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Star Wars Episode V.V: Woe of the Worm-Oola's Tale-Week Four

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The fourth week of Oola's enslavement.

Day Twenty two

The twin suns rose over the dersert palace of Oola's master, Jabba the Hutt. Oola was sleeping in her normal spot, she had her head on one of the custions and one of her legs hang off the dais of her master. She had a good sleep, the festy dance that she did last night got her a reward. Her beloved master took her in his arms and gave her much pleasure.

She awoke and sat upright, she gave a lazy yawn and streached out her arms. She let her both of her fishnet covered legs over the edge of the throne and fluttered them in the air. She looked about the throne room, the other members of her powerful master were also waking up.

She then felt a presense behind her, she knew who it belonged to. Stupid you think you can startle Oola?...she thought to herself. She gently grabbed her right lek and swing it suddenly behind her. Judging by the sting at the tip and the squak, Oola smack that annoying lizard monkey on the nose.

Ha...that will teach you to mess with Oola!...snarked the Shadow who was next to Oola. The Shadow then glaced at Oola, How...was you sleep?...It asked her. Oola smack her lips, she reached passed the Shadow and got her cup. Oola was given her own cup from her master, well Porcellus but still from master's possions.

Oola took a sip from her cup, She had a good sleep...master's touch made Oola fall into a deep sweet dream...she thought to the Shadow. The Shadow winked at Oola, See what you have have become the leader of your own personal troop of dancers and you alone of the harem have the trust and love of master...It told her with a smirk.

Oola smiled at the Shadow and took another sip, yes she had gain the freedoms of a slave. Love and trust of her master were more valuble to Oola then life itself, Without those...she would be back the barracks...she thought to herself. Oola then heard her master stirring, she quickly set aside her cup and tucked her legs under her and tucked her chin and looked at Jabba.

Jabba gave a gutted yawn and reached over and grabbed his cup from his armrest. He was about to drink from his cup when he spotted Oola looking up at him. Oola no longer sat away from her master out of fear and disgust but to react to his body language and for him to see her fishnet covered body. He smiled, "Does Oola what to be my cup?" Jabba rumbled.

Oola childish shifted her body in place, "Oh, you have read you pet's mind, my lord." she said alluring. She crawled on her hands and knees to her master's side, she sat upright with her mouth open. Jabba poured some of his drink into his beutiful slave girl's mouth. Oola waited as Jabba set his cup back on his armrest.

Jabba gripped the side of Oola's headband and brought her closer to his mouth. Jabba then lapped out the liquad from his "pleasure" cup. Oola shifted her body each time Jabba's tongue slid into her mouth. Oola could feel her body becoming aroused, her breasts heaved and harded at the tips.

Once her master was done drinking he looked into Oola's large lovly brown eyes. Oola looked deeply into her master's orange eyes, she openned her mouth and ran her tongue across her smooth teeth. Jabba slid his tongue back into Oola's mouth and felt her teeth with it. Oola let out a moan when Jabba's tongue left her mouth.

"You have become the best slave I ever had, my sweet." Jabba rumbled. "You sing, you dance and you have the spicest body to pass my lips." he mused as he touch Oola's ruby red lips. Oola gave a smile, "Your slave's purpose is to please you, master." she cooded. Oola then noticed Bib was waiting by Jabba's armrest for his attention.

Oola's eyes directed her master to were they were looking, "Ah Bib, I just about think about you. Where is Porcellus? If he burnt breakfast I'll..." Jabba paused thinking how he would deal with his chef. "Well...he is on the barge, master." "Why is he on the barge?" "Because you wanted him to cook for you on your trip." stated Bib.

Jabba's tail flicked about, "What trip? I don't remember planning any trip." he scoffed. "The trip that you planned for about six months ago. The business retreat for yourself and other up and coming crime lords." said Bib to his master. Jabba slited his eyes, his tail thumped about at the end of the dais.

"Nope. I'm not going." Jabba pouted like a spoiled child. Bib rolled his eyes, "But master, your favortie nephew will be there." he tried to convice his lord. Jabba rubbed his warty chin, "...Nope. I still won't go." he grumbled. Oola decided to help her fellow Twi'lek in persuading her master to go on this trip.

"Master." Oola softly said, Jabba then focused his gaze on Oola, who was still in his grasp. "How would you travel to this trip, my lord?" she mused out loud. Jabba smile, "Well, we would travel on my personal ship." he rumbled. Oola's eyes widen, "Oh my. I didn't know that master had his own space ship." she mused.

Jabba smiled, Yes my sweet. My ship causes all but the Emporer and Vader to tremble at it's sight." he rumbled. Oola rubbed her hands on her master's, "But...if master does not will Oola see it?" she questioned. Oola knew that she touched something, Jabba eye twitch, he knew that if he didn't go and show his pet his ship then his pride would be hurt.

"Oh my little one, you know how to move me. Fine Bib, I will be going." stated Jabba. Bib smiled, "Thank you, master." he said with hidden annoynce. Jabba slid off of his throne and went to the elevtor with his slave girl in tow. Jabba and Oola went up the elevator and came to his replustor sled, He slid onto it and Oola took a spot next to him.

He press a button and the sled lifted and carry Jabba and Oola to his barge. Bib, Jess and Melina were waiting, they gave a bow as Jabba passed them and went up the ramp. After they had boarded, the luxery barge with the skiffs, took off. As the barge quickly traveled over the desert, Porcellus had prepared a wonder meal for Jabba.

Oola of course served Jabba, he enjoyed his beutiful slave girl serving him. Once he was finished with his meal, Jabba had Oola dance before him. Oola modifed her dancing style for the smaller area of space. Her kicks were controlled and she waved her arms more, Jess played her guiter adding sound to Oola's performance.

Jabba licked his lips, he would reach out to brush his fingers against Oola's nimble fishnet body. Oola would tease Jabba by just being out of reach, Jabba smiled and when he finally wanted her, he jerk her leash pulling her against his belly. Oola leanned on her master's belly, she looked into his eyes and lick his chin.

The barge traveled quickly back to that dirty town that Oola arrived almost three weeks ago. The escouted barge skimmed along the edge of town and went into a privete hanger. Jabba brought Oola to a window of the barge, "Come and see my ship, The Star Jewel." he rumbled. Oola looked and let a gasp slip her lips.

The ship, to Oola, was quite large. The silver exterior shined, and the barge and the skiffs went up the ship's hanger. Once the barge was securced, Jabba and his save girl left the barge and went into another elevator which took them up to a large round room. Oola judge it was a lounge/audience room, based on the size and the decore.

Hmm...judging by the custions and the spacing...this room could hold four or five full grown hutts...thought the Shadow. Oola then notcied that there was a stage as well, it had a plateform with three poles and an arm of the stage that brached out, Probility for a band...thought Oola.

Jabba slid over some custions and took a spot were an armrest was waiting for him, His Hookah pipe was there, Oola quickly started it and after a puff, gave it to her master. Jabba took and and after acouple of mintues spoke to his slave girl. "So little one, are you impressed by my ship?" Jabba rumbled to his slave girl.

Oola nodded her head, she had taken a spot by her master's belly, "It is a wonderful ship. Master is truely more weathly and powerfully then Oola had thought." Oola flattered the Hutt. Jabba smiled, he stroked one of Oola's lekku, "Did you know that we have already taken off?" he asked Oola.

Oola touched her bottom lips with a hand, "We have? But...there was no bump." she mused out loud. Jabba chuclked, he pressed a button and window openned to the side. Oola's mouth dropped open, the Star Jewel had already entered hyper drive, the stars were lines of light as they passed by the window.

"Oh my..." she said as she stood up, Oola then walked over the the window and pressed her face against the window looking out. The window flet cold to the touch as she looked out. Beutiful...thought the Shadow beside her. Oola was brought back to realtiy by a tugg from her leash. Jabba wiggled his fingers, beckoning his slave back to his side.

Oola came back to Jabba, she knelt down on some custions. Jabba stroked Oola's lips, she kissed and licked his finger. "Play before me, my spice spider." Jabba rumbled. Oola nodded her head, she stood up and went the center of the room. The flooring reminded her of the palace's metal floor, Hopfully there is no trap door...she though to herself.

Oola then took up her leash in hand and danced before her master. Jabba held in one hand Oola's leash while in the other smoked his pipe. He watched with lust as the green Twi'lek girl twirled her scadly clad body before him. Oola wanted to go onto the stage and twirl on one of the poles but she did not have enough leght to do so.

She paused her dance and began to fondle her body, her fingers slid beneath her costume and went down the sides of her body. Jabba licked his lips as Oola playfully pulled at the band about her waist. She pivoted and placed her hands on her hips, she rolled them in place, teasing her master.

Jabba set aside his pipe and held in both hands his slave's leash. Oola could tell that he was about to began to pull her to him. She darted to the end of her leash and just as she gave a beutiful high kick. Jabba jerk her towards him, Oola then playfully pulled back on her leash. Jabba though hauled her to him, Oola's fishnet covered body struggled much to his delight.

Oola jerk her body in a vain struggle, she felt one of her breast slip out of her costume. She gave a gasp and placed a hand over it. Jabba though was aroused by the teasing of flesh and pulled her to him. Oola landed on Jabba's belly, his hand gripped onto the back of her collar. She froze, her body trembling, she looked up with her brown eyes.

Jabba let go of Oola's leash and gripped the wrist of the arm that covered the naked breast. He pulled it away exposing Oola's breast, Jabba's tongue slid out of his mouth and lapped at her heaving breast. Oola gave a moan, her free hand went to her collar and gripped it as her master enjoyed the taste of her body.

Her body was getting hotter, Oola's thights trembled as they rubbed against Jabba's belly. Just as Jabba moved his hand from Oola's collar to her waist band, a chime came from his armrest. Jabba gave a grumbled sigh and banged his hand on his armrest. "What is it? I am in the middle of enjoying my pleasure girl." he bellowed into the intercom.

"Master, we have arrived at the meeting point to pick up the "Deliacaties"." said Bib. Jabba blink acouple of times, "Of course, I knew that. Send up Nip up here with the goods." rumbled Jabba. Jabba then let go of Oola's wrist, "The pleasure shall wait while I do some buiness." he rumbled to Oola.

Oola gave a small bow, "Yes master." she said. She then covered herself up and took a seat amon some of the custions nearby her master. Wonder who this Nip will be...thought the Shadow next to Oola. Jabba smoked his pipe in silence waiting, Then the elevator door openned.

Oola glaced over to see who was in it, a tall, green skinned humanoid being in a protective suit seemed to hover to the center of the room. "Greeting *wheeze* mighty one." said Nip. Jabba pulled out his hookah pipe, "Did you bring the goods?" he rumbled. Nip then clapped his hands.

Out of the corner of her eye, Oola saw that there were more people in the elevator. Half a dozen girls then walked up and knelt behind the humanoid. All in coveralls, all of them beutiful. Half of the group humanoid and the other half human. "I *wheeze* put much work and*wheeze* effort. Into these works *wheeze* of mine." said Nip.

Jabba licked his lips, "Ho ho, these deliacaties are a highlight of your carrer of shaping the flesh." he rumbled. Nip then hovered to the side, there were three Humans, two Twi'leks and one female that Oola did not recanized. "Oh ho, a Chargian. I wonder how she will taste." Jabba mused out loud.

Nip then hovered back to the center, "Now *wheeze* about payment." said Nip. Jabba's tail thumped about, "Oh...payment." he said. "Did that *wheeze* snivling worm *wheeze* of a Twi'lek. *Wheeze* Forgot to *wheeze* tell you about that?" wheezed Nip. Just as Jabba was about to bang his hand on the intercom, Bib appeared from the elevator.

"Forgive me master, I just wanted to be sure that he brought the goods before giving him the payment." said Bib, who was carrying a brief case. He gave Nip the case, the humanoid openned it and looked inside. "Not enough." he stated as he closed it. "Wh-what do you mean?" Bib stated rathered worried.

"Bib, what is going on?" Jabba dangerously rumbled. "Nothing master, just some details." Bib peddled and after giving a quick bow to Jabba, he tried to bring Nip to the side. Nip smack the male Twi'lek's hand, "I don't take orders *wheeze* from you, worm." sneered Nip. Jabba let out a grumble sigh, "Do I have to clean up your mess Bib?" rumbled Jabba.

Bib shook his head, "No master, I just need some time to-" "Ha! The only thing you do is grovel *wheeze* don't you worm." stated Nip. Bib bit his lip, "Not...always." he snipped. Jabba sigh and wiggled his fingers at Oola. Oola crawl back to Jabba's side, Jabba then cupped hand underneath her chin and stroked her lekku.

"What is the problem with the payment, Nip?" asked Jabba. Oola purred as Jabba stroked her lekku, "Well...the problem is *wheeze* that the payment *wheeze* that the Twi'lek tried to give is *wheeze* 10,000 credits short." stated Nip. Jabba nodded his massive head and played with Oola's leash.

"Do you know a human man called, Lu Sho?" rumbled Jabba. The green humanoid tighted his fist, "That piece of scum caused me *wheeze* alot of trouble with *wheeze* the wrong people." seethed Nip. Jabba smiled, What if I told you that he was in Imperial custody for a small charge of breaking the law. And that I could...with the right price. Deliver him to you." mused Jabba.

Nip gave a small bow, "That *wheeze* would be worth more *wheeze* then twenty thousand credits." he said. Jabba smile, "Bib, give a call. I think Mr. Sho has a...appointment with the body shop." Jabba chuckled. Bib lead the taller humanoid out of the room and back into the elevator.

Jabba then tapped the button for the intercom, "Melina, I want you to take the new girls and my pet to the dancer's bed." he rumbled. "Yes master." came Melina replie, Jabba then tilted Oola's head up. "Be a good girl and teach these morsels to be good." he rumbled. Oola nodded her head, "Yes master." she said.

The elevator doors openned once more, Melina came into the room and beckoned the girls to stand up. Oola left her master's side, Jabba gave a parting pat on her buttock. Oola, Melina and the girls went into the elevator. The doors closed infront of them, Oola could hear one of the girls wisper something.

"What do you think is going happen to us, Hirani?" asked one of the Twi'leks. "I don't know...just pray...for a miracile." said the other Twi'lek. Soon the group of females came to their level. They stepped out into another room. It was like the louge room but more like Dancer's Pit, a round room with a cleanning room close by.

"Alright girls, lisen up." stated Melina once the group of girl were out of the elevator. "I'm Melina, I make sure that you have your costumes for the night. Follow my orders and you might find you time here passable." she stated. "And if we don't?" asked one of the human girls. Melina gave once of her fake smiles.

"Then you will find yourself with the guards. Right Oola?" she snidded at the green Twi'lek. Oola shivered, "Right." she stated back. Melina then focus her gaze at the new girls, "Now take off your cover-alls." she commanded. The girls looked about, just wrapped their arms about their body, uncomfortable with the thought of taking off their cover-all.

"Oh come on! What did I just say? Follow my orders or else I will-" "Melina, please. There are differant ways to get them to lisen." said Oola. Oola then step forward, she then pulled off her head band, her sandels and then her fish net costume. The girls were startled by how casual Oola stripped off her clothes.

Oola was stark naked before the group, holding her coiled leash in one hand. Following the Shadow's instrusctions, she placed a hand over the middle of her chest. "My name is Oola. I will hide nothing from you." she said with confinced. The girls looked at each other, then one of the human girls stepped forward.

She was a little taller then Oola, she had beutiful brown skin. She was unqiue because all of her hair and the color of her eyes were white. "You name is Oola, right?" she asked. Oola nodded her head, "It means, water in the Twi'lek tongue. Not just a sound for pleasure." she answered back. The human girl bit her lips, her eyes glacing between Oola and Melina.

"How can I trust you?" she asked. Oola lisened to the Shadow's suggestion. "I stand before you naked. I hide nothing from you. I will do my best to teach you the ways of a dancer, a singer, a performer. I will gain your trust, by being a sister to you. I will hide nothing from you." she said with certainy.

The girl took a breath and glaced behind her, the other girls were taken in by Oola's words. The girl then turned her gaze back to Oola, she put a hand over the zipper of the coverall. She let out her breath as she pulled the zipper. Her body was gorgeous, the perfect balance of toned and soft, musculer and feminine. Oola was drawn to the girls body.

Hey...remember who you belong to...snipped the Shadow. Oola shook her head as if waking from a dream. The girl then handed the cover-all to Oola, "I trust you." she said. Oola took the cover-all from the girl's hand, she then looked at the other girls. "Do you trust me as well?" she asked them.

The girls reluctly followed the first girl, soon a half a dozen gorgerous bodies were naked before Oola. Oola thanked them and gave the coveralls to Melina, "Please bring the dresses for them. Master would not be pleased if they were to catch a cold." she said to the costume designer. Melina grumbled something and after snaching the cover-alls left in the elevator.

"Let us sit,let us talk." said Oola. The girls took seats amon the custions, some of the girls were still uncomfortable being naked taking pillows and covering themselves. "Do either one of you speak basic?" she asked the two Twi'lek girls. Both of them nodded their head, "Yes I do. " "Yes I can speak and understand." they said.

The two Twi'leks were beutiful, one regal purple, the other fairy blue. The purple one was of average hieght, she had soft grey eyes. The blue one was shorter then Oola, she had the same color for her eyes as her skin, light blue that sparkle. "If you don't mind, let us talk in basic so that the others can understand as well." said Oola with a smile.

Both of the Twi'leks nodded their heads, "Which one is Hiranui?" asked Oola. The purple one fluttered her hand, "That would be me." she said. Oola nodded her head, "And yours?" she asked the blue one. "Pampy." she childishly said as she hugged the pillow she was holding. Oola smile, "Both are beutiful names." she said.

Then Oola looked at the Chagrian, " speak basic?" she asked the girl. The girl had her hands crossed over her lap, "...Yes." she replied to Oola's question. "And your name?" Oola asked once more. "...Ki...Ki Siba." said the blue skinned, crimson eyed Chagrian. Oola nodded her head, "That is an unusal name..." she mused.

The Chargain fingered one of her lethorns, a large growth very simaler to a lekku but shorter and with a horn at the end. "...You can just call me Ki." she said. Oola nodded at them looked at the human girls that were sitting about. The two other girls besides the brown skinned one were reclining amon the pillows and custions, they were not concerned about their nakeness.

One was red haired while the other was white blonde. The red head had orange colored eyes and the blonde had ice blue eyes. Both had nearly the same skin color, white but the red head was just a shade darker. "I assume that you both speak basic." said Oola to the two reclining human girls. They both nodded their heads, "And what are your names?" Oola ask.

That was when a shadow passed over their beutiful faces. "...We...I don't know." said the blonde. The red head shook her head, "It is strange...not knowing your name." she said depressed. The brown skinned girl touched the red head's shoulder, "I...don't know my name either." she said trying to comfort the red head.

Oola then clapped her hands together, "If you don't know your names. Then we shall make new ones for you." she said. The Human girls shrugged their shoulder, "Alright but they have to be good names." said the blonde one. Oola smiled and then consualted with the other non-human girls. After talking abit, Oola then turned and looked at the human girls.

"These are the names that we have decided to name you three." said Oola proudly. She pointed her finger at the blond first, "Your name shall be Sky, for your eyes are like the color of the sky." she said. Sky smiled, "That is a good name..." she mused. Oola then pointed at the red head, "Your name shall be Sunny, for your hair is like the setting sun." said Oola.

Sunny curlled a loop of her shoulder length hair, "Well...I guess that will do." she said. Just as Oola pointed at the brown skinned girl, the girl gave a small pout. "I hope that you don't name me after dirt or mud." she grumbled. Oola shook her head, "No, your name shall be Car'mel. Because your skin is like the color of sweet carmel." said Oola.

Car'mel gave a small chuckle, "Well I guess being named after a sweet, is better then being named after something dirty." she mused out loud. The girls in the room gave a giggle, "You are funny Car'mel" spoke Pampy. Then the elevator door openned, Melina come out with the girls plain white dresses. "Here you go, nice and clean for you little, sweeties." snarked Melina.

Each girl took a dress and covered her naked body. "Just to let you know, we will be arriving soon. So get ready to be arm candy." Melina snipped as she left in the elevator. "What does she mean, "arm candy"?" asked Pampy. "That means that we are to be pretty little girls on the arms of somebody importent." stated Hirani.

Sky gave a wimper, " think we have to be that to that giant slug?" she asked. Before anyone answered Oola spoke first, "No, that is Oola's postion. She is master's favorite." she said. The other girls stared at Oola for refering herself in the third person. should keep to the white side when talking about master...suggested the Shadow.

Oola shook her head and then acted as if she said something out of place. "Oh I meant, that you girls won't be by master's side, I will." she said. The other girls nodded their head, "Ok, I am not compling." said Car'mel. "Oola," said Pampy, "Why...are you on a leash?" she asked her fellow Twi'lek.

Oola looked down and flet the metal joint of her leash, "Oh...well...I am on a leash because...I am master's...favorite...dancer." she said. Yeah, good choice of words...they would not lisen to you if you told them that you were master's favorite schutta...the Shadow appoving said. "Oh...well, that is very sad." said Pampy.

Oola shrugged her shoulder, she had Ki give her costume back to her and she put it back on. "Well that is life. But enough talk about unhappy things. Do all of you girls know how to dance?" asked Oola. All of the girls nodded their head, "We were trainned at the same place." said Pampy. "...To be clear, the humans were on one side and we were on another." stated Ki.

The Shadow smiled, Alright...which ones to pair up as sister's...It thought. Oola looked about, "Well then, I then think that each girl should be paired up with another girl. But from a differant species." Oola informed the girls. The girls looked at the oppiste species, "Why should I be partnered with one of them?" "Yeah, why should we, I mean. They have things coming out of their heads, wouldn't that get in the way?" were some of the remarks.

Oola shook her head, "It does not matter to the dance, if the dancers are differant." stated Oola. The girls looked at Oola with that confused look, "...Explain." said Ki. Oola's lekku wiggled and then she said as the Shadow explainned it to her. "A dance is not bais, it desires dancers who want to move to the music."

"I have danced with half a dozen differant types of species. Though they were differant from me, did that stop me from dancing? I tell you, no. I was glad to have danced with such dancers. They made me grown in my dance, my form. That is why I want you to dance with someone differant, they will make you grow and be a better dancer." said Oola to the girls.

The two groups of girls looked at each other, waiting for the other to make the move. Finally Car'mel gave a sigh and stood up and walked over to were Pampy sat. Car'mel sat down by Pampy, "I like your smile, Pam. May your partner?" said Car'mel. Pampy gave a childish look at Hirani, Hirani shurgged her shoulders. "Um...yes. Yes, you may." smiled Pampy.

Sky and Sunny then stood up and came over to were Hirani and Ki sat. Sunny sat with Hirani and Sky sat with Ki. "You don't mind do you?" said Sunny to Hirani, "I guess, I have to be partnered with someone." grumbled Sky as she sat next to Ki. Oola smile, Good...they are moldable to our suggestions...stated the Shadow.

Oola then clappled her hands, "Alright, let us see how your choice in partner, improves your dance." She said. Pampy and Car'mel were an excellent pair, Pampy's personality changed when she was dancing. She went from childlike to having an energy that lit up the room. Car'mel moved with grace and pose, she fed off of Pampy's energy and also lit up the room.

Sunny and Hirani were just as gracful as Pampy and Car'mel. Hirani though was better at her leaps and kicks while Sunny was amazing with moving her body in a sensual manner. Sky and Ki were differant then the others. They did not lit up the room or had high kicks, they were entracing. They would caress each other in a sensual manner, drawing the watcher into a dream.

Once Ki and Sky were done, the sat down quickly and were a little embrassed. "...You were good." said Ki, her cheeks were a differant shade of blue. " too." said Sky with a nervous chuckle. Oola noticed that both Sky and Ki were aroused, Ki's lethorns were slightly swallon. to teach them a lesson in being a sister...said the Shadow.

Oola cleared her thort, "Now, what I want each of you to do next, will be...foreign." she said. "I want you to each face your partner." she said. The dancers followed Oola's instructions. She then pulled at her costume and exposed her left breast, "Expose your left breast." she said. The girls reluctenting did as they were told.

"Now, placed you hand under your partner's exposed breast." Oola said to the girls. Each did lace their hand under the other breast. " you feel the beat of your's partner's heart?" asked Oola. Each girl had a confused look about their face, they each gave their own answer of agreement. "Each of you share a bond with your sister. A bond that transends fleash." Oola said.

"Now embrace each other." Oola said. The girls then hugged their partner, "Do you feel the warmth of each other's embrace? No matter what happens, you are to respect each other. To trust your partner is just as important as life. Though you we not born of the same womb, you each have a sister, to laugh with and to cry with. Honor and love your sister." said Oola.

Each girl held each other for a little longer, Oola could hear Pampy muffle a cry on Car'mel's shoulder. "I never had a sister before." she said, Oola could see a Car'mel's eye water up. "Neither did I." she replied. Each girl then let each other go and covered their bodies up, "Do you have a sister, Oola?" asked Sunny.

Oola gave a sad smile, "Once...but now she is free to smile and to laugh and be free to be what she wanted to be." she said. Then the doors of the elevator openned up, Melina then walked to the side of the doors. "Come on, time for the pretties to met with master." Melina snipped. The group of girls then walked into the elevator and after a little bit arrived back at the lounge room.

"Just follow my instructions and everything will be fine." said Melina with that fake smile on her face. Pampy's lekku twitched, "What do you mean?" said Pampy. Oola turnned around and tapped Pampy on the nose, "She means that she wants no trouble, alright?" she said. Pampy's lekku wiggled and then she nodded her head.

The group then walked into the lounge room, Oola took the lead and nelt at the center of the floor. The other girls followed Oola's lead and knelt as well, Oola glaced up and saw that the ship was no longer travling though space but had landed on a planet with a blue sky. Her eyes though went back to the mountain of fat that is called Jabba the Hutt.

He let out a puff of smoke from his hookah, "Ah, my little one. Did you have a good time with the other deliacaties?" he asked Oola. "Yes master. She had a good time with the others." she said in huttese so that the other girls couldn't understand her. Jabba then streached out his right hand, offering it for his slave to lick.

Oola crawled to her master's side and licked his hand and fingers. Jabba smiled and after acouple of licks he placed his hand on Oola's shoulder. "Time to go to go to the villa." he mused out loud. With a grunt, Jabba moved himself to his hover sled, Oola followed him and took a sit with him. The other girls followed his wake, walking behind him.

They went down the elevator and back to the barge in the hanger. Oola notcied that the guards were on their skiffs waiting for master to board his barge. Once Jabba and his group of girls went into the barge, the hanger door openned and the barge went out. "I guess I have to acknowledge that little piece of spit." Jabba grumbled.

Jabba went to the window with Oola in his arm and looked down. Oola saw another Hutt at ground level, he (Oola assumed) had a hat on his head and was on off of his hover sled and looking up at Jabba. "Greetings honorable Uncle. You grace us with your presense, I hope that your time on Abregado-rae is pleasurable." said the Hutt.

Jabba grunted something and waved his hand acknowledging that he heard the other Hutt's greeting. "Alright, let's go." bellowed Jabba. The barge then sped off leaving other the Hutt in the dust. Jabba guided his sled back to the center of the obseration room of his barge. "So, my sweet. Do you think that my guest will be pleased with the choices of snack for them?" Jabba rumbled.

Oola nodded her head, "I am sure that they would be most pleased." she stated, not knowing who the girls will be with. The barge with it's escouts then went over a expanise of water, then Oola spoted the villa that they will be staying at. It was a impressive villa, white marble gleammed in the sun. The barge and the skiffs then went into a hanger and came to a stop.

The side door of the barge then openned and Jabba's sled with the girls in tow went down a ramp. Jabba and his slaves, after going though some passaways came to a beutiful round room. It had fountains and flowers and the floors were of white marble. Jabba gave a grunt and slid himself off his sled and went to his spot of the room.

His hookah was waiting for him and after Oola quickly started it up, Jabba took the pipe and let out a puff. "Now, Melina. Perpare the new little ones for the next couple days of enteratinment." he rumbled to his costume designer. "I do as I am commanded." Melina said after giving a bow. Melina then took Oola and the other girls with her out of the room.

Melina then led the girlsto their room that had a door, it was also beutiful. Pools of clean running water, scented candles that Jess had lit were burning fillinf the room with thier sweet scent. The sleeping area had penty of padded rugs, thick custions and fluffy pillows. "Is...this all for us?" Sky nearly wispered out loud. Melina falsy smiled, 'Yes it is, as long as you are good girls." she said.

"Now I will assign you a number, that number will detremen were you will sit at the table and who you will be sitting with." Melina said. She then number Oola as one, then numbered the girls in what seemed to be in random order. "Now I will go to get your costumes for the evening. Jess will soon be here with your munchys." she stated as she lefted, closing the door behind her.

The girls stood about for alittle bit, then giggling, they stripped their clothing and went into the pools. The water was refreshing to the skin, Oola and the girls splashed about in the pools. Then Ki found a small basket with cleanning supplies. They then used the soaps and the shampoos to clean each other. "Oh you should use this." "Can I wash your hair please?" Can I feel your head thingy?" were some of the comments of the girls.

Then Jess appeared with their meal, "Hey there girls. How are you doing?" Jess asked setting down the tray heavy with food. The girls took their meals and ate them with much glee, then after food, Jess got towels for them to dry off with. Pampy was fasantied with Car'mel's hair, "It's so soft and long." she said as she combed it with a comb.

Then Melina appeared with their costumes, Oola noticed that all of them were simalar just differant colors and lenghts. Oola held her new costume in her hands, it was a mesh cloak of silver. Oh...this is the cloak from that one time in Melina's room...Oola thought to herself as she put it on.

The other girls put on their cloaks as well. Blue for Sky, green for Ki, white for Car'mel, yellow for Sunny, black for Hirani and light blue for Pampy. "Do we get to wear anything underneath?" asked Hiranui to Melina. Melina shook her head and then remembering something, she pulled something out of her pockets.

She had some stickers that had some numbers on them. Melina then ordered the new girls to expose one of their breast. She then put the sticker with the number on that breast. "Alright, time to take you to master and his guest stated Melina. The girls followed Oola out of the room, "Don't worry, we will be back soon." Oola reassered the other girls.

As they came to the room that they had left Jabba in, Oola could hear voices. "So Jabba what will we be doing today?" "Yesss, I am twitching to kill sssomething." "Uncle this is great food who cooked it?" were some of the voices from the room. "Now, now before we go to the first outing. I want to present you with some treats." Jabba rumbled.

Oola then heard Jabba's tail thump about, "That's your cue." snipped Melina. Oola and the girls then paraded out into the room. There were six other indualviuals besides Oola's master, another Hutt, a Roidan, a Transdoshan, a Devaronian, a Zeltron and a Quarren. Oola took her spot at Jabba's side and then in order, Sky,Car'mel, Pampy,Hirani, Sunny and Ki did as well.

"Oh my, pure spice by my side." mused the Roidan who stroked Car'mel's face. "Heh heh, yummy worm looks tasty." sneered the Devoaronian, his long tongue slid out and licked Hirani's chest. She was disgusted and wanted to leave but her companion had his arm about her waist. The other Hutt rested his arm on Sky's shoulder, "Just the right height." he mused.

Jabba was glad with how his guests like the girls by their sides. "Now, let us go out and have some fun with some guns." bellowed Jabba. Jabba and the other Hutt got on their hover sleds and then the group of revalers went onto Jabba's barge. The barge then left the hanger with an escort of skiffs.

The barge sped off to a strech of beach, were it parked. Inside Jabba and his guest were enjoying food, drink and the company of the girls. The Devaronian and the Rodian were enjoying feeling up Hirani and Car'mel. "Jabba where do you get such fine looking girls?" asked the Rodian. Jabba gave a wink, "Trade secert." he snickered.

Jabba had his hand under Oola's cloak feeling her body. Oola shifted her body place, Please be happy...please be happy...she thought. The Transdoshan was stroking one of Pampy's lekku, "Such a tasty looking morsel." he mused. Pampy cowarded under his gaze, she was trying to look anywere else but at her companion.

The Zeltron was hand feeding Sunny, out of the group, he was the best looking. "Would you like a drink?" he asked Sunny holding out his cup. Sunny took a drink and gave a little giggle after her drink. The Quarren was rather quiet, he had an arm around Ki, stroking a clawed finger on one of Ki's horns.

The other Hutt was almost ignoring Sky, he was just shoving in food into his massive mouth. He would pause and order Sky to get a refill for his drink. Sky did not look happy being the other girl that had a Hutt as her companion. "So Uncle, when can we go shooting?" he bleached out. Jabba look a drink from his cup, "Let's go out to the deck." he declared.

A cheer came from the other crimelords, they then went up to the main deck. Bib was there with Melina and Jess, there were crates full of blaster waiting for them. The Transdoshan took up the biggest and longest blaster rife. He looked down the sights, he then turned it around and pointed it at the Devaronian.

"Bang." said the lizard, there was a click from the rife. The Devaronian exploded and came at the Transdoshan, "I'LL KILL YOU! I"LL KILL YOU!" he threated the Transdoshan. They were going to kill each other if it weren't for the pig guards that were on hand. The guards kept them apart, "Hey hey, settle down you two. If you are going to kill each other do it later." bleached Jabba.

The Devaronian and the Transdoshan then smiled and acted that all was forgiven. "Oh yeah we will be good, right?" "Hee, hee, aslong as you are." those two said. Bib then handed out the batteries to the blasters. "Now if you decide to try to kill each other while I am on vacoation, I will kill you." Jabba dangerously stated.

The only one that didn't grumble at what Jabba said was his nephew. "So Uncle what will we be shooting?" he asked. Jabba chuckled and pinched his, almost as large as him, nephew's cheek. "Oh Gorga, you ask too many questions. Just enjoy the entertanment." he rumbled. Gorga grumbled something about knowing the details.

Jabba then waved for Bib, "Is everything ready?" he asked his majordomo. Bib nodded his head, "Yes master." he said. Jabba then cleared his thort, "Gentlemen," he bleached, the other crime lords looked at him. "This retreat is meant for us to relax. So I think that a good way to relax is to get rid of the trash of the past." Jabba stated.

Jabba then waved to the side of the barge that overlooked the ocean. The crimelords looked out and then saw what Jabba intened to see. Jabba had captives chained by the wrist to bots, that were hovering midair. At first they seemed to be shouting to be released but then when they saw who was on board the barge, they begged for mercy.

"Oh you are the best, mighty Jabba!" exclaimed the Transdoshan. The group then moved to the other side of the barge. Oola glaced down into the water, one of the skiffs were dumping what looked like scraps and body parts into the water. Oola then saw dark shapes swimming under the water. "I made sure that there are plenty of scum to kill." laughted Jabba.

The crimelords took turns shooting at the captives. If they missed and hit the bot, the captive would fall into the water. As the captive thrashed about, dark shapes moved under the water and the captive was eaten by monsters of the deep. Though the other crime lords were having fun, Oola noticed that Jabba looked alittle bored.

Master should be happy...maybe you can cheer him up...suggested the Shadow to Oola. Oola came closer to Jabba's side, she pawwed at his warty hand. Jabba glaced at his lovly slave girl, "Master," Oola said, she tucked her chin and looked up with her brown eyes. "Those blastes are giving your pet a headache. Maybe...sometime alone with master will make it go away." she suggestivly said.

Jabba's eyes gleammed with the thought of being alone with his pet. Jabba took Oola's leash and gave it a playfully tug. "Come little one, I know how to make your headache go away." he said licking his lips. He slid along side of his slave girl when he glaced over his shoulder, "Bib, make sure that no one distrubs me." he ordered. Bib said something as Jabba left.

Oola and Jabba went back to the observation deck, it was dark and empty of people. The sound of blaster fire could be heard. Oola went up onto her master's sled, she teasingly let the silver mesh cloak fall off her velvet green body. Oola pulled on her leash, "Does this...entertain master?" she asked alluring.

Jabba's eyes were slits, he slid onto his sled. He hit a button on the armrest that closed the shutters of the obseration deck. Oola turned around and leanned on the armrest, she could feel Jabba's hand carsse her body. She gave a moan as her master tighted his grip of her leash. She carssed her breasts as she felt Jabba's tongue lap her shoulders.

Oola gave a gasp as Jabba's free hand slid down her waist, Oola's body jerk as his hand pushed in. "That's is. You like it, schutta. You want it." Jabba said as he molested his slave girl. Oola grabbed onto her collar and began to grid her body agaisnt her master's belly. Something about the sound of gunfire and the gasping breath of a slave girl made Jabba very happy.

The sun was just setting as Oola came to, she gave a deliacate yawn. I think master really like that...said the Shadow. Oola brushed her lekku over her shoulder, at the same time she looked over her shoulder. Jabba was watching her, his eyes still glowing with lust. "You were very good, my sweet." he rumbled.

Oola then slipped around the armrest and stroked the hookah pipe, she took a puff and handed it to her master. Jabba took the pipe and gave a couple of puffs, "I guess we have to go back up there." he sighed. Oola then picked up her cloak and put it on as she fellowed her master. The other crime lords were enjoying some drink while they waitted for their host.

"Oh Jabba, you had some tasty spice didn't you." "Hee hee, she must have been mighty tasty." "Hey why can't we have our girls now?" were some of the remarkes from the crimelords. The only one that didn't say anything was Gorga, he had an look of disgust and annoynce. "Patince my friends, I am just sampling the goods to make sure." he smirked.

Jabba then wrapped an arm around Oola's waist. He then carssed her breast, "If you were to pull on the deliacatie's cloak. You will find a number." stated Jabba. The girls were so brave as their breasts were revealed before this group of crimanals. Everyone but Gorga pulled off the sticker from the girl's breast.

"What doesss thisss mean?" asked the Trandoshan, Jabba smiled and pointed at the barge's main cannon. "Everybody gets to shoot the cannon once at that." Jabba said pointing at something that was in the ocean. That something was a transport of humans, the power to the ship was disable so it was dead in the water.

"Oh yeah!" "I want to go first!" "No I have a higher number then you!" were some of the remarks. Jabba and Gorga were the only ones of the crimelords that didn't take a shot at the transport, maybe because they couldn't fit into the gunner's chair. Oola was trembling as she watched men, women and children were blasted alive.

Why...she thought to herself, the crimelords that shot at the transport were laughting and patting each other on the backs. The girls were huddled together, Pampy clinging onto Car'mel's side. "It's ok, Pam. It's ok." Car'mel said, comforting the startled Twi'lek. "Ah it looks like our dinner is ready." rumbled Jabba to his guest.

A ramp lowered from the deck on to the beach. Jabba and Gorga went down the ramp on their sleds while the others walked down. Oola and Sky were with their Hutt companions as they came to ground level. Porcellus was nervously waiting with Bib, Melina and Jess. "Oh...ah, welcome, my good sires. Please enjoy this meal that I have personal perpared." said the chef.

