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This story is a look at the darker side of Star Wars, where there is no Jedi around the corner, waiting to save you. That the choices that are made have lasting consequences. If there is any problem, please let me know and please feel free to fix any word errors. Thank you for reading this story.

"Italic" = Twi'lekese

"Bold" = Huttese

"Normal Text" = Basic

Italic without " " = Oola's thoughts

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Star wars: Episode V.V

Woe of the Worm

Before Han Solo was frozen in Carbonite and placed into the hands of the vile gangster, JABBA THE HUTT, the beautiful Twi'lek dancer OOLA was forced to be Jabba's personal slave.
Under the twin suns of TATOOINE, in a large townhouse in the middle of Mos Eisley is where this tale begins. The tale of a slave girl whose dreams of fame and glory became a nightmare, a sad and short tale of woe.

First Day

Oola sat, as far as the leash that was around her neck allowed her to, from the mountain of flesh called Jabba the Hutt. She hugged one of the pillows close to her body as if it could shield her from the leering eyes of her master. She was presented early that day to Jabba as a new "pet" by Bib Fortuna.

The elegant robes that she wore were stripped off and a flimsy one-piece fish-net dancing costume was hers. The black and silver slippers were taken and black, flat sandals were put on her feet. The black head-wrap with silver emblem was taken and a black leather headdress with a silver headpiece was forced onto her head. The final insult was a steel collar with a black fiber leash attached, was forced onto her neck, making her Jabba's "pet".

Jabba sat/layed upon customs with a pipe in his mouth, smoke curled around his mouth. He would glace at Oola, his tongue would slide out and lick his drool covered lips. Among his retainers Jabba had a brown lizard monkey creature. It could speak but it was mostly crude words, it would call Oola names like "twirly worm," or "yum yum worm." Oola did not like that creature one bit. Jabba had quite a few body-guards standing around, all of them armed.

People would come seeking favors or bounty hunters would come dragging their prey. Jabba had a droid that would translate for him, it was a little repetitive when translating questions. Oola wished that she had never learned Huttese so that she could be ignorant of Jabba's demands. About mid-day, Bib Fortuna came to Jabba's side and whispered something to him.

Jabba rumbled a command and he "got up" and he got onto a hover sled. Oola wanted to walk beside him but Jabba wanting to have an arm rest, had her put right next to his barrel gut. She turned her head as he touched her face.

"So soft, like pure untouched lien." he said as the sled moved to an elevator. "I look forward to the entertainment you will give." Jabba whispered to Oola as the elevator went down.

The elevator come to a stop and the doors opened to large garage with numerous vehicles. Jabba, Bib, Oola and the monkey were on the larger repulser sled while the guards divided up. The garage doors open and the engines roared as it carried the load though the streets of Mos Eisley. The air was dry and hot as the vehicles went though the streets. Oola tried to ignore the hand on her shoulder and glanced toward the buildings and the people of this town.

The buildings were sand brown and worn down as well as the people. The people wore brown drab clothing and the few faces Oola could see were worn and leathered. Are they thinking about me? Or of him... thought Oola. The vehicles came to another building on the outskirts of the town. Inside was a large luxury barge and two smaller skiffs.

Jabba's repulser sled climbed a ramp to the right of the ship. Once inside, the sled came to a stop in the middle of the observation room, Oola quickly left Jabba's side and took a seat on the far of the room. Oola could barely feel the large ship take off. She looked outside, beside the two skiffs next to the ship there was nothing but sand. She rubbed the steel collar on her neck. Where are we going, she thought.

As time went on under the twin suns, Oola looked across the oceans of sand, she noticed something. Looking closer she wondered out loud, "What are those?"

"What are those?" came a robotic imitation. "Those are Banthas. Native to Tatoonie, they can be domesticated for food and transportation," said the little robot translator.

Before Oola could ask for more information, a sudden pull on her leash caused her to be pulled back to her master. Jabba's grubby hand stroked the space between the gap of her costume. "You must be bored of just looking at all that sand." he belched "You will see some real entertainment soon." Oola shuttered at the way he said "entertainment".

The barge came to a stop and Jabba, with his retainers, went to the top deck. Though they were under the red sails, Oola could feel the dry heat of the desert. It would be impossible to run away in the day...she thought. Jabba took a spot near the rail of the barge with Oola wrapped under his arm.

"Bring out the prisoners." ordered the hutt.

Being pulled up by the guards, came three prisoners in chains. A human male, a male twi'lek and a green male humanoid which Oola would come to know as a rodian. The rodian and the twi'lek had down-cast faces while the human had a clutched jaw, possibly preparing to face whatever Jabba had in-store.

Jabba spoke and the little droid translated, "What have I done to deserve this? I gave you fair pay for the merchandise you brought but you steal from me after I pay you. Why-" And before Jabba could continue he was interrupted by the human.

"Fair pay? Those were military grade weapons we had to smuggle here. You paid us nearly nothing for them. So we had every right to take them back and sell them to someone else."

Oola could feel the rumble of Jabba's gut and the tight grip he had on her shoulder. "Before you all die, I think you should be rewarded for your arrogance," translated the droid. Jabba moved Oola in front of him and in the view of the prisoners. Jabba put both of his hands on her shoulders and before Oola could react, Jabba slid off the top of her costume revealing her breasts.

Oola could not cover her body because Jabba, at the same time held Oola's arms to her side while exposing her. Oola squirmed in Jabba's grip as the laughter from him and the guards cut though the air. Jabba let her go and she fell to the ground, she then huddled against a guard rail while holding her arms close to her body. Then she looked down and gave a shriek.

Oola quickly backed up from the rail and once she felt something on her back she turned and buried her face into it. She had pushed her face into Jabba's belly, she could feel the rumble of his laugh. "As my little one has just seen. Your graves will be here in the desert, were no one will find you as you digest for a thousand years." stated the hutt.

The rodian went first, Oola could hear him scream as he fell into the pit. The twi'lek begged for his life with promises of great wealth, he hit the sand with a thud and was dragged in. The man so proud, so brave was crying, pleading for a second chance, he screamed the loudest. Jabba laughed while remarking on their screams, Oola looked over the edge.

A mouth in the sand, tentacles lay, waiting for more prey. The Sarlacc was the creature's name, a monster who could swallow a full grown man whole. It waited with its mouth open, and when it decided that no more nourishment would come, it pulled back its head back into the sand.

Oola's leash jerked, pulling her trembling form back to the side of Jabba. His hand slide across her breasts before tenderly pulling her clothing back on her body. "As those scum get eaten for the next thousand years, they will forever remember the beauty of your body in my hands." Jabba cruelly laughed.

The rest of the journey went on quietly though Oola sat behind Jabba to avoid seeing his leering. I want to go home...I don't want this...I'm scared...Daddy were are you? were the thoughts of the slave girl, whose life was in the hands of a giant slug. Oola looked out the window of the barge and saw a fortress in the desert.

The barge momentarily waited for a large metal door to open before zooming in. It was like the garage back at the town, but much darker and foreboding. The large barge came to a stop in the caravan. Oola was forced to Jabba's side on his repulser sled, his hand wrapped around her shoulder.

Jabba's repulser sled went down the large ramp, then silently hovered though craved hall ways. The sled came to a elevator and went in while most of the guards continued down the stone steps. As the elevator when down, Oola could feel his slimy hands stroke her lekku. "You have long head-tails my little one, I look forward to seeing you using them." he said.

The elevator stopped and the doors slide open. Jabba slide off the sled, and Oola also got up and walked a little ways behind him. Oola thought the room looked like an audience chamber which she was right. A stone slab served as the throne with a arm rest for Jabba to rest his arm. Alcoves on the other side with tables and such for the comfort of his entourage. Is that a metal floor? Oola thought.

In the center of the room, covering a large space, was a large metal grate. What is down there? she thought as she walked by. Jabba slide onto the stone slab while Oola took a seat at the other end by his tail.

Jabba then took a hookah pipe that may or may not was with him at the town house and began breathing the fumes. Oola sat with her arms wrapped around her knees and looked around. The members of his court were of many different species, and all looked very mean and very cruel. They wouldn't help me escape without a price that I would never give, thought Oola

Oola's leash began to tighten, she turned her face towards Jabba. "You look so lonely my little one, come sit closer," Jabba beckoned with his warty hand. Oola unwillingly crawled closer to the hutt, taking a spot next to his massive belly. "Good Oola. Soon I will teach you how you can please me." Jabba said while he stroked her back, fingering her costume.

Jabba then turned to a human that was standing between the metal floor and the throne "Go Melina, bring my harem here. They must see who my new pet is."

The dark haired woman gave a bow, "As you command, master." she said, she turned and left the room. Jabba tightened his grip on Oola's leash, stretching her neck upwards.

"You will soon meet my other pets." he said.

Melina returned with a troop of girls, about ten in all. Melina gave a command and the girls sat on their knees on the metal grate. All of the girls were lovely, lithe and scantily clothed. They look so sad, Oola thought. Then Oola's leash became tight, forcing her to grasp her collar. "This one's name is Oola, my schutta. If something were to happen to her that I did not know about, the consequences would be most severe. You are dismissed," translated the droid.

The girls quickly got up and left, Oola wished she could go with them. Jabba loosen his grip on her leash, allowing Oola to return to her spot on the other side of the throne. Time went by in the throne room, people came and went, and the smoke from Jabba's pipe fouled the air. A man, pushing a large repulsor table, came before Jabba's throne.

The man was wearing a apron and a chef's hat, He must be a chef, Oola thought. On the table were lots of dishes with lots of food on them and Oola's stomach reminded her of eating. "Ah Porcellus, you always out do yourself." chuckled Jabba, which the droid translated.

The human gave a small bow "I do my best master Jabba." he said as he pushed the table in front of the throne.

Porcellus stood across from the table. As Jabba eyed the dishes, Porcellus glanced at Oola. "Ahem. So master, I heard you got a new favorite in your court. So I prepared a little something for her." he said. Porcellus took one of the bowls on the table and started to hand it to Oola. It smelled delicious and Oola stretch out her hand to receive it.

"Porcellus put it over here." the droid had translated. Porcellus did as he was told. Oola bit her lip as Porcellus put it back on the table on Jabba's side.

"Manners, my little one. Once I have my fill you can have yours." Jabba said to Oola. Jabba then took the dishes that were set out for him and just dumped them into his gaping mouth.

