al Gargan, the fat six-breasted Askajian dancer, fondled four of her six tits while watching the tiny young dancing girl get her fill of Jabba's wiggling tongue. Yarna wished the Master still did that to her.

When Jabba finished devouring the sweet honey that sprang from Leia's precious mound, he called one of the guards to come and take her back to the Harem. Standing close to Jabba during the entire event, Lando rushed forward and helped Leia down from Jabba's belly, gathering up her slave costume on the floor. Behind them, all the men in the room watched Leia leave, staring at her shapely ass and the wetness that dripped down her legs. Every eye in the room was upon her, every penis raised in her honor. Weakened by her repeated orgasms, Leia could barely walk and relied on Lando to support her as they left the main audience chamber.


"I... I can't believe what he did to me," Leia spoke to Lando in a trembling voice as they walked down the west passage.

"I'm sorry, Leia," he replied, trying to cover the noticeable erection in his pants with his force pike while he held his other arm around her bare shoulder. "If I could have stopped it, I would, but we each have to play our parts until Luke can carry out his rescue."

"Yeah right, play our parts," Leia scoffed. "I'd much rather be in your boots right now. I can't take much more of this."

"I talked to Han last night and told him what's happening."

Leia perked up at the mention of her beloved scoundrel. "Is he okay? What did he say?"

"He wasn't exactly thrilled to see me at first, but he wanted me to tell you to remain strong and know that he loves you."

Memories and emotions stirred inside Leia. "I know," she responded.

Lando could tell she was deeply concerned for the ol' pirate. "Don't worry, he'll be fine. Chewbacca's got his back down there, so nobody's going to touch him. Let's just get you back to the harem where you can clean up and rest for awhile."


Leia staggered into the hydroshowers while Lando returned to his guard duties in Jabba's main chamber. Her legs were still a bit shaky from having a monstrous tongue between them. Inside, Leia found another dancer already showering, her long red hair draped wetly down her backside as she soaped up her body. She turned to see Leia approach the neighboring showerhead.

"Have a good time with Jabba?" the redhead asked with a bit of sarcasm, smirking as she looked at the short brunette beside her.

"I'd rather be the Emperor's lap dog. I doubt he would fuck me with his tongue," Leia replied.

The redhead looked at her coldly, choosing not to respond to that remark. Instead, she continued rinsing the soap off her breasts.

After a couple minutes of silence, Leia asked, "What's your name?"

"Arica," Mara answered.

"Has Jabba... done things to you too?"

Mara laughed. "Are you kidding? I wouldn't let that fat slug lay a finger on me. I'm a hired dancer, not some slave whore like you."

Leia was shocked by Arica's words and the cold-hearted tone her voice. "How dare you! Have you no compassion?"

"For you?" Mara glared. "No."

"How can you say that? What have I ever done to you?"

"What have you done to me? I'll tell you." Mara shut off her shower and turned to face Leia. "I know who you are, Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan. You walk around thinking you're better than everyone else. You had a life of privilege and that makes you think you know better than the rest of the galaxy. Well guess what? You're finally getting what you deserve and I'm glad to be here to see it. Your planet is gone, your friends in the dungeon will soon be dead, and you'll be Jabba's whore for the rest of your pathetic life. When it's all over, the only thing left of you will be in the shit of Jabba's pet Rancor."

Stunned by Mara's words, she watched the dancer dry off with a towel, rubbing it across her large breasts and over her long muscular legs. Leia fumed with anger as Mara's words sunk in, so when the dancer moved past her, Leia extended her foot behind her, suddenly tripping Mara to the floor. The Princess was on her in a flash, slapping at Mara's face with her hands, unleashing the rage that had been building inside.

"You're wrong! I am not Jabba's whore!" she screamed, clawing at Mara's face.

Each of their wet naked bodies rolled around on the tiled floor, struggling for dominance. It didn't take long for the stronger woman to twist out from under the Princess and push her across the floor. Both of them climbed to their feet and lunged at each other again, wrestling under Leia's still-active showerhead. Mara shoved Leia against the wall and painfully slapped her across the face, leaving a red mark on Leia's cheek. Two more rough slaps followed, then Mara grabbed Leia by her long dark hair and pulled her close.

"Unnngh, let go!" Leia screamed in pain, grabbing Mara's arms and trying to pull them away from her head.

Mara stared fiercely into Leia's eyes, hatred burning within her. She wanted to kill this Rebel bitch right now, here in the shower room, but there was something else stirring inside her, another feeling almost as strong as the desire to kill. Without thinking, Mara locked lips with the Princess, her tongue forcing it's way into Leia's mouth as she passionately kissed the weaker woman. The kiss only lasted for a few seconds, broken when Leia pulled back in astonishment. Realizing what she had just done and feeling disgusted by it, Mara pushed Leia to the floor. Speechless, the Princess looked up at the naked redhead standing over her, afraid of what she'd do next.

"What's going on in here?" another voice shouted. Both women turned around to see Melina Carniss standing in the doorway of the shower room, a stern expression on her face.

"Nothing," Mara answered, a bit flustered. "I was just leaving." She leaned down and grabbed her towel off the floor and whispered to Leia, "From now on, stay out of my way," before exiting past Melina.

The Harem Keeper approached the slave girl. "Causing trouble?" she asked. Leia didn't bother to answer. "Get up," she ordered.

Leia stood, her bare feet almost slipping on the wet floor. Melina took hold of her arm to steady her, but Leia pulled it away, refusing Melina's help. Spurned by anger and fury over what the dancer Arica had done, Leia swung around and punched Melina square in her jaw with a clenched fist, something she had wanted to do to Mara only minutes ago. The Harem Keeper staggered back but managed to regain her balance. A trickle of blood ran from her bruised lip.

"You bitch!" she shouted. "You'll pay for that." She drew her blaster and aimed. Before Leia could react, Melina pulled the trigger and sent a charge through Leia, stunning her into unconsciousness as her body slumped to the floor.

"Guard, come in here!" yelled the Harem Keeper. Gartogg shambled into the shower room and looked down at the nude girl on the floor.

"She dead?" he snorted inquisitively.

"No idiot, she's not dead. I just stunned her," Melina snapped. "Pick her up and carry her into the harem. Tell the girls to dress her, then go get your boss Ortugg. I have a job for the Gamorreans tonight."


Chapter 8:Edit

Posted: July 05, 2006 - 10:40:19 pm

That evening, Leia was taken down a dark winding stairwell to the deep recesses of Jabba's ancient palace. It took a moment for her eyes to adjust to the darkness, as only a dim ray of blue-white light shone through the cracks in the ceiling above. She shivered slightly and folded her arms over the front of her body, feeling tiny goosebumps on her skin. It was much cooler in the lower levels of the palace, especially at night.

"This way," said Melina, tugging on the slave's chain. Leia paused and looked down a dark hallway lined with several doors with tiny barred windows. This was Jabba's dungeon, it seemed. She hesitated for another moment, looking at Melina, wondering if she should take a chance and attack the woman again in hopes of knocking her out and escaping.

"Try it," Melina urged, as if reading Leia's mind. She casually rested her right hand on the grip of the stun blaster holstered against her hip, then smiled. Leia frowned in defeat and walked past her down the dungeon hall.

Looking at each of the sealed doors along the way, Leia wondered if Han or Chewie were in any of the cells on this level. It was impossible to tell, for the window in each door was only large enough to slide a tray of food through, and the cells inside were pitch black.

"Hold it... right here," Melina jerked on Leia's chain, stopping her at the second to last cell on the right at the end of the hall. Unlike the rest of the cell doors, this one was unlocked and held ajar. Melina nudged the rusty door open with a creaking sound and pushed her inside.

Leia halted inside the doorway and stared, frozen in horror at the sight that greeted her. A dozen large burly Gamorreans stood in a half circle around the room, most of them without any clothes on, slowly stroking the thick green cocks that hung beneath their big round bellies. Two other men stood behind them; one a thin wiry-looking Rodian, and the other an ugly human guard which Leia remembered seeing on the night when Jabba captured her in his trophy alcove. They all sneered and smiled lewdly at her.

"She's all yours," Melina said from behind, shoving the slave girl a few steps forward to the center of the room. "Try not to rough her up too much. We want her to remain pretty for Jabba."

The pig guards snorted and chuckled to each other as their leader, Ortugg, grabbed Leia's arm and pulled her to him. Her face only inches from his, she looked up at the greasy snout and tusked mouth of the ugly swine. His beady yellow eyes stared down at the slave girl, her petite body a sharp contrast from his own. With ease, he unlocked the chained collar around her neck and tossed it to the floor. Leia trembled in fear as the realization of what was about to happen sunk in.

"NO!" she finally screamed. "You can't do this!"

The arrogant tone of Leia's command served only to excite the group around her. Aroused by her resistance, the Gamorrean in front of her twisted Leia's arms painfully behind her back and forced her to hold still as Rogua, his second in command, reached for her brassiere. Her dark brown eyes widened in fear as he forced his large stubby fingers under the gold rim of her costume top between the tempting cleavage of her breasts. With a swift pull on the front strap, the brassiere yanked loose and two soft perfectly round globes jumped into view, the rosy pink nipples erect from the damp chill in the cell.

"Careful with the costume, boys," said Melina, leaning against the wall by the cell door and folding her arms as she watched.

Rogua reached out and grabbed one of Leia's exposed tits, squeezing the soft flesh in his hand, snapping her out of her shocked daze.

"Don't touch me you disgusting pig!" she screamed.

"You, shut up!" Ortugg grunted from behind her, holding Leia against him as she squirmed.

"We're gonna do anything we want, you whore! All you Rebel bitches are whores," added the voice of Fozec, the ugly human guard standing behind Ortugg. Leia looked over her shoulder at him, seeing him begin to undress. His skin was dark and his face rough looking with plenty of stubble. When he grinned at Leia, she noticed he was missing two teeth.

Fozec was a freelance spy working for the Empire and keeping tabs on Jabba's activities for them. He couldn't believe his luck when the other guards had dragged him along for a chance to rape the sexy young Rebel leader in the dungeon. Just wait until the Imps hear about this, he thought.

Leia's breasts swayed as she struggled against the pigs, further exciting them. Rogua moved his hand downward, letting it travel just above her flat, trembling stomach to the second half of her dancer's costume. With a rough jerk on the metal waistplate, her smooth hairless pussy was suddenly revealed to the eager guards in the room, their hungry eyes gazing upon the treasure between her legs.

They had stripped her of her pride and self assurance along with what little clothing Jabba allowed her to wear. It was more humiliating than being stripped of her bounty hunter disguise, and this time much more frightening.

Rogua grabbed Leia's left leg in his powerful hands and pulled it open to reveal her delicious looking cunt; her prominent clitoris and the thick pinkish outer lips clearly visible below the smooth skin of her pubic region.

The reality of her helplessness filled the once proud Princess with fear and shame. These guards were going to violently rape her and she could do nothing to stop them. She was at their mercy, but unfortunately she knew no mercy would come from any of these brutes; only murmurs and grunts from the lips of the horny pigs as they pawed her naked body.

Everyone gathered around Leia, pushing and shoving to get their hands on her. It was a feeding frenzy and Leia was at the center of it all. Their hands began to pry at her body, fingers squeezing her tits like melons, pinching her pierced nipples, probing her cunt, and prodding her asshole. They slapped at her breasts, smacked her ass red, and pulled on her braided ponytail. She was crying hysterically and begging them to stop as they continued to squeeze her body and curse at her.