The smell from feast was absloutly divine, dozens of plates covered in food were surrounding a roaring fire. The girls though didn't get a single piece unless it was given to them. They had pitchers of the finest wine that they would pour into the cups for the crime lords. Oola had gotten use to Jabba's slobbing, but Sky was disgusted by Gorga's eatting habits.

The feast went onto the night, Jabba and his guest were lounging about. The final course Porcellus had perpared was being served, cakes on while plates with chocolate sryup and powerded sugered on them. " a very human disssh. Isss it not?" hissed the Trandoshan to Jabba. Jabba then had Bib translate the message to his chef.

"Oh no, just the dessert maybe but, just cut the cake." said Porcellus. The Trandoshan used his claw to cut his cake, what looked like blood spilled out from the center and something weakly wiggled underneath the sauce. "Ah ha ha, a blood worm just for me." mused the lizard. Each of the crimelords had something differant in each of their cakes.

"You have a wonderful chef, Uncle." Gorga said smacking his lips of the powered suger. Jabba smiled, "Why yes I do, got him from a goveranor who had to pay back a debt. Better then the last one I had, I had him cook up the last one." chuckled Jabba. Oola looked over at Porcellus with pity, No wonder why he is so nervous...she thought.

Yeah and that is why he doesn't try to run away...snipped the Shadow. Oola gave a hidden pout, Oola has learnned her be quiet about it...she snipped back. "I am surpized that Xizor is not here with us." mused outloud the Zeltron. Oola's lekku twitch behind her back, Xizor?...her thought was distrubed by Jabba laugh.

"The black sun has it's own shadows to cast." Jabba rumbled. The Trandoshan gave a hiss, "That lap dog of empire doesss usss a favor by not casssting hisss ssshadow here." he then spat into the fire. "To have the Emperor's ear is to have power that rivals the dark lord's." rumbled Gorga.

"Hee hee, until Vader finds an escuse to choke the life out of him." sneered the Devorian. Jabba gave a yawn, "Enough talk about those three. I think that my litte one and her friends want to entertain us." Jabba mused stroking Oola's leash.Oola gave a quick nod and then stood up. She beckoned the girls to her, they did not hesatate to be away from the companions.

"W-what do they want us to do?" Pampy nervously wispered. Oola quickly though of something, "Dance around the fire, when I stop. Dance in place until I contiue, don't take anything off." Oola said. The other girls gave quick nods, Oola could see Jess tuneing her guiter. "Take your places." Oola stated. Oola and the girls each stood in front of their companion.

Jabba rasied a hand, "Play!" he bellowed. Jess played a quick and light tune, Oola and the girls danced with grace and pose before their admirers. Oola and the girls then danced about the fire, Oola was impressed that her leash could go though the flames with out being burnt. Oola then noticed, that from the shadows, the light from the fire shown the girls' naked bodies underneath.

The cimelords were watching with lust in their eyes as the group of nimble, young, beutiful girls danced before them. The danced went on for sometime, then Jabba gave a yawn. "I must say that the first day of this retreat was enjoyable." he mused. The other agreed and soon they too gave yawns and muttered about something about going to bed.

Jabba agreed and with a tug, had Oola by his side. Good thing he waited until we were back in front of him when he pull...stated the Shadow. Jabba and his entrouge then boarded the barge and went back to the villa. "My Majordomo will show you to your rooms." Jabba stated. Bib took the crimelords to seperate rooms.

Jabba patted Oola on the head, "You were most spicy today, my sweet. he rumbled. Oola smiled, "That you master." she said. Jabba gave a another yawn, "Do you think that you can take the other snacks back to your room?" he asked his lovly slave girl. Oola gave a nodded, Jabba then let go of his slave girl's leash. "Good night." he said as he silthered away.

Oola took the girls back to their room. They stripped off their mesh cloaks and went to the pools. Pampy gave a sob and covered her face, "Why?! Why did those males killed those people? Why?!" she cried. Car'mel was really becoming the sister to Pampy, "I don't know but we just have with it..." she said.

The only girl that seemed to talk about her companion in a good light was Sunny. "I think he is really cute." she wismly said. "Yeah because he is the most human like and not a giant slug." snarked Sky. The girls then dried themselves off and went to bed. Oola laid on her side and prayed to master for buying such nice girls. She then went to sleep on her twenty second day.

Day twenty three.

Ool woke up abit early then she wanted to, Well will have to get adjusted to this world's cycle...she thought to herself. Oola got up and lightly stepped over the girls, who were sleeping their their dresses on. Oola took off her costume and slipped into one of the pools. Oola glaced up at a window and noticed that dawn was coming.

Well I must say...master was enjoying himself...said the Shadow who slipped into the pool next to Oola. Oola gave a sigh, she let the water soak her body. Shadow?...she silently asked her imagnaery friend. Yes Oola?...It replied, Why did master let those males kill those humans in that transport?...There were children and women...I just don't understand...Oola thought.

The Shadow lifted up one of it's shadowy legs and let the water drip off. I shall answer your question with my own...what did you think of those crimelords conversion of the Empire?...It asked the Twi'lek. Oola rubbed some of the make up from her face, Well...they did not seem to like the empire that much...she thought.

The Shadow splashed down it's leg back into the pool, That is an understatment, they hate the empire...Remember the Baron?...How they prortray the rebels as aliens?...It asked Oola. Oola bit her lip, But I like the Baron...she whinned to the Shadow. That is besides the did they portrayed the aliens?...the Shadow asked again.

Oola pouted her ruby red lips, They were portrayed as ugly, crual and stupid comparded to humans...she thought. The Shadow nodded its wet head, Now...think about a differant do you think the aliens think of humans?...It said. Oola brought a hand out of the water and stroked her lek.

Aliens...I don't think that ALL aliens don't like humans...she thought to the Shadow. The Shadow gave a sigh and moved to the pool Oola was in. It's yellow eyes stared into Oola's brown, Fear...Is the deciding factor...fear that one is better then the other is what drives them to hate each other...that is why we make Human and alien girls, sisters...

To stop that fear of each other...and to make then understand that it doesn't matter of the form but that the dance...the music and family are more important then fear...It said. Oola eyes darted away from the Shadow's, But that still does not answer my question of why did master's guests kill those humans...she said.

The Shadow rubbed a dark hand over it's eyes, What did I just say?...Fear and hate are the causes...those males killed those humans because they could...because they hate Humans for being the ruling power in the galaxy...even if those people did nothing to them...those crimelords did it for the laughs...It stated.

Oola fingered the tip of her lek, That is really sad...why can't we all just get along with each other...she thought. The Shadow gave another sigh and leanned it's back on the pool's edge, That's life...It snarked. The other girls were stirring from their sleep, Well I guess I should back into the shadows...pouted the Shadow as it dissappeared into the water.

The first one up was Hiranui, she gave a deliacate yawn and saw that Oola was in the pool. "Oh, hello Oola. Up early I see." she said. She pulled off her dress and slipped into the pool, "How was your sleep?" her grey eyes looked into Oola's brown. Oola took a bar of soap and rubbed her left arm with it, "It could have be better." Oola mused.

Hiranui took another bar of soap and gentle rubbed it against her long lekku. "How so?" she asked Oola. Oola rubbed her other arm as she explained about being adjusted to another world. "Oh I that were the bloated one lives?" Hirani wispered to Oola. Oola set aside the bar of soap and then sat herself on the ledge of the pool. "Yes it is and it is very dangerous." she said.

Hirani's lekku twitched, "How so?" she asked. Oola was about to say something then paused, she notcied that Pampy was taking off her dress and come towards them. "Later." Oola's lekku silently twitched her answer. Pampy and Car'mel then slipped into the pool, Pampy grabbed a bottle of shampoo for Car'mel.

"Can I wash your hair?" the fairy blue Twi'lek asked the brown skinned Human. Car'mel smiled and brushed her hair over her shoulder, "Sure." she said. Pampy ran her shamppoed fingers though Car'mel's hair. Ki, Sky and Sunny then got up and after removing their clothing, got into the other pool. "So Oola, was yesterday a normal day for you?" asked Sunny.

Oola swished a leg though the water, "Well, I guess it was...but more gunfire then I like." she stated. Sky gave a shiver, "How can you stand being by that giant mountain of fat?! I almost threw up by how disgusting my Hutt ate. I hate his steanched, it almost made me faint." Sky complined loudly. "...Please be quiet. I just got up." sighed Ki.

Sky gave a pout, "Well I just have to say that I feel disgusted being that slug's armrest." she grumbled. Ki got some shampoo from Pampy and began to rub Sky head, "Um...oh. Oh yeah, you have such a relaxing touch, Ki." Sky complmented her Chagrin friend. Ki let a small smile crip over her lips, "...Thank you." she said.

Hirani slipped over to the other pool and was helping Sunny with her hair. Oola smiled as she watched how the girls were helping each other out. "Oola?" Pampy asked her fellow Twi'lek as Car'mel was gently rubbing her left lek with soap. Oola looked at the fairy blue Twi'lek, "Yes, Pampy." "Yesterday...what happened when the Hutt took you?" Pampy asked.

Oola's lekku twitched, to explain...she thought to herself. "Well...master, was bored and so I had to...entertain him." Oola said. "How...did you entertain him?" asked Sunny. Oola looked down and wiggled her toes, "I danced...I danced a very special dance, that made him take a nap and made the time go by." Oola lied about what happened.

The Pampy gave a half conviced nod, "Oh...alright." she said. Oola looked at the girls, "Once you girls are done, let's practice ok?" she said as she left the pools. The girls gave a mumbled argmeent as Oola put on her costume. Oola then streached herself out as the girls finished up washing. "I don't get it. Why do we have to get washed, just to get sweaty again?" asked Sky.

"...When will you be quiet?" mumbled Ki. Once the girls were done washing, they dried off their beutiful bodies and got their dresses back on. They then formed into a group in a loose formation, "Last night we did a good job at dancing, BUT we could be quicker, sharper and more sensual. So let's partice, fellow my lead." said Oola.

Oola got the girls dancing, she lead them though some differant styles. Some slow, most quick and all exotic to the senses. Oola then had them go into pairs, each set of girls were great at their routenes. Just Pampy had some trouble with her spacing, she would swing her lekku a litte too wide and would smack Car'mel's arms or shoulder.

Oola was just finished adjusting Pampy's movments when Jess came with the breakfest. "Hey, who wants to eat?" she asked the troop of dancers. The girls swarmmed around Jess and got their meal, they sat down amon the pillows and throw rugs. "Um...Jess right?" said Sky, guessing Jess's name from what Oola called her.

"Yes, that is my name. What's up?" Jess asked the blonde ice blue eyed girl. Sky stirred her fork in her breakfest, "...Are we slaves?" she bluntly asked. That made the room go silent, "Well...I mean look at Oola. She has a collor and a leash on her and we humans don't know anything about ourselves excepted from that time waking up at the are we?" she asked Jess.

Jess took a breath, she rubbed a hand over her forehead, "Yes." she said. A heaviness filled the air, Pampy sniffed, Sunny covered her face and Ki glared at Sky. "...Why do you have to be such a blunt person." hissed Ki to Sky. Sky shrugged her shoulders and lifted her hands up, "Why are you angry? All I asked was the truth and for once I got it." she stated.

Pampy covered her face, "Does...this mean that...that...we might get..." she coudn't bring herself to saying "boarded". Car'mel wrapped her arms around the shaking little paite Twi'lek, "I won't let them hurt you Pam. Even if it means dying to protect you." she said with a tremble in her voice. Oola's heart was heavy for these beutiful girls that just learned that they were slaves.

"I don't can only hope for the best." said Jess, she went to get the plates when Sky grabbed a fork. She stood while holding it in her hands menancly, "You will help us get out of here, Jess or...or." "Or what?" asked Jess with a raised eyebrow. Sky thought for a second and then raised the fork up, "Or I'll stab you with this fork." Sky said as boldly as she could.

Jess double over from laughter, "That's IT!? That's the best threat you could come up with?" Jess said after calmming herself. Jess pointed a thumb over her shoulder, "Not only are there guards all around this place, but Melina is here with Bib. I can tell you this, that if Melina were here she would haved stunned you."

"Then she would dragged you to your companion's room and let them deal with you were no one could hear you scream. Oh and after the master's guest is done with you and if you are really lucky. Master would use you for target pratice and if you were really unlucky...well I think Oola can tell you what happened to her. So be happy with your role and give me the fork." said Jess.

Sky had this stunned look on her face, with trembling hands she gave Jess the fork. Jess took the fork and after gather the rest of the plates, came back to Sky and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Lisen to Oola, she has gone though the worse. She can prepare your hearts for the coming darkness, alright. And Melina will be coming soon." Jess then left after what she said.

Sky fell to her knees and sobbed her heart out, Ki went to her side and held Sky in her arms. Ki looked over at Oola, her own eyes were watery. "...W-what are we to do?" she nearly wimpered to Oola. Oola beckoned to all the girls to come in closer, Twi'lek, Human and Chagrin gathered around Oola.

"Make a circle." Oola kindly spoke to the group of slave girls. They did as they were told making a circle, Oola put one of her arms on Hirani's shoulder to her right and her left on Ki. Each girl did as Oola did, linking arms over each others' shoulder. Oola looked into the faces' of the scared group of girls. "We...are a family." she said to them.

"Though we have lost our way, lost our families, we must make a family. A family that cares, a family that loves, a family with tight bonds. A bond of words, a bond of spirit, a bond of flesh. Though we were not born of the same womb, we must learn to love each other as sisters. Sisters that laugh, that cry, that will hold each other in the darkness and in the light."

Oola gave a sad sigh, "Will all of you, be my sisters?" she asked the group. All the girls nodded their heads, "Then embrace your partner and ask her to be your sister." Oola said. Each girl then went to their partner and embraced them asking them to be their sister. Each one held each other tightly, poor Pampy was trembling in Car'mel's arms.

Oola smiled as best as she could, "You each now have a sister, that you can trully trust. You can take them to the side and tell them your fears, your hopes. If by chance your sister is not here, I am here to talk to you. I will laugh, when you laugh and I will cry, if you cry. But please follow my lead, I will guide your steps. Do not abadon your family after all...we only have each other." said Oola.

Oola then sat the group down and told them, in a very toned down version, of how to be a good girl. Sky was the most disgusted at what she might have to do, "I am NOT going to lick that thing's hand!" she declared. "Then you just...don't have to. Just be aware that those guest will be feeling you up and leering at you. So look pretty and beutiful." said Oola.

The girls were discussion amon themselves how to best do what Oola said. Most of them thought that just looking up with large eyes and tucking the chin was better then carssing or teasing their companion. Except for Sunny, "I think that my escourt would just love a little teasing and flirting." she giggled in a strange accent.

Melina then appeared with Jess in tow, "Good morning, how are you girls doing?" she said. The girls gave a simaler greeting, Sky glupped and slipped behind Ki. Melina then handed out packages that held the day's costume. "I am sure that all of you will LIKE, what I have prepared for you to wear for master's outing today."

Oola openned her package, in it was the fishnet sling bikini that Melina had her wear so many days ago. "Oh yes...a bunch of strings..." Oola mused out loud as she held it in her hands. " Melina, this won't even cover a child. How do you expect me to wear something this...tiny??" Pampy said with much dismay.

What Pampy held in her hands was a tiny two-piece, white, with gold string, mirco-bikini. Melina smiled and walked up to the smaller Twi'lek. "You don't like it, little miss blue berry?" snipped Melina. Pampy shook her head, "I don't like it. I want something that covers...more." she said. Melina then snatched the tiny bikini from Pampy's hands.

"Sorry but this is the only thing I have for you and if you are not going to wear it. Then I guess you will have to walk out there in your skin suit." stated Melina. Pampy's eyes grew to the size of small plates, "Y-y-you mean I can't wear this out there?" she asked, wrapping her arms about her dress. Melina gave pampy a sneering look, "Nope. So put this on or else..." she said.

Pampy gave a sad sigh, she took back the tiny bikini and, after taking off her dress, put it on. "It feels like my breasts will pop out if I move too quickly." she grumbled. Hiranui gave a muffled laughted, "Then you should look at Car'mel's wearing." she said. Pampy looked at Car'mel, she gave a little gasp, " very revealing." she said.

Carmel held in one hand a single white strap that would wrap about her neck,go between her breasts, down the middle of her body, cover her groining and then, in a thin string, would go up between her buttocks and connect to the neck piece. In the other hand, she held two silver pansties in the shape of sea shells.

"...I wish I had your's Pam, I would rather have nearly no surrport then nothing." she said. She too also took off her dress and put it on. Ki already had hers on, the piece of green fishnet drapped over her shoulders and covered her breasts while exposing her back. She also had a skirt of green netting about her hips. "...I agree with Car'mel." she said.

Hiranui had a black leather bikini with metal stapled like rivets along the edges. "The metal is really rubbing on my skin." she grumbled. Sunny wore a revealing yellow monokini,the strings tied together in a flowery aranagement. Sky was wearing a ice blue pasties in the shape of crystels and a ice blue c-string bikini bottom.

"I hate this, it feels like I am wearing nothing at all." Sky declared to the others. Then Jess handed bath robes to Oola and the other girls, "Now don't remove the robes until we get to the destanation." said Melina to the slave girls. The girls gave their responces of acknoledgement to Melina, "Alright, now to present you little suger buns, to the master and his guest." said Melina.

Oola and the other slave girls fellowed Melina back to the main room, "I...hope that we get to keep the robes..." wispered Pampy to the girls. Jabba and his guests were reclining and enjoying a smoke. The Hutts were using hookah while the Roidan, Quarren and Transdoshan were smoking from pipes. The Devaronian had a cigarette and the Zeltron had a small cigar.

Each of the girls went to their companion's side and all but Gorga lusted for the body underneath the robe. Jabba placed a warty hand on Oola's shoulder and let out a cloud of smoke. "Yesterday was a good start to this retreat. And though the screams of scum is a wonderful sound, it mared the scenery.

"So I did decided to take us to the legendary spa and resort, that I own, the Diamond Nebula." Jabba rumbled.The other crime lords were very intersed at what Jabba said. "So, lets go!" Jabba declared getting on his sled ith Oola. Gorga followed suit and had an arm on Sky's shoulder, the other crimelords walked along side Jabba and Gorga's sleds.

The group got onto the barge and left with the small fleet of skiffs. Jabba and his guest enjoyed the finest wines and enjoyed the company of some of the galaxy's most beutiful. The girls followed Oola's advice, they looked pretty, giggled at jokes that were made in a differant langue and made sure to keep the cups full.

Then the barge came to a stop, "Ah, that was quick." rumbled Jabba, who was holding Oola's head and whose mouth was filled with the finest of wines. He slurpped the beverage from Oola's mouth and then wrapped an arm about her waist. "Now, before we get down there. I think everybody should pull the wrapping from their girl." Jabba rumbled pulling the knot of Oola's robe.

Jabba's guest gave their ohs and ahs of seeing Jabba's girl before turning "Unwrapping" their own. "Oh yeah, this will turn heads.", "Hee hee, leather makes the ride better.", "You are such a beuty. I would love to see you in privite.", "Sssuch a temping morsel.", "This one will catch me some fish with her netting."

"Uncle, I belive that my girl should get more clothing. She is pracially naked." grumbled Gorga. Jabba pinched one of Gorga's many chins, "Oh don't complan, you have one of the best looking girls in the galaxy, on your arm." chuckled Jabba, Gorga brushed aside his uncles hand and mumbled something.

The observention deck door openned and the ramp extented, Oola sat beside Jabba on his sled in her black fishnet sling bikini and had her leash coiled in her hand. Then Gorga behind Jabba on his own sled with his arm on Sky's shoulder. Gorga was then followed by the Transdoshan who had a trembling Pampy under his arm.

Behind Pampy's companion was the Rodian who had an arm about Car'mel's waist. Then the Devaronian with Hirani and then the Zeltorn with a smiling Sunny. Then the last to depart was the Quarren and Ki under his arm, the tencules from his face carssed her left lethorn. The group was going to the front doors of a beutiful resort when the doors openned.

A Hutt,that was smaller then either Jabba or Gorga, on a hover chair come out and greeted Jabba. "Greetings honorable Uncle. Welcome to the Diamond Nebula, I-." Jabba stopped his sled and coldly stared at the smaller Hutt. The smaller Hutt mumbled something and with a grunt got off his chair, he silthered along side of Jabba's sled.

"I have perpared everything acording to what your majordomo requested. I am sure that you will have an excellent time here." said the smaller Hutt. Jabba then noticed that the smaller Hutt had a fez on his head, "Come closer, I didn't hear that last part." rumbled Jabba. So when the smaller Hutt came closer, Jabba flicked his left arm out and knocked the fez off.

"Oh my, I think the wind knock off your fez. Why don't you pick it up?" Jabba gave a gutted chuckled. The humanoid crimelords also chuckled with Jabba, Oola could hear Gorga gave a rumbling sigh. The smaller Hutt had the most nervous look about his face, "Well um...I will have one of the doormen get it for me." he rumbled, but as he was about to beckon a servent.

"Ah un ah, I want YOU to get." ordered Jabba to the lesser Hutt. The Hutt gave a grumble and bented down and tried to get his fez. Gorga and Sky were the only ones not to laugh at the Hutt trying to get his fez, Oola and the girls laughted along with their companions. Finally the smaller Hutt got his fez only to smack his face on the ground.

He got off the ground and put the fez back on his head. He wiped some dirt from his mouth, Oola read from his look that he wanted to say something but restied himself. "I shall let your host take you to the masseuses." said the Hutt picking out some sand from the corners of his drool caked mouth.

The Host was an Bith, he was well dress and had excellent posture. "This way." he said in very good Huttese. The group followed him though beutiful passaways and hallways, then the group came to a large round room. There were five pairs of Zeltron masseuses and two pairs of Gamorrean sows. "Woo hoo! Two criblezs for each of us!" declaced the Devaronian.

"*AHEM* Those are your masseuses, they are here to give you a relaxing massage. But if you desire...intamace. They can provided it after hours and under their terms." said the Bith Host. The Devaronian had already marched over to the nearest pair, "You, your friend and me. Tonight sharp." he said with a toothy smile.

The pair of Zeltrons giggled to each other, "Oh my, such a strong looking Devaronian. I wonder how much he is willing to spend?" Oh he must be rich, look at his horns, so pointy." the Zeltron masseuses giggled. Then the Zeltrons noticed Hirani behind him, "How about her? Do you want to incluced her as well?" "She has a spicy body, I wonder how she taste?" they asked.

The Devaronian looked over his shoulder to Jabba, Jabba crassed Oola's lekku. "If you want the schutta to play, then you have to buy her up front, at full price." rumbled Jabba. The Devaronian chewwed his lip,"Dah! I will wait for my free ride.But tonight, I will give the ladies a ride that they will remember." he said with a devilish wink at the two masseuses.

Those two giggled, the other zeltron masseuses were also giving the other cirmelords alluring looks. Oola smelled that same smell that Ohara produced, only more potent. "*Ahem* Ladies, please behave and do as you are told." said the Bith host. The Zeltrons gave little pouts and the smell became less, "Please my lords, come and relax." said one of the masseuses.

The humanoid crimelords removed their clothing, the Zeltron crimelord had the longest "drill" and the Devaronian had the largest "sacks of spice". "Hee hee, looks like someone is sssenstive about his drill." said the Devaronian at the Transdoshan. The lizard gave a glare at the Devaronian, "That isss becaussse it isss inssside and not hanging like an over ripe fruit." he hissed.

The zeltron masseuses quickly got their cients to sit on the massage tables. They then also removed their own clothing, "The oils that we use are quite messy." was their excuse. While the masseuses worked on the lower body of their cient, the girl that was assigned to that crimelord would hand feed him with fruit over their shoulder.

When the masseuses moved to the arms, the girl would move to the front of the crimelord. The Zeltrons used oils during the massage, they would pour it over their hands and breasts and then rubbed them on the cilent's body. The only girl that was not in a concupiscent mood was Ki, she had her nose wrinked and had a look of annoyonce on her face.

Trade Ki?...said the Shadow next to Oola, while the others were enjoying the company of beutiful naked Zeltrons and nearly naked but equally beutiful girls. Oola and Sky were each holding a bucket of live wiggling worms in muddy water that suposly added favor. Their companions were large, grossly over wieght, reeking, slimy, Hutts.

Their masseuses were two pairs of Gamorrean sows, they were nearly identical to their male counterparts. Since Hutts are mostly just fat and muscle they only need to be kneaded like giant slimy bread dough. The sows were strong enough to move nearly three tons of disgusting fat and slime.

"Oh why was I choosen?" grumbled Sky as she fished a a worm and tossed it to Gorga. He caught it in his massive mouth, and as the worm franticly tried to wiggle away, slurpped it down his mouth. "Ahh, that was tasty, another!" he bellowed to Sky. Sky had a look of disgusted on her face, "Aren't they like related to these worms Oola?" she asked Oola.

Oola picked up a wet, silthering worm and tossed it into Jabba's mouth. "No...I think they are related to slugs..." Oola said to her fellow slave. Sky kepted looking over at the other girls with jealsoy in her eyes, the humanoid crime lords were laying face down on the tables being rubbed by one of the Zeltrons.

The other Zeltron was rubbing oil on the girl who was next to them, Hirani, Car'mel, Pampy, Sunny all had a jaded look on their faces. The masseuse had the girl next to them put aside their bowl of fruit and had them play with them. The girl and the masseuse would rub their breasts together, the oil gilsened on their skin, masseuse would have love to gone farther but.

"I believe that the mud pools are ready for you my good sirs." said the Bith host. The Zeltron masseuses pouted their lips and then went to leave the room with their cloths in hand. The sows also lefted the room, "Hey! Don't forget about tonight!" said the Devaronian. The two masseuses that worked on him blew kisses at him and then left.

Then the group left the room, "Hey when do we get our cloths back?" asked the Rodian. The Bith lead them to a other room though private passaways. "You shall get them back after lunch." said the host. The room was like a suana, steam was coming from the pools of mud. "This mud will draw out any of the lactive acids from your bodies and relax your mucles."

"Please, enter the pools." said the Bith, there were two types of pools of mud, one for normal humanoid size and the other for much larger sizes. The two Hutts slid into the larger pool while the rest of the crimelords went into the other, "Can our girls come in?" asked the Zeltron crimelord.

The Bith gave a small bow, "Of course...but I would suggest that the remove their clothing. Otherwise the mud will ruin the color." he said. Oola and the girls then removed their clothing and then gave them to the host. "I will put them in the next room." he said as he left. Each of the girls went to their male companion much to Sky's dismay.

The four girls that were affected by the Zeltron masseuses' pheramoans were recovering from them. Both Pampy and Car'mel were embressed at their weakiness and Hiranui was nervously twiching her lekku. Sunny though was keeping close to her companion, she was kissing him on his neck "Jabba, why don't you have criblez for slaves?" asked the Quarren.

The Zeltron crimelord shot a quick glare at the Quarren, "My people are proud of their abilities to bring bliss. To cheat them of their pay is revolting, do not think that Zeltron courtesans are schuttas." he hissed at the Quarren. The Quarren stroked his face tentacles, "I was asking our host's opoian, not your's." he scorned at the Zeltron.

Jabba let out a sigh and playfully pulled on Oola's leash, she stood chest high in the mud and rubbed her body against his. "Have you ever head that saying: Two Corellians are a plot, three Corillnans are a conspearaion. Well two Zeltrons are an orgy and three Zeltrons are a riot." Jabba mused as his slave girl playfully licked at his muddy chin.

"So to answer your question my guest, is that though Zeltrons are most alluring, they do not make good slaves. A slave is like my little one here, obediant, alluring and knowing her place. Criblezs are loyal to themselves, they desire to have influence over the beholder and bewitch their cilents for profit."

"If I had criblez as a slave, I would try to sell her off as quickly as I could before trouble comes from her natual rebellish nature wrecks havok on my court." Jabba rumbled. Jabba, as he was talking, was feeling his slave's mud cover body. Oola playfully shifted her body in her master's grasp, "Oola is a good girl." she softly spoke to her master.

Jabba leered at his slave, he raised a finger and carssed his slave's breast to her chin. Oola let a passionite sigh escape her lips. Jabba held out his mud covered finger, offering it to his slave. Oola slid her ruby red lips over his finger and sucked the mud off of it, Yuck...but look, master is happy...mused the Shadow who was relexing in the mud next to Sky.

Oola looked up and saw that Jabba smiled at her, He is happy...Oola is making him happy...she thought to herself. Jabba then slid his finger out of Oola's mouth and put it back in the mud. "Now Humans are a differant story, you can take a harded miner, wipe her mind, put some make up on her face and she'll believe anything you tell her." Jabba mused.

The Transdoshan and Quarren both nodded their head at Jabba's statement. "Very true Jabba, those Humans think that having Vader on their side makes them invincable. I go out of my way to ensnare any humans and give them a lesson." said the Quarren. The other crimelords nodded at the Quarren's statement.

"What about Twi'leks? Those yummy worms on their head make them stand out from Humans." mused the Devaronian as he stroked Hirani's lekku. "They are quite sssensual, they ssseem to be born with ssspice in their bodiesss." noted the Transdoshan. "Yes, but Twi'leks are differant from either Zeltrons or Humans." said Gorga.

"They adapt to the situation, if they are under human rule. They are put up a fascade of the good servent until some one stronger comes along. And if they do want to rule, they wait for their chance. Twi'leks are better then Zeltrons because they can just as be alluring but stab you in back, they are better then Humans because they can actually get along with non-humans very well." Gorga said.

Oola could feel Jabba's belly shake in happiness, "Ah Gorga my boy, you know what you are talking about."Jabba rumbled with a glace to the humanoid crimelords. "But I have to disagree with that one part of Twi'leks getting to rule. They will NEVER rule, why? Because they are either cowards or schuttas, they have no guts to stick out." he rumbled.

The other crimelords gave thier own thoughts about this debate of Zeltrons vs. Humans vs. Twi'leks. "I don't care what they look like, as long as they have a hole that I can drill." said the Rodian. "Twi'leksss are better becaussse of their head tailsss." said the Trandoshan. The Zeltron was obverios bais for his own kind and Devaronian like all three.

"I like the Twi'leks because of their lack of hair, they are always smooth." said the Quarren. Then the crimelords looked at Gorga, "Gorga what do you like?" "Yesss, tell usss which one sssatifises your tassste." they asked the other Hutt crimelord. While the other crimelords were talking, Gorga had Sky rub some more mud on the flab on his back.

"Well...I like Hutts." he rumbled, their was silence as that statment floated in the air. Then all the other crimelords laughted at Gorga, "What is wrong with you!?" "Yeah, Twi'leks, Zeltrons and Humans are light years more beutiful then Hutts." "Hey, don't worry about your "Wife" knowing your real opinon of your tastes." said the others.

Gorga was annoyed at the others' remarks, his tail was stirring up the mud. "HEY! Just because I like my own speices dosn't mean that I don't appreciate a good dancer or singer. And besides, if I negect my wife and little one the consequnces would be unpleasent." he rumbled."That is why I don't have any kids of my own, they are just leeches." Jabba rumble as he stroked Oola's body.

Just as Gorga was about to reply the Bith host reappeared, "How are my sirs enjoying yourselves?" he asked. The crimelords said that their were enjoying themselves, "The next room is ready." said the host. The group of crimelords and slave girls got out of the pools and then went to another room though a passaway.

The next room was a wash room to get rid of the mud, the floor was sand stone and a waterfall was in the middle of the room. There was enough room in the waterfall for all of the crimelords and their escorts to stand and wash off. Each of the crimelords washed the mud off of their girl, only Gorga asked for a brush and sponge to use on his girl.

Oola was used to being touched by her master, besides Sunny, the other girls were uncomrable with their breasts being fondled and the thighs being carssed. After the mud was off of their bodies, the girls then washed off the mud off of their conpanion's body. Smiles were on the crimelords faces as beutiful, naked, slave girls washed their bodies clean of mud.

The host then provided white fluffy bath robes for the human shaped crimelords and slave girls. Jabba and Gorga were too large for anything avabile, then the host lead the group to the next room for lunch. It was a large baquet hall with a large round table laden with many differant types of food. Porcellus, Jess and Melina just finished filling the cups when the group came.

"Ah, welcome my lords, I hope this meal is to your taste." said the chef. The crimelords ignored the chef and went to the table and began to devour the food and drink. Oola smiled at Porcellus and mouth a thank you, Porcellus though quickly had to go back to the kichens to bring back more food. The girls each went to the sides of their companion and sat down.

The only ones to give some food to their girl were Jabba and Gorga. Jabba enjoyed hand feeding his slave girl, having a beutiful Twi'lek open her mouth and sliding her tongue out with a begging look on her face was priceless. Gorga on the other hand gave Sky her own plate and would put very tasty food on it.

After the meal was finished, the humanoid crimelords were giving beach attire, shorts and shirts with a flower pattern on them. The girls were given their costumes back and the group then was lead out of the room by their host to the beach. The beach was beutiful, white sand and blue sky and emerald water.

The host then the group to a cabana, it was luxueries and quite spacous. Their were chairs and towels and a table for them to gather about. "If there is anything that you need just asked and I will see what I can do." he said. The group gather about the table, "I think we need some entertainment." mused Jabba.

The other males agreed with him, Jabba then beckoned for Melina and Jess. "Have the little ones tease us." he ordered. Melina had the girls follow her to a spot outside of the cabana, Oola went to follow but with a tug Jabba had her by his side. "Your place is by my side." he rumbled, Oola gave a quick nod and with a flick of her lekku told Pampy, Hirani not to worry.

Melina then had the girls strip their costumes off, Jess was holding a rubber ball and then told them how to play the game. The girls were not happy but had no choice but to play, they were to hit the ball into the air and bounce it between them. The one that dropped it would have to go to center and with a jump, in full view of the crimelords, toss the ball into the air.

Porcellus had come out and was standing at a nearby table mixing drinks. But Jabba had him have Oola do the mixing, it was good thing that Oola was a quick learner. When she was done mixing she would serve the crimelord with their drink. "Here is your: Kessel Spice Rum, Corellian Sunset, Dead Man's soul with a Bloody Eye, Nal Hutta Granda, Glittersoul, Grog." she would say to the crimelord.

Everything was going great, the crimelords had their drinks, the girls were playing before them trying to keep the ball in the air and then- "*Ahem* Excuse me, can you tell your companions to put their bathing suits on." Oola and the crimelords turnned their gaze to the voice that just said those words.

For the looks of it, a waiter, of another cabana, had come over and was asking them to tell the group of naked girls to put their cloths back on. The waiter was meter tall humanoid with four arms. Oola saw that the Bith host had a look of panic on his face, "What did you sssay?" said the Transdoshan who was the nearest to the waiter.

The waiter was not imtimated by the sitting lizard, "The other guests are asking that your companions put their cloths back on. There are childern here." said the waiter. Oola then took this chance to see what he was talking about, there were more then one cabana on this beach. The other guests were giving Jabba's cabana, looks.

The females had their hands covering the childrens's eyes, the males on the other hand were stealing glances at six naked bodies that were more beutiful then they will ever see. "Oh well, I guess we have to comply." rumbled Gorga. Before Gorga could beckon for Melina, the Transdoshan stood up. "One sssecond Gorga." he hissed at the Hutt.

The Transdoshan towered over the smaller waiter, "I came here to relax and I wasss having a great time until you ssshowed up. Now, I am very anger and I want to kill sssomething." hissed the lizard at the waiter. The waiter was now nervous at what Transdoshan said, "B-but sir, the rules clearly state tha-"

The waiter didn't finish his sentence when the Transdoshan crimelord backhanded him. Oola gave a gasp and expected the waiter to be dead, he unfortuley wasn't. The crimelord planted a foot on the smaller humanoid, "Hossst, get my guardsss and a big ssstick." the Transdoshan ordered. The pale looking Bith host did as he was told.

The Transdoshan had his guards dig a hole in the sand, then they put the waiter standing up in it. The host returned with a piece of driftwood, the Transdoshan's guards buried the waiter with his arms sticking out of the sand. The crimelord gave the big piece of wood a couple swings in the air, the waiter was struggling to get out of the hole, "Please don't! I was doing only what I was told!" he pleaded.

The Transdoshan brought the piece of wood on the waiter's arms. The girls stopped playing their game of ball and huddled together as the screams of the waiter filled the air. Oola saw out of the corner of her eye, securtiy come up in their shuttle. But when they saw whose cabana it was, they stopped and quickly turnned back and got into their shuttle and drove off.

The Transdoshan didn't even break a sweat when the waiter stopped screaming, the sound of wet flesh being beaten was heard. Once the Transdoshan was done he asked the host which of the cabanas the waiter belonged to. He then dragged the corpse of the waiter to the cabana of the waiter and tossed it in front of the guests in it.

As he was coming back, he stopped and grabbed Pampy. She was scared stiffed as he licked her lekku, he then snapped at the girls telling them to play their game. The girls quickly got back to their game and the Transdoshan sat back in his chair, "Ssslave, another Dead Man with thisss eye." he said tossing one of the waiter's eyes.

Oola quickly made his drink, as she was handing it to him, the smaller Hutt that greeted them earler appeared. "Ah...hello honorable uncle, I hope I can talk with you." he rumbled. Jabba gave a sigh, "What is the matter?!" he bellowed at the smaller Hutt. The smaller Hutt was kneading his fez in his hands.

"Well honorable uncle, your guest just killed one of your waiters. I know that it was not the waiter's place to order your guest around but please ask your guest to behave." he said. Jabba gave a glare at the smaller Hutt, "You know, I am very displeased with you." Jabba rumbled. The smaller Hutt had a look of panic on his face, "W-W-What did I do?" he asked.

Jabba threw his mug at the smaller Hutt nearly hitting him in the face. "Why are there bantha poop on my beach?! I though that this would have been an privtie beach! But no, you are asking Jabba Desilijic Tiure to share what is his?!" he bellowed at the smaller Hutt. The smaller Hutt was trying to find the words to say to his emporyer.

"Well honorable uncle, this is the pritve beach. Those guest have paided top cred to be here and there are no banthas anywere on the resort grounds." said the Hutt. Jabba nearly boweled over the Transdoshan, Rodian and Oola to get over to the smaller Hutt. Jabba then roughly grabbed the corners of the smaller Hutt's mouth.

"YOU LITTLE PIECE OF SLIME! I OWN THIS PLACE! I OWN this beach! You better get them off before I have you take a salt bath!!" Jabba angerly bellowed at the smaller Hutt. The smaller Hutt quickly nodded his head and understood what he had to do. Jabba then slapped the other Hutt across his chin.