Oola noticed that Porcellus was nervously rubbing his hands. How his life must be burdened by the taste of his work, she thought. Once Jabba finished the last dish, he wiped his chin with his slime covered hand. "Pass me my little one's dish Porcellus." Jabba said though his droid, Porcellus quickly did as he was told and handed the bowl to his master.

Jabba took the dish and spilled it over his drooled covered belly, "Come and eat, for you now have the privilege to eat off my body." he said. Oola was quite repulsed. You made me wait for my food and now you did that?! she internally yelled at the slug. Oola then shook her head.

"No, I will go hungry, then I will eat it off of you." she said.

"You should really do what he wants miss dancer." said Porcellus.

Before she could reply, Oola's leash became tight and she was dragged to Jabba's side. Jabba plucked one of the pieces of food from his belly. "Manners, my little spice spider, manners," he said as he forced the food into her mouth. Besides the obvious smell of drool it tasted good, Oola ate the piece of food.

"Good now, you can eat on your own or I will hand feed you the rest." said the hutt. Oola reached out with her hand to grab a piece when Jabba slapped it. "Since you refused the first time, you now must eat with only your mouth." chuckled Jabba. Oola stared at the food that had drool on it and her stomach growled at her.

I must eat so I might escape, Oola thought. She closed her eyes as she ate off the hutt's body. She could feel Jabba rumbling as she ate, either out of pleasure or something else. "Porcellus you can leave, Oola is pleased." he said, Oola continued eating as Porcellus left. As she came to the last piece of food, Jabba picked it up and placed it on his tongue.

Oola paused thinking that Jabba took the last piece for himself, but a tug on her leash implied he wanted something else. She came closer to his gaping mouth, the last piece of her dinner on his slime covered tongue. He can't be thinking that I would eat off of his tongue...she thought. Oola shook her head "I'm full, I don't want any more." she pouted.

Jabba pulled on her leash, his eyes commanding her to do it. She shook her head once more. "No, you can have it," she said with some spite in her voice. Jabba's eyes glared in annoyance, he then grabbed her neck and then forced the piece of food down into her mouth using his tongue. Oola frantically pushed against his belly as the slime covered food slide down her throat.

Once he was finished, he let Oola go, Oola gasped for breath as she wiped the slime from her lips and chin. Jabba then grab one of her head tails and pulled it so she was looking into his eyes. "You will do what I desire, it will be easier for you if you just do it," Jabba cautioned Oola. He then pushed her to the side, onto some pillows, Oola sat upright looking away from Jabba.

"Bib, why don't I have a band to play for me?" said Jabba. Bib must have been standing right there because he was at Jabba's side.

"Master, the last band to play for you was punished for displeasing you in their section of songs. But I have something else that you may enjoy," peddled Bib.

Oola glanced at both Jabba and Bib, wondering what they were planning. "What is it?" asked Jabba.

"Well master do you remember the pirate that was troubling your shipping lanes?"

"Ah, that little bantha poop. What of him?" Bib smiled.

"Well, right now he is in the master's dungeon wasting away, and I thought of some amusement for the master."

Jabba's body shook "Yes, bring him here, I must watch." he rumbled. Bib bowed and then left the room with some guards. "This will be amusing." stated Jabba. Oola did not like the tone of his voice when he said that. In a short time Bib returned with the guards, who were carrying a bag.

Bib then had the guards opened the top of the bag. A head popped out, and it was covered in dirty, greasy hair and a wild beard. The man's eyes had a wild, crazed look as he shouted curses and various profane words at Jabba. With a wave from Bib, one of the guards grabbed the wild man's jaw and forced it shut. "Yep, that's him alright," said Jabba as he tapped his chin.

Bib then whispered something into Jabba's ear, something that made Jabba laugh. Bib then turned to look at the prisoner. "Due to your crimes against his highness, you will die and I will tell you how," sneered Bib. "One of the gamorreans will pick you up and then throw you as hard as it can into the floor. Then it will toss you into the arms of another gamorrean, and it will repeat until you die. May your screams be great."

The gamorrean guard forced the man's head back into the sack and tied it up. Then the guard lifted the sack and then threw it into the floor. The members of the court gave a laugh as the screams of the man in the sack grew with each and every impact. Oola's hands went to the sides of her headband, trying to block out the screams of the man and the laughter of the crowd.

After some time the screaming stopped, and the sounds of crushed bones and broken limbs hitting the floor was all that was heard from the bag. Bib gave another command, and the guards stopped and took the blood soaked bag with them to dispose of it. Oola couldn't stopped trembling. First those men in the desert and now this poor man...what does he do to women? Oola's fearful thoughts ran.

Jabba smacked his lips. "That was very amusing. But now I want some...personal entertainment." Jabba then looked at Oola. A chill went up Oola's spine as the thought of being murdered in some hideous way filled her head.

"Shall I call Melina?" asked Bib.

"Yes, have the other girls prepare my little one." said Jabba

Melina quickly appeared and gave a bow. "What is your command? Master." she asked. Jabba then tugged Oola's leash and gave it to Melina.

"Take my sweet mint to the pit to be cleaned. I want her prepared for bed." he commanded.

Melina gave another quick bow. "As you wish, Master." She urged Oola to come with her, which Oola quickly (and unwillingly) complied with.

"I look forward to tonight my love." Jabba's call echoed after Oola. Oola followed Melina down into the lower levels of Jabba's palace.

"Can you speak basic?" asked Melina.

"Yes, I can Melina," replied Oola. Melina gave a chuckle.

"That's good, makes my job easier." Oola and Melina came to a door. "This will be the room you share with the others," said Melina.

Next to the Door, on a plaque it said "Dancer's Pit" and scrawled under it was "Schuttas' Hole". Melina pressed some buttons and the door opened. Inside was a spacious round room, in which most of the girls that were present when Oola was introduced were. Melina clapped her hands.

"Alright girls, master wants his 'pet' cleaned up, let's not keep him waiting."

The girls the in the room quickly got a tub of water ready for Oola. A human girl and a twi'lek girl came up to Oola. The human timidly asked, "Can we take your costume for you?"

Oola shrugged her shoulders. "Yes, you may." Oola replied. They took off Oola's costume and neatly folded it.

Oola stepped into the tub, not big enough to put her legs in, she let her legs hang over the edge. Then the girls took small sponges and started to scrub her arms and legs. Oola found it quite relaxing, especially in comparison to the last few weeks. The two twi'lek girls, one yellow and the other red, gently took Oola's lekku and used their sponges on them.

Oola really like the attention that she was getting. Maybe being a slave is not too bad Oola thought. "Would you like to be called mistress," asked one of the human girls.

"Pfft. Why bother? She is on the same plate as us," replied a zeltron, a species of alien considered near-human.

"Please, just call me Oola." said Oola ignoring what the zeltron said.

Once the girls were finished rubbing Oola, they had Oola step out of the tub. They took small towels and dried Oola off. Other girl reapplied Oola's make up and added a glossy layer to Oola's tattooed lips. Then they clothed Oola in a black sheen leather-top that was loosely tied. Then they slipped a tiny black bikini bottom that tied on the sides.

Melina came over and looked Oola over. "Looking good, just have to do a quick pat down." she said as she snapped a clear-glove over her hand.

"What do yo-OH AH!" was Oola's reaction as Melina slide her gloved hand into Oola's body.

"Clear, now turn around." said Melina. Oola's hands were guarding her crouch as she turned.

"Will you please tel-EEK MMH!"

Melina removed the gloves and put them into a bag, "Just making sure that there were no surprises for Jabba to find." she said. Oola was rubbing her buttocks from the unannounced probing.

"NOW will you tell me?! Why you just did that?!" Oola sourly asked.

"Just as I said, no surprises for Jabba. Now follow me." Melina said, holding onto Oola's leash, as she lead Oola back to the upper levels.

They would occasionally pass some guest who would eye Oola's beautiful body as it passed them by. "Why am I dressed like this, Melina? Wouldn't my dancing costume be just as good," noted Oola, since it seemed that her clothing attire became smaller.

"Master...likes to see the natural graces of the body without the distractions of clothing." she muttered. They came to the attention chamber and went to the elevator. They went up and got out when it came to a stop. They came to a large metal door. In a similar fasion to the Dancer's Pit door, Melina pressed some buttons and it opened.

It was dark inside, definitely darker than the palace corridors they had just walked through. Melina brought Oola to the middle of the room. "Sit," she ordered, and Oola went to her knees. "Stay," Melina she ordered again as she quickly left the room, leaving Oola's leash beside her. The door slide shut, closing off the only real source of light in the room. Why did she leave so quickly?...Where is Jabba?

She nervously shifted her body as her eyes adjusted to the darkness. She could see something on a bed, and thanks to the smell, it was an easy guess as to who it was. "J-Jabba? Are you there?" Oola said trying to get a response. She could hear the sliding of a massive bulk coming towards her and then it stopped in front of her.

His disgusting breath filled the air around her. Oola waved her hand in the darkness trying to dispense the smell away from her freshly fouled nostrils. "Why is it so dark in here? How can I dance without any light?" Oola questioned. The sound of a gutted giggle could be heard, and her thoughts halted with her top being sudden stripped of her body, caused Oola to bring her arms up to her chest.

"W-why do you keep doing that?! Are my clothes just wet cobwebs for you to rip off?!" Oola questioned the hutt in the darkness.

"I want to taste you, my little one." the hutt breathed. Oola's skin crawled at that response.

" That is a very strang-" and then it occurred to Oola on how the hutt spoke to her.

"Wait are you saying taste as in tasting food or are you saying taste as in..." Oola's eyes widened as the possibilities shrunk. "No! You...cannot be serious! I am a Twi'lek and you are a Hutt and...and...oh no." She scrambled to her feet and ran back to the door. She felt the panel and started to push as many buttons as she could.

"HELP ME! OH, SOMEONE HELP!" she screamed at the door, she pounded on the metal door out of desperation. "HELP! HELP! SOMEONE HELP ME!" she clawed at the door hoping someone would open it. She felt his presence behind her, spinning around, holding her arms close to her body she could feel tears come to her eyes.

"Please...oh please don't...don't." Oola sob as she slide down to her knees, huddling by the door. "Don't disgrace me. Don't take my honor. I want to go home. I go...home." Oola begged, as she cowered before the hutt's impending presence. The leash around her neck became tight as she was dragged up the slimy belly of Jabba the Hutt.

Oola's hands were at her collar, trying pull it off in desperation. The hand that held her leash now held her by the collar. She could feel drips of saliva across her face. His face must have been inches away from hers. His free hand stroked her belly. "You are home." laughed Jabba as he pulled the bikini off her struggling body.