"You slut!" shouted one pig.

"Whore!" shouted another.

"Feel her tits!" Rogua grunted with enthusiasm.

"Check out her ass!" Fozec added.

The guards had brought a bench down into the dungeon cell earlier for use in their plans. It was 3 feet wide and 6 feet long with a thin padded mattress tied to its top and thick leather straps attached to the four corners. Two more pigs, Wartug and Jubnuk, dragged the bench to the center of the cell.

Ortugg and Rogua flung the Princess down onto the bench and flipped her over onto her back. Rogua and Wartug roughly pulled Leia's arms above her head and tied the top two straps around each of her wrists tightly. Ortugg, with Jubnuk's help, yanked off Leia's boots and concentrated on keeping her from wildly kicking them as they forced her legs apart and noosed the other two straps around her ankles. Finally, all four Gamorreans stood back to admire their handiwork, gazing down at the spread-eagle slave girl tied to their bench.

"NOOOO!" she wailed, twisting and turning as much as the restraints would allow. "You can't do this! Please don't do this to me!" The visions in her recent nightmare had become a horrifying reality.

"Shut up already!" Melina Carniss hissed. "Nobody can hear you down here except the other prisoners. This is for your own good, you little bitch!"

Leia whipped her head to the right, looking at Melina with anger and hatred in her eyes. Suddenly the guards resumed grabbing and fondling her body with their grubby hands. She was rubbed, pinched, and squeezed by over a dozen men. Her breasts were fondled over and over, her hard nipples pinched and the gold rings flicked playfully. Fat green fingers probed between her legs, feeling the tender lips of her cunt. Jubnuk knelt down and grabbed her head, forcing his slobbering Gamorrean tongue into her mouth, repulsing her to no end with his beastly kiss.


At the other end of the dungeon hallway in a dark, damp cell, Han Solo awoke from his sleep and sat up on the grimy stone floor.

"Chewie, you hear that?"

The Wookiee's only response was snoring as he slept soundly.

The blind Corellian carefully climbed to his feet and inched his way along the cell's wall until he found the metal door and it's narrow window. Trying to block out the noise of Chewie's loud snoring, he attentively listened the faint screams coming from outside. It sounded like that of a woman, and immediately his thoughts went to Leia, praying that it wasn't her. Han's stomach turned at the thought of what might be happening to his beloved Princess in this wretched place.


"We're gonna have so much fun with that whorish body of yours," Fozec laughed, rubbing Leia's left breast with his filthy hand. The other guards around the bench chortled loudly in agreement. Leia's body couldn't help but respond instinctively to all the pawing and squeezing and probing of her naked flesh. "Oh look! She's gettin' wet! I knew this whore wanted it," Fozec added, pointing to Leia's pussy as it began to secrete it's juicy wetness.

Ortugg dropped onto his knees at the end of the bench and, using his large hands, spread her cunt lips open and burrowed his snout into her snatch. Leia felt his wet tongue lapping all over her pussy, darting in and out of her tiny hole. There was nothing she could do to stop him. After he got a good taste of her, he looked up and snorted in simple Basic, "She taste good!"

"Yeah, she wants it," responded Fozec.

"No! No, it's not true!" Leia cried out.

"Sure it is," Fozec sneered. "I bet you're a real fuck machine who can't wait to get plenty of cock in her."

Only in her wildest dreams had Leia ever believed she would be raped when she entered Jabba's palace three days ago. Luke had warned Leia that she might be captured by Jabba, but she wondered if his Jedi visions of the future had foreseen this!

Ortugg had first dibs at fucking her, so he climbed on top of the helpless woman, pinning her legs with his own as he searched for her cunt with his thick ridged cock.

"I never fuck a princess before," he grunted, positioning himself on top of Leia. "Hope your cunt good and tight."

Leia flinched at the vulgarity of his words. Her body's instinctive responses to the primitive maleness of the pig guard were now overwhelmed by the fear she felt as his cock forced its way inside her. The shock of the physical assault weakened her mental defenses, allowing a new flood of sensations into her mind, raping Leia mentally as well as physically.

"No! Please don't... Unnnnnnngh!" she grunted deeply.

"Urrrrk!" Ortugg equally grunted as he plunged into her for the first time. His stubby green cock forced its way into her tight fuck hole as the delicate flesh of her pussy stretched to accommodate him.

Melina Carniss smiled devilishly, watching the defiant little bitch finally get what she deserved. "This will teach her," she thought.

Tears streamed from Leia's wide eyes as the pig's fat penis painfully filled her slick vagina. Trapped against the bench, she could only stare up at the wide round face of her attacker as he filled her with his overwhelming lust, impaling her on his rigid cock. Her body shook with the force of his thrusts, making her breasts move in circular motions as Ortugg found his rhythm.

"Ohhhhhhh... ummmmm... ahhhhhhh... nooo... ahhhhh... pleaseee!" she moaned and wept, begging him to stop as Ortugg beat her into submission with his cock. Others gathered around the bench, jerking off as they looked down at the helpless slave girl.

Ortugg snorted with each thrust and the Princess could see no alternative to the surrender he demanded. She could hardly breathe with the pounding the guard was giving her. The Gamorrean leader's cock filled her, forcing the breath--almost the life--out of her. The feeling of his penis battering its way through her uterus flooded Leia's fevered mind with the sensations of impalement, of his cock tearing her apart inside. She tried to relax herself to accommodate the huge invader, but to no avail. The mental and physical agony seemed to go on forever for the trapped Rebel leader.

Suddenly with a loud oink from Ortugg, Leia felt his large obese body tense, his fingers constricting deep into her flesh, painfully squeezing her tits as his swollen prick erupted. A flood of hot liquid squirted into her depths, filling her with his seed. She desperately cried out, not wanting it inside her body, but nothing could stop that now.

Soon, with an infinite feeling of relief, Leia sensed him withdrawing his still erect cock from her abused pussy. Ortugg's weight lifted as he rolled off her sweat-drenched body and stepped back from the bench. Leia wanted to reach down with her hands and massage the pain in her loins, but with her arms bound above her she could do nothing to ease the ache of her well-fucked pussy.

Fozec moved to the front of the bench and stood at Leia's head, his ten inch black cock dangling in front of her face. "Here's something for your pretty mouth, whore." He rubbed his big black tool across her red lips, slapping it against her nose and cheeks, letting her feel his hardness. She turned her head back and forth trying to avoid the touch of his repulsive rod.

"Come on, suck it! I'm sure this ain't the first cock you've sucked. You know what to do with it, so let's go," Fozec demanded.

Leia reluctantly parted her lips so that Fozec could enter her mouth. He guided his cock through her soft lips, and using his hands, moved her head back and forth on his dick, sliding his huge cockhead in and out of her pretty mouth.

"You fuckin' Rebel slut," he cursed. "You got a real hot mouth." He increased the pace, pulling on her hair, forcing her face on and off his cock.

"Take it you little whore!" he yelled out as he pumped his shaft in and out. Leia felt his hands on the back of her head, forcing her mouth deeper onto his cock. She felt the hot meaty pole slide across her tongue as her oral rapist plunged in and out of her face. Eventually his cockhead hit the back of her throat.

"Here we go, bitch. Ready to swallow it?" Fear rushed through Leia as she heard his words. She was unable to stop him as his cockhead squeezed into her tight throat, and she gagged when the black shaft lodged into its entrance.

She was being brutality face-fucked. Gagging, her throat muscles gripped and squeezed the thick cock as it went down her gullet. Gurgling sounds came from her mouth as her throat muscles tightened more and more around the fleshy organ that was stuffing her. Fozec groaned from the terrific feeling. "Oh, fuck! What a tight fuckin' throat. That's right whore, take it, take it!"

His balls slapped against Leia's chin and his thick curly black pubic hair pressed against her lips. The gang of Gamorreans around them chuckled and oinked with amusement upon seeing the slave girl take the entire length down her throat.

"Man, you sure do look good suckin' my dick, slut!" Fozec gloated. "I've always wanted to choke fuck a Rebel whore like you." Leia continued gagging while he fucked her throat as if it were a cunt.

"Ugh! I'm gonna cum, down your fuckin throat!" Fozec announced.

Leia felt the huge cock deep inside her mouth throb. It began pulsating over and over and she could feel something warm running down deep within her. Fozec's hot sperm ran down her throat and into her belly.

"How could this be happening to me?" she wondered in horror. Her throat tightened around his ejaculating member, trying to reject the thick fluid, but she only succeeded in intensifying his orgasm and increasing the amount of hot semen erupting from his cock. Fozec's cum bubbled from the corners of her mouth and ropes of semen dangled from her lips and chin. He started fucking her face again and seemed as though he'd never stop. The cum dribbled down her neck and spilled down the front of her tits.

Fozec began pulling his cock from Leia's mouth. As it slipped from her throat, another small blast of cum shot into her mouth. The taste of it was bitter, kind of salty and felt sticky and gooey as it sloshed around her mouth. Leia gasped for air. More sperm hit her in the face as she coughed, spitting up some of the thick jism just deposited in her throat. It oozed from her mouth and she felt some running down her cheeks. His cock continued to throb, dumping more thick fluid onto her face. The whole group of guard's cheered at the first cumshot on the pretty little slave girl's face.

"You gotta try this slut's mouth," Fozec said to the Gamorreans waiting their turn. Jubnuk stepped forward and slapped his fat green prick against Leia's face while Rogua dropped down between Leia's legs, ready to fuck her cum-filled cunt next. Tears ran from Leia's eyes while Fozec's cum dribbled down her chin. They were all going to do this. Every one of them was going to fuck her throat -- and her body. Over and over and over...

Chapter 9:Edit

Posted: July 05, 2006 - 10:40:19 pm

In one of the palace's high towers overlooking the vast moonlit sand dunes below, Lando Calrissian activated his comm device, signaled Luke, and silently waited for a response. In less than a minute, Lando received his reply.

"Lando?" Luke's face appeared with minor static over the holographic transmission.

"Luke," he acknowledged. "Everything is set for tomorrow at noon. Several of Jabba's guards will be moved to his townhouse in Mos Eisley in preparation for his arrival tomorrow night. I think we should--"

"Lando, where's Leia?" Luke interrupted.

Lando paused for a moment. "She should be in Jabba's harem with his other slave girls. Why?"

"Something's wrong, Lando. I can... feel it. I think she's in danger. You better go check on her," said Luke, his voice tense and flustered.

"Okay, but what about the plan? We only have a small window of opportunity tomorrow while most of Jabba's men are in Mos Eisley."

"Don't worry, I'll be there. Just be ready when it's time."


"Tamtel? What are you doing here?" asked Woof, the Klatooinian guard stationed outside of the harem.

"I came for Princess Leia. Jabba wanted me to, uh... check on her," Lando lied.

"Well, she's not in there," Woof grinned. "Melina's got her down in the dungeon tonight, working her over real good with Ortugg's men. If I was off-duty, I'd be down there too."

Sudden panic struck Lando as he realized what Woof meant, and he immediately rushed down the hall away from the harem. Woof watched him go, assuming Lando was going to join their debauchery. "Give her one for me, Tamtel!" he shouted.