"Leave us." Jabba said as he pushed the Hutt away and then he slid back to his spot under the cabana. Oola quickly perpared another Nar Hutta Granda for her foul tempered master. He snatched it from her hands and downed it in one glup. "Stupid piece of poop, I want to know just how he got hired at my resort." grumbled Jabba out loud.

Oola noticed that the smaller Hutt slither back to his chair and the secuirty guards. The smaller got on his chair and told the guards something before leaving in a hurry. The security guards then went to the other cabanas and got the other guests to leave. The other guests were understandly upset but they had to leave the beach.

Soon the beutiful beach was void of any other guests, the sun was just setting to Oola's left. Beutiful...she thought to herself, the rays of the sun made the ocean look like a vast blanket of gold were diamonds when the waves crashed on the shore. The other girls were still playing their "game" on the beach and the amount of dropped ball were showing their weariness.

Jabba gave a yawn and told Melina to have the little ones stop their game. Melina then gave them back their attire and returned the girls to their companions. Oola also went back to her master's side, Porcellus finally got to mix the drinks. The crimelords and their beutiful escourts watched the sun set with drinks in hand, "This is the life." mused one of the crimelords.

As the sky was darking, Melina took Oola to one of the abandonaded cabana's. "Take off your fishnet and put this on your waist." Melina ordered the green Twi'lek. Oola was handed a brown grass skirt, she took off her fishnet sling bikini and put it on. Melina then painted over the tips of Oola's breasts with green body paint that matched her skin.

"What is going on Melina?" asked Oola, the costume designer was silent as she set aside her brush and put silver bracelets on Oola's wrists. The bracelets were tight enough were they won't slip off but loose enough so that they jingled when ever Oola moved her wrists. "You are going to entertain Master and his guest this evening." said Melina.

Oola nodded her head, "Will any of the other girls be joinning me?" she asked Melina. "No." stated Melina, "You will doing something...differant." Melina said. Melina then got a unlit torch and a small bottle, "Do you know how to breath fire?" asked Melina to Oola. Oola shook her head, "No, I do not." she said.

Melina gave a sigh, "We it's easy. Just make sure you spray away from you." she said. Oola pratice spewing water from her mouth in perperation for the real thing. Once Oola was comfrable with her abitiy to spew, Melina had Oola pratice twirl the unlit touch. Oola was much more comforble with twirling the touch.

"You are a quick learner." mused Melina to the green Twi'lek. Oola smile, "I must be if I want to make master happy." she said. Melina shrugged her shoulders, "The sun is almost down, time to entertain." she stated. Melina then lead Oola out of the cabana, they came to the side of Jabba's cabana were the curtin was down.

Melina then lit the ends of the touch, "Which arm do you want the bottle on?" asked Melina. Oola held out her left arm and Melina attached the bottle to it. "When you hear master say "entertainment" that is your cue." said Melina. Oola nodded her head, Melina then left the Twi'lek slave girl. You will be fine...mused the Shadow from the darkness.

Oola then heard her master musing out loud to his guest, "I must say that today was a very relaxing day. An excellent massuese followed by that most excellenct mud bath. Lunch was most delious and though the afternoon was alittle blimished, the view was most delightful. The eventhing though...could use some entertainment."

On cue, Oola leaped from her place on the side into view of the group. The Transdoshan and Devaronian were startled but then relaxed seeing it was only Jabba's slave girl. Oola skilffuly twirled the torch in her hands, she also added some kickes and jumps in her routine. She quickly stole a sip from the bottle and spewwed it at the flame.

The girls and crimelords gave their ohs and ahs as the flame erupted from the torch. Oola was amazing in her preformance, she could see the lust in her master's eyes and his grubby fingers wishfully reeling in her leash. Oola came to the concusion of her dance and after spewing a the rest of the bottle she gave a bow to the appluse of the group.

"You were amazing Oola!", "Wow!" "How did you breath fire?" were some of the girls statements. Oola smile and her lekku were wiggling out of pride, Yes I am the best...she prideful thought to herself. "Wow Jabba, how did get such a good girl?" "Yes tell us, she must have been very expensive." were some of the crimelords comments.

Jabba chuckled as he beckoned for Oola to come to his side. Oola handed off her torch and bottle to Melina who threw the torch into the dying fire. Oola went and knelt by Jabba's side, "She was a gift from my Majordomo." rumbled Jabba. Oola noticed some of the crimelords steal a glace at Bib who was silently standing with Jess.

"Wow that worm could twirl." "Huh I wonder if we should have joinned in?" two voices come the darkness. Oola looked and noticed that the two Zeltron masseuses from ealier had appeared. "The masseuses are off the clock so they are in control of their payment." stated the Bith host out loud.

The Devaranion stood up with a tooth grin, "Alright ladies, who wants to go first?" he said reaching out to grab them by the waists. Before the crimelord did anything more, one of the Zeltrons held out her hand. "First payment." she stated to the crimelord, he gave a small grumble, "How much?" he asked.

"Two thosand- said one of the masseuses, the crimelord gave a small laugh, "That's not much-" "A thrust." fellowed the other one. The other crimelords laughted as the Devarnion's mouth dropped. "That is rediclous! I am not paying that much!" he declared. The masseuses scoffed at him and left, the crimelords chuclked at the disgrunted Devaranion who had returned to his chair.

Jabba stroked Oola's right lek, Oola's body trembling at his touch. She notcied Jabba was looking at her topless body with lust and his gaze was piercing. "Today was amazing Uncle, I wonder what you in store for use tomorrow?" mused Gorga out loud. His nephew's voice caused Jabba's lust to subside for the night, "Yes...tomorrow." Jabba rumbled to himself.

The girl gave deliacate yawns while the crimelords gave loud ones. "Time to return to the villa." ordered Jabba. The group packed up and after getting on the barge returned to the villa. As Oola and the girls were going back to their rooms Jabba gave Oola's leash a tug. "Tomorrow." he rumbled to her inducting when he will enjoy her body.

"Oola shall prepare herself, master." she said to her Hutt master. Jabba smiled and after giving her after play smack across the buttocks, let her go on her way. After giving their costume back to melina, the girls took a quick bath and after putting their dresses on went to sleep. Oola gave a silent pray of thanks to her master and went to sleep on the twenty third day of her enslavment.

Day Twenty four

Oola was still on tatoonie time, she woke up before dawn. She gave a small yawn and streached out her arms, the metal joint of her leash made a small jingle. She smack her lips and then felt the urge to use the waste room. She let the leash drag behind her as she went to the waste room.

She was surpised that the waste room was actually a fully fuctionay restroom. The was a porcelen sink with soap, a matching flushing toilet that was padded. Then the shower was in a glass box, Maybe it sprays warm water...Oola thought to herself. Oola rearganged her costume so that she could sit down and do her dumping.

The seating on the toilet was very nice and relaxing. Even after she was done, Oola just sat on the toilet and thought to herself, Why doesn't master have this back at his palace?...she sigh whimsical. Well probaly because girls could drown themsevles or bash their head against it and kill themselves...snarked the Shadow.

Oola rolled her eyes at the Shadow, "In the past maybe, but Oola has lifted the spirits of the girls so that they care about each other." she snipped at the Shadow. The Shadow phased though the glass box of the shower. Well if you are so confindent that won't happen why don't you ask master?...It asked with haughty look in it's yellow eyes.

Oola openned her mouth to speak but she could bring herself to say anything. The Shadow gave a chuckle, See...even IF master does lisen to you...all it will take is one desperate and stupid girl to send you to the barracks...It coldly stated to the Twi'lek slave girl. Oola bit her lip and got up and cleanned herself with some toilet paper and pressed the lever that flushed her waste.

"It would be silly to ask master for such a trival thing." Oola said shifting her costume back in place. Oola was about to walk out of the restroom when the Shadow cleared It's thort, "What?!" snapped Oola at the Shadow in the box. I wanted to take a shower insead of a bath...It mused as It brushed a shadowy lek off It's shoulder.

Oola paused mid-stird, she gave a sigh and let her lekku flicker in annoynce. "Fine." she grumbled as she stripped the costume from her velvet green body. She slipped off her headband and left it ontop of her fishnet costume. She pulled one of the glass panels openned and stepped inside of the shower.

There were two levers underneath the showerhead, I think the one on the right is for warm water...said the Shadow. Oola turnned the lever to her right and ice cold water shot out, Oola gave a gasp as she turnned the lever of cold water off. I think I said "Right lever" as in the shower's right...snarked the Shadow to the shivering Twi'lek girl.

Oola glared at her Shadow, "You knew turning that lever would spray cold water didn't you?" snipped Oola. The Shadow shrugged It's shoulders, I just know what you know...and alittle more...It said with that ice white smile. Oola wrinked her nose and then turned on the warm water of the shower.

The warm water cascaded onto her beutiful, naked, velvet green body. Oola gave a deep sigh as the pleasure of warmth washed over her naked body. She smiled out of simple happiness, a moment of bliss that she enjoyed. Oola took a bar of soap and rubbed it on her body, Do you need someone to help wash your back?...mused the Shadow.

"The girls are not-" Oola stopped speaking as she saw something out of the corner of her eye. She turned to see who it was, it was Sky sitting on the toilet using it. "Don't mind me. Just dumping." said Sky to Oola. Once Sky was done she looked at Oola, "Were you talking with someone?" she asked.

Oola was rubbing the soap on her lekku when Sky asked her that question. "What makes you think I was talking to someone? I could have just been talking to myself." said Oola. Sky flushed the toilet and washed her hands, " just seemed you a differant languae." said the human girl.

Oola then looked at Sky, "Do you think that you can wash my back?" the Twi'lek asked the Human girl. "Oh...I was going to take a bath, but sure I can do that." said Sky. The blond haired girl took off her dress and stepped into the shower. She took the bar of soap from Oola's hand and rubbed it on Oola's back.

"Were did you learn how to spit fire?" asked Sky, Oola flipped her long lekku so they were now covering her chest. "Last night at the beach." was Oola reply to Sky, Oola felt the bar of soap pause mid-motion. "What?! Are...are you saying that last night was your first time doing that?" questioned Sky to Oola.

" were so amazing! It was as if you were born with the talet." Sky said. Oola smiled at that remark, "It's is important to make master happy." said the green Twi'lek. Sky gave a small grumble, "Why is it so important to make that giant slug happy?" she asked Oola. "There is some shampoo here. May I wash your hair?" asked Oola.

Oola question was an obvious side step to Sky's question. "Sure that would be fine." said the blond hair human. Oola and Sky switched places, "Oh my, the water feels great. Much warming then the pools." said Sky. Oola rubbed some shampoo in Sky's blond hair, "It's strange, being a Twi'lek, I never had to worry about washing my hair." mused Oola.

Sky gave a small chuckle, "Well I don't understand how you can walk about with two long tenacules dangling from the back of your head, Oola." she said. Oola was about to answer when she heard someone coming. It was the rest of the girls coming to investagate the sound of running water.

"Oh, hey Oola!" "Oh wow, I didn't know there was a shower in here!" "...The toilet looks very comforble." "Hey Sky, make some room!" were the clamor of the other girls. The restroom became crowded as seven girls were all occupying it. The girls were still talking about yesterday and how amazed at Oola's performance.

"Oola, you were amazing last night!" "Oola, can you teach me to do that?" "Those massuses were really deviant." "Yeah but that mud bath was really relaxing." "I hated that "game" why did we have to do it?" "Well obiously to show off our bodies and make everyone jeasouly." "Why did Pam's escout have to kill that one waiter, he did nothing wrong."

As Oola and the girls talked about yesterday, they routated in and out of the shower. It was comforting to see that the girls were not a shamed of their nakiness with each other. Oola was smiling as she watched as this group of girl interacted with each other. "Oola what do you think we will be doing today?" asked one of the girls.

Oola fingered her leash, "I do not know, but we should be prepared to dance, sing or please our lords." she said. Pampy gave a small grumble, "Do you think that we will have to get naked again? I just felt very uncorfmable when we on the beach yersterday." she said. "I agree with Pam, the only one that didn't look interstaed was Sky's guy." said Car'mel.

Oola shrugged her shoulder, the girls were done with showering and using the restroom. They filed out to the lounge area, It was perfect timing, once the girls got their dress on (costume for Oola) Jess appeared with their breakfest. "Ready for some yummys?" the white haired human asked.

The girls lined up and were handed their breakfest from Jess, "Thank you Jess." said Oola. The girls sat down among their sleeping area and just started to eat when Melina showed up. "Well I guess I will have to talk over your sloppings." the costume desigher snarked. "Today, the master and his guests will be expecting a sensual dance for you, schuttas." said Melina.

"Will we have to be naked for this dance?" asked Pampy with her mouth full of food. "Did I say you have to get naked? No, I said sensual you blue worm." snapped Melina at Pampy. Pampy lowered her eyes and with a sniffle shallowed her food. "It's ok Pamp, it's ok." Car'mel said comforting the fairy blue Twi'lek.

Melina rolled her eyes and then looked at Oola, "Oola, make sure that this schuttas have some spice in their steps alright."she stated at the green Twi'lek. Oola quickly nodded her head, "Of course Melina, Oola will make sure the girls will bring the spice today." she said. Then just as Melina was leaving the room, the Shadow wispered something in Oola's ear.

"Um Melina." Oola called to the Human, Melina paused and turned her gaze at her master's slave girl. "It would be helpful if you give us today's costumes, so we can make a routine base on them." said the Twi'lek. Melina thought for second before replying, "I will bring them for you schuttas to try on. But no dancing in them." said Melina.

Oola nodded her head in appovle, "Thank you Melina." she said. Melina left Oola and the girls to their breakfest. "Why is she such a mean perosn? It's like she wakes up with a bitter taste in her mouth." said Pampy. "Well Pampy, Melina is always under alot of stress. Be a alittle lentiant with her alright." said Jess to Pampy.

The girls finished their meal in silnce, they put their plates back on the table for Jess to take. "Can you tell the chef thanks for the meal." said Sky to Jess. "Oh yeah, tell him thanks for the meal. Car'mel followed up. "Yeah the meal was great, tell him thanks for me too." said Pampy. "...The meal was tasty." said Ki as she put her plate on the table.

"I will tell Porcellus that all of you enjoyed your meal." Jess said as she walked out of the room with the table laded with plates. Oola stood up and clapped her hands together, "Let's move the custions and pillows out of the way." she said. The girls did as Oola said, clearing the pillows and custions to make room for their dance.

Oola was the center, Pampy and Car'mel were to her left. Sky and Ki were to Oola's right and Hirani and Sunny were behind Oola. They pratice doing differant routines based on differant type of clothing. If it was loose clothing then the dance was quick with many twirls. If the clothing was tight then the dance would body shifting with kicks and hand waves.

The girls were very good at learnning the steps Oola showed them. Not only were they good at learnning but also at understanding were thier partner would be at. Pampy was no longer hitting Car'mel with her lekku. Ki and Sky balance thier dance by stepping away from each other. Sunny and Hirani were perfect in their routine.

Oola and the girls were in the process of mixing up the slow and quick dance routines when Melina showed up with their costumes. "Make sure that you dry yourselves before you put them on." snipped Melina to the dancers with beads of sweat on thier bodies. Oola took a towel and passed it around to the other girls.

They dried themselves and once Oola wiped herself dry Melina passed about the packages that held the costumes. Oola openned the package that Melina had handed her and reganized what she will be wearing that day. It was that black dress that Melina had her wear that one day so long ago.

Well now...I guess the style of dance will have to be quick with twirls...mused the Shadow beside Oola. Oola took off her fishnet costume and put on the black dress, she looked down and ran her hands up and down the dress. It went down to her kness and showed off plenty of skin, the perfect dress show off a schutta before any spectators.

"Why can't we have dresses that cover more?" asked Sky, in her ice blue dress. Oola looked about at the other dresses, they were the same style as her but differant leanths and colors. Hirani's was silver, Ki was green, Sunny was yellow, Pampy was white and Car'mels was ivory. Melina gave a sneer at Sky, "You compline alot don't you." she said.

Sky was about to say something when Ki bumped her with her hip. "...Sky, what do you think off dancing in this?" she asked her Human counterpart. Sky took a couple steps in place before giving her answer, "Ahh...alright, I guess we will do the loose style that Oola was teaching us." said Sky. The other girls agreed with Sky, "Alright, give me back the dress." said Melina.

The girls gave back the dresses to Melina, "If we are going to wear them later, why not just leave them here?" asked Car'mel. Melina gave a scoff, "Because you will rip them and I get blamed for you being a schutta." she snipped. Car'mel wrinkled her nose but remained silent as Melina left the room with the dresses.

Oola and the girls contiuned pratincing thier routines when eventually Jess appeared. She was carring a bag of beuty supplies, "Ok, here is what is going on. I will do hair first and then work on the tenacul things, alright." she said. Though the Human and non-Human girls were to go to the restroom at differant times, they all were gathered waiting by the door frame.

Jess then taught the non-Human girls how to help their Human cornerpart with their hair. After showing Pampy, Ki and Hirani how to wash the Human girl's hair. Jess then had them dry Sky, Car'mel and Sunny's hair. Pampy then shairghted Car'mel's long white hair with and iron.Hirani put curlers in Sunn's shoulder lenth hair and Ki brushed Sky's short blond hair.

"Be careful Pam, you don't want to cook Carm's hair do you? Hirani good job on those curls. Don't brush too hard Ki." Jess said insruting the girls. As the Human girls' hair was setting, Jess had the two Twi'leks and Chagrian do the Human girls' make-up. Car'mel had white make up, Sunny had sun orange and Sky had ice blue.

Now it was for the non-Human's turn to get pretty, the Human girls put lotion on their hands and rubbed it on the lekku and the lethorns of the Twi'leks and Chagrian. "Now Carm, be gentle with Pam's head tenacules. See how they are getting enlarged, either they are aggirtated or she is thinking naughty thoughts..."

"I am NOT thinking naughty thoughts!" the fairy blue Twi'lek exclaimed. "Oh really...then why are you blushing, Pammy." mused Sunny. Pampy's cheek's turned even more blue as she tried to find the words. "Leave Pam alone, Sunny. If you don't hurry up, Hirani will still be waiting for you to rub her...what are those things...oh yeah lekku." said Car'mel.

After the Human girls were done rubbing the lotion on their counter part, they worked on the non-Human's make-up. Pampy had white with silver high lights. Hirani had black with silver high-lights. Ki's was green with crimson highlight, "What about Oola? Who is doing her make-up?" asked Pampy looking at the green Twi'lek.

Oola had been looping the tip of her lek on her finger as she watched the girls do their make-up. "Um...Jess, will you be doing my make-up?" she asked the Human girl. Jess shook her head, "No, Melina said that she will be doing your make-up." she said. Oola shrugged her shoulders, "Alight, Melina problay has something speical." she said.

Like make you speical for master's taste...sneered the Shadow next to Oola. Oola masked her fear with a smile, "Alright, Hirani can you take Sunny's curlers out of her hair?"Jess asked the purple Twi'lek. Hirani nodded her head and went to work on taking th curlers from Sunny's orange hair.
Once the curlers were out, Sunny shook her hair. "Wow, you have really nice hair." Hirani said to Sunny.

The Human girl smiled, " did a good job." Sunny said to the purple Twi'lek. Melina once a again appeared, she was once again had the packages that held the dresses and she had a bag with her.
"Jess have the little schuttas get their dresses on outside of the dumproom." Melina ordered the other Human girl. Jess quickly did as she was told herding the other girls out of the restroom.

Soon Oola and Melina were the only ones in the restroom. Melina had Oola sit on the lid of the toilet so she do the make up easier.
Melina put lotion on her hands and rubbed it over Oola's lekku making them glimmer. Oola kepted her eyes closed as Melina lathered her lekku. Melina then pulled out from her bag the make-up case she used for Oola. She used purple eye shadow with silver hight on Oola's eye lids. "Melina, why are you not putting the normal amount?" asked the Twi'lek.

Melina gave Oola one of her fake smiles, "Becuase Master wants a privite lesson, my dear." she said with a sneer. Oola hid her disgusted with her own fake smile, "Oola is a good girl." she said. Once Melina was done, she took Oola's head band and put it oh Oola's head. "There all pretty for master." she said with grin.

Melina handed Oola the package with her dress in it. Oola openned it up and pulled it over her body. She looked at herself in the mirror that was by the sink. She was a sight to behold, her tattoed ruby red lips glised. Her eye shadow made her tatooed brows stand out and her lekku glinsed from the lotion.

Don't you look tasty...mused the Shadow behind Oola. Oola faked a smile, Yes...she thought to the Shadow. Melina then handed Oola a small hand bag, "This bag has a small mirror and some extra make-up." said the costume designer. Oola took the small bag and looped the cord about her wrist.

Oola then left the restroom and joined the other girls who were also in their dresses. In the packages were also simple sandels that the girs put on. Oola held her coiled leash in one hand and her hand back in the other as she and the girls followed Melina out of the room. Once again Oola and the girls come to the large room were Jabba and his guests were enjoying a smoke.

"So today," rumbled Jabba as looked at his guest, "I belilve that we need to go and see some entertainment of the normal people. So today we will be going to the grand staduim and seeing some Huttball!" Jabba declared. Jabba and his guests went onboard his barge and went to a very large stadium in the middle of a city.

Jabba's barge went though the privtive entrance to the stadium. Jabba on his hover sled disembarked from his barge with his guests in tow. Oola sat nexted to her master, her leash in his right hand. Jabba's group came to the entrance and Oola guessed the owner of the stadium was waiting for them.

The owner was a Herglic, a massive being that was nearly nine feet tall with black oily skin. He was wearing a suit and his boots were large enough that four of the girls could easily wear them together. "Hmmm, welcome Mr. Desilijic, to my humble stadium." rumbled the large humanoid. Jabba smiled and and nodded his head, "You are most generous my friend." rumbled Jabba.

A small hovering protocal droid translated for the Herglic. The much taller humanoid walked along side Jabba's sled as the group went to the privtive elevator. The elevator was quite large easily holding Jabba, the Herglic owner, Jabba's guests, Bib, Melina, Jess, Oola, Pampy, Sky, Car'mel, Ki, Sunny, Hirani and Procellus.

"Hmmm today's match is going to be one for the vids. The Tyrant Krayts are on a trail to glory but the Rampanging Rancors are also on a winning streak," mused the large Herglic. The Quarren gave a coff, "Though the Krayts are on roll, they lost their starting captain to an ingury last game and the Rancors are at full streanght." he said with his arm on Ki's shoulder.

The Herglic gave a chuckle, "Hmmm you are quite informed, but it is not my place to influnce any betting decides." said the Herglic. Then the elevator came to a stop and the large doors openned. The group then entered a large spacous room, a kichen,there were couches and tables and a barkeeper with a fully loaded bar behind him.

"Hmm so, just as your Majordomo asked, the rooms above, below and to the sides of this room are vacant. The balcony is protected by state of the art deflecter shields that won't block you view of the field. Your chef is in one of the other rooms perparing, what ever. And bar keeper will handle any drink request." rumbled the Herglic.

The other crimelords were already ordering their drinks from the barkeeper. Oola felts Jabba's hand stroking her back and fingering her lekku. Oola's lekku flicked in resposed to the carrsing. The tips of her breasts harded underneath the loose dress and her master took noticed of her arousement.

"Well Uncle, this is quite generous of you to do all this, thank you." rumbled Gorga as he slid off his hover sled with Sky at his side. Jabba grunted a replie to his nephew and slid off his own sled with his arm on Oola's waist. "Well is there anything else that you want to tell us before you leave?" Jabba rumbled to the Herglic.

After hearing the translation, the Herglic was about to say something, when he remembered something. He turned about and lumbered over to the bar, the other crime lords and their girls turnned about and faced the nine foot tall gaint. The Herglic pointed a large finger in the face of the Transdoshan crimelord.

"HMMM, there is to be NO killing, understood." rumbled the massive manger to all to hear. Transdoshan gave a sneer and took a glup from his mug, "I don't know if I can keep my temper in check." he said. The Herglic withdrew his finger, "Hmm, keep your tempers to yourselves and if I get any complies I will be talking with Mr. Desilijic about it." he said.

The other crimelords went on their way to the balcony as the manger walked by Jabba. "Hmm, please enjoy the game." said the manger as he went back into the elevator and left the room. With a grunt Jabba went to the balcony with Oola by his side. Oola's master held her leash in his left hand with his right feeling her body.

"I am looking for to the dance you and the other snacks will perform." Jabba rumbled to his slave girl. Oola nodded her head, "Yes, master." she coyishly said. The spacous balcony had an amazing view of the stadium. The Hutts had custions while the others had chairs, also there were small tables for drinks.

Jabba took the spot in by his nephew and the Quarren. "Now then perhaps we should have among ourselves a friendly wager of who will win." mused Jabba outloud. That little muse was what all the other crimelords were waiting for. The group was devided to two groups and Jabba was the neutruel party to hold all the wagers.

Oola and the other girls were little more then arm candy, sitting next to their companion looking about at the other girls. Well except for Sunny, she had her eyes on her Zeltron companion. "Why is Sunny so entranced by that Zeltron, Oola?" Pampy silently asked Oola though the sutle twitches of her lekku.

"Do you remember how those massueses were very alluring? Zeltrons use a pheramoan to ensnare their lovers, so Sunny is probalily trapped in her body helpless to do anything." replied Oola to the fairy blue Twi'lek. Pampy gave a timed nod, then from the sounds of the crowd the game had started.

Oola had never seen a game quite like Huttball before, it seemed completely oafish to her. People taking a ball and trying to take it to the other side of the field. The comentor said over the loud speaker that Huttball has gone a little tamer then it was in the past. No use of dangerous weapons and the traps just stun you instead of melting your face off.

The crimelords were really into the game laughing when one of the players got stunned and groanning when one of their players got taken down. Jabba and the others crimelords would have their girl go and get either drink or food from inside of the room. Oola and the other girls did as they were told, the food that was on the plates made their mouths water.

Hey Oola!...don't even think about stealing a piece without master's consent...snipped the Shadow next to Oola. Oola's lekku twitched behind her back, Yes, yes I know...she grumbled back at the Shadow. She was about to quickly pop into her mouth a small piece of bread that was toasted perfectly and was dripping in butter.

Master won't mind...Oola tried to convince her Shadow. The glare that came from It's eyes caused Oola to bit her lip and finish loading the platter for her master. The crimelords were not in the mood of sharing their food with the game being so intease and the girls did not want to risk upsetting them by asking them if they could have some food of their own.

After some time, it was the half way mark for the brutish game. The score was twenty to twenty-two aparnty a low scoring game. "I hope we get to eat..." Pampy silently asked Oola. "You might eat if your performance is pleasing." stated Bib to the Twi'lek girls. Oola and nearly forgotten that Bib could also speak Twi'leki.

The group then moved from the balcony to inside the spacous room. Oola noticed Jess setting a music box off to the side. "So my friends, as we wait, my little one and her friends will give us a pritive half time show." Jabba rumbled. The crime lords took their seats while Oola and the other girls postioned themselves for the dance.

Jabba waved his grubby hand at Jess, "Play!" he bleched. Jess pushed a button on the music box, the music started low then went high. Oola and the dancers did their dance that they praticed early that day. Twirling, leaps and high kickes were the dancers' focus, their spectators were entranced by their movments.

The music came to a close and the dancers gave a twirl and a bow. The crimelords gave their applause, Jabba and Gorga slapped their belly making a loud drumming sound. "Marvelous!", "Stunning!", "Amazing!", "You have gotten the very best, Uncle!", were some of the complments that the other crimelords gave to Jabba.

Jabba nodded his massive head, "Yes..." but he was not looking at the other crimelords. Oola looked away from her master's lustful gaze. "Though the dance was good I must have a word with my little one about her...performance." rumbled Jabba as he slithered over to Oola. Jabba took Oola's leash and lead her out of the room.

Jabba and Oola went into the elevator and went down a floor. "You were quite spicy my sweet." rumbled Jabba to his slave girl. Oola faked a smile, "Did Oola make master happy?" she asked coyishly. Jabba smiled and licked the side of Oola's face, "You will." he rumbled. The doors openned and Oola and her master entered the room.

The room was very simaler to the room that Oola had just left, except the shades were down giving the room a dark, errey look. Oola though noticed there were numious boxes lining the wall. She also smelled food being cooked, "Is Porcellus cooking something?" Oola asked out loud. Jabba though was rubbing his grubby fingers on Oola's back.

"Your dress is in the way." Jabba slobbered. A chill went though Oola's spine, she gripped the her dress in fear. "Master...Oola is...tried from please...please..." she wimpered. Jabba tighted Oola's leash, "Remove you clothing, slave." he ordered the trembling Twi'lek girl. Oola gave a wimper as her hands went to the strap under chin.

Oola removed her headband first and tossed it aside. She then removed the small waist bag with her sandels and tossed them with her headband. Jabba's tongue added another layer of slime to his lips as his slave girl removed her dress. The black, loose dress fell to the floor by her bare feet. Oola stooded naked before her bloated master. "Be gentle, my lord." wimpered Oola.

He wasn't. After fifithneen minues of being a schutta, Oola was left panting on one of the tables, covered in sweat and saliva. Jabba licked his grubby finger that he used to probe Oola's green body. "After you get dressed, you can have your own plate." rumbled Jabba to his pleasure slave.

Oola weakly looked up at her master, "Master is so kind." she said. Jabba slithered back into the elevator and left Oola on the table. Oola pushed herself off the table and sat on the floor cradling her knees. Master is happy...mused the Shadow next to the hunched Twi'lek. Oola wiped some slime from the corner of her mouth.

"Why can't master be alittle more gentle?" asked Oola to her Shadow. The Shadow shrugged it's shoulders, Perhaps that is the only way he can show you that he loves you...It said. Oola gave a sigh, Is...this what I wanted?...To be a stripped of honor and love...Is this what I was fated for?...she thought to herself.

She gave another sigh, as she stood up there was another sigh not of her own. Oola eyes grew wide, was there another person in the room? "Who...who's there?" she said out loud in the dark room. Silence was all that she heard, Must be your imagation...stated the Shadow. Oola nodded her head and went over to get her clothes.

As she bent down to get her sandels, she noticed something. A towl, neatly folded, had been placed nearby her sandels. How did that get there?...said the Shadow alittle bewilded. Oola looked about to see who placed it, It must have been put here by Jess or Melina...Oola thought to herself as she used the towl to clean the flith from her body.

She put her sandels, dress and her headband back on. She used the make-up kit from her small bag and reapplied her eye shadow. She left the towl on the table and went back into the elevator. As she reached out to pressed the button, she noticed the down button. She paused and let a thought go though her mind.

I could ran away...she thought, she was alone with no one watching her. She could go to the authorites and get the collor off her neck, she could go back home and life would be back to normal. The Shadow's eyes were bright yellow as it burnned a hole though Oola's back, Don't you even think about it...It hissed at the green slave girl.

Oola gluped, the consequenses for getting caught for trying to run away were most grave. She pressed the button that would take her back to the room that her master resided in. The elevator took her back to her master's room and went in. The game had started so Jabba and his guest were out on the balcony.

Oola were to the serving table and dished up a plate of food for herself. She went back out to the balcony and took a seat by her master. As she ate she noticed that the other slave girls had a look of hunger as they looked at Oola. Oola ate a couple of pieces and then passed her plate to the girl to her left and mouthed, "Share."

The other girls were very gratful as they took some food from Oola's plate. The crimelords were too focus on the game to belittle the slave girls passing food amon themselves. The game was just the same brutish game it was just alittle while ago. Besides Sunny, who just enthralled with her companion, the other girls were uncomforble with the game.

"When will we be back at the villa Oola?" Hiranui silently asked Oola. "After the game." Oola silently said to the regal purple Twi'lek. It took three over time for the game to come to an end, the Tyrant Krayts won over the Rampanging Rancors, sixty-three to sixty. Jabba and his guests relaxed in their room smoking waiting for the area to be vacate.

The large Herglic manger came to the suite, "Hmmm,well now, how do you enjoyd the game?" he rumbled. Gorga, the Transdoshan and the Rodian were quite pleased with the outcome of the game. The Zeltron, Devaronian and Quarren were not happy being on the losing side of the bet. "Me thinks, some body did something underhanded..." murmmed the Devaronian.

Gorga slyly smiled at the Devaronian, "You are just upset that you were on the losing side." he chuckled. The Devaronian gave Gorga a annoyed look, "Yeah, yeah." he sneered. The manger then asked for the group to follow him down on to the field. "Hmm, you will really like it." he rumbled.

The group went into the elevator, after so going down for sometime, they came to the field. Oola sat beside her master's side on his hoversled, Oh my...she thought to herself. Beening on the field was very differant then been up in the suite. A shiver went up thought Oola's back, So this is what they mean by beening on the big stage...she thought.

Oola could imagion the pressure of thousands of fans cheering or heckling the players on the field. That would be most exciting...she thought to herself, the pressure would only fuel the desire to be perfect. It is some what the same as when you dance before master right?...mused the Shadow next to her.

Oola let her right lek twitch in agreement, Yes...she thought. She closed her eyes and thought back to beening back at the palace. The smoke filled the air as she danced at the end of her leash, the rude sounds from the crowd filled the air. Oola gave a beutiful leap in the air followed by a high kick, the crowd shouted for more but then her leash became tight.

Her master's eyes gleammed though the cloak of smoke with lust for her fishnet covered body. Oola struggled on her leash as she was dragged to her master's throne. She begged for the gropping to stop but all her pleds were ignored. The intoxicating feeling of submission filled her body and then she openned her eyes.

She was still there by her master's side in the stadium. Her body though had been aroused by the memory, the tips of her beutiful breasts were hard and her lekku were enlarged. "My, my, are you thinking of something naughty, my sweet mint?" mused Jabba. Oola tucked her chin amd looked away, her way of showing to Jabba that she was embrassed.

The group then went up onto the centerual buliding of the playing field. Their was a large table set up laden with a a mountian of food. Porcellus was just finishing when the group came up and took their seats. "Enjoy, my lords." Porcellus said with a bow and then he went off to perpare more food.

The girls sat by the sides of their companions, Oola could hear a deliacate growl come from her stomach as the crimelords groged themselves on the food. Oola glaced up to see her master had paused in his gluttony. "Oh ho ho, is my little one hungery?" he rumbled. Oola's eyes shined, she smiled at her master, "She, is my lord." Oola cooded.

Jabba took some meat and tossed it onto the ground, "Eat, my pet." he rumbled. Oola courched on the ground and ate it off the floor. As she was eatting the delious piece of meat, Jabba reached down and stroked her back, below her collor to her buttocks. "Good girl, Oola, good girl." he rumbled to his slave.

Oola wiggled her hips in response to being touched, Jabba tossed another piece of meat on the ground for her to eat. Oola tore into the meat with zeal, Delious...she thought. The other crimelords had noticed what their host was doing with his girl. They decided to follow his lead and have the girl next to them beg for food.

The Transdoshan had Pampy on her knees, her hands clasped together begging for food. The Quarren was having Ki eat out of his hand. The Rodian was tossing pieces of food into the air for Car'mel to catch in the air. The Zeltron had Sunny straddle his knee and had her eating from his lips. The Devaronian had Hiranui on his lap having her eat out of his hand.

Gorga gave a scoff, "I am much more civilized then you." he snorted at the Quarren next to him. The blue eye squid looked at Gorga annyoed, "What are you saying?" he asked the large Hutt. Gorga then took a small plate and filled it with food, he then looked at Sky who was sitting upright with her arms locked about her knees.

Gorga waved the plate in front Sky's face, "Food." he rumbled at the slave girl. The smell of mouth watering food got Sky's anttece. She reached out to grab the plate but Gorga pulled it away, "Food. Food." he rumbled again. Oola raised a tattooed eye brow, What is he doing?...she thought to herself.

Sky glace down and then back up at Gorga, "Food." she said. Oola tilted her head, Gorga was teaching her how to say food...she thought to herself. Gorga smiled at the human girl, "Food, please." he rumbled. Sky was catching on to what the large Hutt was doing, "Food, please." she said with smile.

Gorga handed the plate to the blond haired girl and patted her head as she gladly ate her food. "See how my girl is much more happier than yours. I know how to be a good master." he proudly rumbled at the Quarren. The blue eyed Quarren glaced at his Chagrian companion, though she was eatting out of his hand she did not seem happy.

The Quarren push Ki's away from him and he mumbled something. Ki wiped her mouth and looked at her "sister" eatting happyly. The Herglic manager had lefted to do something as the crimelords were enjoying their banquet. Jabba dangled a piece above Oola's head, the juice from the meat dripped down from Oola's chin as she bite into it.

Yum...she thought as she ate the piece of meat. Oola felt Jabba's grubby finger stroke the middle of her exposed chest, "Good girl, Oola, good girl." he rumbled. Oola gave a soft moan as she finished eating the piece of meat. Oola then lowered her head and playfully licked her master's finger.

Jabba smiled and just as he was about to say something, something caught his eye. Oola followed her master's gaze, turnning her own behind her. The Herglic manger had returned with another group, Oola recanzed the group immedanty. "Hmmm, my honorable guest, my I present the Tyrant Krayts." he rumbled.

Though the group of players were in suits, they had that hardred look in their eyes. The Tyrant Krayts manager was a plump Gran, a three-eyed humanoid. "I think it's picture time." said the manager. Judging from the player's reactions, they were tired but were probiliy under contract to do these after game interactions with V.I.Ps.

Oola and her master watched as the other crimelords got their pictures taken with the players. The players did group and single pictures with the various crimelords and their girls. "Uncle come and have your picture taken." rumbled Gorga. Jabba gave a grunt and with Oola by his side slither over to were the picture were being taken.

Even the players were weary of being close to Jabba, What is their problem?...oh...maybe it's master's smell...Oola thought. She had been with her master for so long, that she had forgotten that he smelled like a pile of sun baked manure. Oola smiled for the camara and gave a sulty look for the next picture.

Looking good...mused the Shadow next to Oola, Oola then felt a finger tap her shoulder. Who is tapping me?...she thought to herself as she look to see. It was one of the player of the Tyrant Krayts, "What's yah name?" he asked of Oola. Oola's lekku twitched behind her back, "...Oola." she replied to the musculer player.

"After yah are done escorting, why don't yah give me a call and I want to take you out someplace nice." he said handing Oola a napkin with numbers drawn on it. Don't you dare!...Master is right next to you!...shriek the Shadow. Oola could feel her master's eyes apon her, drilling a hole though her body.

"No, I can't! I um...have other things..." Oola quickly made an excuse. The player though won't take no as an answer, he slipped the napkin into Oola's dress, over her left breast. "Well when yah get the time, call." he said with a playfully slap across her buttocks. Oola gasp in surpise, she clutched her hands over her breast with her leash in hand.

