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Week Six

Day Thirdy-Six

The twin suns of Tatooine rose of the brown fortress/ palace of Jabba the Hutt. Oola was sleeping in the room of Boba fett, she woke up and felt the urge to use the wasteroom. She stood up and with the sheet about her body went were the wasteroom was in the Dancer's Pit. Oola bumped her head aginast the wall.

What that...oh yes, I am in Fett's room...thought the Twi'lek. She looked about and saw a toilet bowl in one of the corners of the room. She set aside the sheet and did her dumping, "Ah." she contently sighed after finishing. Hey...can we talk?...said the Shadow floating next to her. Oola rolled her eyes and after cleaning herself, wrapped the sheet about her body.

About what?...Oola thought, About last you were offering something that you can not give...snipped the Shadow. You dont understand...I was betrayed...It wasn't my fault...reasoned Oola. Oh now your the victim...but that does not mean that you are are still master's slave...stated the Shadow.

Oola sat back down on the matress and pouted, Yes...I am a slave...but my master could change...Oola thought. The Shadow scoffed at Oola's thought, You think HE would give you up?...You have been his sweet mint for many days...Do not think of freedom in this Hunter's arms...warned the Shadow.

Oola looked over at Fett, who hadn't moved sinced last night. honorable...he could have boarded me...but he covered me and showed me the truth...Oola thought. Oola could not resist the urge to reach out and touch the T-visored helmat, It is cold...and hard...Oola thought as she carssed the helm.

Boba's hand snapped up and gripped Oola's wrist, his grip was as strong as the collar that she wore on her neck. "Don't touch." he coldly stated, Oola quickly nodded her head and Fett let her wrist go. Oola nearly slammed her head into the matress as she begged to be forgiven of her offense.

"Stop, just stop." Fett said as he tapped the side of his helm. Oola did as she was told and sat upright, she let the sheet slip off her body. "My...dear Fett, if you desire. Your servent can give you a Ryloth Rub." said Oola as she stroked her leash. Fett stood up and went over to the tray and then empty the contents into the toilet and flushed it.

Fett then wiped his hands and looked at the Twi'lek pleasure slave. "I am not Jabba." he said. Oola felt a little ashamed, I...have become a piece of flith...who could make me clean?...she wondered. Fett gave a sigh as he put on some rubber gloves from his locker, "Oola, I need you to do something." said the Hunter.

Oola quickly stood up, "Of course, what do you desire?" she asked. "In order to get a chance of buying you, we...have to play that slimy slug's game." he grumbled. Oola's lekku twitched, " want to do it?" she asked. "No. We if we did." said Fett as he rubbed some of the cleanning oil for his bleaster rife on his gloved hands.

"Put your hands up against the wall." stated Fett to Oola, the Twi'lek did as she was told. "Now Oola...know that I am not doing this for pleasure...I would rather see you dance then do this." stated the Hunter as he rubbed the oil on both hands. Oola nodded her head, "When I get the chance, I shall dance like I did before I was a slave." she said.

Oola then felt Fett's hands on her lekku, "Ah!" she gasped as the oiled hands grabbed at her flesh. "You...could make a lesser man go mad with lust if you moan like that." stated Fett. His hands then slid down her back, one hand went to her thighs while the other went to her breast. "Ah! Ah! More...more." begged Oola at Boba's touch.
Boba's hands gripped Oola's body as he pressed his groining against Oola's buttocks. "That's it, imagion it.

Convince yourself that you have been boarded." suggested Boba. Oola took Fett's suggestion and took it father, she grinded her buttocks against Fett's groining. The Twi'lek pleasure slave was the best of the harem at grinding.

"Oh! Ah! Ah! Mh, hm, yes. Oh yes!" Oola panteded, the Twi'lek's moans managed to aroused the galaxy's most fearsome Bounty Hunter. "Hey now, you don't have to get too aroused." said Fett. But for Oola she had no choice but to be aroused, her body had been trained for motion and for the erotic arts of pleasure.

"Touch me, oh please touch me." the velvet green slave girl begged. Oola thrusted her buttocks against the Hunter's groining, "Please board me." she begged. Boba gave a sigh, "Alright." he stated as he pushed his rubber finger up Oola's schutta hole. Oola gave a squel, she finally was getting her release from all of last night's activties.

"Oh yes, oh yes. Farthe-aie!" gasped the Twi'lek, beads of sweat covered her body. Oola's thighs trembled and her hips thrusted down on the finger. "Omph, omph, ah, ah, ah yes." Oola panted as she released her spice. Oola gave a deep sigh of contentment, and then she realized what a schutta she was for being so carnal.

Oola glaced over her shoulder, her body trembling out of shame. Why are you a shamed?...You have done this many times before...snipped the Shadow. Fett then removed his gloves and threw them into the trash. "So if anyone asks, you can say that you have ridden my rocket and I will say that was true." stated Fett.

Oola nodded her head, "Yes...It was a big rocket." she said. Fett put his arms though his cover-all, a chime chirped from the intercom by the wall. "Yes." he stated, "H-Hello sir, it is your humble servent Melina. I am here to return the girl back to her master." peddled Melina though the intercom.

Boba's T-visor tilted at Oola, "Be there, just having a quick shot." he stated. Boba then walked over to Oola, "You ready?" he said. Oola nodded her head and went to put her cloak back on, "Wait, just take the tray and come." stated the Hunter who picked up the cloak. Oola then fellowed Boba back to the metal doors were Melina was waiting.

Melina eyes were wide at the sight of the sweaty, hand print covered, Twi'lek slave girl. "I must thank Jabba, it has been too long since I have had pure spice." Fett said tugging at his groining. Melina's mouth dropped a little and her eyes darted to Oola, "He has a big rocket, I rode it all last night." Oola said with glee.

Boba then gave Oola a playful smack on her buttocks, "And you were a spicy schutta. No Twi'lek is as good as you." he said as he placed Oola's cloak on her shoulders. Boba gropped Oola's breasts before he tied the knot on the cloak, "Pure spice." he groaned in pretend longing. Melina put a hand over her mouth at what she saw.
"See you later." Boba said as he went back into his room. Melina still had her mouth open, "I...You...Did...Actually...Get...Boarded...By...The...Greatest...Bounty...Hunter...In...The...Galaxy?" said Melina in a befuddled state of mind. It would be better if you told the truth...but then that "chance" would be gone...snipped the Shadow.

Oola took a breath, "Look, my thighs are wet from my spice." she said. Melina brushed aside the cloak and saw the wetness on Oola's flower. Oola saw, for the first time, Melina had a look of awe towards Oola. "I...don't believe it...but...oh wow. It's just...Fett has never taken a girl to bed before. You are REALLY special." said the costume designer.

Melina then took Oola to an alcove were her fishnet dancing costume and sandels waited. After being cleanned by Melina, who mutter something of keeping the cloth and selling it, Oola put her cotume on. Oola and Melina then walked back towards the throneroom. Bib appeared and told Melina that she was needed in the Dancer's Pit.

"A new girl is in the pit but is not waking up, give her a stim." stated Bib. Melina nodded her head and then leanned in close and whispered what she observed at the metal doors. The majordomo's eyes went wide and looked at Oola and then Melina, "Are you a hundred percent sure?" asked the male twi'lek.

Melina held out the cloth, "Fett's plasma was in Oola's flower." she said. Bib glaced at the cloth with disgust, "Why do you have that in your hand? Should that not be wash?' he asked. Melina though held onto the cloth as if it was valuable, "But...alright...but first I'm going to wake up that girl." she grumbled as she left.

Bib then stared into Oola's eyes as if he could read the truth in them. But Oola has learnned how to hide her fear behind her mask and Bib's gaze was not as fiecre as their master's. "Oola has ridden the Hunter's rocket. Is the majordomo jeasoy of the pleasure that the master's guest of honor was given?" Oola said in low lustful tone as she touched her breast.

A flash of jeasoy did come from Bib's eyes, "Come, slave." he snipped. Oola coiled up her leash and held it in her hand. Oola and Bib then entered the throneroom were Jabba was smoking his hookah pipe. Oola tied her leash to her master' throne and sat in her normal spot. Look...Bib is talking to master...stated the Shadow.

Oola stole a glace and saw that Bib was talking to Jabba. Jabba stared into space as his Majordomo talked in his ear. A wide grin crepted over the bloated Hutt's face, he glaced over at his slave girl. "Just as planned." he rumbled as he licked his lips, he wiggled a finger at his slave girl, Oola then crawled over to her master's belly.

Jabba's right hand and stroked Oola's senstive lekku, "Did you miss my touch?" rumbled the Hutt. Oola knew what the depraved Hutt wanted her to say, "Oh master, your little one did as she was told. To please master's guest, but it was not the same as the pleasure of satisfining master's desire." Oola humbly said.

Jabba smiled, "Good...good girl, Oola. You have truly earnned a spot by my side for eteraty." rumbled the Hutt. Oola wore a fake smile, "Yes master." she cooded. Porcellus came up with breakfest, he had a tired worn look on his face but forced himself to have a smile. "Good morning master." he said his daily routine.

Oola then fed her master his breakfest by hand as she did many time before. Just as Oola was finishing with feeding Jabba, from the corner of her eye, saw Fett coming. He was once more in his armor, he waited until Oola was done eating her breakfest and Porcellus had left. "Ah my friend. How did you like the party? I heard that you found my little one much to your liking." rumbled the Hutt.

Fett though was much forward, "Yes and no I am not paying for her service." stated the Bounty Hunter. Oola stole a glace and saw that her master's eye was twitching. "But...", Fett paused as if he did not want to finish his sentance. "I need a favor from you, Jabba." he quickly stated. Jabba blinked acouple of times and removed his pipe.

The bloated belly then rumbled, "HAHAHA, the great Boba Fett, Vader's fist, the most dangerous bounty hunter in the galaxy, asking this old scum a favor, ah hoho." laughted Jabba. Jabba then wiped a salty tear from the cornar of his orange eye, "What is your desire, my friend?" asked the Hutt crimelord.

Boba cradled his blaster rife in his arms, "I had Mon pick up a package last night. He placed it in the Dancer's Pit were he said it would be safe. I would like your...Pet to watch it for me for a couple of days while I am gone." said Hunter. Jabba fondled Oola's lekku with a grubby hand, "And what would be my incentive for this favor?" asked Jabba.

"Well, after hunting Solo. I am in the mood for capturing a more dangerous game, like a...Krayt dragon." mused the Hunter. Jabba's eyes grew big, "And of course I would like to stay here while I hunt the beast. If you don't mind." stated Fett. Jabba's belly jiggled as he chuckled, "Of course, of course you can stay here and you have my premission to go were every you wish." rumbled the Hutt.

Fett gave a low bow and walked out of the throneroom. Once Boba was gone, Jabba quickly beckoned Bob to his side. "What is this package that Fett was talking about? Is that why Mon was not at the party last night?" rumbled the Hutt. "Master, the package is not a thing but a person, a human female." peddled Bib.

Oola's lekku twitched behind her back, A...Female...a Human female?...she wondered to herself. The Shadow's crackle was like ice water being poured down Oola's back, See!...What good putting any faith in that Hunter?...He already has a hole to thrust his rocket into..." snarked the Shadow.

Oola gave the Shadow a bitter look, "Hmm...perhaps he wants my little one to teach her some new...moves." mused Jabba as he tapped on Oola's head. "Bib take Oola down to the Pit and then send Melina up. I want to talk to her." rumbled Jabba. Bib gave a small bow and beckoned to Oola to follow him.

As Oola and Bib walked away, pass Max who made a small mountian of plates. A guard quickly rushed to Jabba's side, "Huh, what is it? Why are you in a..." and then the guard whispered into the Hutt's ear. Jabba set aside his hookah pipe and closed his eyes and medatated on the news of a fallen Prince and a Broken Sun.

Oola and Bib walked down the passway to the Dancer's Pit. They were being escourted by a pig guard, Jess and Yarna joined them in their walk. "What can you tell me about the girl?" asked the Majordomo to the two servents. "She has a beautiful body and black hair but she won't wake-"

A distant sound of blaster fire could be heard, "What was that?" said Jess, "That sounded like a bolt." stated Yarna. Bib swore underneath his breath and picked up his robes and broke into a run. Oola and Jess easly kepted up with the male Twi'lek, Yarna and the guard though trotted behind trying to catch up.

Bib, Oola and Jess came to the Dancer's Pit, "What is going on here?" Bib said. The dancer's girls were sitting down against the wall of the passaway. A pig guard was nursing his back while another was trying not to move it's arm that had been shot by a blaster bolt. And Melina was standing off to the said holding her nose.

"What happened, Melina?" ordered Bib, the costume glared up holding her nose that was bleeding. " 'y 'ose 's 'leeding." she said. Bib's lekku twitched aginast his shoulders so he asked again, " 'y 'ose 's 'leeding. 'nd 'he 'ook 'y 'laster 's 'rom 'e." she said. Bib rolled his eyes and looked down the line of sitting dancers.

"You, new girl. What happened?" Bib then spoke to Arica. The oranged haird girl looked over at Bib, "Well this morning, when the other girls were waking up there was a new girl. We at first did not noticed her in the room. When we did, we tried to talk to her but she did not respond so we thought she was just a heavy sleeper." said Arica.

"But after breakfest, she still was not waking up. So some of the other girls tapped her on the shoulder, openned up her eye lid or yelled loudly into her ear." said Arica. "Well Melina come in and after laughing at our attempts to wake the girl, says that she has the thing. So she does the bright idea of sticking a Stim right into the girl's neck." said Arica.

Oola could see Melina glare at Arica's blunt acount of what happened. "The girl woke up and with in a second had hit Melina in the nose and took that blaster from her holster in one motion." said Arica. "Then some of the other girls started to screamed from fright of a blaster so the two pig guards came barraging though the openned door." said the court dancer.

"The girl expertly shot that guard in the shoulder." Arica said pointing at the one guard. "The other one was about to grab her when she did this move were she grabbed him by the arm and flipped him over her shoulder an onto his back." said Arica. "So we all ran for it and Syrra managed to carry that guard out." stated Arica.

"He was heavy." Syrra said, " 'hy 'idn't 'ou 'et 'hat 'irl 'nstead?" Melina said with her nosed plugged. "I don't kill girls, bad for the soul." snipped the Feeorin. Melina gave another glare at Syrra, "...So what do we do now, Bib? The girl has a blaster and Oola is suppost to take care of her?" said Jess out loud.

The other dancer's ears perked up and looked over at the Twi'lek slave dancer. "What did Jess say?" "Wait, I thought Oola was up with Master today?" "Will one of us be going in her place?" were some of the girls comments at Oola's appearance. Bib rubbed his chin as he though of the situation, "...Oola you will go and talk to the girl and get the blaster from her." stated Bib.

Oola's eyes went wide, "W-what?" she gasped. All the mouths of the other females in the passaway dropped from what their heard, "You can not be serious! Oola will get shot!" "You are going to get Oola killed!" "There has to be another way!" " 'ib, 'f 'aster 'ounds 'hat 'ou 'ent 'is 'avortive 'o 'er 'eath...",  were some of the concerns that the other females had.

Bib raised up his hand and silenced the noise, "The master's guest has intrusted his property to Oola, perhaps she can convice the girl to behave. If we were to assault her with too much force, then she might turn the blaster on herself and then there will be even worse problems." said the Majordomo.

The other girls were still not conviced, "But-" Oola brought her hand up and cleared her thort. "What Bib has said is good, I must go and convice this new sister to behave before she hurts herself." said Oola bravly. " could be killed." grimly stated Le'Mon, "Death I do not fear, displeasing master, I do." said Oola.

Oola then turnned to the door, "Stand back." she ordered the others. The Majordomo and the others moved away from the door.  Oola then pressed the buttons that openned the door. Oola put a finger to her lips, the others understood that she wanted them to be silent. Now...a role to play...mused the Shadow.

"HEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! LET ME GO! LET ME-" Oola then threw herself though the openned door. The Twi'lek stummbled into the Dancer's Pit, the door closed behind her. Oola coiled up her leash in hand and looked about with a worried look on her face. " anyone-" and then Oola saw it.

The barrel of Melina's blaster was sticking out of the shadow of the passaway to the cleanning room. The girl that was was just like Yarna said, beautiful. She was wearing a plain grey medacal robe and pants but nothing to cover her feet. But the most striking feature of the unknown girl were her eyes, violet purple like the flower.