When Lando had begun working undercover in the palace a few months ago, the other guards had described in great detail what they had done to Oola when Melina was slave-training her. Only the most disobedient slaves were punished in such a way, according to Ortugg, and Melina used it as a last resort for breaking them of their spirit. It was exactly what Lando had feared when he told Leia to behave herself. He had to try and stop it before anything worse happened.

Lurking in a shadowy corner near the stairs, Mara Jade watched the dark-skinned guard hustle downstairs to the dungeons. Curiosity got the best of her and she quietly followed.


Nearly two hours had passed since the first guard had entered Leia's helpless body. By now, Fozec and half of the pigs had already taken turns with the slave girl. Two groups had formed at both ends of the bench, one for fucking Leia's mouth and the other for fucking her pussy.

Cock after cock had sunk deep into Leia's throat, leaving behind their hot thick cum. Her whole face had become a mess covered in sticky sperm that was running down her cheeks and neck. Several Gamorrean cocks kept slapping the sides of her violated face, prodding her to frequently swap back and forth between them, sucking many at the same time.

At the other end of the bench, Wartug was down between her legs, squeezing his bloated nine-inch organ into her messy cum-filled hole. His buttocks jumped with each humping thrust as he viciously lunged in and out of her slick passage, fucking Leia in an animalistic frenzy. The entire bench rattled and shook from Wartug's movements.

Rogua, who had already fucked Leia's pussy earlier, now wanted to fuck her mouth. Submitting to his will, Leia ran her tongue along his fat dick, pulling it into her mouth, stretching her cum-smeared lips wide as it fucked her face. It didn't take long for his cock to throb and spew torrents of thick cream down her throat. As Rogua pulled his cock out, it continued to flood Leia's tongue and mouth with more heavy gobs of pig-sperm. All she could do was swallow it, consuming the rancid seed.

Leia felt as if she was drowning in a sea of cum. Rogua's was a heavier consistency than the last load she swallowed. It was so thick and there was so much of it, she choked when she swallowed it. The inside of her mouth remained coated with the residue, letting her taste the sperm over and over. There were two long trails of it leaking out of her nostrils and sliding down her cheeks. Thick ropes of saliva and cum drooled past her lips as she heavily gasped for air.

Four other Gamorreans stood around her head, jerking their dicks off in her face and laughing about all the cum that covered it. In a matter of seconds, her eyes were spermed shut, and every inch of her face was coated with another layer of goo. Her cum-streaked face was on display only momentarily, for three more guards gathered around her head, waving their cocks, eager to stuff her mouth again.

Leia's dizzied mind tried to keep up with all that was happening to her, raped by Jabba's guards and forced to eat their filthy cum. Suddenly she felt Wartug pull his shuddering cock out of her pussy with a loud slurping sound. Making a loud squeal, he shot a huge stream of cum up on her tits and all over her flat belly, then stepped back so that his fellow Gamorrean, Jubnuk, could fuck the Princess' widely-stretched cunt next.

Melina was becoming extremely aroused from watching this savage scene and the musky smell of sex in the air was getting to be too much for her. Slowly, she unzipped her red jumpsuit and slipped one hand down inside, then began thumbing her swollen clit while sliding two fingers between the slippery wet folds of her horny pussy.

Out of all twelve Gamorreans, Jubnuk had the biggest cock, measuring at nearly thirteen inches long and two inches thick when fully erect. When he began to enter Leia's sloppy cunt, she gagged on the pig cock in her mouth, sensing the larger size of the one entering her pussy. She could immediately feel it was huge. It made loud squishing sounds as Jubnuk roughly plowed into her open sex, lubricated by the previous guards' cum. More muffled cries of terror and pain came from Leia's mouth as the new attacker filled her pussy with his grotesquely fat cock. She was sure that he would tear her insides to pieces because of its immense size.

Jubnuk filled Leia more than any man or Wookiee had ever done so before, stretching her pussy to painful new depths. Jubnuk reamed Leia like a wild beast, thrusting in a quick but steady rhythm, sending the Princess to the brink of her first orgasmic release. Her whole body was tingling with sensations now, riding the wave of pleasure the giant green log between her legs brought forth. Leia didn't want this; she didn't want herself to feel pleasure from the Gamorrean's rape. Yet her body was beginning to betray her to primitive carnal lust.

She desperately moaned in protest, unable to dislodge the meaty prick sliding in and out of her mouth. Jubnuk snorted and squealed as his cock erupted, expelling another tidal wave of cum inside Leia. The shockwave of vibrations as his organ rippled inside her finally sent Leia's body over the edge. Her cunt exploded in a savage series of convulsions stroking and sucking at his skewering hard staff.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh!" she cried out when her mouth was briefly set free.

"Yes! Fuck her!" Melina gasped, experiencing her own orgasmic bliss, her pussy creaming her frenzied fingers.

Jubnuk slowly withdrew his cock from Leia's cuntal depths inch by inch, its extended departure sending a chill up through her spine and a second smaller orgasm quivering through her pussy. As Jubnuk's cock slid out with an audible sucking sound, Leia moaned hoarsely, her throat soar from repeated cocksucking. An overflow of Gamorrean cum, no longer able to contain itself in her pussy, oozed out onto the bench between her legs.

Just then, Lando appeared in the doorway of the dungeon cell, his view blocked by the group of Gamorreans. He pushed between them and halted, stunned by the sight before him. The Princess was tied down, her legs spread wide, a pool of cum forming on the bench beneath her dripping pussy. Her face was almost unrecognizable through the layers of cum that covered it, thick strands of it running through her dark brown hair, down her neck, and across her heaving chest.

A sinking feeling of despair filled Lando. He was too late to stop them. If only he had known about it sooner.

"Tamtel!" Fozec shouted from the other side of the cell. "Come get a look at this slut. You wanna fuck her too?"

All eyes immediately fell on Lando. Leia deliriously looked up to see who they were talking to, her vision blurred by the cum on her face. Fozec, sipping a mug of ale he brought with him, splashed the remainder of the cold brew into Leia's face. "Stay awake, bitch! We're not through with you yet. Tamtel, get over here... this slut's mouth is waiting for you."

His heart pounding, Lando was unsure what to do next. If he refused, it would seem suspicious to everyone in the room. Then his cover could be blown and Luke's rescue attempt might fail tomorrow. He had no choice but to keep up appearances as one of the guards. Lando suddenly had a very bad feeling about this.

A Gamorrean grunted and pushed Lando forward. The others parted to let him pass. Slowly he approached Leia, looking down at the pathetic sight before him. Her eyes were closed, her mouth open and breathing heavily, cum drooling out of one corner. She wasn't even aware of who stood over her.

Lando began to unfasten his pants while another eager Gamorrean hastily mounted Leia's cunt and plowed into her cum-soaked passage. Leia grunted and gritted her teeth as the cheers and bellows of the other guards resumed and increased in volume. The pig guard madly humped Leia like some crazed animal in heat.

Meanwhile, Lando stroked his penis to a half-erection and concentrated on playing the part of Tamtel Skreej, trying not to think too much about the moral implications of what he was about to do. He placed a hand on the side of Leia's head, surprised when she turned, eyes still closed, opening her mouth to accept another cock like a good slave whore should.

He carefully slid his dark shaft between Leia's lips, imagining that this was someone else so it would be easier on his conscience. "Han would never forgive me for this," he mentally told himself. He closed his eyes and thought of another girl, any girl... someone that wasn't his best friend's lover.

Halfway down the dungeon, Mara Jade listened to the muffled moans of a woman and the grunting of Gamorreans in the cell at the end of the hallway. The rowdy cheers and shouts of the guards grew louder, peaking Mara's curiosity and urging her to get a closer look at their little party. She cautiously tip-toed closer, keeping next to the wall, hidden in the shadows. Finally she was close enough to glimpse into the cell, shocked to see Princess Leia surrounded by several guards. They all pawed at her naked body while the dark-skinned guard Mara had followed forced his manhood into Leia's mouth.

A wicked smile began to form on Mara's face as she watched from her secluded hiding place. What sweet justice for a leader in the high command of the Rebel Alliance, reduced to an enslaved sexual plaything by a Hutt crimelord on a backwater world in the Outer Rim. This savage rape was a perfect punishment for the traitorous crimes the Princess had committed against the Empire. The Emperor would surely be pleased when he heard of Leia Organa's cruel fate, Mara thought.

Leia's lips and tongue worked Lando's cock to complete hardness. At the same time, she moaned with each bucking thrust of the Gamorrean's cock down between her legs. Now so accustomed to her role as a gangbang slut, she expertly sucked every inch of Lando's meat down her throat until his balls brushed against her chin. Lando gazed down at Leia's bobbing head, sucking his cock in like it was her last meal. It was a sharp contrast from the lovely, elegant Princess he had met at Cloud City less than a year ago. She had completely abandoned herself to fucking and sucking whatever cocks filled her. After taking so many during the last two hours, it had become routine for the poor Princess.

Lando could not deny how good it felt fucking Leia's mouth. "Oh this is wrong. This is really, really wrong," he thought. "First I let Vader freeze Han, and now this! Some friend I am."

"Yeah, fuck her slut mouth, Tamtel!" Fozec shouted. The other guards joined in the encouragement.

Tamtel... Tamtel... Where had Leia heard that name before? She opened her eyes to look up at the guard above her, nearly choking on his cock when she recognized him. Lando's head was tilted back, his teeth clenched as he thrust deep into her throat. She moaned much more loudly, catching his attention. He looked down at her, noticing that she recognized him. She was obviously shocked that he was a participant in this rape, and her large brown eyes pleaded for him to stop.

Lando's look of tense arousal changed to an expression of remorse behind the tusked bronze helmet he wore. His eyes reflected Leia's despair and she could tell he was sorry for doing this to her. She then understood that, because of his disguise as a palace guard, he had been forced into this situation. Leia closed her eyes in resignation as tears ran down her cheeks. Would this nightmare never end?

Mara watched with strange fascination as Leia was used by these guards. Her only wish was for the Emperor, and perhaps the rest of the Empire, to witness this brutal and humiliating event for themselves. She imagined millions of Holonet displays all over Coruscant and other Imperial worlds broadcasting the rape and degradation of Princess Leia Organa: Enemy of the Empire. Mara quietly chuckled to herself, thinking of the pitiful groups of Rebels throughout the galaxy who would see for themselves the cocksucking whore that had once been one of their noble leaders. Yes indeed, Mara was quite thoroughly enjoying herself as she observed Leia's suffering.

Determined to bring an end to his disgraceful act as soon as possible, Lando slid in and out of Leia's mouth at a faster pace, frantically fucking her mouth in a desperate attempt to come. He had slept with many women in his time, but it was not in his nature to resort to something as evil as rape. He hated having to be so rough and forceful with Leia, but it was the only way to bring himself to a quick climax. He held her delicate head with both hands and pumped her mouth vigorously.

When she became aware of Lando's eagerness to come, Leia reluctantly tried to help him by teasing his cock with her tongue as it invaded her mouth. Leia worked her tongue around Lando's erection and sucked it in deep. She nearly choked a few more times because of the pounding the Gamorrean was giving her lower body. Her pussy was burning now, nearing the point of another unwanted orgasm.

All three of them came at once. When the pig reaming her twat shot his load deep into Leia's already-stuffed hole, her pussy responded with a series of spasms that tightly clenched his green prick and coated it with her own cuntal juices. A deep guttural moan came from her muffled mouth, triggering Lando's own climax. His black shaft shuddered with each spurt, adding to the gallon of cum already in Leia's stomach.

