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Eighth Day

The twin suns rosed above Tatoonie, the two globes of light once more cooked the sand covered planet. Oola did not sleep well last night, after all. Her only friend was just murdered and her disgusting master had diflied the dance that Oola tried to give as an remembernce to her friend. She had woken up early then normal.

I want to die...Oola thought as she sat upright, Jabba had allowed her to return to her normal spot on the throne. Oola was rocking gently her body as she took deep breaths trying to clam her nevers. If only I was never born, Kanna would still be alive.. If only I had never ran away, I would be still on Ryloth. If only...were some of the many thoughts going though her mind.

She then gently shook her head, the metal joint slightly jiggled. No...Kanna said I have a furture, I must survie until I escape. I will live to someday honor her life...Oola resolved to herself. Then just as she was feeling a glimmer of hope she saw something out of the corner of her eye.

Looking, she saw a creature by the corner of the throne, it was Crumb. She had not seen him for a while or perhaps she had so many things going on her mind, that she had complety forgoten about him. For the moment they just stared at each other, his yellow eyes staring at her brown eyes.

He then leanned onto his hands, "One worm dead." he sneered at Oola before dissappering. Oola grabbed a custion and buried her face into her, IDONTWANTTODIEIDONTWANTTODIE...she franticly thought to herself. Her sobbs were muffled by the custion. "I just want to live..." she said to herself.

Oola contined to hold onto the custion until it became later in the morning. The other members of Jabba's court were waking up. Yarna and Jess were now taken orders for breakfest, Oola looked longly at the two other slaves, I wish I could walk about freely without this leash on my neck...I wish I wasn't that monster's favortive...Oola thought to herself.

Then Jabba woke up, he smacked his lips and reached for his cup. Oola made the mistake of looking at Jabba, Jabba stared back at Oola. Oola quickly looked down realizing what a mistake it was looking at him. "My lovly little one, do you want to have a drink?" Jabba rumbled towards his slave girl.

Oola shook her head, the metal joint jiggled louder this time, Jabba though had differant plans. "Come." he stated to his Twi'lek pet, Oola's body shook she knew what would happen if she would reject his disire. Oola hands let go of the custion and went to her collor, "Please...master. I just woke up..." she lied to Jabba hoping that he leave her alone.

Jabba just tapped the button that would shock Oola, a jolt of pain went though her body. Oola sobbing from the pain, she then crawled to Jabba's side, "Please...please don't shock me." Oola wimpered. Jabba reached for the back of her head, his warty hands rubbed the space between Oola's lekku.

"I have a lesson for you to learn." Jabba rumbled to his slave girl, Oola eyes widen and she glaced at the cup that Jabba was stirring about. Jabba's hand brought her closer to him, "Open you mouth and hold the liquad in your lovly mouth." Jabba then tilted the cup towards Oola's mouth, Oola openned her mouth.

Oola flinched as the liquad splashed into her mouth, she could smell the achoal from it. She want to spit it out but that would probilly bring just more punishments. Jabba set aside his cup, he then took the sides of Oola head and brought his mouth closer to hers. Oola's body was shaking as Jabba licked her ruby red lips.

Oola closed her eyes as Jabba then began to lap the liquad out of her mouth. Oola bought her hands up and tried to pry herself from Jabba's hands. Jabba just held tighter as he then placed his massive mouth over Oola's lips. He sucked out all the liquad from Oola's mouth leaving her thristy. But he was not yet finished.

His tongue then slid back into her mouth, Oola wimpered for air. Jabba enjoy the feeling of Oola's smooth teeth rubbing his tongue. He slowly withdraw his tongue from his slave girl's mouth. Oola's body was trembling, she really wanted to run away from this place of defilement, torture and pain.

Goddess, please save me...Oola silently pray with tears in her eyes. She felt Jabba rub a hand agianst her face wiping a tear, she openned her eyes. Oola was staring into Jabba's orange reptiline eyes, he smiled at Oola. "Did you enjoy the pleasure of being my living cup?" Jabba rumbled to Oola.

Oola's lekku shrunk behind her back, a sick feeling swelled inside of her gut. Jabba's grubby hands slid down the side of her face and down to her shoulders. Oola could feel her body begain to stiffen in exictment, Jabba slipped his thumbs underneath the shoulder straps of Oola costume, he licked his lips.

"Good morning master." said Porcellus as he pushed the tabled laiden with food. Jabba gazed moved from his slave to the table. Jabba shoved Oola to the the left of his massive bluk, "Ah! breaskfest, one of the best meals of the day." Jabba rumbled. Feeling like she was no longer wanted Oola was about to crawl back to her spot when her leash was tugged on.

Oola recanized that look Jabba had on his face, he wanted her to feed him. She crawled back to Jabba's side and fed the massive slug. After the massive meal, Jabba gave Oola a reward of licking that tasty paste from his fingers and then he let her have her meal. Oola silently ate her meal and then placed her bowel on the table.

Any minute...she thought to herself, Any minute and Melina will become up from the dancer's pit with another girl to take my spot so that I can have some time from this monster...Oola thought. She let her legs dangle off the stone throne and tapped her feet on the sand covered trap door.

She waited and waited, Oola was axnoiusly tapping her white tipped nails against her fishnet covered thighs. What is taking her so long?...Oola thought, then Melina did show up. Oola's lekku wiggled in confusion, Why is she alone...was Oola's thought. Melina was carrying the make up case in one hand, she then walked to the side of the throne by Jabba's tail.

"Oola my dear, please come over here." Melina said with a fake smile. Oola crawled over to were Melina was waiting, "Melina, why isn't there another girl to replace me?" Oola asked in a hushed tone. Melina took a damp cloth and wiped off Oola's old eye shadow and replaced it with fresh make up. Floding over the cloth Melina then wiped Oola's ruby red lips.

Melina then took the clear glossy lipstick and rubbed it on Oola's lips. "M-Melina why aren't you answering me?" Oola asked, Melina then popped a glossy pill into Oola's mouth. Melina then put away all of the make up and was about to leave when Oola grabbed Melina's arm, "Why are you not taking me with you?!" Oola demanded of Melina.

With a sigh of disgused digusted she pulled her arm from Oola's grasp, "Don't you know that the favortive gets double duty on the weekends?" she stated. Oola's mouth dropped, "D-d-double?!" she said with disgust. "Yeah, Hutts have this consepted that the last day and the first day of the week are the same day. SO you are here until tomorrow." snarked Melina.

Oola covered her mouth, she wanted to scream out her disgust, her longing to get away from the monster that just killed her only friend. ""Oola sobbed though her covered mouth, Melina then left Oola alone. Oola bowed her head and rubbed her frowhead with both hands, Another day...ANOTHER DAY WITH HIM!!...Oola silently screamed to herself.

She glaced over her shoulder at Jabba, he was looking at her. With a grin he tugged on Oola's leash, though she did not want to go back to his side the memory of being shock was too fresh in her mind. She did go back to her master's side, he placed a hand on Oola's shoulder. "I want you to learn something." Jabba rumbled as he licked his lips.

A chill went though Oola's spine, Oh please don't molest me or shock me or make me eat some foul tasting thing...she silently wished of he master. Some how Jabba nodded his massive head towards his hookha, "I want you to stroke my hookah." he rumbled to Oola. Oola's lekku wiggled as she thought about what he said.

"I um...don't to stroke a hookah..." Oola slightly mumbled to her master. He gave a gutted laugh, "Ho, ho, you are so cute when you are confused. Bib teach her how to stroke my hookah." he rumbled to his servant. The male Twi'lek beckon to the female slave to stand and come to the side of the armrest.

Bib then showed how to start up Jabba's hookah pipe,putting water in the basin,sealing it, tighting of the pipe, the placement of the hash and letting it smoke. Oola had some trouble doing but a few jolts from her collor made her learn quickly. After it was finished, she went to give it to Jabba but he held up a hand.

"Have you ever smoked a hookah, my sweet?" he rumbled to Oola. Oola slightly shook her head, "No...I have not smoked anything." she replied. Jabba smiled, "Try it, after all you are my favortive." he stated to his slave. Oola glaced at the pipe, though it was metal there was a perament crust of slime from Jabba using it.

Ew...Oola thought as she put the tip of the pipe on her lips.A lever at the base of the pipe allowed the smoke to flow from the bowel. She accdently let too much of the foul smoke to enter her mouth and she coughted a couple time trying to catch her breath. Apeartly Jabba thought her coughing was funny, "Ha ha, you are just learning." he said.

After a couple times, Jabba finally told her that she was not to breath it in but to let the smoke roll though her mouth and let it gently escape. Now you tell me...Oola unhappy thought to herself, even after that tip, she did not like the taste of the foul smoke on her tongue. Jabba then took the pipe from her and had her return to the throne.

Oola returned to her normal spot on the throne, luckly for Oola she had saved some water from breakest. She let the water slosh inside her mouth and then spit it onto the sandy floor. Disgusting...Oola thought to herself, though the smoke was foul, it did make her more relaxed and unhaibited. Oola louged on some of the pillows when a person was brought before Jabba.

"Oh great and mightly Jabba, With reveance, I have brought some creature to please you oh might lord." siad the mercehent. Jabba tugged on Oola's leash to bring her back to his side and had her translate for him, for some reason the trader was glad to look at her rather then Jabba. "My master askes: What creatures have you brought before me?" said Jabba though Oola.

The merchent gave a bow, "Combat arachnids from Caridan, my lord." he stated. Oola could feel Jabba's belly shake out of exictment, "Ho ho! Did you send them down to my beast master to be ready for an expetioned?" Oola left out the "ho ho" part. mercent gave an another bow, "Yes, your mightness. I sent them down to your beast master." he replied.

Oola noticed the mercehent move off the trap door onto the metal floor. "Does your mightness want to see the creatures in action?" he asked. Jabba licked his lips, "Yes, I shall." Jabba then hit the intercom that was on his armrest. "Malakili, bring out the womp rats for combat." he rumbled.

Jabba then tapped the button that moved his throne forward, the mercehent had move to the side of the metal floor by Jabba's armrest. Oola looked down into the pit, the three monsterous womp rats sprang out of the darkness looking for prey. "My, those womp rats are quite big. It would be bad to be on the reciving end of those fangs" said the mercehent.

Oola's lekku twitched as they were stroked by Jabba's grubby hand. "Now let's watch some entertanment." rumbled Jabba as he played with Oola's leash. The sound of metal grinding could be heard, the womp rats turned their heads towards the noise and let out a savage snarl. " like to bet?" asked the mercehent to Jabba.

Jabba playfully rubbed Oola's back, "Not in the mood to gamble right now." Oola told Jabba's words to the mercehent. Then out of the darkness, three gems of green came schuttling. The bugs looked like across of a cockroch and a crab, thick shells with fierce looking claws. Oola could feel some drool from Jabba's mouth drip onto her back.

As Oola was about to wipe the drool from her back, in a flash one of the womp rats was on one of the arachinds. Though the womp rat was slashing and biting as much as it could, there was no damage to bug. Then it was the bug's turn to attack, it clamped one of it's claws onto the womp rat's legs and snapped it in two.

Oola covered her mouth and gave a gasp as the black furred monster gave a shierk of pain. Then the other bugs desended onto the wounded womp rat and shredded it to pieces. The two other womp rats had turned tail and were looking to escape. How sad...the hunter is now the prey...Oola thought to herself.

The bugs did not kill for food, they killed for terrioty and the womp rats were obsertcules. Not one of the bugs got hurt, while the womp rats were just piles of shredded meat. Jabba closed the grates, he tapped Oola's head, "How much do you want for those fine killers?" asked Jabba to the merchent.

After Oola translated Jabba's words the merchent gave a small bow, "Well each one not only is a most impressive hunter but thier shells can be sold for much, my lord." peddled the merchent. "SO, I belive their worth would be 15,000 each." said the seller of monsters. Oola could feel Jabba's belly shake.

"What! I had those bugs before and my rancor ripped them to shreds. They are worth 8,000 each." rumbled Jabba. The merchent scratched his head at Oola's translated words, "Well my lord," he stated dryly, "I could let them go for 9,000." said the merchent. Jabba's tail thumped about, "8,500 final offer." Jabba said though Oola.

With a sigh the merchent shook his head, "Alright, I will sell the arachinds for 8,500 each." he stated in a defeated mood. Jabba gave a chuckle and after the merchent left another person came following Bib. Oola heart sank, following the man were some bodyguards and a group of slave girls. They were all human, some lovly, some young and all very pretty.

"Good morning or is it afternoon? I don't don't know, Tatoonie has some strange cycles hey?" said the slave trader. Jabba right hand stroked the top of Oola's green head, "Ugh, just humans? Next time come, you better have more of a variety in your stock." rumbled Jabba. Oola translated his words, the slave trader shrugged his shoulders.

"Hey I get what I can, after all. The Empire is so focused on getting those rebels, that they don't care if some humans disappear." snarked the trader. Oola did not like that tone in his voice, Perhaps once the rebels are destroyed, the Empire will get rid of Jabba and the rest of these scum and set the other girls and I free from this place...Oola thought to herself.

"Alright, let's see what you have." Rumbled Jabba, the trader nodded at Jabba's translated words. "Of course." he stated, he then had most of the girls brought up to the front and had them remove their rags to Jabba's pleasure. Oola placed a hand over her mouth, each of the girls looked so sad, a couple of them would wisper out loud that they just want to go home.

"What about that one?" Jabba rumbled as he pointed to a girl. The girl was the most prettiest of the group with striking jet black hair and dark green eyes. Her breasts were large and her legs were long, her skin was like fresh cream. The only odd thing was that she was in a medical robe that wrapped about her body.

"Oh...that one." replied the trader to Jabba's translated question, "She was a late addtion and I was kind of saving her for the main martket." stated the trader. Oola glaced up at Jabba, she could tell by the lust in his eyes that he wanted this girl. "I want to see her, have her remove that robe." Oola translated Jabba's words.

The trader had her move up front, she sensualy removed her robe and let it fall to the floor. As her naked form stood there, Oola could feel drool drip from Jabba's massive mouth. "Oh, Ah ah, *licks lips* I want to taste that one, I want to taste her body. Melina do your thing quickly, I want to taste her." Jabba panted out loud.

Melina came up and snapped o her gloves, "Alright just hold...please back up into the light." Melina suddedly stated. The girl nervously stepped back to the center of the metal floor, Oola then noticed once the girl was in the light that there was a thin scar line that went from middle of her torse to the top of her belly button.

Strange...why is the scar so long and not at her waist?...Oola thought to herself. Melina barely put her fingers into the girls body when she leap back pulling her blaster from her hip. "DIVVIK! We have a DIVVIK!" Melina screamed out, all of the sudden, all the guards in the room were on high alert. Their guns pointed at the slave, trader and his group.

The trader and the slave girl was parazled with fear along with the rest of the group. "Woah, woah! W-what are you screaming about?! What is a divvik? There's no need to point your guns at us." said the trader neverously. A feeling of dread filled Oola's body, What ever the word "Divvik" meant it must mean something dreadful.

"A divvik is a delicacy that has gone horroribly wrong." rumbled Jabba, Oola quickly translated his words for the trader. The trader was nervously shaking, "W-what do you mean? All I see is a girl...that is naked." the trader nervously joked. Oola could feel Jabba tighten his grip on her leash, "Melina do what you will." he rumbled.

Melina nodded to Jabba then turned her gaze at the girl in the center of the room. "Put your fingers up your schutta hole, NOW." commanded Melina. The nervous girl looked at the trader, "What are you looking at me? Jut do it." snapped the trader who had several guns pointed at him. The girl slid her fingers up into her body and then, there was a snap.

The girl expolded. Oola gave a scream and buired her face into Jabba's belly. Oola could hear the other girls were sobbing histiralsy, Oola looked over her shoulder. There was a burnt mark on the metal floor about four feet wide were the girl was. The slave trader had his mouth hanging open out of shock.

Jabba's massive belly rumbled out of anger. "They tried to kill me! THEY tried to kill ME!" Jabba thundered at the trader. Before the trader could asked what Jabba was saying, he got hit in the face by a plate. "Bring them before me, bring them ALL before me!" Jabba bellowed out his commanded to his guards.

The guards roughtly headed the group before Jabba. The trader had a look of shock and bewildment as he was brought before Jabba. Oola could feel Jabba's anger though the tightness of her leash. Bib had appeared from the shadows and was by Jabba's side along with Mon. "Hey Jabba what was the explosation? Did you pass gas?" joked Mon.

Bib was more peddleding and grovling then before, "I can't believe that they tried to kill you, you worshipfullness." he grovelly stated. Jabba was taking deep breaths to calm himself down, "They tried to kill me...and they will suffer." Jabba dangerously seethed. Jabba then stroked Oola's head, "Oh my poor little one, you must be scared." he said as he petted her.

Oola obedantly nodded her head, she then glaced at the trader and his group that was surrounded by guards. "Now my sweet mint, you must focus. You shall tell them their punishment for trying to kill me." rumbled Jabba. Oola nodded her head, the metal joint jiggled at being shaken.

Oola then translated Jabba's words, "You faithless scum, I give you the honor of doing busniess with me and this is how you repay me?! You are Liars and bantha poop has more worth then you. I shall watch you fall into the great pit of carkoon were you all will slowly diguest for a thousand years."

The trader and rest of his group fell to their knees begging for mercy and that it not thier fault for the girl exploding. Jabba laughted as they were dragged off. With a grunt he moved his massive bulk off of his throne and slid to the elavator with Oola by his side. Once at the top, he slid onto his hover sled.

Oola sat by his side, she tucked her legs underneath her. Jabba wrapped one of his arms around Oola's shoulder and had the sled move to the garage. Jabba and Oola then board his large barge, glacing out of one of the windows Oola could see the trader and group of girls and weak bodyguards being forced onto one of the smaller skiffs.

With a bellow, Jabba ordered the barge to take off, it silently lifted off and went out of the garage. The smaller skiffs that carried the rest of the guards and the unlucky prisoners quickly catched up with the larger craft. Jabba had Oola entertain him by having her dance before him. Though it was a small place for a dance floor, Oola did what she did best and danced.

Oola emulated Sienn, with delicate, small steps and the weaving of her arms and lekku. Jabba was pleased with Oola, with a tug he had her on his belly. "I wish I had you when I was younger, my sweet mint. I would've had you by my side all the time." he chuckled as he lapped Oola's face with his tongue.

I thank the Goddess for the passage of time between us...Oola thought to herself. As she laid on Jabba's belly she thought how to escape, I can either be bought or sold, but that feels unlikly. I could try to run away but to get off world...or I could try to get a blaster and end it all..Oola thought to herself.

Then the barge came to a stop, Jabba and Oola went to the window. The skiff that held the trader and his group hovered by the edge of the pit. Oola noticed the girls were huddled at one end of the skiff while the trader and his bodyguards were being held up by Jabba's guards. Jabba wrap a hand around Oola's waist and had Bib talk though a loud speaker.

"Ahem, lisen prsoiners of the mighty lord Jabba the Hutt. If you wish to beg for your lives now is your chance to." he stated. idmedatanly the trader, his bodyguards and the girls were pleading for their lives. They mut have seen the Sarlacc, perhaps I can at least save the girls...Oola thought to herself.

Rubbing her green body against Jabba's belly, Oola hoped to entice him into aleast saving the girls from that horrible fate of being fed to the mouth in the sand. "Master." Oola purred to Jabba. Jabba shifted his gaze from the pleading prisoners to his beutiful slave girl. "Those girls could bring much pleasure to you if you let them live." she said pawing the corner of his mouth.

Jabba smiled and rubbed Oola's hips, "Oh ho, you are so lusty when you talk like that." he rumbled "But I can't let them live my spicy love. If one of those delicaties is bad, then whole batch is bad." he stated as he pinced Oola's thigh. Oola let out a small cry at being pinced, I sorry...I tried to save you...she thought to the pleading slave girls.

Jabba gave a yawn, "Bib those pleas aren't good enough." he rumbled. Bib nodded his head, "Lisen prisoners of the mighty Jabba, he had grow tried of your pleas and now you will die." stated Bib. Jabba then licked the side of Oola's face, "Have them push one of the girls in first. I wonder how thier screams will be." he mused to his majordomo.

Bib gave the command, one of Jabba's guards grab one of the girls who were huddled together. "NO! NO! IDON"T WANT DIE!! PLEASE LET ME LIVVV-" she was pushed over the side. Oola put a hand over her mouth to stop herself from crying out loud. The girl landed on the sand and slid into the waiting mouth with a scream.

Jabba laughted, "HA! That was a good scream! Now one of those pitthic "body guards"." rumbled Jabba. Next was one of the trader's guards, "NO! PLEASE! I'LLSERVEYOUMYLORD! I"LL-he was pushed off the side. He landed a little father from the mouth, he tied to crawl up but one of of the tenacules grabbed the man's leg and dragged him into the mouth.

This...exacution repeated itself ten times over, the last being the trader. Even as far away as he was, Oola could tell that he had soiled himself. He stared up at Jabba, he was pushed off the skiff with with a very loud scream. Jabba gave a laugh as the Sarlacc ate the trader, "I must say that trader had quite a scream." Jabba rumbled.

The barge returned to Jabba's palace, once more he had his hover sled go though the passages and down the elevator.Once they return to the throne room, Jabba slid onto his stone dais with Oola in tow. "Ah, how exticing was this morning, my sweet? Got some new pets, killed some scum all before nap time." Jabba rumbled to his slave girl.

Oola nodded her head, "Yes master." she replied to him. Jabba though playfully tugged on her leash, Oola took a custion and crawled closer to Jabba's side. She sat on the custion and curled up against his belly. Jabba petted Oola's head, "Good girl." he yawned. He placed a hand on her shoulder and went to sleep, Oola closed her eyes and fell asleep from the heat.

{C}Couple of hours later Oola woke up, she openned her eyes and rubbed them. She gave a deliacate yawn and smack her lips, Porcellus should become soon...she thought to herself. Oola looked about seeing the other members of the court ordering their food and drink. Jabba still had his hand on Oola's shoulder, Please wake up soon...she thought to herself.

He did wake up, he gave a mighty yawn and rubbed the corner of his mouth with his hand. Oola crawled back to her normal spot, she sat upright but with her gaze towards the sand covered trap door. Her hand stroked the black leash that connected to her collor, How to be free and be home...Oola thought to herself,...But is freedom a lie that I am needless clinging onto?

Her lekku twitch, Had I not ran away, would I be just satifesing the wants of other male who would do the same to me but with a chain of honor, family and marriage?...was the thought that had grown in her mind. She shook her head, the metal joint jiggled, Leave me you strange thought...I don't want to become deranged and perverted...she thought to herself.

But the thought did not go away, You are deciving yourself Oola, this is all your future holds for you...submit and find happiness in your servitude and enjoy the pleasures that your master gives you...said the thought. Oola wrapped her arms around her knees and gently rocked herself, Go away, I will be free one day, though flight or death...she silently told herself.

The gentle sound of the hover table came to Oola's ear lobes, she looked up and saw Porcellus coming with the food. "Good evening master." said the chef, Jabba gave a grunt and tugged on Oola's leash. She crawled back and did as she was told, feeding her master by dumping those plates into his gapping mouth.

Oola finished with the last plate and was about to reach for her bowel when Jabba tugged on her leash. "Pass your bowl to me, my love." Jabba slobbered to Oola. Oola's lekku twitched in disgusted but she did as she was told. Jabba streach his hand over to other bowel that was by his armrest and wiped a finger in it.

Oola knew what Jabba was doing, Oh! Oh! It's that really REALLY tasty paste!...Oola exictedly thought. Oola egerly shifted in her spot as Jabba brought the bowel back to Oola, he held it in his hand. Oola grasp his hand and ate from the bowel, "Ah....Ah." she gasped as she ate the food that was mixed with the paste.

Jabba smiled at how eger his pet ate from the bowl in his hand. He rubbed the back of her head, "Good Oola, good girl." he rumbled to her. Oola licked the bowel clean, she then looked up at her master smiling. He smiled back, "Kiss." he bleached out, Oola leanned onto his belly and puffed out her lips.

Oola was in a state of eurphioua as she kissed the slug. Oola then imaged Jabba's chin covered in that tasty paste, she delicaty licked his warty chin. "Hee, that tickles." Jabba rumbled to his lovly slave girl. Oola could feel her body becaming aroused, her breast were harded at the tips and a heat was building in her stomach.

Then Bib came up to Jabba's side, he wispered something to Jabba. Jabba gave a grumble, "Pause my sweet, I have business to atten." Oola stopped and just laid by Jabba's stomach. Oola had her lekku drapped over her shoulders as she looked on. Oola saw Bib go up a passage way and brought someone back with him.

A humaniod male walked behind Bib and came to the center of the room, he was in fine clothes and had two fricre looking guards with him. One was nasty looking Devaronian with a scar over his eye and a towering black furried wookie that was carrying a large silver case. "Hello, mighty Jabba." said the business man

Jabba gave a grunt and patted Oola's head indacating that he want her to speak for him. "My master welcomes you to his humble palace." Oola said. Oola was taken back by the leering in the businessman's eyes at her, "What have you brought me?" rumbled Jabba though Oola. The business man gave a small bow, "The usual." stated the bussiness man.

The bussiness man becocked the wookie forword, the towering wookie stepped forward and openned the case. Oola could feel Jabba's belly rumble out of exictment, "Oh ho ho, *licks lips* spice." Jabba rumbled. The humaniod business man smile, "So you like what you see?" he said out loud to Jabba.

The wookie then snapped shut the case and stepped back, "So since i know that you are man of quality more then quantiy." joked the business man, "Here is my price: 20,000 credits." he stated. Oola glaced up at Jabba, she could tell that he was about to began to negationate when the business man add some more words to his offer.

"But! I am a lover of beauty and noticed the fine creature by your side." Oola strunk from the leering gaze of the business man, "And I would lower my price for either the Twi'lek girl by your side or one of equal expreince." he stated. Jabba then discussed the offer with Bib, "First I want to make sure the quality is up to my standers." Jabba stated though Oola.

The business man gave a nod, "Of course." he stated, he then took the case from the wookie and set it on the ground. He put on some clear gloves and then openned the case, he then used a small pen knife to cut two deliacate strips from one of the blocks. After putting the two strips on a white cloth from his chest pocket, he handed the samples to Bib.

Bib took a sample and put it on his tongue and closed his mouth. The effect happenned almost imdently, Bib's eyes rolled up and he gave a sigh of pleasure, "Oh yes...It is high quality master." said Bib handed the cloth to Jabba. The effect took a longer on Jabba's mind possible do to the fact that Jabba weight many times more then Bib.

Jabba closed his eyes and let out a content sigh, "Pure spice." Jabba rumbled, Jabba then had Oola tell the business man that Melina will fetch a Twi'lek of equal beutiy and grace for him. "Oh I will wait, I wonder if the other girl will have as silky voice as you." he leering said to Oola. Oola's lekku twitched, I fear for Ruby and Amber...Oola thought to herself.

Melina then returned with both of the other Twi'leks in tow. The business man smiled at the two Twi'leks, "My, my, you really do have quite a harem, Jabba." said the humaniod. The business man then took some time examing the yellow and the red Twi'leks. He seemed to favor Ruby by the way he was touching her.

"Do you speak basic?" he asked Ruby, she nodded her head, "Yes, I do...sir." she said. He looked down at the rest of her body, "Strip." he stated, Ruby glaced at Oola and then closed her eyes, she did as she was told. The business man licked his lips, "Oh my...such deliacates." he said as he rubbed her breast, his eyes gleamed at her body's reaction to his touch.

"Kneel." he said to the trembling ruby red Twi'lek, she gently knelt on the metal floor. He put a hand behind her head and made a couple lewd thrust with his hips. "Perfect hieght, what is your name?" he asked, "R-Ruby." she said with a tremble. He smiled "Well after this little transaction, your name will be Cherry." said the business man.

Ruby gave the smallest nod as she looked to the floor, "Alright, I will lower the price to 10,000 credits." stated the business man. Jabba consulted with Bib about the price, "That is a fair price to pay for an experince slave." Oola translated with barly contained disgusted. "As a token of my good will, would you like a collor and restraint for your new pet?" stated Oola though closed eyes.

Oola did not want to see the business man's smile, "That would be great." he said. Oola openned one of her eyes and saw the business man choose a black leather spiked collor and a black leather leash. "Alright Cherry, lift up your chin." he stated. Ruby looked over at Oola with sadness and empathy in her eyes as the collor snapped tight about her neck.

"Looks good, come Cherry, come!" said the business snapping Ruby's leash up. Ruby or Cherry stood up and the business man wrapped an arm around her waist and left with his creds. The wookie gave the case to a pig guard and followed the Devaronian who was behind the business man. "Do you know how to clean a "Drill"?" "...Yes, master." "Good on the way back you can do mine on the way home."

Oola felt disgusted at the leaving business man, Jabba then rubbed Oola's head behind her leather headband. "Don't worry, my sweet. There will be more playmates for you to play with." he rumbled to her. Oola pouted and looked down, Ruby was a kind soul and Amber looked so sad when she left to go back to the dancer's pit.

Jabba then glanced down at Oola, "Stroke my hookah." he rumbled. Oola got up and replaced the hash, water and after a puff of the foul smoke gave the pipe to Jabba. "Ah...why don't you go and streach my love." rumbled Jabba to Oola. Oola gave a nod and went out to the metal for and streached out her legs.

Jabba watched as Oola streached out her nimble body, he licked his lips as the fish netting would pull, streach and reveal her velet green skin. Oola felt her leash beening tugged on, she looked up at her master. "Come here my little one, I have a lesson to teach you." he said with drool coming from the corners of his mouth.

Oola managed to fake a smile, "Of course master." she said, Oh Goddess please let me escape this place...she thought to herself as she climb onto the throne. Jabba setting aside his pipe, thighten Oola's leash so she was close to him. He reached out to stroke her shoulder, Oola flinched and wimpered at her depraved master's touch.