On the other side of the door was silence, no one could hear the pretty slave scream. No one to save her from Jabba's hands. No one cared about the dancing girl's honor. Jabba's court slept in silence in his attended chambers as Oola's first night as Jabba's slave ended.

Second Day

The next morning or close to it on this foreign planet, Oola awoke from her sleep. She was face down in the sheets on Jabba's bed, her hands tightly held folds of the material of the shredded clothing. She sat up right, shaking from last night's nightmare. Something to the side caught Oola's eye. Upon inspection, it was a mirror.

In the reflection was not the proud daughter of a chief. Not the beautiful dancer, who's graceful movements gained so many admirers. But a slave, the pleasure slave of a hutt, chained and humiliated. The eye shadow around her eyes were streaks of black lines down her face. Her ruby red lips had dried slime on them as well as her body.

Is this my dream? The dream of power and fame? What a fool am I... Oola bowed her head, fresh tears rolling down her face and onto her lap. I am so sorry father...Why did I run away from you?...From my little sister Nolaa?...Forgive me, oh please forgive your foolish daughter. Oola took deep breaths trying to calm herself when she smelled the hookah smoke.

Glaring over her shoulder, she saw the bloated one smoking his pipe. Jabba glanced at his latest carnal meal. "You were delicious my lusty legs. Bib made a great choice for my appetite." he chuckled. Oola's body was shaking not of fear, but of rage. Turning towards him she put all the venom and hate she could say in her words.

"I HATE YOU!! YOU VILE PERVERSE SLUG!! YOU DISGRACE ME, YOU MONSTER! I AM OOLAT'AKONA AND YOU WILL NEVER TAME ME!!" Oola screamed at the hutt, her body trembling from her rage. The hutt stared at her for some time and then his body began to rumble. Go on, pronounce my death...I will accept it gladly...Oola defiantly thought.

But out of Jabba's mouth were not the words of death, but the deep hearty sounds of laughter. Cruel laughter that smothered the flame of her spirit. Jabba pull her leash, forcing Oola to come to him. She tried to get away but Jabba grabbed her collar, lifting and forcing her to look him in the face. His free hand slide up her neck to under her jaw and then he started to squeeze.

Oola frantically struggled for air, her hands trying to loosen the hutt's grip but to no avail. Jabba stopped squeezing, but still held her head in his hands. As Oola gulped in precious air, Jabba spoke. "I enjoy breaking the strong. It makes the feast more tasteful." Jabba's thick tongue licked the air between him and Oola.

"Hate will turn to fear. Fear, to love, and from love to lust." Jabba said as he licked Oola's lips. "You will learn to love my affections. You will let lust fill your body for my satisfaction and you, will feed me your spirit until I am tried of your taste." Jabba then shoved his tongue down into Oola's mouth forcing her to whimper for air.

Oola laid next to Jabba on his throne. She had been dragged there by Jabba, like a trophy, or prize of war. Jabba held her leash tight, forcing her to keep her head up. Her head-tails draped over her shoulders, covering her naked breasts. She managed get a pillow and placed it at her lap, though it did not hid her buttocks from Jabba's touch.

Please...Someone have mercy and kill me...Oola wished. The members of the court would just glance at Jabba's new toy, and carry on with business. Oola's body trembled out of shame, out of humiliation. Someone please kill me...Take my shame away... Oola's lips trembled wanting to cry out her pain, her hurt.

Melina came with a one of the girls from the Dancer's Pit. The girl was human and very lovely, with her jet black hair hanging loose, and her eyes gleaming like fine onyx (though whether that was from tears or the light was anyone's guess). She was in a very revealing two piece sling bikini that was blue and black. The girl came up to the throne with Melina, looking down in an attempt to hide her fear.

"I have brought your pet for today, master," bowed Melina. Jabba gave a grunt and he patted Oola's head, "I will see you tomorrow, my lusty legs." he sighed. The girl took a spot next to Jabba's belly, her eyes now clearly gleaming with sadness as she watched Oola get taken away, and her master's hand slide onto her shoulder.

Oola walked naked behind Melina, ignoring the eyes of Jabba's court that raked her body up and down until she left. As they walked though the passages, Oola noticed that Melina had a blaster pistol on her hip. Maybe...just maybe... Oola kept her eyes on the gun that was holstered on Melina's hip as they walked, waiting for a chance.

They were headed down some stairs when Oola made a go for Melina's pistol. Either Oola was slow, or Melina knew Oola was going for her gun, because Melina gripped Oola's wrist and twisted her arm behind her, forcing her into a wall. "They always wait for the stairs, you know that? The new schuttas that can't bare it," Melina sneered.

Oola could now feel the tears coming back. "Please let me die. I can not live with this shame." Oola sobbed. Melina just tightened her grip in response.

"'Oh please let me die, I can't live with this shame.' They say the same thing." Melina spat. "Listen, 'Lusty Legs,' having you die under my watch is just bad news for me." she continued. "So you will live until Jabba grows tired of you, or you die under his or someone else's watch." Melina growled, letting go.

Melina had Oola walk in front of her until they got to the Pit. After making her wait for the door, Melina then pushed Oola in the room. "Just another day, here in Jabba's palace." sneered Melina as she shut the door. Oola just stood there, looking around, lost and alone.

Oola then sank to her knees and cover her head and just cried, her body folding in on itself as she sobbed her heart out. I am alone...No one cares if I live or die here... she thought as she cried. Then, as she cried out in pain and hurt, strong arms wrapped around her. Someone pulled her close to their chest, the smell of rich clean earth filling in Oola's nose.

More arms wrapped around her, soft gentle hands, and Oola could feel the gentle beating of hearts against her body. "We are here little sister. We are here." said a gentle caring voice. Oola's sobbing softened as she looked up to see the three faces of her comforters. The two twi'lek girls from yesterday were above her wearing gentle smiles, with the third smile laden face being that of a Togruta.

The togruta was clay red with three long white lekku; two over the shoulders, one down the back. She had blue stripes that went from her head to her hips. She wore a white dress that split down the sides of her body. She gently wiped the tears from Oola's face and kissed her on the head. "You carry a heavy burden." she said in a soft accent.

The trio introduced themselves. The yellow twi'lek's name was Amber, and the red one's name was Ruby. The togruta's name was Kanna. They brought Oola her dancing costume and helped her get it on. Oola put the leather headband on her head as the other girls took a wet sponge and washed her face, cleaning the tear stains.

"You look better." said Ruby, as she wiped Oola's face with a towel. Oola wiped her eyes.

"Thank you, I am just lost." she said. A chuckle came from the other side of the room. Glancing over, Oola noticed the heckler. It was the zeltron that she saw yesterday, with some of the human girls reclining on some pillows nearby.

"Sweet schutta, we are all lost or forgotten. So don't think you are special because you are the master's rutting pet," the zeltron snarked.

Amber motioned her head towards the zeltron. "That is Ohara. She is sometimes very negative." she said. Ohara brushed aside her long dark red hair as she spoke to the human girls around her.

"Twi'leks are such schuttas. Anyone with money can buy them." Ohara mocked. "Why, they love being ridden. Those head-tails make great reins for the rider." A couple of chuckles came from the group of human girls. Oola's lekku twitched out of annoyance and contempt for the zeltron.

Oola stood up, looking at the group of girls as she spoke. "Shame on you. We are all slaves here. We must keep hope that one day, we will be free from the weight of the chains, from the whips and cruel masters. That we will teach our children kindness and loving one other. That is what we should live for," she spoke with hope in her eyes.

The girls looked at each other for a moment, and then they laughed. "Wow, if the master heard that, he would throw you to the rancor, or cut your tongue off or something." laughed the Zeltron. She stood up, pulling at her white dress, "See here." she said pointing at her waist. There was a hair thin scar at her waist line. "They neuter us before they sell us."

Oola eyes widened. "W-what?" she stammered.

The zeltron then pointed at Oola. "I would bet that your flower has been snipped. Can't have little runts running around the palace." she sneered. Oola turned around, her hands trembling as she pulled at the dancing costume's waist line.

She saw it, a hair-thin scar at her waist. She took a minute to process this. Her hands went to her face. "N-no no, why?" She sank to her knees in shock. Amber and Ruby glanced at their own waists.

"We...are cut flowers, that shall never bare any fruit." whispered Ruby. Oola's hands clenched tight, as the realization that not only had her honor been stolen by Jabba, but the children that would have grown inside of her were taken by him had finally hit home.

The children that would have grown up laughing, playing, having fun. The little boys that would have grown up to be strong and brave sons. The little girls that would have danced into beautiful and graceful daughters. No songs to teach of her own, no dances to teach of her own. No clans to further. Nothing but a wondrous dream, now lost and scattered into the desert wind, buried under the endless sand. She bowed her head in sorrow as this loss sunk in.

Oola sat still. Any noise coming from the girls was now lost to silence in her mind. The sound of the door sliding open could be heard, but only barely. "There she is, the new one." said a voice. Oola did not stir. A gentle hand rested on her shoulder. "Are you ok?" said the voice again. Oola looked up at the source of the voice. A white haired girl was looking back, with an ugly six breasted woman looking over the girl's shoulder.

"My name is Jess and that is Yarna." said the girl. "You must be Oola right?" Oola just stared at Jess and Yarna. They looked back in confusion.

"Ohara told her that we can't have children." said Amber, Jess glared over at Ohara.

"You just had to. She just had her first night and you just had to." Jess then put both her hands on Oola's shoulders. " have a role that is hard to be." said Jess. Oola stood up, her body trembling from going from shock to a plethora of different emotions hitting all at once.

"A-a role?" stammered Oola. "I was just violated by a giant slug, and just learned that I will never have little ones to call my own, and you call it a role?!"

Jess put her hands up to calm Oola. "I'm sorry, I was just trying to sooth the pain." she said.

No tears came to Oola's eyes. The fire inside of her found new life. "Sooth?! SOOTH?!" she pulled at the collar around her neck. "I will be soothed when this collar is gone and I am free." Oola looked around at the rest of the girls. "None of you have a collar on your necks. None of you have a leash that is pulled on." The other girls looked back, none of them answering.

"Just because we don't have collars or leashes on our bodies doesn't mean we are not in pain." said Jess. She stood up, looking Oola right in the eyes. "We have no power over our bodies. If someone wants pleasure for a night, Melina will select one of us to fulfill that need." she crossed her arms. "You are special because you are the master's favorite." she said.