She swallowed more and more, milking his cock with her lips and sucking it dry. When Lando pulled it from her mouth, a string of saliva stretched away from the head of the cock to her lips before breaking and leaving a wet trail down her chin

Lando stuffed his limp penis back in his pants and moved to the corner next to Fozec, who patted his shoulder. He turned his head away from Leia, ashamed of what he had done to her; ashamed that he took pleasure in it even though it was wrong.

Mara realized that she should leave and return to her sleeping quarters before someone noticed her. Taking another look at Leia in the cell, Mara knew that she could just as easily be forced to replace the Princess as punishment for spying on the guards. With that thought, Mara felt a tingling sensation of the Force that urged her to leave. Turning around, she slinked back down the hall, unaware that someone HAD seen her from inside the cell.

"Arica..." Melina thought, recognizing the new red-headed dancer. "Nosy bitch. I'll deal with her later."


Beedo, the skinny Rodian who had been quiet and inactive these first three hours, finally stepped forward and whispered to Ortugg. The Gamorrean nodded and said to his fellow guards, "Help me turn her over."

Ortugg and two others loosened the straps bounding Leia's arms and legs to the bench and then flipped her limber body over onto her stomach, restraining her limbs under the straps once again.

When his pal Jubnuk had told him about the plan to gangrape Jabba's new slave girl tonight, Beedo bribed Ortugg to let him join in. Four years ago, Han Solo shot his cousin Greedo in a Mos Eisley cantina, and Beedo swore to avenge his cousin's death one day. Originally he hoped to kill Solo, but raping Solo's girlfriend was an even better revenge.

The Rodian hummed in excitement as he approached Leia and paused only for a moment to explore her stretched, cum sloppy cunt with his long nimble green fingers before choosing her ass instead. Leia felt his hands on her ass, grasping her cheeks and pulling them apart. Beedo stared at the tiny pink star of her unmolested asshole, his small protruding mouth giggling with glee.

Beedo coated the tip of his long rigid cock with the messy cum flowing from Leia's cunt and then, to the cheers of his companions, used his thumbs to open the tiny hole and force the round, blunt head of his narrow penis into the tight opening.

For a second, Leia panicked as her sphincter was stretched by the huge Rodian organ trying to force its way inside. She had not expected something like this. From her sore mouth came a blood-curdling scream as Beedo's cock entered her ass.

Lando silently cursed himself for doing nothing while the Rodian raped Leia's ass. He felt sick to his stomach just from watching it. At least she was not in danger of being killed; Lando knew that much for certain. None of these guards would dare go so far as killing Jabba's new slave girl before the Hutt himself could take full pleasure of her tamed body.

Luke had entrusted Lando with the duty of keeping an eye on Leia and making sure she wasn't defiled in any way, and now he had failed that task. Lando prayed that Luke and Leia would both forgive him for letting this happen to her.

Leia was shocked by the sudden pain. It seemed as if a cock the length of Luke's lightsaber blade was forcing its way inside her ass. Beedo slid himself further into her hole, opening it wider to fit his lengthy green pole. She felt the rough, bumpy texture of the Rodian's skin at the base of his cock pressing against her as his wrinkled balls slapped against her soft buttocks. He was totally inside her now! Leia couldn't believe his penis was inside her tiny asshole, even though the intense pain of her stretched rectum told her differently.

Beedo impaled her ass while cum dripped in streams out of her raped vagina. His hands gripped her sweaty hips tightly as he humped from behind, shoving his long cock deep into her stretched rectum. It was a strange new sensation. The hard cock pounding into her ass filled her in a way she had never felt before. The rubbing of her clit against the padding of the bench only increased the stimulation Beedo was giving her.

The whole gang was going wild, jerking off in Leia's face, slapping her cheeks and forehead with their cocks. They all encouraged Beedo as he reamed out her asshole with his long green dick.

"That's it, Beedo! Give it to her! Shove it up the Rebel whore's ass!" shouted Fozec, jabbing Lando with his elbow and laughing.

Beedo withdrew his cock almost all the way, then plunged back in again. Leia felt every painful inch as the cock buried itself in her ass, over and over. She screamed every time he drove it in. Her anal ring hugged his cock, letting her feel every bump and vein on his massive tool as it passed through her tiny hole.

Beedo garbled something in his Rodian language shortly before depositing the first load of cum into Leia's ass, intensifying her stimulations even more. He shoved his narrow hips forward and held them against her buttocks as he spilled his seed deep within her bowels.

"OHHHHHHHHH!" she cried out loud, feeling her aching pussy tremble violently from within as she came a river of her own juices. Her body arched upward from the bench against the restraints. She whimpered cries of joy while vaginal honey, mixed with guards' cum, flowed down the insides of her legs. After a moment, Beedo pulled out with a loud popping sound and staggered backward, his thin legs shaking from exertion.

"Good job, Beedo," Ortugg grunted. The Rodian snickered, knowing that Greedo would be proud too. He watched several of the Gamorreans gather around Leia, eager to fuck her ass next.

"I've always wanted to assfuck one of these Rebel whores," Fozec said to Lando, moving up to join the others around the bench.


Another hour passed in the night as the ninth Gamorrean in a row got at Leia's upturned ass with a vengeance. It was at this moment that Fozec came up with the perverted idea of double-penetrating the poor slave girl.

Rogua pulled out of Leia temporarily to let the other guards untie her and straddle her over Ortugg, whose heavy body lay back on the creaking bench. Once Ortugg's cock was comfortably inside her, Rogua repositioned himself behind Leia's stretched out asshole and plunged back into her sperm-packed rectum with a single long stroke that made her deliriously groan in pain. A third Gamorrean took his place at her head, offering his erect member to Leia's gaping mouth, which she dutifully swallowed.

Leia's ass, pussy, and mouth were now simultaneously penetrated. Though she had already been fucked in the ass several times in the last hour, this felt much different. Both thick shafts were separated only by a thin wall of tissue being rubbed on both sides by the deep thrusts of each pig's cock.

Even the sounds were overwhelming. The slurping of the cock in Leia's mouth; the loud slap of Rogua's hips smashing into her ass; the squish of Ortugg's cock sliding into her pussy. Then there was the squeaks and creaks of the bench vibrating madly to the combined actions of those on top of it.

The orgasm Leia eventually received was more intense than any previous one. She wanted to scream in agony but couldn't with a mouth stuffed full of cock. Her muscles spasmed, causing her whole body to shake. She lifted up, trying to get Ortugg's thick penis out of her pussy and away from her too-sensitive clit, but couldn't as the other penis slammed once more deep into her ass.

Leia's vision turned grey and she felt as if she was going to die. Her body continued to shake in the throes of orgasm and she tried with what little strength she had left to pull away from the pigs, but to no avail. Dimly she became aware of cum filling her mouth and she swallowed reflexively.

The other two pigs couldn't resist much longer. They wanted to come, and come they did. Rogua extracted his cock from Leia's tortured rectum and shot his load all over her back while Ortugg spent himself deep inside her palpitating pussy. Leia was on the verge of swooning, her mind unable to handle the many sensations overwhelming it.

The next two guards lifted the slave girl off Ortugg and then took their turn. Leia's asshole was filled this time by Fozec while she straddled Rogua on the bench. "This ass-fucking whore is incredible!" Fozec exclaimed, savagely ramming his cock into her and coming quickly. "Take it you fuckin' whore, take it up your ass!"

"Oh! Oh! Ohhh! Ohhhhhhhh yessss!" Leia cried out in shameful ecstasy. Her body had completely submitted to its slutty desires.

She was skewered again, a cock in her throat and one in her pussy, being fucked violently, the pig in front of her slamming his hips into her face. She had lost all sense of time. All she could feel were cocks, swelling and pumping into her. She grunted again as Fozec's prick popped out of her ass, dripping semen down her thighs, and another immediately shoved itself in.

The dungeon gangrape corrupted Leia's innocent mind and sexy body completely. Cock after cock invaded her, pounding, squirting, and being replaced by another, then another, then another. They all fucked her, everywhere. Three holes, no waiting. The guards loved using her, humiliating her, breaking her will and bending her to the pleasures of the flesh.

When every guard in the room, aside from Lando, had fucked Leia thoroughly, they all stepped back and stared proudly at the broken slut before them. She lay across the bench, terribly sore and exhausted, her body showered in their cum, her mind shaken by hours of rough wild sex. Just when she thought they were finished with her, another set of hands lifted Leia's head up and shoved her face into a moist female crotch.

"Open your eyes! Look up at me, bitch!" shouted Melina Carniss, her red jumpsuit completely unzipped and hanging around her legs. "Lick me, you worthless slut!"

Melina pressed her cunt against Leia's cum-covered lips and nose, suffocating the Princess and forcing her to tickle the Harem Keeper's pussy with her tongue.

"Yes, that's it," Melina hissed. "You're a slut, Leia. You're a slave, here only to serve others. Say it!"

Melina pushed Leia's head back, releasing it from her dripping pussy. Leia gasped for air, desperately looking up at Melina, cunt juices running down her chin.

"Say it!" Melina shouted again.

"I'm... a slut... here... to serve others..." she panted between breaths.

Fozec, Beedo, and the Gamorreans all watched, jerking themselves off in amusement. Lando only felt pity and disgust.

"You're Jabba's slut. He is your Master. Say it!" Melina demanded.

"I'm Jabba's slut... he is my Master..." Leia whimpered, starting to believe the words she said. How could it not be true? She was the Hutt's property now. She had no control over what anyone did to her. That much had been proven tonight. The Harem Keeper was right.

Melina shoved her cunt back against Leia's face, rubbing her pussy juices all over Leia's lips. "You're broken, bitch," she said, letting go of Leia's head, watching the slave girl slump down on the bench and drift into unconsciousness.

"That's enough for tonight," Melina told the guards, pulling her jumpsuit back on. "Take her to the shower room and clean her up."

Leia reaked of cum, sweat, and ale. Nobody really wanted to touch her at this point, so Gartogg, the youngest and dumbest Gamorrean, was given the task of carrying Leia back to the harem. He slung her small limber body over his broad shoulders and exited the cell, followed by Melina, Lando, and all the rest.

Chapter 10:Edit

Posted: July 05, 2006 - 10:40:19 pm

Gartogg dumped Leia's body onto the floor of the harem's shower room and turned on the showerhead above her. The shock of cold water striking her naked flesh woke Leia from the half-conscious slumber she was in. Still traumatized by her brutal gangrape, she curled up into a fetal position on the floor, her arms clutching her shivering, aching legs against her chest. The pig guard waddled out of the room, but Melina Carniss stayed behind.

"Remember this well," the Harem Keeper said in a cold, intimidating voice that echoed throughout the shower room. "Jabba doesn't tolerate defiance, and neither do I. Next time you act out of line, your punishment will be worse that you can possibly imagine."

She waited for some kind of reaction from Leia, but the slave girl was already too paralyzed from the shock of that night's ordeal to respond to further threats.

"Clean that filth off your body and then go get some sleep in the harem."

Leia broke into a fit of sobs after Melina left the room, the sound of her muffled cries drowned out by the noisy shower spray above.

Minutes passed and Leia did not move. Eventually she heard the sound of footsteps on the tile floor. Then she felt a pair of hands gently touching her shoulder. She opened her eyes and tilted her head up to see the familiar face. It was Camie.