Oola acted as if she was nervous, "Are...are you going to shot me?" asked the Twi'lek. The girl placed a hand on the side of her head as if she was in pain. "Were...were am I?" asked the girl, Oola came closer and reached out with a hand, "Are you in pain? I can get som-" a blaster bolt  passed Oola's earcone and hit the ceiling.

"Stay back! I'll shoot!" warned the Human girl. Oola put her hands up and lowered her gaze to the floor, "I-I'm sorry. I just...want to help." Oola said with fear in her voice. "Were am I...Who am I?" the human girl added to her first question. Oola looked into the girl's eyes, "You...don't know your name?" asked the Twi'lek.

"No...I do not know and it is giving me a headache!" exclaimed the Human. Be careful...try to be sympatic to her...cautioned the Shadow, "May I sit down?" Oola humbly asked. The human girl had lowered the blaster and was rubbing her forehead, "Yes, you may." she said. Oola sat down and brought her knees to her chest.

"Perhaps...if you just talk about what has happen...maybe you will remember" Oola navily asked. There was a look of fustration in the girl's eyes, "I do not...I...I woke up. There were others standing about me, female. Human, Duro, Feeorin, Zabrak, Mirialan, Togruta, Cathar and a Aruzan." the girl methodical said.

Oola's lekku flicked at the tips, "How do you know the names of so many differant speices?" Oola asked. " not rememeber...I just knew. A Human female, with dark hair says "Waky, waky." and pats me on the face." said the Human. Oola noticed that the Human had become more relaxed and was sitting with her back to the wall.

"And just happened so fast. I knew that if I punched her in the nose, she would get off of me and that the holster is a side clip so I had to reach to the back to undo it. I was on my feet in a moment and the female was on the floor holding her nose. The others cried out in surpised and went towards the door which was open." said the Human nodded towards the door.

"Then two Gamorrean guards came barraging in. I just wanted to scare them so I stop one in the shoulder whiched put it against the wall." said the girl. "But the other one still charged...I...knew that if I shot it, it would have died but would trap me under it's fallen body." she said.

"So I grabbed him by his wrist and used his weight against him. I flipped him over and he landed hard on his back." said the girl looking down at her hand. "And then I felt a presense behind me so I spun about and held the blaster in both hands. The Feeorin was there, she...let a moment pass before getting the guard and left the room. The door closed and I placed myself here because it was the most defenseable postion in the room and now you are here." stated the girl.

Oola had nodded her head during the girl's story, Hmm...interseading...though her mind has been cleanned...her body remembers the motions...mused the Shadow. "Did that help you? You seem to be more relaxed." said Oola. The girl let a flicker of a smile cross her lips, but then she realized that she could be attacked and sat upright and gripped the blaster with both hands.

"But I still do not know where I am or who I am!" she tensely exclaimed. Oola played with the tassled end of her leash, "Well...I can tell you that you are on Tatooine. And that you are in the palace of Jabba the Hutt." said the Twi'lek. The girl's eyes flickered as if she was trying to rememeber something.

" not know were Tatooine is or who this Jabba is, I want to go home!" she exclaimed pointing the blaster at Oola. Though she was afraid of being shot, Oola kept her mental mask tightly on. "And what good will it do for you if you shot me?" asked the velvet green Twi'lek slave dancer.

The girl glaced down and was about to say something but stopped. "Just think of this as your new home or just a resting stop. I will teach you to be a artist of dance and of song, let me." Oola said. The girl looked about nervously, "How can I trust you if...I do not know your name?" said the girl.

"My name is Oo-" "la la Neelah." the girl interupted Oola in a musical tone. Oola tilted her head, "Perhaps...that is your name, Neelah." said the Twi'lek. "No...that is not my head does not hurt when I think about it." mused the girl. Oola smiled, "Do you trust me, Neelah?" she asked.

Neelah looked down at the blaster in her hands and then to Oola. "How...can I trust you? I barely know you." she stated. And now to do your speech...mused the Shadow with a ice white smile. Oola then stood up and her hands went to the straps of her costume, "W-What are you doing?" asked Neelah.

Oola let her fishnet costume fall to the floor, she took off her sandels from her feet. Now you really want to remove your headband?...asked the Shadow. Oola gave a small sigh, She must trust me...I must trust her not to tell...Oola thought to the Shadow. Oola then removed the headband from her forehead, Neelah's eyes went to the brand.

"I am Oola and I will hide nothing from you." the naked Twi'lek said. Neelah's eyes darted to the floor, "I...would have believe you, you did not have to remove your clothing." she said. Oola walked over to Neelah and crouched down, "I wish to be your sister but you must be also willing." said Oola.

Neelah recoiled at the thought of becoming naked, " not want to be naked." she stated. Oola gave a disarming smile, "But how were you born, with clothes on? I promise that only other females will see you in that state." the Twi'lek said. Neelah had that look in her eye but did as she was told.

She pulled off her medcal robe and then her pants, My...she does have beautiful body...said the Shadow.  Oola then guided Neelah to her feet, the Twi'lek then gentlely took Neelah's hand and placed it underneath her left breast. "Do you feel it? The beat of my heart, the beat of life." said Oola.

Though Neelah was uncomforable with feeling Oola's breast, she nodded her head. Oola then placed her hand underneath Neelah's, "I feel life, you are full of it." said Oola. Neelah's voilet eyes looked into Oola's brown, "Yes...I want to live." she said. That is good...hopefully she won't use that blaster...mused the Shadow.

Oola stole a glace at the blaster that laid among Neelah's clothing, "Now Neelah, go to the washroom until I call for you." Oola instructed. Neelah had her hands at her breasts and groin, "Can I take my clothes with me?" she asked. "Of course you can, just leave the blaster behind, you will not need it." Oola said with a smile.

Neelah picked up her cloths and went into the washroom, Well...she is just like any other girl...that had her mind cleanned...mused the Shadow. Oola picked up the blaster with both hands after she put her headband on, True...but what she did could be why Fett is having me watch over her...Oola mused to herself as she went to the door.

Oola then tapped on the buttons and the metal door openned. Bib, Jess and the others had their ears pressed against the door trying to hear inside. They fell into a heap, Oola rasied a tattoed brow as the group untangled themselves. Melina was one of the first ones up, she reached out to grab the blaster.

Oola held the blaster away from the costume designer, "Melina, I want to make sure that the guest of honor's girl is well clothed. Please get a MODEST costume for her." said the Twi'lek. Melina's eyes flickered about, "Fine." she said though a clogged nose as she took the blaster from Oola's hands.

Oola then noticed that Bib was looking into the room trying to see the girl. "Bib please, this is for females only." ordered the dancer. The Majordomo gave Oola a look and then went over to the guard that had escourted them. "Come girls, come in and be seated." Oola ordered to her troop of dancers.

"What about Arica? Is she one of us?" asked Pala, Oola glaced over at the orange haird dancer. " a fellow dancer and to keep her out would be rude." said the Twi'lek. The rest of the harem did as it was told, "The girl probility hunger, I will get something for her." said Yarna. "That is a good idea." said Oola.

Ooal then went into the dancer's pit, the metal door closed behind her. The other dancers sat down on the custions while Arica stood against the wall. "Now sisters, I want you all to please welcome our newest memeber to the family. Neelah, will you please come forward?" said Oola towards the cleanning room.

Neelah was relucted to step forward, "Come on, Neelah. Don't be shy." said Oola. Neelah did step forward from the cleanning room into the main room. "H-Hello, I am Neelah." the Human nervously said holding onto her clothes. "Hi Neelah." said the other dancers in the room, Oola then went to Neelah's side and placed a hand on the girl's shoulder.

"Neelah is new, so I expect all of you to treat her with repect. I will be teaching her how to be a dancer." said Oola. "Of course, Oola." "We will be her new family." She is so pretty, I wonder were she came from?" were some of the comments from the girls. "Hey Oola, you and Neelah should put some clothes on before you caught a cold." snipped Arica.

Neelah looked at Oola, "I...should I put my robe on, right Oola?" she asked. "You can if you want, Neelah. Melina will becoming with your costume." said the Twi'lek. " your's?" said Neelah as she put on the robe. "No...more modest. But come and sit with the others and talk." said Oola to Neelah.

Neelah took a seat with the other girls while Oola put her fishnet costume and sandels on. The other girls of the troop talked with Neelah, escepialy Pala and Lala would also could not rememebr who there were before they came. "It was scary at first but then Oola made us part of the family and that is so much more comforting." said Pala.

Glow felt Neelah's face, "You have...a nobel face." mused the nearly blind Hapan. Neelah was talking and asking all sorts of differant questions. Oola was glad to see the human girl was now smiling and interacting with the others. Yarna came back with a bowl of food for the new girl, "Here you go, enjoy." said the ugly servent.

After Neelah had her meal and Yarna had left, Melina showed up with a package. "Here."  she said tossing it to Neelah and then lefted. Neelah openned up the package; there was a small sleaveless jacket, a tube top, leggings and slippers, all purple. "That is so pretty, you should put that on." said Pala to Neelah.

Neelah took off her robe and put on her costume, " snug." she mused. The tube top was a bit low and showed off Neelah's bust and her leggings only barly went to her waist. "Well I must say that looks good on you, it brings out the color of your eyes." said Le'Mon. Neelah brushed soe hair from her face, "Thank you." she said.

So...I think a trip to the Paradice would be good for the legs...mused the Shadow. Oola then clapped her hands together which silnced the room, "Alright girls, time to go to the other room." she said as she stood up. Neelah, Arica and the rest of the girls followed Oola out of the Dacer's Pit to the Dancer's pradise.

Oola had the girls pratice their routines, Neelah was able to copy any of the other dancer's styles. From wild to controlled, Neelah could do it all. Which made most of the other dancers irritated, especialy Arica who's step rivalled Oola's. "How can she do so much?" "She must be as good as Oola." were some of the commets from the girls.

Just as good as Oola...mused the Shadow, Oola  was fingering her leash hiding her nervousness. It is strange...Even Lala and Pala remember that they were trainned to dance by others...but Neelah is a unknown...Oola thought to herself. "Oola, can you dance with Neelah? Neelah is just...too good to dance with." said Tria.

Oola then took to the floor were Neelah had just out danced both Le'Mon and Pala. "Oh hello Oola, I love dancing. It is just so...relaxing." she said with a childish grin on her face. Oola smiled as she let her leash fall to the floor, The velvet green Twi'lek struck a pose, the Human imatated Oola's postion.

"Let dance together." Oola purred, Neelah had a gleam in her eye, "Of course." she responded. Then the two dancer sprang into their dance, they leapped high into the air, they kicked with powerful kicks and twirled into a blur but nethier dancer losted a step to the other. Neelah is good...better then Arica...Oola thought to herself.

But she doen't have the same experince as the something...closer...mused the Shadow. Oola then took a step into Neelah's space, her right fishnet clad breast rubbed agianst Neelah's left. Neelah was completly surpised by Oola's move, she strumbled back and fell down. "W-what was that for?" asked the Human girl.

"That is just how I dance, all the others know that is part of my style." stated Oola. Oola then noticed that the other girls were whispering amon themselves, "What are you girls talking about?" asked the Twi'lek. "Well Oola, it is Neelah reacted to your was as if she never had been touched before." mused Le'Mon.

Oola gaze went over to Neelah who stood up, She...has never been drilled before?...the Twi'lek thought to herself. Oola shook her head, No...Fett must have...she belongs to him...the slave dancer thought. Neelah came closer to Oola and after closeing her eyes and taking a breath, pressed her breast against Oola's.

"I...understand that feeling...can we dance again, Oola?" asked the Human dancer. Oola nodded her head and took another pose and the dance started again. Neelah was a quick learner, she learnned many differnat moves from Oola that were spicy.The torpedo bump, the spice shaker and the Pad Smacker.

"My goodness, you are such a quick learnner. I will run out of things to teach you." Oola said with a smile to Neelah. The Human dancer wiped her forehead of sweat, "Oola you are a great dancer. The others just stopped after a couple of dances but you just kept dancing until we both dropped." chuckled Neelah.

Oola smiled, "Oh my, I think that it's time for sweets." mused the Twi'lek out loud. The other dancer's ears peark up and Oola's words, "Yeah for yummys!" excalimed the girls. Oola then lead the troop to the kicheans were she made them some tasty snacks. Afterwards Oola then took the girls back to the Pit, and that feeling of being watched pricked her neck until she took her nap.

Some time later Oola then woke up and gave a yawn, Neelah had curled up next to Oola and held her head against Oola's chest. How sweet...she so...and then Oola felt a differant touch on her body. Looking to her right, Oola saw that Coco had also curled up to her side. But the olive skined Human had in her sleep, latched onto the tip of Oola's breast and was softly sucking it.

Oola tried to gently push Coco from her breast, but the Human gave a grumpy groan in her sleep. Oola gave a sigh and looked up at the ceiling, They suck on you once and they will always want to suck...she mused. can always hold Coco's little nose...that should wake her up...mused the Shadow.

Oola did as the Shadow suggested, Coco's eyes fluttered openned and then she realized what she was doing. She pulled away and covered her mouth, her eyes were wide and then Coco stood up and went to the washroom as fast as she could without stepping on any other girl. Oola gently moved Neelah to the side and followed Coco to the washroom.

Coco was on her knees spiting in to the drain when Oola arrived. The alomand shaped eyes of Coco looked up into Oola's, "I am so sorry. I just wanted to be next to you. I didn't mean" the Human dancer nearly cried. Oola placed a finger on Coco's trembling lips, "Shh, you did nothing wrong. You were just rememebering that you are a good girl." Oola said.

Coco brushed some hair from her face, "It is have a really attacive body Oola. When you were dancing with Neelah, I was fantazing about... about dancing with you." Coco said. Oola's lekku twitched behind her back, "You're sister is Manaroo right?" asked the Twi'lek dancer.

Coco's eyes darted to the floor, "Yes...but she is not like you. She is attacted to that one bounty hunter, Dengar? And I lo-like you Oola." she said. Oola bit her lower lip, You better put out that spark before it becomes a fire that burns you...the Shadow warnned. "Coco look at me." Oola orderd the Human girl.

Coco looked up, Oola then slapped her across the face. The girl had a stunned look on her face, Oola then brought the girl close. "Lisen and lisen well, Coco.", Oola whispered into the dancer's ear. "I belong to master and to him alone, if I fail to please him. People will die screaming and I do not what that to happen to you Coco." said Oola
"So please understand why I am doing this to you. I am protecting you from your desires, you are my sister. That is how it is to be."

Oola stated to Coco. Coco's body trembled, "Yes...yes you are right Oola...oh you are right." Coco softly cried. Oola kissed the black haird girl on the forehead, "Express your love for me by your dance, let your love give you wings to fly." she said.

Coco smiled at Oola's words, "I will, Oola. I will dance with everything and I will dance just as good as Neelah." she said. Oola smiled, "Now if you do not mind, I have to dump." said the Twi'lek. Coco then went back to the sleeping area as Oola squated down to do her dumping, She said as good as Neelah...not like you...mused teh Shadow.

So what?...I am looking over her becuase Fett asked for a favor...and that might free me so I can go home...Oola thought. The Shadow put a hand on it's head, What are you talking about?...This...Here is your home with master...reasoned the Shadow. were my master is and that could be anyone not just Jabba...thought Oola.

WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!!!...YOU belong to Jabba Desilijic Tiure...not to Boba Fett...You ran away...You hit your sister and it was all your fault!...excalimed the Shadow. Oola pull at the band of her costume, I know...But I was betrayed...Alask betrayed me to Bib who gave me to that bloated slug as a toy...she thought back.

The Shadow pulled at it's inky black lekku, Have we not been down this path before?...There is no escape...You are a slave...You will never be free...It said. Oola rolled her eyes, Then let me be a slave...but to someone who loves me and that I can love back...she snipped back at the Shadow.

Does not Master protect you?...Do you want to go back to the Barracks?...the Shadow asked. Oola's body trembled at that thought, No...but why can I not think of a differant master?...I would be still a good girl...Oola reasoned. Who's mark is on your forehead?...Would Fett want to buy you if he knew?...asked the Shadow.

Oola crossed her arms as she enterd the main room of the Dancer's Pit. Neelah was sitting with Le'Mon and Syrra, the Feeorin was telling one of her many adventures. She was tell was about that one time were she took on a entire gang of pirates and defeated them all. Neelah eagerly lisened to Syrra's story.