Oola looked down, her hands clenched "Are you saying that all of the girls here have been..."

Before she could finished Ohara interrupted her. "Deflowered? Boarded? Got mined? You are so naive, you make me sick." Ohara sighed.

Jess shook her head. "Ohara, please show some pity. Did we mock you when you were brought here?"

Ohara twirled a loop of her hair in her hand, out of boredom. Jess touched Oola's arm, "We are all on the same plate, Oola." a sad smile on her lips. "We must become family, no matter what we look like." she said.

Yarna then spoke up "You are probably hungry by now. Why don't I go get you something to eat?" she asked.

Oola nodded in agreement and Yarna left. Jess went to leave and then turned and looked at Oola. "Please relax and enjoy the day off. You must be rested for tomorrow." she said. Oola nodded as Jess left. Ruby touched Oola's shoulder and guided her to a spot in the room. There were some big pillows and a throw rug.

"This is your spot Oola." said Ruby.

Oola sat down amongst the pillows, "Why don't we have blankets?" Oola asked. Amber shrugged her shoulders.

"Well, it is warm at night, and there were some...incidents that made Melina remove them." she said.

"I heard, that a group of girls didn't like the 'Pet,' and shoved down a blanket down that girl's throat and she died." said a human girl nearby.

"Well I heard that a girl took a blanket and tried to kill herself by tying it around her neck." said another.

"No, that is not what I heard what happened is-"

"Enough! Stop squawking and just leave it alone." shouted Ohara. The other girls went quiet. Oola took one of the pillows and held it against her body.

"So has anyone escaped before?" asked Oola in her native tongue twi'leki. Ruby shook her head,

"No." replied Amber.

"We are in a fortress, in the middle of a desert, on a desert planet with no ship to get off." said Ruby.

Amber's lekku twitched anxiously. "The last girl who tried to escaped was brutally murdered by Jabba." she whispered.

"Skinned alive, cooked alive and eaten alive." muttered Ruby, her shoulders shuttered at the remembrance of the event. Oola hugged the pillow tighter.

"Wh...what happens to the 'pet' once Jabba is done draining the life of the poor creature?" asked Oola, hoping to grasp her situation.

"Amber, have you seen any 'pet' live longer then two weeks?" asked Ruby. Amber looked down.

"The 'pet' usually becomes numb to his advances, and ends up being thrown away while a new girl gets the 'honor' of being his favorite." answered Amber.

Oola shifted nervously, "Thrown away?" she asked.

"Killed. In a cruel and entertaining way." stated Ruby.

"Why me? There are so many girls here that are more beautiful than me. Why?" Oola asked, burying her face into the pillow as the sobs started to come back. A hand gently touched Oola's shoulder.

"What was your profession before you were brought here? Did you steal something from him? Were you kidnapped and forced to train in Bib's dancing schools?" asked Amber.

Oola looked up at them, her sobs residing, and shrugged her shoulders. "I never worked, my father was a clan chief that never dealt outside of Ryloth. I never stole anything from anybody, I just got it. And...I wasn't kidnapped." she sighed. Ruby and Amber looked at each other.

"So how did you meet Bib?" they asked. Oola looked away, "I don't want to talk about it." she said.

"Ah, I don't mean to be rude, but what did you just talk about?" Asked Kanna in basic. Amber brushed her right lekku.

"Just talking about how Oola got here and what we can do to help her...get adjusted." said Amber in basic. Kanna gave a nod.

"Sorry it's just, Oola looked worried during your talk." Kanna touched Oola's hand. "Do you dance? Or do you have a different skill that is teachable?" she asked. Oola gave a small smile.

"Yes, I dance and can sing." she replied. Kanna smiled.

" with coordinating dances routines with the other girls." She motioned over at Ohara's group. "Ohara helps with more...carnal lessons." Kanna said.

Ohara glanced over and grinned, "Oh Kanna, don't say it like it was a bad thing." she giggled. "After all, you are one of the best at the exotic arts of pleasure." she said.

Kanna bit her lip and looked down slightly. "Just because I get chosen the most by those beasts does not mean I enjoy it." she hissed.

Ohara lazely twirled her hair. "Listen Oola, if you want to live. You must be able to enjoy the pleasure."

Ohara looked over at one of the girls next to her, "Crystal, I want you to demonstrate what Kanna does with her client." Crystal, a lovely blonde haired girl nearby shuttered at the thought.

"Do I have to? Ekira does it better." she complained.

Ohara glared at her. "You can do it at your pace, or you will do it at mine." she stated.

Crystel's body shook, "I-I'll do it just don't make me, please." she whimpered. She undressed herself revealing her smooth creamy body. Kanna's lekkus twitched.

"Stop it Ohara, don't make Crystal do it. Don't you have a heart?" Kanna said. Ohara just glared at Kanna.

"If you could feel the lust, the hate and the fear of everyone, I doubt you would have one." she snapped.

Crystal began rubbing her breasts together, "P-please I don't want to." she cried. Ohara just stared with cruel eyes.

"Do it." Ohara commanded. Crystel whimpered as her hands slid down her body into her lap. Moans began to come from Crystal's lips, her creamy body began to rock back and forth.

Oola then noticed a strange smell. she looked over to Amber, Ruby and Kanna. "Do you smell tha-"

"Yes." flatly said Kanna, her face a scowl.

"Ohara can control people though their emotions." said Ruby.

"But so far she can only do one species at a time." said Amber.

The other four human girls by Ohara were also acting strange. They also had undressed and started pawing at each others' bodies. Their eyes were glassy and glazed as their lips touched. Sweat was dripping from Crystal's body, her eyes rolled up in ecstasy. "Oh *moan* pleas- *gasp* st- *breath*" Crystal begged. Her head was rolling, her hair waving to an imaginary rhythm.

Oola looked at Ohara, "Why are you making them do it?!" she asked in alarm.

"Because it makes them happy." Ohara stated. Crystal's body arched backwards, her body trembling from the orgasm. Her lips were open, sucking deep breaths of air. Oola noticed that she was mouthing words.

Oola shook her head, "This is not right, please make it stop. For them, Ohara!"

Ohara rolled her eyes, "Fine, as you wish, Pet." she said with unsubtle contempt. Crystal stopped rubbing her body and collapsed on her back. The other human girls realized what they were doing and covered their bodies up. Crystal looked up with tears in her eyes.

"I should go." she whispered as she got up and went to the cleaning room with her dress in hand.

Oola gave Ohara a stern look, "You have a heart of stone, Ohara." said Oola as she went to the cleaning room. The cleaning room connected to the Dancer's Pit by a short passageway with a door. Oola walked in and looked around. It was a smaller room, with a dirty white tile that patterned the floor. Crystal was at a single drain in the center of the room.

Crystal had a small bucket with some water in it and a sponge. She was using the sponge to wipe off the sweat from her body. "Oh, hello Oola." she said over her shoulder, she squeezed the sponge over the drain. "I am...sorry that you saw that." she sighed, "I just wished Ohara would picked a different girl other than me every other time." she grumbled.

Oola went over and knelt by the human girl. "Why did Ohara did that to you? What was the purpose of...of making you do that?" Oola asked. Crystal shrugged her shoulders.

"Maybe it's the only thing she can control. Or she was just showing off her natural abilities, I don't know." Crystal said as she pressed the sponge against her body.

Oola put her hand on Crystal's shoulder, "It was wrong of her to do that to you." she stated. Crystal looked over her shoulder at Oola, "Yeah...well it does feel good after a long, cruel night with a client." she said.

Oola looked at Crystal confused, "What? What do you mean client." Crystal squeezed the sponge again.

"A client is someone who...buys a night of pleasure with a lovely, young girl who will do anything." said Crystal, she squeezed the sponge out of anger of the though; it was almost as if she was strangling a person. "Kanna is the most expensive at 2800 creds a night, then Ohara at 2700. Then it's the Twi'leks at 2500 each." she said as she wet the sponge, "Then everyone else varies between 2000 and 300 creds."

After she scrubbed her body, she took the bucket and poured it over her head. Standing up she slipped back on her dress. "Then there is the 'special' price of 150-250 a night, but every girl tries to not to be that."

Oola stood up and looked at Crystal. "Why?"

Crystal looked back at Oola. "That is the price that the guards get. And they are very, very mean."

Oola grabbed Crystal's arm, "No, I meant why...are girls forced to be like cattle and used as toys," she said trying not to be externally repulsed by the thought, but failing.

Crystal gave sigh. "Well, I guess as Melina puts it: Men in the middle of the desert will always drink from the nearest oasis, regardless of the mud."

Oola let Crystal's arm go, "I am sorry that you have to go though that. Since we can not have families of our own, we must look back to the family that we grew up in." she said. Crystal's eyes started to water, she looked away wiping tears. "Did...I say something wrong?" asked Oola. Crystal shook her head.

"I wished I could remember my family." she shakily sighed.

Oola was confused. Did she forget her family or was there something else... Before she could ask Crystal, she could hear Yarna asking for Oola.

"I guess your food is here Oola." Crystal said. She turned and left. Oola followed her back to the main room. Crystal went back to Ohara's group and sat down. Ohara patted Crystel's head and said something, though Oola was out of earshot.

"Here you go Oola." Yarna said, she handed Oola a plate of food with a spoon on it. Oola thanked her and then took a seat by Amber, Ruby and Kanna.

"Did you have a good conversation with Crystal?" asked Ruby in twi'leki. Oola nodded. After eating a piece of food she looked at Ruby.

"Crystal said she could not remember her family, did something happen?"

Ruby's lekku twitched. "Slavers have ways of controlling their stock." she said, "Girls without lekkus have their minds scrubbed of their past life. They are made to forget places, friends and family." Oola looked over at Ohara's group.

"Could Ohara have been a loving wife with a kind smile before she was brought here?" she asked.

"In another life, perhaps." said Ruby,

"But the things that are said about zeltrons make them to be just about the pleasure of the moment." Amber said. Oola finished her meal and set the dish aside.

"Well Oola, you should try to get some sleep." said Ruby. Amber, Ruby and Kanna went to their spots and laid down.

Oola noticed all the other girls were doing the same, curling up and going to sleep in their spots. Ohara laid on top of a pillow, one of the human girls curled up next to her. "You should get some sleep Oola. During the evening is when everyone is active." she said.

"I will try." said Oola, she laid on her side, hugging a pillow. Sleep came gradually and eventually.