"Go away," Leia whimpered.

"No, I'm here to help you," Camie comforted. She eased Leia up into a sitting position against the wall and carefully sponged off the nasty residue of Gamorrean cum from her skin and hair. Leia felt ashamed of what had happened in the dungeon and said nothing to Camie, unable to look into the fellow slave girl's eyes. Camie understood what Leia was feeling, for she had gone through similar experiences with the swoop gang that had first brought her to Jabba's palace.

"Can you stand up?" Camie asked.

"I... think so."

Camie helped Leia to her feet, then continued to wash the rest of her body. Leia leaned against the wall, her legs a little shaky, her ass and pussy still sore and tender.

"Let's go to the harem so you can lie down," suggested Camie, turning off the shower and putting an arm around Leia as they walked.

Leia bedded down in a nest of multi-colored pillows, not even bothering to dress after leaving the showers. She was too tired and didn't care if she slept in the nude. The other girls lounging around the room watched the naked Princess lie down. Camie sat beside Leia, looking down at her with sorrowful eyes.

"They hurt you badly, didn't they?" she asked. Leia didn't answer, laying her head on a pillow and staring at the wall behind them. "I have a little bit of bacta gel here," Camie continued, digging out a container from her hidden stash behind an oversized purple cushion. "Let me rub it on you, Leia. It will make the pain go away. Please?"

Leia rolled over. "Okay," she spoke softly.

Camie smiled and opened the container, dipping a hand inside to scoop some clear pinkish-hued gel onto her fingers. At first she rubbed it over each of Leia's breasts and nipples. They were slightly bruised from being roughly man-handled by the guards all night. The bacta gel would make the bruising and redness go away by morning.

"Feels good," Leia whispered, enjoying the cool soothing wetness of the healing gel against her skin. Hesitantly, Camie scooped some more onto her fingers and then reached down between Leia's thighs. Leia winced when Camie grazed her fingers over her pussy, but then opened her legs a little wider to allow Camie easier access.

Accepting the invitation, Camie moved down between Leia's legs and mildly rubbed the gel along the lips and exposed clit of her aching pussy. She could tell that the guards had fucked the Princess hard, for the vaginal lips were puffy and stretched outward, as if something huge had penetrated Leia multiple times. The bacta gel would make it all go away. Camie rubbed Leia's sex a few more times, eliciting a series of soft moans from the Princess.

Allowing the powerful bacta gel to soak into Leia's flesh for a few minutes, Camie found herself becoming aroused from being so close to the other woman and touching her like this. A moistness was forming in her tiny green Dewback-skin thong, caused by the burning sensation of lust in her loins.

Ever since she had been enslaved by the mighty Hutt, Camie had developed a fondness for sex with other women, having been forced to interact with them for Jabba's entertainment many times. She loved going down on another girl, and often gave them great pleasure in doing so. She wondered if Leia would find pleasure in it too.

Lowering her head between Leia's open legs, Camie timidly caressed the pouty lips of Leia's slit with her tongue. Leia rolled her head from side to side on the pillow, her eyes closed, not yet aware that Camie was now using her mouth, rather than her hands, to tend to Leia's wounds. Other girls soon joined them, crawling across the sea of pillows to Leia's reclining body, surrounding her. Leia realized what was going on when many hands began massaging her body.

She didn't know how to respond at first to the actions of her fellow harem sisters, but then another familiar face came into view. Rystall, who had learned of Leia's horrific assault only minutes ago and rushed to the harem, knelt by Leia's head and nuzzled her cheek with her lavender nose. "Shhhh, everything is going to be okay," she whispered, kissing Leia softly and stroking her forehead with her delicate fingers. "We're going to make you feel better."

Two young slave girls -- a female Zabrak with sandy-brown skin and braided black hair, and a young three-breasted Ridlian with spiky green hair and yellow skin -- both lovingly licked and sucked on Leia's nipples while kneading her breasts with their hands. Camie continued to suckle Leia's pussy and nibbled at her rosy clit. She moved over a little between Leia's wide-stretched legs to make room for Jess, the white-haired Chandrillan, who expertly slipped her wet tongue inside Leia's puckered pink asshole.

"Mmmmmmmmm," Leia moaned dreamily, her whole body trembling with delight from the overwhelming sensations. Rystall couldn't resist kissing the Princess' lovely face again, this time pressing her full red lips against Leia's, licking the lower lip with her tongue. Leia welcomed the kiss, her own tongue finding it's way into Rystall's mouth.

The attention Leia was receiving from all these different women was a wonderful contrast from the brutality of the males that had so savagely raped her in the dungeon. More women joined in kissing and caressing every inch of her skin. She writhed on the pillows, the sweet sensual touch of a half dozen slave girls seemingly washing away the pain and horror of what the Gamorreans had done to her.


Upstairs in the dancers' quarters, Melina Carniss found Arica lying on the bed in her room.

"Enjoy the show?" Melina said, announcing her presence to Mara.

Rolling over on the bed and looking at the woman in the open doorway, Mara said with obvious annoyance, "Excuse me? What the hell are you talking about?"

"You know damn well what I'm talking about," Melina shot back. "I saw you spying on us down in the dungeon earlier. What were you doing down there anyway?"

Mara sat up on the bed, adjusting her revealing blue dancing costume. "I followed a guard down there. I was curious to see where he was going."

"Jabba doesn't pay you to explore his palace or follow guards. You're here to dance, and that's all," Melina stated. "I'm tempted to tell Jabba that you've been spying on people. He might revoke your dancer's contract and throw you in his harem as a slave instead. What do you think of that?"

"Then I'd have to tell him about what you and the guards were doing to his newest girl down in the dungeon," Mara retorted. "I doubt he'd be pleased to learn that a bunch of Gamorrean grunts had fucked his precious slave without his permission."

Melina glared. This one was smarter than she looked. "You've been troublesome ever since you showed up here. If I had my way, you'd be down in the dungeon with the guards too. So you just watch it, Arica, or else..." With that, Melina slammed the room's door shut and went back to her duties elsewhere.

"Bitch," Mara muttered under her breath. She turned and sat up on the edge of the bed, removing her semi-transparent dancer's top and the blue veils wrapped around her arms, followed by the narrow blue skirt and sheer stockings she wore on her legs.

Sliding back onto the sheets of her bed, Mara closed her eyes and enjoyed the cool breezy night time air blowing in from the room's small window, brushing against her naked skin.

She began thinking about Princess Leia, forming mental images of Gamorreans beating and raping the Rebel bitch over and over. Her hands soon found their way down between her open legs, brushing against the short curls of her fiery red pubic hair, and drifting into her moistened honey-pot.

Before Mara could proceed any further, her thoughts were interrupted by the echoing voice of her master, Emperor Palpatine.

"You will kill Luke Skywalker," his voice tremored from within Mara's mind. "You will kill Luke Skywalker," it repeated again several times.

"I know," Mara sighed, withdrawing her hands from her dripping cunt and rolling on her side, pulling the bedsheets over her body and going to sleep.


For the first time in this long horrible night, Leia yearned for climax, actually wanting to come, no longer denying her sexual needs. She wanted to reach that exhilarating moment when her pussy would spasm it's girl-juice into the hungry mouths of Camie and Jess. And with the way they were probing her sensitive pussy and ass with their tongues, that moment soon came with a gushing volume of delicious honey, coating the lips and chins of the two women between Leia's legs.

Camie and Jess lapped up the creamy wetness smeared across Leia's inner thighs and then sat up, smiling at each other. "Let me taste," Rystall urged, carefully letting go of Leia's head and leaning over to embrace Camie, licking the juice from the Tatooinian girl's mouth. At the same time, Thora the Zabrak female took Jess into her arms and kissed, also tasting Leia's pussy on Jess' lips.

Leia wearily looked up and watched Rystall, Camie, and the others beginning to remove their skimpy dancing costumes. This was turning into an all out female orgy as girls paired off and began pleasuring each other on the soft cushioned pillows throughout the room. The strong aroma of Leia's quivering sex filled the air, arousing everyone further, almost like an intoxicating drug that made them hunger for sex.

When Camie joined the three-breasted Ridlian nearby, it became clear that Rystall would be Leia's sexual partner. Wiggling out of her purple bodysuit, the exotic beauty smiled seductively and crawled on top of Leia, the soft flesh of their breasts pressing against each other warmly. Leia put her arms around Rystall and kissed her again, willingly accepting her new lover.

"I've been wanting this since yesterday," Rystall whispered. "I'm so glad we can finish what we started."

"Mmm-hmm," Leia responded, licking her tongue along the underside of Rystall's chin. She had to admit, this was something special, sharing herself with this beautiful woman. At that moment this was all that mattered. She didn't care where she was, or that she was anyone's slave. She simply wanted to revel in the enjoyment of making love to another beautiful woman. "Let me lick you," she offered.

Rystall raised up and straddled Leia's face, her moist mound landing upon the Princess' open mouth. With eagerness that surprised the dancing girl, Leia began licking and probing her tongue deep into Rystall's moist valley. The wet, stringy curls of bright red hair surrounding Rystall's juicy cunt tickled Leia's nose and upper lip.

"Ooooooooh!" Rystall squealed. "Yes, lick me! Ohh, that feels so damn good. Work your tongue in there... yes, that's it Leia... ooooh."

Rystall gyrated her hips in a slow rhythmic motion as Leia ate her out. Only a few feet away, Camie lustfully moaned in orgasm, her pussy palpitating as the young Ridlian slave girl fingered her juicy hole. Jess and Thora were grinding their pussies together, each of them grunting vigorously as their naked bodies and jiggling breasts glistened with sweat.

Elsewhere, two Twi'leks, one with rosy pink skin and the other bright blue, lay crossways and penetrated each others' sopping wet cunts with the tips of their lekku head-tails. Next to them, an ivory-skinned Qirassh fingered herself as her Marelian companion gingerly sucked on her erect black nipples.

Arching her body and tilting her head back, Rystall's repeated moans became cries of agony and ecstasy as Leia brought her closer and closer to climax. "Oh yes! Oh fuck! Lick me baby, fuck me with your tongue!" Rystall gasped.

Leia swirled her tongue in and around Rystall's cunt until the wild dancer finally shook her hips and unleashed her girl-cum into Leia's mouth.

Rystall cried out in orgasmic shock. "OHHHHH! Yes! Oh fuck, YESSSS!"

The Princess devoured the liquid feast, slavering the honey-like cuntal secretions offered to her. It was certainly better tasting than the repugnant Gamorrean sperm she had been forced to swallow earlier. To her surprise, Rystall lifted off Leia's cream-covered face and turned around, still straddling her partner, but this time bending forward and pressing her face into the well-eaten Alderaani vagina below her. Leia resumed flicking Rystall's slick wet snatch with her tongue as the two of them began a mutual munch session. After only a few minutes of simultaneous tongue-work, both women brought each other off to another mind-blowing orgasm.

Eighteen women in all frolicked on the floor of the harem that night, switching between multiple partners until they had satisfied each other thoroughly. The steamy orgy lasted until all of the girls grew tired and curled up together on their pillows in passionate embrace. Rystall chose to spend the night in the harem with Leia, comforting the naked Princess and holding her close as they both drifted off to sleep.