He smiled at her, "I think that you should learn about the feeling of touch." he rumbled. Oola's body trembled at the thought, "B-But you touch me so much." Oola said in a flirty tone. Jabba laught, "Ha! Yes, I do touch you much. But it is time for you to learn the stuble arts of touching me." he slobbered to his slave.

Oola could not hold back a wimper, "T-T-Touch?" she stuttered. Jabba added another layer of slime to his lips, "Every girl has a touch that is bond within her body. The bond of submission, you just have to find it, to explore it, to...please me." he leered at her tugging her into his belly. Oola had put her hands against her master's belly out of reaction, "O-Of course." she said.

She then began to rub his belly, the folds of fat that rolled off his chin. She used her nails to scarach the warty chin. Jabba closed his eyes, "Hmm, yes just like that." he rumbled with half closed eyes. He wrapped an hand underneath her arm, his fingers stroking her back. "Closer my love. Closer! Rub your body, your scent, your spice on me." he commanded.

And she did, she pressed her fish net covered body against his fat belly. She nearly stood up grinded her breasts, her torse and hips against her master's stomach. The heat from early was builting up in her body, though she had not even danced, beads of sweat were forming on her velvet green body.

Oola let a gasp of pleasure escape her ruby red lips, the tips of her breasts were aroused and ready to be fondled. Jabba had scooped another fingerful of that paste and held it out on his finger. Oola egarly openned her mouth to recive it but Jabba played with her, "Let the heat built up my love. Let you body move to the heat, the primative lust." he rumbled.

Oola gave a moan as she pushed up on Jabba's belly, her tongue lapping the air between her and the paste covered finger. Jabba's right hand slid up and down her back, his left playfully dipping down and barly touching her lips. Oola's lips eagrely sucked down the paste that was on the grubby finger, after all, it was the only thing that made her happy in this dark place.

Oola licked Jabba's finger clean, he had brought his right hand up and now was grasping her head. Out of reaction, Oola's body jerked upright and away from Jabba's. He though had complete control over her at this moment. He licked his lips, for some reason Oola thought she saw some paste on Jabba's lips. She brought herself back to him and leanned in to lick.

She gently licked the slimey lips that had defile her, she could taste the faint presense of the paste on his lips. She licked and licked, like an pet that had found the taste of it's favortive scrap on it's master's lips. Jabba's hands slid down Oola's trembling body, he felt the sides of her hips and the exposed skin of her buttocks.

"Now, dance. Dance like a lover before the belove. If you desire to resist, resist like a lover before falling into love's embrace." Jabba said to his lovly slave girl. Oola some how pulled herself away from the disire to lick her master's lips. "Yes master." she said in a lusty tone. She slipped off the throne and went to the middle of the metal flooring.

Oola glaced over her shouldeer to she if she had any dance partners. The other girls had come up from the dancer's pit, the two girls that stood on the metal floor were Raca and Lavander. Raca was in brown leather bikini that had fringes on the bottom. Lanander was in a black and white bikini that was showing off her naked form.

Oola and the two other girls came to gather, Lavander was trembling, "A-Amber said that we may have to touch each other...Do we have to?" wispered Lavander. Raca shrugged her shoulders, "You girls can finger me tencules oky?" she stated. Oola nodded at Raca's suggestion, "Well...can you touch my arms then?" Lavander suggested.

Oola was about to nod when a loud twang come from Jess's guiter indcating that they should get ready. Oola and the other girls took suggestive poses, Jabba raised his free hand that was not holding onto Oola's leash. "Play!" he bellowed, Jess struck up a exotic tone with her guiter, it was quick and upbeat.

Oola and Raca were two tops of swirling green while Lavander was the black center of the living storm. Lavander was aware to slip underneath the leash when ever Oola dance to another side. Raca was very good at dancing, leapping at the same height as Oola and moving at the same beat as her.

Jabba was very pleased with their performance, he playfully tugged on Oola's leash wanting her to come closer. With a nod, Oola and the other two dancer sultry walked towards Jabba's throne. Jabba's eyes became slits as he watch thier senous foreplay, Raca was first. Raca had her arms up and the Twi'lek and Human girls stroked her tencules.

Jabba licked his lips as the girls routated, Lavander's black and white bikini tantalzling her creamy white body as she playfully struggled as the two green dancers pulled at her arms. Next it was Oola's turn, she went back to back with Raca rubbing her back with her's. Oola's long lekku entwined with two of Raca's tencules.

Lavander leanned forward and stroked Oola's fishnet leggings, her breasts wiggled as they hang in the loose bikini. Jabba lusted for his slave girl to come to him, he jerked on Oola's leash pulling her from the two other girl. "Come!" he bellowed to his beutiful Twi'lek slave girl. Oola glaced back and nodded to the other girls that they should go on dancing.

Lavander reluctantly returned to dancing to Jess's tune with Raca. Oola turned her gaze to her master, Jabba had already tighting the leight of her leash perventling from going back. He said I could playfully resist as long as I embrace him...Oola thought to herself. Oola grabbed onto her leash with both hands, "No!" she pouted as she jerked back on her leash.

It must have been the fish netting that made her body so desireable, the pulling on her fleash, her "deliacaties" curves showning. Jabba lustfully pulled on her leash, "Fiesty! So fiesty!" he declared. Oola felt the heat of lust in her body, she want to resist to wet his appetite for her struggling velvet green body.

Another jerk had brought her over the trap door, Oola planted her feet and jerked backwards, whipping her lekku in the air. Oola was panting, "AH!...AH! Master! Harder! Pull me harder!" she cried out loud. Jabba then pulled on her leash harder, he sctreached out his right hand, "Come, my love! Come!" he thundered.

Judging by his tone Jabba mean that, so Oola playfully got up on his throne. A tug and Oola was laying on his belly, Oola push on her master's fatty, sweaty, belly. Jabba then twisted his slave girl's body and grabbed the shoulder straps of her dancing costume. Oola gave a cry as Jabba stripped her down to her waist band.

His hands grabbed onto her breasts, kneading them and making her squel out in pleasure. "Master! Master!" Oola cried as she pulled on his hands trying to be free. Jabba's tongue lapped her skin underneath her collor, she gave moan as the saliva dripped down her back. Her eyes rolled up as her master's right hand went down and stroke the vinyl cover of her waist.

Oola felt the twin petals of her body's flower bloom in exictment. She gave a moan as Jabba's hand slipped underneath and entered her body. Her body jerked up and she rolled her body his grasp from the pleasure. "Oh...Oh!" Oola moaned out her lust. Oola's hips gave a jerk, her body went rigid and her mouth was open and she gave a gasp.

The releasing of body fluid made her relax, all that heat from early was gone and she felt extremly placid. Her body went limp in Jabba's grasp, Jabba's left hand moved up her body and went under her chin. He tilted her head back and licked her lips, Oola was taking deep breaths to cool her body down while beads of sweat glisned on her body in the twilight.

"Ah my sweet, I could feel your passion for me in your body. You are longing for my touch, my spice spider." he rumbled. As Oola was recovering from a lustfully state, she felt shame and embrasment that she enjoyed her master's touch. "Yes...master." she stated. The party wrapped up and Oola slept in her master's arms on her eight night.

Ninth Day
The twin suns dawned over the sands of Tatoonie, Oola woke up and gave a deliate yawn. After smacking her lips, she realized that she had slept with her breasts still exposed. Oh how embrassing...she thought as she went to pull her costume over her breasts. Then another thought came to her mind, What was so embrassing? After liked it...said the thought.

Oola's lekku twitch against her master's belly, No...I didn't like it for one second...I was just...playing a role...Oola thought back. The thought chuckle, Oh my...denial is just one of the many signs of said. Oola was getting iratated at this thought. Will you just go away!...I will some day escape this place and be free...she snapped.

The thought just scoffed at her, Oh really!...It snarked, Were are you going to steal a ship to take you-...did I just think that?...the thought mused. Oola's eyes did widen at the suggestion, That's right!...I could steal one of the skiffs in the garage and then when I get to that dirt town I can sell it to get off world!...Oola exictly thought.

Whoa, whoa, whoa!...Don't you know what will happen to you if you get caught trying to run away?!...the thought cautionsly said. Oola bit her lip, death and possible a rather painfully death could await for her. She though shook her head, Kanna tried...but I will succused and I will be free from this terrible place of pain and fear...she thought.

The thought sighed, You are going to regat that...just submit and be happy with you lot in life...the thought stated. Oola tugged at her costume, covering her breasts. When I am free I will free all the other girls from this place and we will all live happly ever after on Ryloth without any fear...Oola happyly thought.

...Now you are just beening deloustion...Your father would be waiting for you and how will he react to you running away?...said the thought. One of Oola's tatooed eyebrow twitched, Oh my Goddess! Father would be furious and-and...Oola couldn't finish her thought when Jabba moved in his sleep realease his grip on her body.

Oola held onto the metal joint of her leash to pervent it from annoyly jingle at her movment. She sat upright in her normal spot gently rocking herself back and forth, ...Father would forgive me...he would forgive his emerald and Nolaa...I would do anything she ask for, never ever abadoning her again...Oola resolved to herself.

...She'll never forgive you, she'll never forgive you for slapping her and rejecting her pleas...snapped the thought. Oola rolled her eyes, she noticed that the other members of the court were getting up and giving out the breakfest order's to Jess and Yarna. She'll forgive me...I am her sister...Oola thought back.

Yeah well...Hey, what day is it?..the thought asked. Oola cradled her lekku between her knees, Um...I think the ninth day here...why?...Oola thought to herself. Almost puppet like, the thought counted out the days on Oola's fingers, seems that every third day Jabba releases his waste and I would rather not smell it...stated the thought.

Oola's body stiffend out of disgust, she turned to the side and she was sitting were he would dump his waste. "Oh no." she wispered as she glaced back up at Jabba, the last time he dumped his waste was on the sixth day up in his privite room and Oola was on the other side of the room from the smell.

Jabba's eyes fluttered openned and he grabbed his drink and drunk from his cup. With a blach he ready his bowels to release, Oola then cwarled up closer to Jabba's side and away from the smell. Another ten long mintues pass as the disgusting smell filled the air, Oola closed her eyes and cover her mouth and nose with her hands.

I will escape from this place...she thought to herself. Oola felt Jabba's right hand pat the top of her head, she looked up at her master. Jabba smiled at his slave girl, "Ah my sweet. Come to play this morning?" he smacked his lips. Oola shook her head, "" she whimpered as Jabba lifted his cup and pulled on one of Oola's lekku causing her to reach back and open her mouth.

"Open up, my jade cup." Jabba slobbered as he poured the contents of the cup into her mouth. Oola gagged as the achoal sloshed about in her mouth, it was too early for any type of strong drink. Jabba then set aside his cup and grabbed Oola's head in both hands. "I love those red lips oh your's, my little one." Jabba said.

Oola wimpered as Jabba lapped the drink out of her mouth. She want to throw up and be rid of the bitter taste in her mouth but she had no choice but to endure. Jabba smack his lips after finish drinking from his slave girl's mouth. " will you please me?" he rumbled to his trembling slave girl.

Oola glaced over to his hookah pipe, "May I...stroke your hookah?" she asked. Jabba glaced at his hookah and then back at Oola, Oola gluped hoping that he would allow her to do be momentartly free from his grasp. "Temping...but I was expecting something else before you had you meal." Jabba rumbled.

Oola shrunk in her master's grasp, "Please...Oh please I just got up and after last night-" Jabba placed a finger over her ruby red lips stopping her mid sentence. "Ah yes...I want to use that lesson of touch to please me." Jabba said licking his lips. Oola's body trembled, she obedantly nodded, "Yes master." she said going closer to him.

Jabba hand removed his hands from the sides of Oola's head and placed them on her shoulders. Oola then began to kiss the folds of fat that made up jabbas chin, Oola kept her eyes closed as she pleased her master by kissing and licking his chin and lips. "Good girl Oola, good girl." he rumbled with half closed eyes.

I will escape...Oola kept telling herself as she licked the warty fleash of Jabba the Hutt. Then the gentle sound of Porcellus hover table came to the throne room. "Good morning master." said the cheif pushing the table full of Jabba's favortive meals. Oola was about to leave Jabba's belly when he pushed down on he shoulders.

"Who told you to stop?" Jabba rumbled to Oola, Oola's eyes darted down and away from Jabba's orange eyes. " Your food is-" Jabba slid his hands up from Oola's shoulders to her throt choking her. "Until I tell you to stop. You will please me with your body, understand me slave." he thundered at Oola.

Oola clawed at the hands that were choking her, "Yes master, yes master." she managed to gag out. Though he had stopped strangling her, Jabba held Oola by the thront. He forced her against her belly, "Lick, slave." Jabba stated. Oola franical struggled for air, finding angle so she could breath she licked until her tongue was numb.

Jabba rumbled out his pleasure, "That is much better, my sweet mint." he said as he rubbed Oola's lekku. Oola's body was trembling at his touch, Please don't choke me, please...was her thought as she licked away. Jabba then gently push Oola away from him. "Now you may feed me." Jabba rumbled to Oola.

Oola wiped her lips of the drool and the slime, "Yes master." she said weakly. She grabbed plate after plate and fed her master, after all the plates were empty, Oola sat on her knees awaiting for Jabba to allow her to eat her meal from her bowl. Jabba had Oola give him her bowl, he spat into it, "Here Oola, I have made it sweeter." he rumbled.

Oola took the bowl and smiled with barly disgusied disgust, "Thank you master." she said as she used the spoon to eat her food. I really hate you...she maliously thought at Jabba, though her food was covered in spit, she ate her food. After she was finished, she handed the bowel to Porcellus who had a look of smypath.

As Porcellus left Melina came up with Oola's replacement, it was poor Lute. Her gray body ws covered in a golden looking cloth and had a ring about her head that had golden tasstles. Lute's body was trembling out of fear and probily disgust, "Ho ho, *licks lips* a golden fish as landed on my plate." rumbled Jabba.

Melina gave Lute a push and held out a hand to take Oola's leash. Lute unhapply sat by Jabba's belly, Jabba handed Oola her leash. "I think my little one has learned not to run away, Melina." Jabba rumbled. Melina shot a look of distrust at Oola, she gave a small bow "If it is master's wish." she said.

Jabba patted Oola's head, "I trust you my love. Don't think of betraying it." he rumbled. Oola gave an obedanit nod, "Yes master." she said. Oola slid off of the throne and left the throne room. As Oola walked down the familer passage, she stop and wrapped her arms around her stomach and she closed her eyes as she remembered what happed the last couple of days.

She could feel tears coming to her eyes, "Oh Kanna..." she was about to cry when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She spun around wilded eyed and afraid of who it could be. It was Jess, she had follow Oola from the throne after serving breakfest. "Hey." Jess stated, "You did well, Oola." she said to the Twi'lek.

Oola fell to her knees and cried her heart out, bitter tears fell from her eyes as she cried. Jess quickly knelt down and held the sobbing Twi'lek in her arms. "It's ok. It's ok to cry." Jess calmy said. Oola buried her face into Jess's shoulder, her body was shaking out of pain, of stress. "WHY? Why did Kanna have to die?! Why?" she cried.

Jess was rocking Oola's body in her arms, "Perhaps...she did not want to be another link on your leash. She did not want to be remembered as a depraved but as one who would bare the suffering of torture and death then molest her friend, her sister." Jess said with a waiver in her voice.

Oola leanned back out of Jess's arms and against one of the stone wall of the passage way. She placed her hands over her eyes, she cried some more as Jess looked with sadness at her. "Oola, Oola, you have endured so much. Now time to rest, please?" Jess said with tears in her eyes. Oola hiccuped acouple of time before she calmed down, "Alright, alright." she said.

Jess smiled and stood up and offered her hand to Oola, "I'll get you something to eat, some thing desent." she said. Oola grabbed onto Jess's hand and pulled herself up, "Yeah...that would be very nice." she said with a small smile. Jess walked with Oola back to Dancer's Pit, "You know how to open it right?" Jess asked Oola.

Oola typed out the door code and the door slid openned. Jess smile, "I'll be back." she said as she walked off. Oola walked into the room that she shared with the other girls. She closed her eyes, Alright time to relax, time to fin-Oola thought was interupted by a scream. And when she openned her eyes she was nearly knocked over by a naked girl.

"DON"TLETTHEMTAKEMEDON"TLETTHEM!!!" screamed Lavander, who was hidding behind Oola. Oola quickly looked about the room and obsevered the situtaion. Lisa and Silk had Raca, Amber on one side of the room and Caelia, Cystel and Pure were in the middle of chasing Lavander for some reason.

That reason was soon explained, Caelia gave an annoyed growl and point at Lavander. "Lav! Come back to the cleaning room or else!" Caelia said in a hrash tone. "NONONO! I won't come! I don't want to be depraved to you!"Lavander sobbed out in fear. Oola looked over at Raca and Amber, "They are trying to do something to Lavander, Oola!" exclaimed Amber.

Caelia shifted her gaze at Amber, "Shut up you schutta! Who told you to interfer with our affairs!" she snapped at the yellow Twi'lek. Raca was trying to push her way though but Lisa and Silk were quite set in blocking her. "Lav! Come over here from the aliens and learn how to love your own spieces!" Snapped Caelia at Lavander.

It was Oola's turn to speak, "What are you girls doing? Can't you see Lavander wants to be alone?!" Oola exclaimed. Caelia bit her lips, probily thinking about the consquences of talking to shraply at the master's pet. "Oola," Cystel said stepping forward, "We are just trying to teach Lav a new trick. One that would make her happy." Cystel said sincerly.

Oola could feel Lavander trembling behind her, "Don't let them take me. Oh please Oola." Lavander wimpered to the green Twi'lek. Caelia was detemin to get the black hair girl, "Oola! You don't have to worry. I will take good care of Lav, she is just confused about what she has to do." Caelia said with a fake smile.

"Confused!? Confused!?" Lavander snapped over Oola's shoulder. "You and your perveted group of-of flith were going to molest me and make me a schutta to your whims!" Lavander declared. Oola looked at Lavander then back at Caelia and her group, "Is...this true?" Oola said in a bewilded tone.

Caelia's face was getting red, Oola then realized that all of the human girls were naked and thier bodies were showing the signs of being in heat. Caelia gave a hiss as she put her finger into her mouth, "I want that body...I want to feel her struggle. I want to make her cry." Caelia said with lust in her voice. Oola was taken back at Caelia's leering.

Crystel took a step forward, "Oola, You...know that we can never have childern. But taking a girl into our arms." she reached out and took Pure by the waist. Pure looked up with affection, desire and closed her eyes as Cystel gently kissed her. "See Oola, see how happy Pure is. It is forgien and strange but once the fear is gone there is only pleasure." Crystel said.

Oola and Lavander were not conviced by any means, "Crystel, don't try to say a wrong makes a right just because it feels right." "But-" "No Cystel, you and Pure and Caelia are being corrupted by this place of pain and fear. We need to escape from here somehow we need t-" Caelia gave a snarl that interupted Oola.

"SHUT UP! There is NO escape! NO way out! We will all DIE in this place just like that schutta Kanna. Just because of your stupid hope and being stronger willed then us, makes you better then us!? You wanted to drill Kanna didn't you!? You wanted to feel her body, you wanted to hold her down and make her your schutta, right!?" Caelia ranted.

Oola looked at the raging human girl with shock, "...What did you say?" she said. Caelia was in a state of blind hate, "I knew from the first day you were here that you wanted to SUCK that WORM head's SCHUTTA hole. So I told Melina that and then best thing happened, Kanna died screaming like a-"

Oola belted Caelia across the face with a heavy slap. Everyone in the room did not expect that coming from Oola, Oola's body was shaking from rage. "How...dare you..." Oola dangerously hissed at the human girl. Caelia's eyes grew wide out of realaztion that Oola could have her killed. "Wa-wa-wait a mintue Oola, I was just alitt-"

Oola hit Caelia with a back hand that sent the human sprawling on the ground. "HOW DARE YOU SPIT ON KANNA"S NAME!" thundered Oola. Caelia looked wildly about and after realizing that the other human girls would not help brought up her arms. "IAMSORRY! I am sorry Kanna was killed, really." Caelia pleaded.

Oola pulled at her chin strap and then pulled off her head band. "...O-Oola...w-what are you doing?" whimpered Caelia. Oola held her headband in her hand, She killed Kanna...make her pay...she desevers it...that dark thought that dwell in Oola's mind told her. Oola gripped the headband tight, Hit her face...scar her...hissed the thought.

Oola knew that if she brought down her headband down fast enought, she could hurt Caelia with the metal head piece. Oola leanned forward, she rosed her cleached fist with the headband. Caelia realized to late what Oola was about to do, her face was exposed and unguarded as Oola brought down her make shifted club.

But the hit never came, someone was holding her hand back from hitting Caelia. Oola glared back and was about to hiss something when those words died on her lips. Jess had come with the plate of food for Oola, " going on." Jess coldly stated. Lisa and Silk darted away from Raca and Amber and joined Crystel and Pure.

Caelia scurried to her feet and join the other human girls. Before Oola could say anything, Lavander moved up and spoke to Jess, "Oola was protecting me from them. They want me to be their schutta, Oola did nothing wrong." she said with a tremble in her voice. Jess turned her gaze at the group of human girls then to Raca and Amber.

"What happpen." Jess said to Raca, it was impossible to see if Raca had shifted her gaze at the human girls. "Well you see Jessy girly. It was bit after Melina bossy had taking Lute girly up to the big room when them." Raca then nodded her tenculed head at the group of human, "Said to Lavy girly "Come to the wash room." and she did and that was big mistake because-"

"Why aren't you asking one of us what happened Jess?!" interuppted Crystel. Crystel shruck about a foot from Jess's stare, "Contiue Raca." Jess stated. Raca gave a sigh, "Well, so big mistake, them peeled off Lavy girly's dress and most of them were holding her down when me and Amber girly went in to stop them."

Lavander gave a nod confiming what Raca had said, Raca scrached the side of her head. "Then them two," pointing to Lisa and Silk," pushed me and Amber girly aside while the rest of them ran after Lavy girly. But Oola girly appeared and guarded Lavy girly, Caely girly made some bad words that made Oola anger and Oola slappity slapped her and then you came." Raca finished.

Jess gave a heavy sigh and handed the plate to Oola, "Which one of you is the leader?" snapped Jess to the group of human girls. The girls looked at Lisa and Caelia who looked at each other, "Um you are!" "NO, you are!" Lisa and Caelia said to the other. Jess gave a hiss as the two human girls argued with each, "BOTH of you then!" snapped Jess.

Lisa and Caelia reluctedly stood before Jess, they both had a look of worry on their faces. "What...made you think, that you could make a schutta out of Lavander?! Huh! Caelia, look at me!" Jess snapped at the blode haird girl. Caelia was looking down and kneading her hands, "...Well Orhara did it to us and it made us happy..." she muttered.

Jess rubbed her brow in furstation, "Why can't that Zeltron stay dead." mummered Jess. Oola was eating her food as Jess grilled the two girls, "Don't you girls know what will happen if Melina finds out?! Wait, before you answer, I want to know is this your thing Caelia or was it a group thing?" Jess hissed.

Caelia cleached her hands into a fist, "Um...ah..." Caelia stuttered. Jess's eyes drilled thought the human girl, "It was a group thing wasn't it." she bluntly stated. Caelia shook her head, "No no, it wasn-" Jess stabbed a finger at Caelia, "Are you lying to me?" there was danger in the tone of Jess's voice.

Caelia was now shaking, "Please's just...I have been having long nights and I-" Caelia stopped talking from Jess's glare. Jess then turned to Lisa, "Were you part of this?" Jess asked Lisa. Lisa brushed some hair from her face and muttered something, Jess was getting annnoyed, "Were ALL of you part of this!?" Jess snapped at the humans girls beside Lav.

The human girls just stood there with their heads down in guilt. Jess shook her head, "I am very disappointed it you. In ALL of YOU!" she snapped at the group of humans. "Melina will somehow find out and people will start dieing and it is all you're FAULT!" Jess pointed at the girls. Crystel took a step forward, "But Ohara did for a while and Melina-"

Jess pulled at her white hair, "OHARA THIS! OHARA THAT! Is Ohara your god, your standard?! Melina let Ohara do what is she want, because she could pull in a hutt's weight of credts! She brought in more creds then most of you combie! Melina will skin any girl that drills another out of fear that master will find out." Jess said.

Oola had finished her plate and wa holding it as the group of human girls were shaking at the thought of master finding out. Jess brushed her hair with her hand, " it. No more, if I hear a wisper of any of you screwing around. I will tell Bib and I can tell you that he will find ways to make your deaths entertaining for master." Jess stated.

The group of human girls gave some nods, "Yes Jess." "We will behave Jess.", for some reason Oola thought she saw some of the human girls gave some snid glaces at Jess and at Lavander. "Lavander, go get your dress." Jess said to the black haired girl. Lavander quickly did as she was told and returned putting it on.

Oola was about to hand Jess her plate when a thought came to her, "Um Jess, could you show me the kichens?" Oola asked Jess. Jess thought for a moment and then nodded her head, "Master trusts you, he allowed you to walk without Melina following you so...yes I can show you." Jess said with a smile.

Oola also smile and was about to leave when she felt a hand on her shoulder. Oola looked back and it was Lavander, "C-Can I come with you?" she asked Oola. Oola looked at Jess who shurrged her shoulders, "Sure, we all could go for a bite. Anyone else?" Jess asked. Amber and Raca shook their heads, "We just want to sleep for now." they replied.

Caelia and her group were silent and just kept to themselves. Jess, Oola and Lavander walked a little bit and came to the kichens. Oola recanoized Porcellus, who was the head cheif, a teenage boy that had matty red hair. A male humanoid, who must of been the bucther, was in the process of cleaving some meat from some dead animal.

"Hello Porcellus, how are you today?" said Jess. The chief was in the process of making some sort of dessert, "Oh, hello Jess. seems you have brought some fellow dancers with you." Porcellus said spying Oola and Lavander. Jess gave a smile and nodded to Oola, "Master trusts Oola, he has let her walk about without Melina watching her every step." Jess stated.

Porcellus gave an appoving nod, "Ah that is good then, ha ha." he gave a nervous laugh. He looked at Oola and gave a sigh, he went over to an fenced off area went insided and got something. He came back and smiled at Oola, "Close you eyes and hold you hand out." he said to the Twi'lek.

Oola did as she was told, she felt something being placed in her openned hand. "Open your eyes." said the chief, Oola openned her eyes. In her hand was a carmelized beinegh, with powder suger on top. "It's yours, try it." said Porcellus, Oola bit into the biscut. It was the most delicious thing she had in her life even more then the paste that Jabba would give her.

Oola wolfed it down, she even went as far as to lick her fingers of the suger. The chief chuckled, "My, you really like the biscut, miss Oola." Oola gave a satfised nod hoping that he would ask if she would like another. "Hey Porcellus, why don't you give me one?" whin the kichen boy who was perparing a for the evening meal.

Porcellus gave a grumble and ran a hand though his short black, greying hair. "Becuase Phlegmim, you have HAD one already." snarked the chef. Phlegmim grumbled something and contiene his work. "Um Porcellus." Jess said out loud, the chef looked at Jess, "Do you think that you could keep an eye on Oola and Lav while I go do something?" she asked.

Porcellus gave a sigh, "Ah...sure, just be quick." he stated. Jess gave a smile and as she walked out of the kichen, she paused and turned to Oola and Lavander, "Now be good for Porcellus and don't get into trouble." she said. Both Oola and Lavander nodded to Jess, "We will be good." said Oola.

Jess gave a nod and then lefted, Porcellus gave a sigh and turned his attence to the two slave girls. "Ok, now there are some rules in my kichen that you MUST follow." he said. Oola and Lavander quickly focus on lisening, "First: NO TOUCHING THE FENCE." he stated pointing at the fenced off area. "You will get shocked...RIGHT Phlegmim." the boy grumbled in responce.

Then he held up two fingers as if to empthises his next point, "Second: KNIVES ARE OFF you." he stated. "You will stay on this side of the kichen and if you think of getting a knife I will get the guards...I really hope that you wil stay on that side." Porcellus said. Both Oola and Lavander nodded thier heads, "We'll be good." they said.

Oola and Lavander sat on some chairs that were in the corner. Oola had her lekku drapped down her chest, she played with the tips with her fingers as she waited for Jess to come back. Her mind was working on a plan to escape, Soon it will be that nap time everyone takes...If I can just leave I could go up to the garge and steal a skiff...Oola thought to herself.

That dark thought though had it's own thoughts, Ha! As if you could steal a skiff and pilot it. When did you have flying lessons, in you dreams? scoffed at her. Oola rolled her eyes, Will you just shut up and let me think! I can do it...if I put my mind to it...Oola thought back at the thought.

Lavander shifted in her chair, "It's so hot." she whinned, Oola fingered her lekku that were cover in sweat. It is hot...Oola thought to herself, Oh my, how long did you take to figure that out?...With that funace nearby everybody is hot...the thought sracastly said. Oola glaced over at the furnce that was cooking so many differant foods.

I wish I could have something to drink...Oola thought to herself. Jess must have been taking her time, Porcellus was finished and drumming his fingers on the table that he used to prep meals. "Do...either one of you know how to bake?" Porcellus asked the two girls, Lavander sadly shook her head, "I do." said Oola.

Porcellus wipe a towel against his wet forehead, "Good then you can show miss..." "Lavander" "Lavander, pretty name, how to bake." said Porcellus. Both Oola and Lavander stood up, Oola glaced at Lavander and noticed that she was alittle embressed. "Are you alright?" asked Oola.