Sometime later Oola awoke. Most of the girls were having a meal. "Oh, you're awake Oola." said Ekira, a lovely tan skinned-brown hair girl with a white smile. "Would like your meal?" she asked. Oola sat up, lazily stretching.

"I thought I just had a meal." she replied.

"Oh, that was an extra meal. We normally get two meals a day with a cup of water with each meal." said Ekira.

Oola got her plate of food and ate the food off of it. She noticed that most of the girls were preparing for the day. Kanna was teaching a dancing routine with a couple of the girls. Ruby and Amber were practicing with musical instruments. Ohara was teaching how to breath properly when being boarded. Melina came in and was observing the girls and giving some pointers.

"How about you get in one of those sleazy dresses that you make us wear and do a trick, since you are so knowledgeable," snarked Ohara to Melina.

Melina glared at Ohara, "Well then, who would make your 'sleazy dresses' for you to wear? Or perhaps you would like to go without any?" she snarked back.

Ohara grumbled something vague to herself. Milena continued on, though she watched Ohara with suspicion. After all the girls have rotated between Kanna, Ohara and Ruby, they took a break.

"While we wait, do you think Melina will let us watch a vid?" whispered one of the girls, named Ta-Ti.

"Well she is right here, why don't you ask her?" said Ohara.

Melina turned around, "Huh? What is it?" she asked Ta-Ti, who nervously looked away from Melina, and brushed aside her hair.

"I-I was wondering since we are just sitting around, that maybe you would let us watch a vid to pass the time?" she asked. Melina scratched her chin and glanced at Oola.

"Well, since it is Oola's first night. I guess for special I could show a vid for free." she said lazily. Several of the girls started chanting for a certain vid.

"The Baron! The Baron!". Ohara rolled her eyes at the request.

"Don't you know that it's just a bunch of Imperial propaganda." she complained.

Melina gave a satisfied grin, "Sure, I could get that." she said. Melina left to go get the vid, Oola leaned close to Kanna.

"What is 'The Baron?'" she asked.

"Oh, it's a really great vid about a dashing pilot that saves his one true love." Crystal dreamily responded. Ohara just scoffed.

"No, what it really is a propaganda film for the Imperial glory." she said.

"No, its about love." said Crystal defiantly. Ohara and Cystel bickered back and forth until Melina came back.

"Alright girls, be quiet or I won't start the vid." said Melina. The other girls sat down in the middle of the room, Ohara and Crystal stopped arguing and sat down with them. Oola sat down with Kanna, Ruby and Amber. Melina pointed a projector at the far wall, "Enjoy." she said.

The blue tinted holo vid played out against the far wall. A voice spoke from the projector. "The enemies of the glorious Empire have learned to fear the Iron fist of Lord Vader!" said the voice. One the screen a black fist appeared, crushing worlds. "But the powerful Lord needs allies and this is the tale of one of them...The Baron!"

The story was about a young man who grew up on a farm with dreams of being a pilot for the Imperial Navy. On wind-sweeped fields, he held the hands of one true love, promising her of life among the stars.

"That's Starflare, the actress." whispered Crystal. Starflare was beautiful, with blond hair and a loving smile.

The man left his home world and went to the stars. His skills were the best at the academy, gaining him notoriety and enemies in the shadows. Though he gained a position of honor, enemies plotted his downfall and, through cowardly backdoor politics, he was disgraced and forced into a lowly position on a planet teaching pilots.
Though he was put in such a lowly position, the man took the opportunity and made one of the most fearsome groups of star fighters in the galaxy. His name and honor restored, the man was given the title Baron for his above and service to the Empire. But then troubling news reached him.

"We have received word that your home world has been attacked, and your long time sweet heart was kidnapped." said an officer.

"Who!? Who would attack innocent loyal citizens of the noble Galactic Empire?!" said the Baron. Oola noticed it was a little forced in the way he spoke.
"The scum know as the rebel alliance." said the officer, a couple of girls gave a hiss. "Those are the bad guys." whispered Crystal. The Baron was determined to rescue his love.

"You can't." said the officer, though not known to the Baron but to viewer that the officer was a rebel sympathizer. "You can not take your squad for personal matters." said the officer.
So the Baron did what need to be done, he went out on his own to save the love of his life. He tracked down the rebel scum to a distant planet. He then went on to single handly assault the base. After a fierce shot which cause the death of many rebel lackeys, the Baron kicked down the door leading to the rebel leader's room.
The leader was about to ravage the Baron's love when the Baron kicked down the door. The Baron roared with rage, and the disgusting rebel leader was no match for the justice that burned in the Baron's soul. "Don't. Touch. Her." said the Baron as he pounded the face of the rebel leader in.

Oola could see why the other girls like this vid the most. A strong, dashing, heroic man willing to save the love of his life from impossible odds and from dishonor. The Baron then tossed the rebel leader out the window to certain doom. The Baron, untied his love and held her in his strong arms. "I will never let you go." he said, "Promise?" she whispered.
When they kissed, they were not in the rebel base but in a beautiful building full of light. He was in a sharp, clean white suit and wore black formal pants. His love though was in a beautiful white, flowing dress with a veil over her head. "I want a dress like that." whispered a girl. The Baron and his new wife walked hand in hand towards the camera.

"The End." snarked Milena, as she shut the holoprojecter off. There was a couple disappointed sighs throughout the room.

"See Ohara, that was a love story." said Crystal. Ohara was rubbing her eyes.

"Oh please, that was a cheesy vid if there ever was one." she replied.

Crystal leaned closer to Ohara. "Are you...crying?" she asked.

Ohara hit Crystal's arm in response. "Ouch! Melina! Ohara punched me." whined Crystal.

"Crystal, stop whining. Ohara, stop damaging the goods." snapped Milena, Ohara grumbled something inaudible again. "Alright girls, time to get your costumes on." called Melina, at that the girls in the room started stripping off their dresses.

"What about me?" asked Oola. Melina shrugged her shoulders. "You are not going anywhere tonight, schutta." Melina stated. The group of naked girls stood around, waiting for Melina to call them up. Milena then started to call up names and give a bag to each girl that came up.

"Ooh! I think I got heels this time." said one of the girls.

The girls untied each of their bags and would put on their costumes, though to Oola it looked like their attire just got scantily. The human girls wore tops that barely covered and loin-cloths that went down to their knees. Amber and Ruby wore nearly identical clothing; a loose frilly blouse and pantaloons that went down to their ankles.

As the other girls were putting on their sandals or slippers, Ruby took a look at her costume, and sighed. "I think Melina likes cutting things out huh?" she said, pointing at exposed the sides of her hips and legs.

Amber was putting on her sandals when she replied, "It's better than the costumes that Ohara and Kanna have to wear."

To Oola, it seemed that Kanna and Ohara were just wearing a short skirt and sandals. Looking closer, Oola noticed that strings connecting to skin color patches that covered the tips of their breasts and groin. Ohara was all smiles, "Hey Oola, check out this trick." she said. She took Kanna's arm and raised it, she then pressed her left breast to Kanna's right.

"This is called a Torpedo Bump." Ohara said with a wink, "It feels so good when it's skin to skin." she purred. Kanna just rolled her eyes.

"Keep it to yourself...schutta." said Kanna. Ohara then twisted her body so she was face to face with Kanna.

"I think you like it." she giggled, rubbing her body against Kanna's.

"Hey Ohara, knock it off. Everyone come and get your pills for tonight." Milena commanded. All the girls came to Milena, who then handed each of them a small, round, glossy ball that almost looked like a reddish pearl. Each girl took one and put it in her mouth.

"What is this?" asked Oola holding the ball to her eye. Amber finished hers first.

"It keeps your body healthy." she said. Oola then put the ball in her mouth and rolled it with her tongue.

Oola was surprised by the berry taste, Oola then noticed that the girls were gathering in groups of two to three. They had their heads together, some of were shaking. They were whispering something that Oola couldn't really hear.

"Um. Milena what are they doing?" Oola asked. Milena glanced back at Oola.

"Encouraging each other, prays of protection to made up gods." she said out of boredom. As the girls broke up, Ruby nudged Kanna.

"Hey, you should make Oola your sister, Kanna." she said. Kanna wrinkled her mouth out of some slight discomfort. "I don't think Oola would be interested." she said.

"What is a 'Sister,'" Oola curiously asked. Kanna rubbed her hands together.

" it's difficult to explain. It would be easier to just show you." she said. Kanna reached out with her hands to take Oola's, "May I hold your hands?" she asked. Oola nodded, and Kanna took Oola's hands, Kanna then came closer to Oola and put her head against Oola's head.

Kanna took a breath, "If you don't want to be my sister after I say the words, then that is completely fine." she whispered.

Oola gave a gentle smile, "Please say the words," she whispered back. Kanna took another breath, her two front lekku gentle twisted around Oola's lekku.

"Though we have lost our way, lost our families, we must make a family. A family that cares, a family that loves, a family with tight bonds. A bond of words, a bond of spirit, a bond of flesh. Though we were not born of the same womb, we must learn to love each other as sisters. Sisters that laugh, that cry, that will hold each other in the darkness and in the light."

Kanna took another another breath, "Oola, will you be my sister?" she asked. Oola nodded, "Yes, I will be your sister." she wispered. Kanna then let go of Oola's hands and lifted Oola's chin with her hands, she then kissed Oola on the lips. "The same spirit that is within me dwells within my sister." she said.

There was a moment of silence, then Kanna's lekku gently untwisted from Oola's. "I will see you later, sister." Kanna said with a sad smile. Kanna headed to the door, Melina was making sure that the girls had their cred scaners with them. "Make sure the cient(s) pay before they take you to their room." she said.

Kanna was the last one to take one and she left the room. For some reason, Oola wanted to follow them, as she went to leave the room Melina's arm caught her. "Were do you think you are going?" she said. Melina then pushed Oola back, "Since it is your first night from your master, you should stay here. Safe."

Melina then left the room, the door silenty locked behind her. Oola was left all alone, she tried to open the door but found it was locked. She then paced around the room and after awhile she went to her spot on the floor. She sat down on one of the large pillows and held other to her body. Please come back soon...she wished

As she sat there, she thought about how Kanna's "Rite" was very spirtual, When was the last time I prayed?... she wondered. Think about it, the last time she really prayed was for her sister's left lekku to grow back when she was a young girl. Then before that was for her mother to return, who was taken by slavers.

Oola held her hands together and closed her eyes. There were many gods and goddess on Ryloth and spirits that could be prayed to. Oola was raised to pray to the Goddess, a spiritual being that represented the stages of womanhood. The Dancer for the young and restless. The Wife for those in marriage and motherhood. The Matriarch for those who teach and guide.