Chapter 11:Edit

Posted: July 05, 2006 - 10:40:19 pm

Early the next morning, Leia was brought to Jabba's private quarters, her body feeling much better now because of the bacta medication and the special attention the girls in the harem had given her. In spite of this, she was still disturbed by all that had happened last night in the dungeon; the things they had done, and the things Melina had said. She never wanted to go through that torture again. Leia knew now, more than ever, that she would have to obey her captors or suffer severe punishment.

"Good morning, my pretty," Jabba spoke in his deep rumbling voice, his slug-like body resting comfortably on the floor of his palace suite after a long night's sleep. "I summoned you to entertain me," he continued. "So dance, my little slave. Dance for your Master."

Broken and willing to obey, Leia understood exactly what he expected of her. She began to dance as she had the day before, putting on another exotic striptease for Jabba in his palace suite. With a quick gesture from Jabba's hand, the Kitonak sitting on a stool nearby started to play his horn. Leia reached up to her chest to unhook the black cords of her brassiere, then held the costume top's cups against her tits as the thin straps popped free from release.

She slowly turned to face Jabba and swayed her hips seductively while she lowered the brassiere, revealing her large rock hard nipples with the gold rings encircling them. She dropped the brassiere to the floor and continued to sway to Droopy's music. Her beautiful tits jiggled freely, mesmerizing Jabba with their movements.

Next she hooked her thumbs under the straps of the gold waistplate. Turning around and bending over, she pushed the flimsy garment to her ankles, exposing her asshole and pussy to her Hutt. To exaggerate the view, Leia spread her legs further apart, causing the pink folds of her hairless pussy to open. It was clear to Jabba that she was sopping wet, a trickle of girl-juice streaming down her thigh. He chuckled deeply.

Kicking off the rest of her costume, except her boots, Leia struck a pose for Jabba, allowing him to gaze upon her gorgeous nude body with his large copper-red eyes. He smiled with great satisfaction. Now it was his turn to perform for Leia.

He ordered the Princess to lay down on the floor and widely spread her legs. Leia hesitated for only a second, and then fearfully complied. Jabba's plump tail, dripping and oozing in slime, slowly slithered like a serpent up between her legs. It's slippery wet surface rubbed against her thighs, covering Leia's flesh in the messy sludge perspiring from his scaly appendage. Tiny hair-like protrusions from the slug's tail tickled Leia's skin. She rose up on her hands and feet, arching back to bring herself closer to the huge mass. With a slow, sensual rhythm, the Hutt began sliding his tail up and down.

The greasy goo building between Leia's legs moistened and lubricated her cunt. Thousands of little bumps and ridges on Jabba's tail throbbed as it glided up against her burning loins. The powerfully sensitive stimulations were almost more than Leia could handle. She immersed herself in the pleasures of this strange new experience as her newfound sexual appetite took over.

"Ohhhhh," she moaned. "What are you doing to me?"

Jabba hummed. "Close your legs, girl. Make them tighter around my tail," he commanded.

Princess Leia obeyed and fell back onto the floor, wrapping her legs firmly around the huge, bloated mass. Jabba continued making his deep humming noise, almost like a purr, as he quickened the pace of sliding between her legs. The sudden increase in both pressure and speed caused Leia to cry out over and over in intense pleasure.

"Yes, faster! Oh, don't stop! Please!" she begged. Jabba added some speed to his rhythm and sinisterly smiled. "Ooohhh! Unnnggghh! Harder, do it much harder," Leia kept groaning. Jabba shook with laughter, watched his newest pet writhe on the floor before his very eyes. "Mmmm, so good... this feels so good," the slut whispered beneath his slithering tail. Her clitoris screamed in sweet agony at every little touch.

With sudden haste, Jabba whipped his tail out from between her tightly-locked legs, leaving the slime-covered slave girl lying there on the ground, naked and desperate for more.

Leia opened her eyes and reached a hand up to Jabba. "No! Don't stop!" she pleaded, abandoning herself to the sexual hunger that drove her actions. "I want it so badly. Please!"

Jabba loved hearing her beg. It was proof of her complete submission to him. "Then come to me, little Princess."

Leia didn't hesitate this time and immediately crawled forward on her hands and knees, her breasts swaying from side to side as she moved up to Jabba's round belly. She wasn't ashamed of what she was doing, her mind too focused for the moment on satisfying the craving between her legs. The Hutt reached out to pet his slave girl's head with his pudgy hand, then extended one stubby finger in front of her face.

"Suck," he ordered.

Following his command without question, Leia opened her mouth and devoured the tip of Jabba's finger, slurping wantonly on the fat digit as if it were a cock. Jabba removed his finger from Leia's mouth, it's tip glistening with her saliva.

"Leave us," Jabba spoke to Droopy and the guards, who quickly exited the room to give the Hutt and his slave some privacy.

"Stand up," he instructed, and watched his obedient pet rise for her Master. He placed his hand to Leia's inner thigh, squeezing lightly, indicating that she should open her legs a little more. He reached up between her legs and wiggled his saliva-coated finger into her tight dripping slit. Leia's body shuddered with pleasure, having become so accustomed to feeling something large and fat inside her cunt.

Leia thought of what she had become over these last four days. Melina and the guards had successfully turned her into a whore, a cheap slut that would willingly let her body be used for whatever degenerate or immoral purpose Jabba and his minions could imagine. And yet it had become more than just playing a role and biding her time until Luke could to save her. She had actually begun to enjoy it.

At first she had resisted when the Gamorreans violently raped her, eventually breaking under their overwhelming lust and giving in to orgasmic bliss. Then she had let the harem girls pleasure her in ways few men could, experiencing one of the most erotic nights of her life. And now, standing before Jabba the Hutt himself, her body responded as only a slut's would, actually craving the attention the grotesque beast gave her.

Jabba fingered her for a good ten minutes, loosening her cunt and nearly bringing Leia to the brink of release. Her body was on fire, every nerve more sensitive than the last. Then to Leia's disappointment, Jabba withdrew his finger just as he had done with his tail, tormenting her further by denying her the chance to come. His face stretched wider with a wicked grin, watching his horny pet fidget in front of him in sexual frustration.

"Please," Leia whimpered softly, wishing the cruel monster would just let her go back to the harem now so she could finger herself in private.

"Please what?" the bloated beast asked.

Looking up at him with her dark brown eyes, Leia said in a desperate little-girl voice, "Please... fuck me... Master?"

"With pleasure, my pet," Jabba rumbled, whipping his giant tail around behind Leia and raising its end upward, the tip pointing directly between her open legs.

His tail was not a sexual body part of any kind, for Jabba had no reproductive organs at all. Hutts were asexual, spawning children on their own without the need to copulate with others. Their gender was reflected only through personality traits or when they became pregnant.

Jabba's perverse tastes for humanoid females was fueled merely by the entertainment they provided him, be it dancing, humiliation, or gaining pleasure from his disgusting body's actions. The only physical pleasure he received in return was in tasting the delicious nectar of their pussies after making them come. Without a penis like most humanoid males, Jabba would have to use his tongue, fingers, and tail to fuck his willing young slave.

Leia reached down and took hold of Jabba's slimy upturned tail, feeling her pussy's juices coating her hand as she held the tip to her opening and eagerly lowered herself onto it. It was narrow at the tip but grew wider with every inch that sunk into her, stretching her cunt's lips around its monstrous girth. A guttural moan escaped from her lungs as her pussy sucked the Hutt's appendage deeper into her belly.

Jabba watched with twisted perversity as Leia struggled to get more of the slug's tail into her cunt, swiveling her hips to no avail. When she straightened her body and put her full weight down onto it, more of the thick flesh disappeared inside her. She moaned in wondrous pleasure, every centimeter of scaly skin causing her to shake and shudder. Her pussy obscenely stretched out of shape, its clit mashed tightly against the Hutt's flesh. Jabba's fat tail pressed against both of Leia's thighs as he impaled her, causing the slave to finally experience her much desired orgasm.

"Unnnnnhhoooooooohhhhh!" Leia wailed, tears of joy running down her cheeks. "Yessssssss, oh oh ohhhh yessssssssss!"

Jabba looked down in awe as Leia took nearly fifteen inches of his tail into her womb before she bottomed out, the base of which measured six inches in diameter. It was more than any other slave's pussy had ever consumed. She then began to rise off the beast, the thick shiny shaft of his tail revealing itself as she ascended. Before the narrow tip was able to pop out, Leia repeated the downward journey, finding it much easier the second time. Soon she was fucking Jabba's tail in earnest, grunting and moaning like a whore in heat.

"Oh yes, oh Force, fuck me! Fuck meeeeeee!" she screamed, riding Jabba's tail up and down, her long ponytail swinging wildly behind her as she humped his slimy hunk of flesh. No longer held back by her innocent inhibitions, Leia ignored all else but the sweet sensation causing every muscle in her body to quiver. The stiff organ felt so good as it moved in an out. The muscles in her cunt gripped it tightly, not wanting to let it escape her.

As good as Jabba's finger had felt before, this was even better. Leia thrust herself onto the flexible appendage buried in her cunt, her clit rubbing furiously against the bumpy texture, causing surges of exquisite sensations to pulse throughout her super-heated body. Beads of sweat dripped from her hot naked flesh, her tongue darting out to lick the perspiration from her moist red lips. The slut inside Leia had awoken and taken over, controlling every movement of her horny body.

Jabba lost count of how many orgasms Leia must have experienced, watching her buck wildly on his thick greasy tail for nearly an hour. He licked his giant elongated lips and jiggled with amusement, suddenly grabbing one of Leia's arms and pulling her off the tail onto his belly, flipping her trembling body over so he could bury his tongue deep into the wide open hole that had once been her tight little cunt.

"Mmmmmm," he rumbled, sucking and savoring her sweet juices, the perfect dessert following his early morning meal.

"Oooooohhhhhhhh," Leia sighed long and hard, hoping the glorious feeling would never end.


A few hours later in the main audience chamber, the Princess slept cozily on Jabba's stone dais across a Bantha fur rug. Her upper body reclined against some plush pillows resting against Jabba's belly. Salacious Crumb sat next to her naked thigh, staring at the Hutt's twitching tail beside them.

During this hottest part of the day, Jabba would often take a noon-time siesta after finishing his luncheon feast. Having spent an exhaustive morning in the Hutt's private quarters, Leia wearily joined her Master in his mid-day nap.

It was quiet in the audience chamber with few beings stirring. A cloaked figure entered the room, speaking briefly with Bib Fortuna. Leia awoke, somehow sensing the newcomer, and raised her head to see Luke Skywalker approaching Jabba's throne. She sat up, realizing the time had finally come. Her savior had arrived. But was she truly willing to leave?

"At last! Master Luke's come to rescue me!" C-3PO announced from beside the throne.

"Master," Bib Fortuna whispered in Huttese to Jabba, immediately startling Jabba from his sleep and introducing the visitor. "Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight."

Jabba looked down at the cloaked figure and bellowed angrily at his majordomo, "I told you not to admit him!"

"I must be allowed to speak," Luke interrupted.

"He must be allowed to speak," repeated Fortuna, his words not his own.

Jabba furiously grabbed at Fortuna's blue robes and pulled him close. "You weak-minded fool! He's using an old Jedi mind trick."

Leia stared down at Luke's feet as Jabba spoke. She couldn't even look at him in the face, so ashamed of what she had become these past four days. What would Luke think of her, knowing what she had willingly done with Jabba? More importantly, what would Han think?