Lavander gave a sniff, "It's just...I have being sweating like master..." she mutterd. Oola glaced down and noticed that Lavander's dirty white dress was soaked with sweat and the dark tips of her breast were showing. Oola did not have the same problem as along as she bunched up the netting on her body.

"It's alright...maybe Porcellus won't notic-" "Huh? What will I not notcied?" Porcellus interupted Oola. Lavander hid behind Oola and then told the chef what they were talking about. Porcellus's eye twitched, "I see...well I can get you an apon, if that will make you feel better." Lavander nodded her head, "Yes please." she said.

Porcellus brought two apons, "There, I hope you don't mind that they are a little dirty." he said. Lavander and Oola nodded their heads after looking at thier coverings, "No not at all, thank you." they replied. Porcellus then had Oola read out of a cooking book and Lavander did the mixing and stiring. Then the girls poured the contains into a cooking pan and baked it.

Then after fifthteen mintues, the pan came out of the furnce. Porcellus called it an Oven but Oola and Lavander would say differantly. Then Lavander added some powdered suger and Oola drizzled some choclate syrup onto the dessert. "Now doesn't it look tasty." said Porcellus, both Oola and Lavander licked thier lips.

Porcellus gave a wink to the drooling girls," A small slice." he said using a serving tool to make some slices out of the dessert. Both Oola and Lavander enjoyed thier desserat, Porcellus had to give a slice to Phlegmim to quite him. Porcellus then slid it though a small hole though the fence to protect it from maulders of snacks and pastrys.

Porcellus gave a yawn, "Were is Jess?" he grumbled as he gave a cup of water to each of the girls. Both Lavander and Oola were very thankful for the cups of water, "Ah...who knew how good water taste." Lavander said to Oola. Porcellus was about to give a lecture about the qualities of water but decided not to. "Who knew?" he nervously chuckled.

Jess still hadn't come back, Oola and Lavander could feel the grip of sleep grabbing onto them. " want Porcellus we could leave." Oola said. From the looks of it Porcellus was getting tired and cranky. " know your way back right?" said the tired chef. Oola gave a yawn and took off the apon, Lavander did the same.

"Yes I know how to get to the Dancer's pit from here." said Oola. Porcellus nodded his head as he yawn, "Well...see you later." he mumbled as he went to the fenced off area, he shut himself in and went to sleep on the floor. My, he is devoted to his work...Oola thought to herself. Yeah because he doen't want to die...snarked that thought.

As Oola walked though the hot passageways with Lavander in tow, a thought came to her head. I could escape...Oola stopped in her footstep, "Huh...why are we stopping?" Lavander wearly asked. Oola turned and grabbed Lavander's hands, "Do you trust me." "Huh?" "Do you trust me, that we can escape from this place?" Oola asked Lavander.

Now Lavander was fully alert and aware, "What?!...Do you mean...that you have a way out?" Lavander said as if she said it too loud that chance would evpatore. Oola nodded, "Yes, but I need to know, do you trust me with your life." Oola said. Lavander trembled, both girls knew what price they could pay for trying to escape from this place.

"Yes, I trust you." said Lavander, Oola nodded and then lead the way. Having lived underground most of her life, Oola was good with navagating without many landmarks. Oola quickly lead her follow slave girl up to the upper levels. Oola made a good guess and they quitly passed Jabba's throne room.

So far so good...thought Oola, Yeah...and were did that lead you to huh?...that annoying thought said. Oola ignored that thought and kept on going, they would occiountly deck into a shadow filled alcove to advoid a pig guard who was grumbling on patrol. Very soon both girls had reached the garage without any trouble.

What luck!...Oola happly thought, the massive garge doors were open. The doors must have been left openned to let the heat out, so it wouldn't overheat any of the vechiles...Oola thought to herself. Then she saw her disire, nearby the large barge were the skiffs tha would have cairried the guards.

"Yes!" Oola quitly exclaimed, she led Lavander in one hand while holding her leash in the other. Both girls came the skiff, Oola got on and and went to the control panel. " know how to drive one of these things?" wispered Lavander. Oola had openned the panel, she silently curse at seeing a lock on the panel that would have started the skiff.

" you see any keys around Lav?" Oola hurriedly asked. Lavander walked away to look for some keys while Oola looked about, hoping that the last driver ahd just left the key around some were close. Then Lavander screamed, Jawas who were ransacking a smaller vechail scuttered liked bugs.

Then everything happened so fast, Lavander's scream had woken some mechanites who then screamed for the guards. Three pig guards surpizingly appeared, one grab two jawas by the scruffs, while another grabbed one Jawa and Lavander by the hair. Oola was franticly prying at the control when the last guard grabbed her leash and collor, her plan for freedom had failed.

{C}Jabba did not like his nap being interupted, he silently glared down at the group that was brought up from the garage. Lavander and Oola were huddled together while the three Jawas were being guarded by the pig guards. Also the head mechanic was there, he had his head bowed and he was rubbing his hands.

"Are we dead, Oola? Are we going to die?" Lavander said shaking in Oola's arms. Oola just silently looked up at Jabba, who had both Bib and Melina taking turns wispering into his ear. Jabba was rubbing Lute bald grey head as he listened to the two servents talking about how to deal with these prisoners. "I don't know..."Oola finally whispered to Lavander.

Melina then walked off and down one of the many passage ways, Jabba gave a rumbled sigh. "Why Oola? Why, when I give you my trust you tried to run away? I am very disappointed in you." Jabba said. Oola strunk closer to Lavander, both girls bodies were trembling. Jabba then shifted his gaze to his mechanic, "And you...why were the garage doors OPEN?!" he bellowed.

The Klatooinian male shruggled his shoulders, " was hot and it's the first time those rats even thought of going to the garage...your majastiy." he said. Jabba tighten his hand onto Lute head causing her cry, "Well I guess that you are lucky that those two slaves tried to run away or else there would have been an empty garage and you would be talking to the Rancor." Jabba rumbled.

The mechanic bow his head, "It won't happen again, master." he said. Jabba snorted then he beckoned for a Jawa that translate for him. The Jawa lean up onto Jabba's armrest as Jabba wispered what he had planned for the three ransackers. Oola glupped as she saw the look Jabba had, it was one of vile intent.

The Jawa slowly turned and told the three brown robes creatures what Jabba and instore for them. The three robbers threw themselves down and in high pitched wails, were squicking out for pity in their own languae. Jabba laughted and pointed to one of the Jawa's, "I think that one is thin enought." He rumbled.

Two pig guards grabbed the Jawa that Jabba had pointed at, "I think that the chute to the cess pit for my throne needs to be cleanned." Jabba grimly declared. Jabba shifted his massive body so the hole were his waste would go down was showing. Lavander buired her head into Oola's shoulder and sobbed out of fear.

Oola closed her eyes, she could hear the gaurds drag up the screaming Jawa and then shoved it down the hole. The screams became muffled and Oola openned her eyes. What she saw was comicel and tradgic at the same time. The guards only managed to shove the Jawa half away down, so they took their axes and use them like clubs and beat the Jawa in.

The sicken sound of broked bones could be heard, eventually the Jawa did go thought the foot wide hole in the throne. Jabba laughted out loud, "Now for the second thinest." bellowed Jabba. The guards that had shoved the Jawa down the hole went back and grabbed the Jawa that Jabba pointed out.

It screammed as it was dragged before Jabba, Jabba was stroking Lute bald head. "I think that the last warning has dried out..." Jabba mused out loud. The two guards that were holding the Jawa then begain to pull on it's arms. Oola had to close her eyes once more, she felt the tears of fear drip down her face. WHY did I think that I could escape...she thought

The guards tore the Jawa's arms from it's body, the little creature was then clubbed to death by it's own arms. Oola barely openned her eyes and saw some other guards take the limp, dead body out of the throne room. "Take the third rat away, I will deal with it later. "Jabba rumbled. One of the pig guards grabbed the Jawa and took him away.

"Now to you, my dumb Barada." rumbled jabba to the mechanic. Though it was hot, the Klatooinian male was sweating from fear."Because of the excellent servence that you have givin to my ships, I will not have you killed but punished." Jabba rumbled. The Klatooinian gave a bow, "Oh thank you master." he said with a tremble.

Jabba then nodded to the pig guards, "Beat him until I tell you to stop." Jabba rumbled. The two guards pumled and kicked the mechanic until Jabba told them to stop.The Klatooinian weakly got up and spat some blood out of his mouth. He bowed and then left the throne room, "Now to my sweets." rumbled Jabba.

Both Oola and Lavander fell to their knees, the tightened their grip on each other out of fear. Oola and Lavander began to wimper and tears dripped down their faces. Jabba beckoned Bib to his side and wispered something to his majordomo. Bib nodded his head and then turned and look at the two trembling slave girls.

"Master desires to know which one that thought about running away using a skiff." Bib stated. Oola could feel her lekku srunk behind her back, she was about to open her mouth when Lavander interupted her. "It was me! It was me! I did it, Oola is inoccent. I lured her with my plan. Spare Oola and punish me." Lavander sobbed.

Oola's mouth dropped, NO...I will not have another girl die because of me...Oola thought. "NO! It was me! Lavander is the one innocent! I tried to run away, it was me!" Oola screamed out loud. "NO, It was me!." "No it was me!", Jabba grew tired of hearing his slave girls bricking and tapped the button that shocked Oola into silnce.

"NO! Please don't punish Oola, it was me!" Sob Lavander as she held the twitching Twi'lek in her arms. "Bring the human to me." Jabba rumbled to the guards, the two pig guards grabbed Lavander and dragged her to her feet. Lavander was shaking as she was pushed up on to the throne.

Jabba let go of Lute's head and grabbed the sides of Lavander's head. He stared deeply into her eyes, "...Something is not right Bib, have Melina talk to her and get the truth out." he rumbled to his servant. Bib gave a bow and hook a clawed hand onto Lavander's arm. He lead her off to the side was Melina was waiting.

Oola was about to stand up and join Lavander when a shock went though her body, "You sit there my sweet." rumbled Jabba to his slave girl. Oola silently watched as Melina and Bib interagated Lavander. From watching Lavander's body language, Oola knew that Melina and Bib had succed and Lavander was telling them all that happened that morning.

Bib solemly walked back to Jabba's side, "Um...Master...there is a problem...". Oola shrunk as she saw her master's eyes glow with rage at what he was beening told. Jabba grabbed Bib by the robe, "...Was the souffle any part of that debatchery?" Jabba dangerously hiss. Bib shook his head, "It seems, that she was a victum."

Jabba gave rumbled sigh, "Alright bring her before me." he commanded. Melina pushed the Human slave girl back in front of Jabba's throne. Jabba drummed his fat warty hands on his armrest as he thought of what he would do with the trembling slave girl before him. Jabba had Bib translate for him.

"Since you were a victum, the master will not have you killed. But since you did try to run away, you are to spend the night in the dungouns, in the room were all the robots scream at you, take her away." were the words Bib translated. One of the pig guards grabbed Lavander by the sruff and arm, "It was my fault don't punish Oola, please!" she cried out as she was taken away.

Oola sadly looked down, I will be punished...Oh please not my lekku...she thought as she nervously stroked her long head tails in her hands. Jabba let out a long sigh, "Look at me." he rumbled to his slave girl. Oola reluctly looked up at her master, her body was shaking at the thought that she could be killed in a very horrifiny way.

Melina walked up behind Oola, "Up. Now." seethed Melina. Oola was jerked up to her feet, Melina griped her hands onto Oola's shoulders. Jabba glaced at Melina and then glared at Oola, "Because you tired to run away, you have lose the protection of being my favortive until tomorrow. Melina, strip her." Jabba declared.

Melina then stripped Oola of her costume, her sandels and the head band that she wore on her head. Oola stood naked with her leash in her hands trembling, Melina then took Oola's costume and put it on Jabba's armrest. Jabba then winked at Melina and then glared at his naked slave girl. "Back to the pit, worm." he bellowed to Oola.

Oola gave a small and and turned to around and quickly walked away from the throne room. The stares that Oola saw from the males of the court held dark intent. Oola walked down the passages alone, she held an arm over her breasts and her another hand over her groin. Why did he have my costume taken?...Oola thought, I don't know perhaps it shows that you're a-

"Schutta." Oola froze in her step, her body shaking. "Schutta." repeated the voice, Oola turned around, it was one of the human guards. He leeringly looked at the naked Twi'lek, licking his dry cracked lips. "You look like you want some drilling done, huh?" he lustfully asked. Oola shook her head, "No...NO! You can't touch me!" she exclaimed.

"Why not?" said another voice, Oola jerked her head towards it. It was another human guard, his smile revealed yellow teeth. "I don't see the boss's girl. Do you?" he asked his fellow guard. The first guard gave a nod, "You're right! All, I see is a naked schutta looking for a good time." he chuckled. Both guards came closer to Oola, she backed away wilded eyed.

"NO! NO!" she cried spinning to ran away, she ran into a third human guard. He was tall and had dirty hair, he grabbed Oola by the shoulders. "IT"S DRILLING TIME!!" the third guard declared, the two other guards grabbed Oola by the arms. Oola screammed as loud as she could, hopeing that someone even if it was a pig guard would protect her.

No one came to save the poor Twi'lek as she was dragged to a dark alcove. The gaurds divided her into thirds: the first guard took her lower body, the second guard took her chest and the third took her head. The guards molested her, thier dirty hands grabbing her flesh and fondled her lekku, her pride.

Though they said they were going to drill her they didn't, but their hands made Oola's body remember Jabba's touch. She cried out her body jerked in response to the guards groping, "That's right schutta! You want it ! You want it!" "Dump that spice load *Smacks Oola's buttocks* dump it!" "Oh! the worms are so thick! SO thick!" were the lewd words that the guards used.

WIth tears, Oola's body did release her "Spice", it trickled down her thighs and legs. The guards then dumped her on the ground, "Hee hee, she did squel didn't she." "Yeah and it was free." "I hope that boss lets us do it tomorrow as well." the guards talked to each other as the returned back to their posts.

Oola weakly got up to her feet, she wrapped her arms about her body. Tears dripped down her face, Why...she asked herself, Why oh Goddess!...Why did you not allow to get away from this place, why!...she silently exclaimed to her Goddess. She walked back to the Dancer's Pit, she tpyed the password and openned the door.

The other girls were sleeping, Lisa's, Caelia's group was on one side while Raca and Amber were on the other. Oola gently walked though the center to her normal spot, she glaced down and gave a small sigh. All of the large custions were removed and only the throw rug was there. But Oola was tired and lied down and went to sleep, dreaming of freedom.

Some hours later Oola woke up, she laid there curled up with part of the rug against her body. The other girls were awake and laying about, Oola uprighted herself and looked at Raca and Amber. " your nap?" she asked the Twi'lek and the Nautolan. Amber and Raca did not look at Oola and just looked at the ground.

Amber's lekku twiched out why, "Melina said that if any of us talked with you, that girl will be sent to the barracks." she silently twitched. Lisa stood up, "HEY! you talked to that schutta didn't you Amber!" she shouted. Amber had a look of shock, "What?! I did no such thing Lisa." "But you twitched those heads worms didn't you? And that means you talked to her!"

Amber bite her lip, "NO more then twitching your eye brow or nose or what ever. Maybe you want to talk her huh?" she snipped back. Lisa sneered at Amber, "Someday there will only be humans in this harem and no more aliens." she stated as she sat down with her group. Raca shook her head, "Why did Kanna girly had to go?" she said out loud.

Oola was about to responed but she stopped herself so that Lisa and her group won't accused Raca of talking to her. Yarna came with the meal, "Alright girls line up." she said. Lisa's group took the lead having more girls then Oola and the two other non-humans. Oola come up to the table last, Yarna gave a small sigh, "Sorry Oola, no clothes, no food." she said.

Oola's jaw drop, "You mean...that I am to go without food?" she asked Yarna. Yarna sadly shook her head, "That is master's orders." she said. Oola closed her mouth, "Oh...alright, that is fine. I can miss a meal." she said with a little bravo. The human girls gave a chuckle but contined eating their meal.

Soon after the girls had finished their meal and Yarna had left, Melina came. "Hey there girls, who wants to see a vid?" she gleefuly asked. The human girls unamsiouly asked for the Baron, Amber and Raca agreed with the human girls. "Hey Melina, I think Amber talked with the schutta." said Lisa.

"Oh really?" stated Melina as she turned her gaze at the yellow Twi'lek. Amber shook her head denying that she did it. Melina then glaced at Oola then at Amber, "I believe you Amber. Lisa stop being a schutta and watch the vid." Melina snapped. The girls watched the vid in silence, well not Oola. Oola had to sit with her back to the vid and could only listen.

"If Oola was a good girl, she could have watch the vid." snarked Melina after the vid had ended. Melina then left to get the costumes for the girls that evening, the human girls were cruel and talked out loud. "OH! If only Oola was a good girl, Kanna would be alive, ha ha." "If only Oola was a good girl she could wear cloths and not walk about with her legs spead."

Oola hung her head in silince, If I ever get free...those girls will be left behind and only Lav, Amber and Raca will live happly ever after...she thought to herself. Melina returned, somehow the human girls got all the nice looking costumes while Amber and Raca got the barely there costumes. "Well better then nothing...ugh." Amber then rubbed her forhead.

Oola gave a small sad smile, She wants to say sorry but Melina...Oola thought as she glaced at Melina. Melina then handed the glossy pills to Oola,Amber, Raca and the two new girls. "Hey why don't we get any pills?" asked Caelia for the three seasoned Human girls, Melina gave one of her fake smiles. "Because Master is about to free you." she said.

The three older girls gave a squel of exictment, "OH MELINA! Are you-", Melina put up a finger. "Shh, if you don't behave tonight then master will..." she didn't finish the sentence, leting the girls finish for her. "Will keep us, but we will be good. We will do anything he asks!" they nearly shouted at Melina.

Melina smiled and let the group of giggling humans out first, Amber stared at Melina. "...What you said was a lie." Amber wispered holding her arms at chest level. Melina's eyes gleamed danger, "But you won't tell." Melina cruely smiled. Amber and Raca left, Melina then glared at Oola, "If only you were a good girl." she stated as the door snapped behind her.

Oola was about to go to her rug went nature called and she had to go and used the waste pit. After she releaved her self, she gave a small sigh and went back to her spot and laid down. She closed her eyes and gave a small pray, "Please Goddess save me." she wispered as she fell asleep on her ninth day as Jabba's slave.

"Grab her." said a voice that woke up Oola, she was roughly grabbed and a blindfold was placed over her eyes. "What are you doing! Let me go! Let me go!" Oola screammed. She was dragged up to her feet and was dragged off. Oola was in a panic, she couldn't see who grabbed her or were she was going.

Oola then began to make therts to her unknow captors, "If-If you don't let me go master will kill you! Oh yes, he will kill you for touching his favortive!" she tried making her voice as therting as possible. Her captors were silent as they kept pulling her along. Oola was wimpering, she was scared that she might just die.

"Please...oh please don't kill me, please!" she begged. She was forced to her knees, she could feel something hot to her right. Her entire body was shaking, "M-Master! Save me! Oh master, please save me, please!" she cried out in desperation. The she heard a rumble, "Ho ho ho, I think she is scared enough." rumbled her master's voice.

The blindfold was taken off of Oola's eyes, she was back at the throne room.The two humaniond guards let go of her arms and walked off. Melina scoffed at the trembling slave girl, "Master will kill you for touching me, oh please!" she snarked as she went off to the side. Jabba then wiggled his grubby fingers at Oola, "Come." he commanded.

Oola stood up and quickly got up and went to Jabba's side, Lute moved over away from Jabba side and let Oola take her spot. Lute was about to leave the throne when Melina hissed at her to get back on the throne. Oola shifted in place, uncorfmable with Jabba's hand on her shoulder.

Oola then saw what the souce of heat that was behind her, when she was forced to her knees.It was a massive pot of boiling water, Porcellus was on the other side of it flipping though a cook book. "Um...Mr. Fortuna," the chef asked the male Twi'lek, "The only recipe for this amount of water is for cooking a large crustacean...alive, but we don't have any." he said.

Appeartly Jabba heard his chef's question, "Bib, tell Porcellus that I am adding some new ingedents to the pot." Jabba rumbled. Porcellus looked very nervous when Bib told him what Jabba said. Then Oola heard some noises coming up from one of the passage ways. "Ah! And here they are." chuckled Jabba squeesing Oola's shoulder.

The guards were dragging up the prisnors, the first was the Jawa from early that day. The second was a blue skin Gossam, both pirsnors were forced to there knees by the massive pot. Oola felt drool from Jabba's mouth drip onto her breasts, Ew...she thought as she wiped the drool off with a hand.

Jabba then had the butcher from the kitchens step forward, "Bib, tell him to skin the Jawa for the stew." slobbered Jabba. With a twitch of disgust, Bib did as he was told and the butcher gave a grim sigh. He took a very sharp skinning knife and then told the guards that were holding the Jawa to strip it of clothing.

Oola did not watch the skinning of the poor creature. She turned and buried her face into Lute's shoulder, "We are going to die." Lute wispered. Oola could hear the screams of the creature as it was being put into the pot. The guards put a a metal covering over the pot so the Jawa couldn't claw it's way out and it was cooked alive
Oola forced herself to look over her shoulder, the Gossam was begging for his life.

ISWEARONEVERYTHINGTHATISGOODIWILLPAYYOUBACK! JUSTDON"TPUTMEINTOTHEPOT!" he pleaded with the overweight slug. Jabba glaced over at Bib, "Can he pay?" "No...I think he was declared dead." replied Bib.
Jabba then laughted, "Well! Time to make you into stew!" declared Jabba as the guards removed the lid and began to put the Gossam into the pot. "NOOOOOOO!I"LLPAY!I"LL-" he was cut off as he was put into the pot.

The guards clamped down the metal lid on the Gussam's head keeping him in. Oola was now REALLY worried that she might be next, I tried to run away he will make an exaplme of me!..she wildly thought to herself. She was shaking as the screams from the pot were dieing down. Jabba then ordered to have a taste of the stew, Porcellus was shaking as he was about to dip a ladel into the pot when Jabba bleached something out.

"No, I want one of the human girls to serve me." Jabba commanded. Caelia was shoved from the lap of one of her cilents to the floor. "That one will do." stated Jabba, trembling with disgust, Caelia took the ladel and brought it to Jabba. Jabba took the hot stew and downed it in one glup.

"Ah the wild taste of the Jawa and the earthy tang of the Gossam but something is missing..." mused Jabba as he tapped the ladel against his warty chin. Caelia gagged and made the worst mistake in her life, Jabba looked at her and pointed the ladel. "The missing ingredent." he rumbled at Caelia.

All the eyes of the court were on her, she was nervously looking about. "W-what did master s-say." Caelia asked nervesly. The guards were grimly walked towards her, "No...NO!" Caelia screamed and dashed away, trying to escape. Melina though put a foot out and tripped her, Caelia stumbled onto the floor and before she could get up she was grabbed.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!IDON"TWANTTODIE!!!" she screamed as she forced to her knees. "Get the other "left over"human girls." Jabba bellowed out. The other guards grabbed Lisa and Crystel and dragged the screamming girls to the metal floor. All three girls were sobbing and crying that they were innocent.

Jabba then commanded them to be silent though Melina. Lisa, Crystel and Caelia were all shaking and trembling as Jabba spoke. "The fine arts of pleasure sometimes gets...alittle muddy. For example: two lovly girls learnning how to please a male are allowed to touch each other in order to learn how to please the male."

All the slave girls trembled at his words, "BUT! TO find that two girls touch each other for their own pleasure is a digrace to the fine arts of pleasing a male. SO! You three FILTHS are going to die screaming, because you thought to turn my souffle into a filth like yourselves! Melina, strip them of their costumes and cut off their hair!" Jabba declared.

The three human girls were sobbing for mercy as their costumes were being pulled off their bodies. Melina then took a knife and crudly cut the girls hair, soon the three were nake and with a very bad cropped hair. Jabba licked his lips as he stroked Oola's shoulder, "Which one should go into the pot my sweet?" he asked Oola.

Oola looked up at Jabba wilded eyed, OH PLEASE NO...I DON"T WANT TO CHOOSE...Oola horrorifly thought. But the fear of being put into the pot was nerve wreaking, Oola weakly pointed at Caelia, "That one..." she barly wispered. Jabba gave a laugh, "Yes! Put that misable filth into the pot and let's hear her scream!" he bellowed.

Caelia screammed as she was put into the boiling pot. The guards forced the lid over her head and held it down as she was boiled alive. Oola clamped her hands over her eyes and sobbed, she did not want to do it but she was made to. I'm sorry...I am etertly sorry...Oola silently sobbed to the cooked girl.

Porcellus had nearly thrown up at the sound of a human being cooked alive. The guards then lifted the lid and and stirred the grousome strew for sometime. Jabba gave the ladle back to Porcellus who somehow ladled a bowel for Jabba. Oola nearly threw up at the sight of a hand sticking up in the bowl.

"AH! The best." rumbled Jabba who slupped the stew, he smacked his lips. "I think my little one wants a bowl...I fact, I think EVERYONE needs a bowl." Jabba laughted. Oola have to cover her mouth so she wouldn't throw up as Porcellus held a bowel with a finger in it for her. After a great feat of will, Oola took the bowl and ate it.

Jabba had the guards who were holding Lisa and Crystel make them eat a bowel and then take them to a cell. Everybody ate in silence except for Jabba, "I think the meat from the human was the best." he mused out loud. Looking around, Oola notcied that everybody but the pig guards were in a hurry to eat their stew.

Lute threw up her meal onto the floor, "Why, I think she wants another." grimly declared Jabba. Porcellus gave her another bowl, Lute was sobbing as she ate the stew. Jabba gave a yawn, "Ah, nothing like good stew to put you to sleep." he rumbled. He then shoved Oola off of his throne, "Go back to the hole worm." he rumbled.

Oola did not have to be told twice, she gather up her leash and dashed back to the Dancer's pit. When she was a good distance away, she threw up the stew. Then as she rounded a corner those three tormeters were waiting for her. After she was molested, Oola wearly walked to the Pit, typed the code went to her spot and went to sleep crying on her ninth night.

Tenth Day
The suns rosed on Oola's tenth day as Jabba's slave. She laid there, she still had the taste of Jawa, Gossam and Human on her tongue. The other girls had come back as well, Pure and Silk were also sobbing as they awoke from sleep. Raca and Amber were trying spit the taste out but to no avil.

"WHY? Why?!" sobbed Pure to Silk, both girls were holding each other sobbing. Amber and Raca were not too happy and had sour looks on their faces. "Because they tried to make Lavander into a schutta! That is why!" snapped Amber at the only two humans remaining. Pure and Silk huddled together shaking but before they could say anything the door openned.

Melina shoved Lavander though the door and after shooting a glare at the two human girls she closed the door. Lavander had her hands covering her ears, she was wispering something as Pure and Silk come up to comfort her. "Are you ok?" "What happened to you?" the two human girls asked.

Lavander looked up, her eyes were blood shot and cracked. "They won't stop screaming...They won't STOP SCREAMING!" Lavander screamed. She stood up and marched over towards Oola, Lavander pointed a finger at the Twi'lek. "You...I stood up for you and what happenes?! I get put in a room were the robots won't stop screaming!" she seethered.

As Oola was about to say sorry, Lavander hissed her to be qutie. "I...should have told the truth. You should have been the one to be put into that room. Were those...things SCREAM at you all. The. Time." Lavander took a breath before continueing her rant. "I thought you were my friend but you are...are..."

"An alien?" suggested Pure, "YEAH an ALIEN! You are an Alien! I hope that you die alone and without friends!" Lavander declared. Those words hurt Oola, she was hurt deeply in her spirit. "I...I..." Oola couldn't find the words to express herself, Pure and Silk then took Lavander by the arms.

"Come on Lav, let's leave those aliens alone." "Yeah Lav, come to the wash room, we can make you happy." the two girls said as they lead Lavander towards the wash room. Pure and Silk pulled at Lavander's dirty dress and pulled off their own dresses. They then went into wash room giggly.

Oola shot a look of bewilderment at Amber and Raca, "Didn't Lisa, Crystel and Caelia die because of their depravedment?" she asked. The yellow Twi'lek shook her head, "They would rather have a little pleasure in the darkness. Then being treated like an thing to be play with then disposed like trash." Amber said.

Raca shook her tenculed head, "But don't they understand? We don't want them to die, why do we have to bare their sin?" she said. Oola could hear the human girls gasping and moaning in the wash room, she clamped her hands over her ear lobes, "Why can't we be free?" she gumbled out loud.

Amber gave a sigh, "Perhaps some one will buy the Baron." she whimiscul said. Oola smiled at the thought, Oh for someone strong and honorble to save us...she longly thought. Yeah right...who would come and buy schuttas like us?...No one! Just be happy that you are longed for by master....that dark thought said to Oola.

Oola gave a scoff, "'re wrong, someone will buy us and we will be free." she said. Raca and Amber looked at each other, "Um...where you talking to us Oola girly?" asked Raca. Oola's lekku twitched, "Oh no...I was...thinking...out loud." Oola stummered. Raca and Amber nodded their heads in a strained agreement.

Pure, Silk and Lavander came out of the wash room, they put on their dresses and acted like nothing had happened. "*sigh* When will that fat slave come with our food?" grumbled Pure, Lavander and Silk nodded their heads in agremment. Oola gave low hiss, Yarna is good to us, she feds us and tries to make out lives alittle better...she thought.

Yarna did come with breakfest, "Hello girls, ready for breakfest?" she said. The slave girls lined up and got their food...except for Oola, "Sorry Oola, no clothes, no food." Yarna stated. Oola felt a dry lump in her thort, "B-but, I need to eat! I need something to drink to get that taste out of my mouth." pleaded Oola.