How rude!...she thought to herself of the player's action. Jabba though continued with the pictures and soon after the players sign some autographs left with their manager. Jabba gave a yawn, "Well today was a very good day." he rumbled. He gave his thanks to the Herglic manager and the other crimelords did the same.

"Hmmm, you are all welcomed. And thank you for not making any trouble." he rumbled. The towering manager then led the group back out of the stadium and to the barge. As they were about to board, Jabba called for Bib and asked him for something. Bib then produced a bag which he gave to the manager.

"For excellent service." said Jabba in basic. The manager gave a bow and thank Jabba for the tip, "Hmmm, I hope that you decided to come back next year." rumbled the manager. Jabba smiled and wented into the barge with his guests. Oola felt the piece of paper rubb against her breast, Oola should tell master about what happened...she thought.

As the barge left the stataduim, Oola came close to her master. With trembling hands, she held the napkin, "M-master." she said cautionsly. The large and over weight Hutt looked down at his slave girl. Oola held out the napkin with the numbers showning, "One of the players gave your slave this and was rude when he slapped her buttocks." Oola said.

Jabba took the napkin and wiped his mouth with it, "You are wise my slave, for if you had with held this from me. I would have to punish you." he rumbled at Oola. The green Twi'lek shifted nervously, "Master is happy...right?" she asked. Jabba let out some hookah smoke from his mouth, his grubby hand went to Oola's breasts, "Very." he rumbled.

The group returned to the villa, Oola and the girls went back to their room. Jabba gave his pet a playful slap across the buttocks, "Good night." he rumbled as he slid off. Once back in their room, the slave girls stripped their costume for the day and gave it to Melina. After a quick bath, they went to bed. Oola gave a pray of thanks to her master and went to sleep on her twenty fourth night as Jabba's slave.

Day Twenty Five

The sun more rose over the villa on the water covered planet. Oola once more woke up early then any of the other girls. She rolled onto her back and stared up at the cieling, What are you thinking about?...asked the dark entiy that dwelled within Oola's mind. The velvet green Twi'lek gave a small sigh.

Why couldn't master have this as his palace? Instead of that dump hole on that sandy planet...she silently grumbled to the Shadow. The Shadow gave a grunt, Well...perhaps there is more to him being on Tatoonie then here?...Is it close to Ryloth so prehaps he choose it because it is close to spice and slaves...mused the Shadow.

Oola gave another sigh, home...a world of slaves and cowards...she bitterly thought. She got up and with beutiful gracful steps came to one of the pools. After taking off her costume, she coiled up her leash in hand and silently slipped into the pool. Oola let go of the leash and watched it sink to the bottom of the pool.

Oola stroked her long lekku with her hands and made them flick about. Even without another's touch, Oola could recall a memory and her lekku would become enlarged and sensitive. Oola gave a sigh at the sight of her lekku. My body does not belong to me...she thought as she let her lekku go back into the water.

Oola could her her Shadow give a sigh, It also slipped into the pool. Why are you so down?...the yellow eyed Shadow asked. Oola stirred the water in the pool with her hand, I don't know...maybe it's an even day...she thought to the Shadow. A ice white smile crept over the Shadow's lips, That's is an off day...It mused.

Oola's hand went to the metal joint of her leash and stroked it. Yeah...that's it, I need to do something with the girls...she thought to the Shadow. The Shadow dipped It's hand into the water and poured some onto it's lekku. Such as?...the Shadow asked the Twi'lek slave girl, Oola shrugged her shoulders, Perhaps...we can go to the kichens...were we could-

A shrap yawn from behind her, Oola turned and looked at who yawned. Pampy was sitting up right and was rubbing her eyes. "Oh...morning Oola." said the fairy blue Twi'lek. Oola smiled and mouth a "Hello.", she tapped a finger against her ruby red lips inducating that Pampy should be alittle more quiet.

Pampy then relized that the other girls were still asleep, she mouth a "Sorry." and tipped toed over to the pools. She took off her dress and placed it along side Oola's costume, she was not as quiet as Oola getting into the pool. "Sorry." she wispered to Oola, the other girls stirred but did not get up yet.

Pampy rubbed some water onto her lekku, "Is it...alright to speak to you in our tongue while the others sleep?" asked Pampy to Oola. Oola let her lekku do the talking, "This is more silent though..." Oola silently said. Pampy smiled at her fellow Twi'lek, "Of course why didn't I think of that." the fairy blue lekku twitched.

Oola smiled, "Because you just woke up and just need to relax." she silently twitched. Pampy nodded her head and continued to rub her lekku. "You...have long lekku, Oola. I wish I had your lekku." Pampy silently complemented her elder. Oola looked at the younger Twi'lek, "And you have beautiful skin." Oola silently replied.

Pampy smiled as she contiued this silent conseration with Oola. "Oola, yesterday...what...happened when you left with that disgusting bloated pile of flith?" Pampy silently twitched. Oola noticed that Pampy had had a look of concern on her face, "Well..." Oola quickly thought up an excuse.

"...Master wanted an encore...a private encore." was Oola's excuse. Pampy was staring at Oola as if she was trying to read her. But since Oola has been by her master's side for so long, she learned how to mask her emotions. "So you just danced...right?" Pampy's lekku twitched her question. Oola smiled and nodded her head, "Just danced." her lekku replied.

Pampy gave a sigh of relief, "It's just...the dark haired woman." Oola imedatainty thought of Melina. "She said that you were licking that slug's slime from the floor and that you were his...his..." Pampy couldn't bring herself to twitched out her final word. "Schutta." Oola's lekku twitched out what Pampy wanted to say.

Pampy frown but nodded her head, "But you are not. You are wonderful dancer and a friend." Pampy silently told Oola. Oola smiled, "Thank you." she silently flicked her lekku. Oola heard more sounds coming from the sleeping area, she looked and saw Car'mel and Sky had woking up from their sleep.

The two human girls smacked their lips and scrathed their heads. "Oh hello, Oola." said Sky, Car'mel sat up right and streached out her arms. The other girls were also waking up, though Sunny was resisted to getting up and Hiranui had to use the threat of pouring watering over her head to get her to join the other girls.

The other girl took off their dresses and came over to the pools, Hiranui, Ki and Car'mel splashed into the pool. Sky went off into the into the restroom to reveal herself and Sunny sat on the edge of the pool dipping her legs into the water. "So...Oola what was Sky's Hutt companion telling her?" asked Car'mel.

"Oh, well he was teaching her how to ask for food in Huttese." said the green Twi'lek. "...She was lucky to have a plate for herself." muttered Ki. "Well, Adalwin was very nice to me. He let me eat from his plate instead of the floor like an animal..." Sunny realized that she justed insulted Oola.

"What I meant about that game? It was rather brutish was is not?" Sunny said. The other girls though were aggravated by how Sunny talked about Oola. "Take that back! Oola is not an animal!" exclaimed Pampy at the oranged haired girl. Sunny twirled a loop of her hair and looked away, "I... don't know what you are talking about." Sunny said feinty ingorance.

Oola could see that the other girls were getting angery at the Human girl. But before Oola could say anything, Hiranui got out of the pool and grabbed Sunny by the hair, "APOLOGIZE!" the purple Twi'lek exclaimed to the Human girl. Sunny struggled to get Hiranui to let go of her hair, Hiranui then adjusted her grip and had Sunny in a headlock.

"Stop...please stop." gasped the Human girl, Hiranui repeated her demand. Oola got out of the water and stood over the human and Twi'lek and grabbed a purple lek. "Hiranui, stop." hissed the green Twi'lek. To grab a Twi'lek's lek is to show superior over them, both in status and in sexually. Once the Purple Twi'lek let go of the Human, Oola let go of the Twi'lek's lek.

Oola then knelt beside the gasping Human girl, "Are you alright?" she asked Sunny. Sunny grabbed onto Oola's hands, "I am sorry! I am so sorry! I didn't mean to insult you, it just came out." Sunny neary cried to Oola. Oola put a finger on Sunny's lips, "Shh, shh, it is alright. I forgive you." said Oola with a smile.

Sunny calmmed down though she was nervously looking at Hiranui. Oola looked at her fellow Twi'lek strennly, "Hiranui is that how you treat your sister? You should be more forgiving and not quick to anger." she said. The purple Twi'lek slipped back into the pool, she had an annoyed look on her face. "Of course, Mother." Hiranui snipped.

Oola bit her lip, she then noticed Sky coming from the restroom. Sky was in good spirits as she took off her dress and got into the pool. She was humming to herself when she looked about and notcied the other girls were looking at her. "Oh...good morning." Sky said as she cupped some water in her hands and poured it over her head.

"...You seem happy." said Ki to her Human sister. The blond haired girl smiled and took a bar of soap and rubbed her arms with it. "Well good food and sleep does make me happy." she said with a smile. "I don't understand!" Hiranui grumbled outloud, "How come that overwieght pile of manure gave you a plate while the rest of us had to beg for scarps." said the purple Twi'lek.

Sky could see that Hiranui was flustered over that event yesterday. "Oh I just had to say, "Food." " Food, please.". Though I...don't know what those words mean..." said the Human girl. Oola noticed Sky looking at her, "Well those words mean, food and food, please." stated Oola for the other girls to hear.

The other girls nodded their heads, "...Food." slowly stated Ki. "Food, please." Sky said with a smile and a wink at her sister. And so the room became full of those two phrases, it was like the sound of too many birds singing the same tune. Oola cupped her face in her hand and silently prayed for the chatter to stop.

Then door openned, "WHAT IS WITH ALL THIS NOSIE!" exclaimed a very annoyed Melina. The room became very quiet at the costume designer's arrive, "We...were just practining how to say food and food please." Sky said cautionsly. Melina marched over to the pools and looked at the group of naked slave girls.

"Which one of you started that annoying jabber, hmm?" Melina said with that fake smile of hers. The girls looked about nervously not knowing what could happen if they spoke up, "It was me." said Oola. The group of slave girls and the costume designer looked at the velvet green Twi'lek. "The girls were just wondering what Master's nephew saying to Sky." Oola said.

Melina gave a glare at Oola and then looked about at the rest of the girls. "Well I don't care what Master's nephew said, STOP with the racket or else." hissed Melina who then walked out of the room. The girls were silent for a while but then they started talking, "What is her problem?" "Yeah, we were just talking."

"How could she hear us any way? I thought we are in a closed room." "Perhaps she was at the door lisening." were some of the things the girls said. Oola justed remained silent and watched how the girls discuss things amon themselves. What do you think, Oola?...asked the Shadow was sitting next to Oola.

About what?...she replied, Why did Melina appeared and ordered the girls to stop saying that pharse?...mused the Shadow. Oola's lekku twitched behind her back, Because...she could hear Huttese...and then Oola's mind came to a conclusion. There are no windows...a vent for air...the door is thick but Melina could hear us talking...

Oola's eyes went wide, Melina was spying on us! thought. Perhaps there is a techogly that allows her to lisen were out being here...mused the Shadow. As Oola looked about, Jess came with the hover table that had the girls breakfest. "Hey girls, heard that you wanted your breakfest." said Jess with a smile.

The girls quickly dried themselves and after getting their clothes back on, gathered around the table. Jess passed out the plates of delious food to each of the girls, "Enjoy." said Jess. Oola and the girls thanked Jess and went over to the sleeping area to sit and eat. Oola always enjoyed breakfest, the food is so juicy and tasty to eat.

"So Oula, are we the only slave girls or are there more?" asked Sky with her mouth full of food. Oola held up a finger as she finished a mouthful of food, "There are more." she said. "Who are they and what are their names?" asked Pampy. "Are there many humans or is it just full of alien girls?" asked Sunny who got a glare from Hiranui.

"There are many differant girls." said Oola, "Nautolan, Feeorin, Mirialan, Zabrak, Togruta, Duro and a couple of Human girls." she said. The girls that were there with Oola paused in their eating, "...That is quite a group of girls." mused Ki out loud. "Well if you inculd this group you have Chagrian, three Humans and three Twi'leks." said Jess who had come over to join the talk.

"What are their names? What do they look like they remember who they were?" asked Car'mel. "Well..." Jess looked at Oola, "You know them better then me, what are your thoughts?" she asked the green Twi'lek. Oola thought for a moment and let her lekku twitch behind her back.

"Raca is a Nautolan, she is green, has tenaclues and she has big black eyes." Oola then made circles with her hands around her eyes, "And she talks funny, saying "Oola girly" or "Jessy girl"." Oola said imatating Raca. The other girls gave a couple giggles at Oola's impression, "And what about the other girls, Oola?" asked Car'mel.

"Syrra is a Feeorin, white skin with black spots. She is the strongest girl in the group and though she puts a stone face, she is really kind." said Oola. Oola quickly ate some food before continuing, "Le'mon is a Mirialan, yellow skin with dark hair, a quiet girl but very good tumbler." said Oola.

"Zilia is a Zabrak, dark tan skin, black haired with tatoos on her face. Also she has horns that poke out of her hair." Oola said making horns against her head. "Riza is a Togruta, red skin and white pigmention. She has no hair but is like a Twi'lek with three lekku that are white and bluish." Oola said to the girls.

"Tria is a Duros, blue skined with red eyes, like Ki but her eyes are large a bulbous." said Oola. "Light is a Human girl, brown haired and faired skin. She is a very good singer and can play the guiter." said Oola. Oola finished her plate and set it aside, "Jewel is also Human, she is like Light but with olive skin and plays the drums." said Oola.

The other girls had also finished with their breakfest and had gathered their plates for Jess to pick up. "Then there is Lola and Pala, they are like Car'mel with dark skin and hair." said Oola pointing at Car'mel. "They are very beautiful and very graceful, I had a dance with them and I thought I was in the middle of a dream." mused Oola.

The other girls looked at each other, "I am looking forward to meeting them." said Sky. Oola smiled, "They are part of our family, they are your sisters." she said. The group of girls nodded their heads,"I can take your plates." said Jess. The girls then handed the white haired girl their paltes and thanked her for bringing the food.

"Do you know what master has planned for today?" Oola asked Jess.. The Human girl placed the plates back on the table before answering the Twi'lek's question. "Well...I know this, you girls will be wearing REALLY nice dresses." Jess said. The girls let out some ohs, "Will these dresses actually cover up or bodies?" asked Sky with suspscion.

Thinking about it, the costumes that the girls have been wearing were on the revealing side. Espiecail two days ago...said the Shadow to Oola. Jess shrugged her shoulders, "Prehaps but don't count on it." she said as she left the room with the table. The girls rested on pillows and wondered what the day will bring.

"I hope I get a long dress that is is covered in ribbions." Pampy hopfully said. "I hope for a dress that actually covers my body." said Sky. The other girls nodded to Sky's responce, "...Prehaps a dress that alluring and covering whould be best..." mused Ki. The othe girls looked at the Chagrian with a strange look in their eyes.

"That is is the strangest thing I have ever heard." said Sky. "Yeah Sky, a dress that covers and that is alluring doesn't exist." said Sunny. Ki though pouted and glaced to the side, "...I just thought that...everyone would like my idea..." mumbled Ki. Oola smiled, the metal joint of her leash jingled alittle as she went over to Ki's side.

"Ki is right, a beautiful dress that covers and that brings delight to the eyes of the beholder. That is the dress that I would want to wear forever." said Oola out loud. The girls were silent for a moment, "Yes...a dress that covers our nakeness...would be the best." said Car'mel cradling her knees in her hands.

The girls smiled about, "Anything that would be be fine, as long as we can dance in it." said Hiranui fingering her lekku. The girls nodded their heads, "And to good music." added Pampy. Oola smiled as she stood up, "Why don't we clean up and pratice some steps for tonight?" mused the green Twi'lek.

The girls then cleanned up their sleeping area, putting the pillions and custion against the wall. "So, we know that we will be wearing dresses. So our steps should be small but our hands should weave the air into a fine trapasy." Oola said weaving her leash in her hands. The girls once more were paired and followed Oola's lead.

Oola lead the girls in the dance, small steps and deliacate controlled kicks with fluid movments of the arms in the air. The girls were excellent followers, prefectly mirroring Oola's movements. The group of slave girls would take abreak to catch their breath and then go back to dancing. "La, la, oola la, la." the girls sang as they danced.

Time passed, as Oola and the group of girl were about to about to start up their dance, the door openned. In came Melina and Jess behind her, both were carrying large bags and what looked like dress bags. "Oh great, should have told them not to get so sweaty. Into the shower, now." ordered Melina to the group of slave girls.

The slaves took off their clothing and went into the shower, Jess handed them soap and shampoo. "I want the Human girls to be quick, drying hair takes alot longer than drying head worms." snapped Melina. Pmpy and Hiranui gave a look at Melina out of the corner of their eyes, "Their call lekku." they corrected the Human under their breath.

The girls went into the shower, it was alittle crowded with seven girl all at once. But they helped each other get washed, Oola washed Sky's blond hair while Hiranui gently rubbed soap on Oola's lekku. "Come on, we don't have all day." snipped Melina who was waiting for one of the Human girls to leave the shower.

Sky was the first of the Human girl to leave the shower, then Sunny and the last was Car'mel. Melina and Jess went to work on the three Human girls, Sky's hair was plasted with gel that had sparkles in it. Sunny had curlers placed thoughout her hair that would give her a shoulderful of red rings. Car'mel sat pranticly as Jess used a iron to smooth out her hair.

Oola and the non-human girls were finished washing each other and had turnned off the shower. "Alright, let's start with the two Twi'leks." Melina stated to Jess, they put what looked like lotion an began to rub it on Hiranui's and Pampy's lekku. "Don't rub so hard." grumbled Pampy who's lekku were in Melina's hands.

"Oh so sorry, are you getting arouse, my dear?" snarked Melina to the fairy blue Twi'lek. Melina was partually right, Pampy's lekku were enlarged but it was from being touched. Pampy's face turned a shad darker at what Melina said. "I-I am not getting aroused." Pampy tried to make a statment of her being.

Melina had a grin of her face, "Sure you are, you are just denying the pleasure of it." she said. "Can you just leave Pam alone and just do what ever you are doing Melina?" snipped Car'mel. Melina shot the brown skinned Human a glare, "I can say what ever I want to say, slave." Melina said with a haughty tone.

Car'mel bit her lip but said nothing, Melina and Jess were soon finished with Hiranui, Pampy and moved onto Ki and Oola. The lotion was rubbed onto Oola's lekku, the smell it had reminded Oola of her home world of Ryloth. "Is...there spice in the lotion, Melina?" Oola asked the costume designer.

"Oh very good, Oola." snarked Melina, "This lotion has all natural, spice from the planet of Ryloth in it. It's regenative proatives will give you a natual sheen to your body." Melina imadtated an advertesment. Oola rolled her eyes and let a small sigh escape her lips, "Can I eat it?" she thought out loud.

Melina stopped rubbing Oola's lekku, "Are you kidding me?!" she exclaimled, "You can't eat this, you could end up sick and I would be beaten." Melina said seriously. "Sorry, I didn't think about it." said Oola. Though a fingerful of spice paste would be very tasty...Oola thought to herself about the green paste on her master's finger.

But whatever was in the lotion did make Oola's lekku shine with a glossy finish. Oolala...the green Twi'lek mused to herself, her two leks were shining in the glow of the light. Oola looked and saw that Pampy, Hiranui and Ki had the same glow. "Wow, Pam your head...wait um lekku, are really shiny...and you too Hiranui." said Car'mel.

The purple and fairy blue Twi'leks smiled, "Thanks, Carm." said Pampy. "And you...look like you have a sheet sown on the top of your head, Car'mel." Hiranui said with out really thinking. Oola stifled a laugh, it was true! Car'mel's white hair had been so flated that it looked like a sheet drapped on her head.

"Oh you are just exradting." Car'mel said as she looked into the mirror. The Human girl's mouth dropped open just alittle, she looked at the two Twi'leks and then back at the mirror. "You're right! I do look like I am wearing a sheet!" she exclaimed. The two Twi'leks laughted out loud, "If you cover your face, you'll be a ghost." said Pampy.

Car'mel paused her thinking for a moment and then looked into the mirror. She brushed her hair so it was covering the front of her body. She peek out and seeing her image in the mirror, gave a squel and covered her eyes. After a moment, Car'mel just realized what happened, "I am so stupid, getting scared at my own reflection." she grumbled.

Pampy and Hiranui though had some wide grins on their faces, "Hehehe, I can't believe you got scared." laughted the purple Twi'lek. "You are so adorable Carm, can I give you a hug." said the fairy blue Twi'lek. Oola could see the Human's face peeking out from the white curtin of her hair, "...Hee, sure." she said.

Car'mel reached out to Hug Pampy, "HEY! Don't touch that schutta, her worms are still wet." Melina harshly snapped at Car'mel. The brown skinned Human stopped and brought back to her side her hands. "Oh sorry." mumbled Car'mel, Pampy also pulled back and touched her left lek, "It feels dry..." mumbled Pampy.

"Well I don't want my white haired girl with a swearing of shiny gloss do I?" Melina snapped at the petie Twi'lek. Pampy looked do with a look of hurt on her face, "I just wanted to give my sister a hug." she said in her defence. Melina rolled her eyes and gave Oola a look, "Alright, now it is time to make you schuttas' pretty." snipped Melina.

Oola and Sky were first two to get their make-up on, Jess did Oola's make up. Oola had to keep her eyes closed for most of the time. "Ok, that about does it. Ok Oola you can look in the mirror." said Jess. Oola looked into the mirror to see her face, "Oh Jess, you do an amazing job." Oola mused out loud.

Though it was the same colors that Oola normally had, the color was darker and brought out the color of her eyes and skin. The purple was more regal and the silver was more like starlight to Oola. Oola's eyelashes were full and plump, the liner along her eyes dark. Her lips were still the glossy ruby red, "I look beautiful." Oola mused out loud.

"Yes, yes, you are holding up the line." snipped Melina to Oola. Oola went outside of the restroom with Sky, "How do I look Oola?" asked the blond haired Human. Sky's make-up was just as beautiful as Oola's, "You look...spicy." were the only words Oola could think that could describe Sky.

The color of the eye shadow of Sky's make up was blue sapphire with diamond hightlight. Sky's lips were white with a blue highlight around the edges. "Well look spicy as well, Oola." Sky said to the velvet green Twi'lek. Oola smiled, "I wonder how the other girls are doing..." she wondered out loud.

"Let's go and see." said Sky, Oola and Sky went back towards the restroom and standing by the door frame, looked in. Melina and Jess had finished putting make-up on Pampy and Car'mel and were starting on Hiranui and Sunny. "Come over here Pam, Carm and let us look at your make-up." said Sky.

Pampy and Car'mel left the restroom and joinned Oola and Sky. "Wow, in the words of Oola: you look spicy." said Sky to the pair of dancers. Pampy's eye shadow was the oppistive of Sky's, diamond white with blue highlights. Black lines were drawn on her brow, her lips were white. The Twi'lek's cheeks sparkled from the blush that was used on them.

"Thanks, Sky." said the fairy blue Twi'lek, "What about me? Do I look spicy?" asked Car'mel. Car'mel's eye shadow was gold with white highlights, her lips were white matching the color of her hair. Her eyelashes were white and her cheeks were powered white. "Well Car'mel, you are very spicy and you look it too." said Oola.

The brown skinned Human smiled, "Well, thanks Oola." she said. Oola then notcied Hiranui and Sunny were leaving the restroom, That just means that Ki is the last one...Oola thought to herself. "What are you talking about, Oola? are you talking about us?" asked Sunny, "No, I think they were talking about their make-up." said Hiranui.

The curlers were out of Sunny's orange hair, a cascade of orange rings rested on her shoulders. Sunny's eyeshadow was yellow that highlighted her eyes, her lips were the color of the setting sun. Her cheeks were a soft red color from the powder on them, "Wow Sunny, it's as if someone squeesed the sun and poured it on your head." said Pampy.

Sunny looked at the fairy blue Twi'lek with a rasied brow,"Well...I guess that is a complement...but as long as I turn Adalwin's head." said Sunny. Hiranui rolled her eyes, "How about me, did Jess did a good job, hmm?" asked the purple Twi'lek. Oola, Car'mel, Sky and Pampy looked at Hiranui's make-up.

Black and silver were the purple Twi'lek's color scheme, Hiranui's eyeshadow and brow were black while her lips silver. Her eyelashes were powdered with silver dust along with her cheeks. Silver lines went down the lenth of her lekku giving the impression of a silver chains, "Well, what do you think?" Hiranui asked her fellow slaves.

"You look beautiful, Hiranui." "Very spicy." "Confindent in your...body." "A beautiful Twi'lek ready for the night of her life." were the complements that Hiranui recived. She smiled but Oola could see in those grey eyes that they did not look friendly at the orange haired human girl that was suspose to be her sister.

"Alright, all finished." announced Melina come in with Ki and Jess following behind her. White was Ki's color since she had blue skin and red eyes to start off. White spots dotted her forehead and her lethorns, her lips were white along with her eyeshadow. "...Do I look pretty, Sky." said asked the Human girl.

The blond haired Human crossed her arms and gave Ki a quick look over, " you want a simple answer, you don't look pretty. You look gorgeious." said Sky. Ki was about to say something when Sky said that she didn't look pretty. But after hearing Sky said that she was gorgous, she smiled "...Thanks." she said.

"Alright you schuttas, time for your outfits for tonight." snipped Melina. Oola bit her lip, I hope that someday you get taught a lesson for calling us schuttas...Oola venomously thought. Jess and Melina then took one of the bags that they brought in earily. "Oola, you get to go first." Melina said with that fake smile of hers.

Oola stepped forward and Melina pulled the dress out from it's bag. Oola reagized it from that day that Melina had her try all those differant costumes. "Alright Oola, becareful were you step. Me and Jess are going to pull it up." said Melina. Oola did as she was told, carefully stepping into the dress that was then pulled up onto her body.

"Um...Melina, I think one of the straps is missing." Pampy stated. Oola knew what she was talking about, "No Pampy, that is the design, a pansty will be cover my left breast." stated Oola. The girls nodded their heads, "Oh good, just...making sure that nothing is left out of place." Pampy said.

Jess put the pansty on Oola's breast while Melina put some loose silver braclets on her wrist. "Now for the finishing touch." mused Melina, Oola felt something slding over her lekku. is just my headband...Oola realized the feeling of the leather on top of her forehead. Melina and Jess looked over Oola before letting her go and see herself in the mirror.

Oola went into the restroom and looked at herself in the mirror. What she saw in the mirror took her breath away, the headband, the make-up and the dress all came together and made the attire. The headband on her head was new, the blackleather was sleek and the metal nubs shined and the ear covers were pure white.

Oola touched the silver headpiece that seemed to glow in the light, I am beautiful...the Twi'lek thought to herself. You are...just as long as you are a good girl, no pain will sullen you beauty...meantioned the Shadow. Oola gave a sulty look into the mirror and puffed her lips, I just wished master would give me a new collor...Oola thought to herself.

Oola touched the grey piece of metal the was wrapped about her neck. The Twi'lek shrugged her shoulders and coiled up her leash in hand. Oola then noticed the next girl that had been dressed coming behind her, it was Sky. "Wow Oola, I thought that headband was your old one but it looks good on you." said the Human.

Oola smiled and looked at what Sky's dress was, it was a solid blue mermaid-style dress. A beautiful pearl necklace with a large sapphirre hanged about her neck, "Sky are you sure that you are not a princess?" asked Oola. Sky fluttered her eyelashes, "If I am a princess then you are a queen, Oola." said the Human girl.

Oola flashed a white smile, "Huh, the gel, seems to make your hair stay in place." Oola stated the obious. Sky looked in the mirror, "Melina said the I shouldn't touch it." she said. The gel had light blue glitter in it and had frozen Sky's hair in place. Sky made a couple of faces in the mirror, "Well Melina does know how to put make-up on a girl." she said.

Oola nodded her head, "Excuse me, can I look in the mirror?" said a voice behind Oola and Sky. It was Car'mel, she was in a tight white-one piece dress that was form fitting, showing off her body. Her brown skin was exotic against the white of her eyes, dress and hair . The gold of her make-up and necklace made her look like a member of some royal family.

"Wow! you look amazing, Carm." said the beautiful blond haired girl. Car'mel looked at herself in the mirror, "I...I do look amazing." she replied. "From a ghost to a goddess, what a change." said Oola to the brown skinned beauty. Car'mel looked at Oola, "Yeah...I can't believe that happened, how silly of me." she mused.

"Oh, excuse me. Can I look in the mirror too?" said a soft voice. It was Pampy, she was wearing a loose dress that was teasnely siloented her body underneath. The color of the dress was white, a matching soft cloth headband with a blue diamond was on her head. Pampy's eyes sparkled at seeing her reflection in the mirror.

"Is...that me?!" exclaimed the fariy blue Twi'lek, "Oh course that is you, who else is fairy blue and pretty as you?" said Car'mel. Pampy gave a smile at Car'mel, "That is nice of you to say that, Carm." said the Twi'lek. "Hey coming though." said Sunny who pushed her way up to the mirror in the restroom.

The orange haired Human was wearing a yellow body suit with a matching jacket. Gold earrings and loops of gold chains that was connected by a large yellow stone was Sunny's jewelry. "Why don't I look attractive, what do you think girls?" asked the yellow-clad Human to the other girls in the restrom.

Pampy was looking at Sunny with a sore look for being pushed from the mirror. "You KNOW Sunny, that others were looking mirror as well..." snipped the Twi'lek. Sunny gave the mirror a couple sulty looks, "Well I guess that you have to wait in line, Pammy." Sunny said. Car'mel was about to say when she noticed something, "Um...Sunny are you wearing anying?" she asked.

Sunny smiled and wiggled her hips, "Nope, nothing. In fact, it feels like I am wearing nothing at all." she said giving her her left buttock a slap. "Besides Carm, you are naked underneath." Sunny said mischievously wiping a hand against Car'mel's chest, Car'mel's breast pushed up against Sunny's hand.

"Stop that! Don't touch MY dress." snapped Car'mel pushing away Sunny's hand from her dress. Sunny fingered the corner of her mouth, "Oh my, Car'mel you get too hard, too easy." she teased. The tips of Car'mel's breast were making bumps against her white dress, Car'mel brought her arms up to cover her chest.

"Why you-" "Hey, what is going on here?" Hiranui interuppted Car'mel. Hiranui was wearing black leather hotpants with a black biker jacket that had metal studs on the shoulders. A black leather headband with a diamond in the center was on her head. The purple Twi'lek was wearing a white bikini top with a matching g-string bottom, "Is Sunny annoying you Carm?" asked Hiranui.

Car'mel brushed some of her sheet white hair to the side of her face, "Well Sunny was rude for pushing Pam out of the way of the mirror and now she is being a schutta." grumbled Car'mel. Hiranui glared at the Human girl who was admiring herself in the mirror. Sunny's ears preked up at hearing the purple Twi'lek's voice, "Oh Pammy, you can look in the mirror now, I am done." she said.

Sunny quickly left the restroom under the glare of Hiranui, Hiranui's lekku flicked about in distanted. "I wonder why Melina gave you those clothes instead of a dress?" wondered Pampy out loud. Hiranui looked at herself in the mirror, "Don't know, but I do look good." she purred and tighted her stomach muslces.

"Alright girls come out of the restroom and get you sandals on." said Jess to the girls in the restroom. Oola, Sky, Car'mel, Pampy and Hiranui lefted the restroom at Jess's beckon. "Wow Ki, that is a fantastic looking dress." said Sky. The color of Ki's dress was white, it drapped over her blue body. On the Chagrian's forhead was a ruby that was attached to a silver chan that looped though her lethorns.

"...Oh...Um you look beautiful as well Sky." Ki said. "Enough gawking, time to get your sandels on, schuttas." snipped Melina to the group of girls. Jess then handed out pairs of sandals to each of the girls. Oola's sandals were like her dress, black with silver highlights and much more comfrable then her normal sandals that she wore.

"Alright, now for the finishing touch." mused Melina as she dug though on of the bags. She pulled out a bottle of perfume, "Ok you schuttas, line up." Melina snapped. Oola and the girls lined up and Melina then put some of the perfume on her finger tips. Melina then smeared it on the neck and chin of the girl that was infront of her.

The perfume was really pontent and very pleasing to the senses, "Alright, follow Jess to master and his guests." said Melina. Jess then openned the door and Oola and the girls followed her, "Jess will you also get a dress?" asked Pampy. Jess shrugged her shoulder, "Maybe, but only if you girls hurry." she said with a smile.

Jess lead the group of beauties to the lounge area were Jabba and his guests could be heard talking. "I hate this fez, Bib. Why do I have this piece of bantha poo on my head?" Oola's master rumbled. "Uncle how can you say that? That fez is a piece of Desilijic history, it was in many major events in Hutt history." said Gorga. "...I still hate it." rumbled Jabba.

Oola and the girls filed into the room, each one going to their companion. Oola sat beside her master's side with her leash coiled up in her hands. Oola look a quick glace about the room, The humaniod crimelords were in expiense dress suits while her master and his nephew had fezs on their massive heads.

Jabba let out a cloud of smoke from his mouth, "So my friends I have decided that we shall go to a place that I find very amusing. Were the rich and famous play, The Star of Chance." rumbled Jabba to his guests. The other crimelords nodded their heads and after Jabba and Gorga got on their hover sleds, the group went onto the sail barge.

The barge went off followed by it's escourt of skiffs, Oola and the girls didn't have to dance but just sat with their companion and looked pretty. Jabba and his guests were talking about how many credits that they will get at this casino, to Oola it was alot of credits but since she was a slave it didn't matter how much credits was said.

My life is to please master...was Oola's thought, Jabba had an arm about her shoulder. His thick thumb was rubbing her shoulder and right lek, "You smell very tasty." Jabba mused to his slave girl. Oola gave a white smile to her master, "Thank you my lord, I am glad that my body pleases you in all the senases." the Twi'lek said.

After sometime traveling, the barge came to a stop and the group of crimelords and slave girls left the barge. The barge had brought the group to a upscale area full of lights and white buildings. Oola sat by her master's side on his hoversled as it went down the ramp, What a nice place...Oola mused to her herself.

And then Oola heard a comtion from the front of the barge, Oola looked around her master's massive belly to see what was going on. A well dress, humanoid male was coming up with a pretty Twi'lek following behind him. "WHO OWNS THIS HUTT UGLY BARGE THAT CRUSHED MY HOVERCAR!" exclaimed the male.

Oola can imagen the look on her master's face, Bib and the guards intercepted the raving mad male and was about to hurry him away. "Bib bring him here." Jabba rumbled to his majordomo, the Twi'lek male and the guards brought the male to Jabba's hover sled. "Are you the fat alien owner of this monstiouy?!" the humanoid hissed at Jabba.

Oola glaced up and saw her master's eyes were black lines, "And what if I am?" rumbled the Hutt. Bib quickly translated his master's words, the upset male shoved Bib, "I am not talking to you worm head! I want comsention for the damages to my hovercar!" he exclaimed. Bib brushed his robe, "Well if that is all you want let us go to the side and-"

"Bib, shut up." rumbled Jabba, the pale pink Twi'lek became very quiet. Bib moved out of the way of Jabba's hover sled, Oola could feel his hand gripping onto her shoulder. "Do you know who I am?" the massive Hutt thundered. The angry humanoid male was taken back but then returned the comment, "NO I DON"T!" he replied.

"I am Jabba the Hutt." Jabba rumbled, Oola saw the Humanoid's face go pale. His hands shook as he covered his face, "J-J-Jabba the Hutt." he wimpered. Oola felt her master's grip soften and stroke her lekku, "Bib, I think I want to deal with this sack of bantha poo myself." he rumbled. Bib gave a small bow, "Of course, master." he flicked his wrist and the gaurds grabbed the humanoid male.

"W-what are you doing! Let me go, right now!" he exclaimed. "Bring him next to my armrest." rumbled Jabba. The guards dragged the struggling male next to Jabba's hoversled, "Place his hand on my armrest." ordered Jabba. The guards did as they were told, "Knife." Jabba rumbled over the humanoid's pleas.

Oola closed her eyes, she expected the sounds of flesh being carved soon. "Jabba! How are you doing my friend!" exclaimed a voice. Oola looked up and saw a large over-wieght Hutt on a hoverchair coming from the casino with some secuity guards. Jabba gave a scoff and looked at the other Hutt.

"Gu'Boto, how are you." Jabba rumble to the other Hutt while touching his chin. Gu'Boto touched his chin as well,"What is the matter, is that scum annoying you?" rumbled the other Hutt. Jbba glaced at the male humanoid who was shaking, "Yes, this pathic piece of scum made me so angery that I had to speak in basic." bellowed Jabba.

Gu'Boto made a gasping sound, "The scum!" he bellowed looking angeryly at the unlucky humanoid. "I have ways of getting rid of such flith scum." rumbled the Hutt. "Sir." said one of the secutiry guards to the casino owner, "That Twi'lek says that she is with the humanoid and that she hasn't been paid for her services." said the guard pointing at the Twi'lek escourt.

Gu'Boto gave a snort, "Well frisk the Humanoid and-" "I have a differant Idea." Jabba interrupted his host. "That girl belongs with the scum, she shares his guilt." said Oola's master. Gu'Boto gave a grunt, "I am here to please my guests. You two, bring the girl with the male." the Hutt ordered his guards.

The casino guards took the humanoid male and his companion with them. "Well I apolagize for the small mishap, welcome to The Star of Chance." rumbled the Hutt in his hover chair. Jabba and his group followed the Hutt into the casino, "Wow this place is big, Gu"Boto you have been busy haven't you." said Gorga.

The casino was very spacious and it reminded Oola of the resort that the group went to acouple days ago. Luxious and well frunished, marble and gold. "Why don't we gentlemen go to my personal lounge and let the deliacaties swim for abit." rumbled Gu'Boto. "One sssecond, I want know how you are going to make sssure my little meat pie isss protected from dumb ssscum?" asked the Transdoshan.

The overweight Hutt gave a toothless smile, "My best agent will be their protecter." he rumbled. The casino owner flicked his hand towards his guards, a human male stepped forward. He was about 1.80m with short bown hair with a clean shaven face. He wore a black dress suit with a white under shirt with a black tie. He had an ear piece in his ear and for some reason was wearing black sunglasses in doors.

"Yes, sir?" the guard asked his employer, "Be a gent and shown the casino to this group of pretty girls." rumbled. The man gave a short bow, "I shall given them the "gem" tour, if that is what you want, sir." he said. Gu'Boto smiled, "I leave everything in your hands, Jones." rumbled the Hutt.

Oola and the group of girls left the company of Jabba and his guest, Sunny was reluntit to leave her Zeltron companion's side. "It's ok Sunny, I will you see you later." said Adawin brushing some hair from Sunny's face. "Oh...ok, see you later." she said. Jabba and his group then left the girls in the guard's hands.