Look at her...She is Fett's girl...He is probiliy just saving her for another time...darkly mused the Shadow. No...something is not right...she does not fit in with us...Oola thought back. Then the door openned and Yarna walked in with the the evening meal, "Hello girls." said the ungly servent.

The Oola, Neelah, Arica and the rest of the harem said theri greeting to Yarna. The girls got their bowls and ate their meal, "I thought Jabba would give nicer food to his girls." mused Arica. "Well Porcellus is very busy, so forgive him for not mking his normal." said Yarna. Then the girls were done with their meal and Yarna lefted.

Melina then appeared a couple mintues later, she and Jess handed out package to the harem. "Not for you two, Mon has plans." Melina said to Cloudy and Sandy. As soon as the girls were dressed up in their costumes, Oola lead the girls in their evening prayer. Then the group of girls followed Melina out of the room, "Come with me Neelah." Oola said to the dancer.

Oola and Neelah went to the kichens, they were escourted by a pig guard. The two dancers came to the kichean, "Hello Porcellus can we..." Oola imedaintly grabbed a apon and went to work. Porcellus was some how doing the work of three chefs, "Oh Oola! Thank goodness, I don't were that buthcer is and Phlegmim is being a lazy bantha!" shouted the chef.

Oola helped Porcellus get the meals ready for Jess and Yarna. Neelah helped perp the plates by cleanning any sauces that spill on the edge. Eventually Phlegmim did show up, Porcellus threaten to have him beat if he did not show up proprly next meal time. The kichean boy grumbled something and helped clean up.

Porcellus looked over at Oola, "Well, I must say miss Oola. That you are an excellent assaint chef and I would be glad to cook with you." he said with a smile. The Twi'lek slave girl smiled back, "Well I did have some help." Oola said nodded her head over at Neelah. "Ah well then miss Neelah you to have my...oh no." the chef's eyes went wide.

Neelah had in her hand a knife, "Miss, put down the knife, now." sated the chef. Neelah shifted the knife in her hand, the light of the furnace gleammed off of the edge. There was a exotic fruit on the prep table that caught Neelah's eye. Swifter then the wind, Neelah used the knife on the piece of fruit.

At first it seemed the fruit was alright but then the skin flaked off and then under it's own weight, become an exotic flower. Oola and Porcellus looked at each other and then the flowered fruit. " most impressive." mused the chef. Neelah then set the knife down and gave a short bow to the chef.

"Please forgive me. I...just had this urge to cut that fruit into something more pleasent looking." said Neelah. "Well...just don't use a knife without permission." said Porcellus. Oola and Neelah then lefted the kichen with their escourt. Oola thought she saw someone watching them walk from the shadows. Oola and Neelah safly returned to the Pit and went to sleep on the thirdy-six night of Oola's slavery.

Oola was reclining on a custioned crouch, she was watching a holodram when the door opeened to the suite. Oola looked over toward the door, "Oh you are home!"she cheerful said. Boba put a large suit case ontop of a table, "Its been one long week." he sighed. Oola then got up and helped him out of his armor.

Fett sat down onto the courch and gave a sigh of relief, "Let me get you something to drink." Oola purred. As Fett clicked on the remote, Oola went to the kichean. The Twi'lek girl came back to the couch with a drink, "Your favortive, Bobo. Blue Moon Rising." seductivly said Oola as she held the cup in a hand.

Fett reach out with a hand to take the cup, Oola though took a seat between his legs. She was wearing a black ,silk bedrobe and matching stockings. Oola also wore a black,silk choker with a silver bell in the middle. "Your drink, Bobo." Oola said as she grinded her buttocks against Fett's groining.

Fett took the drink and tilted back his helmet, Oola has  never seen Fett's face. But it did not matter to her, for Oola loved him and he loved her in return. Oola then playfully tapped on the bell, *jingle* *jingle* went the bell. Boba finished his drink and set it on a side table, "You do now how to make a Blue Moon rise." he said.

Oola let the shoulder of her robe slip off, revealing her velvet green skin. "Well I want to ride a rocket to the moon." she said licking her ruby red lips. Fett's hands then found their way to the robes sash, he undid the loose knot and pulled back on the robe. The black silk robe slid off of Oola's beutiful velvet green body.

"Oh Bobo." Oola moanned as the Bounty Hunter's hands gripped her breasts. Oola straddled Boba's thighs, the Twi'lek then started to bounce. "Oh, oh, ah! Ah, oh yes!" Oola moanned. Oola felt Fett's lips on her neck, dry and rough. "Harder, harder." gasped the Twi'lek and then something softed hits Oola's face.

Day 37

Oola woke up with a jerk, she start upright and a pillow fell off her face. "Stop moaning." grumbled Arica who then fell back to sleep. Oola then also laid back down, Neelah's and Coco's bodies felt warm against the Twi'lek's. Oola then closed her eyes and went back to sleep until the normal time of waking.

The twin suns of Tatooine rose over the dersert palace of Jabba the Hutt. Oola's eyes fluttered openned and she gave a yawn. Neelah was still sleeping, her head resting on Oola's arm. Coco had her lips on the side of Oola's breast, she was sucking on it in her sleep. Oola just stared up into the ceiling and sighed.

She stood up and walked to the washroom, she made sure that she was not stepping on any of the other girls. The Twi'lek went to the drain and after pulling at her costume squated down to releave herself. She then stood and and pulled at the band at her waist, That was a good dump...she mused to herself.

She then turned and was looking into the eyes of the Shadow. It's yellow eyes were scrowling at Oola and the ice white smile was upside down. ...You were dreaming about HIM...Weren't you...It grumbled. Oola rolled her eyes and walked though the Shadow, Do NOT ignore me!...You live because of master!...What if he finds out about your fantasy?!...It worried exclaimed.

I obeyed master's wishes...I did want I was commanded and now I am guiding Neelah...Oola snipped back. But your thoughts are not of master!...You are being lured by that flicker of "freedom"...You are free as master's slave...Do not think of another embrace...warned the Shadow.

Oola ignored the Shadow and went back to the sleeping area, What if Fett is just using you?!...What if he never comes though with his promise to buy you?!...the Shadow exclaimed at the Twi'lek dancer. He said ther might be A chance to buy me...A chance to escape and make sure that Alask is punished...Oola thought back.

Well don't put to much hope in that promise...Master's grubby hands will hold tightly on that leash of your's...stated the Shadow. Oola played with the tassled end of her black leash, ...But when will he let go?...she wondered. Never...said the Shadow in responce, Oola pouted her lips in disapointment.

The other girls were also awaking up from their sleep, they streached out their arms and legs. Neelah and Coco also woke up, those two streached out their arms and legs. "Would you like me to rub your back, Neelah?" asked the olive skin slave girl. "Oh that would be nice." replied the voilet eyed dancer.

Coco and Neelah then took turns rub the other's back, until Oola sat upright and gave a yawn. "Oh hello Oola, let me rub your back." Neelha said, "Let me rub your feet, Oola." said Coco. Coco removed Oola's sandels before she rubbed the Twi'lek's feet. "Oh, you two know how to rub." Oola said to the two girls that were rubbing her body.

Coco smiled, she then flung back her hair and streached out her neck. "Look Oola, I have a collar like you.' she said. The collar with a metal joint was around Coco's neck was like Oola's, but a jade green instead of silver. "Oh..." Oola said before noticing what the slave girl that was rubbing her feet was wearing.

Coco had her normal jade green pansties on the tips of her breasts and her matching c-string. She had a silver armband on her left forearm and matching wrist bands. The sandels on her feet were also silver, "Melina said...that when you are given you new postion that I will have a leash put on my collar and that I will be serving master." she said with mixed feelings.

Oola touched her own collar, " not know what to say. But you must be a good girl." said the Twi'lek. Coco placed a hand on Oola's thigh, "It is make this place bearable, I would be so depressed if you lefted us here." said the slave girl. Oola faked a smile, "Do not worry, I have been here for some time and I don't plan on leaving." she lied.

Liar...hissed the Shadow above Oola's head, "You were moanning in your sleep Oola, was something troubling you?" asked Neelah. Oola looked over her shoulder, " was nothing. I was just remembering the night I spent with Boba Fett." said the Twi'lek. "Wait...are you saying that you slepted with Boba Fett?" asked Arica.

Oola put on a mask of conquest, "Oh yes, I was sent to his room the night before last. Oh, it was like riding a rocket, so powerful and guided." Oola lied with pretend longing. The other girls overheard what Oola had said, "Wow, he was that good." "My cilents go limp after a mintue." "I wish I could have been drilled by him..." were some of the comments of the girls.

"Um Oola? Would you not explode from a rocket?" Neelah naivly said. There was a moment of silence before the room exploded in laughter, "Oh, oh my goodness Neelah, you are just too cute." Zilia managed to gasp between laughter. "What? What is so funny?" Neelah looked about in bewildment.

"Oola meant to say is that the "rocket" represences something on the male body." said Le'mon. "Like what?" Neelah asked, after another bout of laughter the girls cleard their thorts. "It's THAT part." Pala said balling up her hand and then extending only the little finger, Neelah though for a moment and then her face turned a differant shade of pink.

"Oh...OH, oh Oola I...think I am a fool not know something that simple." said Neelah. Oola shrugged her shoulders, "That is alright, you are still new and have pleanty to learn." said the Twi'lek. Neelah brushed some of her hair from her face when the door openned. Melina stepped in and pointed her finger.

"It's a new day you five, you have training with Mon." said the costume designer. Syrra, Zilia, Riza, Cloudy and Sandy stood up and lefted the room. "See you later?" said Le'mon after Syrra but the door closed behind the Feeorin. "I wonder what training with Mon means?" asked Lala outloud.

"Most likly to be trained as killers." Oola said remembering what happened at the arena a little more then a week ago. Le'mon had a worried look on her face, "Syrra is kind in heart, I think she does not want to hurt others." said the Mirialan. "Le'mon,then why does Syrra wear a collar that shocks her if she tries to throttle her cilents?" asked Tria.

Le'mon crossed her arms, "Because...oh I do not know." she grumbled. Lala touched Le'mon on the shoulder, "Syrra is strong, I don't think anything but that monster under the floor could harm her." said the Human dancer. Le'mon forced a smile onto her face, then the door openned and Yarna come in pushing the hover table.

"Good morning girls." said the ugly servent, the girls said their greetings and ate their breakfest. After Oola and the girls finished their meal, Oola had Le'mon and Tria lead them in their prayers as they waited for Yarna to return with the cleanning supplies. Yarna returned and Oola and the other dancers went into the washroom.

"I wish there was more privice..." grumbled Arica as she removed her coverall. "Oh Arica, you are so spicy on the floor but so nervous in the wash." mused Pala. "She does have a spicy pad." mused Manaroo. Lala then playful smack Arica's buttocks, "Loosen up, no drills here." said the pleasure slave to the court dancer.

Arica grumbled something as she rubbed some soap on her arm, Glow being blind was help by Coco. Neelah was cleanning Oola's lekku, "Can I take off your headband?" she asked. "No." stated Oola, "Does it itch being on your head all the time?" Neelah asked. "I am use to it." Oola stated.

Oola stole a glace behind her at Neelah's waist, ...She has no scar...Oola thought to herself. The only other slave dancer that did not have that hair line scar at the waist was Manaroo. See...Neelah is more special then you...she can have little ones...Fett's little ones...the Shadow darkly mused to the Twi'lek pleasure slave.

Oola's hand went to the scar on he waist, a bitter taste fill her mouth. jeasoy of her body...Oola thought to herself. "Let me wash your hair,Neelah." said Oola, the velvet green Twi'lek then washed the dark haird human's hair. "You have strong, healthy hair, Neelah." said Oola, "Oh thank you." Neelah replied.

"What about my hair Oola, is it strong?" asked Coco. Oola looked over at the wet, collar slave girl, "You have perfectly good hair, Coco. As long as you pratice the breathing and  stress relifs I taught you." said the Twi'lek. The olive skin girl nodded her head in agreement with Oola's statement, "Of course, I want to be like you." said Coco.

Oola's lekku twitched behind her back, "What do you mean?" ask the Twi'lek. "Well...You are beutiful, kind and a great dancer." said Coco as she poured some water onto Glow head. "You make living here feel alright and you guide us to be better." Coco said. That is because Oola does not want to be punished...right Oola?...said the Shadow.

Oola glaced down and poured some water onto Neelah's head. "Well...I just want you girls to be your best. Things can happen so suddenly, I do not want to leave you unperpared for anything." Oola stated. After the girls returned the cleanning supplies to Yarna, Oola then lead the girls out of the room.

"Say Oola, can you show me how to open the door, just in case I have to go talk with Bib?" said Arica. Oola shook her head, "I am sorry Arica, but only those that are trusted know the codes." she said. Arica was the last one to leave the Pit, so she and Oola was a little bit alone. "But you can show me." the Human said to the Twi'lek.

"But I can show you." said Oola, the Twi'lek then showed Arica which buttons to push. "Thank you." said Arica with a smile, Oola felt her head, "'re welcome, now to the Paradise." said the dancer. Oola then took the girls to the dancer's Paradise, Oola thought she saw a shadow not of her own watching from a alchove as the group entered.

"Alright girls, pick a partner and make a routine." said Oola to the group. Le'mon, Tria, Pala, Lala, Glow, Coco, Manaroo, Neelah, Arica and Oola formed up in pairs. Le'mon and Tria had danced together before, their bodies knew what to do. Lala and Pala were also use to dancing with each other, they took off their dresses and danced naked.

"How can you dance like...that?" asked Neelah to Lala and Pala. "We were born naked, we will most likly die naked, so while we can. We will dance as we are born." was Pala's reply. "I don't like dancing with the normal dress on, it irratates my skin." was Lala's reply. "Um...alright." stated Neelah who took to the floor with Manaroo.

Now Manaroo had danced with Neelah before, so she knew that she had to use differant skills to match up with Neelah. Manaroo played her flute while she danced and could use it like a baton, twirling it about in her hands. Seeing how well Manaroo proformed, Neelah wanted to try dancing and playing a instrument at the time.

The sound that came from Neelah trumpet was simaler to when Jabba did a dump. "You...should realy just stick to dancing, Neelah." Oola said while holding back the laughter. Next to dance was Coco and Glow, they had let Neelah and Manaroo ahead of them while they talked how to dance with Glow being near blind.

Glow was the core, while Coco danced about her. Coco would stroke Glow on her back in a certain way to tell her what she was to do. A stroke up meant Glow was to stand and danced in place, a stroke to either side meant she was wave her arms in that dirction. A circular stroke meant that she was to roll her hips while bouncing her breasts.

Arica and Oola then took to the floor, "Ready?" asked Arica with a smile. Oola took up her leash and gave a smile back to Arica, "Ready." she replied. Both dancers sprang up into the air and began their dance. Unlike the first dance were they tried to out do the other, this dance was to show the other what they could do.

Oola leap about in the air with her leash in hand, her lekku two strokes of velvet green following her. While Arica twirled about at a dazzling speed, her red hair like the tail of a comet. At the end of their dance, the other clapped at the two dancer's proformace. "Wow that was great!" "Teach me how to do that!" were some of the comments.

But Oola was in a teaching mood, she clapped her hands and made the girls go silent. "I now want you girls to switch partners." ordered the Twi'lek dancer. The girls then switch partners, Oola had the group do a full roution of dancing partners. The girl that had the hardest time geting adjusted was Glow but that was understandable.

After all the girls danced, Oola then had a group dance. Glow was the center, the girls would dance about the blind Hapan in a circule and follow Oola's commands. "Twirl, twirl and kick. Twirl, twirl and shake the spice racks. Twirl and pose and kick and pose and leap." were some of Oola's commands.

With the exception of Glow, all the girls proformed flawlessly to Oola's commands.After serveral routines of intense dancing, Oola felt her legs starting to go numb. "Alright, take a breath, you girls earnned it." Oola said wiping at her forehead. Arica and even Neelah sat down and took in deep breaths.

Oola stood with her back against the wall and took deep breaths, Perhaps...when Fett buys me...I could be a dance choreographer...she mused to herself. There you go are NOT thinking about how to please master!...growled the Shadow. And what if Fett becomes my master?...should I not think of ways to please him?...the Twi'lek thought.

The Shadow bashed it's head against the wall in frustion, You are going to get in are going to get into trouble...It repeatly said. " "Um Oola, we were good girls. And...good girls get rewarded right?" asked Coco. Oola nodded her head, "Of course, alright girls. time to go to the kichens." said Oola.