Everyone knew what Oola was talking about, that taste of the stew from last night. Yarna gave a shiver, "I'm sorry, but I still can't give you anything without permission from master." Yarna sadly stated. Oola gave a small sigh as she saw the other girls were given cup of fresh clean drinking water.

Once the girls were finished with their meal and returned their bowls, Yarna left to get the cleanning suppiles. The human girls were on one side while Oola and the two other non-human girls were on ther other. The stared at each other in silence until Yarna came back with the cleanning supplies.

They took the supplies and went to the wash room, the water felt very good on Oola's velvet green skin. "Can I wash you back Oola girly?" asked Raca. Oola gave a nod and let Raca wash her back and lekku. After washing the soap off, Oola walked to the main room and sat down in her spot.

Soon Melina will be here to take me back to...HIM...Oola dreadfully thought. Melina came, Oola thought she saw someone walked behind her when the door closed behind her. "Get up." snapped Melina, Oola stood up and Melina checked Oola's body for buirses. "You can go to him." stated Melina openning the door.

Somthing was wrong, Oola nervously gripped her coiled leash. ", Melina? Why don't you do my make up?" the Twi'lek asked the Human. Melina marched up and snacthed the leash from Oola's grasp. "Are you giving me an order?" Melina hissed at Oola. Oola shook her head, Melina gave a fake smile.

"Good." she stated and she walked to the door and tossed the leash to the side. Then that sound, the sound of a man chuckling as the leash was being pulled. Oola knew what was happening, "NO! Please! Don't let them have me! PLEASE!" screamed Oola as she hualed back on her leash.

"Sheash why fight, just go." snarked Melina as she pushed Oola with her foot. Oola was dragged out of the Dancer's Pit and into the arms of her tormenters. Melina held open the door so the other girls could hear Oola's sobs for mercy. Once they had their fill those guards left and Oola was on her side laying on the ground.

Melina then forced her to sit upright, she wiped the sweat and drool from Oola's face and apllied the make up. She then dropped a small damp sponge onto Oola's lap. "Wipe yourself, slave." Melina snapped. Oola took the sponge and wipe her body fluid from her crouch and thighs.

Oola's body was shaking as Melina jerked her to her feet. "Come on." Melina hissed as Oola was shoved forward. Oola walked forward trembling, Why are those guards tormenting me? Am I not master's favortive? Why does he allow me to be molested by those guards. Why does he not do anything?...Oola asked herself.

As if Melina had read her mind she let out a little chuckle. "Do you want to know why master allows you to be molest by those low lives?" snarked Melina. Oola glaced behind her shoulder, her eyes betrayed her longing to know. "Becuase you are not a good girl." Melina hiss, "If only you behaved, master would protect you but no." she hissed.

Melina then grabbed Oola by the collor and made her gasp from breath. "Because you are naked those...guards will have their way with you until you beg for master's protection." Melina stated after releasing the slave girl. Oola sadly nodded, If only I was a good girl then master will protect me...said the dark thought.

Oola's lekku twitched at her thought, No...I...must escape...if one path is closed...then the other must be taken...she thought to herself. Oola walked with Melina back to the throne room, The only way to escape from this place of pain is to die...I must be brave...she thought to herself.

"Ah come on, why did that schutta have to die." whinned Melina. Oola then notcied what was going on in the throne room. Lute was dead, her body was was contorted, twisted in pain. Her thort was shallowen beyond belif and her tongue was shallowen. Porcellus was picking up knocked over plates and that the guards had someone in their grasp.

"IT WASN"T ME! IT WASN"T ME!" screammed a humanoid male, Jabba gave a gugled chuckle. "Ha! You were right Mon, this fool had tried to poison me. Quite bold..." Jabba mused stroking his chin. Mon had picked up the cup with a piece of cloth and was about to place it on the table when Jabba asked for it.

Jabba held the cup in his hand, "Bib asked him who paid him to try to kill me?" he rumbled. Before Bib could asked the humanoid spit onto Bib's face, "You all can just die!" excalimed the male. Bib wiped the spit from his face and glaced over at Jabba, "He seems intent to die." said Bib.

Jabba glaced down into the cup, "I think...he needs a drink." he rumbled. The guards pushed the male up so that Jabba forced the cup to the males lips. There was enough poison in the cup to cause the humaniod male thort to swell up. The guards held the poisoner's arms so he could do nothing.

Jabba laughted as the male died from the poison, "Hah! He died like piece of filth, throw him outside in the junk heap along with the other body." commanded Jabba. Oola grimly watched as the guards dragged the bodies of the poisoner and Lute out of the throneroom.

You are free from your worries Lute...Oola silently said to the died slave girl. Jabba bleached, "Ah my little one has return to me." he rumbled. Melina gave Oola a push towards the dais. Melina handed Oola's leash to her master, before Oola could get on the throne she was jerked towards Jabba.

"Who told you that you could sit anywere? Only good girls can sit anywere." Jabba rumbled. Oola reluctling climbed onto the throne right in front of Jabba's massive belly. His eyes narrowed down on his trembling Twi'lek slave girl, Jabba reached out with his right hand to grab ahold of one of Oola's long lekku.

"Please don-" Oola was then shocked into silence, "Who told you that you could speak!? Only good girls can speak to master." he thundered at the twitching slave girl. Oola silently nodded, her naked breasts gently heav as she took in a breath. Please don't shock me...she thought as Jabba crassed her left lek. Jabba then began to reel her leash in his left hand, he fulling intend to pull her into his belly and there was nothing she could do but wimper.

He jerked her into his belly, Oola pushed against the drool covered belly of his so she could breath. Jabba gripped the back of her collor with his right had as he pushed down on the button, that cause Oola to be shocked, with his left. "HOW dare you try to run away! I OWN you, I own your BODY, your SPIRIT! The meaning of your LIFE is to please me!" he thundered into her face.

Oola could only gasp in pain as the shocks coused though her neck. Her eyes rolled back, drool was tickling down her mouth. Stop....stop...was the only thing on Oola's mind as the pain coursed though. Jabba stopped pushing down on the button, Oola could breath again. But Jabba was still not done, he raised her by the collor and made her look at him in the eye.

Oola's naked body was shaking as she was held in Jabba's grasp. His orange reptiline eyes bore a hole though her soul, "Now...if you are a good girl, how would you please me?" he rumbled. Oola knew what he desired, her tongue slid out of her mouth and delicatly licked the air. Jabba smiled and let go of Oola's collor.

Oola laid on Jabba's belly, her dried tongue lapping his fat, mucusy skin. Jabba let out a contain sigh as he placed his right hand on Oola's back. Oola rubbed her naked body agianst Jabba's as she licked his warty chin. "Good girl Oola, good girl." he rumbled as he stroked her back. Oola could feel her body getting aroused, a desire to please and not to be punish.

Bib then came to Jabba's side by his armrest, he wispered something. "Oh really?" rumbled Jabba as he felt his slave girl's buttock, Oola contiued to lick her master's chin. "They are attacking with only half a dozen? I'm insulted! Anyone trying to kill me needs to bring atleast an army. *sigh* I guess I should reward their stupidty by leaving the front door open." rumbled Jabba.

Bib gave a small bow, "Mon and Melina will be leading the defenc-" "No, no! I want them to think that they have succned at thier goal, you stupid fool! Let them come here and then, as they reval in thier triumph, stun them!" bellowed Jabba at Bib. Bib gave a bow, "Master's wisdom is to great for my understanding. But I will obey." peddled Bib as he went off.

Jabba then put his hand underneath Oola's chin, "Now be a good girl and frolic about before me." he rumbled. Oola quickly nodded her head, she slipped off of the throne and went ot the metal floor. Oola danced about in a sensual manner, her naked body leaping about while bound by her leash to her master.

While she was dancing, Oola noticed that the throne room all of the sudden became deserted. It felt strange being one of two people in the room, Oola entwined her leash in her hands and waved her arms in the air when she heard a sound. " they come, play your part my love." rumbled Jabba.

Oola was twirlying her body when the attackers came, she paused as her dance was interupted. The six men were in armor and heavy blasters, Oola quickly returned to Jabba's side. "Oh my! You have caught me at a bad time! All my guards have left me for some reason, what can this old scum do for you?" rumbled Jabba.

One of the men stepped forward and removed his helmet, his look on his face was one of anger and hate. "JABBA! Why did you killed my brother!" thundered the man. Jabba rubbed his right hand on Oola's shoulder, "Little one can you ask him who he is talking about? Too many scum have come and gone for my memory to remember." Jabba asked Oola.

"Why don't you talk to me you giant sack of fat. I can hear you filth just fine!" said the man pointing to his ear. Oola noticed that the man and an implant that must have let him understand differant langues. Jabba scoff, "Fine, who are you talking about?" he asked the heavly armed man.

"A couple days ago, my brother came to sell some slaves to you. But then I hear that you took him out to a sarlacc and had him pushed in! Why!?" excalimed the man. Oola could feel Jabba's belly shake out of annoynce, "Because he tried to kill me with a divvik of a girl! He was an idoit and the galaxy is better off without him." thundered Jabba as he hit his armrest.

The man though had differant thoughts, "No, you just killed him out of spite and took his slaves for yourself! I will be taking them back and with interest." the man declared pulling a blaster. Jabba grabbed Oola and held her between him and the man, "No wait! Have mercy on this old Hutt and at least let me have this one slave!" Jabba begged.

Oola was scared, she was looking at a blaster and though the man was trying to aim at Jabba, the hutt kept moving Oola in the way. "Corward! Begging for you life won't save you!" declared the man. Oola then for some reason looked pass the man holding the blaster. The other guards were standing around just waiting for orders.

Jabba then chuckled, "I wasn't begging for my life." rumbled Jabba as he flicked his wraist. Then all of the sudden, blue rings of light shot out of nearly every corner of the throne room stunning the group of men. Laughter thundered thoughout the throne room, Jabba's guards had hidden themselves behind false walls and were waiting for Jabba's signal to stun.

Jabba laughted as the helpless captives were uprighted and stripped of their armor and weapons. "FOOL! Did you really belive that you had a chance of killing me! Now will you die SCREAMING! Take the fool of a leader to a cell for tonight's entertainment." rumbled Jabba to his guards. The guards took the leader away and Jabba as think about the rest of the group.

"Melina tell them my words for me." rumbled Jabba to Melina, she nodded as she fondly stroked her new blaster. "You former leader was a fool, but I am merciful, SO! Do you want to serve me for the rest of your lives' or die screaming!?" Jabba rumbled. Between the choice of living or dieing they choose living.

"But! In order to know that you truly obey me, there will be a test to prove your loyaltiy." Jabba stated as he fondled Oola's lekku. "Bib! Get one of the left overs from the dunguon and bring her here." rumbled Jabba to Bib. Bib quickly left with a guard to get one of the disgraced slave girls. Oola began to scratch Jabba's chin making him moan in pleasure.

"That's a good girl, you deserve a treat. " rumbled Jabba as he wiped a finger in the paste bowl. Oola's body grew in exictment as she licked the tasty paste from Jabba's finger. Jabba smiled as he felt the tip of Oola's breast harden against his belly. "Since you were such a brave girl, my sweet mint you get this." Jabba rumbled handing Oola her headband.

Oola was thrilled to have it back, she slipped her lekku though it and put the strap below her chin. Jabba carssed the band, "It looks good on your head, my sweet." he said licking her lips. She smiled back at him, "T-Thank you master." she wimpered afraid that she might be shocked but she wasn't.

Jabba smiled at her, "Oola is a good girl, as long as she is a good girl I won't punish her." he rumbled at her. Oola nodded and to show her gradaute, she kissed one of the folds of fat on his chin. "Ho ho, that tickes" he laughted, Oola kissed her master until Bib returned with Lisa. Lisa was a mess, she was dirty and flithy as she was dumped on the metal floor.

"MIGHTY MASTER! PLEASE SPARE YOUR LOYAL SLAVE!" pleaded Lisa, Jabba laughted at her attempts for mercy. "Melina, make that left over into a frog." laughted Jabba, Melina then tied each of Lisa's wrists to her ankles. Right to right, left to left, Lisa couldn't protect herself. She laid on her belly, wimpering and defenceless on the metal floor.

"Now tell them this Melina," rumbled Jabba, "That they will each take turns drilling this girl and will only stop when I tell them to." he declared. Lisa's eyes widening to the size of plates when she heard what melina said to the new recuirts. "NO please! I-I can't take more then two! And I need my pill, I need my pill!" cried the helpless girl.

The men looked at each other, "Between dieing and drilling, I'll drill every time!" stated one of the men. Oola did not want to watch the interaction of the physiology of Human anatomy but Jabba made her watch. "Ha ha! Make that schutta scream! Yeah deeper, go deeper!" bellowed Jabba at the deparavty.

Lisa seemed to enjoy the first man's drilling, but as she was being drill by the second she started to cry out that something was wrong. Just as the second was finishing, he suddenly pulled his drill out of Lisa's schutta hole. "Oh my...this girl is bleeding from her hole!" the second man declared.

Oola was distrubed at seeing that much blood bled out of Lisa's schutta hole. "Please! make it stop, it hurts! Please make it stop!" cried Lisa. Jabba though was still had his test, "*Scoff* It's just alittle. You, third guy, start drilling!" Jabba declared. The man though was not about to put his meat drill into a bleeding hole.

"NO WAY! I am not putting my meat pole into that bleeding hole!" declared the third man. Jabba was outraged at the tone of the man, "Gun." Jabba declared. The man's mouth dropped in stock as he saw the huge hand cannon being given to Jabba. "W-w-wait! I'm doing it! Oh no, my zipper is stuck please wai-" the man never got to finish.

The blast from Jabba's hand cannon removed the man's hands and lower body. The man screammed until he died from shock, "Now you two better strip to your skin suits and get to work on that schutta hole." grimly declared Jabba. The two remaining were stripped naked and forced at gun point to drill Lisa, "Just use the other hole." stated Melina.

Well, two men trying to drill a bleeding hole did not end well. "Stop! Stop! You two are just idoits! Have them drag the schutta before me." declared Jabba. The two naked men took Lisa by the arms and dragged her before Jabba. Lisa was limp and was not bleeding that much, She must have lost alot of blood...Oola thought.

As soon as the two man were on the trap door with the near dead slave girl, Jabba sprung it open. The two men and the bound slave girl went though in a heap, Jabba laughted at their clumesness. Jabba press the button that made his throne roll forward. Jabba and his court looked down into the pit and watched as the three tumbled out of the sided of the wall.

The two men stood up looked up from the pit. They covered themselves with thier hands and were walking about looking for an exit. Poor Lisa...Oola thought to herself, Why are you pitying her?...She did nothing but be a bother...said that dark thought. Oola's lekku twitched in Jabba's hand, Yeah...I guess she deserved it...Oola replied to the thought.

The sound of grinding metal could be heard, the two men spurn towards the sound. The men screamed as the combat arachnids came at them. The naked men tried to climb back up the chute but couldn't. Jabba's court laughted as the arcahnids dragged the men down and turnned them into piles of meat. One of the arachnids mercy killed Lisa by just snipping her neck.

Even bugs know mercy...Oola thought to herself. Jabba rolled back his throne back, and gave a yawn, "Ah, nothing like an horrible gone wrong assassaination attemped to put one to sleep." he rumbled as he slide a hand underneath Oola' arm. Oola shifted in place as Jabba rubbed a his fingers on her breast. "Nap time." he rumbled and was soon asleep, Oola also went to sleep.

{C}A couple of hours later, Oola woke up. She smack her lips, Oh please let me have something to drink before I die...She thought to herself. Why are you intent on dieing?...Just give up and submit your body to master, after all you just got back your headband...Maybe you can get the rest of your costume if you are a good girl...said the dark thought.

Oola bit her lip, she was still naked and in the hands of Jabba. ...What can I do to get killed...she thought, You DON"T want to be killed!...You want to live right?! Just submit and everything will be good!...screammed the dark thought. Oola could feel tears welling up in her eyes, No...I have no futrue here...I will making him too angery to think-...she thought.

The dark thought growled at her, NO!...He is too strong!...He will not let you die the way you want to!...Just submit and be happy!...It once more screammed at Oola. Oola ignored the screamming thought and looked about the throne room, the members of the court were getting up and giving their food orders to Yarna and Jess.

Jabba awoke from his sleep and gave a yawn, he grabbed his cup and drank from it. He still held Oola in his right arm, he glaced down and lapped his tongue on Oola's head. "How was you sleep my love? Did you have dreams of tonight?" Jabba rumbled to his slave girl. Oola looked up over her shoulder at her master.

"What...of tonight?" she asked Jabba, Oola trembled at the way he looked at her. Jabba shifted his right hand so he was rubbed Oola's chin. "Tonight...I will have Melina make my harem clean you. Then I will have Porcellus dust you beutiful, lusty body with spice suger and then you will berought up to my chamber were you will feed me your body." he slobbered to Oola.

Oola body shook as Jabba lapped his tongue against her cheek. I don't want to be his toy...I would rather die then return to that room...Oola silently sobbed to herself. Porcellus came with the repluser tabled laiden with food. "Good evening master." Porcellus said with a smile, he pushed the tabled in front of Jabba's throne.

Oola glupped, her body was trembling, I know how to make Jabba angery...she thought to herself. That dark thought was screaming in her head not to do it but Oola stiffen her resolve. I'm sorry Kanna...I'm sorry Nolaa...I won't be going back to Ryloth...I won't be going back home...she thought to herself.

Jabba licked his lips, he wanted Oola to feed him. Oola turned around, instead of reaching out she crawled onto the table. "Oh miss-! One second!" exclaimed Porcellus, he adjusted the power level so the table could bare more weight. Oola knelt on the table, her naked breasts heaved as she took a plate in her hand.

Jabba's eyes narrowed as he watch Oola dip her hand into a sauce. Jabba licked his lips as Oola lathered her beutiful breasts in the creamy sauce. "Oh my are you planing on feeding yourself to me right now?!" bleched Jabba to his slave girl. My only reget... is not dancing my final dance...thought Oola.

She looked up at Jabba with exictment in her eyes, "No, to the Rancor." she said. Jabba blink in confusion, before he could say anything, Oola acted. She thrashed about on the table, plates, bowls fell to the floor with a clang. The room became quiet, dead quiet and after Oola had pushed off everything that was on the table she looked up at Jabba.

"I HATE YOU! YOU GIANT PERVESE SACK OF FAT! GO HUNGERY FOR ONCE AND LET ME DIE!" screamed Oola in basic so that everyone in the throne room could understand her. Oola cleached her hands into fists, Kill me...kill me you sack of fat...Oola thought to herself. "What have you done?!" gasped Porcellus.

Jabba, with incredable stoicness, press down on the button that shocked Oola. Oola could have shrown she had blacked out from the pain. She openned her eyes, she was still on the table. She could breath but couldn't move her arms or legs. Jabba plunged his hand into his snackaquiram he rasied the frog as if to throw it.

"HOW DARE YOU! HOW DARE YOU KNOCK OFF ALL THE PLATES! All the..." Jabba paused. Oola waited, What are you waiting for!?...Open the trap door and have me pushed in! Please!...Oola thought. You are not going to die the way you when you want to, Oola...said the dark thought in Oola mind.With a smile, Jabba popped the frog into his mouth and then beckoned Melina.

"Melina! Melina, come here!" Jabba rumbled, he then wispered something into Melina's ear. Melina looked confused, "Master, why don't you just kill her? She just humilated you by disrupting your meal." said the dark haired woman. Jabba cave a scoff, "What?! How can you say that? She wants me to kill her, but I am the only one who controls me." he bellowed.

Oola's eyes widen in panic, NONONONO! You want to kill me! Please kill me!...Oola silently screamed. Melina gave a sigh and then walked behind the table abd talked to Porcellus. "Come on Porcellus, back to the kichens, Yarna and Jess can take care of the dirty plates." she snipped at the chef. Porcellus then gently ushed the table with the Twi'lek out of the room.

Melina must have been walking on the other side of the table with Porcellus. "So Melina...what did master say to you?" asked the chef. The costume designer gave a sigh, "He wants a Zeltron pleasure platter." she stated. The table stopped, Oola tried to tilt her head to see Porcellus's reaction to those words.

"WHAT?! He...he wants one of those?! I have entire backup of this evening's meal just in case of something happening like this! Why-" Melina cut off the chef's rant. "Look Master gets, what he wants! Don't argue, just do it." she snapped. The chef contiued pushing the table towards the kichens grumbling something.

The arrived in the kichens, "I'll be back." stated Melina. Though Oola couldn't see, she did hear Porcellus putting on gloves. "WHY THAT?! WHY THAT?!" the chef grumbled loudly to himself, Oola heard Porcellus filling up a bowl with liquad. Oola then guessed by the scraping sound and the gentle splashs, that Porcellus was washing the table.

"Those platters are so disgusting! So unsanateary!" grumbled the chef. Oola could now feel her toes and she started to shifted about. Porcellus came around to were Oola was laying and wiped the wasted food up. "I am so sorry Oola, I don't want to do this, but I have to." said the chef. Oola let out a small groan, "P...Porcellus." she barly managed to say.

Porcellus stopped at leanned in closer so he could hear Oola's words. "Yes Oola?" he asked the still numb Twi'lek. "...Please free me...please kill me." she wispered to the chef. The chef looked at her with a look of sadness, "I can't...if I don't deliver...I get killed! I'm sorry Oola, I am just a nervous coward that just wants to live." he wispered back.

Porcellus finished cleanning the table when Melina came back. "Well you must like being shocked, schutta." snarked Melina, she grab Oola's wrist and pulled them over her head. Oola felt a soft leather cuff being put on each one of her wrists. Melina then went down to Oola's ankles and put a matching leather cuff on each of them.

Melina then ran two ropes that connected the cuffs together: right to right, left to left. Melina had the table go a little higher and she made the restraints tighten. Oola was now streached out and though she had gotten back her strenght back, she was as helpless as a fly in a spider's web. Melina lower the table, "Looks good, Porcellus do your thing." snarked Melina.

Porcellus gave a another grumble, he still had the bowl of water in one hand with a stonge in the other. Porcellus then srubbed Oola's body clean, Porcellus was doing his best not to look at Oola's privite parts. "Wow, Oola. You are such a schutta that a sponge can get you hard?" asked Melina. It was true, the soft texture of the sponge had aroused Oola's body.

Porcellus bit his lip, he wanted to rebuke Melina but couldn't. "Here Oola, have this." said the chef, he placed in her mouth a biscit. Oola gladly ate it, "*Scoffs* Porcellus why did you do that?! Are you rewarding bad behaver?" snarked Melina. Porcellus began to place deliacate slabs of meat onto Oola's body. "It's better when the "plate" does not move." he stated.

"Well her bonds are pretty tight, see." Melina stated as she tickled Oola's side. Oola really couldn't move, she couldn't resist and she laughted out loud. Porcellus gave a sigh as he deliacatly smeared sauces onto Oola's body. Once Melina stopped ticklying Oola, Oola began to sob. "Please...have mercy and kill me. I don't want to go back, please." she pleaded.

Melina gave a sigh, "Will she be using her mouth for anything for the platter?" she asked the chef. Porcellus pasued, "...Why?" he asked Melina. "Because I'm doing this." Melina then placed a ball gag into Oola's mouth. Oola couldn't speak no matter hard she tried, "There, much quiter right Porcellus." Melina whimicully said. Porcellus just glared at her.

Porcellus then began to pace about, "What is wrong?" asked Melina. The chef threw his hands in the air, "This...this whole thing is just wrong and disgusting and unsanity! Why does master contaiment perfectly good food by having it place on a body and in places that it should never be." the chef frustirly said.

Melina growl, "COME ON! Just do it and get it done! How much longer do you think master will wait before he sends down Bib?!" she shriek at Porcellus. Porcellus gave a disgusted sigh, he looked at Oola, "I am so sorry." he said as he began to place the final pieces. The final pieces of the platter were rolled up pieces of meat being placed in the petals of Oola's flower.

It was a disgusting feeling for Oola, having pieces of rolled up flesh inside of her body. Porcellus then finished by adding some garnish, "There all finished." stated Porcellus with disgust. Oola was streached out, a gag in her mouth to pervent her from pleading. Slices of meat placed on and in her body, sauces placed on plates by the sides of her body.

Oola was teary eyed as she was being pushed on the table back to Jabba's throne room. Though she was restrained, her body was trembling, I am a plate...a plate...she thought with disgust. The dark thought had grown, it had taken a shadowy form and had a ice white smile. See...if only you had would not have been made a plate but did you lisen, snarked.

Oola tried pushing the gag out of her mouth with her tongue but it just stayed in. Oh to have my hands free to get rid of this gag!..." she exclaimed to herself. The Shadow laughted at her, You could have had a form of freedom by your master's side but didn't lisen and here we are not anywere forward but on a table...the Shadow snarked.

Bitter tears came to Oola's eyes, Shut up, shut up, shut up...she tried tell herself. And here we are back at the beganning...snipped the Shadow. Oola tilted her head just enough to see that they were back at the throne room. Jabba looked towards her, "AH! my pleasure platter is here with my pleasure plate." he slobbered.

Fear gripped Oola, she wanted to run, to hid but she was naked and bounded before the eyes of her master and his court. Porcellus adjusted the table so it hovered about chest high to Jabba. The chef then gave Jabba two sticks that were tiny in the Hutt's hand. "Ah...which one to choose..."mused the Hutt.

He picked up a slab from Oola's breast, Oola's body stiffen as the piece of meat was peeled off. Jabba smacked his lips as he dipped the meat into the sauce. "AH! Most delicous!" Jabba declared as he ate it. Unlike the pervious meals, this one was slow and painfully long to Oola. She had to wait as the Hutt enjoyed his meal.

"Now for the hidden sweets." Jabba giggled as he slid the sticks into Oola's body. She jerked as the rolled up piece of meat was taken from her body. "Ese op. Ese." Oola managed to say though the gag. Jabba though continued with his platter and Oola's body stiffen each time. Jabba was finally finished and tossed the sticks onto the table.

Porcellus was about to take the table with Oola away when Jabba ordered him to leave it. "My little one must see tonights entertanment." he said though Melina. Porcellus gave a small bow and retreated to the nearest alchove. Jabba then had Melina adjust the tabe so it was up right. Oola hang on the side, her leash that had been placed underneath her head unreavled and hang down her chest.

Jabba chuckled as Oola hang next to him by his armrest, Oola was ashamed. Her naked body was streached out for all to see, Kill me please...she prayed.The Shadow though stroked the side of Oola's body, What is the matter?...Have they not seen your naked body before?...If only you were a good girl...snarked the Shadow.

Tears fell from Oola's eyes, If only I was a good girl, I would be back home and happy and free...she sadly told herself. The leader of the attackers from early was brought forth from the dungouns by strong armed gaurds. Jabba chuckled as he reached out with his left hand and played with Oola' leash. "So how will the leader beg?" rumbled Jabba out loud.

Melina was the one to ask the question and the one who got spit upon. She wiped the spit from her shirt and then backhanded the man. "I think he wants to die." she stated. Jabba bellowed out a laugh, "Melina would you like to do the honors?" he asked. She shook her head, "I'll let the professian do it." she said pointing at the butcher.

Jabba smiled, "Strip him and Bind him to the floor, I want to see his expression as he is most severly punished." rumbled Jabba. The guards then stripped the man and bound him to the metal floor with restains. Jabba gave a sigh as he finger Oola's naked body, "Bib, is everything ready?" rumbled Jabba. The male Twi'lek gave a bow, "Yes master."

Jabba flicked his hand, the signal for the exuction. The butcher then made some slices into the mans's guts, the man tried to be stoic but once the butcher openned the man's gut, he began to cry. The bucther then pulled out all of the man's inards except his heart and lungs. The man was now trashing about trying to escape but could not.

Then two guards, carrying a hot metal bucket, set it nearby the butcher. One of the guards gave the butcher a long pair of tongs. The butcher then used them to get a little white hot ball from the bucket. The man's expression was one of sheer panic, the butcher dropped the ball into the captive's gutted gut.

Never had Oola heard such a scream, she wished that the headband ear covers would block the sound but they didn't. Jabba and his court laught at the man, "Should have thought about this before attacking me huh!?" rumbled Jabba. The butcher repeated the process until Jabba told him to stop, "Stand him up." rumbled Jabba.

The guards unbounded the man and stood him up. Oola wished that she could take back what she saw. The inside of the man's body was cook, some of the balls actually went though his body making holes. The bottom of the man's lungs were blistered, he could no longer scream. "Push him towards me." bellowed Jabba.

The guards pushed the half cooked man towards Jabba, as the man stumbled forward, Jabba tapped the trap door button. The man dissappered into the floor, Jabba then pushed the button that moved his throne forward. "Ho ho! Now if only you could beg for mercy!" exclaimed Jabba. Judging by the roars, the man was fed to the Rancor, the one creature that Oola wanted to be fed to.

Jabba then rolled back his throne, he glaced over at his hanging Twi'lek slave. He tapped the button that closed the grates, "Melina, have Porcellus clean my pleasure plate and deliver her delivered to my room. And I would like fresh cream and berries on the plate to enjoy a late night snack." he rumbled.

Melina gave a small bow, "Yes master." she stated. Melina then adjusted the table so Oola was no longer hanging but on her back. Melina pushed the table with the bound Twi'lek on it, out of the throne room. Just Melina was in the passaway from the throne room Porcellus appeared. "So Melina...may I have my table back?" asked the nervous chef.

Melina then told the chef what Jabba desired him to do. Porcellus had a sour look on his face, "Why? Why does master torture this poor girl so much?! What has she done to deseave such suffering?!" he demanded. Oola looked up with teary eyes, He...cares about me...oh how I wish I was bound to a man that would love me and I would love in return...She thought to herself.