"You will bring Captain Solo and the Wookiee to me," continued Luke, removing his dark cloak's hood and taking a step forward.

Jabba shook and rumbled with laughter while others in the shadowy audience began to take notice of the confrontation. Leia finally looked up at Luke, and for that brief moment when their eyes met she felt a warm happy feeling inside her; a sense of confidence and strength as if Luke's presence had given her new determination to resist her enslavement and join in their escape.

"Your mind powers do not work on me, boy," the Hutt declared.

"Nevertheless," Luke replied, taking another step forward. "I am taking Captain Solo and his friends. You can either profit by this... or be destroyed. It's your choice, but I warn you not to underestimate my powers."

Jabba's arm moved to the armrest at his left side, his hand hovering above the switch that would open the trapdoor beneath Luke's feet. Leia noticed this out the corner of her eye.

C-3PO, forever the loyal protocol droid, attempted to warn the young Jedi about the impending danger. "Master Luke, you're standing on--"

"There will be no bargain, young Jedi," Jabba interrupted, silencing the droid. "I shall enjoy watching you die."

Luke didn't need C-3PO's warning, for he already knew of the floor's trapdoor thanks to Lando's inside information. It was all part of his plan, first attempting to goad the mighty Hutt with a show of overconfidence, hoping to enrage him just enough to drop Luke into the pit below. Yet words were not enough. This called for a more drastic measure to push the Hutt over the edge.

Quickly reaching out with his right hand, Luke Force-summoned a blaster pistol from the holster of a Gamorrean nearby, aiming it at Jabba. The bewildered Gamorrean, Jubnuk, immediately grabbed for it in a frantic struggle, causing the blaster to fire a bolt up into the ceiling. Jabba slammed his fist down on the switch that activated the trapdoor, sending both the Jedi and the Gamorrean down the narrow chute. Twenty-five feet below, Luke and the Gamorrean rolled off the chute onto the dirt floor of the Rancor's den. Luke threw off his long cloak and examined his new surroundings.

Jabba's dais rolled forward to the grilled opening in the floor. Lando moved into position by the throne near Leia, their eyes meeting briefly. Everyone else jumped to their feet and gathered around the grille, anxious to watch the Jedi die.

The giant iron gate in the pit began to rise, it's loud screeching noise catching Luke and Jubnuk's attention. Luke looked up in wide-eyed astonishment as the huge Rancor beast stomped forward into the open pit. Lando had told him it was big, but the young Jedi didn't know it was THIS big!

Jubnuk panicked, squealing for help as he desperately tried to scramble back up the trapdoor chute, only to find it now blocked by a small gate. The Rancor lunged for the noisy Gamorrean, scooping him up into its claws and snapping the pig in two with its sharp teeth. Leia watched in disgust from high above as the swine was chomped into pieces and consumed by the vile creature -- a fitting end for one of her rapists.

Having devoured its first victim, the Rancor turned its attention to Luke. The Jedi grabbed a large bone lying on the floor and held it as a weapon while the beast clutched his body and lifted him to its hungry mouth. With quick thinking, Luke braced the bone against the Rancor's jaws, locking it's mouth open and allowing Luke to slip free of its grasp. He dropped to the floor and scrambled under a rocky crevice for safety.

Snapping the bone in two with it's powerful mandibles, the Rancor went for Luke again. When its gargantuan hand reached for him under the crevice, Luke smashed its fingers with a large rock and then rolled out from his hiding place and rushed between the beast's legs to the exit on the other side of the pit.

Leia winced, afraid to watch anymore of the horrific scene, fearful that at any minute Luke would become the Rancor's next meal. Jabba and the cheering crowd were counting on it.

Failing to break through the barred door that led into the Rancor Keeper's hovel, Luke turned around to see the enraged monster heading toward him with a loud roar. As it passed underneath the raised iron gate, Luke quickly picked up a victim's skull from the sandy floor and threw it against the nearby wall, smashing a switch panel that controlled the gate. Instantly the gate dropped, crushing the Rancor and snapping it's neck. Luke heaved a sigh of relief.

Leia smiled, her hope renewed. Luke had killed the monstrous pet just as they had planned. With one of Jabba's two favorite forms of execution eliminated, the Hutt would have no choice but to take Luke and his friends away from the palace, across the Dune Sea, to the Pit of Carkoon where they would face the Sarlaac, and hopefully... escape.


Chapter 12:Edit

Posted: July 05, 2006 - 10:40:19 pm

Many of Jabba's lackeys were invited to witness the executions of Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Luke Skywalker that afternoon. They all bustled around in the vehicle hangar of his palace, rushing to board the Ubrickkian anti-gravity sail barge that would carry Jabba and his guests out to the Pit of Carkoon. Guards were all over the place, some of them leading the prisoners onto a small desert skiff while others surrounded Jabba and his entourage.

Princess Leia stood next to Jabba's mobile dais, watching her friends board the nearby skiff. The Hutt Master held his slave girl by her chained leash while they all moved to load Jabba onto the barge's mechanical lift.

Pushing her way through the crowd, Mara Jade approached Jabba and put on her best innocent dancing girl face for him. "Your Exaltedness?" she timidly spoke. Jabba's head turned to face her. "I'm Arica, Your Exaltedness. One of your dancers. Could I please come along with you?"

The Hutt recognized this hired performer as the one who had warned him of Boushh's identity three nights ago. Melina had told him there was more to this new dancer than she let on, and obviously Melina was right. Who knew what her intentions could really be. Perhaps she was an assassin sent by Lady Valarian or another of Jabba's rivals to kill him. He pondered for a moment and then rightly refused Mara's request, choosing not to take the chance.

Mara frowned, then momentarily caught sight of Luke and company departing the hangar aboard their skiff. "Please, Your Exaltedness?" she begged one more time, batting her deep green eyes at him in a seductive way. She was desperate not to let Skywalker get away. This was her only chance to kill him before he and his friends could escape Tatooine, and at this point she would do almost anything to convince the Hutt to bring her along.

Jabba chuckled, recognizing this fact, but had no time to play with a dancer he didn't trust. He had more important matters to deal with right now. Jabba's golden protocol droid translated his Huttese words for Mara.

"The great Jabba the Hutt says you are to leave him now," C-3PO spoke. "He says a landspeeder will be placed at your disposal, and that you are not to be seen here again."

Mara found it was useless to try and influence Jabba with her Force-powers as she had so easily done with his majordomo. She noticed Princess Leia smiling smugly at the redheaded dancing girl. Mara glared at her with hatred and contempt, then humbly bowed and thanked the Hutt, leaving them as they entered the barge.

She fumed with rage and stormed past guards and spectators, heading for the tiny landspeeder in the back of the hangar. There was no way she could catch up with the skiff in this slow piece of junk. Her only choice now was to leave Tatooine, return to her Emperor, and face the consequences of failure.


The journey across the vast Dune Sea to the Sarlaac's resting place would take half an hour aboard the desert sailing ship. Two small skiffs accompanied it, one carrying the sentenced prisoners, and the other full of extra guards escorting them just in case the Jedi had anymore tricks up his sleeve.

Jabba sat in the back of his observation lounge aboard the floating iron vessel, watching Leia do another sexy dance for him and his guests. This time, thankfully, she was not required to strip for her Master. Cramped in the corner, surrounded by passengers, Max Rebo played his small keyboard while everyone else ate and drank and gazed lustfully at Jabba's dancing slave girl.

When she finished her performance, Leia wandered over to one of the deck's vented windows, ignoring the suggestive whispers from passengers and bulging crotches that brushed against her bare legs. She stared out at her friends on the skiff that glided alongside the barge. Two leathery-faced Weequays, the ugly mechanic Barada, and Lando all guarded the prisoners. Luke stood confidently at the forefront of the speedercraft with Han beside him.

"Are we almost there, Luke? I'm getting real tired of waiting," Han joked to his friend.

"Coming up on the Pit of Carkoon now, Han," Luke replied.

"I think my eyes are getting better. Instead of a big dark blur, I see a big light blur," Han commented, squinting from the shine of the twin Tatooine suns.

"There's nothing to see," Luke replied. "I used to live here, you know."

"You're gonna die here, you know. Convenient," Han sarcastically retorted.

"Just stick close to Chewie and Lando. I've taken care of everything."

"Oh... great," Han smiled. He paused for a moment, feeling the warm air blowing through his hair. "If this is your great plan, so far I'm not crazy about it."

"Jabba's palace was too well guarded. I had to get you out of there," Luke explained. "Just trust me, Han. And be ready."

"I can hardly wait," Solo sighed.

Jabba sipped from a large goblet of wine and stared at the firm little ass of his pretty slave girl, barely covered by the back of her dark red teal-skirt. He looked forward to fucking it with his tail after he finished executing her friends. He planned to take her with him that night to his Mos Eisley townhouse and spend the entire evening ravishing the Alderaani slut's body with his tongue.

He tugged on her long metal chain, pulling the Princess from the her place by the window over to his bloated mass. She pressed close against his belly, only inches from his huge face, smelling the Hutt's foul breath as he spoke.

"Soon you will learn to appreciate me," he said, noticing her apparent disgust. Bringing the goblet in his hand close to Leia's lips, he forced her to drink from it. She swallowed, tasting the strong alcohol in her mouth. It made her feel woozy for a moment, her head spinning. The Hutt smiled and slipped one pudgy hand under the cups of her brassiere and fondled her small tits. Leia moaned softly, feeling the rough texture of his thumb trace over her sensitive pierced nipple. She swore to herself that she'd eventually make Jabba pay for all he had done to her.


Reaching the sunken pit of the ancient Sarlaac creature, the Ubrickkian sail barge and its two skiff escorts halted and hovered above the huge disgusting hole. Luke peered over the edge of his skiff to examine the vile beast below. It looked like a giant mouth lined with multiple layers of sharp teeth, several slithering tentacles, and a beak in the very center to devour whatever victims fell into it.

C-3PO spoke over the loud amplifier from the barge's observation deck, "Victims of the Almighty Sarlaac: His Excellency hopes that you will die honorably. But should any of you wish to beg for mercy, the great Jabba the Hutt will now listen to your pleas."

Jabba and his goons anxiously waited for their cries of mercy while R2-D2 slipped away, rolling up to the main deck of the barge. Leia stood in front of Jabba, staring down at her friends, hoping Luke knew what he was doing.

"Threepio!" Han shouted from the prisoners' skiff. "You tell that slimy piece of worm-ridden filth he'll get no such pleasure from us. Right?" Chewbacca growled in agreement.

One of the Weequays removed Luke's binder cuffs to prepare him for execution. Luke took a step forward and shouted, "Jabba! This is your last chance. Free us, or die."

Everyone aboard the sail barge broke into wild laughter. They couldn't believe the audacity of the foolish young Jedi. "Move him into position," Jabba spoke over the speaker to his guards aboard the skiff.

The Weequay prodded Luke with the end of his force pike, pushing the Jedi forward onto the skiff's extended plank. Luke looked to his right and exchanged a nod with Lando, then looked up to the main deck of the sail barge where Artoo appeared at the rail.

Saluting his plucky astromech droid, Luke stepped off the plank and quickly spun around in mid-air, grabbing the end of the plank and springboarding into a double flip back onto the skiff. A newly constructed lightsaber emerged from the concealed compartment in Artoo's dome and rocketed through the air, summoned directly into Luke's waiting hand. Igniting his green-bladed saber, the Jedi began slashing through the startled guards before they realized what hit them.