"Oh holy Goddess, you who teaches us how to dance and sing. Please hear my prays, for I need help." prayed Oola. "I...know that I have not prayed to you for some time now. That I have lost my way in selfish pursuits of glory and fame." Oola gulped. "I need you now, please deliver me from this pit of my foolishness."

Oola shifted in her spot, "If I would be rescude from this place of darkness and pain. I would go back to my father and be the happiest Twi'lek on all of Ryloth. I would be the daughter that all the other fathers would point to and say "Why can't you be like Oola?", Oola could feel a tear come to her eye.

"So please, please oh Goddess of my soul. Save me from this dunguon, from this pit of refused and death. Let me go back to the times of happiness and laughter with my family." Oola thoughts went to Kanna and the other girls. "Oh, and please let Kanna, Ruby, Amber and all the other girls find true happiness. Please...oh please hear me." she wispered.

Silence was the only thing in the room, Oola held the pillow tighter. As Oola cried in the dimly lited room, she laided on her side. Eventually the other girls came back, Oola could hear them take off thier costumes and put on their dresses for the night. Oola did not stir and after a short time the girls fell a sleep.

After Oola cried herself to sleep, she had the best dream. Her father came with a hundred, no a thousand strong warriors and freed her and the other girls from this place of darkness and pain. He forgave her, his daughter, they and the girls left to Ryloth. In sleep, Oola dreamt of freedom and happiness on her second night as the slave of Jabba the Hutt.

Third Day

Once more it was morning on Tatooine, when Oola woke up from her sleep. The other girls were waking up as well. Oola rubbed her eyes and streached her body. "Good morning." said Oola, the other girls mumbled a greeting. Kanna was streaching her arms, Ruby was massaging Amber's back.

Ohara was sitting upright, her back was against the wall. Her eyes closed, her breath was slow amd rhymic. Oola could smell Ohara's pheromons fill the air. The human girls that were around Ohara were placided and in a clam state. The door opened and Yanra came in the door.

"Hello girls." she said, the girls replied back, "I brought breakfest and after you're done. I will get the soap and shampoo." Yanra pushed in a repluser table, there was a number of bowels. The Oola and the other girls foarmed a line to the table. Yanra gave out the bowels one at a time.

When Oola came to the table, Yanra gave Oola a large bowel that almost require her to use two hands. "Wait...this is my bowel? Why is it bigger then the others?" Oola asked. Yanra shrugged her shoulders, "I think Porcellus wanted to give you a healther procent because your are-", Ohara spoke at the same time as Yanra. "The master's schutta."

Yanra glaced over at Ohara, "You should be careful with that mouth of yours, Ohara." she grumbled. Ohara licked her spoon, "Well I guess so, but I use my tongue more." a couple of surpress giggles came from Ohara group.When Yanra left to get the supplies, Ohara complied to her group.

"Why does master keep that old bag of fat around? If it were to me, I would get a sleeker and more beutifl woman as a servent." Ohara complied. "I sounds as if you would just throw her away, Ohara." said Ruby. "Yeah, Yanra is nice to us and is at least understanding of our pain." piped Amber.

Ohara just scoffed and contining eating, one by one the other girls finished eating. Oola was alittle more than half done with her meal, "Oh, I think I am full." Oola mumbled. Kanna nudged her, "You should finish it Oola, being a hutt's slave requires alot of energy." she said. Oola sighed and continued eating.

When Oola finished, Yanra came back with the cleaning supplies. "Please share with each other." Yanra said as she handed out the supplies. Ohara and her group took their share and went to the cleaning room sheading clothing as they went. Oola gave Yanra her bowel, "Thank you Yanra, for all that you do." said Oola, Yanra gave a appoving nod.

"Oola." said Amber, Oola left Yanra and went towards the cleaning room. "We'll help out of your costume." said Ruby. Amber, Kanna and Ruby gathered around Oola, "Oh, you don't have to. I can do it." stated Oola. Kanna gentle shook her head, "Please, let us." she asked. Oola gave a silent nod and Kanna, Ruby and Amber remove Oola's costume.

"You have such a nice body." Amber said, Oola shrugged her shoulders. "You three have beutiful bodies." she replied. Amber and Ruby did have more curveous bodies then Oola, but Kanna was more volumpous then any of the three Twi'leks. "Come, before Ohara and her girls take all the water." said Kanna.

After Kanna,Ruby and Amber took off their dresses, they went into the cleaning room. Ohara and her girls took one side of the room and Oola followed Kanna and the other two twi'leks to the other. One after another, they filled their washing bowles. "Don't drink this water Oola, it well make you sick." wispered Amber in twi'leki

Oola scrubbed herself with the small sponge that was in the bowel. She and the others shared a bar of soap, rubbing alittle into the sponge before passing to the next girl. Oola looked over at Ohara's group. Ohara was being srubbed by her girls, each one taking a limb and one cleaning her torse.

The two girls that were cleaning Ohara's legs were called Ribbon and Caelia. Ribbon had soft creamy skin with light red hair and green eyes. While Caelia had tan skin with dark brown hair with white highlights and green-blue eyes. The girl that was cleaning Ohara torse was named Liza, she had ivory skin with bleached blonde hair and black eyes.

"Higher Liza." said Ohara. The wet sponge that Liza was holding went up, sliding againsted Ohara's volumpus breast. Ohara purred as Liza rubbed the sponge between Ohara's breast, " that what you want, my love?" trembled Liza. Ohara smiled, "Now lower." she moaned.

Liza crouched in front of Ohara, her hand sliding down Ohara's torse. Ohara's pheromones statued the air in the cleaning room. The girls that were cleaning Ohara were in rapture, their bodies pressing againsted Ohara's. Kanna wrinked her nose, "Oola, do you think we will need another washing to get Ohara's smell off?"

Oola chuckled, "You're right Kanna, but I think that we will need scrap it off before." Amber and Ruby giggled. Ohara glared at Oola but then smiled, pushing Liza out of the way, she shifted her hips. "Well pet, why don't you come over here and do what you say." said Ohara feeling the sides of her breast.

Oola scoffed, "Why? I am not one of your...admirares." she said. Ohara smiled, lifting her hand towards Oola, she spoke "Come." The smell in the air became the richest of fragrances to Oola. Oola 's body was entangled in Ohara's power, everyone else in the room were like shades before the sun that was Ohara's body.

"Come to me, my love." was the sweetest voice that Oola ever heard. Oola was draw to Ohara like one in love, she went to Ohara. Ohara's hand was soft and gentle as it stroked Oola's lekku and breast. Oola's body grew exicted from Ohara's touch, promted by her, Oola nelt before Ohara in rapture.

"Now my little pet, use that mouth of yours to satisfe your taste for me." was the voice of a goddess. Oola openned her mouth, her tongue slid out wet and wanting and then...pain.Pain shot though Oola's lekku, Oola gave a cry. Oola awoke from the Ohara's entraping illusion, she was inches from Ohara's body.

Replused Oola quickly got up, Kanna let go of Oola's lekku. Kanna got in Ohara's face, "Don't. You. Ever. Touch my sister." Kanna hissed at Ohara. Ohara scwoled at Kanna, "Why? Perhaps you inten to make her your secret lover?" she mocked. There was tension in the air as the leaders of the two groups stared each other down.

"No," Kanna broke the slince, ""All I want is to protect Oola, nothing more." she said. Ohara stared at Kanna for a moment, she turned to leave. Picking up her dress and putting on, Ohara went to leave when she stopped and turned to the human girls. "I am finished, you can tend to yourselves." Ohara said,she then left.

Oola and the rest of the girls finished cleanning themselves. "Ohara was just trying to make you happy." Ribbon said defending Ohara actions. "If she wanted to make Oola happy. She should just leave her alone." snapped Ruby. Caelia slipped on her dress, "I would rather have Ohara make me happy then be a mount." she stated.

That was a sore spot for Ruby, she raised her bowel as if to hit Caelia across the face. "NO Ruby! Don't! Milena will get angry if you did that." Amber exclaimed as she stopped Ruby from hitting Caelia. Ruby scowled at Caelia, "Think, 1900 cred girl, think before you insult Ruby, the Twi'lek worth a 2500 credits anight, girl." she growled.

Caelia quickly left the room, she could be heard complaning to Ohara. "Mmh, why Amber, why are we stuck with such feeble minded girls." Ruby sighed to Amber in twi'leki. "I do not know. But they are part of our family, be gentle and be quick to forgive." replied Amber who spoke after putting on her dress.

Ruby grumbled, "Yeah...I guess you are right." she said. Kanna and Ruby put on their dresses, "We'll help put your costume on, Oola." said Kanna. They gently help Oola get back into her costume. After Kanna put Oola's leather headband on her head she gave Oola a strong hug, "Please be strong, Oola. You are going back to HIM." she wispered to Oola.

Oola closed her eyes, her body trembled at the thought of going back to Jabba's side. Amber and Ruby came and held Oola in their arms. "We are your sisters, endure his touch for the next day. Remember us, Oola, remember us." wispered Ruby and Amber. Oola shook her head, "I...will try." she wispered.

Oola could hear the door open, Melina was asking were Oola was. Oola gentle left the groups' embrace, "I am here Melina." Oola said with as much confinced as she could muster. Melina looked over Oola, checking her body and her costume. "Well, how your first day here in the pit, schutta?" Melina asked.

Oola glaced over at Ohara's group, "It was...quiet." Oola replied. Melina looped Oola's leash in her hand, "Alright, let's not keep the master waiting right?" smirked Melina. Oola began to walk though the door when Ohara called out to her. "Oola." Oola paused, "Say something to Sofi, she had a long night." Ohara said.

Melina pushed Oola, "Keep moving, schutta." she said. Oola walked in front of Melina though the halls once more. "Who is Sofi?" asked Oola, she could Melina sigh, "That's the other schutta that took your spot yesterday." she stated. Oola though back and remembered the lovely jet black haired, almond eyed, sling bikinied girl.

That must be her...thought Oola as she walked. Trying to break the repetive sound of walking, Oola tried talking with Melina. "Um, Melina? Why am I not chained to Jabba all the time?" she asked. Melina sighed, "It use to be like that all the time, but between the horrific turnover rate and high cost of replacing a top cred girl. Jabba let up and allowed his favorite a break."