Melina pointed a finger at the chef, "Just do your job! Why should you care for this schutta? want to bake something in her oven?..." Melina sneerning suggested. Porcellus bit his lower lips and grumbled something. "What was that?" Melina asked the chef, he wringed his hands on his apon, "I'll do it." he stated with distaste.

He took the table with Oola on it back to the kitchen. He washed Oola's body once more, "Can I please take this thing out of her mouth?" Porcellus asked Melina. Melina scoffed and said "No", Porcellus grumbled and finished washing. He then quickly made fresh cream that was as soft as fluff and along with red and blue berries, spead it across Oola's body.

"There, happy now!?" snarked Porcellus as he gently pushed the table at Melina. Melina gave one of her fake smiles, "Oh Porcellus you're the best." she snarked as she left with the table. Melina pushed the table with the berries and cream covered Twi'lek up to the elevtor. The table and Melina easily fitted in.

Melina leanned and looked Oola in the eyes, though Oola was stilled gaged she really wanted to spit into Melina's eye. "If you think that Porcellus is a good man then think again, slave. He is a slave just like you and I, a coward. He would throw you to the Rancor if it meant saving his own hide." Melina snipped at the gaged Twi'lek.

Oola glared at Melina, No you're wrong!...He tries to be kind and gentle...Oola angerly thought at Melina. The elevator doors openned, "Ah, here were are. I hope you have a great night with master, slave. If only you were a good girl, things might be differant." snarked Melina as she openned the door and pushed the tabled in. Oola slid into the darkness, the door closed after her and it was Oola's tenth night as Jabba's slave.

Day Eleven

The Twin suns rosed over the desert palace of Jabba the Hutt. Oola was still bound and gagged, she couldn't feel her jaw, hands or feet. die...she slowly thought to herself. Her body was licked clean of the cream and berries, it was now covered in dried mucus and saliva.

Jabba had lowered the table onto his bed, so that he could lean over Oola's bound body. He laid his massive body on the side of the table. He was asleep, drool crusted along the corners of his mouth. His hands held onto parts of Oola's body, in his left he held Oola's right lek. In his right he held her left breast.

Oola's body was sore from last night's struggle. She couldn't defend herself or resist as her master debased her body to his pleasure. All she could do was lay there like a plate and hoped that he would grow tried of her taste and leave her alone. Oh Goddess you who teaches us how to dance and sing please hear my pray...she silenty cried out.

There is no Goddess...hissed the Shadow to Oola's left. Oola was too tried and dried out to cry, there is a-SHUT UP!...interupped the Shadow. What type of God/Goddess would leave thier worshipers in this pit, huh?!...Even if there is a Goddess, would she hear you from Ryloth?! Would she hear your pleas from who knows were?! There is only one God and that is your master!...exclaimed the Shadow.

Oola looked up at the ceiling, she looked up at the light that came down. you mean...Oola asked the Shadow. The Shadow chuckled, A God protect their worshipers while punishing those who sin against them...Jabba protects you when you are a good girl but punishes you when you are a bad girl...understand what I am talking about?...said the Shadow.

Oola's left lek twitched, So...when I am a good girl, master gives me food, my costume and protects me from those who would molest me and want to mine me right?...she asked the Shadow. Right!...All you have to do is bow down and worship him...when you get the chance...snipped the Shadow.

Oola's eye twitched, are just a figment of my imagation!...Trying to justify becoming a schutta to stop the pain!...I will find a way to escape from this place and be free!...Oola declared to her mind. The Shadow sighed, All I am trying to do is ease the pain that you have cause by running away from home...Oh by the way master is awake...stated the Shadow.

Oola's body trembled, she could fee his hand slid away from her breast and from her lek. Jabba uprighted his massive body, he slid off to dump his waste. Oola laid there until Jabba came back, he tapped acouple of button and the table with the bound, gagged Twi'lek rouse up to his massive belly.

Jabba looked down at his slave girl with his large orange eyes, Oola squirmed underneath their gaze. Jabba stroked her body, Oola's sctreached out body stiffened at his touch. "I don't understand my sweet," he rumbled as he fingered Oola's body. "Your body is so willing to please me but yet you still resist in your mind...What to do?" he mused to himself.

Oola wimpered something though the gaged made it unrecanizedble. Jabba smiled as he carssed the flesh right above Oola's groining. "Your flower is so sweet and blooms so large but yet you still resist, why?" he asked his gaged slave. Oola just stared up at him, Because you are a pervese slug that has me bound by a leash, that's why...she wanted to say.

Jabba then dragged the table behind his massive bulk out of his privte chamber, "I love it when your body struggles, the arch that you back makes. How you look at me, there is fear and lothing but in time I will have the latter beaten out of you. Oh Oola, you make me feel young again." he mused as he was in the elevator with his slave.

Melina was waiting for them when the elevator came to the throne room level. "Ah, good morning master." said Melina with a bow. Jabba lazlily passed the table to his costume deisgner, "Send the table back to Porcellus, then come back. I wish to...discuss how to teach my personal dancer how to dance to my tune." rumble Jabba.

Melina gave a bow after she had shifted the table in front of her, "Yes master." she stated. She then pushed the table with the bound Twi'lek down the passages once more. "You know, if you had been a good girl. You could be walking yourself down to the kichens to get a snack but no. You had to ruin master's meal and get yourself bound to a table, why can't you be a good girl?" she mused.

Oola stared up at the ceiling, Because this is not the life that I wanted to live!...I just wanted to be a famous dancer not some hutt's slime licking slave...she wanted to say to Melina. Melina and the table bound Twi'lek came back to the kichens. Porcellus must have already left using a differant passagewith the morning's meal for Jabba.

"Well Porcellus is a slippery chef it's he?" grumbled Melina to Oola. Melina then looked over at Phlegmim, "Hey boy, tell Porcellus to clean up this table." snipped Melina. The kichen boy gave a grunt and was working on differant mornning meals. Melina patted Oola cheek, "Be a good girl and don't try to run ok?" she belittled the green Twi'lek.

Melina then lefted the kichens, Oola laid on the table streached. The kichens were hot from the morning meals. Phlegmim finished with the last of the meals and wiped his brow. Jess and Yarna came down and picked upped the lasted meals. Oola longingly looked at them, both of the other slaves shot a glace at Oola before leaving.

Phlegmim got a drink of water, he then glaced over at what Yarna and Jess were looking at. His eyes widened to the size of small plates and he slightly gaged on his drink of water. He placed a hand on his mouth, Oola did not like that look he had in his eyes. The boy paced about, he then put his cup on the kichen table.

He then walked over to were the table was, he looked down apon Oola's naked body. Oola was afraid, she was shaking her head, silently pleading to be spared from another molesting. Phlegmim was muttering to himself,deciding if he reallying wanted to touch her and risk punishment or ignore her and wait for Porcellus.

Judging by the way he was looking at her, Oola determined that he REALLY wanted to touch her body. Phlegmim leanned closer to Oola, "Um...I'm...going to touch you...and you better not tell anyone." said Phlegmim. Oola shook her head, " 'f ou, oche e. ah ell aster." grabled Oola though the ball gag. Phlegmim gave a mischiefious smile, "But what if a gave you this?" he said.

It was a half eaten biscut, the same type as the one Porcellus gave her last night to calm her nerves. Oola's eyes widen, Phlegmim moved it around and watched Oola's eyes follow his hand. "You want it right? SO, we have a deal?" said Phlegmim. Oola REALLY, REALLY wanted the biscut, It's not like he's the first person to touch me...she reason to herself.

She nodded her head, the kichen boy smiled, he streached out his free hand and rubbed her right lek. The boy's touch made her body remember last night, Oola's bound body strained at the bonds that held her. "Wow, Jabba has you trained to be really senstive does he?" said Phlegmim. Oola's body was aroused, the tips of her breasts were hard and her thighs were trembling.

Phlegmim had set the biscut on the table in Oola's view. Oola was breathing though her nose, small trickles of drool crepted around the edges of the gag. Phlegmim brushed his thumb against the tip of one of Oola's breast. Oola puffed out her chest at his touch, "Oh I see, you want the dough to be kneaded." mused the boy. As he reached with both hands, Oola saw a shadow appear behind him.

It was Porcellus. The chef's eyes were on fire, he boxed the kichen boy's ears. "THE ONLY DOUGH YOU WILL BE KNEADING IS FOR THE BREAD!" thundered the chef. Phlegmim quickly returned to his staion on the other side of the kichen. Porcellus threw down his chef's hat, "Don't you ever think of taking advanice of a helpless girl, EVER!" snapped the chef.

The kichen boy mumbled something but Porcellus did not hear it. The chef took off his apon and covered Oola's body with it. "I'm so sorry that I took so long, miss. Master was taking his time." said the chef as he loosed the bonds on Oola's wrist and ankles. He then removed the ball gag, Oola could finally breath again.

"Let me help you." said the chef, he carried Oola and set her down in a chair. It felt very good to be sitting upright, Oola wanted to say thank you but her mouth was too sore from the gag. "One second miss, one second." said the chef, he quickly made some tea and as it was cooling he rubbed Oola's hands and feet.

Oola could feel life returning to her hands and feet. "There, nothing like a rub to get the blood flowing huh?" mused the chef. He got the tea and brought to Oola, though she could move her arms, hands and fingers. She couldn't grip the warm cup of tea, "Oh my, let me help you." said Porcellus.

Porcellus had Oola tip back her head, he then gently poured the tea into her mouth. The tea to Oola was like ambrous, she felt renewed. Porcellus had prefect control over the tea, he poured just enough in each mouthful for Oola. "Th...Thank you, may the blessings of the Goddess be apon you." Oola said to the chef.

The chef gave a cross of a grin and a smile, "I don't think your goddess would like me very much but...thank you." he said as he put the empty cup on the table. The cup crushed down on the biscut that Phlegmim had, the chef shot a dagger at the boy. Porcellus run a hand though his greying hair, "Oh, for some good help..." he mused.

He put the cup a side and took the half eaten biscut to the furnce and threw it in. Oola wrapped her arms about her body, though the apon was a little sweating and dirty. It was the only clothing that has touched her body in nearly two days. "Thank you. Thank you." Oola repeated to the chef. Porcellus got a large cup of water for her, "Here, have this." he said.

"Why thank you, Porcellus." said Melina as she plucked the cup from the chef's hand. Both the chef and the Twi'lek looked at the costume designer, she took a good long drink. "Ah! Nothing like clean water to drink, huh chef." said Melina who nudged the chef. Porcellus grumbled something, Melina then looked at Oola.

"Why Porcellus! Your apon is on that schutta's body, shoudn't you be wearing it?" mused Melina with that fake smile of her's. Porcellus kneaded his hands together, "I just thought that she would rather have something on, rather then her skin suit." the chef mused back at Melina. Oola smiled up at the chef, One day...Oola thought to herself.

Melina gave a small hiss and set the cup of water down on the kichen table and took the apon off of Oola's body. "Here, next time you try that lame excuse. I will tell master that you touched his pet and let him think what that means." stated Melina as she tossed the apon back to the chef.

Porcellus grumbled something as he put it on. Melina then looked at Phlegmim, "Hey boy. I thought I told you to tell Porcellus to clean the table." she snapped. The boy mumbled somthing, "That boy has just gotten lazier since his brother got himself killed." scoffed Melina out loud.

Oola glaced over at Phlegmim, He had a brother...she thought. Yeah and he was probility just as creepy...snarked the Shadow. Melina beckon forward two humanoid guards, "Pick up the schutta and bring her along." commanded Melina. The guards roughly picked up Oola by the arms and dragged her with them as they followed Melina.

Melina, the guards and Oola came to a passage way that Oola did not reconized. "Right here." stated Melina as she pointed to a spot onlong the wall. There was a ring attached to the wall, Melina tied Oola's leash to it. The guards then pushed Oola to the ground and held her and Melina put simaler leather cuffs on Oola's wrists and ankles.

Oola sat upright with her hands behind her back and her legs in front. Melina then told the guards to get something from around the corner. As the guards went off to gett the object, Melina looked down on Oola. "You really had to be a stiff schutta. Master has now entrusted me with your training to be a obediant pet." Melina snipped.

The guards brought a large box and put it on the oppiste side of the passage way from Oola. They chainned the box to another ring, Melina then went to it and adjusted some settings then turned to Oola. "Testing shock." snarked Melina as she tapped a button. Pain shot though Oola's neck, she gave a thin cry.

Melina smiled and then typed into the box something, "Oola is a bad girl." said thebox. Pain then coursed though Oola's collor causing her to cry out. Then box said, "Oola is a good girl." and the pain stopped. Melina smiled and then typed something more into the box. "You see schutta, this box is the same as the one that allows master to shock bad girls." she snipped.

Melina then stood over the box and carssed the corner. "I lowered the settings so it won't be as painful but it will happen every five mintues." sneered Melina. "So think about how you could be a good girl and not a bad girl." Melina stated. Melina and the guards then lefted Oola alone with the box.

Oola tried to get her hands free, it was no use, the cuffs made it impossible to get free. Oola sat there and then five mintues passed. "Oola is a bad girl." and the pain followed, it it was not a painfully as before but it was longer as it coursed though Oola. The electiacy caused Oola to stop breathing, she struggled about praying it would stop.

"Oola is a good girl." said the box and the pain stopped. Oola could breath again, Oola tried to get free but all her efforts were useless. "Oola is a bad girl." said the box, Oola tried to cry out for help but the pain prevented her. Oola's body shaked as the pain went though it, "Oola is a good girl." and the pain stop.

Oola tried to bow her head but her leash was too tight and kept her head up. "Please...make the pain stop..." wimpered Oola. Oh the pain won't stop if Oola is a bad girl...said the Shadow. Oola focused her gaze at the wall, she shook her head. " don't exist!" Oola screammed at the wall.

The Shadow of her mind had taken form from the shadows of the passageway. It form was like a Twi'lek's but dark and inky, with that ice white smile. It's eyes were yellow and glowed from the shadows. It came over and knelt infront of Oola, But I do exist my dear...I exist because of your sins...the Shadow said
Oola contiued to struggle, trying to be free of her bounds. "No, no, no! I don't want to be here! I..I-" five mintues had passed.

"Oola is a bad girl." said the box, Oola gave a silent scream as the pain coursed though her. "Oola is a good girl." said the box and the pain stopped.
Oola sobbed as she took in deep breaths, the Shadow still was there. The ice white smile crepted over the dark form's face. If only Oola was a good girl...then you won't be here...snarked the Shadow. Oola shook her head, "You don't exist! You are something evil!" Oola cried.

The Shadow twitched it's lekku, You could be back at the Dancer's pit...sleeping but just had to fight back...submit and be happy with your role...said the Shadow. Oola shook her head, "I don't want to be here! I want to be free! I don't want to be naked, tormented or be depraved. I don't want here..." Oola declared.

"Oola is a bad girl." said the box, Oola endured the pain, "Oola is a good girl." and the pain stopped. You don't want to be being tied to a ring and being shocked...mused the Shadow. Oola's body trembled, Yes...I don't want the more pain...she thought to herself. The Shadow smiled and patted Oola's head.

You want to be a good girl, right?...asked the Shadow. Oola nodded her head, "Yes...I want to be a good girl. Just please stop the pain, stop th-" "Oola is a bad girl." said the box. Though it was not as strong as being shocked by button on Jabba's armrest, Oola wanted the pain to just stop. "Stop! Please, I don't wanted to be shocked. Please!" she cried.

The Shadow sadly shook her head, If only you were a good could you be a good girl?...the Shadow asked the Twi'lek who was twitching in pain. Oola glaced down, "I...would...make...master...happy?" she said. The Shadow's yellow eyes gleammed, to make...master happy...the Shadow asked Oola.

Oola's lekku twitched, "I would body. To please his...taste." she said with disgust. The Shadow streached out a hand and stroked Oola's left breast, the tip reacted to the invisible touch and became hard. But you are still holding out...your body is one thing but your spirit...he desires your spirit and mind...said the Shadow.

Oola was confused, "How can I giv-", the pain once more coursed though her collor. "HOW CAN I GIVE SOMTHING THAT DOESN"T EXISIT?!" Oola exclaimed from the pain. The Shadow tapped Oola's lips, Do you not have that bond inside of your body?...The bond of touch, to please him, just a look can make the heart beat in exictment...said the Shadow.

Oola thought about it, her mind went to work think about all the ways to please her master. Too many of those ways meant submitting to his touch, to his taste. The pain would course though her body, causing her to really want the pain the to stop. I'm a good girl, I'm a good girl...she kept telling herself.

The pain from the box kept Oola awake though the hot afternoon. Pain that happened every five mintues, pain that happened twenty-four times an hour. "I'll do ANYTHING to stop the pain!" exclaimed the delsouatin Twi'lek. She had no food in two days, no clothes for two days, her body was growling for food.

{C}A hundred and sixty-eight times later, evening came. Oola's body was twitching from the pain, she could count down the seconds to the moment the box would say "Oola is a bad girl.". Melina came by with a large cup of water, she looked down on the twiching Twi'lek and took a long slurp.
"So, how was your afternoon?" Melina asked Oola.

"PLEASEMAKETHEPAINSTOP!IAMAGOODGIRLAGOODGIRL!" sobbed Oola. Melina smiled at Oola, she walked over to the box. She knelt down as if she was about to type someting. "Oola is a bad girl." said Melina, though it was not time, the pain course though Oola's body.

Oola's body trembled as the pain coursed though her body, she silently screamed. Melina smiled at the resulted, "Oola is a good girl." she then said after a couple of seconds. Oola gasp for air, But...the didn't say...Oola thought as she panted. Melina then knelt before Oola. "This is what training does, it makes you respon to a saying." she snipped.

Oola was crying, sobbing for the pain to stop. Melina tapped the side of her cup, "Would you like some water?" she asked. Oola exictenting shook her head, "Yes! Yes, Melina please! Please, you are such a good person." Oola sobbed. Melina teethed her lip, "How would a good girl please master?" asked Melina.

Oola's lekku weakly wiggled, "I would do anything he asks. I would gladly open my mouth to his pleasure. I would spread my legs to his desire, I would clean his body with my tongue. I would do anything just please, stop the pain." Oola sobbed out to the costume designer. Melina spat into the cup, "Open up." she stated to the Twi'lek.

What is a little human spit compared to Jabba's mucus. Oola gladdly openned up her mouth, the water sloshed into her mouth. The water filled Oola's mouth and dripped out of her mouth. Oola tried to drink as much as she could, Melina smiled as Oola panted. "Now, since I gave you water. You will have to bare the pain for the night." she said.

Oola eyes widen, "NONONO! Please stop the pain! Please, I am a good girl! A good girl!" Oola sobbed after Melina. Melina waved her hand at Oola and left the passageway. "Oola is a bad girl." said the box. Oola's body trembled as it was shocked, "Oola is a good girl." said the box and the pain stop.

Oola was shaking, " good girl..." she weakly sobbed. Then just as things couldn't get worse, those three tormenters came about. "Hey, hey, hey! Schutta waiting for a party." declared one of the guards. Oola strunk, trembling as the three guards came closer. They looked at the box then looked at Oola, "Huh, wonder what that Melina is doing?" wonder one of the guards.

Then five mintues came about, "Oola is a bad girl." said the box. The guards laughted as the slave girl was being shocked. "Oola is a good girl." said the box, Oola was crying as the guards chuckled among themself. One of the guards sctreached out his hand and stroke Oola's breast. No!...Oola silently screammed at her body's reaction.

The guards smiled as they once more divened Oola into thirds for their pleasure. Oola's body was being suspdend in the air by the guards hands. No mattered how she struggled, the guards would just laugh and contiued to molest her. "Oola is a bad girl!" "Oola is a good girl!" "Oola is a bad girl!" "Oola is a good girl!" sneered the tormentors.

Oola's body was in flux as the words were said. It was like a switch being played with, pain one second and then no pain the next. As the guard that was enjoying her legs and thighs, Oola felt something. It was not the heat from the pleaure it was a bodyly fuction that needed to be released. "I have to go to the waste room! Please!" Oola begged.

The guards nearly dropped her, "Oh...really." said one of the guards. They set her down, "Go on! Soil yourself, you schutta!" "Yeah, no one loves a flithy schutta." "Wet yourself, you flithy slave." were some of the demining words they said. Oola was shaking, she really needed to release her waste. Please...stop...she silently pleaded.

Then, all of the sudden, a pig guard appeared. He drove the tormentors away, "Stupid pig!" exclaimed one of the tormentors. Once the other guards left, the pig guard looked at Oola. Oola's thighs were trembling, "I have to use the waste room." she wimpered. The pig guard untied Oola's leash and lead her to a room with a waste room.

Oola gave a sigh of relief after she was done, unfourtly the pig guard took her back to the ring. Oola sadly looked up from her spot as the pig guard tied the leash to the ring. Then the guard proceeded to use gestures to explain why it helped her. "Master...loves me? Master...wants to protect me?" Oola said out loud her guesses.

The pig guard nodded his ugly head, he then walked off. Oola looked down, Master...loves me...he wants to protect me...she thought to herself. The Shadow crepted back from the shadows and leaned on Oola's shoulder. See...if you are a good girl, master protects you...he loves you and as long as you obey you will be free from pain...said the Shadow.

"Oola is a bad girl." said the box, Oola endured the pain. "Oola is a good girl." said the box. Master loves me...I need to be a good girl...she thought to herself. The even wenting on, Oola kept telling herself that she need to be a good girl and that if she was a good girl the pain would go away.

The air got colder, the twin suns must have setted awhile ago. Oola's body was shivering from the cold air. The passageway became pitch black, Oola was scared and the only sound beside her breath was the accursed box. I will the best girl that master ever had...I will be a good girl...she told herself.

Then there was a sound, Oola looked towards the dicetion that it cme from. "W-who's there?" she said out loud into the darkness. Then the sound of squeking wheels could be heard. They were coming closer, a chill went up Oola's back. A small lantren glowed in the darkness, it was attached to a table being pushed by a monk.

Something was on the table, once it came closer Oola let out a gasp. It's a brain!...Was her dreadful realiztion. The monk stopped in front of Oola, he turned and looked at her, "Are you the one they call Oola?" asked the Monk. Oola's lekku twitched out of fear, "I-I am...why?" she said with fear.

The Monk then picked up the jar with the brain in it. "The Bloated one wanted you to talk with this enlighted one." he stated. The Monk then placed the Jar with the brain just beyond Oola's feet. "Enlighted one, the one that the bloated one wants you to talk to is here." said the Monk to the brain.

The monk then stepped back from the jar, a couple of light blinked along the jar. "O-Oola?" said the jar in a monatone voice. Oola's lekku wiggled in confusion, "Yes...who are you?" asked the slave girl. The lights blinked acouple of times, "You did this to me. You did this to me." said the jar.

Oola was confused, "What? I...don't understand, who are you?" asked Oola. The lights blinked once more, "When I had a body, I told you: That in the middle of the desert, men will drink from an oasis even if the water is muddy." said the jar. Oola stared at the jar, "Just to let you know I have been shocked, ten sets of twenty. So I don't remeber alot..."Oola muttered.

The lights on the jar flared up, "I'm Crystel you dumb bantha." said the montone jar. Oola's eyes widen in shock, and after she was really shocked she turned to the jar. "Crystel?...but...what happened to your body?" asked Oola. The lights on the jar flickered once more.

"Well Oola, because you tried to ran away. We got punished for your mistake. My punishment, I lost my body. Those monks that call me enlighted one, craved my brain out of my body and from the nosie afterwards. I guess that the rancor ate my body." said the disbodyed Crystel.

Oola was recovering from the fact that this brain in a jar was just a couple days ago a human girl. "Um...I am sorry. If only I was a good girl." said Oola. The lights on the jar flared up, "If only, if only you were a good girl. Ohara would be alive, Caelia, Lisa would be alive and I would have my body back." said the jar.

Oola then all of the sudden realized why master had the Monk bring down Crystel's disbodied brain. Master is showing me what could happen to me!!!...Oola thoughted to herself. The Monk then picked up the jar that held Crystel's brain and put it back on the table. "Thank you for lisening to the enlighted one's words." said the Monk.

Then the lights on the jar light up, "Wait. Wait put me in her body." said Crystel's brain. Oola's jaw dropped, "What?" Oola said out loud. The Monk shook his head, "I am sorry enlightented one, I can not do that." he replied. The lights contiued to light up, "What! She doen't desvere that body of hers! I should have a body not her, not her, no-"

The monk pushed a button and the jar became mute, "The blessings of being an enlighted one." he stated. The Monk placed the jar back on the table and pushed the table away from Oola. The light from his lantran fading into the darkness, the squeking of the wheels lost into the darkness.

Oola stared into the darkness, her mind was on fire at the possiblity of losing her body but still being alive. Being alone in the darkness, Oola's imagation was creating sounds that she made her even more afraid. The distant shuff of silent feet, the groaning of the ceiling and the faint scratching of nails behind her. The night passed into day on Oola's eleventh night as Jabba's pet.

Twelevth Day

The suns rose over the desert world of Tatooine, deep in the fortess of Jabba the Hutt sat Oola tied against a wall. Her lovly brown eyes had red cracks running though them. Dark green half rings were under her eyes. "Oola is a good girl." she told herself, after being shocked nearly two hundred and sixty five times she knew when the shock will come.

"Oola is a bad girl." said the box, Oola still couldn't resist the pain that coursed though her body. Oola wimpered as the pain ran it's course, "Oola is a good girl." she said along with the box and the pain stopped. The box kept shocking her though out the night preventing her from the wonderful escape called sleep.

"Oola is a good girl." she said to herself trying to bring a little comfort. The Shadow was laying in front of her and gave a lazily yawn. It stood up and streached out it's arms, somthing that Oola longed to do. The Shadow then bent down and touched it's toes, something that Oola wanted to do. The yellow eyes then looked at the bound Twi'lek and the ice white smiled appeared.

Good morning Oola, have you been a good girl?...the Shadow ask. Oola sluggestly nodded her head, "Oola is a good girl." she mumbled out loud. The Shadow then came up and knelt in front of Oola, it streached out it's hand and gently rubbed Oola's shouder. See can have everything you wanted if you just submit, ok?...said the Shadow.

Oola nodded her head, "Just stop the pain..." she mumbled. Oola then looked passed the Shadow and stared at the box that kept shocking her. "I hate you, you stupid box! I hate you! May you brust into flames and melt into many pieces." she seethered at the box. The box stared back at her, the Shadow looked over it's shoulder, I don't think it likes you...It wispered to Oola

Oola nodded her head, "It hates me becuase I have legs, it's jealous." she said. "Oola is a bad girl." said the box, Oola grinded her teeth as the pain went though her. "Oola is a good girl." said the box and the pain stopped. Oola kicked out at the body, "YOU HATE ME DON"T YOU EVIL BOX! WELL MY LEGS ARE STILL KICKING SO HA!" she screammed at the box.

The box just stared at her, Oola tried to spit at the box but her spit just hung down her lip. She panted as the box just sat there, "YoU aRe EvIl aNd i HaTe yOu." she slurred her words at the box trying to provoke it. The box siletnly stared at her, I think it's trying to give you the silent treatment...said the Shadow.

"Oh I see! You are just ignoring me huh?! Well you mother is probility ashamed that she ever gave brith to you and you're just taking it out at me huh?!" Oola crazily snarled at the box. "Oola is a bad girl." said the box, Oola was just too tried to feel the pain. "Oola is a good girl." said the box and the pain stopped.

As Oola was screamming at the box, Melina was just down the passage way slipping on her drink and watching the Twi'lek talking to thin air. Melina walked up and knelt by Oola's side, she looked at the box and then looked at Oola. Oola was in a state were she did realized that another real indualviual was there.

"So...who are you talking to?" asked Melina. Oola kept her eyes on the box, "That evil box, it has shocked me too many times just to be a orderanry box. I think it has a gurge against things with legs and that is why it's shocking me. If I can just find the self-desrut word, I tried every word I knew in Huttese, Basic and Twi'lekese. But I don't know." said the Twi'lek.

Melina nodded her head, "Um ok...Oola, I'm here to take you back to master." said Melina. Oola shook her head, "I cann't leave until that box stops SHOCKing me...oh may be the word is number..." Oola mused to herself. Melina walked over to the box and typed in some numbers. Five mintues passed and no pain from the box.

"W-what did you do?! The stopped!" Oola excited exclaimed. Melina then walked over and untied Oola's leash from the ring. "Yeah I stopped it becuase Oola is a good girl." said Melina. Oola sprung to her feet and nudged Melina, "You are such a wonderful person! Thank you for stopping that box, it was evil." Oola then spit on the box.

"Ha! I have legs and you don't!" Oola sneered at the box, it just sat there. Melina then removed the cuffs from Oola's wrist and legs. "Are you a good girl?" asked Melina, Oola spun around and knelt before Melina. "I'm a good girl Melina! I'm a very good girl!" she exclaimed, "I will be a good girl, I promise, just stop the box!" she cried.

Melina slowly nodded her head, "Ok...would you like something to eat?" Melina asked Oola. Oola's eyes widen, "YES! YES! I would love something to eat!" she begged. Melina gave one of her fake smiles, "Alright, alright just come with me." she said. Oola egerly followed Melina to the kichens, the smell of breakfest filled the air.

Oola's mouth was full of drool as Melina gave her a bowl of food. Oola hungerly downed the food, "Thank you, thank you." Oola grabbled though mouthful of food. Melina smiled as she watched the Twi'lek ate her food. "Now how will you please master?" asked Melina, Oola set down her bowl and looked at Melina.

It was amazing what food can do to replensh the soul. "I will make master happy. Because he loves me and wants to protect me" Oola said. Melina then finger a lock of her hair, "And what happens if Oola is a bad girl?" she asked. Oola coudn't breath, her knees became weak and she fell to the floor, grabbing at her collor.