Oola then lead the nine dancers to the kicheans. "Hello Porcellus, how are you to day?" Oola asked the sweating, chef. "Oh...I have no idea what is going on. Master had relocted to his chambers and was playing that Galatic Conquest game. He nearly ignored the meal that I brought him." sighed the chef.

" strange." Oola said, "Oh yes, Porcellus my I use your kicheans to reward the little ones?" she asked. "You have my permission." said the chef to the Twi'lek. Oola then put on an apron and make some sweets for the dancers. The girls eagerly ate their sweets expect for Coco who let Glow have hers.

Oola then lead the girls back to the Dancer's Pit, "I must say, I feel ready for a good nap." yawned Arica. "I agree, I nice relaxing nap." mused Le'mon. Oola still felt that feeling of being watched from the shadows as they went into the Dancer's Pit. "Alright girls, have a good nap." said Oola as she laid dow to take her nap.

But soon after the others were alseep, "Oola...Oola..." said a famliar voice, Oola's eyes fluttered openned. The Twi'lek saw Coco kneeling over her, "Oola...are you awake?" asked the Epicanthix pleasure slave. Oola rubbed her eyes and leanned up on her elbow, "I am, is there something bothering you, Coco?" asked the beutiful slave dancer.

Coco glaced about looking at the other sleeping girls, the olive skin dancer beckoned to Oola to follow her. Oola stood up and held onto her metal joint of her leash so it wouldn't wake the others. The Twi'lek and the Epicanthix then walked into the washroom, "So Coco, what is the matter?" asked Oola.

" a good girl, right?" Coco asked Oola, " are but why..." and then Oola took a second look at the dancer. Coco's body was exposed, the brown tips of Coco's beutiful olive breasts were hard and her body was aroused. "Please...please reward me...just like that one day." softly moaned the Epicanthix dancer as she came closer to the Twi'lek.

"Coco..." Oola said in a tone of caution, "I am a good girl, I dance good, I...want to be rewarded, please reward me, please?" begged Coco. Oola sighed, My body has become a link in her chain...the Twi'lek thought. "Over there, that is were I will reward your hard work." Oola said pointing over to the wall away from the passaway.

Coco's body was trembling, Oola sat down and pulled at her fishnet costume exposing her beutiful velvet green breasts. The Epicanthix pleasure slave nearly threw herself onto the tip of the Twi'lek pleasure slave's breast. "Mh, mh, mh, oh, mh, ah, mh." were some of the sounds of Coco's suckings.

Oola's forced a smile onto her face, "Good girl Coco, good girl." she softly said. Coco was sucking hard on Oola's tip, as if the memory of the paste was imprinted on it. Oola felt Coco's naked body becoming warm, her own body was also becoming aroused to the naked girl's sucking of her breast.

So what Kanna felt...Oola thought as Coco's suckings brought forth the nectar of Oola's body. The feeling was differant then acouple days ago, Oola felt...motherly. Coco was nothing more then a babe at her chest, desiring comfort and warmth. Oola stroked back the wavy black hair from the Epicanthix's face.

I...hope that you will not have to go the pain of what I had to endure...the Twi'lek thought of the Epicanthix. Coco's black eyes looked up into Oola's brown, "You...make me feel alive." she said with contentment. Oola forced a smile, "But only if you are a good girl, you must learn to please master." she said.

Coco pouted her lips, "I...will please master...aslong as you are here to comfort me." said the Epicanthix. Oola tapped Coco on her nose, "I can not promise that I will always be here. You must find the streanght to live for others." said the Twi'lek. Coco nodded her head, "Yes Oola...mother." she said.

Oola pulled at her fishnet costume, "Now let us..." the Twi'lek stopped midsentece. Someone was watching them, their shadow fleeing back to the other room. "Oola what is-" before Coco could finish, Oola leap to her feet and rushed over to the passaway to see the watcher.

Oola stopped in the middle of the passaway, Who was that?!...she wildly thought. The other girls were still sleeping, laying about on their custions and pillows. It...must have been my imagnation...Oola reasoned. Oola and Coco then went down and laid among the custions and took their nap.

A couple of hours later, Oola and the other girls were waking up from their nap. She gave a yawn and openned her eyes and looked right into the bright yellow eyes of the Shadow. I...I just wanted to protect you...But now with this promise of "Freedom"...YOU have gone completly insane and out of your mind...It said.

Oola rolled her eyes and gently pushed Coco's mouth from the side of her breast. I was just rewarding good behavior...Oola thought. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!!!???...Her body got hot!...your body got hot!...You have not thought about master all day!...You are exposing your body to anyone!...wildly exclaimed the Shadow.

Oola wrinkled her nose, So why should I care?...I am the schutta of schuttas...I shall please Fett in all ways...Oola thought. The Shadow pulled at it's lekku and grinded It's teeth, You are going to get yourself KILLED!...All because of a LIE!...It screamed. Oola had sat upright and was touching her toes, "Will you shut up?" she said outloud.

"...Um, who are you talking to, Oola?" asked Neelah who was rubbing Pala's shoulders. "Oh nothing, just talking to my self." Oola replied. The other girls gave each other an odd look and contiued streaching out. "Say Oola, it is the second day of the week. Do you think Melina will let us watch, The Baron?" asked Lala.

"What is the Baron?" asked Neelah, "Oh yeah, you have not yet seen it, Nees. Well in short, it's about a dashing pilot that saves his true love from vile rebels." said Le'mon. "That...sounds intersing." mused Neelah. Soon Yarna arrived with the evening meal, "Good evening girls, ready for some yummys?" said the ugly servent.

Oola and the dancers got up and recvied their bowls of food. Just take Yarna off to the side and tell her the truth...That you never slepted with Fett...said the Shadow. Oola ignored the Shadow's words and ate her meal, ...Alright...I'll give you another chance to tell the truth to Melina and if you don't...I...will start telling the truth...It said.

Oola rolled her eyes at the Shadow's threat, *Tisk*...That is impossible...No one can hear you..snipped the velvet green Twi'lek. The Shadow then leanned closer to Oola's earcone, Expect for you...It mused.  Oola finished her meal and gave the bowl back to Yarna, "Thank you." she said to Yarna.

Soon the other girls were also done with their meal, Yarna then left the room. "Alright, time to pratice your breathing while we wait for Melina." said Oola. The girls sat about and praticed their breathing, "Oola, what is so important about breathing?" Neelah asked. "It helps you dance longer...among other things." replied the Twi'lek.

"Like what?" Asked the Human girl, "To outlast your cilet, have him get exuased quickly then you don't have to endure the drilling for long." said Pala. Neelah let a grimace form on her lips and nodded at Pala's comment. After a while, Melina came with the the holo projecter and Oola and the girls turnned and watched it on the far wall.

Melina is here...just tell her the truth and go back to thinking on how to please master...said the Shadow. Oola though ignored her Shadow and watched the holo vid with the other girls. Those girls laughted, they cried and they cheered during the vid that in their hearts, showed their heart's desire to be loved and to love in return.

"The end." snipped Melina as she turned off the holo cam. "*Sigh* I wish that someone that would buy me." said Lala. "Lala, we must endure and hope for that moment." said Tria. Melina then handed out the costumes and pills just like she did in the past. "Hmm, it taste like berries." mused Neelah.

Lemon and Tria then did the prayer that Oola taught them, They have it memorised...that is good...Oola thought to herself. Melina is still here...TELL her!...the Shadow exclaimed. Oola looked over at Melina after the prayer was done, "Melina." she said and the Human costume designer faced the Twi'lek dancer, "Yes?" Melina said.

Tell her...TELL HER!...the Shadow hissed in Oola's earcone. "Is there another guard that can escourt Neelah and I to the kichens?" asked the Twi'lek slave dancer. "Yeah, I'll bring one to you after I take the girls up for the proformannce." said Melina. Oola let a white smile flash from between her ruby red lips, "Alright." she said.

Melina then left with the slave and court dancers, the Shadow leanned in close to Oola's face. ...Liar...the Shadow hiss at Oola, the velvet green Twi'lek ingored the Shadow while she waited. ...Slime licker...the imaganry Twi'lek hissed again. Oola and Neelah then lefted the room with their escourt that was brought by Melina.

Schutta...Pleasure slave of a Hutt...Betrayer...Faithless Worm...Coward...Sister beater...hissed the Shadow to Oola as she walked to the Kicheans. Stop...Oola thought back to the Shadow as she entered the kichens. You did not tell Melina the Truth...So I will...Deciver of helpless girls...hissed the Shadow.

Oola was so distacted by the Shadow that she did not hear the new guard say thanks for his meal. Stop...stop saying those things...I...I am a good girl...Oola thought. I am only saying the truth...Scum Sucker...No one loves you...You are a toy...To be played with and then Thrown away...You are a LIAR...You manipulate others to be like yourself...A Flithy Worm...hissed the Shadow.

Before long, the meals were done and Oola was eating a beignet and mumbling a thank you to Porcellus as she left with Neelah and their escourt. Look at you...stuffing your face with the flith of your lies...You spread you legs out for anyone...Schutta...Your Father would be so proud of what you have become...sneered the Shadow.

Oola was grinding her teeth and was clutching her leash in her hands. Shut Up...Shut up and leave me...Oola grumbled to the Shadow. But I won't...not until you tell the truth...Lusty Legs...Your sister's face is most likly still red from the beating you gave her when she pleaded for you to stay...snapped the Shadow.

Oola pressed the buttons to opened the door to the Dancer's Pit out of memory. Stop...I do not want to think about that night...I was betrayed...Oola reasoned. Of course you were betrayed you flithy schutta...You deserved what has happenned to you...all the pain and hurt is YOUR fault and-...

"SHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUP! SHUT UP!!! Yes, I did run away! Yes, I hit my sister but I thought that was the only way to live life! I thought I was going to be a dancer on stage, traveling the galaxy. But NO, I ended up on a leash, a pet to a giant slug who sucks the very life out my body! I want to be free, I want to live! I...I..." And then Oola realized that she said that outloud.

The velvet green hands went over the Twi'lek's lips as if she could take back those words. Oh my...At least there was no one in the...Oola's eyes became dialated at seeing Neelah standing off to the side. The voilet eyes of the Human were gleamming with confusion, "Oola...What is wrong?" asked Neelah.

Oola's body was shaking at the thought of what she had said had been witnessed, she ran to the cleanning room and huddled on the far side of the wall. Oola's hands were at her face, the mental mask that she had forged to keep herself from being seen as a flithy, tear-stain girl that wanted to go home was crumbling like dry clay from her.

"With a smiling mask I hide my fear.
My eyes glow with bitter tears.
Others rule my flesh.
I dance for my life, not for the love of it.
My reward is to lick the hand that beats me.
That is my Fate, this is my fate."

Oola said to herself as if those words could hide her shame. "Oola what is wrong?" Neelah said as she followed the trembling Twi'lek into the cleanning room. Oola's eyes were teary eyed and she kept quiet in front of the Human dancer. "Um...Perhaps...You could talk about was has happened and you will feel better?" asked the Human.

Oola sniffed as she wiped a hand at her eyes, "I...Um...There...Once was a Twi'lek girl...She was the jewel of her clan. She loved to dance, to sing and live life. Her father was the leader of the clan and gave the girl everything. She was taught how to manage a house, taught how to read,to write and to speak basic." said Oola.

"She was then sent to a prestiage school were she learnned the most graceful of dances. But the girl learnned that she was to be given to a powerful member of one of the five ruling families. She...was afraid, she did not want to be a concubine and lose her freedom. She just wanted to dance and see the galaxy." Oola told Neelah.

"And a friend...a false friend begulied her and offered her a way to leave her home. She thought that was the only to be free, she decided to run away. But her little sister stood in her way and pleaded with her to stay." Oola eyes became watery, "But the lure of freedom of traveling the galaxy blinded the girl and she struck her sister and abandoned her." she said.

"The girl was then taught exotic dances with a partner and learned to speak the tongue of her master. When the time came, the girl...became a cut flower. Beautiful but could bear no seed of her own. The girl's partner became sick and the girl thought that she was going to be the one that will the favored one." said the beautiful, velvet green Twi'lek.

"But the girl's dreams betrayed her, she was a gift, a pet for a bloated depraved slug that put her on his leash." said Oola lifting up the leash in her hand. "The girl...tried to fight back but the pain. The girl justed wanted the pain to stop and the darkness made her long for any light, even if it was tainted." said Oola.

"So the girl bowed before the slug and gave him her body, her mind and her spirit so the pain would just stop. The girl taught the others to behave and submit to the pleasures of the flith of this pit. To put on masks to hide the pain, to hide the tears." Oola said. "But then the girl learnned that she was betrayed and longs to run home but she can not...she can not go home." Oola cried.

Neelah touched Oola's face, "That you?" she asked. Oola nodded her head, "Yes...Oh what a fool I was...I thought I had nothing but I had so much. I had a bed, I had honor, I had repect but I threw it all away for a dream. A dream that made me into a schutta, a slime licker that begs for another lick of paste that dulls the pain." Oola said.

Neelah glaced about, "Well...Perhaps...You can change." she said. Oola wiped at her eyes, "Change? What do you mean, I can change? I am a slave, a flithy worm that crawls in the muck." she said. Neelah shook her head, "But you are not, you are my friend. You can change, you can be anyone you want to be." said Neelah with hope.

Oola gave a sigh, "But who could love me if they knew what I have done? To know that I...pleased a giant slug by riding his tongue until I gave him my spice?" she said. Neelah chewed on her lower lip, "You...will just have to ask for forgiveness for what you have done in the past." she said.

Oola wiped at her nose, "Forgiveness...Who could forgive a worm like me?" asked the Twi'lek. "Well...The Goddess that you pray to may be a good start." said Neelah. Oola nodded her head, "Yes...that would be a start." she said forcing a smile onto her face. "We should go to bed." stated the Twi'lek.

Neelah nodded her head and extended a hand to Oola, the Twi'lek extened her own hand and pulled herself up. Oola and Neelah then walked back to the sleeping area and both of them laid down among the pillows. "Tell me about your home Oola." asked the Human dancer. Oola then told the Human dancer all about Ryloth until Neelah went to sleep.

But Oola just laid on the pillows and custions, she tried to go to sleep but could not. Eventually the other girls returnned and went to sleep, even the five that were taken early that day. As the sounds of gentle breathing and the odd whimper floated though the air, Oola could not go to sleep.

Oola stood up on her feet and as silently as she could, went to the cleanningroom. She went and sat with her back to the wall that was on the farside of the passaway. Oola folded her hands together and closered her eyes. Hey!...Hey hey!...Stop that! You will never be loved!...You will nerver be...and the Shadow's voice faded into the gloom.

"Oh Goddess, you who teaches us how to sing and dance, please...hear my prayer." said Oola. " not know if you can hear me. I have lost my way and...please help me return to your side, oh Goddess." Oola said. "All that I have done...has turned to filth. I...have become a creature of filth and scum...could you please wash me and forgive me of my wrongs against you." she said.

"You alone can bring me back to your light and bring my feet back to your path. But...But if I could not return...If I have become untouchable to you...Then please, let the little ones that are asleep, be free from this place of pain soon. Especially Neelah, she has done no wrong and has so much potentual. Please...please hear my prayer." said Oola.

Oola then thought she felt a hand on her shoulder, but it was only the wall that she sat against. Oola gave a sigh and stood up, she held onto the metal joint of her leash as she walked back to her spot of the sleeping area. The beautiful Twi'lek laid down, at her return, Coco and Neelah naturally nusted closer to Oola on her thirty seventh night as Jabba's slave.

Day Thirty Eight

The twin suns of Tatooine rose over the desert palace of Jabba the Hutt. In one of the many rooms, sleeped the harem and dancer of the palace. Oola had an arm about Neelah's shoulder and a hand about Coco's mouth. The Epicanthix though still softly sucked on the velvet green finger of the Twi'lek in her sleep.

Oola's eyes fluttered openned, she sat upright and gave a yawn. Once the Twi'lek removed her finger from Coco's lips, she went to the wasteroom. She went to the drain and after pulling at the band of her vinyl groin cover, squated down. After she was done, she gave a sigh of relief and covered herself up and stood up.