The guard looked over the group of girls in front of him, "Welcome to the Star of Chance, I am Agent Jones and I will be your host." he said. "Um exscuse me." said Sky, "Yes maam." replied the Agent. "Is Agent your real name or a title?" asked the blond haired Human. A faint grin appeared on the man's face.

"No and yes, it is not my name just a title." said the Agent. "Please hold out a wrist for my assistants. They will be putting on you, wristbands." he stated. Two pale humanoid women dressed almost like the Agent had appeared. Oola and the girls did as they were told, holding out their wrist for the assaintans who put thin black band on them.

Once they were finished the assiants went behind Oola's group. "Please follow me." stated the Agent. Oola and the girls were then taken on an amazing tour of the casino, from the five-nebula kicheans to backstage tours of sold-out shows. They were treated to a breath taking meal at one of the reasruats, Just as good as Porcellus...Oola thought.

Then they were taken to the casino floor, the group of giggling girls played many games. They often won at the game whiched casued an eruption of high piece screams of excitment. Oola noticed out of the corner of her eye, that a hovering patrol droid was spying on the group of girls.

I wonder if master is watching us...the Twi'lek though as her hand brushed the pansty covered breast of her's. Agent then took them to a very livly club, with colorful lights and music that pounded though the air. The girls were taken to a roped off area that had exclusive written all over it. A first-class waiter took their orders, it was mostly snacks and drinks.

"HEY AGENT!" shouted Sky over the loud music, Agent Jones leaned in close to hear Sky's request. "CAN WE DANCE?!" the blond haired Human asked, the Agent nodded his head. Sky stood up and grabbed Pampy's hand, "COME ON LET"S DANCE!" exclaimed Sky to the fairy blue Twi'lek. Sky and Pampy took over a spot on the dance floor.

"WHY YOU! YOU JUST DON"T TAKE OTHER PEOPLE"S SISTER WITHOUT ASKING THEM!" excalimed Car'mel who went after Sky and Pampy. Soon Ki went after Sky and Sunny with Hiranui went with the group. Oola was left alone for a moment, Look at them...she thought as she watched as the six girls were dancing together.

Have they forgotten that they are slaves?...Or is for the better that they have forgotten...Oola thought to herself. Oola then left the table were she was sitting and joinned the group of dancers. Oola held part of her coiled leash in one hand and twirled the tasstled end in the other hand. The music was pounding and the bodies moving and then-

A interloper had appeared, a big humanoid with four arms. "YEAH! SHOWN ME THE GOODS, SPICY LADIES!" he exclaimed. His intrusion had broken the girls rhythm, they stopped danced and looked disgusted at him. Before any of the girls could say anything, Agent Jones moved in between the dancers and the inturder, "SIR THIS IS A PRITIVE PARTY, PLEASE LEAVE." Agent Jones loudly stated.

Oola gathered the group of girls and had them regroup behind Agent Jones. Oola could see that the Humanoid was drunk and was looking for trouble. "I DON"T TAKE ORDERS FOR YOU HUMAN! I WANT TO FEEL THEM GOODS!" the drunk Humanoid declarced. Oola did not like that look in his eyes, she saw that Jone's two assistants were by the edges of the group of girls and that more secituy was on it's way.

"SIR PLEAS-" before Jones could finish he paused and reached with his right hand to his ear. Oola noticed the other guards were doing the same, "OUT OF THE WAY!" exclaimed the Humanoid throwning a two sets of punches at Jones. The Agent sidestepped out of the way and grabbed one of the wrist and sprun the Humanoid out in the center of the dance floor away from Oola and the girls.

The music stopped, the other patrons stopped what they were doing and focused their attencion to the center of the floor. As the Humanoid staggered to his feet, Agent Jones touched his ear again. "Yes sir?" he said outloud, he waited for a couple of seconds, "I do not think that is-...yes sir, lethal enforcment authorised."

Agent striaghted his jacket and looked at the Humanoid, the dance floor became desrested with the exception of Jones and the Humanoid. "Pray to whoever you believe in. I am about to send you to them." the Human coldly stated. The four armed Humanoid gave a bellow and chaged at the standing Human.

The Agent's movement was so quick that Oola didn't see what happened. He had sidestepped the double punch and had delivered a counter-punch that took the big humanoid off his feet. As soon as the Humanoid had landed, Jones was on him. The Agent grabbed one of the four arms and with a twist, snapped it.

Oola and the girls gaspped at the sound of a broken arm. But the Humanoid was not in pain, it must have been dulled by achoul, drugs or both. Jones then let go of the broken arm and backed off from the Humanoid. "IS THAT THE BEST YOU CAN DO!!" exclaimed the Humanoid who had gotten back to his feet.

Jones waited for the Humanoid to once again charge him, Jones dodged several punches and then landed a heavy kick on the Humanoid's leading leg. Oola winced at the sound of a knee becoming crushed. The Humanoid nearly toppled-overand could bearly stand on one leg, "What...what is happenin-"

Before he could finish, Agent Jones dealivered a flying knee into the bridge of his nose. The Humanoid fell backwards, landing heavly on his back. Agent Jones then gorged both of the Humanoid's eyes out. Oola's stomach turned as she saw the one-sided beat down, Why doesn't he stop...the green Twi'lek thought.

Oola then notcied that Jones's head was slightly turnned, a "tell" that he was lisening to someone. The Agent then broke the remainder of the Humanoid's arms, "Stop...please stop." wimpered the big Humanoid. Jones then grabbed the Humanoid's forehead and then voilently slammed it down into the dance floor.

The Humanoid pathicly tried to stop Jones from killing him, frailling his broking, limp arms about. All that did was knock off Jones's glasses, the Agent contienued until the Humanoid went limp and the sound of wet meat being pounded into the ground was heard. Agent Jones then stopped and went to retrive his glasses, which were by Oola's feet.!...Oola silently excalimed, the girls behind her wimpered at what they saw. Glowing blood-red eyes glaced at the group of girls, Jones then went to one knee and picked up his glasses and put them on. He stood up and took from one of his assistants a cloth to wipe the blood from his hands.

"I am...sorry that happen." Jones said to Oola and the girls. Behind him, a cleanning crew was taking the body away and quickly repaired the damage to the floor. Agent Jones beckoned the Waiter, "Tell everyone that they get free round of drinks and food on the house." stated Jones as he tossed the blood soaked cloth into the trash.

The music resumed and patrons resumed their meandering. Oola and the girls were then lead out of the club and were taken to an elevator. Oola and the group of girls were standing behind Jones and his two assistants. " I'm scared." Pampy wispered to Car'mel, "It's alright, I'm here, I...won't let anything happen to you Pam." said the brown skinned beauty.

The elevator came to a stop and Jones lead the group of girls out, they entered a lounge area that was luxious and well funished. Melina was sitting at the bar browseing though a data pad, Bib and Jess were sitting on a couch together. Melina was in a red bussiness suit while Jess was in a blue dress and Bib was in his normal robes.

"Finally." huffed Melina, the costume designer left the bar and went to the group. Jones was marching the group when Melina got in front of him, "Hey you I want to talk to the girls." snipped Melina to Jones. "My boss's guest have requested that they-" "I just want a second, you don't have to get all up tight." snarked Melina.

Jones then step to the side, "Be quick." he stated. Melina rolled her eyes and looked at the group of slave girls, "Be good girls and act as if you are intersted in the game. Be intersed." stated Melina. Oola nodded her head, "Of course Melina, we will be good." she said taking a glace behind to see that the other girls agreed with her.

The other girls also nodded and said the same as Oola, Melina gave one of her fake smiles and looked at Jones. "See, just a second." she snipped as she stepped aside. Jones then lead Oola and the girls ,though a pair of large doors, to a large spacous room. Jabba, Gu'Boto and the rest of the crimelords were lounging about when the group walked in.

"Your escourts, lord Jabba." anniouced Jones out loud, Jabba glaced over and pulled his hookah from his mouth. "Ah, good very good, our sweets are here." rumbled Jabba out loud. The girls took their spots by the companion's said, "So what do you think of my Agent?" rumbled Gu'Boto out loud.

The other crimelords mused their opinions, "I could take him.", "Well for a Human he seems pretty tough.", "Hee hee, I would like to see him fight wookie, get his arms ripped offed.", "He has the moves and the skills, I think he is a good agent.", "I don't trust humans, he might be a Intell. Op." were some of the comments.

As the crimelords were talking, Oola looked about the room. It had marble floors and pillars, from the top of the ceiling to the floor was an aquramiam. There were many differant types of fish, some short and wide while others were long and thin. Sea planets were also in the aquriam, Oola then noticed a shadowing moving in the seaweed.

Oola stared hard before she recanoized what was casting the shadow. Big black eyes stared at Oola for a moment before the Nautolan girl swam on. Oola then noticed that there were also Twi'leks and Humanoids with a fish-like tail instead of legs. The swimmers were like dancers in the water, the Twi'lek would breath from a special mask to get air.

The only thing that marred the beauty were two bodies, the Humanoid male from early and the Twi'lek escourt. Their hands tied behind their backs and thier ankles tied to heavy rocks, they floated lifelessly with fish pecking at their eyes. Remember Oola...NEVER make master use basic...warned the Shadow to the Twi'lek dancer.

Oola glupped as she looked away from the sight, Yes...Oola is a good girl...the green Twi'lek thought to herself. "Well, now that Jabba's pretty little pets have come back. Why don't we start a friendly game." rumbled Gu'Boto. The group then moved to a massive table were a droid was waiting for them.

"Welcome my lords, today's game is Galatic Conquest. The entery fee is 45000 credits." said the droid. A loud hiss erupted from the Transdoshan that caused Pampy to gasp, "Thisss isss a child'sss game! I could have one of my guardsss go down to the game ssstore and buy it for 10 creditsss." hissed the crimelord.

Gu'boto gave a laugh that echo though out the room, "But that is the beauty of it, a game that teaches the use of power. Of trade, of knowledge and of skill, if children can play this game then why not us?" rumbled the Hutt. The Transdoshan grumbled something under his breath, "Fine but I hope it'sss a good game." he mummered.

The group gather about the table, a map of the galaxy appeared. Each of the players got their own station, Jabba, Gorga and Gu'Boto got extra large versions. They were then given random star clusters that had differant values. The players then would expan their influince and commercle value by either legal trade or illegal trade.

There was no turns just a timer, Oola watched in fasction as the galtic map soon became lit with the the differant colors. For being a massive slug, Jabba's fingers could type at lighting fast speeds. Oola noticed that Jabba would take his eyes off his screen and glace over at one of the other girls that was sitting with their crimelord companion.

The other girls were doing just as Melina told to do, they were looking at the screen of their companion and acting as if they were intrestead. The only one asking about what was going on was Sunny, but considering she was sitting on her Zeltron's companion's knee she could ask about what those numbers mean.

Oola noticed that Gorga was also glacing about at the girls, a thin smug smile was on his lips. Gu'Boto also took a look about the room, he gave a chuckle and and continued with his plans. The Transdoshan was grumbling loudly as he was typed along, "Ssstupid game." he stated. The Devaron was chuckling and looking at the Transdoshan.

Oola saw on her master's consule that he had a monopany on the transportion and illegal trade in many of the sectors and that he had mutual agreements with Gorga and Gu'Boto. Though it seemed longer then Oola thought, she noticed that the timer was getting low on time, I wonder what happens when the time rans out?...Oola thought to herself.

Soon the timer reached zero, "Time." annouced the droid dealer and the map of the galaxy then turned off. The players gave a sigh of rielf, hot towels were handed to the crimelords and their host to wipe off the sweat from their hands. They talked amon themselves of victories and miss oppioutyes.

"Well now, let us see who ruled the galaxy." rumbled Gu'Boto. A new screen appeared hovering above the table. The males were not surpised that Jabba was in the top spot and Gorga was the number two spot. They were surpised that the Transdoshan wa in the number three spot, "Sss, sss, you all thought I wasss in the hole." he chuckled.

The Quarren was fourth, the Devaroian was fifth, the Rodian was sixth and the Zeltron was seventh. Gu'Boto was in last place, "Oh what a bummer, but aleast we had fun." rumbled the Hutt. Then Gu'Boto and his guests enjoyed a lavish dessert, the girls got none. After they had a smoke, Jabba and his group left the casino and went back to the villa.

As they went into the villa, Jabba tossed his fez to Bib, "Buiry it somewere where I won't remember until I need it." Jabba ordered his Majordomo. Bib also lead the other crimelords off to their rooms, Oola and the girls were about to leave when Oola felt her master's hand grip her shoulder. "Jess, take the other little ones to their room." Jabba rumbled.

The white haired Human girl gave a small bow and took the other girls with her leaving Oola alone with her master. The Twi'lek felt small standing next to the Hutt, Jabba reached out with his fingers and carssed his slave girl's lips. Trembling, Oola gave them a soft kiss from her ruby red lips, "Was...Oola a good girl?" she asked outloud to her master.

Jabba gave a wide toothless smile, "Oola is a good girl." he rumbled. Jabba's fingers slid down Oola's chin to her pansty covered breast, he used his thumb to remove the pansty from the Twi'lek's velvet green breast. Oola stood straight as her master groped her exposed breast, "I knew that look when you looked into the camra, you wanted to be rubbed." Jabba slobbered.

Oola faked a smile, "Master has read his pet's mind." she said. Jabba then let go of Oola's breast and gave her buttock a playfully smack, "Tomorrow, you shall join me on my bed." rumbled Jabba as he silthered away. Oola gave a small bow, "She shall perphare herself, master." said Oola.

Oola then picked up her pansty and put it back on her breast. She walked herself back to the room she shared with the other girls. The girls had taken off their dresses and had given them back to Melina, Oola took off her dress and after giving it back went to the pools. The girls cleanned themselves up and went to bed, as she went to sleep, Oola gave a pray of thanks to her master on the twenty-five night as the Hutt's slave.

Day Twenty-Six

The sun was just about to raise, Oola was a sleep when her foot got kicked. "Muh." she grunted at the kicker, "Sorry Oola, just going to dump dump." wispered Sunny as she went her way. Oola though couldn't go back to sleep, Stupid Human...she silently grumbled. Oola rolled onto her back and looked up at the ceiling.

The green Twi'lek's mind wandered back to the day before, Yesterday wasn't so bad...only three people died...Oola thought. Yeah...but I wonder about that Agent's eyes...they seemed...unnatural...mused the Shadow. Oh you are back...though I left you back at the casino...snarked Oola.

Ha would have been dead if it weren't for my advice...the Shadow snarked back. Oola's lekku twitched as she thought, are right...that Agent's eyes were a strange color...I wonder if he was not a human...Oola thought. Thinking back to the event Oola wondered if the Agent was a droid, There is no way a Human could do what he did...she thought.

Well nothing is impossiable...mused the Shadow to Oola, the Twi'lek streached out her arms and then laid them on her stomach. I hope that one day...master will remove this metal collar from my neck and let me be his servent...Oola wishfully thought. I could a teacher...I could teach the new girls how to dance and behave...she thought.
The Shadow gave a snort, Keep dreaming Oola...master will keep you on his leash until he finds someone to- "NO!" Oola exclaimed. Oola sat upright with a bolt and then realized that she had awoken the other girls from their sleep. Besides Sunny, the girls were looking about with a startled look on their faces.

"What is wrong, Oola?", "What is happening?", "...Huh?", "Oola what happened?" were some of the statements that the girls asked Oola. Oola quickly thought of something, "Oh...I am so sorry. I was having a bad dream." said Oola with a concrened look on her face. "Oh...if you don't mind, could you tell us about your dream?" asked Hiranui.

Oola had brought her knees up to her chest and cradle them between her hands. "Well...", the Twi'lek thought up a lie, "I was falling, from a great distance, toward the ground. There were shrap jagged rocks on the ground, just as I was about to hit them, I screamed and woke up." Oola said to the girls.

The girls nodded at what Oola said, "...That is a BAD dream." Ki solmeaning said. Oola and the other girls looked at the Chagrian, "What...does it mean, Ki?" asked Pampy. Ki fingered one of the lethorns, "...It...could mean...that you are going to lose your postion in life." she said. Oola's mouth went dry, "...What?" she gasp.

Ki's crimson eyes darted away from Oola's brown, "...I...don't want to upset you...Oola." she mumbled. The girls crowded around Ki, "Ki...please explain to us why Oola might lost her life?" asked Sky. It was a good thing that the girls were looking at Ki because Oola's lekku were flipping behind her back.

Lose my life?!...Oola silently exclaimed, did Sky get from "lose your postion" to "lose your life"?...mused the Shadow. "...Well, falling either means disgrace or devalue and great distance usally means great postion or great value. So the first part would mean "Lost of Value" or "Disgrace of postion." said the Chagrian.

For some reason Oola's throt felt dry, "What about the jagged rocks, Ki?" asked Car'mel. "...Well that...means a violent death." she darkly said. It's a lie...I never dreammed that...Oola silently screammed. "Oola, do you know what has jagged teeth?" asked Pampy. It must have been the phrasing of Pampy's question that made Oola shake out of fear.

The green Twi'lek covered her face, her body was still shaking as Sky and Hiranui comforted her. "It's ok, Oola it's just a dream." said Hiranui, "Yeah, just a dream." said Sky. Oola tried to swallow but there was a lump in her thort, "I...know what it means..." she said shaking. The girls looked at her, "What...does it mean?" asked Pampy.

Though it was just a lie, Oola felt unbearable dread as she spoke, "It...means that I will do something foolish that makes me lose my life." she wimpered. "I will be the Rancor." Oola gave a sob. The girls gathered around Oola and held her in their arms, "We will never let that happen to Oola, right girls?" stated Pampy.

The other girls nodded their heads, "Who is the Rancor?" said a voice. Oola and the girls around her looked up at the speaker, it was Sunny. "You have the absolute worst timing, Sun." said Hiranui to the Human. The orange haired girl shrugged her shoulder and gave a confused look.

"What? I come back and Oola says "The Rancor" while crying. I should be able to asked." she snipped. Hiranui had an annoyed look on her face, "It is alright Hiranui, let me explain." said Oola to the purple Twi'lek. Oola wiped her eyes and looked at Sunny who had sat on one of the custions nearby.

"A Rancor is...a monster that master owns." Oola's hands were shaking as she spoke. Oola then grabbed onto her leash to try to stop the shaking. "B-beings that have displeased master are t-thrown to the rancor and them." Oola sobbed. The girls had looks of horror on their faces as they saw the mere metion of that creature turn their leader into a sobbing wreck.

"Does...that bloated slug fed it with girls, Oola?" asked Pampy. Oola covered her faced with both her hands, "Yes." she cried. The girls now had a look of panic on their faces, "Y-you mean, that if we don't do what that slug says, we might get eaten?!", "I don't want to get eaten!", "Why!? Are lives are bad enough but now we are just food for a monster!!"

Sobs, wailing and crying filled the room, the door openned and Melina with bed hair came marching in. "WILL YOU SCHUTTAS STOP SCREAMING!!!" she snapped at the group of slave girls. Oola and her fellow dancers stopped their crying and looked at Melina, "B-b-but Melina is-s it true that slug has a monster that eats people?" sniffled Sunny to Melina.

Melina thought for a moment, her mind was just waking up. "...Only if you don't follow his orders and if you are a bad girl." stated Melina. Though they had quieted down, the air in the room was still filled with fear and disgust. "You mean...that if we don't do what that slug wants we get killed?!" exclaimed Hiranui.

Melina gave a bored sigh, "Yeah oh, if you think that getting eating by a monster is bad. Just ask Oola what happened to the schuttas that were pleasing themselves." snipped Melina. The costume designer then lefted the room, Oola and the girls were still huddled together. "I don't want to die." wimpered Sunny.

The girls then nested down, going back to sleep and dreaming of freedom. Oola woke up in a couple of hours, her body telling her to use the restroom. She up and with deliacate steps left the sleeping area and went to the restroom. Even after she was done dumping, Oola sat on the comforable toilet, her hands trembling as she held her coiled leash.

That lie...will not happen...I will do anything to live...even if living is licking the slime off the floor...Oola thought to herself. The Shadow patted Oola on her shoulder, Just as Melina said...master only punishes bad if you are a good girl then you will live...It stated. Oola looked up at the ceiling, Oola is a good girl...she thought.

Oola aranged her costume and went out of the restroom, she was torn between either going into the pool or going to the shower. Choices...the vevlet green Twi'lek thought. The other girls were also getting up from their sleeping area, "Come on Pampy, let's take a bath." said Car'mel to Pampy.

The fairy blue Twi'lek gave a deliacate smile, "Sure, Carm." she said. The Twi'lek and Human took off their dresses and went into the pool with a splash. Sky pulled on Ki's arm, "Come on Ki, let's go take a shower." said the Human girl. Ki gave a grumble and got up and followed Sky into the restroom were Oola heard the shower being turnned on.

Hiranui tugged on Sunny's dress, "Come on Sun, time to take a bath." said the purple Twi'lek. Sunny though just rolled over on her side, "I don't want to get up." she grumbled. Hiranui bit her lower lip, "Why aren't you just a ray of sun shine." the Twi'lek grumbled. Hiranui got up and after taking off her dress, joined Pampy and Car'mel in the pool.

Oola looked at Sunny with some concern, she went and sat on a pillow by Sunny. "Are you alright Sunny?" Oola asked the laying Human girl. The orange haired girl shook her head, "No." she pouted. Oola's lekku twitched as she thought of something to say, "I wonder what we will be doing today." she mused.

That got Sunny's attencion, she sat up with a bolt, "Oh yes! Adalwin will be there." she dreamly said. The Human girl was rubbing the sides of her face and had a dreamy look in her eyes. "I love him, he just makes me so happy. I never want to leave his side, he would never throw me away, he would love me forever." she said to Oola.

Oola noticed that Sunny had that jaded look on her face, her body was trembling just thinking about the Zeltron. Oola faked a smile, "Oh yes he will be there, but do you think that you should clean yourself up first?" Oola suggested to Sunny. Sunny covered her mouth and gave a little gasp, "You are right, I need to clean myself up for Adalwin!" she exclaimed.

Sunny got to her feet and after pulling off her dress, went into the pools. Oola let a smile form on her lips, She is blindly enslaved to Adalwin...she thought as she watched the Human get cleanned up. Oola went to the restroom and after taking off her costume, she joined Sky and Ki in the shower.

"You don't mind if I join you?" Oola asked the Human and Chagrian. The two girls had no problem with Oola joining them in the shower. Oola, Sky and Ki helped clean each other's body with soap and shampoo. Oola was surpised that Ki had such muscle underneath her soft skin, "...Is there something wrong?" Ki asked Oola.

"Oh nothing, Ki." replied Oola, Sky, Ki and Oola were done after cleanning themselves. Sky wanted to stay in the shower longer, "You should get out Sky or you will turn all wrinkly." Oola mused. Sky gave a grumbled agreement and after turning the shower off, left the restroom with Oola and Ki.

Oola and her two companions returned to the pool area, Pampy was gently scrubby Hiranui's lekku while Car'mel was washing Sunny's hair. Both Hiranui and Sunny were not looking at each other and had sullen look on their faces. "...I sense an unhappy mood in the air." mused Ki out loud. Oola covered her body with her costume and came over to the pool's edge.

"What happened?" Oola silently asked Hiranui with her lekku. The purple Twi'lek glaced over at Sunny and then asked if Pampy could wash her back, "Of course, Hiranui." said Pampy. Hiranui then brushed her lekku down her chest, "Sunny was being a whiny schutta, saying that I was brushing her hair too hard." Hiranui silently said.

Oola then turnned her gaze to the Human girl, "Are you alright,Sunny?" she asked. Sunny remained silent, Carmel gave a small sigh and looked over at Oola. "Sun is a little upset at how Hiranui was washing her hair." said the brown skin beauty. "She was purposly trying to pull it out." snipped Sunny out loud.

Hiranui rolled her eyes and glaced at Sunny, "Well if that is the case, you were trying to pull out my lekku." the Twi'lek snapped at the Human. Sunny now had a sour look on her face, "You are just jelosy that I have a good looking boy friend while you have a devil." she sneered at Hiranui. The purple Twi'lek was getting mad at the Human, "Well you are a schutta!" she exclaimed.

The Sunny stood as well as Hiranui, "Worm head!", "Orange schutta!" were the some of the demeaning trems that the two girls shouted at each other. Had Car'mel and Pampy not gotten in the way of the agruing couple, those two might have started to hit each other. "Please stop, Hiranui, she didn't mean it!" excalimed Pampy.

Car'mel was preventing Sunny from going forward to hit Hiranui, "Sun, Stop! Just clam down!" exclaimed the white haired Human girl. Both Sunny and Hiranui were trying to move forward and get at the other girl, "Out of my way Pam! I need to teach that schutta a lesson!" exclaimed Hiranui. Sunny stuck out her tongue and tried to shove Car'mel aside.

"That's right! You want a lesson, I'll give it to you!" snapped Sunny. But then the doors openned and both Hiranui and Sunny stopped and looked who was coming. Jess was pushing a hovering table that had food on it, "Hey girls, ready for some yummys?" she said. But right after she said that Melina appeared, she was holding a blaster in her hand.

She raised the blaster and pointed it at the pool, "You two." Melina said at Hiranui and Sunny. Both girls' eyes widen at the sight of the blaster beening pointed at them. "MELINA DON"T!" Oola exclaimed out of fear for the two girls. Melina quickly pulled the trigger twice, two blue rings hit Hiranui and then Sunny in the chest.

Both girls became ridged and their bodies fell into the pool stiffly. If Pampy and Car'mel were not there, Hiranui and Sunny might have drown. "Melina, what have you done?!" exclaimed Car'mel. Melina had a smirk on her face as she put her blaster in it's hoslter, "Don't worry, I only stunned them." she snarked.

After a couple of minutes, both Hiranui and Sunny regained their movement. They were both shaking at the thought that if Car'mel and Pampy weren't there, that they might have drowned. "Thanks Pam, I...own you one." said Hiranui, "Thank you Carmmy, you are a true friend." said Sunny. "Behave or else." warned Melina as she left the room.

Sky and Ki had put their dresses back on their bodies, they waited for Hiranui, Sunny, Pampy and Car'mel to dry off and get their dresses before going to Jess. Jess handed out the plates of food to each of the girls, "Please be good girls, after all we only have each other." stated Jess when it was Sunny and Hiranui's turns.

They both nodded and took their bowels to the sleeping area were Oola and the other girls were eating. Oola and the girls ate in silence, "Jess do you know what master has planned for today?" the green skin Twi'lek asked. Jess shrugged her shoulders, "I don't know, neither Bib or Melina wouldn't tell me what is going on today." she said.

Oola nodded her head, once she was finished with her meal, she took her plate and gave it to Jess. The girls also finished their meals and gave back the plates to Jess, the girls thanked Jess for bringing the meal," Oh, no problem." she said with a smile. After Jess had stacked up all of the plates, she pushed the table to the door.

Before she could open the door, Melina came in with an armful of robes. "Hey schuttas, here are your robes." she snip. Melina then handed to each of the girls a silk robe, black for Oola, white for Car'mel, light blue for Pampy, yellow for Sunny, silver for Hiranui, red for Ki and a dark blue for Sky.

"It is so soft." Pampy mused brushing a hand against her silk robe. Oola adjusted her headband and tighted the belt/sash about her waist, "It has a belt that you can tighten up, Sky." Oola said to Sky. "Oh yes, sorry Oola." said Sky, just as she was tying it, she paused and looked at Melina, "Are we going to get naked soon?" she asked.

Melina rolled her eyes, "Just tie your robe." she snipped. Sky gave a sigh and tied her robe up, "We are going to be naked soon." she mused out loud. Oola saw in the corner of her eye that Melina was fingering her blaster and had a sour look. "Let me take a look at you." mused Oola who then stood between Sky and Melina.

Sky stood there as Oola looked her over, "Well?" the Human asked, Oola smile "You look gorgous." the Twi'lek said. Oola then notcied that all the other girls had also tied their robes like her, she then looked over her shoulder at melina. "I think everyone is tied up, so were are we going?" Oola said to Melina.

Melina let a smirk form on the corner of her lips, "Follow me." she stated openning the door. Oola and her group of dancers followed Melina, Melina then paused at looked at Jess who was pushing the table away. "Hey Jess, meet us out by the changing area." snapped Melina, Jess turned her head and nodded at Melina.

Melina then led Oola and the girls though some passageways to a door, she then openned the door. Oola and the girls were lead out into an small area, their was a shower to wash off sand and some tables with chairs to sit at. Melina then cuased underneath her breath, "Oola make sure that the girls stay in the area." she said leaving before Oola could reply.

Well now...I wonder what is missing?...mused the Shadow, Oola shrugged her shoulders and then took a seat. The other girls followed Oola's exapime and took seats as well, "So what do you think that bitter woman will have us do?" Pampy said to the group. "Most likly have us march out in front of those slobs, naked." snarked Sky.

"Adalwin is not a slob." snipped Sunny at Sky, Sky rolled her eyes at Sunny's remark. "Oh really," the blond grinned, "Out of couriesty Sun, when you are with Adalwin, you are really happy right?" asked Sky. Sunny's face brighted, "Oh yes, because he loves me and I want to make him happy." she said with glee.

"Have you ever thought that he might just be using you?" asked Sky. Sunny had a startled look on her face, "What?! No, no, you are just trying to make me doubt his love for because you want him instead of that slug of companion." Sunny said to Sky. Sky gave a sigh and brushed her hair behind her ear and shrugged her shoulder.

"And what about Oola? She also has a slug of a companion, do you think she is jealosy?" asked Sky. Sunny spoke with out thinking, "Yes she is, she is a slave to that thing. If she had a chance she would give herself to Adalwin because he would make her forget that she is a slave." stated Sunny loudly.

Oola bit her lip, Remember a good girl...stated the Shadow. Oola looked and saw that Sky had a grin on her face, "Fasanating, you just told the truth about your own feelings." mused Sky. Sunny was taken back at that comment, "W-what are you talking about?! I was talking about Oola..." the orange haird beauty stop and realized that she was talking down of Oola.

Oola though was fasanated by the conservetion, "I forgive you Sunny, please contine Sky." said the green Twi'lek. Sky cleared her throat, "So, you are scared of being...what is the master's name Oola?", "Jabba." said Oola. "Jabba's slave, you are placing all of your chips in Aldawin's basket, hoping that he takes you away." said Sky.

Sunny was kneading her hands, her gaze was darting about. "Um...uh..." Sunny quickly looked over at Hiranui, the purple Twi'lek had that look thast she was not going to back Sunny in any arguemeent. Oola reached out and covered Sunny's hands with one of her own, "It's ok Sunny, you don't have to worry about being master's slave." she said.

The yellow eyed girl look into Oola's brown, "I don't?" she asked in a confused tone. "Because I am the only slave that can please master." said Oola to Sunny. "I am the one wearing his collar and his leash, so put out of you mind any horrible things, that you think that master might do to you if you are a bad girl." stated Oola.

As Sunny nodded she stole a glace a Sky, who stole a glace at Ki, who looked at Hiranui, who just shrugged her shoulders. Then the sound of the door openning could be heard, Oola looked and saw Melina and Jess entering the area. "Alright, I want you, you and you to unrobe and stand over here." Melina said pointing at Sky, Sunny and Pampy.

Sky gave a sigh and slapped the table, "See, I knew we were going to get naked." she snipped. Sky, Sunny and Pampy took off their robes and stood were Melina pointed, "Please be quick." Sky mockly asked. Melina grumbled something and then squeesed a plastic bottle, a solid white paste came out of the bottle onto her hand.

"Jess, help me rub this schutta with the sun blocker." snipped Melina to Jess. Jess mumbled something and took the bottle and did the same as Melina. The two Humans then rubbed the paste all over Pampy's body, "Oh that is cold...AH! Melina! Stop that, I can do that area!" the fairy blue Twi'lek quiped.

Melina just rolled her eyes and continued with her rubbing, soon Pampy was done and Sunny was next. Sunny held out her hands and form a cup with them, "I can do THAT area." she said. Melina gave a sigh and squeesed some paste onto Sunny's hand. The three Humans rubbed the paste over Sunny's body, "It is alittle cold." she mused.

Sky stood still and let melina and Jess do their thing, she was much more sotic then the two girls before her. "So Jess, why are you rubbing this paste on Pam, Sun and on me?" asked Sky. "Well...this paste is spost to protect your skin from burning in the sun." stated Jess. Sky nodded at Jess's reply, "That makes sense..." she mused.

After Melina and Jess was done rubbing, Sky then rejoined the group of slave girls. "Alright, that is three." said Jess, she turn and saw that Melina was putting more of the paste onto her hands. "...Um Melina, what are you doing?" asked Jess, "Why you are next, Jess." Melina said with that fake smile of hers.

Jess had a look of shock on her face, "What?" she said. "Oh did Bib forget to tell you, there is an odd number of schuttas. So master thought it was a great idea that it could be balanced out with you." Melina snarked. Jess wrapped her arms about her body, Oola know what the Human girl was feeling, the loss of clothes was the sign of a slave.

"B-but I'll be naked." Jess wimpered, Melina gave Jess a borded look. "Really? Weren't you just like them before Bib made you to be his worm licker." sneered Melina. Jess gave Melina a sour look, she pulled off her top and then her pantaloon pants. "Fine, be that way." Jess hissed underneath her breath.

Jess stood naked as melina rubbed the paste on her body, it was very obious that her hair was not natually white. Jess had a disgruntled look on her face, "Why me." she grumbled. Sky stifled a chuckle, "I think, "join the group" would be the answer." the blond snarked. Jess rolled her eyes at Sky's remark, "I was the group before you showd up." she snarked back.

After she was done, Melina gave Jess a smack on the buttocks, "Alright Jess, you are paired up with Oola." she stated. Jess then went to Oola's side, Melina then lead the group out of the changing area though a door. What was though the door was a beautiful beach, white sand, palm trees,a vast beach pool and an grill/ lounging area.

The lounging/grill area had a long wall of reflecting glass that was like a mirror. "Wow!" exclaimed the group of girls at the sight of the pritive beach. "*Ahem* Before you go running into the pools. Shouldn't you do some streaching?" stated Melina to the group. Oola and the girls nodded their head, "Of course, over there in the sand would be great." said Oola.

Before the girls ran to were Oola pointed, Melina cleared her throt. "Yes Melina." sighed Jess, "I think the better spot would be at the lounge area were there is shade and no sand." suggested Melina. That suggest was more like an order, "Of course Melina, we can go there." said Oola before any of the other girls started to compline.

The group went to the shaded area, Oola figued that the three non-humans would be following her and the three humans would follow Jess. Oola was half right, the group of girls were devided but for the exseireses, they followed the "leader". The postion of leader would switch between Oola and Jess, taking turns at leading th group.

Melina stood off to the side while the group did their exseris. Oola and Jess had their backs to the wall leaght mirror while the rest of the girls were facing them. Oola did the leg streaches while Jess did the arms, the girls easily followed along in the streaching. I wonder what is behind the glass...mused the Shadow.

It is not glass it is a wall lenght mirror...Oola told the Shadow. It's glass...It snid back, Mirror...Oola replied. Glass...Mirror...GLASS...MIRROR...the Shadow let out a defeated sigh, FINE...It's a mirror...that is one sided...It mused. Oola stole a glace over her shoulder, all she saw was a naked reflection of herself and the girls.

It is...Oola just shook her head, No...I am just over thinking...she thought. Oola and Jess finished the exsierses, "Ok, you can now go." Melina stated. The group of girls, minus Jess, all ran towards the beach. Oola's feet dug into the white sand as she ran with the girls, "Jump in!" exclaimed Ki as she jumped into the pool.

The Oola and the group of dancer stopped on the edge of the pool, they looked for Ki in the pool. "There she is!" exclaimed Pampy, who pointed at the water. Oola looked hard and noticed a siloette in the water, That must be Ki...she thought. All it took was a second and the siloette was came to the surface, Ki erupted from the water.

"Come in, the water is wonderful!" she exclaimed. Oola and the girls looked at each and then at Ki, " not know how to swim." said the Twi'lek. Ki had a look of surpised, "...Oh...come over this way." she said dissapearing into the water. Ki the appeared farthing down by the shallow end of the pool.

Oola and the girls went to the shallow end of the pool, Ki then taught the girls how to float on their backs. Oola had to adjust to the small fact that she was wearing a metal collar, she enjoyed the wieghtlessness of being in the water. There were no bodies of water large enough on Ryloth to swim in...she thought to herself.

She closed her eyes and just absoubed the the sounds of the water, Ki's instucion to Pampy and the splashing of the other girls. The green Twi'lek openned her eyes and looked up into the blue skys, I wish this could last forever...she wishfully thought. Oola stood up and splashed Sky and Car'mel, "Ah!" "Oh Oola, stop that!" exclaimed the two Human girls who splashed back.

Oola laughted as the water splashed against her face, "I am going to get you!" the Twi'lek exclaimed. And very soon there was a playful water fight between the girls. There was laughter and squels in the air as the girls splashed each other, even Jess joined in the frolicking. This time was their time to laugh and to be innocent.

"Hey schuttas! Come over here." shouted Melina to the group of naked girls. Pampy gave a grumpy sigh, "But we were having so much fun." she said. The group of girls praded out of the pool and went to the lounge area. There was a inflatable pool that had appeared, it was filled with some sort of clear liquad.

"Alright girls! Time for a game." said Melina with that fake smile of hers. "...Game?" asked Ki, "Oh yes, a game that everyone will like." snarked Melina. "So there will be two teams, Human and Non-Human. One member for each team will get into the pool and wreslte, the winner gets a point and the team with the most points wins." stated Melina.

The girls looked among themselves, "I don't like that game." stated Pampy. Melina gave the smaller girl such a glare that the Twi'lek huddled behind Car'mel and gave a wimper. "So here is the order of who is going to be wresling." stated Melina. This was the order of the contestions that would be playing:

Car'mel vs. Pampy.
Sunny vs. Hiranui.
Sky vs. Ki.
Jess vs. Oola.

Car'mel gave a small sigh and looked at Pampy who was next to her. The brown skinned beauty looked over at Hiranui, "Hiranui, want to trade?" she asked. The purple Twi'lek's lekku twitched, "I was looking forward to putting Sun in her place." Hiranui said cracking her knuckles loudly. Sunny was nervously twirling a loop of her hair, a small sigh escaped her lips.

Car'mel though was detremed not to wreslte with Pampy, "What's the matter worm head, afraid?" she sneered. That got Hiranui's attencion, "What did you say?" growled the purple Twi'lek. Car'mel swaggered over to Hiranui and pressed her large breasts against Hiranui's, "I said: you are a worm head. And my breasts are so much bigger then yours." tauted Car'mel.

Oola could see Hiranui's temper go though the ceiling, she turned her head and looked at Melina. "Melina? Can I please put this schutta in her place." Hiranui asked. Melina smiled, "Of course, please get into the pool." she said. Hiranui and Car'mel stepped into the pools at differant ends, "You're going down." hissed Hiranui, "On top of you." snarked Car'mel.