I-Is the box here?!...wildly thought Oola as she struggled for breath. The pain of being shocked so manying times metally crippled her with that key phrase. Melina looked down at the twitching twi'lek on the floor, "Oola is a good girl." she said. Oola could breath again, she was taking deep breathes and mutter to herself.

Melina knelt down in front of Oola and raised her chin with her hand. "If you are going to a good girl then you will do anything master wants you to do, understand." she said with that fake smile of her's. Trebling Oola nodded her head, "I'm a good girl." she said trying not to fumble with the words.

Melina must have put the make -up case in the kichen in advance, she brought it out and begain to wipe Oola's old make-up. After she was done cleanning off the old she put on a new fresh make-up. Melina then used a fresh cloth and cleanned Oola's lips and put a fresh gloss on them.

"There, all pretty for master." Melina cheerfully said. Oola could feel the make up along her lips and around her eyes. "It's a good then you are green. It's easier to cover up the shadow that you had under your eyes." said Melina. Oola stood up with Melina, coiled up her leash in hand and walked in front of the costume designer.

A perfect mask to hide the pain, right Oola?...asked the Shadow. Oola glaced behind her shoulder, the Shadow was hovering behind Melina. It's yellow eyes gleam, Make a mask to hide the pain, make a smile to hide the pain, submit to hide the pain...the Shadow said in a sing-song voice.

Oola closed her eyes and kept walking, a smile crepted over her lips. A mask...Oola thought to herself, a mask of pure white to hide the stains of being a schutta. A mask to play a role, to hide the pain, the tear stain cheeks. Oola and Melina came up to the passaway to the throne room, I will play my part until I can get free...Oola thought.

Porcellus passed by them with the table of empty plates. Oola and Melina came to the throne room, it was Raca's turn yesterday to be master's plaything. Jabba was playing with her, forcing her to eat what looked like maggots. "Ah! my little one has returned to me." Jabba said seeing Oola's naked body standing before his throne.

He shoved Raca off his throne, the Nautolan gagged out what ever Jabba had shoved down her mouth. "This one was a poor subsatuit for my little ones's spicy body." Jabba rumbled, looking down at Raca. Raca stood up and went behind Melina, not wanting to be in master's company any longer.

Jabba then narrowed his gaze at Oola, "Bring her to me!" he declared. Two guards grabbed Oola by the arms and shoulders. They dragged Oola to Jabba, they pushed her up onto the throne. The guard on her left took this chance to cop a feel of Oola's buttock, Jabba did noticed but fouced his attacnetion on his slave.

Oola was trembling in the grasp of two guards, Jabba's orange eyes bore a hole though Oola's body. Jabba raised his right hand and pushed a finger into Oola's mouth, she gagged as the grubby finger was in pushed down her mouth. Jabba then pulled his finger out and held it out in front of Oola's face. "Lick it, worm." he rumbled at Oola.

Oola's tongue slid out of her mouth and licked the wet finger of her master. Jabba smiled at the effort that his beutiful slave was doing. He then tooked Oola's leash in his left hand and tighted it, Oola's body was still being held by the guards. Jabba then pushed his wet finger in the middle of the Oola's chest and then slid it down her body.

Oola squirmed as Jabba pushed his wet finger into her body, he bent it into a hook and brought it up. Oola wimpered as Jabba wiggled his finger inside her body. His eyes were watching her reactions to his intrustion. Oola began to pant, there was pain and also...pleasure in her master's touch.

"Do you know why I do this to you worm?" Jabba asked to his slave girl. Oola shook her head, afraid to speak. "I am doing this to show you who owns you. I own you, I can do what ever I want with you. If you are a good girl, I am a gentle master but...If you if are a..." Jabba let Oola fill in the words. Her body began to shake, last night's punishment still affected her.

Her eyes rolled up, she tried to breath but couldn't, her arms strained to grasp her collor. Jabba smiled at the result of Melina's training, "But Oola is a good girl." he rumbled. Oola gasp, taking in deep breaths and Jabba pulled out his finger and wiped it on Oola's body. " a gentle master to those I love." he rumbled.

Oola quickly nodded her head, "I...want to make you happy my master." Oola childish said. Jabba smiled and glaced at the guards, "Loose your grip, my loyal guards." he rumbled with a evil gleam in his righ eye. The two guards loosed their girp on Oola's trembling body. Jabba then jerk Oola into his belly and the same time tapping the button for the trap door.

The guard that felt Oola's buttock fell though the hole with a gasp. Jabba gave a laugh as he rolled his throne forward, "No one feels up my girl in my sight!" he bellowed as the grates openned up. Jabba and his court then watched as the thrown away guard pleaded for his life as the Rancor ate him alive.

Oola was trembling as she laid against her master's belly. Jabba then rolled back his throne after the exuction, he stroked Oola's back and lekku. "See my love, as long as you are a good girl I will protect you." he rumbled. Oola looked up at her master and gave a little smile, "Master is good to me." Oola cooed.

Jabba then fingered some paste and held it out for her to lick it. She did lick it, she licked it with passion. "Now I heard that you would lick me clean, my sweet." rumbled Jabba. Oola paused her licking, I did say that...but it was a plea to stop the pain...she thought to herself. Jabba then gutted chuckle, "That would be too much for one girl, so I just will have you clean me." he rumbled.

Melina then appeared and set a bucket and sponge for Oola. Oola took it and began to clean Jabba's massive body. She started at his tail and worked her way up. As she was washing Jabba's body, Bib came with a person in tow. The well fed man was in a fine suit and had some body guards with him.

Oola was cleanning Jabba's belly when Bib came up to Jabba's side and wispered something to him. Oola wringed out the sponge and glaced over her shoulder. The man was oviously inetranced by the naked form of a beutiful Twi'lek cleaning such a ugly fat slug. Jabba tapped Oola's shoulder, "My little one, translate my words for me." he rumbled.

Oola nodded her head, the metal joint jiggled, "Yes master." she said. She paused her cleanning and turned her body towards the man. The man's eyes , grew a little larger at seeing her naked breasts and legs. "So what have you brought to my humble palace?" Oola said Jabba's translated words.

The man had to be nugded by one of his guards, "Oh ah yes...I have this problem. My company is trying to get this contrat on this bid. But the compation is fairly firce and so it would be good to get a head start. So I have come to ask for your help, I am willing to pay fifty thousand credits for you help." he said.

Bib and Jabba discussed it amon themselves, Oola kept glacing between her master and the man. The man wiped a handerchef against his sweating forehead, his eyes were carsseing Oola's body. "I'll help you but you will have to give me more then just credits." Jabba rumbled. Oola translated her master's words, the man talked with one of his guards.

"I don't understand, fifty thousand credits is quite abit." said the man. Jabba's belly shook, "What I want is to have some of the control of the company that you own." said Jabba. Oola translated Jabba's words. The man was distracted by the beutiful Twi'lek's body, "Oh mean you want shares of my company?" asked the man.

Jabba gave a gutted chuckle, "That's correct, I desire to have half of the payment in shares and in credits. Of course you can just leave and just have wasted your time or you could make a profit." Oola said. The man was not looking at Oola's eyes, another nudge made the man look up. "Oh um yes...I think I will sign the transactions." said the man.

Bib then took a data pad and had the man sign it. Then after a final glace at Oola the man and his group left. Jabba gave a chuckle as Bib came back to his side, "So you got his signature?" asked Jabba. Bib gave a toothy grin, "Yes master, the payment has come though." he said. Jabba then rubbed Oola's left lekku, "Let us hear what the others have to offer." he rumbled.

Appeartily the man's company was not the only one to seek out Jabba's assistense. Three differant companies came, again each one did not know that the other compantiers had come along. And Jabba offered his assiactiance to each of them for a fee of credits and shares. After the last one, Jabba had Oola shoke his hookah for him.

Oola was a little dirty from cleanning Jabba, she was a lovly distraction during the negations. After Oola took a puff, Jabba took it from her hands. "Have Tessek and the others look at their company accounts. Then once we find the one with the bigger account, we help them and drive the others down into the ground a take control of them at a cut." he rumbled.

Bib gave a bow, "Oh course master, all things shall happen according to your wisdom." he peddled as he dissappered to the shadows. Jabba gave a yawn and wrapped a arm around Oola's shoulder, "You did wonderful, my sweet. How many of them looked at you with lust and longer. I think you get a reward." Jabba rumbled.

Jabba reached over to his armrest and picked up Oola's sandels. Jabba dropped the sandels onto his throne for Oola. Oola took them and put them on, Just my costume left...she thought. Oola wiggled her toes on the leather soles, she nested down against her master's belly and went to sleep.

{C}After a couple of hours, Oola woke up in the arms of her master. She gave a gentle yawn and fingered Jabba's belly. She touched the leash that hang from her collor, she was still naked. The only pieces of her costume she had were her headpiece, sandels ands collor/leash. She thought about her costume on Jabba's armrest and another thought came to mind.

The armrest has the button for the trap door...Oola thought to herself. Oh no you don't...said the Shadow who appeared next to her. Oola glaced over her shoulder and looked at the Shadow. Look...Jabba is being kind to you because you are being don't throw your life away just to spite him...warned the Shadow.

Oola rolled her head away back against Jabba's belly, I want to be free...she thought. You are be master's just have gotten back your sandels...just another day of being good and you get your costume back...said the Shadow. Oola bit her lip, How is being a rutting pet for a giant slug freedom?...I would rather die cleanly then feel his touch again...

The Shadow sighed, Death is an absoulute...nothing but darkness...better to enjoy taited light then being swallowed up in eternal shadows...It said warningly. Oola rolled her eyes, Aren't you made out of shadow, huh?...she thought back. *tisk* Being a shadow has nothing to do with the fact that I would prefer that you stay alive...It said.

Oola let out a puff of air, I am really alive?...she thought. Yanra and Jess were taking the orders once more, Oola looked at them and wished that she did not have to wear a collor. Oola rubbed her leash in her hands, I wish that I didn't have to bear a leash...she thought. Then Jabba stirred, he gave a yawn and moved his arm from Oola's shoulder.

Oola did not move from Jabba's side, she just uprighted herself and was sitting on her knees and hands. Jabba reach back and grabbed his cup from his armrest. As he brought it to his lips he glaced down at his slave girl. Oola was looking up with her large brown eyes, her ruby red lips sensualy parted as she breathed.

"Oh Oola, you are so cute when you look at me like that. Would you like to be my cup?" Jabba rumbled. Oola's leku wiggled her disgusted behind her back, but her master asked her to be somethig to please him. "Oh master, let me be your cup to hold your drink." she said lustly. She openned her mouth, Jabba poured his drink into her mouth.

Jabba then set aside his cup on his armrest and grip the sides of Oola's headband. Oola trembled as she was pulled up closer to Jabba's massive mouth. She griped her master's forearms as he lapped the liquad from her mouth. Oola closed her eyes and foucus and the thought of dancing and how it was be a shadow of freedom.

Jabba finished drink from his lovly slave girl's mouth, he rubbed his tongue on her teeth. He then pulled out his tongue and let out a heavy sigh that stinked, "You are such a lovly girl, full of life. I enjoy how you please me and if you contiue to please me, I shall be gentle." he rumbled as he licked Oola's lips.

Oola gave a small nod, her eyes stole glaces over at his armrest. She saw which button it was for the trap door and which one that shocked her. Jabba gently let Oola slid down his belly, "How would a good girl please me?" he mused. Oola knew what he wanted, she then began to kiss, lick and teeth his warty skin on his belly.

Jabba closed his eyes and let out a rumbled sigh. He shifted his hands down from Oola's head to her shoulders. Oola kepted licking as she moved up his bloated belly, she came to his chin. She paused and tucked her chin, "I am...a good girl?" she asked her master, childishly looking up. Jabba smiled, "Yes, you are a good girl." he rumbled.
She smiled and deliacatly licked her master's chin, Jabba chuckled and he tighted Oola's leash and brought her chin up. He rubbed a finger from his right hand under her chin up to her lips. Oola kissed his finger and licked it, he then dragged it along her velvet green skin and rubbed the tip of Oola's left breast.

Oola's body stiffened, she let out a small gasp. Pleasure and heat filled her body, her master's hand then slid behind Oola's back. She squirmed as Jabba's hand gripped her buttock. "Up! Up!" Jabba commanded pulling on her leash. Oola half climbed and was halfed dragged up Jabba's belly.

Oola straddled his belly, she placed her hands on the sides of Jabba's chin. Jabba's tongue slid out of his mouth, licking the space between Oola's breast. Oola gave a wimper, she could not slid down because of Jabba's hand. Jabba's orange eyes focus on Oola's body, "Show me your passion for me, move your body to my pleasure." he rumbled.

Oola nodded her head, she glaced over her shoulder and saw Porcellus was waiting uncoframably. What are you waiting for?...The quicker you please master, the quicker you get to eat...wispered the Shadow. Oola then moved her hands from Jabba's chin to the back of her head, she then began to shifted her shoulder to a imagary rythem.

Oola then grinded her hips in Jabba's hand, her lekku became enlarged as she rubbed them in her hands. Jabba licked Oola's breast, tasting her body, Oola let a moan pass her ruby lips. She took a breath, puffing up her chest to Jabba's pleasure. Oola then rocked her body in his grasp, the tips of her breast became hard and her thighs trembled.

The heat inside of her body was making her hot, beads of sweat glistened on her body. Then just as she got to the climax, Jabba pulled away his hand and lets her slid down his belly. Oola was confused, did she do something wrong? She looked up at her master, "Master...did...I do something to desplease you?" she asked.

Jabba chuckled and wiped his fingered in the paste bowl. "No, I am actually very please. Melina's training has made you very obedinat and I am letting the heat kindle inside of you. So later that when you reached the hight of your dance, I can truly enjoy the passion of your body." he said as he held out his finger covered in paste.

Oola licked the finger clean, I will die free...she told herself. "*Ahem* Good evening master." said the chef. Jabba looked at his chef, drool crepted down from his mouth. "Hoho, dinner is here my sweet. Be a good girl and serve me." Jabba rumbled. Oola nodded her head, "Yes master." she said. Oola then severed Jabba his meal, he ate every thing she fed him.

Oola put back the last plate, she had notcied her bowl sitting at the corner of the table. She looked up at Porcellus, he was trying not to look at her naked body. "Ho ho, why Porcellus? Why do you not like looking at Oola's beutiful body? Perhaps...if she were to give you a rub perhaps you will feel better at looking at her." Jabba rumble.

Oola translated Jabba's words for Porcellus, the chef had to keep looking at Jabba so that he did not look at Oola's naked body. "Oh...well, master. I...just think that dancers should have thier...dresses? Or is it costumes?...Anyway, I think Oola would be more...desireable if she had that spicy netting...just saying." said Porcellus.

Jabba rubbed his chin, "Hm...the chef does have a point, my sweet." he rummbled outloud to Oola. "Your costume does make you more...alluring to the taste. But you have been...unacceptable in your actions of late." He mused outloud as he stroked Oola's shoulder. Oola really hoped that Jabba would give her the costume.

Jabba gave a grunt, "Nope, not until the next time you grace my throne, will I think about giving you your costume." Jabba rumbled. Jabba then motioned for Porcellus give him Oola's bowl. The chef gave the Hutt Oola's bowl, Jabba flicked out the spoon and held it in his hand. "Are you a good girl?" Jabba asked Oola.

Oola quickly nodded her head, "I'm a good girl, master. I'm a very good girl!" she exclaimed hoping to get some more food into her stomach. Jabba chuckled, "Oh really..." he mused as he spit into the bowl. Porcellus gave a small gron at Jabba's action, Oola though could not afford to be picky.

Oola gripped Jabba's hand that held the bowl and ate the spit covered food. Jabba chuclked as he stroked Oola's lekku, Oola was just happy that she could eat before she tried to kill herself. I will die free...Oola thought as she ate mouthed the food. Once she was finished, Jabba tossed the bowl back onto the table, Porcellus knew that was his cue to leave.

Oola rubbed her stomach, though she had to eat Jabba's spit, she did get to eat. Thank you Porcellus...I wished I could dance just for you before I leave this place of torture...she thought to Porcellus. Oola's leash was tugged on and she looked up at the monster that held her captive, he wiped a finger across her breast and got some sauce from one of his meals.

He smack his lips after tasting the sauce, "Ah...some times I think that I should just have a pleasure platter every night..." he mused outloud. Oola's body trembled at that thought, Oh Goddess please spare me from that torture again...Oola prayed silently. Bib came from the shadows and wispered something to Jabba.

"Oh really..." Jabba said at what bib told him, "I will see his wares." rumbled Jabba. Bib bowed and went off to reteive the indualivtual. Jabba smiled down on his pleasure girl, "I think you will be getting more playmate to play with." he rumbled. Oola forced herself to smile, They will not know me...For I will be free from your touch...she silently told Jabba.

The Shadow beside Oola gave a coff, You really are pushing it...master's grace will only last as long as you submit...It said. Oola ingored the Shadow's warning, I will be free...I will die free...Oola thought to herself. Bib came back to the throne room with a group of beings. From the looks of it was a group of slaves and slavers.

"Ah! Might Jabba, thank you for letting me in. Have you gotten fatter?" said slaver. Jabba chuckled, "Oh you flatter me." he laughted. It was the slaver from sometime last week, the one that brought Raca, Pure and Silk to this place of torture. The slaver had brought nearly a dozen very beutiful girls with his group.

Jabba slobber at the sight of new snacks for his pleasure, "Oh my, you have so many deliacates to choose from that a Feeorin?" he asked. The slaver gave a toothy grin, "When I heard of thossse ssstupid brothers brought ssub sstanderd wares and got themsselvess killed. I made ssure not to offend the mighty Jabba the Hutt." he said with a glint in his eye.

Flickering a claw, the other slavers pushed forward three beutiful girls. The first one was the Feeorin that Jabba mused about. She was white skinned with black patches along her tenculues. She was as tall as the slaver, dressed in rags and in metal cuffs, she had striking black eyes and was beutiful. "Ssshe'sss only a hundred, ssso ssshe ssshould easssy to handle." mused the slaver.

The next girl was a Zabrak, dark brown skin with horns peeking out of the jet black hair, She had lovly brown eyes that nearly matched her skin. She too was in rags and cuffed at the wraists, she was trembling and nervously looking about. The slaver put a claw under her chin and had her raise her chin. "Beutiful iss sshe not? Her tattooss make her eyess stand out." he stated.

The third girl was a Mirianlan, dark haired, pale yellow skin with lovly leaf green eyes. She had geometric tatoos along the sides of her face. She was a a dirty white night gown, her beutiful, slender body silloeted from the light. She was trying to look brave but was shaking at the sight of Jabba and the possible of being chain to his side. "Thiss one was just leaving the nesst when I picked her up." said the slaver.

Jabba was drooling, his hand was kneading Oola's breast as if acting out what he wanted to do to these new slaves. "Of course I have ssome ssimple human girlss to choosse if these gemss do not pleasse you." mused the slaver. Bib wispered something into Jabba's ear, "Hmm...I do need some new girls to fill out my harem. But I do want those..." Jabba muttered.

The slaver gave a toothy smile, "No problem, your highnesss. Human girlss are actually easier to find now dayss with the empire displacing govermentss that held planets together because of the rebelss hidden away on them." chuckled the slaver. "I am actually hoping that you had any spare Twi'leks around. They are in demand in the Empiral pleasure houses." he asked Jabba.

Oola did not like the look that the slaver gave her, she shrunk closer to Jabba's side. Jabba talked with Bib and then refocused on the slaver. "I shall buy: the Feeorin, the Zabrak, The Mirianlan and the two human girls in the middle with the dark hair and with the large deliacates." slobbered Jabba.

The slaver openned his his mouth then closed it and then wispered something to his leutiant. They held a short dissuction, "I was hoping that your highness would have a Twi'lek on hand. That way I could give a discount to his mightnesss." peddled the slaver. Bib wispered somthing to Jabba, "Alright, Melina go get the other yummy worm for this wonderful bussiness man." he rumbled.

Melina went off and got Amber from the Dancer's pit. As the slaver was looking over her, Amber was looking at the ground her hands gripping her dress. "I'm scared..." her lekku silently wiggled to Oola. The slaver asked Melina to remove the dress, Amber was really trembling as she stood naked before the gaze of the slaver.

"Yes this one will do." said the slaver, he clear his throt and turned and looked at Jabba. "The um...standard pricing for three unique slaves and two humans would cost you about..." the slaver kneaded his hands. "60,000 credits." he said. Before Jabba started yelling the slaver waved his hands. "But your discount! That is before your discount!" the slaver quickly said.

Jabba looked at the slaver, "If the discount is based on the Twi'lek then it better be a good one." he rumbled. Judging by the way Jabba was looking at the slave girls, he was going to get them one way or another. The slaver tapped his claws together, "...Um...the Twi'lek is...very pretty SO. The new price is...40,000 and please remember mighty one. I need to make a living." said the slaver.

Bib wispered something into Jabba's ear, Jabba stroked Oola's lekku. " a fair price." said Jabba. The slaver gave a sigh of relief, "But first, Melina do your thing to the snacks I am about to buy." rumbled Jabba. Melina snapped on her rubber gloves and proceeded to do her probing. "All clean." she said over her shoulder to Jabba.

Jabba licked his lips, "Give the good slaver his creds Bib." he bleached. Bib had left and gotten the credits, he then passed them to the slaver who then passed it to his letiunt. The leiutent checked every single one and after the last one he gave appocing nod to the head slaver. "Thank you for your busssinesss, mighty Jabba." said the slaver with a bow.

The slaver then removed the cuffs on the slave girls except the ones on the Feeorin. The slaver muttered something to Bib, Bib nodded at the slaver's words. Then the slaver took Amber's hands and put cuffs on her wrists. He leered at her causing her to coward, "The other one isss in a nice place, I think chained to a bed." he sneered at Amber.

He had Amber join the group of girls that were not sold to Jabba. The slavers and slaves then left the throne room. Amber looked back at Oola sadly, "This is our fate." she silently told Oola. Oola closed her eyes and gave a small nod, "Be strong, pray to the Goddess for your freedom." Oola silently said to Amber.

Amber moved along with the other girls out of Oola life, "Now for samplingly!" Jabba hugerly rumbled. He had the guards rip off the rags and dirty dresses of the new slave girls. "Ho ho, which one to taste first?" he mused. His eyes narrowed on the Mirianlan, "Bring that one to me." he commanded.

The pale yellow girl struggled as she was pushed up onto Jabba's throne. He brushed some of the hair to the side of her face, "Do not worry little one, I am a gentle master." he rumbled with a wink to Oola. Oola's lekku twitched behind her back, the Mirianlan did not know what Jabba had said and was begging to go home.

Jabba's tongue slid out of his mouth and lapped the girl's breast and lower jaw. She gave a moan of disgust as Jabba smack his lips, "Hm...I will have the Zabrak next." he mused. The guards then pulled back the Mirianlan and brought up the Zabrak. Her eyes were wide eyed and fill of repluse at what Jabba had just done.

"Don't touch me! Don't touch me!" she screamed as she struggled in the grasp of the gaurds that held her. Jabba chuckled, "My, you are quite the talker." he said as he slobbred over her chest and lips. The Zabrak coffed as she spat out the muscus from Jabba's tongue, "Now for a human." Jabba rumbled out his desire.

After he tasted both of the humans he called for the Feeorin to be brought to him. She did not struggle as she was pushed up onto the throne, she silently glared at the disgusting hutt. Oola was actually surpised that she was taller then Jabba, he though did not like that fact. " Put her on her knees." he commanded.

The guards forced the taller Feeorin to her knees, she continued to glare up at Jabba. Jabba reached out and took in his hand one of her tenacules. She bit her lip as he slowly licked her tenacule, Jabba smiled, "Ha ha, you will only get stonger with age. You and a wookie would be perfect bodyguards...after you have been trained of course." mused Jabba as he played with one of her tenacules.

He then waved for Melina to take them to the Dancer's Pit, "I have plans for the Feeorin, make sure that she learns quickly." he rumbled as he stroked Oola's lekku. Melina gave a bow and left the throne room with the group of nake girls. Jabba slid a hand underneath Oola's chin and gently lifted it up.

Oola's eyes were now looking into the narrow slits of her master's eyes. "Do not worry my sweet. I will not replace you...yet." he rumbled as he licked her ruby red lips. Oola trembled at his touch, But soon...I will be free...she told herself. Jabba tighted Oola's leash forcing her head up, Oola's breasts heavd as she breathed.

Jabba licked his lips and carsessed Oola's breast, "Bib, tell Melina, that I have my sweet dance a solo this time." Jabba rumbled to Bib. Bib gave a small bow and dissapeared, Oola closed her eyes as Jabba contiued to fondle her breasts. "Your body is getting hotter my sweet. I knew that a night of punishment would make you mine." he rumbled

Oola bit her lip, her chest trembled as she thought at what must be done. Oh Goddess, you who teaches us to sing and dance, hear my pray. Let this dance be my offering to you, just as I was born naked, I will die naked. Please let me into the enternal dance with you, for I have nothing but my life to give to you. Thank you...Oola silently prayed.

Jabba then patted Oola's head, "Why don't you go and streach out alittle bit. I want you to be...felexable." he said. Oola nodded her head, the metal joint jiggled, "Yes master." she said as she left the throne. Jabba still held onto her leash as Oola began to streach out her body. She coud hear some wistles and lewd comments behind her but she ignored them.

She laid down and streached out her body on the metal floor. She could see the lust in her master's eyes as he watched her. She then uprighted herself and streached out her legs and touched the tips of her feet with her fingers. "Ow, goodness my sweet. I forgot how flexible you are." Jabba mused at Oola's flexibity.

Oola noticed out of the corner of her eye Jess furiously tuning her guiter. Oola decided to give Jess some more time by showing off. She laid on her belly and then conqueted her body so that her feet were touching the floor in front of her shoulders. She then slowly twisted her body and was now standing upright.

Jabba had his mouth open, "By my belly! You are the first pet in more then a deceade to be that flexible!" he declared. Oola smiled at his praise, "Thank you master." she said with a small bow. Oola then heard Jess strum her guiter, It's time...Oola thought to herself. She took a pose and held her leash in her hands.

Oola then picked a style that she hoped that the Goddess might be pleased with. Why can't you just be content?...asked the Shadow who materized out of the shadows of the throne room. You know you have no control over anything master does right?...asked the Shadow. Oola ignored It's questions and was focusing on how to dance and then to get the trap door open.

  • Sigh* Since you have no partner I guess I will be it...said the Shadow who took up a pose. Jabba rasied one of his grubby hands, "Play!" he rumbled. Jess then played on her guiter a beutiful melody for Oola. Oola danced with her Shadow, though Oola was naked it was not about her flesh but the grace of her body.

Oola danced with all of her grace and beuty, her Shadow also danced beside her. Though no could see the Shadow, many were conviced that she wa dancing with someone. Oola's leaps and the twirly of her body entranced many. Don't throw your life away...can't you see that you are making them happy?...said the Shadow.

Oola ingored tha Shadow and kept on dancing, she then felt the pull of her master. It is time...she told herself, time to find freedom from this accursed place. She turned towards her master, he was in a state of complete lust. Drool was dripping from his mouth as he impatiantely pulled on her leash.

"Come! Come my girl, come!" he slobbered. Oola though did not resist, she santered towards he master's throne. Oola playful stroked her leash, her hands then stroked the rest of her body. She could see Jabba desire her on his throne, snapping the leash tight. She placed her hands on the lip of the dais. "Let your pet dance apon your throne, my lord." she lustly asked.

Jabba nodded his head, Oola then climbed up onto his throne and stood before her master. Oola brought her hands up and waved them in the air, Jabba reached out and felt her body move. Oola looked with half closed eyes at the trap door button, "May I wisper something to master?" she asked. Jabba nodded, she leanned to his left ear, "Good bye." she said.

Oola then quickly tapped the trap door button, she could hear it open behind her. She turned and leapped into the air, To freedom...she thought as she felt her body beganning to fall. But that feeling was cut short. She had misculated and forgotten that Jabba still had a good grip on her leash.

With a mighty pull, Jabba reeled his slave girl from mid air back to his belly. Half choked Oola was back at her master's side, she looked up and into the eyes of her master. "...Why did you do that my sweet?" rumbled Jabba. Oola emotions then exploded, she began to scream, cry and hit Jabba's massive belly.

"I WANT TO DIE! I WANT TO BE FREE! NO MORE PAIN! NO MORE TOUCHING! NO MORE!" she screammed at the top of her lungs for all to hear. She exhused herself hitting Jabba's belly like a drum. As Oola was panting, Jabba gave a sigh,"Just when I though you were a good girl." he rumbled as he pushed the shock button. Oola blackout from the pain on her twelefh night as Jabba's slave.

Oola woke up with a gasp, she then sat up right sweating. She put her hands on top of her head, "Huh?" she said outloud. She felt her head, the leather headband was gone. She got up and went to her small chest and got a mirror. Oh my...she nearly screammed out, not only the head band but her make up and tatoos were gone.

Her lips were their normal dark green, her brow was untaited by the tatooed brows she had. She then moved her hand to her neck, "It's gone." she said outloud. Her neck was free of that collor/leash that she had worn for nearly two weeks. She then looked down, she was in her nightgrown, a gift from Nolaa had gotten her for her brithday.

"I'm home." she said out loud, she looked about and realized that she was in her room. She fell to her knees, "It was only a dream! It was only a dream!" she declared sobbing. It must have been the Goddess showing what would have happenned if she had tried to ran away from home.

"Father! Nolaa! Were are you!" she nearly screamed as she raced about the home. No one was home, Oh how stupid of me, it's nearly mid day they are probity out and about...she told herself. She went back to her room, as she was taking off her grown, she looked down. Her waist did not have that scar, she fell to her knees and prased the Goddess.