Oola nodded in agreement, "It also makes it look that he can afford a different girl every day. So I guess it is about apperence and flanting his power and wealth." Melina contined to say. Oola walked some stairs. "Dose Jabba ever wash?" Oola asked do to the fact the steanch from Jabba could make a girl faint.

"Yes h- oh blast, today is his wash day. *sigh* I guess I will be going though a box of gloves today." Melina mumbled. Oola looked over her shoulder, "What do y-" before Oola could finish her sentece, something ran into her. Oola quickly recovered her balance, "Were do you think you are going?" Melina said grabing the person's hair.

It was Sofi, fear and panic was in her face, "PLEASELETMEGOITWASJUSTACOUGH!" she shirek. Guards came up and took the screaming slave girl by the arms. "ITWASJUSTACOUGH!" Sofi cried being drag away, her body shaking from fear. "Oh great, someone is in trouble." grumbled Melina,pushing on Oola's shoulder, "Keep moving."

Oola and Melina arrived at the throne room, Porcellus was quickly picking up scattered dishes from metel floor. He piled them on the repluser table and quickly left the room. The two guards forced Sofi to her knees on the metal floor before Jabba's throne. "It was a cough...a cough." wimpered the unlucky slave girl.

Jabba's right eye was partucail shut and twiching, his tail was angryly thumping about. "YOU SPAT ON ME!" roared the hutt. Sofi was jerking her head back and forth, "It was a-" before she could finish, Jabba picked a frog from his food bowel and threw it at Sofi. "SHUT UP!" he bellowed.

The frog hit Sofi right in the face, it bounced of her and rolled on the sand floor before the throne. Sofi kept her head bowed, her body trembling and then Jabba noticed Oola. "Ah, my little spice spider has returned to me." he rumbled, he used one of his fat, gruby hands to beckon Oola. "Come and sit with me, my love." Jabba spoke to Oola.

Melina gave Oola a push and walked her to Jabba's throne. Oola slowly got up on the throne, Jabba's sweaty hand wrapped around her shoulder. Melina placed Oola's leash on Jabba's armrest and quickly left. Oola looked at Sofi, it looked like the frog had hit her on the nose and cause it to bleed.

"This...little bantha poo doo decided to spit on your master, my sweet mint." Jabba said to Oola. Jabba's right hand was stroking Oola's right lekku, "What should I do hmm. What to do." mused the hutted. Oola did not like the look in his eyes, then Jabba smiled and beckoned Bib to his side.

"Yes master I am here." peddled Bib, Jabba wispered something to Bib. "Of couse master, it will be done." Bib bowed and quickly left. Oola looked down at Sofi, the blood had stop dripping from her nose. She was looking up with such sad eyes, she was mouthing words. Please forgive me...I don't want to die...Oola translated in her head.

Bib returned taking a spot behind Sofi, he was holding somthing behind him. The little translater droid translated Jabba's words for Sofi. "Because you have decided to spit on me, the owner of your life. I have sentenced you to death, but to show my kindess you have a chance of living another day.

With a wave of his hand Jabba signaled Bib, Bib produced a noose from behind his back. He forced the noose over Sofi's head. "NONONOIDON"TWANNADIE!IDON"TWANNADIE!" screamed the struggling slave girl. After Bib tighted the noose, he handed to Jabba the rest of the rope. Jabba tighted the lenght of the rope, snapping Sofi's head up.

Sofi was crying, pleading as the droid continued, "To live another day, all you have to do is remove the noose from your neck. Before I pull you in." At "in" Jabba tapped a button on his arm rest. A trapdoor opened up before Jabba's throne. down there?...thought Oola. Oola noticed that Sofi soiled herself.

Oola moved away from the edge of Jabba's throne, It leads to death thought Oola. The guards let go of Sofi's arms and immdently backed away. Sofi spran up and strained to getaway from the pit while trying to loosing the noose around her neck. Jabba though kept it tight, preventing Sofi from escaping and slowing pulling her towards him.

Sofi was struggling for her life as she was being dragged towards the pit. Her face was twisted from the fear, tears and drool dripped down from her face. As she struggled, the sling bikini pulled away from her body, revealing her breasts. Oola could hear Jabba chuckled at the naked sight of a lovly body struggling.

Jabba then gave a mighty tug, hualing Sofi into the air above the pit. She hung there for a second and then after giving a scream, she fell into the pit. Jabba let go of the rope as the slave girl fell. The rope scraped againsted the stone dais as it was pulled in. Jabba then pushed another button and his throne rolled over the pit.

The panels in the metal floor floded to reveal a view of a pit. The guest and other members of Jabba's court came out of their dark knooks to see the excuation. Oola looked over the edge of the throne, the pit had sand and some bones in it. It is a pit of death thought Oola, Oola then noticed something.

Sofi tumbled out of the wall, her body sparled on the ground. She got up and pulled off the noose from her neck. If only she did it early Oola thought, Sofi then adjusted her sling bikini so it was covering her body properly. She was looking up, fear was still in her face as she continced to plead for her life.

Then there was a noise, like the grinding of metal. Sofi spun her head towards the noise. "This should be entertaining." rumbled Jabba. Out of the darkness, came bounding three monstrous rodents. "Oh ho ho,it's the Womp rats this time." laught Jabba. The three black furred, red eye monsters surrounded the unlucky girl.

Sofi stood stiff, her body was uncontrollable shaking. Her hands were at her groin, probably trying not to soil herself again. She looked up, terror was in her eyes as she mouthed a single word. No was what Oola thought she said. The monsters then took turns, slashing Sofi's legs with razor sharp claws.

Oola stopped watching, her hands at her head, trying to block out the screaming. But Jabba jerked Oola's leash and grabbed her by the head. "Watch." Jabba commanded, Oola once again looked down into the pit. Sofi's legs were shredded, crimson blood was pouring out. Though she tried with all her will to stand, Sofi collapse to her knees.

She looked up, Oola could see the fear, the pain and the terror in her face. She almost gave one more scream, but one of the monster shank it's fangs into her neck. She gave a gurgled cough and then went limp as the other monsters buried thier mouths into her body. Oola could not hid her revoltous as the monsters ate.

The panels snapped shut and the metal floor was once more there. Jabba then pushed a button and the dais rolled back. Jabba let go of Oola's head, Oola went as far away from Jabba as she could. Oola then wrapped her arms around her knees, rocking her body to stop the shaking. He killed her, that poor girl. He killed her... was all that filled Oola's mind.

Oola could feel Jabba tugging at the leash. She turned her head, looking at the monster that just threw away a hapless girl."Learn quickly my dear, that is the punishment for insulting me." cautioned the Hutt. Oola obedently nodded, I must escaped, some how I must escape, was the thought that Oola nursed in her head.

It was quiet in the court for sometime, though people came and went. They would come asking for favors, and to sweeting the deal they would bring gifts.Pieces of priceless art,loads of illegal drugs, exotic animals and of course slave girls. Two were brought, one a lovly human girl in a light grey coverall, with black hair, blue eyes and a creamy white skin.

The other was a neimoidan in a green coverall, slender, lovly with light grey skin that had a golden sparkle and large golden eyes. Oola could hear Jabba lick his lips, the two girls were clearly replused. "Such lovly creatures, I would be proud to add them to my harem." Jabba stated. Jabba gave a command and the two girls were stripped of their coveralls.

The two girls stood naked, trembling at being unclothed. Melina was summoned, she smiled as she snapped on those gloves of hers. Melina wispered something to each of the girls as she did her probing. Each of the girls gave a stiffled cry, though they were laughted at by some of the members of Jabba's court.

Oola glaced up at Jabba, he was drumming his warty chin probably thinking which one to taste. Then the neimondan spoke, her voice was a little...high piched. "I very rich. I can give many credits for my release. If you do, I will forgive you for this. If you don't, then you will have problems." she said.

Jabba gave a gruff laugh, "Hah! You very funny. I think I will taste you first." he said though the translater droid. The neimondan was pushed up onto the throne, Jabba wrapped one of his hands around her waist and pulled her closer to him. Jabba then with his free hand, grabbed her arm and gave a slobbering lick on it.

The girl was trying to pull away from him as he finished licking her arm. "Hmm, a lightly baked fish with a splash of lime." Jabba mused to himself out loud. He then let the neimondan go and had the human girl brought to him. The girl was trembling as she was pushed up onto the throne, her eyes wide with fear.

"P-please, I don't know why I'm here. I j-just want to go home." she pleaded. Jabba smiled down on the scared girl, he wrapped his arm around her waist and brought her closer. "I think you need some...specail attenion." Jabba said. With his free hand he grabbed her hair, pulling her head back. He then licked her chest, his tongue slid up towards her chin.

"Ahh, like fresh butter cream on a hot souffle." he detreminded. The girl had brought her arms to her chest out of reaction to the licking. Jabba let her go, "Take these new pets of mine to the pit, Melina." commanded Jabba. Melina gave a bow and took the new girls with her. Oola could see the lust in some of the guest eyes, hands streached out to caressed flesh.

Oola could feel her leash being tugged on, she glaced up at Jabba. "Do not worry my sweet mint. Those girls are just appatizers, you are a main course." gruggled the Hutt. Oola tighted her grip on her knees. I need to escape some how...Oola thought. Time passed in to mid-day, the members of Jabba's court were falling a sleep, but then...

"Whoo! Hoo! The Schutta Shuttle's here!" someone cried out, Oola looked to over to see what was going on. It was the other girls, they were being lead by Melina. There was not a sitch of clothing on any of them. The new girls were huddled in the center of the group. Ruby and Caelia were guarding them aganst any groping from the males.

Jabba jerked Oola back to him, his warty hand stoking her lekku. "Look at them my sweet, look how they ghawk at my little ones." said Jabba. Oola ganced over at the court, all the male members of the court were leering at the naked troop of girls. They were wistling and making lewd comments at the girls, only Ohara seemed not bothered by them.

Melina took the girls to the elevator, splitting them up into two groups. When Melina left with the first group, the males of the court left their seats and gathered around the second group. The girls huddled agaist one another as the males were groping them. "You know you like, schutta. You know you want it." were one of the few lewd comments from the males.

After a few mintues of groping, the males then scattered. Melina had come back down, "If there is a single bruise. All of you will pay!" snared Melina. Jabba laughted at the quickness of the males leaving, "Ha! Melina knows how to show them who is charge." he sighed. Oola was just glad that the girls could just leave.