Aboard the barge's observation deck, all hell broke loose. "Get him! Get him!" Jabba shouted as his men scrambled to the windows and began firing their blasters at the lightning-fast laserswordsman. Two guards fell from the skiff into the Sarlaac's gaping mouth while Lando struggled with another, finally exposing himself as one of Luke's allies.

"Easy, Chewie," Luke said, hurrying to undo the binders around the Wookiee's wrists. Set free, Chewie joined the battle, protecting Han.

Leia knew she had to escape and help her friends. Quickly she grabbed the voice amplifier and smashed it against some controls next to Jabba, sending the observation room into total darkness. Nobody, not even Jabba, saw what she did, for they were too busy running around the room in a panic, trying to escape to safety.

Leaping over the Hutt's tail and onto his throne, Leia threw the long chain attached to her collar around Jabba's bulbous neck in an attempt to strangle him. It was her only chance of escaping from her enraged Master. Jabba choked and gagged in surprise, the chain's metal links pulling deep between the loose folds of his blubbery neck, garroting the scaly flesh and squeezing the life out of him.

Leia pulled with all her might, summoning strength she never knew she had. She focused her mind and body on one single goal -- killing the beast that had enslaved her and used her like a whore. Her anger drove her, her hatred burning inside as she pulled the chain inch by inch deeper into the Hutt's neck.

Jabba's massive body squirmed and bucked against Leia's chain, nearly tearing her arms off. Finally his copper-red eyes bulged and he gasped his final breath, his slime-coated tongue sliding out of his drooling mouth as he slumped forward, dead.

The Princess let go of the chain, panting for air, sweat running down her half-naked body. She had killed him, her Hutt Master. Strangled by the very chain he enslaved her with. Leia smiled, realizing the poetic justice of her actions, then dropped down from Jabba's throne and found Artoo rolling up to her rescue. She knelt by the faithful droid, lifting the chain that still leashed her to Jabba's throne. Artoo extended his electric cutter and sliced the links in two, freeing the beautiful Princess.

"Come on, let's get out of here," she said, rushing forward.

Artoo paused behind her, discovering his companion C-3PO lying on the ground, assaulted by Salacious Crumb. He zapped the pesky Kowakian vermin away with his cutter and helped C-3PO get to his feet.

Leia pushed past Ree-Yees, who was too drunk to see what was happening around him, and Max Rebo, who hurried to disassemble his keyboard so he could abandon ship. She headed for the stairs that led up to the main deck, only to halt in mid-step when a familiar face darted in front of her, blocking her path.

"Going somewhere?" said Melina Carniss, drawing her stun blaster and aiming squarely at Leia's chest.

"Get out of my way," Leia hissed.

Melina looked past Leia's shoulder, seeing Jabba's dead body in the dark observation room. She glared at Leia, filled with new rage.

"You've just put me out of a job, bitch! Jabba gave me the best life I ever had, and now I have nothing!" she screamed in fury, her hands trembling as she held the blaster. "I should kill you for that," she continued, forcing herself to calm down, "But I might just take you with me to make up for it. I bet there's some sex slavers in Mos Eisley that would pay me a fortune for you."

"Don't count on it," Leia gritted her teeth, ready to attack at Melina's first sign of vulnerability.

Suddenly a metal beam hit Melina on the back of the head. She reflexively fired a stun blast into wall beside Leia as she fell to the floor, unconscious. Leia gasped and looked over to see Rystall emerging from the narrow alcove that led into the kitchen, holding the beam in her hand. She smiled at Leia.

"Thanks," Leia said, moving to the stairs.

Rystall grabbed Leia's arm and stopped her, forcing the Princess to turn and look at her again. "Wait, just give me one thing to remember you by," Rystall said, leaning forward and kissing Leia's lips. Leia was taken aback by the surprising move, but did not resist. After a few seconds of brief passion, Rystall let go of her arm. "Now go help your friends," she said. Leia gave her one more brief look, wondering if they would ever meet again, and then ran upstairs. Rystall rushed off to join Max and the other band members who were making a fast getaway out the stern of the ship.

Up on the main deck, Leia was surprised to find Luke swinging his saber at more of Jabba's men. He must have jumped or swung onto the sail barge from the skiff. Leia noticed another guard manning one of the rail guns, getting ready to blast at the skiffs below. She picked up a discarded force pike on the deck and lunged at him, killing the brute before he could fire at her friends.

"Get the gun!" Luke shouted, motioning to the large turret cannon behind Leia. "Point it at the deck!"

Leia rushed for the cannon as Luke raised his saber high, carelessly catching a blast bolt in his artificial hand. He yelped and spun around, swinging his blade at the attacker. Then he noticed Artoo leading Threepio off the side of the barge, both falling safely into the sand down below.

With the barge cannon swiveled around and aimed downward to the deck, Luke rushed up and grabbed a long thick cable that hung from the sails above. "Come on," he said, grabbing Leia by her thin waist and holding her close to his body. Triggering the cannon to fire two powerful blast bolts into the deck behind them, Luke swung with Leia down to the skiff, now controlled by Lando and free from Jabba's guards.

"Let's go, and don't forget the droids," Luke told Lando.

"We're on our way!" Calrissian smiled, adjusting the skiff's controls and steering it above Artoo and Threepio, retrieving them from the sand.

The entire sail barge rocked and smoked, fire rapidly building throughout it's rusty interior. Suddenly, it blew apart in a great thunderous explosion as the Rebel heroes sped away to freedom.


The battle-worn skiff glided over the gentle slopes of sand across the Jundland Wastes toward the canyons in the east. Luke and Han tended to a minor leg wound Chewie had received during the battle, while Leia moved to the back of the skiff where Lando steered its controls.

"Is it much further?" she quietly asked, leaning against the skiff's railing.

"We're almost to the canyon," Lando assured. He adjusted a lever, decreasing the skiff's velocity. He tried to remain calm and casual, but grew uncomfortable standing so close to Leia. He felt he should say something about what happened in the palace dungeon last night.

"Leia, I..." he began with a whisper.

"I know, Lando," she interrupted, then continued in a hush-toned voice so the others wouldn't hear. "I understand why you did it and I forgive you. We'll just keep it a secret, okay? Han doesn't have to know what happened to me. Please don't tell him."

Lando contemplated her words, then nodded in agreement. He vectored the skiff to the left as they neared the rocky canyon. A sandstorm was approaching and they would need to travel through the passage for protection from the harsh winds.


The canyon soon became too narrow for Lando to navigate the skiff through and they had to leave the transport behind and walk on foot the rest of the way. Each of them bundled up in tattered blankets and rags found in the storage container on board the skiff. They covered their eyes with goggles to protect themselves from the powerful winds and blowing sand.

"The ships aren't too far, just another hundred meters!" shouted Luke over the wailing winds. He and Lando stood on each side of Chewie, supporting the tall Wookiee as he hobbled on his bandaged leg. Leia walked with Han, holding his hand as she tried to keep her exposed skin covered with the old brown cloak she wore. R2-D2 and C-3PO followed behind, barely keeping up with the rest of them.

The group of weary travellers came out into a large opening where the Millennium Falcon and Luke's X-Wing were safely parked, hidden from any Jawas or Sand People. After exchanging a few brief words, everyone parted, with Luke and R2 boarding the X-Wing and the rest of them rushing inside the Falcon to get out of the storm.

Lando helped Chewie to the Falcon's cockpit so they could get the old freighter running and get off this dustball of a planet as soon as possible. Han amd Leia headed for Han's private cabin to clean themselves up. C-3PO offered to assist them, but Han was quick to tell the goldenrod to stay in the main hold out of everyone's way. Threepio reluctantly sat down at the Dejarik gametable and hoped Artoo would have a safe flight with Master Luke.

After stepping into Han's tiny quarters, Leia discarded her dirty cloak to the floor and said, "I'm in dire need of a shower."

Han followed behind her, staring at the Princess' revealing outfit. It was the first time Han had actually seen Leia dressed in her skimpy dancer's costume since he had fully regained his eyesight.

"Care to join me, flyboy?" Leia added, turning to give him a wink.

"Um... sure, darlin'," Han grinned, surprised by the Princess seductive offer. They moved closer to embrace and kissed softly, two lovers finally reunited.

Their long passionate kiss led them to the bunk where Han sat down and Leia straddled his lap, choosing to forget the shower for the moment. She quickly unbuttoned Han's white shirt as he slipped the straps of her brassiere off her shoulders. Her luscious tits came into full view, the gold nipple rings surprising Han.

"What are these?" he said, cupping one of her small breasts in his hand and fiddling its ring with his thumb.

Leia sighed. "Part of the costume. His way of marking me as his property," she explained, referring to Jabba. "I can't wait to take them off and throw them out the garbage hatch."

Han's expression grew serious and he asked, "Leia... did he do anything... you know..."

"No," she lied. "He never got the chance before Luke arrived."

"I was so worried that he might," Han said, his voice sincere and full of genuine concern. Leia was deeply moved by his compassion for her, almost tempted to tell him the truth about what happened. But no... it could wait until some other time. Right now, she wanted to make love to her man. After many months apart, they needed to finally consummate their love once and for all.

Leia kissed Han again, expressing her love for him, then leaned back and unclipped the side of her metal waistplate, easily removing the bottom portion of her costume. Han gazed down at her wet hairless pussy, his mouth watering with anticipation. Leia reached between them to unfasten Han's trousers, fishing out his hardening cock with her hand.

With a sly, sexy look on her face, Leia lifted her body from his lap and then positioned herself onto the head of his erect penis. Han shuddered with the feeling of her delicate pussy lips grazing his sensitive cockhead. Just as Leia slid down onto the meaty prick with smooth silky ease, the entire ship shook as the Falcon lifted off from Tatooine and began it's ascent into orbit.

"Unnnghh," Leia moaned, feeling her entire body quiver with pleasure. The shaking of the ship added to the sensations inside her.

Suddenly a beeping sound emitted from the small commlink on Han's cabin wall. "Dammit," Han groaned, reaching over to grab it.

"Here, let me," Leia said, taking it from his hand. "It's gotta be Luke." She activated the beeping commlink and spoke into it.


"I'm taking off for Dagobah. I've got some unfinished business there," he said over the transmission. "Meet you back at the fleet."

"Hurry," she urged. "The Alliance should be assembled by now."

"I will."

Han twisted beneath Leia, his pulsing cock sending shivers up her spine. She stifled a moan as she handed the commlink to him. "Hey, Luke, thanks. Thanks for comin' after me," he said, rubbing his free hand over Leia's smooth ass. "I owe you one." He grinned, looking at Leia, who returned a warm smile as he set the commlink down. "Now where were we?"

They locked lips again, their tongues dancing together between mouths as Leia began sliding up and down on Han's stiff cock, grinding her hips as she slowly and sensually fucked the Corellian scoundrel.

Leia was free, never to serve as Jabba the Hutt's slave again. And yet, the experiences inside his palace had opened her eyes and awoken deep desires she had never known existed. She had discovered how wonderful sex could be and how good it made her feel. Leia could never go back to being a frigid virginal Princess again after all she had been through.

From now on, she would make love to Han every chance she'd get and indulge in whatever sexual pleasures her body craved. Yes, Leia was free, but she would forever be a slave to her own pleasures.

A Slave Princess.

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