"Oh Goddess, you who teaches us how to sing and dance, hear my pray! I thank you for showing me that future to me! I will honor my father and love my sister for all time! Thank you for showing me the darkness that is away from you oh Goddess! Let every step be a dance to prasie you for giving me back the gift to bear life in my body!" Oola prayed out loud.

Oola put on her clothes, the night black top that showed off her midriff. The black silk pantaloons on her legs, the black slippers on her feet. She slipped on the black silk lekku covering on beutiful, long lekku. She ran out of the house looking for her father and sister. She ran though the village looking for her family, but it seemed that no one had seen them.

Were could they be?...wonder Oola to herself. As Oola was walking about, she met some of the younger girls of the clan. "Oh it's Oola!" "Hi Oola, you are so pretty. "Oola can you please teach us how to dance like you?!" were some of the remarkes from the group of girls. Oola smiled, "Of course I have time for you! Now make a pose!" she and the girls danced together.

It was some time and soon it was evening, "Oh my, you girls are getting so good! I think I am running out of things to teach you." Oola said. The girls smiled, "Oh Oola you are too nice." Will we see you tomorrow?" they said. Oola smiled and patted their shoulder's, "I will be here aslong as possible." she said.

The group of girls laught and fluttered away, Perhaps father and Nolaa are back home...Oola thought to herelf. She walked back to her father's house, she noticed that their was light coming from the house, Oh maybe they are home making dinner...she though to herself. Perhaps I should go and help...she thought as she walked up to the house.

It was dark inside, "Nolaa, father, I'm home." Oola said out loud. The only light was from the fire in the fire place. Judging from the silotties, Nolaa and her father were sitting by the fire. Oola went and knelt by Nolaa, "Nolaa...can I talk to you alone?" Oola asked. Nolaa was quiet for a second, "Why did you hit me?" she asked.

Oola's lekku twitched, "What do you mean? I have never hit you." she said. Then Nolaa turned her face towards Oola, Oola gasp and covered her mouth. Nolaa's face was marked by hand prints, "You did this to me." Nolaa coldly said. Oola shook her head, "No, no that never happened! It was only a dream!" Oola said.

"Why did you get me drunk?" her father said. Oola turned and saw his face, his eyes dull and dark rings were around his eyes. Oola was shaking her head, "No, no, no NO! It was only a dream! It never happened!" she screammed. Then both Nolaa and Oola's father stood over Oola, "Who are you?" Nolaa coldly asked.

"W-who? I- I am your sister." Oola said stunned at the accutsion. "Who are you?" asked her father drunkenly. "I-I am your daughter, Oola!" she said franticly. "LIAR!" he thundered at Oola, "My daughter is a poud member of the Tarkona! Not the property of a Hutt!" he declared at the velvet, green, Twi'lek girl.

At his words, Oola felt something changing. She glaced at her lekku, she gasped as the black,silk lekku covering dissappeared. She then felt the leather headband being placed on her head. Oola had to feel with her own hands to make sure it was real. Her hands felt the metal head piece that marked her as the property of Jabba the Hutt.

"No...NO!" Oola sobbed, she looked up at her father and sister. "Please forgive me! Please!" she cried, Nolaa coldly looked down at her. "You are not my sister. She did not need to wear make up that makes her look like a schutta." she stated. At her sister's words, Oola could feel the tatoos being burnned into her brows and lips.

The make up was like mud being smeared over her eye lids. Oola was now screamming, tears of pain lined her face. "No...I am your sister! I am your daughter!" she screamed at the towering shadows. Then her father pointed at her, "My daughter is free to dance when ever she wants to. Not on a leash for the pleasure of a depraved slug." he stated.

Oola felt it, the cold touch of the collor. It formed around her neck, no matter how hard she tried she could not get it off. "" she cried. Then the metal joint and the black leash formed and coiled like a snake on her lap. Oola clasp her hands together, "No! Please forgive me! I was a fool! Please forgive me!" she pleaded.

Then it was Nolaa's turned to point, "My sister is the princess of my clan. Not the pleasure toy of a slug." she declared. Oola gripped onto her clothes, she could feel them becoming looser. She could feel her cold air on her body. The fishnet costume formed out of her clothes, her top and pantaloons became one.

Oola bowed her head, she was looking down on her body. The fishnet costume allowed all to see her breasts, the vinal groning covered her body's flower. She was crying, "Uppy, sissy, forgive me, forgive me." she cried calling out the pet names she would say to her father and sister in happiness.

Her father spat on Oola's head, "My daughter dances with the finest slippers. Not the sandels of a slave." he declared. Oola looked down and saw the slippers peel back and revealed the black sandels of her bondage. Oola was shaking, she wrapped her arms about her chest out of shame. "Your master calls." Nolaa coldly stated.

Oola looked over her shoulder, the door of the house was openned. She could see the orange eyes of her master, peer out of the darkness. Then a pair of yellow eyes appeared nexted to the orange, I told you so...If only you were a good girl...said the Shadow. Then Oola's leash was sucked out of her lap and into the darkness of the doorway.

Oola was being dragged out of her house, "NOOOOO! Father! Nolaa! DON"T LET HIM TAKE ME! PLEASE!" she screamed as she tried to resist the monster in the shadows. "I have no daughter." "I have no sister." said both Nolaa and Oola's father. Oola was dragged into the darkness screamming, "AIEEEEEEEEE!" into the void.

Oola had closed her eyes as she was being pulled but then after a feeling of weightlessness she openned them. It was as if she was going at light speed, the stars were lines of light. Confused?...asked the Shadow, Oola turned to her left and saw the Shadow floating along side of her.

Just as she was about the Shadow a question, It cut her off. We are here...It said, The stars became points of light once more. Oola and the Shadow hovered above Tatooine. Just to let you know all of this is just a dream and that you should be waking up very soon...It said. Oola was then suddenly pulled down toward Jabba's palace. Just as she was about to hit it she closed her eyes and screamed.

{C}Day Thirdteen-The Breaking day

Oola woke up screaming, she had thought she had hit the top of the palace but then realized it was just a dream. She sat upright sweating, and heavly breathing. She brought her legs up to her chest and wrapped her arms around them. She was still on Jabba's throne, naked and defiled.

She looked about, most of the members of the court had paused the buessiness to see what the screamming was about. But once they realized it was just Jabba's schutta, they went about their bussiness. Oola was trembling from her nightmare, Oh it's not even close to being over...the Shadow mocklying said.

Oola then felt HIS persense, she slowly turned her head and looked over her shoulder. Jabba was smoking his hookah, he let large thick puffs fill the air about him. He stared at Oola and it made her very, very scared. Oola brought her hands over her head as if she could protect herself from his rage.

"...Forgive me...please forgive me..." Oola wimpered out loud. She could hear Jabba let out a sigh and set aside his hookah pipe. She did not see his right hand grabbed onto her left lekku. He then squeesed ruthlessly on it, Oola could not bare the pain and cried for it to stop. Jabba then jerked her by her lekku into his belly.

He found Oola's right lekku and gripped it in his left hand and squeesed. It would have been better to be shocked a hundred times over the pain from her lekku being squeesed for a mintue. She blacked out, but was brought back to reality by some sort of smelling salt. Jabba then gripped Oola by her lekku.

" VERY...disappointed with you." he thundered at his slave. Oola was uncontrollbly shaking in Jabba's grasp. Her eyes were dilated and her breaths were short and choppy. "I though you had become obedianted good girl but guess what! You just had to prove me wrong, didn't you!" he thundered at Oola.

Oola's hands were shaking as she held onto Jabba's wrists, "P-" Jabba shut her up by squeesing on her lekku. Oola was silenced, all she could do was look up at her master with teary eyes and tried to get him to be gentle. Her tongue slid out of her mouth, deliacatly licking the air. I'll lick you master, if you just stop the pain...she hopefully thought.

But Jabba scolded at her, "How dare you. So eager to throw you life from me but now you are trying to please me! How dare you!" he thundered. He released his girp on her right lek, he slapped her across the face. "You think you can deny me my pleasure?! *Slaps Oola* "Look at me, worm! LOOK AT ME!" he erupted at his slave.

Though it was not as painful as being shocked or having her lekku being squeesed. The pain of being slapped was hurtful to her spirit. Oola had used all of her bravo in last nights attemp to leave this place of torture. She looked up at Jabba, teary eye and submissive, Stop the pain, I will do anything to stop the pain...she silently prayed to Jabba.

Porcellus came up with the table full of food, "Good mor-" Jabba cut him off with a bellowing snap. "Come here. COME HERE!" bellowed Jabba to his chef, though Porcellus did not know what Jabba was saying he came. "Give me my slave's bowl. GIVE ME HER BOWL!" thundered Jabba at Porcellus.

Bib quickly told the chef what Jabba had said, he did as he was told and gave Jabba the bowl. Jabba then forced Oola's face into the bowl, "EAT! EAT!" he thundered. As Oola was eatting her food Jabba then commanded Porcellus to move the table away from his throne. The chef mumbled something and moved the table.

Oola finished eating her food, Porcellus always makes the best...she thought to herself. But that feeling of haven eaten good food was soon gone. Jabba shoved his finger down her throut, Oola threw up all of her meal onto the sand covered trap door. As bile dripped from her chin, Oola was forced to look Jabba in the eyes.

"I GIVE YOU LIFE! I GIVE YOU CLOTHES! I GIVE YOU FOOD! AND I CAN TAKE IT ALL AWAY WITH MY LITTLE FINGER!" Jabba thundered down on his Twi'lek slave girl. Oola was shaking her head up and down, "I'll be a good girl I promise I will be a good girl." Oola mouthed to Jabba. Jabba spat into her mouth, he slapped her again and then he pushed her down to her hands and knees.

Oola managed to coff out the ball of mucus from her mouth. Jabba then began to slap Oola's buttockes with his hand, "BAD GIRL! BAD GIRL! You are at MY mercy!" he declared. The pervious day's lesson of pain was still effecting Oola. The pain went to her throt and she could not cry or scream out loud.

Jabba then pulled Oola upright, he paused and noticed that Oola was about to pass out again but from the lack of air. "If only you were a good girl." he mused out loud. Oola gasped for air, Jabba then pushed her head towards his snackaquiam. Oola planted her hands on the rim of the bowl and tried with all of her might not to get her head underwater.

"Please have mercy, have mercy!" Oola cried as her head nearly went under water. Jabba pulled her back from the bowl and force her to look him in the eyes. "Were is your arragounce now schutta! *slaps Oola* Your life is at my whim, I get to choose how you will die when you have spoiled!" he rumbled

Oola could no longer feel her face, she was trembling as she looked into the black slits of her master's eyes. "I GIVE you the honor to feed me. Do you understand?"Jabba bellowed into Oola face. Oola quickly nodded her head, "Yes master." she qickly said. She did all that Jabba ordered her to do, feed him, wiped the drool from the corner of his mouth and more.

Oola knelt before Jabba looking up with her lovly brown eyes. Please don't hit me...she hopefully thought to herself. Her master tighted her leash in his left while his right hand molesting her breasts. Oola sat there and trembled at the touch of her master, "Be gentle, my lord." she softly spoke hoping that her words would be pleasing to his ears.

Jabba scoffed, "You words maybe as sweet as honey. But only good girls can clam my wrath." he rumbled. He cupped Oola's left breast in his hand and suckled it, Oola's body grew stiff and trembled at his action. Oola was disgusted but did not resist out of fear of more punishment from Jabba.

Jabba finished sucking on Oola's breast, he wiped some of his salvia off of her breast. He held out his right hand, "Lick it slave." he rumbled. Oola closed her eyes and licked the drool covered hand. As Oola was licking his hand, Jabba clamped her mouth in his hand. "I have grown tired of your resistence to my will. You will bow down and worship me tomorrow." he rumbled.

Oola looked up at her master wilded eyed, If you commanded it I would bow down and worship you...if it stops the pain...she thought. Uh...I think he means to have you broken and that you will worship him as your god tomorrow...said the Shadow beside her. Oola's lekku twitched, W-What! mean I will be torture with until I accept him as my god!...She exclaimed to the Shadow.

The Shadow strugged it's shoulder's, Perhaps...oh look here comes Melina...It said to Oola. Jabba let go of Oola's mouth and pushed her to the side. "Ah! A Lemon tart to satifiesfy my taste." Jabba rumbled. Oola looked over her shoulder and saw her substiute, it was the Mirialan girl from yesterday.

The Mirialan girl was wearing a white dress that went to her knees. Her hair was pinned up in a bun, purple lip slick on her lips. She was looking down, her body was trembling at the thought of being the pet of a giant slug. Jabba wiggled his fingers at the girl, Melina had to give her a push to get her onto the throne.

Jabba wrapped a arm around his new pet, "Melina." he rumbled. Melina gave a small bow, "I am here for your commanded." she said. Jabba then glared at Oola, "I have one command for you regardeing my favortie." he rumbled. Oola shrank at his gaze, "Break. Her." he commanded to his costume designer.

Melina gave a bow, her face had that insane grin, "Yes master." she said. Melina then took Oola's leash from Jabba, "Come on, slave. Time to teach you a lesson." she sneered. Oola gripped onto her leash as she was taken away from the throne room. Melina then had two guards follow her back to that passageway from two nights ago.

"OHNO! NOT THEBOX!" screammed Oola as she saw the box sitting there on the ground. The guards forced the leather cuffs onto her ankles and wrists. Then they tied her to the ring, Oola was pleading for mercy from the pain that would come from the box. "I swear on everything I believe that I will be a good girl. Just don't let the box shock me!" she begged.

Melina though just scoffed at the Twi'lek's pleas, "Yeah right, worm. I will be back shortly, but as you wait, I will let the box do some talking." she snarked to Oola. Melina then pushed some buttons on the side of the box. "Oola is a bad girl." said the box, Oola let out a thin cry as she endured the pain from the box.

Melina left Oola along with the box, "Oola is a good girl." said the box and the pain stopped. "YOU ARE AN EVIL BOX!" screammed Oola at the box, it just sat there mocking her with it's silence. I have to agree with you...I think it has a gruge against you...said the Shadow. Oola's body trembled, Oh to stop the pain...she thought to herself.

After nearly six cycles of the box saying, "Bad girl", "Good girl". Melina came back with a bowl in her hand. "So how was your converstion with the box go?" she snarked. Oola looked up with tears in her eyes, "Oh Melina, you are such a nice person. I would be a good girl if you just stop the box from shocking me." Oola peddled to Melina.

Melina had to stop herself from laughting out loud, "Oh Oola, you are such a stiff schutta. If you had only submitted a couple days ago. We would probility be laughting over a biscut instead of me having to mentally break you." she snarked. Oola sigh, "Please stop the pain I will be a good girl I promise." she said.

Melina knelt next to Oola, "Open up." she said holding out a spoonful of food. Oola gladly openned her mouth and eat the food Melina put in her mouth. Melina smiled as she spoon fed the bound Twi'lek. Besides that one time as the box shock Oola, she ate the food in peace. "Did you like that food?" asked Melina.

Oola nodded her head but then as she was using her tongue to rub her teeth she tasted something. " put something in it?" she asked Melina. The costume designer rasied an eye brow, "Wow I thought I did a good job at blending the drugs into the food." she muttered. Oola's lekku twitched, "Drugs?" she asked.

Melina wiped some food from the corner of Oola's mouth. "Yeah, since you will probility not remember anything I tell, I am going to tell you what is going to happen to you." she snarked. "First, I will have you make some...what are they call? Oh yeah. Memory cord so that just in case your short term memory is shot." she snarked.

Oola's lekku twitched, "But...I,um Twi'leks don't forget." she tried to say confinetly. Because of the lekku on the back of a Twi'leks head, it was nearly impossible for Twi'leks to forget. Unless they are cut off and then the Twi'lek would have an adverage memory. "Oh you don't know me." snarked Melina, "I have broken seven Twi'leks this way." she sneered.

"Next, I will have you tied to a bed, then after acouple of more cocktails of drugs. I will have you boarded by every guard in the barracks." she said. Oola's mouth dropped, ""E-E-Every...gaurd?" she said with utmost dreaded. Melina smiled as she stroked the side Oola's head, "Thats right, every guard in this place will board you and until they grow tired of drilling." she said.

Oola's eye twitch, Oh this is going to be a long night...groanned the Shadow. "Please...please, I am a good girl. Don't...don't let it happen." Oola sobbed. "Oola is a bad girl." said the box as it shocked the stunned Twi'lek. Oola did not feel the pain as her mind was on the possiblity of being boarded by the guards of the palace.

Melina stood up, "I will be back with the stuff for yours cords. In the meanwhile just think about tonight." she snarked as she left. Oola sat there, the pain of being shock was nearly non existane compared to the thought being drilled by those guards. I don't want to be drilled by guards or by anyone...she thought to herself.

Melina came back with a guard, he was carrying a box with a bunch of strings. "Here you go, I am going to undo your cuffs on your wrists. If you think of anything else besides doing you memory thing. This guard will recuff you and leave you here with alone." Melina sneered. Oola nodded her head and Melina undid her wrist cuffs.

The guard set the box beside Oola, and stood across her watching her. Oola took the strips of cloth and twisted them about. To an observer it would look like any normal cord twisted about. But to a Twi'lek that knew how to make a cord, the sutile twist in the cord meant so much more.

Oola sat there in silence as she made her story. How she ran away, how she was trained to be a schutta without her knowing. How she was brought here to this place and how she tried to escape. She twisted names and things into the cord, Kanna, Ohara, Ruby, Amber, Jess, Yarna and at the very end was her master Jabba.

The shocks from the box kept Oola awake though out the afternoon. The guard had brought a chair and was sitting next to the box, he was drifting in and out of sleep. Oola kept working on her cord, bitter tears fell from her eyes as she twisted more strings together. I was a fool...and now I am paying for my folly...she thought to herself.

She looked at her cord, it was about three feet long. Oola sighed, she had seen many more longer of great deeds and great people. I don't have much to offer, oh life is so short...I wished I could take back so much...she silently cried to herself. The Shadow knelt beside her and put it's head on her shoulder. can finally be free...It wispered. Oola gripped onto the cord, you mean?...she asked the Shadow. If...the boarding kills you...then you can die free...said the Shadow. Oola cringed, True...just like Lisa, I could be boarded to death...but I would be free...she thought to herself.

She looked over at the box, "How about you box? Did you ever reget something? I have so much that I wish to take back. I would have been a better daughter, a better sister. I would have taken back so many things I said." she said. "Oola is a bad girl." said the box as it shocked her. Then after a bit, "Oola is a good girl." and the pain stopped.

Oola nodded her head, "I am a bad girl. Why am I a bad girl? Is it because I tried to ran away? Is it becaused I don't want to live in this place of torture and death? I...just want to be a good girl so that the pain would stop, right?" she asked the box. The guard that was sitting in his chair next to the box thought to himself that this slave is crazy for talking to a box.

Melina came back with another meal for Oola, "How is the schutta doing?" she asked. The guard grunted something, "Yeah, yeah you can go." Melina stated at the guard. The guard left Oola and Melina alone, "My that is a long cord, let me see." Melina said snatching the cord out of Oola's hands, Oola was about to say something but remained silent.

Melina looked over it, "Huh, well I gues I will hve to show it to Bib just to make sure nothing too distastful is in it." she said. Melina then recuffed Oola's wrist behind her back, "Open up for some yum yums." Melina snarked. Though the food was probility drugged, Oola still ate it, If I am going to die I want to die on a full stomach...she thought.

Melina then took both the bowl and the cord with her. Oola had to endure more pain from the box, "Perhaps the reason that you are shocking me is that you have no choice. Maybe you are actually a tragic character in a tragic story." Oola said to the box. The box repeated that pharse as it has done many times before.

" are really are a kind box, but have been forced to be a torturer. Oh you poor box." cried Oola. Melina then returned with the cord over her shoulder, "Wow...Bib said that the cord that you made is one of boredom and easily forgotten." Melina snarked. Oola frowned, That is not true Oola's story is the best!...exclaimed the Shadow.

Melina beckon a guard forward, he took the cuffs off of Oola's ankles and untied her leash from the ring. The guard then pulled on Oola's leash bring her up to her feet. "W-were are you taking me?" Oola asked Melina. Melina just waved her hand at the guard to follow her with Oola. The guard held onto Oola's leash and kept her moving forward.

Oola walked behind Melina as they went though some passageways. Oola's hands were behind her back, still cuffed at the wrists. "Melina were are you taking me?" Oola asked the Human once again. They came to a door, Melina pushed some buttons and the door openned. Oola's eyes went to the sign that was by the door. Her eyes wided at what it said: Barracks.

"NOOOOOO!" Oola screamed, she tried to run but the guard still held onto her leash. Oola thrashed about as the guard reeled her back to him. "PLEASE MELINA, SPARE ME! I AM A GOOD GIRL! A GOOD GIRL!" Oola screammed. The guard grabbed Oola by the shoulder and pushed her thought the open door.

Oola stumbled though and the door closed behind her. She froze in place and prayed that the room was empty, it wasn't. About a dozen guards were lounging about with nothing to do when Oola came though the door. They all turned their heads and looked at her, they stopped reading their data pads, they stop drinking their beers and they looked at the naked Twi'lek.

Oola was shaking, her hands behind her back, Oola could not cover her body. "Don't...don't..." she pleaded to the guards about her. Then one of the tormenters from earlier that week appeared. The Human guard with the yellow teeth, he smiled at Oola and she was very afraid. "What time is it?!" the guard exclaimed out loud.

Oola was all of the sudden grabbed from behind by the tall human guard, "IT"SDRILLINGTIME!" he proclaimed. Then all of the guards came at Oola, she screammed as loud as she could. They blindfloded her, they undid he wrist cuffs only to put them back on once they had tied her to a bed. "NOOO! NOOO!" Oola screamed as she was bound.

She laid on her back, naked, helpless and defenceless. Underneath the blind fold Oola was crying, Oh Goddess please save me from this please oh please...she silently prayed. The human guards were very loud as they disscussed among themselves how they would do this schutta. Oola gasped as she heard someone dropping their pants.

"Oh yeah! You can put a hole in the moon with that gun!" Oola heard one of the guards exclaim. Oola was now in a state of panic, "My father is very rich he could give you anything just...don't! Don't!" Oola tried to bargin with her tormenters. She could feel the bed weight down by someones weight, "Here comes the DRILL!" exclaimed one of the guards.

Oola then felt something oblong being pushed up her waste chute. Oola screammed, she screamed as it went into her body. She couldn't do anything to stop them, she was sobbing as she felt someone's hands grab her head and forced openned her mouth. "Oh, you are going to love this schutta! Being drilled at both ends!" loudly exclaimed one of the human guards.

Oola tried her hardest to close her mouth but the guard prevented her from doing so. Another oblong object was forced down her thort but it was odd. It was a pill about three inches long being pushed down her thort. Once the pill was in Oola's mouth, guard forced her mouth closed and pintched her nose.

Oola couldn't breath. In her sturggle for air, Oola swallowed the pill. Then the guard let go of her mouth. As Oola was gluping air, she felt strange. The darkness of the blind fold was shifting colors. She felt a guard lick the side of her face, "Sweet dreams as we drill you to sleep." laughted the guard as Oola went into a hallucination.

Oola woke up in a desert, she was alone but stilled naked and collored with the leash. She stood up and looked up at the sky. It was purple and the sun was green, Were am I? she said her voice hollow and void of breath. Then the Shadow appeared, It was just as she imagated it to be, dark, shadowy with yellow eyes and ice white smile.

You are nowere. the Shadow replied. Oola looked about and scracthed the side of her head. Oh look what is that? said the Shadow. Oola looked and in the distance, she could see a single person being chased by a group of people. I wonder what is going on over there? Oola asked out loud.

I think there is a closer view. stated the Shadow. Then all of the sudden,the same scene appeared closer. Oola could tell the person being chased was a Twi'lek, the two, long lekku flowing behind the Twi'lek was a tell-tell sign. I wonder who it is and why they are being chased? Oola wondered out loud.

The Shadow sighed, Then let us take a closer look. It stated. Then almost the same scene appeared closer, the Tw'lek was hot pink and had a look of fear on her face. The Twi'lek was holding a leash in her hand that connected to a collor about her neck. The girl also had a head band on her head just like Oola's.

Oola looked closer, What?...Is Oola said to the Shadow. Shadow nodded it's head, If you doubt yourself look closer. It said. Oola did just that, that person was her. She was confused, can that be me? I am here and...that person is there. Oola tried to explain to herself. The Shadow tapped her on her shoulder, Well I guess that you should start running. It said.

Oola looked over her shoulder, she gave a scream and ran away as fast as she could. Out of nowere the palace guards came ranning after her. They too were naked but that was not the point. They were multi-color and chasing Oola with in full intent of ravanging her body. She ran just like the two images of her that she saw.

But no matter how fast she ran the gaurds grabbed her and dragged her to the ground. But just as the spread her out, the sun turned it's gaze at them. The light from the sun pushed the guards back. Oola looked up and saw a face on the sun. It was Jabba, his already massive features were now all comusing.

IS OOLA A GOOD GIRL? his voice thundered across the sky. Oola went to her hands and knees, Yes! Yes I am a good girl! she exclaimed. Fire erupted from Jabba's mouth, WHO IS I?! MY PET IS OOLA! he declared. Oola bowed her head to the ground, I...Oola is a good girl. she said to the sun that was green.

The sun sneered at her, BUT YOU TRIED TO RUN AWAY! YOU TRIED TO TAKE YOUR LIFE WITH OUT MY PERMISSION! Jabba said shaking the very earth. Oola lifed her hands up, I...I... she tried speak but was forced to remain quite by the overwelming presense of the sun. THINK ABOUT YOUR ROLE IN LIFE AS YOU ARE LEFT IN DARKNESS. said the sun turning away.

The light left and guards came for her, she cried and cried but their was no one who could save her from the guards. As she laid in the sand, covered in body fluid, she closed her eyes for a second. Then she was back were she started on the ground, just waking up with the Shadow nearby.

This...event repeated it's self too many times. And it was a strange event, sometimes Oola was the one being chased. Other times, she was chasing herself. Times were she was ravanged. Other times, she was ravanging herself. But always Jabba was the sun, He is my master, my sun, my life. Without him I am nothing. she thought as the thirdtenth night passed.

Day fourteen

Some how Oola did get to sleep, though the only thing on her mind was this. Oola is a good girl...Oola is a good girl...Oola is a good girl...Oola is a good girl...she said in her dreams. Then someone patted her face waking her up. Oola was startled and afraid, she was still blindfloded and still tied to the bed.

"O-Oola is a good girl. She is a good girl." Oola wimpered. The hand carassed her face, "How did you like last night huh?" asked one of the human guards. Oola's body shook at the thought of last night, "Oola is a good girl. She wants to be with master, please." she asked. the guard chuckled as his hand stroke Oola's chest.

"But you were so good at being drill. I think, I have never seen a girl endure so much drilling." he mused. Oola was disgusted, Oola wants to be with master, master is good to her...she thought to herself. Then she felt the hot breath of another guard on her neck, "Hey do you think we have time to drill before boss schutta comes?" he asked.

Oola was uncontrollable shaking, "No...please no...Oola is a good girl. She will never try to run away again." she begged out loud. One of the guards sighed, "Yeah, but how to make sure..." he mused. Then one of the guards wispered something to the other guard. "Oh my...that is disgusting...but I like it." he said.

Oola was still shaking as the guards untied her from the bed. "W-were are you taking me?!" she weakly exclaimed, she felt herself beng dragged off the bed. She felt her feet being dragged across tile. She felt her arms being lifted above her head. She felt herself being pushed onto something, it smelled of unine.

Oola's hands were then bound to together again. It felt as if Oola was bound to a pipe, she sat uncormbly on the cold object. Oola then felt her leash being pushed off to the side. "Can't get waste on that." said one of the guards. Oola then heard the sound of zippers being pulled down. " is a good girl." Oola weakly cried.

THen she heard someone's feet stomp on the tilt floor, "Hey! What are you scums doing?! Didn't the boss lady sa-" "Hey! I know what I can and can't do." said one of the guards that dragged Oola to what she thought was the guards waste room. "Then what are you two doing?" asked the guard that asked the question.

"*sigh* Making sure that the schutta never forgets this place." said the first guard. Then she felt it, hot liquad being sprayed on her back and lekku. It's unine...she thought as the liquad ran down her back. It was nothing compared to last night...but the smell, "Please stop." Oola begged. The first guard zipped up his pants and then the next guard took his turn.

Oola's body shook as she was a living unine wall. More guards came and took turns uninting on her back. The feeling of being unined on was one that she wished she nevered felt and it was worse being blindfloded. She hunched closer to the uninal, the smell filled her nose, Master's smell was more bareable then this...she thought to herself.

Then after the last guard was done, she felt a hand grab her right lek. Oola gave a wimper as the guard gripped it, "If you ever think of running away, just remeber this moment. How you were in our hands and that you are compelty helpless without master's protection." hissed the guard to Oola's ear lobe.

Oola was then untied from the pipe and dragged out of the barracks. She was dumpped on the sandy ground outside of the room of her breaking. Oola laid in the sand, too tired to push herself upright. She tired to muster the streaght to move her arm up so that she could remove the blindfold but she had no streaght.

Master...master please help me...she silently cried for help. She then heard soft foot steps come towards her, "Please...take me to master...I...I..." she weakly said outloud. She was then gently picked up, "Oh my...those beasts. How could they do this to a helpless girl." said a famlier voice. Then another hand gently removed the blind fold from Oola's eyes.

It took a little bit for her eyes to adjust to the light of the passaway. The person that was holding Oola was Yarna and Jess was hovering over Oola. "Oola are...are you alright?" asked Jess. Oola noticed she held a jar of water in her hands, "Water?" Oola wispered hopefully. "Oh yes, here." said Jess kneeling down.