At Melina's signal, the two girls started to move towards each other. But the clear liquad made the bottom of the pool very, very slippery and both girls fell down with a squel. "D-don't let Hiranui on top of you, Carm!" Pampy advised Car'mel. The look on Car'mel face said that she knew that, with much diffactely, both girls finally came in contact.

They tried to get on top of each other but the oil prevented that, just as one girl had the upperhand, the other would slip out. The other girls outside of the pool begain to shout out advice to the two contestants, "Just grab her, how hard can it be?!" "...Wrap you arms around her neck, Hiranui." "Push up! Push up, Carm!" "Uh...go team." were some of the comments.

Eventually Hiranui wrapped her arms about Car'mel's neck and push her breasts against the Human's face. "That's right! Mine ARE bigger!" exclaimed the Twi'lek as she held on. Car'mel was thrashing about undrneath the Twi'lek and in her struggle reached out and grabbed Hiranui's lekku.

Hiranui's body went rigged and she gave a squel, the Twi'lek losted her postion and Car'mel got on top. " cheating..." gasped Hiranui, Melina shrugged her shoulder and then soon declared that Car'mel had won. Both girls took a mintue to catch their breath, in that time Car'mel wispered something to Hiranui.

Hiranui had a look of surpised look on her face, "Oh...I didn't realized...Yeah...I forgive you." said the Twi'lek. The two girls then help each other out of the pool, they were both covered in the liquad. "I think it's oil." mused Sky wiping a finger across Hiranui's shoulder. "What ever it is, you WILL fall down.' said Hiranui.

It was now Pampy and Sunny turn to wrestle, "Oh no..." grumbled Pampy as she stepped into the pool. "Alright I can-OH MY-that is cold!" compled Sunny. Despite encourgment from the other girls, Sunny didn't want to go in. Melina tried off the Human compling, went behind her and grabbed her ankles and flipped her into the pool, "Began." stated Melina.

Pampy and Sunny tried their best to stand up but they fall down from the oil. They were trying to hard to get on their feet, "Just crawl, Sun, crawl!" exclaimed Sky. Sunny followed Sky advice and crawled on her hands and knees to were Pampy was. Though they struggled, neither girl could get the upper hand and both became exhused.

"Dissaponiting." sighed Melina as she declared a draw. Pampy and Sunny tried to climb out of the pool , "I don't like this game. mumbled Pampy. "Me too." said Sunny. Oola and Jess helped the two girls out of the pool, the oil was thick on their skin. Both Pampy and Sunny were not happy, "That was such a dumb game." mumbled Sunny.

Melina didn't hear Sunny comment becuase she was talking with Sky and Ki, "If you don't atleast try to put some effort into the wresling,then I guess you will go without." Melina said to the Human and Chargian. Sky rolled her eyes, "Yes Melina, we understand. Right Ki?" said the Human.

Ki nodded her head, "...Yes." she said. But before the two girls got in Melina put corks on the ends of Ki's lethorns, "I don't want any eye poking, GOT IT." Melina stated. Ki nodded her head, "...Got it." she replied. Both girls got into the pool, "Just to let you know Ki, I am not going to go easy on you." said Sky.

Ki just focused her crimson eyes on the Human, "...Neither will I." she replied. Melina then gave the signal to start, "Began!" she exclaimed. Sky and Ki had figued out from the other matches what to do and not do. The two girls pushed off the walls of the pool and slid towards the other.

They both met in the middle and grappled with each other,though the oil in the pool made it diffacult to stand. Eventually Ki gained the upperhand and forced Sky to the floor, Ki's naked body was on top of Sky's. "Oh get off of me!" exclaimed Sky, both girls were struggling in the oil. It was very intesed, one second Ki was on top then the next Sky.

"You can do it, Ki!", "Come on Sky, don't let that blue berry get on top of you!", "Use your legs, use your legs!", were some of the comments that the girls shouted. Sky and Ki were really trying to get on top of each other, eventually Ki managed to get on Sky's back and used her arms and legs to constrist about Sky's neck and legs.

No matter how hard Sky tried to wiggle about, she couldn't escape Ki's grasp. Melina gave a chuckle, "Ah that was a good fight." she stated declaring that Ki was the winner. Sky and Ki then climbed out of the pool, "Was that a good match, Ki?" asked Sky. The Chargian gave a small smile, "...Yes, you were very slippery." she said.

"Alright, so one win for the non-Humans, one win for the Humans and one draw." Melina gave a glare at Sunny and Pampy. "So it now comes down to Oola and Jess, may the better race win." she stated. Oola and Jess looked at each other, Oola let a grimace form on her face. "Well Jess...I guess we have to wresle..." she sighed.

Jess shrugged her shoulders and went to the other end of the pool from Oola. "Let's...just get it over." she grumbled. The green Twi'lek and the faired skinned Human both got into the pool,the bottom of the pool felt just like master. But aleast it won't put you in his mouth and suck on you like a piece of candy...snarked the Shadow.

Shut up and help me think...Oola thought to her shadowy thought. "Began!" exclaimed Melina, it was harder then it looked, trying to walk on the oily pool. Oola then did what Ki and Sky did, went to her knees and crawled towards Jess. Jess, who was trying to move forward but couldn't get a footing, saw what Oola was doing.

Jess waited until Oola had nearly grabbed onto her ankles when she leapped onto the Twi'lek's back. Oola and Jess rolled about in the oil as the other girls were shouting their encourgments. Oola's disadvantage was that she had a long leash and a metal collar that Jess could grab onto while Oola had to grab Jess's hair.

Oola managed to twisted her body so that she was on her back, Jess crouched over her holding onto the Twi'lek's leash. Oola brought her legs up to her stomach and delivered a double kick into Jess's gut. Jess was kicked up into the air, even after she landed, Jess was gasping for air. What are you waiting for!?...Get on top of her!...exclaimed the Shadow.

Oola then scuttled over to the crumpled Human and got ontop of her. It was very obious that Oola had won, "Well that was quick, the aliens have won." Melina nearly sighed. Oola then got off of Jess's back and was crouched by the Human's side. "Um...are you ok, Jess? didn't mean to kick you in the stomach." Oola said.

Jess managed to make a smile, "Of course you didn't. But you sure have a powerful kick." stated Jess. Oola help Jess get out of the pool, the other slave girls also helped the two get out of the pool. "You can wash up when you leave." state Melina to Jess. Jess gave a glare at Melina but said nothing as she left.

Melina then turnned her attenection to the group of slave girls. "Go play in the sand, you have entertianed well enough." she stated. Oola gave a short bow, "Thank you, Melina." she said. Oola then gudied the group of girls back to the beach near the pool. Ki had taken off the corks and left them by the edge of the pool as she went in.

Oola and the rest of the girls layed about in the sand, the oil that was on their bodies was soon gathering up sand. "Oh the sand is so warm." cooded Sunny as she rolled her body in the sand. Hiranui sat up right and brushed sand against her body. Pampy was making a sand castle with Car'mel, Sky had joinned Ki in the pool and was praticing her swimming.

Oola sat upright with her leash coiled up in her hand, she watched the other girls just longue about in the sand and pool. The Twi'lek closed her eyes and once agian lisented to the sounds that were around her. The splashes of water from Sky and Ki in the pool, the sand rubbing in the hands of Pampy and Car'mel.

And then there was another sound, a sound she heard plenty of times before. The gentle sound of a hover table, Oola openned her eyes an looked behind her. Back at the grill/longue area, Porcellus was talking to Melina with his table nearby. The other girls noticed Oola was looking back, "Oola, what is it?" asked Hiranui.

Oola got to her feet, "Yummys." she said as she went towards the grill. The other girls quickly stopped doing what they were doing and followed Oola. Porcellus had already started up the grill and was cooking when the group of girls appeared. "Hello, Porcellus, something smells good." said Oola to the Human chef.

Porcellus must have been focus on cooking to not have notcied that Oola was naked. "Yes Oo...oh my, your naked." he said with a awarked look on his face. Oola played with her coiled leash, "So, I am not the only one that is naked." she snipped at the chef. Porcellus's face went pale and his left eye began to twich, "What?" he said.

The chef then looked about, his mouth dropped as he realized that he was surrounded by half a dozen, plus one naked girls. Melina then gave a sigh, "Porcellus are you gwaking?" she growled. The Human chef shook his head, "No I am not." he said. Sunny on the other hand was in a mischeious mood, she came from behind and hugged the chef with her naked body.

"You smell good." purred the oranged haird girl. Porcellus stiffened and had a paniced look on his face, "M-Melina, please tell this girl to please get off of me." he nearly begged. Melina remained silent and after the chef asked again for a second time, she waved her hand and Sunny. "Sho, sho, leave, the chef alone." stated Melina.

Sunny pouted but did as she was told, Porcellus had prepared ahead of time some finger food. There were sauces that made the snacks more tasty but at the same time alittle messy. More then once did the sauce fall off the finger food and landed on Oola's breasts. Oh...she thought to herself and wipe the sauce off with her finger.

Soon the real food was ready, some sort of fish that was flaky and very tasty with a certien sause. "Thank you Porcellus.", "Oh yes, thank you." "Thanks." "...Thank you.", "Yum! Thank you." were some of the comments from the girls. Porcellus smiled but he kept his gaze at the girls eye level, "Your welcome." he said.

The girls then went back to their floricking, playing in the water and sand. Porcellus lefted and Melina did eventually put another layer of sun protection paste on Pampy, Sky and Sunny. The girls played a couple more games, one was with the rubber ball and the another was a game of differant dance moves.

The group of girls laughted and played in the sun, the day went by so fast. Soon the sun was setting and the ocean had turnned into a vast blanket of gold. Oola stood up to her stomach in the pool, she brushed her lekku over her shoulder. Droplets of water glittered the air, What a day...the Twi'lek thought to herself.

Melina then called the group of girls together, "Did you all have fun today?" she asked. Oola and the girls nodded their heads, "Yes Melina, we had a great time." Oola said for the group. Melina let a smile form on her lips, "Alright, go to the shower and wash up for tonight." said the costume designer.

Oola and the girls gathered in the changing room and washed off in the shower. Their naked bodies were washed clean of the sand. Melina then gave the girls their silk robes, "Oh yes, one more thing." she said. She pulled out of her pocket a capslce that contained several white round pills, "Everybody gets one." Melina said as she handed the pills out.

Oola was the first to take the pill, that familar berry flavor melted into her mouth. The other girls followed Oola's example, they were surpised at the berry flavor. "Follow me." stated Melina, Oola and the girls did as they were told. They followed Melina back into the villa and then they arrived at the longue area.

Jabba and his guests were enjoying a feast, though Gorga had a sour look on his face. "Ah ha! Our desserts have arrived." Jabba bellowed, the Humanoid crimelords looked at the girls with great lust in their eyes. Oola looked down and kneaded her coiled leash in her hands, "Come here my little sweet mint." bleached the Hutt to Oola.

Oola went to her master's side and kneeled by his massive belly. The other girls followed Oola's exapale, each one sitting next to their copanaion. "Let the feast began!" rumbled Oola's master, the crimelords began to shove down food. Well excepted one, "Uncle, I wish to speak to you." rumbled Gorga.

Jabba waved his hand as if he was flicking his nephew's words out of the air, "Later, enoy the food." bleached Jabba. Gorga grumbled something and started to grab plates of food. Jabba stroked one of Oola's lekku, "Have some food, my Oola la." mused Jabba. Oola bowed her head and thanked her master and loaded a plate with food.

The other crimelords noticed what their host was doing and followed suit. The girls enjoyed the meal and then dessert came. The dessert was mostly fruit but it was an exotic looking fruit. Choclate dipping sauce was also provided, "You shall find it...very tasty." rumbled Jabba to Oola. Oola to one of the fruit on bit into it, the juice dripped from the corners of her mouth.

But there was more to the fruit, as Oola ate it, she felt a heat kindle in her body. She let a soft moan pass her ruby red lips, Pleasure...and desire...Oola thought. She ate more of the strange fruit and the heat in her body grew. The other girls had also eaten the fruit, juice dripping down the corners of their mouths and a salacious look grew in their eyes.

The Humanoid crimelords also ate the fruit, they and their beautiful escourts ate. The girls were becoming more friendler, cuddling up and rubbing their bodies against their companion. Oola found herself rubbing her robed body against her master's belly, she noticed that he was not eating any of the desert.

"Would master like some chocolate?" Oola suggestivly said holding out her chocolate covered finger. Jabba smiled, he reached out and took a hold of Oola's left lek and brought to his mouth. Electitcity shot though Oola's body as her master licked her lek, she gave a shrap groan which was then followed by a short sigh.

"You would look delious if your body was covered in chocolate, my frisky pet." rumbled Jabba. Oola purred as she kneaded her master's belly, she kissed and playfully teethed Jabba's warty chin. Oola glaced behind and saw that all of the girls were either kissing or hugging their male companion.

Even Sky was rubbing her body against Gorga's belly, " squishy." moaned the Human. Then Oola looked at Gorga, he had a look of boredom on his face and left hand was twitching as if he was squeesing a hookah pipe. Strange...I though all Hutts enjoyed being caressed by their slave girls...thought the Shadow.

Jabba then cleared his throt, "My honorable guests," rumbled the Hutt. The other crimelords gave their atteniont to their host, "It has come to that time, my servent shall take the little ones and have them waiting for you." rumbled Jabba. Melina then gathered the other girls from their seats.

Oola watched as the girls lefted with Melina, Were are they going?...the Twi'lek thought. The Humanoid crimelords were druming their finger tips on their knees. "When can we go? When can we go? When can we go?" panted the Devaronian. Jabba chuckled at his guest egerness, "Do not worry, you shall soon have your hot spice." rumbled Jabba.

Though the heat from the fruit was still burning in her body, Oola felt a knot form in her stomach. Oh no...grumbled the Shadow next to Oola, What?...What is wrong?...Oola asked her shadowy companion. The other girls...they are to become intimate with master's guests...grimly stated the Shadow.

Oola's lekku sharnk behind her back, Oh no...she thought. She saw Melina appear in the corner of her eye. Melina had a fake smile on her face, she stepped aside and gave a short bow. "The spice is ready." she said. The Humanoid crimelords let out a howl and leap to heir feet and ran off. Melina smirked and gave a bow to Jabba before leaving.

Jabba took Oola's leash in hand and began to silther away with his slave girl. "Uncle, we need to talk." rumbled Gorga. Jabba gave a sigh and turned his bulky body towards his nephew. "What is the matter, Nephew?" rumbled Jabba. The blue eyed Hutt silthered closer to his oranged eyed uncle.

"Tell me Uncle, is that Twi'lek just your personal dancer. Or is she your personal schutta?" rumbled Gorga with disgust. Oola was surpised, she had never thought that a Hutt was capable of making a such a face. Jabba tugged on Oola's leash, bringing her closer to him, he reached down her robe and groped her breast.

Oola's body grew aroused at her master's touch, she shifted in place and let out a moan. Jabba smiled at his slave girl's reaction, "She is my slave, she lives to please me. If only you knew the pleasure of tasting a slave girl, Nephew. That is why had have provided one for your experaince." rumbled Jabba to Gorga.

Gorga was taken back by his Uncle's statment, "Uncle how can you say that?! That...that is border line beastity! It is alright to have a trophy slave or a personal dancing girl but a pleasure slave?! That is beneath you Uncle, are we not gods? To enjoy such prevestion is...distasful." rumbled Gorga.

Jabba though just rolled his eyes and continued to grope Oola, "To deny one's desre is distasful." he rumbled. Gorga gave a sigh and rubbed the corner of his mouth, "Uncle, this issue is a problem and it needs to be resloved." he rumbled. Jabba gave a bored sigh and played with Oola's leash, "It is not a problem, just go and enjoy your girl." Jabba stated.

"And if I don't?" bellowed Gorga, a chill went though Oola's body as she saw a stare down between the two behemoths. Jabba's orange eyes and Gorga's blue eyes were slits as they looked at each other. Jabba chuckled and turnned his gaze, "It's your choice, good night, Nephew." rumbled Jabba.

Jabba turned and lead his slave girls away, "I am here for you Uncle, the clan is here for you. It is shame to see you waste of your genius of business on such petty carnel pleasures." Gorga bellowed to his uncle before silthering away. Jabba lead Oola to his personal chambers, unlike the rest of the villa,the doorway was dark, dirty and unsettling.

The massive door to his chamber openned before Jabba, he lead his slave girl in. Her master's chamber was more like the chamber back at the palace, dimmly lit and not marble but stone. The door closed behind Jabba's tail, the heat in Oola's body had cooled and the Twi'lek was nerviously fingering her leash.

Jabba then turned his attencion to his slave girl, Oola looked up expecting him to throw her on his bed.Her master though had differant things on his mind, Oola bearly managed to bring her arms up as Jabba brought down a meaty hand. Oola fell to the floor, she was shaking as Jabba reeled in her leash for another hit.

"HOW DARE THAT LICKSPITTLE LECTURE ME! I HAD A KINGDOM WHEN HE WAS BORN! I HAD AN EMPIRE WHEN HE WAS JUST OUT OF THE POUCH!" thundered Jabba. Each word the Hutt punuched it by hitting his slave. Though Oola protected her head and lekku from the blows, her arms were going numb.

"Master! Please stop! You are hurting Oola, you are hurting her!" exclaimed Oola hoping that her pleas would be heard. The blows stop, Oola peaked from behind her arms and looked up at her master. Jabba had stopped hitting his slave, he was taken deep breathes to calm himself. Oola crepted closed to her master and licked the hand that he used to beat her.

Please be happy...please don't beat me...please be happy...Oola though as she hoped that her licking would calm her master. Jabba gave a sigh and patted Oola's head, Oola is a good girl, she did nothing wrong." he rumbled. Oola looked at the bloated Hutt, "Is...master happy?" she asked with child-like innocentnce.

Jabba sighed, "Master is...dissapointed at how his Nephew talked to him." he rumbled. Oola stood up and pulled at the robe's sash, "Prehaps...Oola can make master's attidude better." she suggestivly said. Jabba's eyes narrowed at the sight of his slave girls body, the black silk robe still covered her breasts but it parted to reveal the core of her body.

Jabba reached out with his hand and slid it down, from his slave's collar to her thigh. Oola's body was aroused, she mentally put on her mask in prepertion of her master's assuasslt. Jabba let out another heavy sigh, "I am sorry my sweet, my desire for you is dulled by my Nephew's words." he rumbled.

Oola looked down, her body was shaking out of fear that she did something to displeased her master. Oola felt her leash being tugged, "Come, prehaps some flims could bring back the flame of desire." rumbled Jabba. Oola followed her master onto his bed, he rested his bulk on an armrest while Oola sat close to his belly.

A screen rolled down from the ceiling, Jabba picked up a remote from his armrest. "Lets see who is first..." mused the Hutt as he turnned on the screen. The screen flickered and then an image appeared, it was a room. It seemed to only have a bed, There could be more frunater off screen...mused the Shadow.

Then a Twi'lek appeared, it seemed that she was pushed into the room. She was in a white silk robe, she looked about and then sat on the edge of the bed. Have...we seen her before?...mused the Shadow next to Oola. Oola looked harder and then she realized who was in the flim, That!...That girl is Pampy!?...she silenlty exclaimed.

Oola then felt her gut turnning in replusion at the thought of what she will be watching. Oola looked up at her master, "Master, your slave is hot with the flame of passion. Please turn off the screen and let your slave spread her legs for your pleasure." Oola said hoping that she would be heard.

Jabba though had differant plans, he had in his left hand the remote on his slave's leash. He used his right to cup Oola's chin and turn her head towards the screen. "Shh, watch my little one. Perhaps you shall learn something new." the Hutt rumbled. Oola though felt sick and she had a bad taste in her mouth.

Then in the film, Pampy turnned her gaze to the point she entered. The Transdoshan crimelord came into view. Pampy's eyes went wide, she realized what was going and and begged the crimelord to let her go. The crimelords sneered and begain to pull off his clothes, Pampy covered her mouth and then darted pass the crimelord and tried to open the door.

The door did not open, the Transdoshan laughed and grabbed Pampy by her right lek. The fairy blue Twi'lek gave a squel as she was thrown onto the bed. Oola wanted to close her eyes and cover her ear cones, but that would offend her master. The crimelord on the screen finished undressing, he mounted Pampy.

Pampy's screams pieced Oola's heart, Oola had preparped her mind against her own assult. But not of the other girls, she felt tears run down her face. Stop...please stop...Oola silently begged the crimelord that was ravanging her friend. The innocent face of the Twi'lek was twisted in pain and shame, "Ho ho ho, he can make that little one scream." laught Jabba.

Soon the crimelord was finished with his assult, he laid ontop of the shaking Twi'lek. He licked Pampy's engarged lekku and commented that he was going to sleep ontop of her and that if she thought of wiggling away that he would assume that she would want more. Pampy silently nodded her head, her face was full of shame.

Jabba then clicked the remote, the screen flickered and switched to another vid. The beginning was just like the one before, a vacant room that had a girl pushed into it. This time Oola knew which girl it was, it was Car'mel. The brown skinned girl paced around the bed and then turned her attencion to the point of entery.

The Rodian came into the view, like Pampy, Car'mel's eyes went wide. The Humanoid crimelord produced a small hold out blaster, a blue ring shot out and hit the Human girl. The Rodian then stripped Car'mel of her robe and put her on the bed. He used the sheets of the bed to reserten Car'eml's arms and legs.

Car'mel was shaking, pleading and begging to be released. The crimelord then went off screen and then returned with a lit candle. He then dripped the hot wax onto Car'mel's struggling body, she screamed with every drop that landed. Pain...he is a saduis...tortuing poor Car'mel for the pleasure of it...Oola disgustivly thought.

The crimelord was still not done, he went off screen and he returned with a small bucket off ice. He took one of the cubes and pushed it into Car'mel's flower, her body went ridged. The Rodian then dumped the ice onto the Human's chest, Car'mel's eyes became small plates from the cold ice on her body.

As Car'mel was begging for the pain to stop, the crimelord undressed and copulated with the bound slave girl. Car'mel wimpered as she was ravaged, helpless and powerless to stop her tormentor. "Help me...Oola...Pampy...please help me..." the Human cired out in despreation. Oola felt Car'mel's pain, I am sorry...I am so sorry...Oola silently cried.

Then the Rodian crimelord was finished and commented at her wimpers. "I shall buy you and you shall learn to beg for punishment." he sneered. Car'mel turnned her face away from her assulent and cried her heart out. "Kinky...but atleast he didn't damaged the goods." mused Oola's master.

Jabba then clicked the remoted and brought up a new vid. It was Hiranui, she tried to be brave, she tried to fight back. But her robe was ripped off and she was forced against the wall. "My star destroyer is going to board yeah schutta! Them stromtroopers are marching in one by one!" excailed the Devaronian.

Hiranui eventually submited to her assultent, she was made to clean his drill and once on the bed, spread her legs out for his pleasure. Hiranui's face was twisted with shame and disgusted at the prevestion that she was apart of. "Ho ho, she tried to fight but learned that she could never win." rumbled Jabba.

Jabba then clicked the remote to the next vid, the girl was Sunny. Unlike the last three girls, Sunny was longing for this moment. She wildly stripped off her robe and planted kiss after kiss on the Zeltron's body. "Adalwin, Adalwin!" the Human girl panted. On the bed, the Zeltron laid on his back while Sunny did all the work of pleasuring him.

"You are so beautiful Sunny," mused the Zeltron as he reached out and kneaded the beautiful Human's breasts. "I am going to buy you. We will have a great time together and once we are done. I will have you walk the streets of Zeltros and have your learn the trade of being a cafarel." he said.

Sunny was entralled to her companion, her eyes were glassed over and beads of sweat covered her body. "Adalwin! Adalwin!" she kept moanning the Zeltron's name. Jabba gave a bored yawn, "Pathic, no wonder why he can't do anything. He is the one on the bottom, reciving and not giving." mused Jabba.

Jabba clicked the remote, the next girl was Ki. The Quarren must have thought that she was just like everry other schutta and offered her some credits. "...My honor is not something you can buy." hissed Ki. He slapped her acrossed the face and undressed himself, he then forced Ki to suck on his meat pole.

"You are enjoying it aren't you. That salty flavor must remind you of home." sneered the squid head. And then the Quarren's aqua blue eyes went wide, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING! STOP IT! STOP IT!" he exclaimed. He tried to push Ki away but Ki wrapped her arms about his waist. Then sound of flesh being cut could be heard.

"GAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!" exclaimed the crimelord, he finally pushed Ki away. The Quarren was bleeding profusly from his groaning, "YOU FLITHY SCHUTTA! YOU BIT IT OFF! YOU BIT MY POLE OFF!" exclaimed the crimelord as he hit Ki. Ki spat something out of her mouth and covered her head with her arms to protect herself from the hits.

The blood kept pouring and the Quarren's hits were getting slower. He straggered over to the door and tried to open it. When it wouldn't open he started to bang on the door, "HELP! I NEED HELP!" he exclaimed. The crimelord became paler and slummed down to the floor, "I don't want to die...I...don't want to die..." he wimpered.

The quarren became still and lifeless, Ki went to the bed and wrapped her body in the sheets. She cried in a strange langue, she cried her heart out.Oola was stunned at the turn of events and Jabba was just as well stunned. The Hutt's large orange eyes blinked, "...Maybe it is a good thing not to have a drill..." he mused.

He then clicked the remote, there was only one girl left and the would be Sky. From the discussion that Master and Gorga had, I don't think he would be interstead...Oola thought to herself. Sky was pacing the room, she was nervously kneading her hands. "I have to please him or...or I get sent to the barracks." she mumbled out loud.

Melina must have intimated Sky...mused the Shadow. Sky was talking to herself, trying to hype herself up for what was to come. It was a while before Gorga appeared, he silthered pass Sky and went to his low bed. He stroked his hookah and began to furiously bellow smoke from his massive mouth.

Sky stood nerviously in front of the blue eye Hutt, she fingered the sash of her robe. "Um...uh...master?" she nerviously asked, Gorga focused on the slave girl before him. "What?" he rumbled, Sky pulled at the sash and removed the robe off her beautiful body. "I come with an offering of spice." she said a reheashed line.

Gorga had a scowl on his face at her comment, "Cloth yourself, I do not want the spice of your body, girl." he rumbled. Sky though didn't understand his comment and repeated her line, " want, I can rub your belly." she added. Gorga let out a sigh, he set aside his hookah pipe and looked at the naked girl before him.

"" he slowly said in basic. Sky was taken back at his words, "You...speak basic?!" she said in amazment. Gorga rolled his eyes, "To think I went that low to talk to you..." he grumbled underneath his breath. Sky though wrapped her arms about her chest, "But...if I don't please you. I will be sent to the guards." she said with a tremble in her voice.

Gorga sighed, he reached out with his grubby hand. "Your...hand...give me..." he stated. Sky walked onto the bed and streached out her hand, the Hutt gentily took it and quickly licked it. He then let go of her hand, "" he heavly stated. Sky still looked confused, "Oh...ok..." she said.

She sat down, she cradled her knees in her hands. Gorga let out a sigh, " you?..." he stated. Sky brushed some of her hair from her face, "Yes, I do." she replied. Groga then flicked his hand, "Sing...songs..." he stated. Sky thought for a moment and then began to sing a beautiful song about the sky, the sea and the earth.

Gorga closed his eyes, his tail silently swished in time with the slave girl's voice. Sky then came to the end of her song, "You...are differant then Jabba." she said. Gorga let out a chuckled laugh, "Differant...yes...won't you say so Uncle." Gorga rumbled into the camra. Sky looked confused, "What are you saying?" she asked.

Oola saw Jabba's face when Gorga talked into the camra, it was a look of surpise. "This was all a game, right Uncle." rumbled Gorga to the camra. Jabba's tail was thumping about, "This was to show off your power to those weak minded fools, wasn't." said Gorga. "I am betting that you have camras in their rooms as well, but they are blinded by their animalisc lust to noticed." rumbled the blue eye Hutt.

Jabba tighted his grip on Oola's leash, the remote nearly broke in his grasp. "You are probiley enjoying watching those fools dance to your tune. *Sigh* Uncle you have a problem, I want to help you. Please don't be distracted by such petty things, the galaxy is still ripe for the picking. But if you stay lik-"

The remote flew from Jabba's warty hand and into the screen. The screen frakered and turned off, "Blasted! How did he find out?!" he bellowed. Jabba stroked his hookah pipe and began to puff it furiously. Though he was mad, Jabba had a slim smile on his face. "To think Gorga would be the only one to relised...Ho, ho, he really is my Nephew..." mused Jabba.

Oola nerviously looked up at her master, she fingered her leash. Jabba let out a sigh, "Not tonight, my dear. I have to think...yes think..." mused Jabba. Oola licked her master's hand, she then built a small nest of pillows to lay apon.The green Twi'lek then curled up next to the Hutt and went to sleep on her twenty-sixth night as Jabba's slave.

Day Twenty seven

Soon the sixth day of being on Abregado-rae dawned, Oola woke up. She gave a gentle yawn and streached out her arms and legs. She then realized that she was still in her master room. She turned and looked at her master, he was still awake. His pipe still in his mouth, though the hookah had gone cold.

Oola crawled to were the hookah sat and after tying the sash of her robe, stroked it. Jabba was a little startled when the smoke started up once more. "Oh wow who?..." and then he realized it was just Oola that started up his hooakah. " startled me, my sweet." he rumbled at Oola.

Oola gave a small bow, "The meaning of your slave's life is to please you, my master." she said. Jabba gave a mighty yawn, he then gave a grumble, "Gotta dump." was he statment. He then silthered away to the dumping area of the room. Oola went back to the bed and picked up a pillow, Please don't be too smelly...the Twi'lek thought.

The rancid smell filled the closed room, Oola pressed the pillow closer to her face. And after ten long minues, Jabba was done dumping. "Ah, that was a good dump." Jabba happyly stated. Oola faked a smile, "Would some spice?" she suggestive asked. Jabba gave a sigh, "No my sweet, today is an even day." he rumbled.

Oola gave a small bow, Jabba had silthered over and took up Oola's leash. "Come, let us go to the lounge area." he rumbled. Oola followed her master back to the lounge area. Jess, Bib, and Porcellus did a good job of cleanning up after last night. Jabba went to his spot in the room, and after Oola stroked his hookah, he smoked his pipe.

Bib appeared, his eyes were a little more red then normal. "Good morning master." he stated. Jabba let out a cloud of smoke, "Did Melina, tell you what happened last night?" he rumbled to his majoradomo. The male Twi'lek's eye flickered about, " had an agrument with your Nephew?" Bib guess.

Jabba stroked Oola's head, "One of my guest is dead." the Hutt rumbled. A look of surpised appeared in Bib's eyes, "How...did it happen?" Bib asked. Jabba fingered one of Oola's lekku, "Our Quarren guest..." mused Jabba between puffs, "Was a little too eager with his girl." he rumbled.

Bib was tapping his fingertips togethered, "He...had a heart attack?" Bib once more guessed. Jabba laughted, "Ha! That would have been great if that had happen. But no, he had his drill bitten off." the Hutt stated. Bib was taken back at how the other crimelord died, " a bad way to go..." he said holding his hands at the waist.

Jabba let another puff of smoke from his massive mouth, "When we return to the palace, I want Melina to deal with the little biter." Jabba stated. Bib gave a small bow, "Do you wish for me to tell her right now?" he asked. Jabba puffed out some more smoke, "Prehaps later, she did a good job with all of the little's ones costumes." he rumbled.

Bib gave a short bow, "Breastfest will be soon and Melina will bring your guests to you." he said. Jabba nodded his massive head, "Good." he rumbled. No soon had Jabba rumbled those words, Porcellus appeared. He was pulling a train of hover tables laden with food, when he saw Jabba, the chef paused mid-step and had a slightly confused look on his face.

Porcellus then shook his head and muttered something underneath his breath and contiued walking. Porcellus then unlouded the hover tables onto the centerual table of the lounge room. Oola licked her lips at the sight of the mountians of food, "Hungery, my little sweet mint?" rumbled Jabba to his slave girl.

Oola tucked her chin and fingered her lekku, she ran her pink tongue against her ruby red lips. Jabba gave a light chuckle, "Manners my dear, master and guests come first." he rumbled. Oola pouted her tatooed red lips, "Of course, master." she said. Oola crawled over to the table, the Twi'lek loaded a plate with food for her master.

Oola noticed that Porcellus was losted in a thought and had his chin in his hand. "Is...something wrong, Porcellus?" asked the dancer to the chef. Porcellus's mind returned to him, "Oh um...It's just that I normally have the food out before master arrives." stated Porcellus to Oola.

Oola took the plate back to her master, she held it out with both of her hands. Jabba used his fingers to eat from the plate that Oola held in her hands. "Master?" Oola asked the Hutt, Jabba paused and looked at the Twi'lek. "Are you upset with Porcellus for being a little late with breaskfest?" she asked.

Jabba resumed with eating from the plate, "No." he stated as he finished eating from the plate. Oola crawled back to the table, "Master is not upset with you, Porcellus." she said. Porcellus then turned and gave a short bow to his master and he then lefted with his train of hover tables.

After several plates of food, Oola heard the sound of steps coming from one of the passage ways. It was the group of crimelords, they were talking about their latest conquests and their intrested in buying them. Gorga was last to arrive, he silthered to a place by his uncle. Oola felt her leash being tugged, "Be a sweet and dish up my Nephew, a plate." rumbled Jabba.

Oola did as she was told, though Gorga was by the table, she dished him a plate. Gorga rolled his blue eyes but accepeted the plate from the Twi'lek slave girl. The other crimelords then looked about an noticed that one of their number was missing. "Hey, were is that squid head?", "Perhapsss...he isss recovering?" mused the crimelords.

Jabba gave a chuckle, "Quarrens are not reknown for their endurance, I am sure he is dead tried from the amount of energy he had to use." chulked Jabba. The other Humanoid crimelords also chuckled along with their host's comment. The Zeltron looked over at Gorga, "How about your girl, was she tasty?" mused the red skinned Humanoid.

"Yes...I tasted her." Gorga said with food in his mouth. Oola could tell by a flicker of his blue eyes at Jabba that her master knew what he meant. "That's my boy, it is always good to expearament." stated Jabba. Jabba wiggled his fingers at Melina, who was standing in the arch of the passaway.

"Yes master?" asked the dark haired costume designer. "Take my little one back to her room, I have things I would like to discuss with my guests before they leave." rumbled Jabba. Melina gave a short bow, "As you wish, master." she said. As Oola left her master's side, she felt his grubby hand carssed her thigh.

"Tomorrow." he stated to his Twi'lek slave girl. Oola nodded her head, "Oola shall prepare herself for master's taste." she replied. Oola and Melina then lefted the room, as they walked, the Shadow put a thought in Oola's mind. "Melina, are the other girls waiting in the room that you are taking me?" Oola asked.

Melina gave a sigh, "No, I haven't gotten those schuttas from their rooms yet." she stated. Oola tighted her grip on her coiled leash, "Please...please let me take them back to their room." Oola pleaded. Melina rolled her eyes, "Follow me." she sighed. Oola followed Melina to a differant part of the villa.

They came to the first room, Melina openned the door. Oola walked in and looked about, in a corner of the room was one of the girls. She had wrapped around her body with one of the sheets from the bed. She turned her face towards Oola, shaking, she stood up and let the sheet fall off her body.

It was Pampy, tears stained her face. Her arms pressed tighty against her body, "Oola..." she cried. Oola went to Pampy and enbraced her, the fairy blue Twi'lek sobbed into the black silk robe. "Why?...Why?" cried Pampy. Oola closed her eyes and tried to think of something, " a curse." replied Oola.

Oola then wiped Pampy's face, she also straighted out Pampy's robe and tighted her sash. "Come the other girls are waiting." she said as she tried to make a smile. Pampy nodded her head, "Yes..." she said, her petite hands clenched into fist. Oola lead her fellow Twi'lek out of the room and then went to the next room.

Melina openned the door, a thin gasp eascaped Pampy's lips. Still bound to the bed by silk sheets, laid Car'mel. The bed was damp from the ice and the melted wax was still on the brown body. Car'mel had turned her head at the sound of the door openning. At first it was fear of being ravaged again but when she saw Pampy, she was full of shame.

The white haired pleasure slave turned her face from the two Twi'leks, Oola could hear Car'mel softly cry. Pampy quickly went to the bed, she struggled with the knots of the sheets that held Car'mel. "I am here, Carm. I am here." repeated the Twilek to the Human. Oola picked up Car'mel's robe from the floor and held it in her arms.

Once all of the knots were untied, Car'mel rolled to one side and covered her head. "Please...don't look at me." she cried behind her arms. Pampy knelt by the bed, she reached out and touched Car'mel's arm. Oola also went over to the bed, she gently draped the silk robe from her hands onto Car'mel's shoulders.

Car'mel sat upright, she wiped her nose with her hand. "I...I just feel so-" before she could finish Pampy pressed a finger agianst Car'mel's lips. "The night is over." said Pampy to Car'mel, the Human's white eyes looked at the Twi'lek's light blue eyes. " are right." said Car'mel. Car'mel stood up and walked with Pampy and Oola out of the room.

"Had a fun time, Schutta?" sneered Melina to Car'mel. Car'mel had a bitter look on her face, Oola put a hand on Car'mel's shoulder. "Were are the others, Melina." stated Oola, Melina had hoped for a reaction from Car'mel. Melina then lead them to the next room, she openned the door and Oola with Pampy and Car'mel walked in.

Hiranui sat on the edge of the bed, her arms wrapped about her chest. She turned her head towards Oola, her pale grey eyes stared into Oola's brown. Oola could sense confusion from the purple Twi'lek, Hiranui's lekku were still enlarged and body trembled ever so slightly. "Could you...please pass me my robe, Pam." asked Hiranui.

The fairy blue Twi'lek picked up Hiranui's robe from the floor and handed it to her. Hiranui put it on and stood up, she then walked out of the room without a word. Oola and the other girls followed Hiranui out of the room. Hiranui though went the oppostise dirction of were Oola was walking.

"Eager to return to your lover's arms, schutta?" mused Melina. Hiranui stop mid-stride, the purple Twi'lek gave a nasty glare at Melina. Melina returned the glare with one of her own, Hiranui joined with Oola and the other girls and walked with them. Then the group went to another door and Melina openned it.

"Oh Adalwin, are you ready for some more..." Sunny stopped talking when she noticed who had walked in. "Oh..." Sunny stated in a disapponented tone, she sat up right and brushed her hair over her shoulder. "So, did you girls have a good night?" she asked the other girls without thinking.