Oola's brown eyes were staring into the bright yellow eyes of the Shadow. The Shadow had It's arms crossed, It then gave a sigh as It stroked one of it's inky black lekku. Lisen...I just want to say that yesterday I said some very harsh things about you...But since I have to live with you...can we just forget about yersterday and just think about living?...It said.

Oola fingered the leash that connected to the durasteel collar about her neck. You...said alot of horrible things say that you are sorry for saying such things...Then I might acept your apology...mused the Twi'lek. The Shadow rolled It's eyes, I was just saying the sorry...that my words pushed you farther from master...It said.

Oola's lekku twitched, Alright...I forgive you...the Twi'lek thought. Oola then went back to the sleeping area were the other girls were also waking up from their sleep. "Good morning girls." Oola said outloud. "Good morning Oola." "Morning." "Morn, La." "Oola, morning." were the replies from the girls.

"How was last night?" Oola asked Le'mon. "Well, master was not on his throne. So it was just the normal boarding party after the dance." said the Mirialan. "Those males, rode you hard, Le'mon." said Coco. Le'mon brushed a hand though her dark hair as Tria rubbed her back, "Well...That was normal, you were just watching, Co." Le'mon said.

Oola noticed that Manaroo had a distant look in her eyes, "Manaroo, how was your night?" asked the velvet green Twi'lek. The lumanusiant eyes looked over at Oola, "Oh well...I had my first cilent." she said twirling a loop of hair. "And how did it go? Was he rough on you?" asked Riza who was rubbing Zilia's back.

The Aruzan shook her head, "No...He was gentle...He held me in his arms and told me that he would buy me and bring me out of this dark pit." she said with a gleaming smile. Oola, Neelah and the rest of the harem girls focused their attention at Manaroo. "What?!" "Wait, who is he, is he rich?" "Is he like the Baron?" the girls asked Manaroo.

Manaroo shook her head, " not like the Baron, but he is good. He is not rich, but he is kind." she said. "But who is he?" asked Pala. "Dengar, the Bounty Hunter." said Manaroo. The girls became silent, "You...are going to be bought by a bounty hunter?" "Oh Manaroo, I am sorry that you didn't get a man like the Baron." were some of the girl's comments.

The light blue dancer shrugged her shoulder, "But he will take me away, he will protect me and...I love him." she said with hope in her eyes. "Oh please, he's a bounty hunter. He kills people for creds, you will just be tied to his bed to be used by him to pass the time between hunts." sneered Syrra at Manaroo.

Manaroo wanted to say something to Syrra but she held her tongue in check. "What did Mon have you do yesterday?" Oola asked the five. "Oh...well Oola. We...killed some people." said Riza. "You are being to gentle Riz, what she meant to say is that we butchered some half staved prisnorners with nearly anything that was given to us or be shocked." stated Syrra.

Riza gave Syrra a bitter look, "We had no choice." she said. "I do not understand." Sandy said outoud, "Those prisonors...they were begging to live but they were so close to death...why?" she said. "Well Sand, it is mostly likly that those prisonars were locked up for so long that they went mad with longing for freedom." said Zilia.

Sandy rubbed her hands as if trying to wipe away invisible blood, "But...are we the same?" she asked. "No Sandy, we are slaves that were bought while they did the stupid thing of crossing master in the wrong way." said Riza. "Well I can leave anytime I want to. Since I have a contract that allows me to." stated Arica.

Many of the other girls shot looks of jelosy at the Human dancer, "Why did you come to this place? You could have gone anywere but you choose here, why?" asked Le'mon. A smiled crepted over the freckled dancer's face, she touched her lips, "It's a sercet." Arica said. Then the door openned and Yarna entered.

"Morning girls, here are your yummys." said the ugly servent. The girls got up and took their meals from the table, Oola noticed that Yarna had the cleanning supplies by the door. "Oh Oola, the master's guest of honor arrived yersterday. So Bib said that you sould get a freash layer of make-up for master." said Yara.

Oola nodded her head, I...will be returning to him...the one that weights down my soul with his leash...Oola thought to herself. The Twi'lek faked a smile and thanked Yarna for the infromation. Oola sat down with the others girls and ate her meal. After they were done, the girl's went into the cleanning room.

Oola was at first relucted to remove her headband but she did. The Twi'lek heard a gasp from one of the girls and the others that did not know of her brand, looked at Oola. "Oh by the goddess, why did he do that to you Oola?" "It must have hurt..." "Oola, poor Oola, you are the one that is the strongest among of us." "Why would that slug do such a thing?" were some of the comments.

"I...should have told you...please forgive me." said Oola. The troop of slave dancers took turns hugging the Twi'lek pleasure slave girl. "There is nothing he could do to disgrace you to us." "Oola, your body maybe branded but your spirit is free." "Oh Oola, you will always be my friend" "At least it is on your forehead were you can cover it up." were some of the comments.

The group of naked girls spent most of the time washing Oola's beautiful velvet green body. From the tips of her lekku to the bottom of her toes, the Twi'lek's body was cleanned. "Let us put your costume on you, Oola." said Neelah. After they were done, Neelah and the other slave girls put the fishnet costume onto Oola's body.

"Oola, can you...lead us in prayer?" asked Le'mon to the velvet green Twi'lek. Oola smiled and once the girls were clothed, lead them in prayer. After she was done, the other slave girls came up and touched Oola's collar, "Remember us." "Remember us, your sister's in chains." said the slave girls. Then the door openned, "It has been awhile since I have come down here." rumbled a too famliar voice.

Oola's body become stiff and her head turnned towards the door. Some how, the Hutt gangster managed to rolled his bloated body though the door of the Dancer's Pit. The smell of rotten mulch and dried flith filled the air. Some of the girls could bearly breath and had to seek refuge in the cleanning room.

"Um...This is most unusual of you...master to come all the way down here." said Melina who managed to squeesed by the Hutt into the room. Jabba eyes scanned the room, his grubby hand streached out towards Oola. Oola's body knew what she was to do, but trapped in the prison that was call her mind, the Twi'lek watched herself go to her knees and lick the hand of the Hutt.

"Oh my sweet, it has only been acouple of days. You can surely do better." Jabba said to his slave. Oola glupped, she openned her mouth and then softly sucked on the idex finger of the Hutt's hand. Jabba smiled at the sight of his beautiful slave sucking his finger, "Melina, I want my honey almond to learn to please me like my sweet mint." rumbled the Hutt.

Melina then pointed at Coco and told her what Jabba wanted her to do. The Epicanthix matched Oola's postion, she sucked on Jabba's left index finger. Jabba closed his eyes and let a sigh of pleasure as the two slave girls sucked. "A little sample of honey." mused the Hutt as he pulled his finger from Oola's mouth.

Jabba also pulled his finger from Coco's mouth, believing she was done, Coco turnned her back on the Hutt. Jabba reached out and grabbed Coco by the neck, she squel as the Hutt pulled her closer to him. "Nonono! Please someone help! Please help!" exclaimed the struggling slave girl. Jabba's left hand slither up to the front of Coco's neck, his hand was sliding down her trembling torse. "Time to tas-"

"LET HER GO!" exclaimed Neelah, the Hutt stopped and looked over at the Human girl. "Oh...I did not see you, my dear." Jabba said, the Hutt licked his lips as he imaged removing her clothing. Jabba let go of Coco and slither towards Neelah, "My, my, that knave does have good taste." mused the Hutt. Neelah aware that Jabba was moving towards her, backed up until her back was against the wall.

"I wonder what your taste is..." Jabba mused as he reached out to grabbed the dancer. But then something happened to Neelah, she drew up to her height and raised her chin. The dancer smacked away the Hutt's hand with her left and jabbed her right into the face of Jabba the Hutt. "Do NOT touch me." she said in a voice of command, a lord of many to a comman slave.

Oola was taken back by how Neelah talked, in fact all in the room were taken back. Jabba flinched back at the Human girl's words, his large orange eyes blinked in confusion. And then, Neelah shrank back to her normal self, wondering what she just said. Jabba gave a snort, "If this girl did not belong to him I would personally punish her." he grumbled.

Jabba picked up the tassled end of Oola's leash, "I will be going and reminded the rest of my harem that I am still master, Melina." rumble the Hutt. Melina bowed her head in responded, Jabba lazily slithered back to the door. As Oola was about to follow her master, she felt a hand gently hold onto the back strap of her fishnet costume.

"Oola don't go." said Neelah's voice,  "LaLa...don't leave me." said Nolaa's voice of the past. Back then...I had a choice were I could go...but now I can only follow were my leash goes...Oola thought. The Twi'lek smiled and stroked Neelah's face, "Know that I, Oolat'akona, am your friend and no matter what happens. Will always be." she said.

Oola knew that her leash would soon become tigh, she walked quickly to caught up with her master. "Don't worry Neelah, Oola has done it before , you can watch her dance tonight, I promise." said Arica's voice before the door closed behind Oola. Oola quickly walked to her master's side and matched his slithering with her stride.

"What did you know of that girl?" rumbled Jabba to his slave. "She does not remember who she was but she has excellent dancing skills but a bad musicion." replied the Twi'lek slave. Jabba and his slave girl arrived at his throneroom, the Hutt dropped the leash on the floor and slithered up onto his throne.

Oola knelt down and tied her leash to the stone throne as she has done many time before. The Twi'lek then went over to the Hookah and stroked it and put the pipe to her lips and puffed it as she has done many times before. Oola then handed the pipe to her master and walked over and sat in her normal spot as she has many times before.

Oola coiled up a lenth of her leash in her hand, out of the corner of her eye, Oola saw Crumb climb up onto the throne and imatate her sitting postion. Jabba let a cloud of smoke roll out his tongue, "...Fett said that he was impressed by your proformance and offered to buy you." rumbled Jabba out loud.

Oola's heart skipped a beat, she lowered her head so that her master would see the look in her eyes. "His price." Jabba took another puff from his hookah pipe, "Was too cheap for one as talatent as you, my sweet mint." rumbled the Hutt. Oola bit her lower lip, Well...Fett did say there was only a chance...Oola thought to herself.

So that just means that you just will have to be a good girl...mused the Shadow that appeared near by Oola. Oola's left shoulder strap slipped a little from her shoulder, while she adjusted it, she stole a look over her shoulder. Fett was standing in an alchove with Tessk, the Qaurren was asking him differant questions which he was not responding to.

You tried...and I will porform the best dance for you to see this evening...Oola thought to herself. Oola brought her right knee up and rested her hands on it, she let her left leg hang off the throne. The Twi'lek drew an invisible line in the sand, Were do I stand?...Can I change?...Oola sighed to herself as she lowered her head.

And then the sound of metal feet and the turning of wheels could be heard. Oola shifted her eyes and saw Bib leading two droids into the throneroom. Droids?...she thought to herself as she titled her head up. The first one very human like with gold plating while the other was short and rolled on three legs.

"Hurry up R2, let's deliver the message and then leave." snipped the droid. It's companion was trying to walk down the stairs with three legs, R2 gave a couple beeps and a whistle. "The galaxy is full of stairs, why anyone would build a three legged droid is beyond me." said the gold droid. R2 gave a sharp annoyied whislte, "How rude! When we get back I'll...Oh my."

The golden droid must have never seen a Hutt before, It became very quiet and the little droid gave some soft boops as they came to the center of the metal floor. Bib came to Jabba's side and whispered something to the bloated crimelord. "Good morning." the gold droid polity said.

The protocal droid then noticed Oola sitting on the throne. It walked closer and stood in front of the Twi'lek slave girl, "I hope that collar is not too tight, miss." said the droid in perfect Twi'leki. Oola's long fleshy lekku twitched behind her back, What a strange droid to think of a slave's welfare...thought Oola.

Maybe because It's master is kind?...mused the Shadow. Oola then noticed that Jabba leanned forward as if inpecting the droids. The gold droid backed up acouple of steps and waved his hand by the shorter's droid's eye, "The message Artoo, the message." the protocal droid said. "Go on." Jabba stated as he leanned back on his throne.

The shorter droid turnned It's head and turned on It's holoprojecter. A tall man appeared, he was projected so he was looking eye to eye with the Hutt. Jabba gave a grunt of surpised, Oola and the rest of the court looked with bewildment. My...he is tall...Oola mused to herself, And his blaster must be as long...snarked the Shadow.

"Greetings,exalted one.Allow me to introduce myself. I am Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight and friend of Captain Solo." Jabba pulled out his hookah pipe and lisened to the hologram with intent. I know that you are powerful and that your anger with Solo must be equally powerful. I seek an audience wit h your greatness to bargian for Solo's life." said messaged.

Jabba let out a gutted laught whiched caused Oola to turn her head towards her master. Well that is a no...Oola thought, the metal joint of her leash made a small jingle as she turnned her atention back to the message. "With your wisdom, I'm sure that we can work out an arrangment wwhich will be mutually beneficial and enable us to avoid any unpleasant confrontation." said the message.

"As a token of my goodwill, I present you a gift." then the hologram waved It's hand forward. "These two droids." said the message, "What did he say?!" the golden droid said in a startled tone. "Both are hardworking and will serve you well." then the tall man faded away as the smaller droid turnned off it's holoprojecter.

"Artoo, you're playing the wrong message!" exclaimed the golden droid. The court chuckled at the droid's statement, Crumb gave a high pitched crackle. Bib leanned closer to Jabba's ear, "Master, bargin is good. He is a jedi." peddled the Majordomo. "Bah, There will be no bargin." spat the bloated Hutt to the droids.

"We're doomed." said the the golden droid, "I will not give up my favortive decoration." rumbled Jabba pointing at the slab of metal that hung on the wall. "Artoo, look! It's Captain Solo and he is still frozen in carbonite!" excalimed the protocul droid pointing. The silver and blue droid gave an alarmed whistle and the court once more laughted.

"Take them down to EV, she can deal with them." rumbled the Hutt crimelord. A couple of gaurds herded the two droids to a passaway, "If you don't mind. My companion could use some help with all these steps." stated the droid. The guards gave a grunt and carried the smaller droid with them away from the throneroom.

"If that thief somehow slips past the sector fleet, do not let him in." ordered Jabba. "But Master-" Jabba let go of his pipe and grabbed his majordomo. "He is NOT a jedi, but he is a terrorist and they are only trouble." rumbled Jabba. "Perhaps...I should send a message to the goveraor..."mused Bib.

Jabba picked up his pipe and resumed smoking, "Yes, there any appointments today?" rumbled the Hutt. "With the sector fleet in orbit, the off world appointments will have to wait. But there are locals that have been waiting to talk to you." said Bib. Jabba gave a bored groan, "Locals are so BORING, if only they had somthing more entertaining to offer." sighed the Hutt.

Oola fingered her leash, she knew what is was to do but could she? To be the pet, the pretty toy, the sweet smiling slave girl against the desire to change. To be the wallow in the flith that has taited my spirit...oh Goddess please preserve me...the Twi'lek thought. The beatiful slave girl crawled to the rug near to her master's belly.

Oola sat upright and tilted her head so so that her lekku were within the Hutt's reach. Jabba's right hand natually reached out and folden the slave girl's lekku, Oola's body began to become aroused by Jabba's touch. "I want to wait for my new droid to come back. It has a nice shine to it." rumbled the Hutt.

As he waited, Jabba took Oola's leash in his left while his right continued to molest her body. Oola gave a whimper as she was jerked into the bloated belly, she pushed with both hands against the oily, sweaty hide of her master. "Master please." Oola begged, but her pleas only made Jabba hunger for the pleasure slave's body.

Jabba gave another sharp tug on Oola's leash, the Twi'lek stood up trembling. Jabba right hand slid up and down the pleasure slave's back, feeling the girl's velvet green skin and fishnet costume."Master please." Oola once more begged, the Hutt's hand then went up and gripped the back of the slave dancer's neck.

Oola's nubile body jerked back, her hands clawing at the girp of her master's hand. "Please, master, please stop." whimpered the slave girl. Jabba leanned forward, he took a deep breath of the scent of the slave girl's fishnet covered breasts. The slime covered tongue slid out and lapped at the space between the Twi'lek's breasts.

"Oh, how I long to drink your body. To forever sample your deliacties." Jabba said with longing. Oola gave another whimper, she struggled to release the Hutt's girp on her neck but could not. Jabba shorten the lenth of Oola's leash in his left hand and shifted his right down to the middle of Oola's back.

Jabba held Oola's body close, his tongue slid underneath the fistnet costume and found a dark green tip of one of the Twi'lek's breast. Oola gave a moan, her body knew this feeling, the pleasure of submission. No...I can change...I am not his pet...I...oh please give me strenght to endure oh Goddess...Oola silentlly prayed.