The water felt so good as it went down Oola's throut. After Oola was done drinking her fill, she looked at the two other slaves. "Oola will never run away. She will be a good girl." she said. Yarna and Jess looked at each other, "Yeah...can you stand? Do you think that you can come with us?" asked Jess to the green Twi'lek.

With Yarna's help, Oola managed to stand up. "Thank you, thank you for helping Oola." she said to Yarna. Yarna and Jess help lead Oola back to the Dancer's pit, the other girls were waiting for Oola with a tub full of warm water. Oola laid in the tub with her legs hanging over the edge as the other girls scrubbed her body for her.

"I can't belive that they unined on her." "That is too much, I will tell Bib about this." Yarna and Jess discussed amon themselves. The other girls of the harem were wispering amon themselves as well. "Poor Oola, I hope she is fine after last night." "Well she deserved what she got for trying to run away." "Oola girly is stronger then us for enduring a nighty at the barracks." were some of the wispers of the girls.

Oola stared up at the ceiling, I am master's favorite...I must make him happy...she thought to herself. Once the other girls were finished scrubbing Oola clean, Oola was dried off with small towels. Melina then appeared with the make up case. "Well how was your night with the guards, Oola?" she sneered at the Twi'lek.

Oola then wrapped her arms about her body, she was shaking from the memories of alast night. "It's ok Oola girly, we are here." said Raca as she hugged Oola. Oola grabbed onto Raca's arms, the soft gentle touch of a female was comforting. "Oh yeah Yarna can you get Oola her breakest. Don't want her to faint before getting to master." snarked Melina.

Yarna gave a nodded and left to get Oola's food. Melina looked at Oola's eyes, Oola looked away from Melina. "Is Oola a good girl?" she asked Oola, Oola nearly threw herself from Raca's hug onto the floor. "YES! OOLA IS A GOOD GIRL! A GOOD GIRL!" she screammed out loud and then just bent over and sobbed into her hands.

The other girls of the harem gathered around her and knelt beside her and hugged her. "It's ok, it's ok." said the girls as the comforted the sobbing Twi'lek. Melina smiled, "So how will Oola be a good girl?" she asked out loud. Oola looked up and clasped her hands together, "Oola would do anything master asks. She will sing praises of his kindness, she will do anything just please don't send her back to the barracks." she sobbed.

Melina smiled, she could see that the other girls were also afraid of being sent to the barracks. Yarna came backwith Oola's food, Oola took the bowl and devoured the food. Then Melina appied Oola's eye shadow and added the glossy lips stick on those ruby red lips of Oola's. "There all pretty for master." Melina snarked.

Oola gave Melina a hug, "Thank you! You are so kind Melina, Oola is gratfully of your skills of making her beutiful for master!" she said with tears in her eyes. Melina must not have expected that of a girl that was just spent last night in the barracks. "Oh...yeah you're welcome. Now get off me." Melina snipped.

Oola quickly did as she was told, Melina then stood up, "Come on, you don't want to keep master waiting." Melina stated. Oola leaped to her feet, she paused and glaced behind her at the other girls. "Be good or master will be displeased and send you to the barracks." she warned the others as she left.

Oola followed Melina back up to the throneroom, nervously kneading her leash in her hands, "How was master last night? Was master displeased with the girl that replaced me? Did that girl make master happy?" were some of the questions that she asked Melina. Melina rolled her eyes, "My goodness, you really have become master's pet over night." she snarked.

Oola nodded her head, "Because master protects Oola, she has to make master happy." she repied. Melina and Oola passed Porcellus as they came to the passaway to the throne room. "Oh, hello Melina, Oola." he said to them as he passed them by. Oola gave Porcellus a hug, "You keep making master happy. You are a good servant." she said.

Porcellus gave nervous glace at Melina who just rolled her eyes. "It's fine, you have nothing to worry about Porcellus." she stated. Porcellus pat Oola on her shoulder's, "The next time you are about I could use your help in the kichens." he said to Oola. Oola smiled, "Of course." she said with a smile.

Oola and Melina then left Porcellus and arrived at the throne room. Oola looked at her master, Oh how powerful and mercful is he...she thought to herself. The Mirialan was sitting with her legs curled up to her chest, she had a look of relief once she saw Melina and Oola appeared. Oola paused infront of her master's throne and looked up at Jabba.

Jabba was puffing on his hookah, he paused and looked down at his slave girl. Oola then laid herself face-down on the sand covered trap door. She spread out her arms, "My lord, your slave desire to speak to her master." she said. Jabba glaced at Melina and then back at his prosturing slave on the ground.

"What does my slave have to say?" Jabba rumbled. Oola glupped as she laid on the ground, she was in a postion of complete helplessness. She could not resist or try to ran away from her master's wrath if he triggered the trap door. Remember what he said: that you will worship him by tomorrow and that this is the role in your life...said the Shadow who appeared next to Oola.

Oola closed her eyes and took a breath. "Your slave knows why she had to be punished. She did not know what you gave her, protection, affection and honor. She was rebellious, but now she wants to submit to your desires. Mighty lord, this slave is not worthy of licking your hand but you have protected her in the darkness. So please...let her make you happy and protect her."

"For you alone are the one that gives Oola, light. You are her lord, you are her master and you are her god. Let her worship your power, your might, with her voice, her touch and her body. For nothing can compare to your might. No more pain, no more resistence. Let her please you and protect her from harm." she prayed to her master.

There was silence after Oola said her plea, she could hear Jabba let out a sigh. Please...please accept my plea...Oola silently prayed. "Bind yourself to my throne. I will take you back to my side." Jabba rumbled. Oola was exstaic, she lifted herself from the sand covered trap door and tied her leash to Jabba's throne.

"Yes master. Oh yes master!" she nearly exclaimed, Oola then climbed up onto her master's throne. She knelt before he master, licking his massive belly. "Ho ho, that tickles." chuckled Jabba as he rubbed Oola's head. Oola looked up at her master, He is so gentle when he is happy...she thought to herself.

Oola then playfully licked her master's right hand, she tucked her chin and wided her beatiful brown eyes. "Does master desires a snack?" she asked Jabba. She left the term "snack", up to her master's defincetion. It could mean food or carnel desires, Jabba licked his lips "Oh you are a fiesty little one but I think a food snack will be good." he rumbled.

"Oh yes master." Oola said with a smile, she skillfully waited for a frog to raise to the top and then snacked it and popped it into master's mouth. Jabba played with the frog in his mouth before swallowing it. "Melina you can take yesterday's snack. I have my sweet mint to taste tonight." he rumbled.

Melina gave a bowed and took the Mirialan with her back to the Dancer's pit. Oola nested close to Jabba's belly, her naked body pressed against it. Jabba's hand stroked Oola's head and back of her neck. "I am proud that you have learned your lesson, my sweet." he rumbled. Oola kissed Jabba's belly, "Yes master she has." she said.

Then Bib came with a man in tow, he had a proud look about his face and he had some guards with him. Bib came to Jabba's side and wispered something as the man with his guards stood on the metal floor. Jabba then glaced down at his beutiful Twi'lek slave girl, "Be a good girl and move back to your normal spot." he rumbled.

Oola pouted her lips, But why?...Why do I have to leave your side my master?...she wanted to say. But she did as she was told, as she crawled back, she noticed that the man and his guards watched her crawl to her spot. Oh...maybe master wants me to be a beutiful distraction to give him an advangted...she thought.

Jabba told Oola to be his translater, "My master bids you welcome to his humble palace. What business have you brought before my lord?" she said in a low lusty tone. It took a coff from Bib to bring the man back from staring at the naked Twi'lek. "Oh um yes...I have this problem." said the man.

The man then went on to explain about how this other goveraner was being a strubbron bantha and that he needed help. It was rather boring lisening to this man speak, When will he finish?...she thought to herself. Well he is taking his time to gawk at your naked body, so be patince...said the Shadow to Oola.

The man eventually finished his story, "So, for your assiastantce in getting this goverantor to be more leanente. I offer the sum of 25,000 credits." he said. Jabba's belly shook at the offered price, *sigh* Does this fool think master gives favors that cheap?...said the Shadow to Oola. Jabba bleached out his annoyed replie.

"Do you mock me with such a pitic sum of creds? I will only offer my assinctence in this matter for 50,000 creds." was Jabba's replie. The man took a second as he gawked at Oola's naked body when she translated Jabba' words. " me talk with my assicatne." said the man.

The man talked with one of his guards, Oola glaced over at Jabba. Jabba gave a lazy wink at her, I think he is happy with how you talked for him...said the Shadow. The man then turned and talked to Oola since he was obvisly soaking in the image of a beutiful green naked Twi'lek. "45, final offer." he said with a smile at Oola.

Jabba and Bib talked among themselves, "I acepted the offer. You will get a call from one of my people and that will mean that your problem is over." rumbled Jabba. After Oola translated her master's words, the buessiness man gave a bow, "Thank for your time." said the man. He left after he paid Bib the credits.

After the man left with his guards, Jabba had Bib come back to his side, "How importent is that human?" asked Jabba. "He is important enought that his dissappearnce would be noticed." was Bib's reply. Jabba gave a sigh, "The way he was leering at my little one was very annoying." rumbled Jabba.

Jabba then looked at Oola, "My sweet mint, did that man make you uncorfuable with his lusting of your body?" Jabba asked Oola. Oola lazily stroked her right lek, "He only stare and never touch. Oola believes that he was distracted by her body. But Oola's body is only for master to touch." was her reply.

Jabba chuckled, " were a beutiful distraction, my sweet." he rumbled. "Come have a treat." Jabba said to his slave girl. Oola quickly crawled back to her master's side, he held out a finger of paste. Oola eagerly sucked on the finger, "Bib go and get the next appointment." he rumbled as he watch his Twi'lek pet suck on his finger.

Bib gave a bow and left, Jabba reached out with his right hand and stroked Oola's bare back. Oola's back stiffened at his touched but she kept licking his finger. "Good girl, Oola is a good girl." Jabba rumbled. Oola then pulled herself from licking her master's finger and began to lick his warty chin.

Jabba then took Oola's leash in his left and and tighted it pulling Oola's head up. She looked up at her master, her naked breasts rubbing aainst his belly. She looked at him with longing and desire, the heat in her body was wanting to be released. "You are such a fiesty little spice spider arn't you." Oola's master rumbled.

Oola nodded her head, "Your slave desires to please you, master." she said in a lusty tone. Please be happy, please be happy, don't throw me away, please...was what she was thinking. Jabba's right hand rubbed Oola's stomach, she purred in responce. The tips of Oola's breasts were hard and her legs were trembling.

"Master, please. Release the heat, release it." Oola begged, she gripped her leash in one hand and slid her hand over her master's hand. Jabba licked his lips, he could see the lust, the longing to submit to the desires of the fleash. "Nope." was his reply to his slave's desires, "You ae being a naughty little girl. I will let the heat built up for tonight." he stated.

Oola pouted, she wanted to please her master with her body, What did I do wrong?...she thought to herself. I don't think you did anything wrong I think that master want to savor the moment for later...said the Shadow. Oola nested by Jabba's massive belly, she felt the booming beat inside of her master's body.

You are probility right...she thought to the Shadow. As she laid by Jabba's side, Bib came with the next group of people to seek Jabba's audience. It was a group of smugglers, mostly human. Bib went to Jabba's side as the smugglers were standing on the metal flooring. It seemed that they were looking for work.

Jabba mused to himself, stroking Oola's headband. "Why don't you be a good girl and streach out on the floor." he rumbled to Oola. Oola nodded her head, "Yes master." she said as she slid off of her master's throne. Oola streached out her legs as Jabba and the smugglers talked about work and how much will the cut before each of them.

It seemed to be about smuggling illegal substances, very illegal. Oola ignored what they were talking about and went about streaching her body. Her long lekku laid about in the sand as she streach out and touched her toes. Hey, Oola...I just had a thought...said the Shadow who was streaching with Oola.

Oola glaced over her shoulder as she laid on her back and streach out her stomach. What is it?...asked Oola to the Shadow. Well you see, smugglers are space pilots right?...the Shadow said. Oola twisted her body about and streached her arms from her body, Yes I belileve so, why?...she asked.

The Shadow mimiced Oola's streaches, I wonder how long has it been since they have seen a woman?...It asked Oola. Oola paused her streaching and looked over her shoulder. The smugglers' eyes were full of lust for her naked body. A couple of them had their hands on their belts as if they wanted to drill her.

Oola turned her head away from the smugglers, Oh no...what should I do?...she thought to herself. Her lekku were twitching, if she stopped streaching then she would be disobeying her master. But if she contiue streaching the smugglers could ask for her for a night instead of payment.

Then she felt the tugged of her leash, she looked up and saw Jabba was beckoning her to his side. She quickly got to her sandeled feet and went to his side. "So we all agree that I get 70% cut while you guys get 30%." rumbled Jabba. The smugglers gave a mumble and all agreed to the terms that Jabba negotiened.

Bib then handed them a data pad each and had them sign it. Once the smugglers had left and Bib returned, Jabba had him come to his armrest. "Bib." "Yes, master?" "Why don't I have a band to play for me?" Jabba asked Bib. Bib's lekku twitched about his neck, "Well...I have been looking for one, since the one that you are looking for is still in contract for couple more weeks." he said.

Jabba grumbled as he stroked Oola's lekku, "It's too quite in here in my throne room. And though that weach that you drill does a good job at the guiter. I need more then that to keep my little one happy." he mused. Oola looked up at her master, "Oola can sing for you, my mighty master." she said to Jabba.

Jabba glaced at Bib, "Did you know that she could sing?" he asked his majordomo. Bib shrugged his shoulders, "I believe that she just wants to please you master." stated Bib. Jabba gave a grunt then turned his attenction to his slave girl. "Well you do have a nice voice...oh alright sing for me a tune." he commanded.

Oola smiled and straighted herself upright, she cleared her thort and took a breath. How about a song that is pleasant to hear...suggested the Shadow. Oola then sang a song about water, the cool refreshing water the uplifts the soul and spirit. The water that give life to the deserts, water that gives life to all.

Once Oola was finished with her song, she looked up at her master, "Did...Oola's song please, master?" she asked. Jabba then bellowed out a laugh, "Ho ho ho! You are just full of surpizes my sweet! That was beutiful and now I wish that you sing for me a lulaby." Jabba then commanded.

Oola then sang a lovly lullaby for her master, a song of shifting sands and silent stars. She paused and had to ask for some water for her throt. Jabba had Bib get her some water, after Oola had some water she contiued her song. Soon Jabba was asleep, his hand still held onto Oola's leash. Oola curled up next to him and fell asleep as well.

{C Oola then woke up she gave a deliacate yawn. She smacked her lips and glaced about, the other memebres of Jabba's court were waking up and giving their meal orders for Yarna and Jess. Oola scratched her skin underneath her headband. I wonder when Porcellus will come with master's meal?...she asked herself.

Well soon, from what I remember...said the Shadow next to Oola. Oola played with her leash that was connected to her collar. Do you think that master likes it when I playfully tug on my leash like this?...she asked the Shadow. The Shadow gave a lazily yawn, Yeah he does...he also likes it when you moan and groun when you pull...It stated.

Oola nodded her head, Yeah that is a good suggestion...she thought. Jabba then woke up, he gave a yawn and smacked his lips. Just as he was bring his cup for a drink, Oola pawwed at his belly. He glaced down at his dancing girl, "What?" he bellowed. Oola tucked down her chin, "Does master want Oola to be his cup?" she childishly said touch her bottom lip.

Jabba glaced at his cup then back at Oola, he smiled. "Oh you are a fiesty little one. Open up then." he rumbled holding his cup above Oola's mouth. She tilted her head back and openned her lovly mouth and felt the liquad being poured in. Jabba then set aside his cup and grip the sides of Oola's head .

He brought her up closer to his massive mouth. Oola closed her eyes as her master lapped the liquad from between her ruby red lips. Oola gripped her master's arms as she waited for master to be finished. After he was done drinking, he pushed his tongue into his wimper slave's mouth and felt her teeth.

Oola found...pleasure in this experince. The heat from earily made her body hot, and her lekku enlarged at the tips. Jabba pulled his tongue from Oola's mouth and then licked her lips. Oola in responce kissed his tongue as it licked her. "You have become a very good girl." Jabba rumbed to Oola.

Oola smiled and rubbed her chest against Jabba's belly. "Thank you master." she said, Jabba let go of her head and grabbed her by the shoulders. He stared into her eyes, she cowarded befored his gaze. He smiled as he moved his right hand underneath her chin, "Pure spice." he rumbled as he kissed his slave girl.

Oola gave a small moan as she was kissed. She then heard the sound of Porcellus's table coming. "Good evening, master." the chef said as he pushed the table along. Oola kepted looking at her master, she wanted to be kissed more, she wanted him to be happy with her body.

"Ah, my little one. Time to eat." Jabba rumbled to Oola. Oola nodded and did as she was told. She fed Jabba each of the plates, if some sauce splashed onto one of her naked breasts. She would offer it to her master, "Not one drop goes wasted, my lord." she said lustfuly. Jabba smiled and would lick the sauce off of Oola's body.

Once Oola was all done feeding her master, Porcellus offered Oola her bowl. Oola took it and then held it in front of Jabba. " hold Oola's bowl for her?" she asked her master. Jabba smiled, he tossed out the spoon from the bowl and held it for Oola to eat from. Oola knelt as she eat from the bowl, Jabba's free hand stroking her back.

Once Oola was done, Jabba tossed the bowl back to the table. Porcellus gave a bow and left with the table. Oola licked Jabba's hand, her brown eyes looked up at him. Jabba slid his hand down to Oola's breast, he slowly kneaded it. Oola closed her eyes and let a moan escape from her lips.

"You are in heat my love." Jabba mused and he held his hand to Oola's breast. Oola nodded her head, her body longed for release, to be domatinted, to submit to the desires of her master, her lord. Then Bib came and wispered something to Jabba, "Oh really? Well then have them come in." he rumbled.

Bib led a bounty hunter into throneroom. The bounty hunter had a group of humanoids in chains behind him. "Oh ho ho! Finally, some one found this little scums that thought they could swindle me." bellowed Jabba. The bounty hunter forced the chain down and made the captives kneel.

Jabba tighted Oola's leash causing her to give a small cry. "You scum how dare you think you could steal from me! I will have you die screamming!" he bellowed. He jerked up Oola's leash and her cries seemed to add to his wrath. The captives begged for their lives but Jabba had his guards slap them into silence.

Jabba then turned his attence to the bounty hunter, "My friend welcome to my palace! I hope that these bantha poops didn't give you too much trouble." Jabba joked. Oola took this time to reel her leash off the floor, since those captives might be pushed into the pit to be killed. "They were no trouble, I just want my money." said the hunter.

Jabba tapped his chin, he finger Oola's leash, "I shall give you...25,000" he stated. The bounty hunter shook his head, "The bounty that you made said that this group was worth 45." he said. Jabba mumbled something, "Well...was that the bounty I posted from this group?" he asked Bib. The male Twi'lek kneaded his hands together.

"I belevie that we could find something to agree apon." said Bib. Jabba narrowed his gaze at Bib, the majordomo quickly tried to talk to the bounty hunter. "I am not lowing the price! All I am asking for is to be paid for my hard work." the hunter stated. Bib looked over his shoulder at Jabba and shrugged his shoulders.

"Oh come on Bib! Make him lower his price!" Jabba angerly bellowed at Bib. Oola decided to help out her fellow Twi'lek, she partually stood up and wispered into her master's right ear. "Master, your pet has a suggestion." she softly wisperd. Jabba glared at Oola, "What is it?" he bellowed.

Oola pulled on the metal joint of her leash, "The mighty hunter is probility tried from catching those flithy scum. A hot meal and some...companionship would lighting his mood." she said to her master. Jabba smiled, "Ho ho that is a good idea, my sweet. Melina! Go get some of the deliacaties from the pit." Jabba bellowed.

The bounty hunter crossed his arms, "I am not lowering the price! Just give me my money!" he said with annocy. But then the girls come from the Dancer's Pit, "Oh my..." said the bounty hunter as he saw a parade of beutiful girl marched before him. "Choose any one of this deliacaties, my friend. Stay. Eat a hot meal and watch some entertanment." mused Jabba

The hunter almost went immedantly to the tall Feeorin, Oola could see the lust in his eyes as he inspected her. "Oh you fancy that one? Why not have a better look?" mused Jabba. Melina then removed the dress from the Feeorin's body. The hunter's eyes bludged as he saw the naked, white body of the Feeorin.

He stroked his chin, "...So I can have this one for the night?" "Yes." "And a hot meal?" "Yes." "And enteranment...if I lower my price?" said the hunter. Jabba smiled, "Yes." he rumbled to the hunter. The hunter tapped his chin, "Fine, 25. But I want my hot meal first." he stated to Jabba.

Jabba laughted, "Ha! A hunter after my own heart." he rumbled. Bib paid the hunter his credits, the pig guards grabbed the line of chain captives. "Now I have plans for you little pieces of bantha poop." Jabba maliously said to the captives. Jabba then tapped openned the trap door that was in front of his throne.

"Push them in!" he bellowed his commanded. Oola was glad that she gathered up her leash from the floor. The guards just had to push in one of the captives into the gapping hole in the floor and the rest was dragged in. Jabba laughted at the hapless captives fell, he them pushed the button the moved his throne forward.

Oola leanned alittle forward to see the pit floor, her master's hand on her shoulder. She saw the group of prisnorers roll out from the side of the wall in a heap. "Ho, ho let us watch some entertanment!" bellowed Jabba. The captives stumbled over each other when the Rancor appeared. "That's it, eat them up!." bellowed Jabba.

The Rancor grabbed one of it's "meals" and ate him. The others were still chained and danged along the Rancor's mouth. It then grabbed the captives that were are the ends of the chain and pulled them apart, snapping the chain. Jabba laughted as the Rancor threw the two captives into the metal grate, blood exploded up into the air of the throne room.

Then the Rancor ate the two remaining captives, it once more looked up at Oola and Jabba and gave a mighty roar before the grates snapped shut. Jabba rolled back his throne, "How did you like the entertanment?" he asked the hunter that brought in the unlucky captives. "I now know not to get on your bad side mighty one." was the hunter's reply.

Jabba then commanded that an alcove be given to the hunter and his companion. Jess and Yarna set up a table for him. Jess then brought up a delious looking meal, perfectly cooked meat, hot bread, cold wine-were some of the items that were brought to him. The hunter wolfed down the meal, the Feeorin sitting next to him looking bored.

Jabba stroked Oola's back, "Be a sweet and dance for me." he commanded his favortive dancer. Oola nodded her head, "Yes master." she said as she untied her leash before leaving the throne. Jabba held onto Oola's leash as she began to dance, Jess quickly got to playing her guiter for Oola's dance. Even the hunter paused his meal as the court watch Oola's beutiful dance.

Oola's naked vevlet, green body glistened with beads of sweat as she danced. Her kicks high and the swinging of her hips and lekku made men lusted in their hearts for her body. Oola's leash was another part of her body, swinging between the dancing slave girl and her master. She playfully whipped her leash that was in her hands towards Jabba and came towards him.

She paused for a moment at the edge of the metal flooring. She then went to her knees, she waved her arms in the air. Jabba was drooling, his lust for her playfully, engergetic body was great. He reeled in the leash, tighting it with the porpuse of pulling her to his side. Oola was jerk forward onto her hands and knees.

She looked up, her eyes wide with exictment, Playtime...she thought to herself. She sprang to her feet and pulled back on her leash, she could see Jabba becoming exicted. "Ah! Ah! Not yet! Oh! Master, pull harder! Harder!" Oola teasly baited her master. Jabba was drooling as he hualed his slave girl closer to his throne.

Oola was easily pulled over the sand covered trap door. Oola arched her body back before being jerked forward. She planted one foot then the other on the stony lip of her master's dais. Oola jerked back on her leash, he naked body struggled to get away. Jabba jerked his slave onto his belly, Oola gave a cry as she landed on Jabba's belly.

She turned around only to be grabbed by the collor by her master's hand. She roze trembling, waiting for her master to molest her body, to release the heat of her dance. She heard Jabba panting, his lips made that smacking sound. "I shall have my harem clean you up, for a trip to my privite chamber." Jabba slobbered.

Oola nodded her head, "Yes master." she nearly moaned. Jabba beckoned Melina to take Oola bback to the dancer's pit to be cleanned up. Jabba then gave Melina a wink, "Everything is going as planned." he rumbled. Melina gave a bow and then took Oola away from the throne room. Oola did not know what that meant but she was going to his chamber for the night.

See...what did I tell long as you submit you will be taken care of...said the Shadow to Oola. Oola nodded her head in silent agreement. The other girls of the harem cleanned Oola up as Melina went off to get something. Oola's body was cleanned with warm, scented water. Her headband was taken off and her brow was rubbed.

Oola gave a sigh of contentment, If she was only a good girl from the beganning, Oola would have been satifse...she thought to herself. Melina came back, she did not have anything for Oola to wear, Oola's body was dried and her make up was put on her face. A perfect mask to hid her fear...thought Oola to herself.

Oola then went outside of the Pit, as soon as she turnned the corner she let out a gasp and tried to run away. The entire passaway was lined with the palace guards, "No, no don't run. Don't run, master want to show you his trust." said Melina to the shaking Twi'lek. Oola had her arms about her body, last night was still very fresh in her mind.

"Walk." commanded Melina, Oola did not respond for a couple of seconds. She took a step then another, the guards just stood there. Oola was puzzle, she had thought they once they saw her naked body again they would start humping her like a wild pack of animals. "Master trusts you, he protects you. If you betray his trust, the guards will gladly take you back to the barracks." stated Melina.

Oola nodded her head, "Master trusts Oola, she will be a good girl." she said. Oola and Melina then walked along the passaway lined with guards. Oola was trembling as she came back up to the throneroom. Yarna and Jess were waiting for Oola and Melina, "Oh good you made it." said Jess with a smile.

Yarna then gave Oola a bowl of pasteries, "These are for master." she said. Oola held onto the bowl as she went into the elevertor with Melina. Oola stood in silence as they arrived at master's privtie chamber. Melina then typed in the code for the massive doors. "Be a good girl and make master happy." she snarked to the trembling Twi'lek.

Oola nodded her head as she entered the darkness of her master' chamber. She got a spot in the middle when the door closed behind her, Be a good girl...she thought to herself as she went to her knees. She held the bowl above her head and tucked her chin. She heard her master slide off of his bed and come towards her.

Oola was shaking as she felt Jabba take a pastery and ate it. She held the bowl with trembling hands as he ate ever single one of the pasiterys. Jabba then took the bowl and tossed it aside, Oola folded her hands on her lap and waited for her master's touch. "Have you learned your lesson, slave?" rumbled Jabba.

"Yes, master. Oola has learned to never disobey your wishes." Oola said. Jabba let out a rumbling sigh, Oola heard him picking something up. Oola fliched as the object landed in her lap, it was her dancing costume. "You have regained my trust, here is your fish net costume back." he rumbled. Oola was extatic, I have my costume back oh yes!...she though to herself.

Oola was about to put it on when the Shadow nudged her, Do you think that you should put it on in front of master? warnned Oola. Oola paused and thought of the Shadow's warnning. "Why are you not putting on your costume, my sweet mint?" asked Jabba. Then it dawn on Oola what was happening.

"Oh master, Oola thanks you for the gift of clothing. But does she need it here? She is here to please you and give you an offering of fleash." she said. Jabba's chuckles then turned to laughter. "Ah you have learnned so much in this short time. If you had put on your costume, I would have ripped it off and you would have gone naked for another time." he rumbled.

"But becuase you have though of my needs before yours. I shall give you a special reward." Jabba bellowed. Oola set aside her costume and gazed into the darkness, "What gift does her master, give to Oola?" she asked. Then the lights were turnned on, not too bright but enought to see the room.

Oola then saw her master before here, he towered over he kneeling form. She kept her head down at the ground until Jabba lifted her chin, "This is my gift to you, unlike so many others. You can see me, you do not have to wander in the darkness but you can come to the light. You can struggle in the light of love and submit on the bed of pleasures." he rumbled.

Oola had tears in her eyes, He loves Oola...he allows her to see him and to give him pleasure in the light rather then sumble in the darkness...she thought to herself. Jabba then slid back onto his bed, holding onto Oola's leash. Jabba then tighted it and he licked his lips, He wants Oola to behave like a maidan, before falling into the bed of submission...Oola thought to herself.

Oola then leap to her feet and tried to run only to be jerk back towards her master. She grabbed onto her leash as she was pulled towards him. Her eyes wide with fear and she struggled with all her streaght. But Jabba was stronger, he wanted this. He wanted to watch the struggle of a naked girl before him.

Jabba licked his lips as he reeled in another leaght of Oola's leash. "That's it! Fight, struggle, beg, plead. Show me that you are alive, show me that you want to resist before you submit!" he rumbled jerking on her leash. When she had time, Oola pulled off her headband and flung it aside, she then lowered herself and pulled off her sandels.

Her naked breasts heaved in as she struggled on her leash. Oola spread out her legs trying to brace herself. She gave a cry as she was pulled up onto the bed of her delifelment. Jabba then jerked the leash down, making Oola go to her knees. Oola tried to crawl away but her master grabbed her by the collor.

Oola froze, her body trembling at her master's control. She could feel his free hand began to stroke her naked back, she could feel the drool drip down on her buttocks. "That is good, you have learnned to submit to my touch." he rumbled. Jabba then moved his free hand underneath Oola's waist feeling the petals of her body's flower.

Oola gave a moan, her lekku became enlarged and sensitive. Jabba began to lift her up, Oola struggled like a lover. She grinded her hips and buttocks against Jabba's belly. She felt Jabba's chin pass her as his tongue slid between her legs. She gave a lusty, wanton groan as she slid into her master's mouth. She gave and offering of spice from her body on the forthteeth night of her captivty.

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