Hiranui was in front of Sunny in a moment, with a push, the Twi'lek had the Human on her back. Hiranui got ontop of Sunny and rasied a hand, "I won't do that!" exclaimed Oola. "I am not you!" snapped Hiranui back at Oola. Sunny managed to bring up an arm to protect her face from Hiranui's hand.

The hit never came, the purple Twi'lek was hit by a blue ring from Melina's blaster. Hiranui slumped ontop of Sunny, the Human then push the Twi'lek off of her and ran to Oola's side. "Don't let her hit me!" exclaimed Sunny to the other girls. "Relax, will you?" snipped Melina who holstered her gun.

Melina the walked over to the stunned Twi'lek, "You know schutta, I can't damage your body. But only your body." she sneered. Melina then looked over at the group of slave girls by the door. "Girls, help me tie this schutta to the bed." she stated, Oola did not like the tone that Melina used.

Pampy, Car'mel and Sunny instictivly hid behind Oola, Oola tighted her grip on her coiled leash. Oola quickly thought up an excuse, "Master would not be happy if we hurt our hands tighting the bonds..." she said. Melina rolled her eyes, "Fine, be that way, I have other tools." she snarked.

Melina then gave a whisle, two pig guards lumbered into the room. "Make sure they don't interfeare." Melina stated to the guards. The two guards then herded Oola and the three other girls to one side of the room. Melina then tied Hiranui just as the Rodian did to Car'mel, she though forced a knot into the Twi'lek's mouth.

"W-what are you doing, Melina?" asked Oola axiously. Hiranui was no longer stunned, her eyes were wide as she struggled against her bonds in vain. The Twi'lek tried to say something but the knot in her mouth muffled it. " I will return, make sure the girls are still here." Melina said to the guards, she then left the room.

It was only a couple of mintues before Melina came back, in one hand a pitcher of water and in the other a towel. Melina then placed the towel over Hiranui's face, covering it. Melina ran a hand though her dark hair, "You see schutta, if I just let girls go slapping each other. They might get hurt and I would get punished." she said.

"So, I am giving you an example of what would happen." Melina stated, she then took the pitcher of water and slowly poured it onto Hiranui's face. The bed shook as Hiranui thrashed about, her hands clawed the air in desperantion. Oh goddess...Melina is torturing Hiranui!...Oola realized what the Human was doing.

"Melina! Please stop! You are hurting Hiranui!" exclaimed Oola, Melina ignored Oola's pleas and contiued with the torture. Oola went down to her knees and begged Melina to stop, Pampy, Car'mel and Sunny also went down to their knees. "Please stop hurting my sister, please Melina, please!" begged Sunny.

Melina then stopped pouring water onto the towel that covered Hiranui's face. The Human set aside the picther and then leanned close to Hiranui's ear cone. "The next time you misbehave, I will punish you all by yourself with no one to beg for you." sneered Melina. Hiranui's body was shaking, she grugled something though the knot.

"The girls can move." stated Melina to the guards, she then walked away from the bed. Oola then bolted from the floor to the bed, the three other girls followed her. "We are here Hiranui, we are here." Oola reassured the bound Twi'lek. Oola then pulled the towel off of Hiranui's face, she paused before removing the gag from Hiranui's mouth.

The white's of the purple Twi'lek's eyes were cracked with red veins, Hiranui was pleading with her eyes for the gag to be removed. Once Oola removed the gag, Hiranui coughed with all her might to get rid of the water from her lungs. The other three girls had removed the sheets that bond Hiranui to the bed.

Once Hiranui was free, she rolled on side and coughed and coughed and coughed. Oola and the other slave girls did their best to comfort Hiranui. After sometime, Hiranui was no longer coughing, "I want to go home." she cried. Oola closed her eyes, We can never go home...she sadly thought.

Sunny had put on her robe, "I am so sorry Hiranui, I didn't mean to hurt you." she said with tears in her eyes. The purple Twi'lek imedity looked away from Sunny, "Don't look at me, you will only casue pain." Hiranui bitterly stated. Sunny was taken back at Hiranui's words, Oola though helped Hiranui to her feet and had Pampy guide Sunny out of the room.

Oola's group came to the next door, the two pig guards were waiting outside of it. Melina gave a grumpy sigh, "At least this wasn't my fault." she stated as she openned the door. Oola then knew which girl was in the room, the dead Quarren crimelord's body sumped out of the room. The other girls gave their gasps, "What happened?" Pampyed asked out loud.

"What do you think?" snarked Melina stepping over the dead body. Melina then waved for the guards to take it away, the gaurds did as they were motioned to. Oola peered into the room, Ki was still on the bed wrapped in the sheets. The Chagrian sat upright at the motion of the door, her eyes silently reflected her disgust at what she was forced to do.

"Well good job schutta, you just killed your future buyer." snapped Melina at Ki. Ki just hunched over, her crimson eyes looked for someone to share their pity. Oola stepped into the room and went to the bed, "Come Ki, let us go find Sky." she said with a smile. Ki nodded her head, she still was still in her robe.

Ki left the bed and walked pasted Melina, "When we return to the palace, I will deal with you." Melina darkly threated Ki. Ki though just walked out of the room with Oola, Melina then lead the group of girls to the next room. The door was much larger and reminded Oola of her master's chamber door.

Sky is safe...Oola wanted to say to the other girls but couldn't. If you were to say that...then they will learn that you watched them in their shame...warned the Shadow. Oola silently agreed with the Shadow, Yes...better to remain silent then distance my relationship with the girls...Oola thought.

The massve doors openned, all of the girls in Oola's group could see inside. Sky was still asleep on the large bed, she had her robe still on her body. "Food...please..." she mumbled in her sleep. The other girls looked at the sleeping girl with surpised, Melina gave a sigh and then walked over to the sleeping girl.

"HEY WAKE UP!" exclaimed the costume designer. Sky sat upright with a bolt, "I am up! I am...oh." the blond Human realized who was talking to her. Sky looked about and noticed the other slave girls were looking at her. "Oh...hi." she said adjusting her robe about her white, numblie, beautiful body.

Melina grabbed Sky by the arm and pulled her to her feet, "Come on." Melina snapped at Sky. Sky idmendilty went to Ki's side, "Follow me." stated Melina. Oola's group followed Melina out of the room, they followed her back to the beach area of the villa. Jess was waiting for the group of slave girls, she was dressed in shorts and a loose t-shirt.

Jess was resining herself from speaking harshly to Melina, "Hello." she stated. "The schuttas are in your hands now." snipped Melina to Jess as she left. Jess gave a short bow, "I will take care of them." Jess stated. Jess then focused her attenction of the group of slave girls next to her. She gave a sad smile to the group, "Allow me to put some sun blocker on you three." said Jess.

Sunny, Pampy and Sky stood still as Jess put the sun blocker paste on their bodies. Car'mel and Ki helped Jess by rubbing the paste on their sister's body. Hiranui though stood away from Sunny and was looking towards the pool. Soon, the three fair skinned girls were ready for their day on the beach.

"Today is your girl's day to rest, play in the pools or enjoy the sun." mused Jess. Oola had removed her robe and laid it on one of the lounge chairs. The other girls followed the green's Twi'lek's lead and did the same. Oola held her coiled leash in one hand as she went to the beach and laid down amon the warm, white sand.

Hiranui, Sunny, Car'mel and Pampy did the same as Oola, Ki and Sky though went into the pool. Pampy rub some of the warm sand against her breasts and belly, "The sand is warm." she stated the obious. Oola and the three other girls mumbled in agreement, Car'mel then became to make a sand castle only to crush it mid way.

"WHY?! Why? Are we just toys to be played? Are we just animals? Are we? Are we..." the brown skinned Human then broke down crying. Pampy went to Car'mel's side and hugged her and spoke softly to her. Hiranui tighted her grip on her knees and Sunny just laid face down in the sand trying to sleep.

Oola crawled over to Car'mel and gentle touched her shoulder. "No, you are not an animal. You are my sister, my family." said the Twi'lek. Car'mel looked at Oola with her white eyes, they had such uncertainy and fear in them. Pampy reached out and placed her hand underneath Car'mel's left breast, "You have a heart that beats with life." Pampy said.

Car'mel wiped her eyes with her hand, she managed to make a smile. "You two, are truly my sisters." Car'mel said. Oola smiled and helped rebuilt the sand castle with Car'mel and Pampy. Pampy stroked her lekku, "Um...Car'mel, since you do not know how you lived. Would you mind hearing how I lived?" asked the fairy blue Twi'lek.

"Of course." said Car'mel.

Pampy closed her eyes and began to tell her story. She was born to Twi'lek parents on a distant world. Her father was orange color and Pampy's mother was a light purple. "When I was born, my parents were surpised at my skin color. So they call me Beautiful or Pampy in Twi'leki." said the fairy blue Twi'lek.

But Pampy was born to a family of slaves, her father worked outside while her mother was the cook. Their owner was a wealthy man of a large estate, with a wife and three daughters. "When I was just a infant, the master's daughters would dress me up like a baby doll and push me in their doll carragige." Pampy happliy mused.

But then a frown formed on the Twi'lek's lips, "But the Mistress was harsh towards my mother, belittling her for the smallest things. She would use a measuring stick on my mother's lekku to punish her." Pampy said as she rubbed her hands as if remembering the pain. "The sight of me made Mistress uptight and...later I understood why." said Pampy.

Ki and Sky had come from the pool and joined the other girls in lisening to Pampy's story. "The Master used my mother as his "release", satifising his carnal carving." Pampy said with disgust. "As I became an adolestion, the Mistress forbid her daughters from talking with me causlly. She said that it was not proper manners, talking nice with a worm slave." Pampy bitterly stated.

"I onced asked my mother why we Twi'leks were slaves and she said that it was the order of the universe. That the strong rule and Twi'leks were not strong." Pampy sighed. "I joined my mother in the kichen, preparing the meals, snacks and appaziers for any events that required food." she said.

"After we were no longered required, my mother and I would take some sweets out to father and the other slaves." said Pampy. "We would sing, dance and play music to lighten our spirits." she said with a faint smile on her face. Pampy then became quiet, "What happened nexted?" asked Sky.

"Master, noticed that I grew up." Pampy said. "It was about five, six months ago. I was helping mother in the kicech in preeration for a party, when Master came.When Master was upset, he would come to the kichans and snack. Mother always had something sweet set aside for him when ever he came." stated Pampy.

"I was focused on washing vegatables when Master carssed my lekku." said Pampy. The fairy blue Twi'lek fingered lekku, "I...felt aroused at his touch and at the new seasoen, my lekku grew enlarged." she said. Pampy lowered her gaze to the sand, "I had never seen mother so angery in my life." said Pampy.

"She pulled me behind her and screamed at the Master, saying that she would bear his lust and that I was innocent." said Pampy. "Master...did not take mother's outburst lightly. Only after did I threw my body on top of my mother's and said that I would do what ever he desired aslong as he did not hurt mother, did he stop hitting her." said Pampy.

"Mother and I finished preparing the meal, I...wiped my mother's tears from her face and said that it was going to be alright." Pampy said sadly. "I was sent to the party as a serving girl, taking platters of snacks and drinks to master and his guests." stated the fairy blue Twi'lek. "Somehow, the Mistress knew and she was not happy." said Pampy.

"Mistress and her daughters left the party before it was in full swing." said Pampy. "Master though didn't mind, when I was serving. I overheard Master and a guest talking about a busniess deal that had gone bad. The other guest was worried about it but Master was not, "Do not worry, I have it under control." he stated.

"After the party, I went to the room that I shared with my mother. She was so sad, I cleanned myself up and put on a robe." a tear came to Pampy's eye. "Mother...said that I will be deflowered by master and that I should focus on the sky for it was free and vast with no resirestes." said Pampy.

"So I was taken up to master's room by another servent, "Master, the girl is here to warm your bed." said the servent." Pampy remembered. "There was silence and the servent said the same statment again. The door was unlocked and the servent openned the door, "Master are you al-" the servent became quiet and and I looked into the room." said Pampy.

"There was a chair in the middle of the room and resting on the armrests were Master's hands." said Pampy. Oola and the other girls did not understand at first what Pampy meant. " mean just his hands?" asked Car'mel. Pampy nodded her head, "Yes, Master's hands were cut off and were holding a note." said Pampy.

"The servent read the note out loud, "Thieves lose more then their hands." said Pampy. "Well Master was died and I wasn't deflowered so I thought everything was going to be alright." she said. "But that just meant Mistress was in charge of the estate and the first thing she did was sell Mother off world." Pampy bitterly stated.

"Then the Mistress decided to sell me as well to that tall green weazing humanoid." said Pampy. "He...made my breasts bigger and had me learnned how to dance with Hiranui and Ki." said Pampy. Both Hiranui and Ki nodded at Pampy's words, "What size were your breasts before the surgery?" asked Hiranui.

Pampy pointed to to a third of her breast, "About here." she stated. Hiranui nodded her head, "Yeah I was adjusted about half." said the purple Twi'lek. Then the Twi'leks looked at Ki, "How about you? How much did you get adjusted?" asked Hiranui. Ki looked away and dug a toe in the sand, "...I wasn't adjusted." said the blue Chagrin.

Hiranui had a gleam of jeasoy in her eyes, "Oh..." said Hiranui. "Well, that is the end of my story. After those months we were brought to that ship were we first met you Oola." said Pampy. Oola gave a small smile and let the tips of her lekku flick about. Hiranui though gave a sigh, "At least you had caring parents, Pampy." she said.

Pampy looked over at Hiranui, "Were your's not?" asked the fairy blue Twi'lek. Hiranui clawed at the sand by her leg, "My parents were traveling musicaions, bearly able to fed themselves or my two sisters." the purple Twi'lek grumbled. "So they used a Twi'lek cultuarl thing that allowed them to sell me and my older sister." Hiranui sighed.

Oola gave a small frown, That is only partually right...If they are poor, Twi'lek parents can give their childern to someone better off but only with a contract that protects the children...Oola thought. "Well the buyer was some indualivual that owned a casino, I worked as a waitress and my older sister was a table dancer." said Hiranui.

Hiranui bit her lip, "My sister was such the schutta, I think she was in the bed of ever male employee in the casino. she said bitterly. "My sister became the owner's girl, dressed up in fur and gold chains." said Hiranui. "I on the other hand refused to be anyone's schutta, whiched got me into trouble quite a few times." said Hiranui.

"Then...I guess seven months ago, the owner losted a big gambling game with that same tall green humanoid that Pampy mentioned..." Hiranui mused. "The casino owner was going to give him my sister, but then that weazing humanoid noticed me and took me instead." said the purple Twi'lek.

"He then changed my skin color from smoke grey to this." said Hiranui looking at her hand. Oola and the rest of the girls were surpised that Hiranui's skin color was so differant then what they knew. "Oh wow Hiranui, I would have never known that you were really grey instead of that beautiful purple if you hadn't told me." mused Sunny.

Hiranui rolled her eyes, "Yeah...and that humanoid increased my bust and had me learn to dance with Pampy and Ki. And speaking of Ki, were did you come from, Ki?" asked Hiranui. Ki was laying on her belly when she was asked the question. She rolled on her side and looked out towards to the ocean.

"...The world that I came from was like this one." she stated. "...We lived in peace, I was rasied with my brothers in the warm waters and I desired to see the stars in the sky." said the Chagrian. But then a frown formed on her lips, "The Imperial cousler of my world found a liking to our females whiched enraged our males." said Ki.

"...Many joined the Allinace to restore the Republic, but that made the Imperials angery and used "mining accedents" to punish the rebels." sighed Ki. "...Females and the little ones were taken by force to hinder the males from rebeling." said Ki. "...I was going to try to join the Allaince but the Imperials caught me and sold me to that green humanoid." she said.

"So Ki, what did he altered?" asked Hiranui. Ki then looked at Hiranui and openned her mouth and stuck out her tongue, "...This." she said. The Chagrian's tongue was just like the rest of the girls, pink and her teeth were white. " not know what to look for Ki." Sky said also looking with the rest of the girls.

Ki then closed her mouth and resumed speaking, "...My tongue was the color black and it was long." she stated. "...My teeth were also blue." Ki also added. Oola and the other girls looked at each other, "Well...the alterations are not bad, right girls?" asked Oola to the others. The girls beside ki nodded their heads.

Sky, Car'mel and Sunny had small sad smiles on their faces, "I wish I knew who I was..." Sky sadly sighed. "Prehaps...we were princesses?" mused Sunny in hope. Car'mel gave a small scoff at the orange haired girl's comment. "If we were princesses, then why isn't there an army looking for us?" asked the brown skinned beauty.

Sunny shrugged her shoulders, "The...galaxy is a big place..." she suggested. Oola looked out to the ocean, So vast and free...she mused to herself. But bound by the earth and sky...mused the Shadow. Oola gave a side ways glace at the Shadow, But still free...she thought. The Shadow sighed, You should teach the girls a song to sing...It mused.

Oola thought for a moment before returning her focus on the girls, "My I teach you a song?" she asked the group. The each of the girls looked at their sister and then looked at Oola, "Of course, Oola." said Pampy. Oola then had the girls stand up and form a circle, she had each one of them hold the girl's hand next to them on either side.

Oola then cleared her thort and told the girls to lisen to her song to learn the words.

"Sun, Sun, come, come."
"Moon, Moon, come, come."
"See stars, smile stars."
"Bye bye, Sun, Sun."
"Bye bye, Moon, Moon."

Oola sang.

The girls then sang along with Oola many times over, to the point were they had weaved the song into their hearts. "What...does the song mean, Oola?" asked Pampy. "It is a song about tomorrow. That we must greet the sun and moon like friends, and that the stars are their children. Points of light in the darkness." said Oola.

The girls then ate and played in the sand and in the water for the rest of the day. Oola laid on the white sand and watched as the sun dipped below the ocean. "I wish that we could be free." mused Pampy. Oola did not reply, Melina then came and gathered up the group of girls. The girls returned to their room and after a relaxing bath went to sleep on Oola's twenty seventh day as Jabba's slave.

Day Twenty eight

The sun once more rose over Jabba the Hutt's, master of Oola, villia. Oola woke up, she uprighted her body and sat on her buttocks. She gave a lazy yawn and streachedd out her arms above her head. She smacked her lips and blinked her eyes acouple of time. Time to dump...she thought to herself as she stood up.

The green Twi'lek held onto the metal joint of her leash, the black leash though trailed behind her as she went to the restroom. She adjusted her costume and sat down on the comforble seat of the toilet. As Oola dumped her waste, she looked down at the leash that went out of the restroom and back to the sleeping area.

I wonder how long master will keep me on his leash...she thought. Until he finds another girl to put it on...mused the Shadow. Oola bitterly looked at the Shadow, Just because Ki interupted that lie as a dream does not mean I will die!...Oola thought. The Shadow lazly rolled mid air, You do not know the future...just be a good girl...It said.

Oola gave a gave a small snort, I will be more then a good girl...she thought as she finished dumping. She stood up and after wiping herself, flushed the toilet. Oola adjusted her fishnet costume and went back to the sleeping area. She deliacaliy stepped over some of the sleeping girls and returned to her spot.

Oola laid on her back looking at the ceiling, Today is the last day of the I will be doing double duty...she thought to herself. A shiver went though her beautiful velvet green body, her breasts became hard at the tips and her thighs came together trembling. Master has not tasted his slave since last week...his appetighte must be great for his slave...Oola thought.

One of Oola's hands held onto her leash while the other one began to softly stroke the exposed skin of her body. She closed her eyes and parted her ruby red lips as she took a shrap breath. Her body craved the attenced that it would recived from the Hutt's carsse, Oola is a good girl...she thought to herself.

Oola is master's concubine...his lover...his priestess of his pleasure...the Twi'lek carnally thought. The pleasure slave rubbed her thumb against the cruve of her breast, her lekku became enlarged and senstive. Oola arched her back as past memories of carnal submission were awaken, Oola is a good girl...she once more thought.

  • Yawn*, Oola returned back to reality when she heard one of the girls yawned. Her body quickly cooled down and her lekku shranked back to their normal size. Oola then looked to see that Sky had uprighted herself. The blond Human girl smacked her lips and got up, scatching her buttock as she went towards the restroom.

The other girls were also stirring, Hiranui had sat upright and was touching her toes with her hands. Sunny had stood up and after streaching out her beautiful body went towards the restroom. Ki took off her white dress and had slipped into one of the pools. Pampy was rubbing Car'mel's back with her hands, "Does that feel good?" asked the fairy blue Twi'lek.

Car'mel had a content smile on her face, "Oh yeah, just alittle to the left. Oh yes right there, right there." said the brown skin beauty. Oola sat up and faked a yawn, "Good morning girls." she musicly said to the girls that were nearby. Pampy, Car'mel, Ki and Hiranui looked at the green skinned Twi'lek.

"Good morning, Oola." they replied. Oola stood up and streach along side Hiranui, the velvet green and the regal purple Twi'leks mirrored each other. Hiranui had a smile on her face, "You are quite flexable Oola, but can you do this?" asked Hiranui. The purple Twi'lek went from a standing postion to doing the splits.

Oola did more the just copy Hiranui, not only did she had her legs in a split. Oola was standing on one hand with the other arm out streached for balance and did several push ups. Pampy, Car'mel and Ki gave Oola their appluse, both Sky and Sunny came from the restroom to see what was going on.

Hiranui had a smirk on her face, "Oh just to let you know I was going easy." mused the purple Twi'lek. Hiranui then took off her white dress so she would not be hindered in her proformance. Hiranui then imatated Oola by standing on one hand and doing acouple of push ups. She then quickly switched the hands she was standing on and then twirled her legs about and stood up with a bow.

The other slave girls gave their appluse, "Spicy stuff, Hiranui!" cheered Sunny. Hiranui had a grin on her face as she put on her white dress. "I am sure that leash would hinder your chances..."mused Hiranui. Oola smiled has she reeled in a lenth of her leash, 'Pampy, Carm, would you be dears and clear the sleeping area, please?' she asked her fellow dancers.

Pampy, Car'mel quickly cleared the sleeping area and sat aside with Sunny and Sky. Ki watched from the pool's edge, "Please stand still Hiranui." said Oola. Hiranui stood still with her arms crossed, "Of course Oola." she said. Oola closed her eyes and began to twirl her leash in one of her hands, Which tune...Oola thought to herself.

Oola picked out a tune from her mind that began slow but finished quick, That will do...she thought. Oola began to swing her leash about in a rthyme, she could see Hiranui rasie a brow as if she was disapointed in Oola's section. I have not yet began...Oola thought as the tune switched to a faster beat.

Oola's leash become alive, but the Twi'lek had complete control over it. The tassles at the end of Oola's leash smack the floor as she whipped it about. Oola then whipped the leash about Hiranui's head. She expertly and repeatedly cracked the tassled end of her leash, mere cenimeters from the purple Twi'lek's head and lekku.

Oola then leaped about in the air, not having her master holding her leash gave her more freedom of movement. She kick her legs, twirled her body and swung her lekku while her leash curved about her in the air. She then fell to her knees, the leash coiled on the floor around her. Oola's back was arched, her head thrown back, beads of sweat were on her lekku.

Beautiful...mused the Shadow, Oola then looked at the group of girls that were watching her proformance. They were at first silent whiched confused Oola, Was my proformance bad?...Oola thought to herself. Hiranui then took her lekku in her hands and shook them, Pampy also stood and shook hers as well.

Oola instatly smiled at what she saw, she gave a bow and then Ki and the Human girls loudly clapped their hands. "Beautiful!" "That was amazing, Oola!" "Prefect!" were some of the comments that the girls said. Hiranui came close to Oola, she held out her lekku in submission to Oola's superiorty.

Oola though took her own lekku in her hands and let them entwine with Hiranui. Hiranui looked at Oola with a confused looked on her face, "But...I am inferior..." said the purple Twi'lek. Oola smiled as her lekku tighted with Hiranui's, a small gasp escaped the purple Twi'lek's lips. "We are a family, I am just your older sister." mused Oola.

Hiranui let a smile form on her lips, Oola then serparted her lekku from Hiranui's. Then the door openned, "Good morning girls." said Jess pushing the repluser table that had the girls' breakfest. "Good morning Jess." said the group of girls, Oola and the girls then went to the table to get their breakfest.

"Were you girls dancing?" asked Jess as she handed out a plate. "We weren't but Oola and Hiranui were playing about." said Pampy as she took a plate. "Well Oola just provided that she can dance even with a leash on her neck." said Hiranui. Jess smiled and looked at Oola, "I believe that Oola is the best Twi'lek dancer that I have ever seen." the Human mused.

Oola smiled at the comment, "Thank you Jess." she said. Oola went to the sleeping area and sat down on a pillow with the rest of the girls. As Oola and her fellow dancers ate, the door openned once more. In came Melina, "Alright girls time to..." she then notcied that Oola and the others were eating.

Melina glared at Jess, the costume designer then smacked human servent across the face. "Do you realized what you have done!" excalimed Melina. Jess had a hand to the side of her face that was hit, "...You...hit me..." growled Jess at Melina. Melina was not imtated by Jess, "Because of you, master will be delayed in his return to Tatoonie." snapped Melina.
Jess's expression went from anger to fear, "But...But Bib said that there was time." was her excuse. Melina jabbed a finger at Jess, "YOU will be the one taling to maste on why he is-" "Um Melina, we are done." interupted Oola. Though they were not even a third done, Oola and the girls had set their plates back on the table.
Melina narrowed her gaze at Oola, "Do you think that your med-" "Melina are YOU, delaying master?" asked the Twi'lek. Melina knew what Oola was talking about, now that Oola and the girls were done, she had no reason to verbelly attack Jess. "Fine...just don't expect to be fed on the ship." snapped Melina.

Oola gave a small bow, "Alright girls, follow me." ordered Melina. Oola casted a glace over her shoulder towards Jess, the Twi'lek smiled at the Human and gave her a wink. Jess returned the wink before Oola left the room. Oola and the girls followed Melina out of their room and to the lounge room were Oola's master was waiting.

Jabba was smoking his hookah pipe when Oola and the girl appeared. Jabba did not seem worryed about anything, Melina was exargeraing...Oola thought to herself. Oola knelt before her master, the other girls followed Oola's lead. Oola bowed her head and waited for her master's order.

Jabba let out a cloud of smoke from his mouth, "How is my little sweet mint?" he rumbled as he streached out his warty right hand. Oola then crawled over to her master and licked his hand, "She is fine, now that she is with you, mighty lord." Oola cooded. Jabba smiled and stroked Oola's head, "Time to return my planet." rumbled Jabba.

Jabba then slid onto his repluser sled, Oola climbed on and sat next to his belly. The other girls followed behind Jabba's sled walking. Jabba's guards were waiting at the barge, Jabba's sled went up the ramp and into the barge's obseravtion deck. Jess, Bib and Melina were the last ones to get onto the barge.

The barge then sped off from the villia, over the cystel clear waters of Abregado-rae and back to the spaceport. Inside the barge, Oola and the girls were praticing their dances. Oola was the center and the girls in pairs would dance with her. Jabba would hold onto the beautiful Twi'lek's leash as she danced.

Out of the corner of Oola's eye, she saw that Bib, Jess and Melina were having a desciouon. The male Twi'lek held his face in one of his clawed hands as each of the Human females talked into Bib's ears. A tug of Oola's leash snapped her attention back to her dancing with Hiranui and Sunny.

Oola could see the lust in her mater's eyes, the sensous dancing of his fishnet clad slave girl and her frisky girl friends. The Hutt licked his lips as he watched the slave girls pratice before him. Oola was dancing with Sky and Ki when her master pulled her to his side, "I see that you are being quite frisky, is it because we shall soon return home?" rumbled the Hutt with a finger full of paste.

Oola eagerly sucked the paste off of her master's finger, "Yes master, Oola is being frisky for your pleasure." she said after she was done with the Hutt's finger. Oola sat by her master's side as the girl continued to dance, the Twi'lek would translate some of the suggestions that Jabba made to the girls dancing.

The suggestions were...more carnel then Oola would have suggested. Oola though softed the translation and make it more comfroble for the girls and pleasing for her master. The barge came to the spaceport, Jabba gave a grumble and moved his hoversled to the nearby window. The Hutt that was at the spaceport the first day greet Oola's master and hoped that he had a good time here at Abregado-rae.

Jabba waved his hand and bleached a reply, "Could have been better, could have been worse. But over all most pleasurable." was the large Hutt's answer. The barge then went into the Star Jewel, Jabba took Oola to the lounge room while Melina took the other girls to the slave quaters of the ship.

After Oola stroked her master's hookah, she sat on one of the custions awaiting his orders. Jabba let out a cloud of smoke from his mouth, "Which...ones of those spicy deliacaties would be best dancers to help past the time?" rumbled Jabba. Oola pouted her lips, If you desire entertainment, Master...I can provide it...the Twi'lek thought.

Before Oola could answer, Jabba tapped the intercom button. "Melina, bring up three spicy girls to entertain me." ordered the Hutt. "Yes, master. I will tell Melina." said Bib over the intercom. As he waited, Jabba stroked Oola's long, fleshy lekku. "Oh...master." Oola softly said as her lekku became enlarged.

Jabba smiled as he hand went from his slave's lekku to her breasts. "Master...master you are so gentle." Oola moaned as she puffed out her chest. Jabba's grubby hand keaded Oola's breasts, the tips of the slave girl's breasts became harded. Jabba tighted his grip on Oola's leash, causing her to look into his large orange eyes.

Oola's tongue slid over her ruby red lips, she openned her mouth and softly breathed on her master's warty chin. Jabba pulled his slave girl even closer, Oola was now sitting half way up on the Hutt's massive belly. Oola let a moan escape her lips as she felt her master's right hand carasse the leather groining part of her costume.

Then the sound of the elevator door being openned could be heard. Jabba's gaze went from his pleasure slave to the elevator. Oola also looked, she could see Melina peek out of the elevator. "Come in Melina, You are not intruding." rumbled Jabba. Melina then stepped froward and lead three girls before Jabba.

Car'mel, Pampy and Sky stood before Jabba, naked and shivering. "I have brought before you three spicy girls just as Bib told me to, my lord." stated Melina. Jabba licked his lips, he loosed his grip on Oola's leash and let her slid down to the custions on the floor. "Yes...the two on the left had such deliacate crys but my Nephew's girl is an unknown..." mused Jabba.

Melina then snapped on her rubber gloves, "Alright girls, openned up your schutta holes for a-" "Melina." interupted Jabba. Melina turned and looked at her master, "Yes, master?" asked the costume designer. "I...would like to do the inspecting." leered the Hutt. Melina was taken back at his request, "But master! If...if there is something wron-"

Jabba cut her off by throwing a pillow into Melina's face, "This three are not divviks. Besides...why would my Nephew try to kill me?" rumbled Jabba. Melina rubbed her chin trying to think of something to say. The Human woman gave up and shrugged her shoulders, "Master gets what he wants." she stated.

Pampy, Car'mel and Sky had confused looks on their faces. "What is Jabba talking about?" Pampy silently asked Oola. The velvet green Twi'lek thought for a moment before twitching her lekku. "...You must asked Melina." Oola silently told Pampy, Pampy had a confused look on her face, "Why?" she twitched back.

Before Oola could answer Jabba wiggled his fingers at Pampy, "I would like to feel that one." the Hutt ordered. Melina pushed the fariy blue Twi'lek to the front of Jabba. Pampy was shaking as she coward before Jabba's leering, "I wonder how your sense of touch is, little one." mused the Hutt as he reached out with his hand.

Pampy flinched as the Hutt's warty hand carssedher face, "It is alright little one. For I am a gentle master." leered Jabba. Jabba's left hand still held Oola's leash while his right fondled the fairy blue Twi'lek's body. Oola looked up at Pampy, both girls looked at each other in pity. "Oola, tell the little blue berry to turn around." rumbled Jabba.

Oola translated her master's words, trembling, Pampy did as she was told. Jabba then began to stroke Pampy's pride, her lekku. Jabba knew how to arouse a girl's bond of touch, Pampy's lekku grew enlarged and the tips of her blue breasts became hard. Oola though looked beyonded aroused slave girl and saw Car'mel's expression at seeing her sister being touched by Jabba.

The brown skin, white eyed and white haird girl had a bitter expression on her face. Her hands were clinced tight, "Stop...touching her." she hissed. Jabba paused in his fondleding and looked over at Car'mel, "What did she say?" he rumbled. Oola and Melina looked at each other as if to see if the other was going to say the first word.

"She said to stop touching the blue worm, master." said Melina before Oola could say anything. A shiver went though Oola's back at the sight of the look on her master's face. A curel smile formed on his massive mouth, "Did she?" he mused out loud as he reached out with both hands to take Pampy's lekku.

Pampy let out a gasp as though grubby hands of Jabba the Hutt gripped her lekku. Pampy's thighs were shaking as she was forced down to her knees. "Please...oh please, stop." wimpered the fairy blue Twi'lek. Car'mel's expression grew more bitter, "Stop! Stop touching her! Stop it!" Car'mel nearly screamed at Jabba.

Jabba had Car'mel emotionly were he wanted her to be. His left hand went under Pampy's chin, brushing agianst her heaving breasts. His right went down to her crouch, his grubby hand covering the Twi'lek's groning.The expression on Pampy's was one of panick, she could feel where the Hutt was fingering.

"Melina." rumbled the Hutt before he did anything to the Twi'lek. "Yes, master?" Melina replied, "Tell the brown one, that if she does not switch places with the blue berry. I will be forced to use my finger." rumbled the depraved Hutt. The dark haried woman looked over at Car'mel who was about to rush to her sister's aid.

"If you want to help the Twi'lek, trade places with her." stated Melina. Car'mel looked at Melina and then back at Pampy. The fairy blue Twi'lek's face was twisted in fear of what the Hutt was going to do to her, "Please help me, oh please help me." Pampy begged outloud. Car'mel looked at Melina with despreation.

"I will trade places with Pampy, just please tell him to let her go and I will come." pleaded Car'mel. Melina glaced over at Jabba, the Hutt smiled and released the Twi'lek from his grip. Pampy scrambled to her feet and ran to Car'mel, she buried her face into the brown skin girl's chest and cried out her shame.

"It is alright Pam, he won't touch you." Car'mel said sadly. Car'mel handed the shaking crying Twi'lek over to Sky and walked to Jabba. How brave she is...Oola thought to herself as Car'mel stood before the crimelord. Car'mel gluped and looked down from the large orange eyes, "Get it over with." she stated.

Nothing is simple with Oola's master, Jabba reached out and grabed Car'mel by her mouth and forced her to her knees. "You think you can talk to me like that?!" *Smack Car'mel across the head* "You flithy Human! Flithy Human! Flithy Human!" Jabba puncheiouded each sentence with a meaty hit across Car'mel's face.

Car'mel was shaking from each hit that landed, she couldn't cry for help or plead for the beating to stop because her mouth was covered. Jabba was beating the courage out of Car'mel, each hit was chipping away her will to fight back. Car'mel stopped trying to escaped Jabba's grip and sat in place with tears streaming down her eyes.

Jabba twisted Car'mel about and held her by the neck, "Flithy Human! You will learn your place!" exclaimed Jabba as he smacked Car'mel's brown buttocks. Car'mel gave a shrap wimper at each smack of Jabba's meaty hand. The only expression in Car'mel's eye were that of fear of Jabba, the depraved Hutt then molested Car'mels breasts and her mouth with his tongue.

Jabba then shoved Car'mel away from his bulk, he tightned his grip on Oola's leash causing her to gasp for breath. "Tell these morels this, slave." rumbled Jabba to his vevlet green Twi'lek slave girl. "I am a gentle master to those who respect me and do as they are told. But to those that disrepect my will, they shall wish that they were never born." were Jabba's translated words.

Car'mel, Pampy and Sky were huddled togethered, their expressions were that of fear. Jabba then pointed to Sky and beckoned to her by wiggling his grubby finger. "Come." Jabba rumbled to the blond haired Human. Though it was clear that Sky did not understand what he said, she userstood what wiggling a finger meant.

Sky cautionsly came before Jabba, her body was shaking out of fear of what could happen to her. Jabba brushed some hair from Sky's face, " Now to see what my Nephew miss out on." mused the Hutt. Jabba then rubbed his thumbs against Sky's large breasts, the tips became hard and aroused.

Sky was trembling at the Hutt's touch, her ice blue eyes darted over to Oola. me...was what Oola intrepurted from Sky's look. Jabba's right hand traveled down the the beautiful girl's body, his warty hand fingered Sky's crouch. "So soft and fuzzy, like a peach." mused Jabba as he tongue licked the air between him and Sky.

Oola knew she had to do sometime or her master would probe Sky for fun. Oola pawd at Jabba' right hand, "Master." Oola said with all the honey in her voice. Jabba's gaze moved from the naked body of Sky to his kneeling Twi'lek pet. " please master if the deliacaties were to entertain him?" asked Oola.

Jabba's orange eyes glaced from his kneeling pleasure slave to the trembling naked human girl that he was fingering. "What do you have in mind, my sweet mint?" rumbled the Hutt. Oola's eyes directed the Hutt's attenction to the stage, "Prehaps...the little ones can preform for your pleasure..." mused the Twi'lek.

Jabba licked his lips, "Yes...Melina have the deliacaties proform on stage for me and my little spice spider." he rumbled. Melina then herded Sky, Pampy and Car'mel onto the stage with the poles. "What are we suppose to with the poles?" asked Pampy. Melina rolled her eyes, "Grind them with your body." she stated.

Jabba tighted Oola's leash bringing her closer to his massive bulk, "Let us watch." he rumbled. Oola nodded her head and turned her gaze to the three girls on the stage. After a few pointers from Melina, the girls began their preformance.Each of their beautiful bodies grinded the pole that they were assianed to.

Oola could feel her master's grubby hand casrsse the fishnet martieral that covered the corner of her breast. A tug brought her attenction to her master's gaze, "Were you jealosy of the attenction I was giving to the little peach, my love?" rumbled Jabba. Oola pouted her red lips and casted a gaze aside,"Prehaps..." she mused.

Jabba chuckled as his hand went uderneath Oola's costume, the Twi'lek's stiffened in resposne. "Do not worry my sweet,I shall drink deeply from you. My jade pleasure cup, when we return home." he rumbled as he licked the side of Oola's face. Oola tried to pull away from her disgusting master only to press against his hand.

"Please be gentle." Oola softly said to her master. Oola and Jabba then focused their gaze on the dancers on the stage. The three girls were twirling on the poles, contorled kicks and grinding the pole between their breasts or buttocks. Jabba was licking his lips when ever Sky grinded the pole with her body, "The blond has a pleasing body..." he mused.

After while, Jabba had Melina take the three dancers back to the slave quaters, "Return once you are done." he rumbled. The costume designer did as she was told, returning once she had taken those three away. "What does master, require?" asked Melina to the large Hutt. Jabba loosen his grip on Oola's leash and rubbed under on of her lekku.