The Hutt sucked on the Twi'lek's breast, Oola's body knew what to do, how to turn thepain into pleasure. The Twi'lek rubbed her body against the Hutt's, her hands kneaded the folds of fat about Jabba's neck. Oola's pink tongue licked her ruby red lips, "Harder, suck harder." mouthed the pleasure slave.

Prompted by his slave, Jabba sucked harder. Oola gave a squel of pleasure, her body jerked about and the Twi'lek's other breast slipped out from it's netting. "Oh master, my other breast is jeasoly of the attention that you are giving to it's twin." cooded the slave dancer. Jabba smiled and with his right kneaded the escaped breast.

"Ho ho, you are right, my sweet. I must give my attention evenly." slobbered the Hutt. The depraved Hutt moved his mouth over to Oola's other breast. The Twi'lek gave a moan, her hand went to her leash and gave a playful tug. Jabba's grubby hand slid from Oola's back to the front of the fishnet costume.

"Ah!" Oola moanned as her master's finger rubbed the vinyl part of her costume. The Hutt's finger then found it's way to the edge, sliding up and down while slowly going underneath. Oola's body was trembling from exictment,  the slave girl arched her back and threw back her head, whipping her lekku in the air.

Oola took a breath and openned her eyes, and was staring right into the round lighted eyes of the golden droid. Like a switch, Oola's body cooled down and her lekku shrunk down. "Huh?...Oh..." grumbled Jabba at seeing the cause of his pleasure slave's silence. The droid gave a polite bow, "Greetings your worshipfulness, I am C-3PO. Huma-"

"Boring! You are Droid and if you fail to proform your duties. I will have your arms ripped out." intertupped the Hutt crimelord. C-3po gave a bow, "Of course your mightiness. Were do you want me to stand?" asked the droid. Jabba flicked his hand over to a spot by his armrest and the protocul droid waddled over to it.

C-3po stood by the Hutt's armrest, with his foreplay intertupted, Jabba let Oola sit down and she covered up her body. "So droid...What do you know about me?" rumbled the Hutt leanning on the armrest toward the droid. "Well, your highness...I have heard rumors...that you are a...hard master." said the droid. Jabba gave a gutted chuckle and playful tapped C-3po with the tassled end of Oola's leash.

"Oh just rumors eh? Well let me tell you the truth...I AM a hard master." stated the Hutt. The droid nervously nodded it's head, "" he said. "Have you ever heard of the Hungery Hutt?" mused Jabba with a sinister grin. "I...have not." politing said the droid. Jabba licked his lips and he touched his chin.

"The Hungery Hutt was orgirnally a cooking utensil in the shape of a Hutt with a wide grin. You put your food in and steammed it but I found a more ingenius way." said Jabba. "You can put almost any being into it and keep it in, not even a wookie could lift the heavy lid that is the head." rumbled Jabba.

"Slowly being cooked alive, the beings would scream for a long time, begging, pleading. But their screams would be muffled so that only the sound of a Hutt-" and then a sound come from Jabba belly that Oola had never heard. It was a grugling sound, Jabba gave a groan and placed a hand on his bloated belly.

"Oh my...some indisgested." grumbled Jabba, the Hutt noticed that Bib was bringing a cilent. "Droid be my translator." ordered the Hutt, the golden droid did as it was told. The cilent, was an elder of a man with a couple of other men. "Your lordship, this months moisture harvest has brought in..."

Though the elder talked, Oola was not intersteaded in what he had to say. So boring...Oola thought to herself, Well...what can you do?...Change him?...snarked the Shadow. Oola pouted her lower lip, I...I can still change...I just need a new owner...the Twi'lek slave girl thought to herself. Oh...and who would buy you?...snipped the Shadow.

Oola fingered the metal joint that hung from her collar. Oola noticed one of the men that came with the elder, was looking at her, eyeing that velvet green body with the fishnet costume on. Perhaps...he would buy me?...Oola thought, WHAT?!...Have you gone heat crazy?!...You belong to master!...excalimed the Shadow.

Oola ignored the Shadow's comment, the Twi'lek tilted her chin down and looked up with her large brown eyes at the man. She swepted her long fleshy lekku so they hung down the front of her body. Oola then slightly twitched her lekku, a technique that made her very aluring to the sight. Oola slightly puffed out her glossy ruby, red lips as if she was taking a breath.

Take me...I will do anything...Be anything...just love me and I will love in return...Oola's body silently told the man. But the man just kept looking and after the negations, lefted with the others. Oola pouted her lips, I thought I had him...she silently said to herself.

The Shadow placed It's shadowy hand over It's face. You are going to get yourself KILLED if you contiue like this!...It exclaimed. Oola pawed at the loose netting at her breast, Perhaps if I show a little more flesh...she thought. Is it because of one man's promise of a chance of "freedom" you are acting like this?...I thought you are a good girl...the Shadow grumply stated.

I am a good girl...I just want to be free from this place...Oola thought to the Shadow. You belong to master one will ever buy you...snipped the Shadow. Oola then noticed Bib brought another business cilent to Jabba's throneroom. The only way to leave this place is if I am bought...the Twi'lek pleasure slave thought.

The humanoid male was a scrap metal dealer peddling his wares to the mighty Jabba. Oola took a differant postion, lounging against Jabba's bloated belly. She raised up one arm and placed her hand on the back of her head, while the other hand stroked the loose netting from her chest down to a rasied thigh.

Though the humanoid male was distracted by the alluring body of the Twi'lek dancer, he too lefted once business was done. Oola once more pouted her lips, Why...why does no one want to buy me?...thought the Twi'lek. Well Fett did try to buy you...but his price was too cheap for someone as talent as you...snipped the Shadow.

Oola hand slid down her leg, feeling the beautiful skin of her body. Maybe...that man would buy me?...she mused to herself. What man?...Skywalker...Oola replied to the Shadow's question. NO!...JUST NO!...That man is just trouble...besides how could he even think of buying you?...snapped the Shadow.

Oola stole a look over at C-3po, Perhaps...I could ask him?...she mused. The Shadow shook It's head, You have losted your mind...first you lusted for Fett...and then when you learnned you would not be are now acting like a schutta that will do anything to leave here...your home...said the Shadow.

This is not my home...I was betrayed...I want to leave this place of torture and pain...Oola thought. And what about the others?...What will happen if you leave them leaderless?...The pain of leaving them behind while you go off?...asked the Shadow. Oola bit her lower lip, ...I...need to think of myself for once...was the Twi'lek's excuse.

The time for the afternoon nap was close, Jabba gave a yawn and nested down to take his nap. The other memebers of the court left to go to their rooms or just sat down and fell asleep. Oola forced herself to say awake, once Jabba was snoring, she crawled as quietly as she could to the armrest.

"Droid." she softly said in Twi'leki, C-3PO looked down at the Twi'lek pleasure slave. "That man...the one that sent you. Would...would he buy a slave like me?" asked the slave dancer. The droid thought for a moment, "I believe...that he would free a slave then buy one..." said the droid to Oola.

Oola nodded her head and then crawled back to her normal spot on the throne. Well...that was a disapointing...I want to be be longed for and not to be abandon...thought Oola as she made her nest of pillows. Had Oola looked over her shoulder, she would have seen a dark gleam from a half closed eye of her master but she laid down and took her nap.

Hours later, Oola woke up and gave a yawn and streached out her arms and legs. That was a good nap...Oola mused to herself. The Shadow though still had an icy white frown on It's face. I don't understand you anymore...And I am part of you!...Has you brain melted from the heat?...What has happened?..wondered the Shadow.

Oola brought her knees to her chest, I...don't know...I want to be free...but I want to be a slave...A slave to freedom?...I want to be loved...not to be branded or dance in love and not on a go home and ask forgiveness...Fett...openned my eyes to my betrayal...but am I still at fault for running away?...Oola thought to herself.

Well you just have to stop thinking like belong to are a good don't want to be sent to the barracks...or punished...or starved...or killed...mused the Shadow. Oola gave a depressed sigh and fingered her leash, Will this...all that I can ever be?...the slave dancer thought to herself.

Oola then heard her master waking up, she did not look over to him but just keep her gaze to the floor. Jabba drank from his cup and set it down, he wiped a grubby hand across the corner of his mouth. His gaze focused on the Twi'lek slave girl sitting on his throne, the nubie, flexible, beautiful velvet green body that was barly covered by the black fishnet costume.

The glossy ruby red lips that were full, the black angled tatoos on her brow. The white and purple eye shadow of a concubine, the dark, rich, brown eyes. The black leather headband with the Desilijic clan headpiece that maked her as his proterty. The durasteel collar about her neck that connected to the long black leash with the tassled end. The black leather sandels that covered the soles of her feets when she danced.

Jabba licked his lips, he was about to give the leash a tug when he saw Porcellus coming with the evening meal. "Good evening master." said the chef pushing the hover table. Oola looked up at the chef, the Twi'lek sat upright and waited for the table to come closer. Oola had to take another look at the contents on the table.

Color?...Oola thought to herself. On the table, there were fruits, vegables and an asortment of breakfest syle food. "What the Hell is this?!" exclaimed the exclaimed the Hutt in shock. "Especully that, Droid bring that closer so I can see." rumbled The droid waddled forward and picked up a plate and brought it back to Jabba's armrest.

On the plate was a large crepe that was folded so it was like a half moon and two yellow eggs sunny side up. Jabba stared at the plate for some time, "What is this?" rumbled the Hutt. "His HIghness asks what this entree is." translated the droid. "Oh that is a special, that is what I call the um...Happy Hutt. Because the eggs make the eyes and the crepe makes a large smile.

"And the crepe is filled with very tasty vegables that is suppose to calm upset st-" before the chef could contine with his peddling Jabba grabbed the crepe off the plate. As if to show his deplesasure, Jabba squeesed the crepe extremly hard. The insides of the crepe spated onto the floor and onto C-3PO's torse, "Oh my..." groan the droid.

"You call THIS food?!" thundered the Hutt. "His Excellency is most displeased." stated the droid. Porcellus quickly took off his chef hat was about to stammer an apoloagy. "I think...there is Fierfek in the dish." rumbled the bloated Hutt. Fierfek was a word that could mean differant terms, the first term meant posion and the other term a grudge or curse.

Both bad...Oola thought to herself at hearing her master's musing. "His Highness believes that there is posion in the dish." translated the droid. Porcellus eyes went wide and he broke out in a cold sweat. "N-Never! I would never do such a thing to you, your majasty." stammered the chef, taking a look down to make sure he was not standing on the trap door.

Jabba gave that gutted chuckle of his, he reached out and wiped a finger on the plate, scooping up a fingerful of the destroyed crepe. "My little one have a taste, to see if you speak true." rumbled the Hutt as he gave the leash a tug. Oola was apprehensive, she remebered what happened to the last girl that was poisoned.

But what could she do but obey the one holding her leash, the beautiful Twi'lek slave dancer crawled to her master's side. Oola stole a glace at the nervous looking chef, He wouldn't put posion...He is too nice to put in posion...thought the Twi'lek dancer. But perhaps it wasn't him and it was someone else...cautioned the Shadow,
Jabba gave an inpatince tug on Oola's leash, the slave dancer took a cautious sniff of the goo on the wart finger.

Smells normal...Oola thought, she licked some of the goo off her master's finger. Oola smack her lips a couple of times, Tastes normal...she thought. Is your tongue swelling?!...Is your vison blurry?!...Shadow asked in a worried tone.

Jabba then flicked the remaining gloo on to the droid, "Oh dear." sighed C-3PO. "Now get me real food, alive and untouched." ordered the Hutt. C-3PO set the dish back on the hover table and translated what the Hutt said. Porcellus gave a bow and nearly ran out of the room, "First time in the five years that he has served me..." Jabba darkly mused.

Jabba hooked a grubby hand on the back of Oola's head, she gave a groan as the slime covered tongue lapped the side of her face. "What do you think of my slave girl Oola, droid?" Jabba asked his new protocul droid. The some what shiny, golden droid took a look at Oola, "I am unsure how to answer that question you highness, perhaps if you expan on it?" the droid said.

Jabba gave a chuckle as he placed a finger on Oola's chin, he made his slave girl look up at the droid. "Is she is not beautiful, sulty, pleasing to the sight and most of all, she tastes like pure spice?" mused the Hutt. The droid tilted it's head, "Well your majatsy, she is by many differant standards: beutiful. But I can not understand what you mean by taste..."

And then the droid's whole body twitched, "Wait one moment...that term "taste" do you mean the culantiry term for food or the more devainted term of..." the droid got his answer by the look of Jabba's eyes, and the grabbing of Oola's fishnet covered body. C-3PO stood up straighter, "Oh master, if you would be so kind. Please have my memory wipe of the last five mintues, that would most kind." said the droid.

Jabba laughted and once more flicked the tasslted end of Oola's leash at C-3PO. "I like you droid, but know that you mess up one time." and Jabba pressed down the shock button on his throne's armrest. Both Oola and C-3PO froze up from the pain that coursed though their bodies, "I understand! I understand!" pleaded the droid.

Oola whimpered for the pain to stop, Please stop...please stop...Oola is a good girl...the slave dancer silently pleaded. Jabba did eventually stop pressing the button but only after he had a laugh. But before Jabba could conutie talking, a nosie could be heard from one of the passaways, "What is that?" Jabba mused out loud.

Two pig guards were dragging a Jawa between them, Barada the Klatooinian mechanic was leading them into the throneroom. "And what do we have here?" Jabba stated to his mechanic. Barada gave a short bow, "Oh mighty one, I was keeping vigalince when I saw this rat appear in your garage and tried to take some of your metal from your ship." said Barada.

"But I remebered the lession that you gave me so I alerted th guards and had the rat caught and now it is before you." said the Klatooine. Jabba gave a rolling growl, he tighten his grip on one of Oola's long fleshy lekku. Oola tried to reach behind her to loosen the grip of her master but could not, "Master please! You are hurting your little one! Please, please stop!" she begged.

But Jabba's grip just tighted, the Twi'lek's cries of pain filled the air. Oola's pleas were affecting the captured Jawa, It was shaking and trembling and squeking something. Jabba then let go of Oola's senstive lekku, she collasped onto the bloated belly of her master. She softly whimpered as the pain faded away from her body.

"Now droid, ask the rat how it got into my palace." rumbled the depraved Hutt. C-3PO quickly asked the Jawa in It's langauge, It quickly gibbled something back. "It says that It came thought the garage though a tunnel." replied the droid. Jabba licked his lips, "Do any of the other rats know about how you came in and do they know about It's capture?" asked Jabba.

C-3PO and the Jawa talked together, "They know about the way in but they do not know about him being captured." said the droid. Jabba had a wicked smile on his wide mouth, he stroked Oola's lekku. "Well that is good to know, now I think the last warning has dried out." mused Jabba. 

"Kill the rat and make it entertaning." ordered Jabba. The guards then broke every bone in the Jawa's body, It's screams were shrill and high pitched. Oola buried her face into the oily, sweaty belly of her master. I do not want to be here...I want to change...I want to leave this place...the trembling slave girl thought.

Eventually the Jawa did die but only after It's skull was crushed. Oola felt her bloated master' belly rumbled from laugher, "Ho, ho, ho that was entertaining. Now nail that corpse to the gate, have a guard station in the garage to catch more rats if they dare enter my palace." rumbled Jabba.

The guards lefted with the body of the dead Jawa, almost at the same time, Porcellus came with a bucket of paddyfrogs to refill Jabba's snackaqurim. "Good, you actually thought of the right food." snarked Jabba to his chef. C-3PO did not translated the Hutt's words, Porcellus then went to the passaway that connected to the throneroom and stood in the archway and had a drink with Arica.

Oola thought she saw Neelah hidden in the shadows behind Arica, but then a grubby hand brought her focus to her master. "I think you streach out my sweet, I want you flexible for tonight's tasting." slobbered Jabba.  Oola faked a smile, "Yes, master." she replied as she crawled  off the stone throne.

Oola then streached out on the sand covered trap-door, " What do you think droid? Have you seen a more flexible slave girl before?" rumbled Jabba. "My, miss Oola is flexible, she must be a very talated dancer." flattered the droid. Oola let a quick smile slip over her lips, I like this droid...the slave dancer thought.