Oola cooded at her master's touch, "Is everything ready for when I return to my world?" Jabba rumbled. "Bib said that govaonor of mos eilsy will be there and that your bussiness guests will arrive at the town house later in the day." said Melina. Jabba's finger then found it's way into Oola's mouth, she softly sucked on it like a sweet.

"And what of the deliacaties atire?" Jabba stated to his costume designer. Melina brushed some of her dark hair aside, "The six new girls will be wearing costumes of simaler style to your personal concubine and with the faux leather and leashes, master." she said. Jabba licked his lips with his tongue, "To catch a fish, use a net." mused the Hutt.

"You may go, Melina, return with the girls when we have returned to tatooine." rumbled Jabba. After giving a short bow, Melina left the room. Jabba then pulled his finger from Oola's mouth and rubbed her soft ruby red lips. Oola closed her eyes and softly kissed her master's finger. "Good girl." he rumbled.

Oola kneaded her hands against Jabba's belly, Please be happy...she thought. Jabba then had his beautiful slave girl stroke his hookah pipe, after taking a puff, the female Twi'lek gave the pipe to the Hutt. Jabba held the pipe in his left hand with Oola's leash, he held out his right index finger out for the slave to suck on.

Oola's tongue was going numb from the amount of time sucking on the warty appendage. Her bloated master would tug on the Twi'lek's leash if she slowed in her pace. Please let us land soon...wished the Twi'lek pleasure slave. After sometime, Oola heard the eleavator door open, a string of spit hung from her mouth as she looked at who had come.

Jess was leading the group of slave girls, lenths from the coil leashes were in her hands. Pampy and Hiranui both had headresses like Oola, white for Pampy and silver for Hiranui. All the slave girls had leather collars on their necks,a leash of differant color hang from each of the them. Jess handed the leashes to Jabba and stepped aside.

Jabba tested the tightness of the leashes, "Much shorter then my spice spider's." he mused. Then with a mighty tug, he pulled on all six leashes. Even though it was six verse one, all the girls came trumbling forward onto the custions before the Hutt. Jabba chuckled as the group of slave girls untangled themselves.

"To the sled." Jabba rumble with a tug on the seven leashes. Oola and the girls then went to the sled, Sky's,Hiranui's,Ki's and Sunny's leashes were tied to sperate loops on master's sled. Pampy's and Car'mel's leashes were tied to Jabba's armrest and Oola's leash was held in the Hutt's grubby left hand.

Sky, Hiranui, Ki and Sunny walked in front of the sled, Jabba licked his lips at the sight of four sets of buttocks wiggling before his sight. Car'mel stood behind the armrest on the sled, she held a long handled fan and used it to fan Jabba. Pampy sat on the right side of Jabba's massive belly, in her hands was a bowl of sweets for Jabba to snack on.

Oola sat to the left of her master's belly, she had a look of submission on her face as she held onto the tight leash with both hands. The group went into the elevator, the four girls in front of Jabba huddled together as if they could hid from the leering of the Hutt. Then the elevator doors openned and the group then went into the barge.

Bib, Melina and the guards were waiting for Jabba and his slaves. As Jabba settled down in the obseravtion room of the barge, Jess arrived and joined Bib. Jabba banged down on the intercom button, "Let's go." he ordered. The doors of the Star Jewel then openned and the sail barge then sped out with it's escourt of skiffs.

Oola looked over at Pampy, "Is...the collar tight?" silently asked the velvet green Twi'lek. Pampy shook her head, the metal joint gave a small jingle. "No, these collars actually can be taken off unlike...yours." the fairy blue Twi'lek wiggled her lekku to Oola. Oola gave a small sad smile to Pampy, "This is my fate." Oola silently replied.

Melina and Jess were talking with the four dancers about something, Hiranui's lekku were flicking about in annoynce. Oola's leash then jerked up and she looked up into the Hutt's large orange eyes. "Grab me a treat, my sweet mint." Jabba slobbered to his slave girl. Oola faked a smile, "Yes, master." she cooded.

Oola reached out and took from Pampy's bowl one of the sweets in her hand. She then deliacatly licked the sweet with he pink tongue. The Twi'lek slave then held out the sweet which the Hutt master then scooped up with his tongue. Oola fed her master several more times until Bib came to his master's side and wispered something to Jabba's ear.

"My, time has moved quickly." Jabba mused as he down a sweet. The four dancing girls that were attached to the Hutt's sled quickly got to their feet. They walked in front of the Hutt, their hands were weaving the air in perperation of their dance. The side of the barge openned and the group walked into the bright, hot sun of Tatoonie.

Each of the slave girls were wearing something differant. Sky's color was a white-gold instead of the ice blue, pansties covered the tips of her breasts and she wore a c-string. Mesh stockings went to her tighs and she had dancing slippers on her feet. The beautiful human held her leash in her right hand.

Though Hiranui had a silver head band, her color was black like Oola's. She wore a fishnet bikini top that allowed the tips of her breasts to teasly poke out. The purple Twi'lek had a fishnet bikini bottom, a piece of solid black cloth covered her body's flower. She had black mesh stockings, that hung loosly like Oola's, on her legs. She held her leash in her left hand.

Red lipsick was on Ki's lips, red lines were artisctly drawn along side the white lines on her lethorns. The Chagrian wore a loose, very revealing, fishnet, tanktop. It was crimson red like her eyes, it went down to alittle below her hip line. Bands of red beads were on her wrist and ankles. Ki held her leash in her right hand.

Sunny wore a tight fishnet body suit, she wore yellow boots that went up to her thigh. Patches of solid yellow cloth covered the tips of her breasts and the flower of her body. Yellow eye shadow and lipsick were the orange haird Human's make-up. Her hair was loose and she flung it about wildly as she danced. She held her leash in both hands.

Though Car'mel stood behind the Hutt, she was still a distraction. Her white hair went down her back like a sheet. Though what she wore was a one piece, it was very arousing. They were white, loose, fishnet trousers with built in supenders. Her large breasts were barly covered by the mesh straps. She let the leash hung from her collar because she was holding the fan.

Pampy's atire was an exotic sling bikini,three patches of nearly transparent cloth held by thin pieces of white string. Sown on the strings on Pampy's bikini, were white stones, that stuck out as they laid against the fary blue skin. Her white leash hang down between her large breasts as she held the bowl of sweets in her hands.

Oola was in her normal atire, though to the common man, it was exotic and alluring to the sight. Her long, fleshy, lekku hung down her back, the black leather headband with the metal headpiece on top of her head. Her fistnet dancing costume loosly hung over her beautiful body and she tucked her sandel feet underneath her legs. She held onto her leash with both hands.

As they went down the ramp, the four dancers that were tied to the sled broke out song and danced at the ends of their leashes. "Mighty is Jabba the Hutt! Mighty is Jabba the Hutt!" the four dancer repeated their rehearled lines. As the group went down the ramp, Oola noticed that a group of stromtroopers had formed a two lines on either side of Jabba's group.

A officer with a hovering translor droid was stanind at the base of the ramp, his face was alittle sweaty from the heat of the twin suns. Oola could see that the Human officer was distracted by the allure of beauty that was tied to the Hutt's sled. The officer shook his head and gave a short bow to the Hutt.

"Welcome back to Tatoonie, Lord Jabba." he stated. Jabba's sled hovered pass the officer, the officer then walked along side Jabba's armrest on the leftside by Oola. "I am sure that your business off world went well." the officer said. Jabba though was contintracting on the four dancing girls' bodies that were before him.

Out of the conrer of her eye, Oola saw one of the stromtroopers lean close to his fellow trooper. "Hey, shouldn't we do some?" "Shut up Jenkins, you are going to get into trouble." "But they are slaves, shouldn't we free them?" they said among themselves. Jabba's left eye when he heard: "Free them.", he stoped his sled causing the four dancers to jerk back awarkardly.

Jabba pointed a meaty hand at the trooper that said the that word of freeing the slaves. "You. Come here." rumbled the massive Hutt though the translator droid. The trooper left the line and came over to Jabba's armrest, the officer was now sweating out of fear of what could happen. "Sir, if the trooper has done-" Jabba waved his hand for the offier to be silent.

"What is your name and rank?" was Jabba's translated words. "I am privite Leroy Jenkins, sir." said the trooper. "Were you talking about stealing my slaves, Privite?" were Jabba's words. "No...sir. It's just that under artlicle 28375, on Imperial planets, the ownership of slaves is nulled and is illegal." the officer had his face in his hand at hearing the trooper's words.

Jabba then gave a chukle, "What makes you think that Tatoonie is an Imperial planet?" were the words the translator droid said.Looking over her shoulder, Oola could see the trooper tilt his head. "I...don't understand what you are saying. Isn't our presence clear enough of Imperial law?" said the trooper.

Jabba smiled, Oola could feel her leashing tighening. "Do you know, what the budget for this world is trooper?" asked the Hutt. The trooper shook his head, "Not off the top of my head..." he said. "Zero." said the translator droid of Jabba's words. The trooper's head jerked back in surpised, "What?! But that is...impossible." he stated.

Oola felt her master's left hand pet the top of her head, "Do you know how much it costs for the water that you drink on your break or the electicaty that you use for the air condieror to cool yourself after along hot day of work?" asked Jabba though the droid. "...Zero?" guessed the trooper.

Oola could hear Jabba lick his lips, "Now guess who takes the responcablity of paying your wage?" rumbled Jabba. "...You..." gasped the trooper, Jabba then pointed a grubby finger at the trooper. "That is right, I have recived metals from the Emporor himself, congratiousing me for my outstanding service of mantaining this dirt ball of an outpost." said Jabba.

" Impossible." said the trooper. "This world may be marked as Imperial, but in name only. Let me show you." rumbled Jabba. Jabba then turned his attencion to the officer, "Officer, tell this trooper to stand attencion until he is told to return back to line." ordered Jabba. The officer gave a short bow to Jabba then turned at the trooper.

"Attenction!" he exclaimed at the trooper, the trooper then strighten up and stood at attecntion. Oola then felt her leash being tugged on, she looked up at her master. "The trooper needs to see my authorty, my sweet. Go and lick his boots clean." rumbled Jabba. Oola gluped at hearing the Hutt's words, "Yes, master." she said.

Oola then left the Hutt's side, she stood before the trooper, letting him see her body before going to her hands and knees. The white boots were caked in dirt and dung from walking the unpaved dirt streets of Mos eilsy. Oola closed her eyes and licked at the boots with her pretty pink tongue. The Twi'lek could hear groans of disgust come from the other girls.

"What...what is she doing, officer?" asked the trooper outloud. "The Twi'lek is licking your boots, trooper." sighed the officer. Oola could hear the trooper tighten his grip on his blaster, "Sir,please...tell her to stop." asked the trooper. It must be belive in somthing only to find out that you are so powerless to stop it...mused the Shadow.

Oola contined to licked at the boots, "My slave needs something to clean those boots, officer. Your hat will do." rumbled Jabba though the droid. Oola paused in her licking to take the grey hat from officer, she then used it to wipe away the dirt and flith from the trooper's boots. This is all I can be...a boot licker and slime licker...Oola thought to herself.

Oola managed to clean up the trooper's boots, her mouth was dry from the amount of precious mostier that she had to use. The Twi'lek's leash was then jerked up, Time to stop...Oola thought. Oola then stood up and handed the officer his dirty hat, with a grumble he took it.

Jabba though was still not done, "Oola, give the trooper a kiss and tell him it was a pleasure licking his boots." rumbled Jabba. Oola did as she was told, she raise herself alittle high on her toes, so she could kiss the white mask of the trooper. "It was pleasure, licking the boots of one so upright." she softly said.

The trooper sighed underneath his mask, Oola did not hear what he said for she was pulled back to her master's sled. "You are dismissed." ordered Jabba to the trooper, the trooper then went back in line. "Make sure that trooper understand his role on my planet." ordered Jabba to the officer.

"Yes, lord Jabba." said the officer, the Hutt then wiped a finger against Oola's lips. "Have the little ones contie their song and dance before me." Jabba rumbled. Oola then spoke to the girls, "Contienue singing and dancing before master." she stated to the four dancers. Jabba's sled then moved forward with the singing and dancing girls.

The group then went to a waiting hovercraft were Bib, Jess and Melina were waiting. Jabba's guards were on differant hovercraft waiting in the heat. "Mighty is Jabba the Hutt! Mighty is Jabba the Hutt!" sang the four dancers. "Let us dally and remind people who owns this world." rumbled the Hutt to his majordomo.

"Yes, master." said the male, pale Twi'lek. The group of hovercrafts went out of the garge and into the streets of Mos eisly. A hovercraft fill with guards went before and followed Jabba's craft. Unlike this first time that Oola went though this dirt town, the hovercrafts went at a slower pace.

"Mighty is Jabba the Hutt! Mighty is Jabba the Hutt!" exclaimed the four beautiful dancers that were bound to Jabba's sled. The inhaibtes of the town paused their activites and looked to see what the shouted was about. Oola could see in the dull eyes of the people of this dirt town fill with jeasosy, envous of the fat slug with seven beautiful girls bound to him.

Mighty Is Jabba the Hutt! Mighty is Jabba the Hutt!" the four girls sang as the danced at the ends of their leashes. From Oola's view, she saw that many of the people would bow their heads out of revance, others wispered among themselves with looks of distant. Then there were those that slanked off to the shadows not wanting to be see by the mountian of fat.

The cravan of hovercraft came to a building, "Ho, ho, have the little ones pause their music." rumbled Jabba. The four dancers stoped their chating and stood about. Oola though noticed that the guards in the two other hovercrafts had pulled out their blasters and knives and any item that had an edge on it.

Why are they on edge?...Oola thought to herself as took another look at the buliding. It was actually an old cargo ship with a long ramp and stair case. "Open" flashed a small red sign in one of the windows. Jabba cleared his throt, "Hey Valarian! Are you still alive?! Or prehaps you finally kicked the ice bucket!" boomed Jabba.

The was a moment of silence befor the storm and that storm was in the form of 2.5 m or eight foot tall Whiphid. A whiphid is a biplend humanoid with boar freatures, the body is covered with thick coarse fur, razor shrap tusks proturing from the jaws and thick digging claws for fingers.

"JABBA YOU FLITHY PIECE OF SLIME! HOW DARE YOU SHOW YOUR SLIMY MUSCUS COVERED HIDE AT THE SHADOW OF MY DOORSTEP!" roared the massive Whiphid. Though she was female, the Whiphid was massivly built with thick arms and legs. It was a good thing that there was such a distance from the door to the ground otherwise things would have gotten messy.

As the Whiphid marched down the stairs, a pretty Twi'lek quickly flew from inside and went to her mistress's side. "Please Lady Valarian! Don't give that Hutt what he wants, please!" exclaimed the Twi'lek as she pulled on the raging whiphid's belt. Valarian stopped going down the stairs and took sometime to think.

Jabba though was in a mescheious mood, "Oh Val, if I had known I would have sent you some spicy worms for your tastes!" exlaimed the Hutt. The Whiphid's eyes glowed like coals at the Hutt, "Shiri'ani is not a schutta like the flithy slime lickers that you keeped chained to your side!" bellowed Valarian.

Jabba gave a chuckle and rubbed Oola's head, "If you ever grow tired of the worm, you can sell her to me. I am sure I can find uses for her." slobbered Jabba. Oola flinched at the looked that the whiphid gave. "I hope that your sled breaks down and you have to slither back to that dark hole in the ground that you call a palace!" excalimed Valarian.

Jabba laughted, "Better then this dump you call a casino!" bellowed the Hutt. After giving each other deadly glares, the Whiphid went back into her casino and the Hutt went on his way. "Either I will outlive that boar or she will learn that this world is mine." rumbled the Hutt to his Majordomo.

The group of hovercraft then arrived at the townhouse that Oola was brought to on her first day as a slave. The hovercraft went though the gates and into the courtyard, "Mighty is Jabba the Hutt. Mighty is Jabba they Hutt." the four dancers wearly sang. Jabba chuckled and beckoned Melina to his side.

"The deliacaties did a good job of singing, tell them to stop." rumbled the Hutt. Melina did as she was told, "You can stop singing." she told the four dancers. Sky, Ki, Sunny and Huranui were glad the could stop sing that same phrase over and over. "I wonder if we will get something to drink?" wondered Sky outloud.

Jabba then moved his hoversled forward, he and his slave girls moved though the fountian areas to the large room that Oola was first brought to Jabba's "favor". Procellus was waiting in the shadows for Jabba to nestly down in his favortive spot before bringing him a meal. "Good afternoon master." said the chef.

Jabba gave a grunt and tugged on Oola's leash, "Teach the othe sweets to fed me." he rumbled to his slave girl. Oola then gudied the six girls in feeding their master, plate after plate was fed to the massive Hutt. "Not those Sky, those are ours." Oola instruted to the blond Human. Out of the corner of her eye, Oola saw Procellus doing his best not to look at the half naked group of girls.

Soon all the plates for Jabba were empty and all that was left on the hover table were the seven plates for the slave girls. "Oola." rumbled the Hutt to the Twi'lek. "Yes master?" relied the Twi'lek. "You shall set an exapmle to the little ones, bow down and beg for your food, my sweet." ordered the Hutt.

Oola looked down, "Of course...master." she said as she went down to her knees. Oola then bowed her head,the metal headpiece touching it to touching the floor. "Oh mighty master, your humble slave begs for her meal. Allow her to eat the morsels from your kichen, let it fill her so that she can dance to please you mighty master." Oola begged in basic.

Oola felt her leash being tug, she looked up into the large orange eyes of her master. "Again." he rumbled. So Oola begged again, adding how gentle master is to the ones that find favor and that she would lick his hand out of happiness. Once more Jabba ordered his slave to beg for her meal.

Clasping her hands and with a trembling body, Oola begged with a pleading tone for her meal. Her leash became tigh, causing Oola to look up. "Take your plate and drink. You have the honor of eating by my side." rumbled the Hutt. With thanks, Oola took the plate and cup from the hover table and sat by her master as she ate.

"Now for the others." rumbled the Hutt. The other girls followed Oola's lead, each one whould go to their knees and beg for their meal. If Jabba was pleased with how they begged, he would pull on their leash and they would go and get their meal. If they beg in the way he wanted, Jabba would have melina give a shrap smack across their head.

Sky was one that did not get her begging right the first time. "Please let me eat, oh please let me eat and let me dance." begged the beautiful human slave girl. Oola noticed that from a certin angle it looked as if Sky had no clothes on. Sky's half-naked body shivered as she bowed her head against the floor, her bare buttocks trembling.

"This one as great potentally..." mused Jabba as he tugged on Sky's leash. Once all the girls had eaten, Jabba had Melina take them to the slave quaters. "Have the others massause my little one, I want her to be flexable for this evening." rumbled Jabba. What others?...Oola thought as she followed melina though the passaways.

They came to a door that was mark as the slave quaters, Melina then took off the leashes and collars from six of the group. Mine can not be taken off so easly...Oola thought to herself as she fingered her collar. Melina openned the door, "Say to the others that I'm back at things will be stricter with me in charged instead of Yarna." she snipped.

"Yes, Melina." stated Oola as she went into the room, the Twi'lek let out a gasp at the sight she saw. The ten seasoned slave girls that Oola had lefted nearly a week early were sittting about in the room. Raca stood and and openned up her arms, "Oola girly, you are back!" exclaimed the Nautolan.

With a squel Oola went to Raca and hugged her, several of the other girls slave girls came and gave hugs as well. "Girls, I want you to meet your new sisters: Sky, Hiranui, Pampy, Sunny, Ki and Car'mel." Oola said introducing the group of senior slave girls to the group of new slave girls.

The two groups seemlessly became one, Ki smiled as she talked with Tria. Sky and Car'mel fluttered their hands as they talked with Pala and Jewel. Pampy intwined her lekku with Riza's, a bond of trust. Hiranui was talking with Le'mon and Lola, her eyes darted to the sides of the room.

Oola also looked as well, Syrra the Feeorin was sitting with her back to the wall. Across from the Feeorin sat Zilia, the brown skin black haird Zabrak. Both girls kept an eye on the new group while keeping one on the other. "Syrra, Zilia are you not going to say hi to your new sisters?' asked the velvet green Twi'lek.

The Zabrak aimless waved her hand at the group, "Hi." she stated. Syrra just flicked her hand towards the group. Light though came over and pulled on Zilia's hand, "Come on Z, just come over and talk with the new girls." she said. Zilia rolled her eyes and after a dart at Syrra, got up and joined a group that was talking with the new girls.

"What is up with Syrra and Zilia, Raca?" asked the Twi'lek to the Nautolan. "When we learned from Yarna boss, that you and big boss had lefted, those two girls went at it, punching and kicking and biting. If it weren't for that shock collar, I think Syrra girl would have killed Zilia." said Raca.

Looking closer, Oola could see the faint signs of buries on both girls. "What did Yarna do?" asked Oola. Raca shrugged her shoulders, "Well Oola girly, Yarna boss did little, not giving food to those two but that is no punishment like what Mon boss did." said Raca. Oola's lekku twitched, it was awhile sinced she heard that name.

"So what did he do?" asked Oola. Raca gave a sigh and ran a hand though her tenacules, "Well for Syrra girl, he knocked her down and sat on her until she gave up and for Zilia girl, he gave her a blade." said Raca. Oola raised a tatooed brow, "He gave her a blade?" she said with amzement. Raca nodded her head, "And as you could think Zilia attacked him." said Raca.

"Is...Mon alive?" asked Oola, "The Zabrak attacked that brute three times, and three times he knocked the blade from her hands. "Stick to juggling." said Mon boss to Zilia girly who's hands were clinthed in rage at her failure." said Raca. Oola glaced over at Syrra and Zilia, He beat them at their strong points...Syrra her streangh and Zilia her skill...mused the Shadow.

Thus earning their repect...Oola mused. The group of of slave girls had gathered up and sat down among the custions. Oola and Raca joined the group, "Sit over here Oola, we have a big soft custion for you." cooded Lola as she patted a custion. "Oh Oola, over here, we have two soft custions for you." Le'mon beckoned to the Twi'lek.
Oola smiled and placed her hands on the sides of her head, "Oh so many choices! You silly girls are so frisky!" said the Twi'lek wiggling her lekku in playfullness. After taking a seat that was near the middle of the group, Oola had the new girls then talked about their time at the Abregado-rae villia.

Oola could see some jeasole looks in many of the slave girls that had stayed on Tatoonie. And then the girls came to the fifth day, Pampy buried her face into her knees and her body shook at the memory. The other girls could sympathis with the poor fairy blue Twi'lek, "That night is over, focus on the comeing sun." the others comforted her.

Oola then noticed that some of the girls were falling a sleep, curling up on pillows. Raca gave a yawn, "Nap time." she sighed. Oola then remebered that on Tatoonie that people have a nap in the middle of the day to pass the heat. Oola streached out her arms and instrued the new girls to try to take a nap as she drifted off to sleep.

A couple of hours latter, Oola woke up from her nap. Ah...that was a good nap...Oola mused to herself. The other girls were also waking up as well, though from the looks of it the six new girls hadn't really gone to sleep but they were awake and talking with the other girls. "You have a spicy body, Sky." cooded Lola to Sky.

Sky rolled her eyes, she and the six girls were still in their costumes from early. "Yeah but why can't I have more decent clothing?! I mean, I don't think that I need to be naked to have men gawking at me." sighed the blond Human. The other more experince girls slighty chuckled at Sky's remark.

"True, but here you don't want more cloths, da heat will remove them for you." mused Riza. Though it was closer to evening, Oola could still feel the heat. "Yeah but-" then the door openned, Melina came in with Yarna and Jess in tow. Melina held a data pad in one hand and a bunch of costume in the other.

"Alright you schuttas, let's go over this evening's sechule." snapped Melina. The troop of slave girls gave their attaction to the costume designer. "First we have Oola giving the openning act for master and his guests. Jess will be play the music, I hope your gutier is tuned otherwise I will strangle you with it." Melina shot a glare at Jess.

Jess gave a nod, "It is." she stated. Melina then looked back at the data pad," After Oola is the rest of you schuttas. Dancers, Jugglers, Trumblers and Singers. The six new girls, *Melina waved a hand at the six new slave girls* will be serving snacks and drinks. Any questions?" asked the costume designer.

"Will we be getting new costumes?" asked Sky, her arms covered her large bountfil breasts. Melina shook her head, "You six are the eye candy, the ones that will make the guests' mouths water and will enice them into ordering a schutta for a quick inspection." sneered Melina at Sky.

Sky had a bitter look on her face as she glaced over at Pala, "Don't worry about me, Sky. I have out lasted many of my clients." Pala said twirling a loop of brown hair. "Any other questions?" snapped Melina, "Will we get something to eat before we go out?" asked Light. Melina rollled her eyes, "*sigh* Sometimes I wish you girls were just droids, yes." she stated.

The girls looked at each other will a each other with smiles. "NOW, before Yarna goes and gets your food. Master was his "pet" massagaed so that she can be flexible for the proformance, so get to it." snapped Melina. The girls swamed about Oola, "Can I help you take off your costume?" Can I hold your headband?" "Can I do this-" "Can I do that-" chirped the girls.

Oola just allowed things to happen, soon her entire costume (except for her collar) was peeled of her velvet green body. Oola then was laid faced down on the floor on a rug, she could feel numours hands knead her arms, legs, tighs and back. She could feel Syrra's strong fingers knead her back mucles, "Ah...ah..." Oola moaned at the Feeorin's touch.

Oola's lekku were also rubbed as well, they became thick and flexed at the cassing touch of the slave girls. Gracful, gentle hands rubbed the Twi'lek's body, "You are trembling, Oola girly. Prehaps we should stop?" mused Raca who was rubbing one of Oola's hands. Oola looked up at the Nautolan, " is just...just so relaxing." Oola sighed.

Oola then was rolled onto her back, the girls then gently kneaded the front of her body. Oola could feel their hands all over her body, They are gentle...they are my sisters...Oola thought of the differance between them and her tormentors of weeks ago. Oola praticed her breathing as she was massaged, she breathed so that she was not aroused by the soft hands of her fellow slaves.

"Why is Oola breathing like that?" asked Pampy, " It is so she can dance longer, it is importanet to breath otherwise you will become light headed." said Le'mon. Oola's body soon felt light, as if her body became her namesake, I am fulfill the thirst of my lord and god...Oola thought to herself.

The girls then had Oola stand up, Yarna had brought two hovertables of bowls for the girls. ""Here you go girls, yummys for good girls." Yarna said with a warty smile. The girls took their bowls and sat down and ate their meal. Oola was the last one to take her bowl, "You seem happy, Yarna." mused the Twi'lek.

The heavy set woman gave a small sigh, "I...saw my little ones today." said Yarna. Oola jerked her head back alittle, "You...have little ones?" asked the Twi'lek. Yarna nodded her head, " I ofen long that they were alway by my side. But Melina says that it is best that they stay here and not at the palace were they might get hurt." she said.

Oola's lekku twitched, I did not think that Melina was so thoughtful of Yarna's children...she mused to herself. The Shadow though had a differant idea, You are so naive...Melina is using Yarna's children as leaverage to use her...sneered the Shadow. Oola faked a smile, "Well I am glad that your children are..." the Twi'lek paused mid sentence.

Is something wrong, Oola?" asked Yarna. One of Oola's velvet green hands went down to her waist. She fingered the hair thin scar that was there, To bear little ones...she thought to herself. But Oola shook her head, fate is to serve master...that is my only fate...Oola thought.

"No, nothing is wrong Yarna, just going to have my meal." said Oola. The Twi'lek then sat down and ate her meal with the other girls of the harem. The other girls were making small talk, talking about dancing, singing and clothes. Jess and Melina had left the room, Yarna was keeping an eye on the bundle of clothing nearby.

Once Oola was done with her bowl, she set it back on the table and then put her costume back on. Soon Melina and Jess returned, Jess was in blue trousers and a tube top and matching short sleave jacket. Jess had an dancer's veil over the lower part of her face, adding a mystic air about her.

In one hand, Jess held her guiter and the other was adjusting her blue slippers. Melina then went to work on Oola's make-up, adding the purple and silver eye shadow. "Alright Yarna, you can hand out the costumes." stated Melina as she put on the lip gloss on Oola's lips. Yarna had the girls line up and give them their costumes.

There were many differant types of costumes, some were leather, others were lien. Some of the costumes were a single piece while others were two piece. Some had jewelry and others were unadored. Slippers or sandels were the foot attire, cloth or leather. Many differant colors and all were revealing and sensous.

"Follow me and please be quiet." stated Melina. The troop of dancers, singers and muscians followed the costume designer as best as they could. Yarna and the six new girls then seperated from the main group and went towards the kicheans. Oola and the ten other slave girls contiued followed Melina and Jess.

The group soon came to a passway that was near the mian room. Bib was waiting in the archway, he let Jess silently pass him. Melina handed Bib Oola's leash, the male Twi'lek gave a mocking glace at the velvet green Twi'lek female. "You are special." he mused as he palmed the tassled end of Oola's leash in hand.

Oola was about to follow the Majordomo when Melina's hand held her back, "Wait." she ordered. Peeking from around the corner, Oola could see Bib silently glid over to his master's side. He palmed the tassled end of the leash into the Hutt's grubby hand. Melina tapped Oola's shoulder, the Twi'lek looked over her shoulder at the Human.

"Beganning of the third verse of Jess's song, you go in. If any of those males beckon you, go to them and offer a part of your body that has a band on it. Legs, thighs, hips you know, oh and just be your spicy self and DON'T mess up." snipped Melina. Oola nodded her head and returned looking into the room.

There were numorus males, some human and other humanoid. There were about eight in number, they were sitting about with drinks in their hands. They were all dressed in suits and the only human man was in an Impirial officer's uniform, Prehaps he is the govoranor on Tatoonie?...mused Oola to herself.

Jabba waved his hand, silencing the group. "My fellow bussinessmen,in appreation of your bussiness and for all the hard work that we have done, I am hosting this little dinner. Though many would think that this planet has long lost it's worth, we have seen though it's disguse and made a new world. I would belive that calls for some...entertainment." rumbled Jabba.

Jess then began to strum her gutier, an exotic melody filled the air. The males were looking about, an eager look on their faces as they lisened. Oola began to tap her feet and Jess's music. Second verse...mused the dancer as she prepared herself. Jess had just ended the second verse when the Twi'lek, left from her hidding spot, the start of the third verse.

Oola bound from the passaway and into the center of the group. Oola danced with energy and grace , the loose fishnet costume teasensly showed off the vevlet green body of the slave dancer. Oola could see the lust in the eyes of the males in the room, she was tempation and secudtion to them.

Out of the corner of her eye, there were two males that were not enthralled by the dancer's body. Bib and Mon were in the shadows talking to each other in whipers. Oola though noticed that a male beckoned her to a credit chit in hand. The Twi'lek sulty walked over to the male and crouched down, offering a leg for his touch.

The male fingered the exposed skin of the dancer's thigh and then slipped the chit underneath the band on the thigh. Oola then went about dancing, only to pause for a chit to be put under a band. The Human govanor had put a gold plated chit in her waist band, judging from the look that he gave her, he would have loved to mount her.

After all eight of the males had glided her thighs and waist with chits, Oola felt her leash being tugged on. She could see that her master longed for her to be by his side. After a frisky whip of her leah and a powerful leaping kick, Oola came to her master's side an knelt by his belly. His grubby hand gripped her shoulder, "But there is more!" he exclaimed to his guests.

With a flick of his wrist, Jabba then summoned the other slave girls to the floor. The dancers took over the center, Syrra was doing her act of balancing two girls in each hand. Zilia was juggling, the multi colored juggling sticks were a blur in her hands. Light and Jewel were fluttering behing the males, playing their instruments in tune with Jess's.

Then the six girls that went with Yarna to the kichans came to the room. Each girl had a large serving tray in hand, the would manuver to a males' side and offer a finger food. Melina had also appeared, she had a data pad in hand. The costume designer was asking for "orders" off her pad.

Oola could see that males would point to the girl that they wanted and Melina would smile tap her data pad. If a girl was alreaded "ordered", Melina would suggest another girl. So many to choose from...snarked the Shadow, from the exotic Togruta to the muscular Feeorin and from the large eyed Duro to the beautiful Human dancer.

It just seemed that the six fishnet clad waitresses were not on the menu. After much singing and dancing and balancing acts, the guests were taken to their rooms. Melina then took the girl that was ordered and lefted the room. After Melina had finished taken the girls, she was beckon to Jabba's side, "Yes master?" she asked.

The Hutt had also beckoned Jess as well, "You both have done an amzing job this evening. You may take one chit from my little one's costume for yourself." Jabba rumbled. Both Jess and Melina took a chit from Oola's leg bands. "Thank you mighty master." said the two Humans. "Now Melina, take my little one and have those spicy waitresses clean her for my bed." orderd Jabba.

Melina gave a bow, "As you wish, master." she stated. Oola then left her master's side, he gave her a playful smack across her buttocks. "I have something in stored for you my little one." he rumbled as Oola lefted the room. Oola, Melina and the six waitresses went back to the slave quaters.

"Alright you schuttas, hand over all the chits, if one is missing. Oola will pay." snapped Melina. The six girls removed the chits that were held against Oola's body and gave them to Melina. Melina then scanned the chits, she gave a low whisle at the amount. "You pulled in two Hutt's weight in creds, Oola." stated Melina.

"What do you mean?" asked Hiranui as she removed Oola's headband. Melina held up the six credit chits in hand, "Each one of these are worth one thosand credits. A Hutt weights three tons thus two Hutts weight." snipped Melina. Melina then snapped her fingers at remembering seomthing, "I'll be back." she snipped as she left the room.

The six girls then used small spaonges with water to clean Oola's vevlet green body. " going to HIM?" asked Pampy looking into Oola's brown eyes. A tremble went though Oola's body, she gave her fellow Twi'lek a small sad smile. "Do not frown Pampy, I will be fine." said Oola.

Soon Melina returned with a couple of bottles of clear liquad. "Rub the oil on to Oola's spicy body." she ordered as she gave the bottles to the six girls. The oil was rubbed onto Oola's lekku and from her neck down leaving her face dry. Her body soon shined with a glossy texture from the oil.

"Open up." snipped Melina as she poped a white pill into Oola's open mouth. Melina then put Hiranui's black mesh cloak on Oola's shoulders. Melina then lead Oola out of the room, "Oola remember us." Pampy said before the door closed on her. Oola followed Melina though the passaways to her master's bed chamber.

Melina openned the door and Oola walked though, "Oola is a good girl." Melina chuckled as she closed the door. Oola stood with her leash in hand, she nervously kneaded the black cord. Please be gentle...she thought as she looked about the room. The Twi'lek saw her master on his bed, an open barrel was near his arm.

"Ah come here my little one." rumbled the bloated Hutt. Oola crawled onto the bed, her head bowed. Jabba reached out and grabbed the back of Oola's collar, the velvet green Twi'lek became stiff and submissive. "Please be gentle." begged Oola as she was pulled onto her master's belly.

Oola watched as her master dipped a cup into the barrel, "We shall play the drinking game." rumbled Jabba as he held out the full cup. Trembling Oola took the cup in both hands, "Your slave does not know how to play the drinking game." she said. Jabba chuckled, "It's a simple game. You take a drink, you dance and be spicy and then I take a drink for you." he slobbered.

Oola gluped as she looked at the crimson liquad in her hand. She rasied the cup to her ruby red lips and took a drink. The liquad went down her throt, she emptyed the cup and returned it to her master. Oola laid on her master's belly waiting for the next command, Huh...nothing is happening...she mused.

And then a fire was lit in her belly, Oola's eyes became dialated and she let out a gasp of surpised. Oola's hands went under the cloak and she pressed on her stomach. "Yes..." slobbered Jabba at seeing his slave's reaction. Oola's body became to shake, even with a mesh cloak, she felt a primal heat in her body.

"Ah...Oh...Oh...master...master." moanned the Twi'lek. Jabba then reached underneath the Twi'lek chin and had her look him in the eyes. "Let the flame erupt by the passion of your dance, my love." rumbled Jabba. Oola nodded her head, Jabba loosend his grip on the Twi'lek's leash and allowed her to leave his side.

Oola danced at the end of her black leash that bound her to her master. Though the mesh cloak hung loosly on her shoulders, Oola felt a longing desire to remove it. The Twi'lek slave girl pulled off the mesh cloak and toss it aside. The orange eyes of the Hutt crimelord narrowed apon the naked, lith and nublie oiled body of his slave girl.

Oola danced with a primal fire growing inside of her body, it spread from her belly to her thighs and legs. Oola danced with energy and passion, her full ruby red lips were wide as she gasp in air. Oola's hands reached behind her head and stroked her lekku with passion, the Twi'lek was in sexually heat.

As Oola wiggled her hips and lekku in a sulty manner, her master pulled on her leash. The dancer was nearly pulled off her feet, she stopped dancing and hauled back on the leash. She struggled with her master, the oiled velvet green dancer leaped about in vain as she moanned like a animal in heat.

It was one sided as Jabba was in complte contorl over his slave. Though Oola was oiled and struggling, she was no more slippery then one of Jabba's paddy frog snacks. Oola's lower body was pushed into the gapping mouth of her depraved master. With squels, the Twi'lek slave straddled the mouth of the Hutt and rode the slimy tongue.

Jabba slopply sucked on Oola's flower, she could only arch her back and tried in vain to push herself out of the mouth. "MASTER! OH MASTER!" Oola exclaimed as she was being sexually satisfided. The drink that Oola had made her enjoy the expreance more then she had before, she rolled up her eyes and panted in pleasure.

The Twi'lek's hips jerked many times before releasing the spice of her body. Giving a moan of satifaction, Oola calmed down and was gentle pushed out of the Hutt's mouth by his tongue. Oola's lekku were still very enlarge and senstive, Master must be happy...she though as she laid against the Hutt's belly.

Then Oola heard the cup splash into the barrel, she looked and saw Jabba pulling it out of the open barrel. "I am still thirsty." leered Jabba as he stirred the cup in hand.Though she pleaded, Oola was forced to drink and drink many times over that cup of depravity. Her master had her dance though she was in pain from the over stimulatian.

Oola was forced to please her master, sometimes she straddled his tongue. Other times, she was forced to her hands and knees and with bowd head, openned her legs. Another was that Oola was pushed against one of the pillars, she clawed in dispreation to escape with wimpers and moans.

With jaded eyes and mouth gapping, Oola held the cup in one hand and held the tight leash in another. She drank the cup as she once more rode her master's tongue. a to her king...I am...a priestess bound to her god...Oola sluggishly thought. But the Shadow knew the turth, Liar...It whipsered and after many drinks Oola went to sleep on her twenty-eight day as Jabba's slave.

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