"Indeed Droid, she is one out of the seventeen, best dancers that I have ever owned over my six centuries." rumbled Jabba with pride. Oola streached out her lithe form, the loose fishnet costume tantalized her beautiful luscious body. The dark green tips of her breasts, poked out among the netting.

Jabba licked his lips, "Hmm, what song should Max and his band play? about "Work it Out", yes that has swing to it." mused the Hutt out loud. The Huttese pharse for that song would be "Lapti Nek", a well known song that was well like. Oola stood up and brushed off some sand from the fishnet leggings of her costume.

As she was bent over, she looked over to the side. Boba Fett was standing in an alcove, holding his blaster rife in his arms. Oola gazed longenly at the Bounty Hunter, she fluttered her fingers at him. A Jawa waved back at the Twi'lek dancer, Stupid Jawa...I was waving at Fett not you...Oola silently hissed.

But with her gazed turned, the slave dancer did not see the forebroding look in her master's eyes. A shrap tug jerked Oola forward, the dancer braced her hands against the lip of the stone throne stopping her movement forward. Oola looked up into the large orange eyes of her master, "Now I want your dance to be the spicest you have done, Oola or I will be very disappointed." rumbled the Hutt.

Oola took up a lenth of her leash in hand, the music was staring to play, "Yes master." she replied. "Feel my body glowing. My bones have started glowing, ohh, wow!" was the start of the song that was sung by Sy and her back-ups. Oola began her dance with smooth flowing steps backwards, she held onto her leash with both hands.

I will dance like in that hologram that Fett showed me...pure and untaited by this cess pit...Oola thought. As she turned she saw who she was dancing with, Yarna?...I did not know she could dance...Oola mused to herself. Yarna's dance was more like a trot, her heavy movements shook her six, fatty breasts with step.

Not the most gracful...but I must make Fett happy...Oola thought to herself. Oola continued to dance with grace and purity, not touching her body in the lewd, carnal way that she in the past. Please...look at I not beautiful? I not lovly?...Please...just acknowledge that my dance is just like it was before I came here...Oola thought to Fett.

And then from the corner of her eye, Oola the Twi'lek slave dancer of Jabba the Hutt, saw Fett nodded his head at her. The most wonderful feeling surged though the Twi'lek's fishnet clad body, Oh!...I will dance!...I will dance for the hidden smile...I will dance will all of my being!...Oola thought with joy.

Oola danced with even more energy, her long lekku whipped about as she danced. Her leaps were more then a meter into the air, the black leash twirled with the Twi'lek in her hands. Oola turned about and whipped the leash, Jabba was moving his bloated body to the music and was playing with his pleasure slave's leash in hand.

Oola fluttered her hand in the air as she gave a bow, she then took a lunging step foward and went down to a knee. Oola then rose with a powerful high kick, she held her leash in both hands and looked up at her disgusting master licking his lips. Oola then turnned her body and gaze to were Fett was standing, Did you see my danc-

Oola stopped dancing, WHAT!!!...Were...were did he go?!...Were is Fett?!...was the thought that stopped the Twi'lek's gyrations. The bounty hunter that had nodded his head was nolonger standing were Oola saw him. Oola let the leash drop from her green hands, Were did you go?...You have not seen all of my-

And then the black leash, that connected to the durasteel collar about Oola's neck, was violently jerked on. The Twi'lek slave dancer was pulled off of her feet, she strumbled foward and looked up at the Hutt that owned her. And then Oola realized what she just did, I stopped dancing...ISTOPPEDDANCING!?

Oola franticily pulls back on her leash, "Ah no! Ah! Oh! Gah!" the slave girl cried as she hauled back on her leash. Oola had seen the look on Jabba's face before, on the third day when the girls were bathing him. When Ohara used her pheramoans to manipulate him to wanting Oola.

A look of hunger was on the massive Hutt's face, Oola was struggling for her life as she was dragged toward the throne. ANOTHER CHANCE! BEG FOR ANOTHER TRY!...screammed the Shadow to Oola. To the court, it just looked like another of Oola's foreplay, "Go to him, you have done it before." Yarna said causly.

But Oola knew what the look in her master's eyes mean: Someone is going to die and that would be you. "A-ANOTHER TRY!" begged the Twi'lek dancer. Jabba kepted pulling in the black leash the bound his slave girl to him but with diffaculty. "Come here girl!" he ordered his slave dancer.

There was no foreplay in Oola's despreate struggle, "Another try, please!" she cried with fear. Jabba had managed to drag his slave girl to the sand covered trapdoor but could not pull her any more. The Hutt held the leash tightly in his left hand and streached out his right hand, "Come!" he once more ordered his slave girl.

Oola shook her head, her long fleshy lekku whipped the air behind her. Jabba jerk the slave girl up in the air with the leash, Oola's right breast slipped out of it's netting. "NO PLEASE!" exclaimed the struggling slave girl. Jabba was now furious, he raised his left hand up into the air. "COME, YOU WILL COME!" he bellowed as he blindly slamed his fist on his armrest.


The floor dissapeared from underneath the struggling Twi'lek. Oola raised her hands, letting go fo her leash as she fell into the chute. "AIEEEEEE!" Oola screamed as she dropped though the floor, her hands scrapped the edge of the trap door in a despretae attempt to grab onto something to be spare from this doom. 

But like so many before, the momentum from her fall kept her from from gasping onto anything. Down she fell, Oola's hands franticly clawed at the walls of the chute. She chipped most of her nails as she fell, the chute then became a slide. "NO! NO! NO!" Oola screamed as she tried to stop her descent.

And then a grate appeared, Oola's eyes went wide as she knew she were she was about to enter. The grate quickly openned and Oola was sent out of the chute with a spalt onto the sand coverd floor of the Rancor pit. Oola took a moment to realized were she was, No...nonono!...This can not be happening!...she said to herself.

Oola stood up, during her fall, her other breast had become exposed. The netting of Oola's costume had pulled inward exposing both of her beautiful breasts. But Oola did not care about decentcy, a mistake...Master...Master will laugh and order a guard to bring me up back to the throneroom...Oola wishfully thought as she looked up.

I think...we have been thrown away...whimpered the Shadow. Oola slowly turned as she looked up at the ceiling, trying to see her master. are wrong...I am his favortive...I have pleased him for so long...surly that...that counts for- and then the sound of grinding metal filled air of the cavern.

Oola jerked her head towards the sound, her naked breasts bounced with her trembling body. Oola could hear jeers coming from above her, "Schutta's going to die!" was one of the comments. The massive door lifted up and a living nightmare emerged, one with massive claws and a mouth full of razor shrap teeth.

Oola soiled herself, her mind went blank as she fell to the sand floor. Her legs that she was so proud of, her legs that let her dance with such grace and powerful leaps had failed to support her. Oola openned her mouth to scream but only a whimper emerged. The beautiful dancer brought up an arm as if she could stop the Rancor from advancing.

Well...It was nice knowing you...the Shadow said before flicking out of existance. The Rancor sniffed the air before focusing on the fallen dancer, It's eyes glimmered in the darkness of the Pit. The Rancor gave a growl as It reached out with one of it's fearsome claws, the Twi'lek dancer was easly picked up.

"AH! AAAH! AIIIEEEHH!" Oola squeled out in terror as she was lifted up in the air. The beautiful body of the Twi'lek swrimed in the grasp of the Rancor.  MASTER!...MASTER!...SAVE ME!...GODDESS!...GODDESS!...SAVE ME!...SOME ONE PLEASE SAVE ME!...thought the dancer in terror as the jaws of the Rancor openned in front of her. Oola streached out an arm as if she could push back the Rancor from her.

The Rancor then deliacatily bite off Oola's velvet green arm. Oola's body jerk in shock as her arm was shallowed by the monster. Oola could still feel her arm, she could still feel the curling of the phatom fingers that was her's. "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!" screamed Oola as the upper part of her body was shoved into the Rancor's mouth.

The tongue of the rancor was wet with blood of Oola's arm. Pure Terror shot though Oola as she looked into the void that lead into the Rancor's stomach. The massive jaws bite though the long fleshy lekku of Oola, though the beautiful back of the dancer and tore though the torse of the dancer. The world became black, cold and wet for Oola and then Light.

Twenty years after the Events of Woe of the Worm.

The sky was full of stars, grains of light on the vast black canvas of the galaxy. And on one of those grains of light, near the edge of the spirialing galaxy, was a ship. It had crashed landed on an astroid, the fires along the engies were dieing as the oxagen ran out. There were two surviors, a wookie and a Twi'lek, both female.

The female Twi'lek was dressed in cheftain robes, she was on laying on the floor of the ship from from the crash. The pink Twi'lek had only one lek on her head, were the other should have been there was a cybernedic implant that alowed her to she behind her head. The Twi'lek rolled from her side to her back, blood crusted along the corners of her mouth.

" close...I have failed you...sister..." gasped the Twi'lek. The female wookie staggered foward and knelt beside the Twi'lek, " should...have taken me to...Courasant...Were...I could have delivered justice." gasped the Twi'lek. The wookie gave a disappointed growl.

"So? Though...this corpse burns...with a virus that could kill...all of my race...It burns with another that could kill the true enemy of the galaxy...Humans..." gasped the Twi'lek. The wookie once more sadly shook her head and gave a sad growl. "I...I am Nolaa Tarkona...leader of the Diversity Alliance...and sister to Oola..." gasped Nolaa.
"If...only Humans...did not exist...she would have never had lefted home..." gasped Nolaa. the wookie gave a growl, Nolaa gave a hard coff that produced blood. " are wrong...If...only I could go back...back to when we were the past..." gasped Nolaa as her mind travel back so many years ago.

Nolaa should have lefted home, the morning after Oola had lefted was one of the worst days of her nineteen years of life. Her father turned the clan village upside down in looking for Oola. He father hit her repeativly at hearing that she just let her sister go, "WHY WAS I CURSED WITH FAITHLESS DAUGHTERS!" he screammed into his teary eyed daughter.

Nolaa's father took to drinking the expenive drink that Oola had lasted bought him. He was drunk all the time and he would beat Nolaa for letting Oola run away. Nolaa's father became an embressment to the Tarkona clan by his adbadament of his duties. And to make matters worse, the member of the important family came to take Oola away.
"I am sorry...My sister is missing...We are trying to find her..." grovled Nolaa face first in the dirt. The member of family was the prime heir, a firey orange and a stern face. "Well...It seems that clan Tarkona needs to be more alert of protecting it's treasures." he sternly said as he lefted.

The clan suffered from Oola's disapperance, the other clans raised their prices for trading and traders would rarely trade with them. Nolaa was in the corner of her room covered in bruises, she had heard other memebers of the clan whispering that her father will soon be replaced and that the single pink worm would be sold to take away the tait of Oola's fault.

"I...will find my sister...she will come back and everything will be back to normal...father will once more smile and I won't be beaten for my sister's short-comings." the single lek Twi'lek said out loud to herself. Nolaa took some trinkets, pretty stones, stones and a picture of Oola and after begging to a trader left to go to a spaceport.

"The goverment can help me find my sister." Nolaa said going to the police station. Now on Ryloth, the spaceport is the bottom of the barrel, the place were people disappear into the stars every minue. "Lisen, you Twi'leks are the easiest people to be enslaved. All I can do is have you fill out this form and I will see what I can do." said a bored looking Human Imperail customs officer.

Nolaa sat dow to fill out the form, she stared at it for an hour. "Oh Goddess...I can not read basic..." she grumbled out loud. Oola was the one that was taught how to read and write in basic, a langue that shows that she is quick to learn new things. Nolaa had to go the the customs officer and ask him many times on which words means what.

Eventually the officer just took the form and filled it out. Nolla then wandered the port, she was frightened as she was a simple girl just looking for her run away sister. Nolaa was disgusted by the females that were loither about the port. Even Oola's tube top and pantaloon clothes were modest compared to the barely there clothing of the females.

Nolaa stood on a corner holding Oola's picture, "Have you seen this Twi'lek? Her name is Oolat"arkona and she is my sister, she needs to come back home. Please help." pleaded the pink, single lek Twi'lek. The lewd females would drive Nolaa away from te corner, saying that they need to earn their credits.

It soon became evening, were depravity filled every house and even flowed out onto the streets. Nolaa sat underneath a street light, tightly holding onto Oola's picture. She did not dare to close her eyes out of fear of what could happen to her. "Please...Goddess, please help me find my sister and go home." she prayed outloud.

And then a Human from one of the ships came to the sitting Twi'lek, "Hey there sweet, I heard you are looking for your sister, right? I knew were she is." he said. Nolaa's eyes grew wide, "You do! Oh, blessings of the Goddess be apon you!" she said with hope. The man gave the pink Twi'lek a yellow smile and lead her onto the ship that soon departed.

There were four humans including the male that lead Nolaa onto the ship, one was female. Nolaa have never been on a space ship before, "How much longer until we go to were my sister is staying?" asked Nolaa. "Oh soon, but here, stay in my room." said the female leading Nolaa to a small room of the ship.

Nolaa set her small bag in the corner and set up Oola's picture, "Soon...I will find you my sister and we will go home and be happy together." the single lek Twi'lek said to the picture. But Nolaa's nightmare was just about to began when the ship went into hyperspace. The captain entered the small room and locked the door behind him as he deflowered the Twi'lek girl.

The other two males waited for their turns with the Twi'lek. Goddess!...Goddess!...Save me!...was the thought of the pink Twi'lek as she was boarded. But there was no one to save her, afterwards she sat huddled in a corner with tears streaming down her eyes. Why...I only want to do what is right but I was forced apon...why?...she thought to herself.

But Nolaa's pain was about to increase, she was taken to the moon of Nal Hutta, Nar Shaddaa and sold as a slave. She was bought by a Hutt to be a serving girl for his trophy slave girls, three haughty looking Human females. The Human slaves were bored, pampered, decreations of the Hutt's power, they were cruel to Nolaa.

They would beat her and call her names, they would strip Nolaa naked and laugh at her as she cried. One of her duties was to help the Human chef, who turned out to be a pervert who enjoyed forcing Nolaa to have intercourse with him on the kichen table. Nolaa was given a small closet room to sleep in were she mostly cried.

But then her sadness turned to anger, I will kill them...I will kill them all...Nolaa thought to herself. She played the part of a slave, taking the pain and the words with a bowed head while ploting how to kill them. The first was one of the thropy slave girls, a bar of soap and some help, lefted the girl dead with a broken openned head.

Then the next killing caused two deaths, at dinner Nolaa had posioned the second thropy slave's food. But had told the head of seurcity about it as if it was a plot of the chef's to kill the master. The second thropy girl died a horrible death, it is amazing what kichen cleaning fluid could to the the inards. And the chef died as well, intomb in a casket of the Hutt's waste.

The third thropy slave's death was harsh, Nolaa grounded up glass and blending it into the Human's food. The slave complied that she was in pain all the time, the Hutt just had the thropy slave locked up were she died a slow death from the glass in her food. Nolaa was a slave for was more then five moths when events on a desert world of Tatooine happened.

Jabba's death caused the Hutt owner of Nolaa to become bankrupeted because Jabba was his benifactor. But Nolaa had prepared for a day such as this, she burnt the Hutt's palace to the ground with the Hutt and his enterouge. Nolaa then used the credits that she stole to give herself a new life, one as a pirate.

Nolaa got an implant that allowed her to see behind her back so no one could sneek up on her. The crew she hire was a brash bunch of mercs, who thought they could get a ship for free. But Nolaa proved them wrong by beating their leader and making sure that he could never again enjoy the pleasures of a female.

The first thing that Nolaa did was hunt down the Humans that used her and sold her as a slave. The band of battle harded mercs took a blood oath among themselves to NEVER speak about the horrors that Nolaa inflicted apon the four Humans. Nolaa had taught herself how to read during her time as a Hutt's serving girl and a word burned in her mind's eyes: Starlight Entertainment.

Nolaa tracked down the name back to Ryloth to Bib's fortress whiched Nolaa stromed with her mercs. "Were is my sister, Oola?" she said to the ageing headmistress with a shrap vibroblade in hand. The headmistress told Nolaa that Oola was taken to Jabba's the Hutt's palace. Nolaa then had the headmistress tossed off the roof of the fortress and sent the dancers home.

Nolaa then went to Tatooine, were she met a humanoid male that had infomation about Jabba's palace. The male showed Nolaa a holovid of Oola dancing and told her that Oola most likly was killed with Jabba at the battle of the Carkoon. Nolaa "encourged" the male with a viboblade to give her all of the vids that he had from the palace.

Nolaa had an image of the heroes of the rebellion lefted the burning barge with Oola still chained to Jabba's throne. Oola was screamming to be let go but those Humans just ignored her because she was not Human. Nolaa then watched the holovids of her sister, she had sent such along time trying to find her and now she is gone.

As she watched the vids, Nolaa came across one that was actually a holo-journal of Melina Carniss. The costume designer talked about the her life and how she learned how to manitulate others. "There was no such thing as the "Barracks" it was just a enpty room, I used the fear of being sent to a horrible place to keep the girls in line." she said.

"Master wouldn't let his favortive "pet" get hurt. So I would get the girl that was sent to the "barracks" high on drugs and then had her blindfolded. Then the other guards would leave while I had a couple of guards stimulate the girl into thinking she was being boarded by the all of the guards of the palace, just like this." said Melina's voice.

Nolaa had killed people, robbed from people but was not prepared to see her sister being boarded by rubber pipes. Nolaa went outside of her ship and threw up, but she contiued watching after steeling her mind. "Man I wish Jabba would actually let us board this green schutta then ramming these stupid rubber things into her." grumbled a human guard.

"Hey shut it, you might talk over the reconding." snipped Melina's voice. "That brainwashing stuff? "Be a good girl." "Jabba is gentle.", please that schutta is so high she is doesn't know where is she." sneered a guard a he rammed a rubber pipe down Oola's throut. "Just keep doing what you are told and let the drugs do the rest." snipped Melina's voice.

Nolaa covered her mouth, Oola was so helpless. Is this what you wanted?...Is this want you wanted?!...Nolaa screamed in pain in her mind. When the pipe was pulled out of Oola's mouth, she in her confusion grabbled something. "Sissy...forgive me...forgive me..." gasped the slave dancer before the pipe went back in.

Nolaa stood out side of her ship staring into the night sky, tears streammed down her face. Humans...if only they did not exist, if they did not infect Oola with those dreams of being at parties. "I...HATE HUMANS!" screamed Nolaa into the sky. Because of humans, Nolaa was ravaged and sold, beaten and above all, they tortured her beloved sister into a pleasure devaint.

They will pay...they will ALL pay...Nolaa thought. Nolaa though found out from Melina's journal that Alask was the one that sold Oola to Bib. After some tracking, Nolaa found out that Alask had lefted Ryloth and went to Nar Shaddaa. Nolaa then sent word though the network of non-human traders that she was going to hold a conferdance to speak to all who would lisen to her on Shaddaa.

But first she found Alask, who became a small time crimal and a "talet agent" for the pleasure district. Nolaa and her group of mercs were waiting for him in his apartment, he had a Twi'lek female with him that looked like Oola. Alask at first was definat at Nolaa, telling her that she and Ool deseaved what had happen to them.

Nolaa did not kill Alask, he would live for about another hour while he hung from his apartment window by his guts. Nolaa then went to the conferance that she held in a warehouse, her message that was sent was this: Humans are evil and should be destroyed. Humanoids of many differant speices lisened to her words as she spoke and appluaded after she was done.

But then they lefted without a word to her, then a female Devaronian came up to her and told Nolaa that though they agreed with her ideals, that Nolaa had not done anything to gain support from other spieces. Nolaa then knew what she had to do, she had to return home and take over Ryloth to show that she meant what she said.

Nolaa returned to clan Tarkona, though her father was replaced, she killed the new leader in such a brutal way that the rest of the clan followed her out of fear. Nolaa then took control of other clans, her rage of humans only grew when she heard of the Krytos virus that killed many on Coruscant.

She hid her self when Rogue Squadron came and got the Ryll kor for the cure. But Nolaa knew that once they had want they wanted, that the Humans would abadon their "allies" on Ryloth, which they did. After making deals with a number of crimelords, no Hutts, she had the strenght to fight the five ruling families of Ryloth.

And then a priestess of the Goddess appeared before Nolaa. "Daughter of the Storm, lisen to the words of the Goddess. You are like a maid in heat, a consuming passion with no release. Repeat from your ways or your like shall be bitter and even if your heart's desire is before you, you will reject it." warned the priestess.

"Then the Goddess should not have taken my sister from me." snipped Nolaa. Nolaa then warge a war against the five families of Ryloth, in an atempt stop the fighting, the families sent their Prime daughters to Nolaa as brides. A mistake because they thought that Nolaa was male for no female could be so fierce.

After the fimal battle, Nolaa sat on the head throne of the ruin capatil. Look Oola...your little sister had done the impossible...she is the ruler of Ryloth...though Nolaa. Now others began to lisen to what Nolaa had to say, someone by the name of Kateel of Kuhlvult said they she knew Oola and wanted to help but she was human so Nolaa refused her help.

Nolaa would go about speaking about the horrors of Humans, how they abuse their power and force the rest of the gaxaly to pay for their mistakes.She created the Diversity Alliance to father her cause. Nolaa kept her earcones open for any news about any bio-weapons that the empire might have created for her ultimate use against Humans.

That day came almost twenty years after Oola ran away from home. A savanger found a ware house that held the Emporer's bio-weapons. But he was afraid of dealing with her face to face, so he sold a nav computer to her for a case of time locked credits. But then the middle man, Bornan Thul found out what he was delivering and hide himself.

Nolaa was furious and hired bounty Hunters, even "Boba Fett" to find Thul. But the childen of those that lefted her sister to die, interfered. The children of Leia and Han helped Thul escaped but Nolaa gained the loction of the Plague house. But then the New order of Human domanince wanted to investagate that the Diversity Alliance  head quaters.

Nolaa lefted with the Diversity Alliance fleet to take control of the warehouse but the Children of Solo got there first. They told Nolaa that Oola had died from being eaten by the Rancor of Jabba but Nolaa would not lisen to them. In the fight, the Emperor's plague inflected Nolaa but also a plague that would kill Twi'leks as well.

She feld in her ship, The Rising Star but her companion Wookie had grown disillustioned with the Diversity Alliance and instead of taken Nolaa with the plague to Corasunt took her the edge of the galaxy for her to die. The ship exited out of hyperspace and crash landed on the astroid.

The memories of yersterday faded away, Nolaa was still dieing, she felt like she was on fire. "If...if only I could have saved Oola...We...we could have lived in...hapiness...If...only she stayed...I...I missed her...I miss my La la." gasped Nolaa. Nolaa's wookie companion gently laid Nolaa's single lek on her chest and Nolaa Tarkona closed her eyes and pasted away.

[I have made two endings, the "Good" and the "Bad". So flip a coin and decide the ending of the story.]

Ending A

Nolaa woke up, all around her was empty, like a vast white room with nothing in it. Well...this is a disapointting afterlife...Nolaa though as her lekku twitched. Then the pink Twi'lek's eyes grew big, she reached back and felt were the stub was and found a perfectly healthy lek.

Nolaa then touched her face, though she did not have a mirror, she knew she was beautiful. "I...I am beautiful." she said with happiness, "You always were, Sissy." said a voice. Nolaa froze in place and slowly turned to look at the speaker. The beautiful, pink Twi'lek's hands covered her mouth, "You...are alive?!" said Nolaa.

Standing before Nolaa was Oola, the velvet green Twi'lek was clothed in the most beautiful dress. It was as if the night sky was the matrieral and apon the fore head of Oola was a star that glowed with unspeakable beautiful. For the first time in her life, Nolaa took both of her lekku and held them out to her sister.

Oola took her own lekku and held them out, the pearl pink and emerald lekku entertwined. "I missed you so much." said Nolaa. Oola smiled and then both of the Twi'leks untwinded their lekku. "The Goddess has sent me to give you one last test before you can enter the great dance." said Oola.

"Oh...of course, what is the test, La la?" asked Nolaa. Oola took a deep breath, "Please forgive me." she said. Nolaa was puzzled, That is not a hard test...she mused to herself. "I..." As Nolaa openned her mouth, memories floaded her mind. All the things that Oola had done to her, all the thoughts she once thought.

All of them bad, from the time when they were little when Oola blamed Nolaa for taken the last snack to when she slapped her. "I...can not, forgive you." hissed Nolaa.The brown eyes of Oola grew wide in sadness, "Please...I am sorry...please forgive me." she said hold her hand together.

An anger burnned within Nolaa, "I CAN NOT FORGIVE YOU!" she screamed at her sister. Oola cowarded before the raging Twi'lek, "Please forgive me, please forgive me." she pleaded. Nolaa then returned the slaps that Oola gave her when she ran away. "YOU ABADONED ME! YOU LEFTED ME ALONE! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!" screamed Nolaa.

The pink body of Nolaa then changed, instead of being beautiful and young. It became withered and worn from her hate. The lekku that she gain withered and disappeared while the one she had become sickly and burnt. The color of Nolaa's eyes became yellow with red bleeding along the edges.

Oola held her hands over her head, "Please sister, please forgive me or you shall walk the path of the Void! Forgive me, I was foolish and naive." pleaded Oola. Nolaa's glared at her sister, her teeth were cracked and blacken. "Then I will walk in the Void, I would rather hate then join you, you flithy schutta in a farce of hapiness." Nolaa snarled.

A portal of darkness openned up on the floor of the white world, Nolaa then turned and walked over to it. "Nolaa! Nolaa! I am so sorry, please forgive me! Please!" begged Oola. Nolaa glaced at her trembling sister, "No...No you are not...I can never forgive you." she said. Nolaa then stepped into the portal were she was consumed by the darkness and the portal vanished.

Oola stared at the spot were her sister dissapeared, she closed her eyes and tears that glimmered like diamonds rolled down. And then a hand of light wiped away the tears, Oola openned her eyes and gave a sad sigh, "Goodbye, my only sister." she said. A portal of light openned and Oola walked though. And that Is the Woe of the Worm.

END of Cycle

Ending B

Oola blinked her eyes, "Oh my, what a dream." she said. The emerald green Twi'lek then sat upright and streached out her arms and legs. There were other girls waking up and streaching out their beautiful bodies. They were in a grassy meadow, there were trees that made a fence around the girls.

There were sixteen girls besides Oola, Twi'leks, Humans,Togruta, Zeltron,Neimoidian,Nautolan,Mirialan and Theelin. All of them were beautiful, the Twi'leks were like jewels, Ruby red, Shaphirre blue, Diamond white, and Amethyst purple. Oola skin also changed so that she was more like an Emerald green.

Oola was wearing her fishnest costume but it felt more like silk threading. Her sandles were a soft leather and her leash was the same matrial as her costume. Her collar was made out of silver, her headband though was not the same she the one she wore while she was alive. It only had the decatiotive earcones and connected behind her head.

On the Twi'lek's forehead was the brand of her eternal master, it was larger like her headpiece and as if silver was poured into it. The other girls also had the mark of the Hutt apon their forehead, differant metals made the braind stand out against their skin. The others also had erotic costumes with collars that had leashes on them.

And then from the ground by each of the slave girls, grew a plant. A flower budded and openned up, a plate with food and a cup with drink were in it. Oola and the other pleasure slave took the plate and cup and ate their meal. It was the most delious food and drink that Oola had ever tasted in her existance.

Once they were done with their meal, Oola and the other girls put their plates and cups on the plant. The plants with the plates dissapper and a slender tree with many limbs that looked like shower heads appeared. For some reason, Oola knew that she had to undress soon which she and the others did and set aside their costumes.

Then warm soapy water started to pour from the shower head like limbs. Oola and the other girls squeled with glee and rubbed the soapy water onto their naked bodies. Oola joined up with a Togruta and a Mirilan, they helped each other wash their naked, beautiful bodies. I must please master today...Oola thought to herself.

Of course, seventeen girls that were wet and naked, could become quite frisky and mischievous. Soon Oola and the girls were splashing, tickling and playfully whipped each others' beautiful bodies with the tasstled ends of their leashes. The way they laughted and acted with each other almost seemed they they were family for a long time.

And the water stopped and the slender tree went back underneath the ground. A hot wind then blew apon the group of pleasure slaves, their bodies soon became dried. Then by insicted, Oola and the other girls put their revealing costumes back on. And then a path between the trees appeared.

Oola and the other slave dancers then stood shoulder to shoulder and walked down the path. The world became darker and gloomy, the grass became muck and swampy. Oola and the other slave girls soon came to a clearing, I wonder were is master?...the emerald green Twi'lek thought to herself.

And then Oola realzied that she was looking at Jabba, a massive mountain of fat lounged in the muck and slime of the swamp. Jabba was six times his normal height, lenght and weight. For some reason, Oola understood why her master was so large. That for every hundred years of living, a Hutt grew that much in the afterlife.

But now was not the time to wonder but for reverance, Oola and the other sixteen girls fell to their knees and worshiped the Hutt. "Mighty is our god, Jabba the Hutt of Hutts! Mighty is our god, Jabba the Hutt of Hutts!" they sang in one voice. Jabba was smoked a massive hookah pipe that held nearly five hundred years worth, his gaze fell apon the troop of slave girls.

A voice spoke in the girls' minds, Entertain me...said the voice and the girls knew what that meant. A seventeen girl orgy then erupted, seventeen girls withering about in the mud, enjoying th taste of each other's flesh that entertained their depraved, eternal master. Please be happy...please be happy...Oola thought as she entertained her master with her body.

Jabba then reached out towards the massive of naked slave girls with his grubby hand. A Human girl was mysteriously pulled up from the group by her ankle. She floated upside down until Jabba grabbed the ankle, the massive Hutt then openned his mouth. "AH! AH! MASTER! PLEASE DO NOT EAT YOUR LITTLE ONE PLE-AHHHH!" the girl screamed as she fell into the maw of the Hutt.

Jabba then played with the girl in his mouth with his tongue before shallowing her alive. Wash me...Jabba metally commanded the group of naked slave girls. spoanges appeared and Oola and the other girls went about washing the massive Hutt, Oola took a spot by Jabba's neck and washed the folds of blubber.

Jabba then stared another girl, a Ruby red Twi'lek, a bubble then envoluped the girl. The Twi'lek girl that franticly tried to escape the bubble but it would not pop for her. The bubble then carried the screaming Twi'lek to Jabba's mouth were he extended his tongue. The bubble landed on the slime covered tongue and popped, sending the Ruby red Twi'lek down into the Hutt's mouth.

Jabba smacked his lips after eating the girl, Feed me...Jabba metally commanded. And then a mountian of food appeared, nearly six hundred years worth of food. Oola and the other girls quickly put on their costumes and used platters to carried the food to the waiting mouth of Jabba by a staircase that appeared.

Oola and the others just dumpped the food into the waiting mouth of the Hutt. But mysteriously, a girl would trip at the top and fall into the maw. The screamming slave would be eaten with the food, this happen serveral times. Even after the food was all gone, Oola did not feel hungery or tired.

Dance before me...Jabba ordered his eternal slave girls. Oola and the slave girls picked up their leashed and danced the most amazing dance of their lives. But Jabba pleases himself, a girl a random would burn until she died, other would become slowly frozen until she shattered and other was dreached in acid and melted into goo.

Still Oola and the surving slaves danced, and then at a metal urge from their master, they stopped. Jabba smiled at his slave girls and openned his mouth, the slave girls' leashes were drawn to the gapping maw like their were magnicized. Oola and the others started to haul back on their leashes in a vain attempt to delay their doom.

The girls screams were a symphony as they were dragged up the mountian of fat and one by one were flicked in by the tongue of their master. Oola was the third one to be devored by Jabba, she tried to climb out but the tongue pushed her back into the void. Oola screammed as she slid down the wet thoart of her master, she closed her eyes and then she openned them.

She was back in the meadow, "Oh my, what a dream." she said. But the dream was realtiy, the day repeated itself with new vartions to please the bloated Hutt. Oola was sometimeseaten first, sometimes in the middle and others lastd. I must please master...thought the Twi'lek.

And she did, with her voice, with her body, her life and her death did she entertained the bloated Hutt. The Twi'lek did not remember anything about the past only knowning that this is her fate. She did anything and everything for her eternal master, only to wake up in the same spot forever. This is the Woe of the Worm.

END of Cycle

[To those that have read this story about Oola, the slave dancer of Jabba the Hutt, thank you for your time and support. I have tried to give Oola a just and filling story, one that shows that even in the Star Wars story, there is darkness and light.]

[ 8 = Star Wars Infinites: Glory of the Worm, starts here.]

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