Jabba gave a grunt and began moving, Oola slid off the dais before Jabba. Oola was trying to walk ahead when her leash jerked back. "Not so fast my little spice spider. I want enjoy the walk." he rumbled. Jabba wrapped his arm around Oola's waist, he slide up the stairs leaving a wet, sliming trail behind him.

"Bib, I want some one to clean that up." Jabba said, Oola could hear Bib saying something as the elevator doors shut. Oola swumed in Jabba's grip, "Oh ho, I will make one of those snacks teach you how to please me." he said as he tighted his grip on Oola's waist. The doors openned and they contiece towards Jabba's privite chambers.

This is the place of my defilement thought Oola, Melina was by the door picking up rubber gloves. "Oh! Um greetings master." Melina said with a bow, "They are all waitning in your bathing room." Jabba smiled. "Good Melina." Jabba said patting Melina's head, "You can wait here for them once I am done." he rumbled.

Melina openned the door for Jabba, he and Oola went in. Oola saw Jabba's bed, her body stiffen at the thought of the last time she was here. "Oh, are you exicted to be back here my sweet?" he asked. Oola just looked down at the floor, "In my younger days, I would enjoy the company of my entire harem. But now, I enjoy only the sweetest one." he stated.

You are disgusting thought Oola, Jabba then gudied her to another room. It was spacous with plants growing, "These plants were imported from my home world of Nal Hutta. They require plenty of water." Jabba rambled. Oola winked her nose, it smelled more like a mulch pit then anything else.

They came to a large pool of water, looking closer Oola notcied that is was slimy and green. One more thing that is disgusting thought Oola, Oola looked to the side and saw the girls. They were still naked, sitting on thier knees nearby the edge of the pool. Some of them were looking ill from the stink, even Ohara was shifting uneasy.

Jabba slid into the pool causing waves that lapped the edge of the pool. Oola took a seat at the edge of the pool, I am NOT getting in there...wishfully thought Oola. Jabba settle down, his arms at level of the water. "Now, which one." Jabba said as his slimy tongue slid out and licked his lips. Though the other girls did not understand him, they could guess what he said.

Jabba reached out and stroked Oola's leash that dangled from her collar. "Should it be one of the new girls? Hmm, raw and fresh...or someone more expericen in the fine arts of pleasure." Jabba mused playing with Oola's leash. Oola's body had stiffen, He could pull me into that sludge...Oola sickly thought.

"Huhh, yes yes! It will be one of the expertince ones." Jabba finally came to a conculsion. "But which one..." he mumbled. He eyed Amber, she looked down trying to stop shaking. Jabba then looked over Kanna and Ohara, "I want you and you to come and entertain me." Jabba commanded. The girls looked around in confusion, Jabba grumbled.

"Stupid droid, just when you need someone to transla-" he stopped and looked at Oola. "My little one, will you be so kind and tanslate my commands to your fellow slaves?" he asked. Oola glupped, "I-I guess I could." Oola stammed "Do you want me to say what you last said?" Oola asked.

Jabba playfully tug Oola's leash, I guess that is a "yes" thought Oola. She looked at Kanna and Ohara, "Jabba would like Kanna and Ohara to entertain him." Oola said. Kanna and Ohara looked at each other, "How?" they asked. Oola then translated Jabba's next sentece, "He wants you in the pool and wants you to use your bodies to entertain him." Oola stated.

Both Kanna and Ohara reacted with a chill up thier backs, "How about we entertain him outside of the pool?" asked Ohara. Ohara then stood up and stroked the curve of her hips, "It's better to see the whol-" Jabba interrupted her. "Jabba wants both of you in the pool now." Oola translated.

Kanna looked at Ohara, "No way out." she sighed as she slipped into the pool. Ohara was relucted to get in but finally did. The water was about to their chest as they waded though the slime to the middle. "Gross, eww,gross." grumbled Ohara as she went, Kanna was silent as she waded.

They stopped about acouple of feet away from Jabba, "Well Kanna, just like old times." mumbled Ohara, Kanna glared at Ohara "No it is not." Kanna stated. Ohara then began rubbing her body against Kanna's, "Ohara stop it. Please." begged Kanna. Oola was amazed that she could barely smell Ohara's pheromones over the steanch of the room.

Kanna's eyes rolled up, her mouth gapping open. Ohara then lifted One of Kanna's lekku from the pool. It was wet and dripping in slime as Ohara licked it. Kanna's body stiffen, her lekku grew in exictment, "Please st-stop." moan the Togruta. Ohara then drapped Kanna's lekku over her shoulder, she then licked Kanna's lips and worked her way down to Kanna's breast.

Kanna gave a sqweal of exictment as Ohara lapped her breast. Kanna was shaking as Ohara then lifted her other lekku from the pool. "Oh OH!." Kanna groaned as Ohara licked it. Jabba was pleased with their profromce, his eyes were norrow slits as he watch this erotic foreplay before him.

After Ohara finished licking Kanna's breast, she looked over at Jabba. Ohara then worked Kanna over to Jabba. "Pull her out of the water, master." Ohara said licking her lips. Jabba gave a gutten giggle as he grabbed both of Kanna's wrist, pulling her up onto the side of his belly. Jabba then adjusted his grip, holding Kanna with one hand.

Kanna's wet, naked body laid before Ohara, Kanna was shaking her head. "Please nO! Oh please..." cried Kanna as Ohara felt her left breast. Ohara then grinded Kanna's body, using her tongue on Kanna's stomach. Ohara then slide down Kanna's clay red body, her tongue lapping against Kanna's flesh.

Ohara then lifted Kanna's hips out of the water, Kanna's eyes widen and her body struggle to be free. "Ohara! Ohara! Don't! Please! You don't have to!" cried Kanna. Ohara then lifted Kanna's legs over her shoulders, Kanna's body hung in mid-air between Jabba and Ohara. Ohara was kissing,sucking on Kanna's belly causing the Torgruta to arch her back.

Ohara then adjusted Kanna's hips to be at her mouth, Oola looked away seeing the other girls disgusted at Ohara's carnel actions. As Oola was looking away she heard Kanna calling out to her, "Oola! Oola! Forgive me! Forgive me!" she cried. Oola looked towards Kanna ignoring the two carnel beast that held her captive.

Kanna had turned her face towards Oola. She looked unhappy, "Please...forgive your sister." Kanna sobbed. Oola gave a silent nod of forgiveness, a small sad smile crepted over Kanna's lips. "Thank you." were the words that Kanna mouthed. Kanna then turned her face so that Oola would not see her reactions.

The lekku behind Kanna's head wrapped itself around Jabba's arm. Kanna's body stiffened, her lekkus changing pigmentation. Oola could hear her cry out, Kanna's thighs then began to tremble, tighten around Ohara's shoulders. Then Kanna's breasts bounced, hips jerk and then she went limp.

Ohara laid Kanna back on Jabba, Kanna was looking up at Ohara. The look on the Torgruta face was one of sadness and betray. Ohara spat into the pool, she looked up at Jabba. "Are you entertained? Master?" she asked. Jabba licked his lips, his free hand stroked Kanna's breast causing a small moan. "Yes I am entertained." said Jabba.

Oahra gave a small bow, "You have earned the right to teach my lovly little one how to please me." Jabba said lickling his lips. Oola translated what Jabba said, Ohara was replused, she must have thought Kanna was going to be the teacher. "M-me? B-but Kanna was much more erotic during the performation. " she stammered.

Kanna shot a look of disgusted at Ohara, Jabba let Kanna go, her body slide into the water. Jabba reach out towards Ohara, "You have the privalge of washing my belly." translated Oola. Ohara was nervously shifting about, "But-but." she kept her head low as she came to Jabba. Jabba leaned back, his belly an island for Ohara to crawel upon.

Each one of the girls had brought a sponge, Kanna and Ohara were given theirs. Kanna climbed over the bluk of Jabba and began to clean with Erika and Lisa, the fatty flab on his back. Ruby and Ribbin each took an arm/hand. Amber slipped into the pool with Caelia and began to rub Jabba's midsection. The two new girls, Ta-Ti and Crystel worked on Jabba's back and tail.

Ohara was nervously cleaning Jabba's belly, her hands would dissapper into the fatty folds of his gut. "S-so Oola, make sure to c-clean the folds of master's be-body. It makes him clean a-and happy." she stammered. Jabba's eyes had norrowed on Ohara pink volumpous body, his tongue licking the air between him and her.

Oola looked around, the other girls were also nervous, especail the human girls of Ohara's group. Once Ruby and Caelia moved up to Jabba's upper arms, Jabba began to grab Ohara's thighs, rubbing his grubbing hands agaisnt them. Ohara was being slowly pulled towards Jabba's mouth, his tongue lapping against her torse.

"Oh eww." wimpered Ohara, she was looking for a way to escape Jabba's grasp. "Master, I think Oola wants to clean you belly." Ohara suggested. Oola was replused, You schutta, you defile Kanna and now you would throw me to his pleasure thought Oola. "I want you. My lovly berry." Jabba grugled out in basic.

"No, you want Oola." demanded Ohara, Oola could smell Ohara's phreamons float though the air. Jabba stopped licking, he righted himself, letting Ohara slid back into the pool.The strangest look was on his face, he glaced over at Oola. Oh no thought Oola as she backed away from the edge of the pool.

Jabba then looked back at Ohara, "Are you...manitulaing me?" rumbled the Hutt to Ohara. Every girl stopped doing what she was doing, there was a unnatural silence in the air. Ohara nervously started to back away, "W-what?" stammered the Zeltron. Jabba slide towards her, his eyes were norrowed, "Are you manipaltaing me?!" he thundered.

Ohara was shaking her head, "All I was sugg-" a thick hand slapped her across the face. Ohara sunk into the pool stunned, the other girls gave a scream and got out of the pool as quickly as they could. Ohara was covered in slime when she came back up, "I was-I was-" she wimpered.

Ohara made an attempt to flee, but Jabba moved with surpizing speed in the water. Ohara had one leg out of the water when Jabba grabbed her by her wet hair. He dragged her struggling body into the center of the pool, "YOU THINK YOU CAN CONTROL ME!" roared the hutt into the trembling Zeltron's face.

Spit and mucas cover Ohara's face, "P-please f-forgi-" Ohara did not get a chance to finish. Jabba forced Ohara's head underwater, the water began to turn white from Ohara thrashing and fighting to get air. Jabba pulled her head out of the water, "YOU FOOL! NO ONE CONTROLS JABBA THE HUTT!" he bellowed into Ohara's face.

Ohara was coughing water, "*cough**hack* for-" once more Ohara's head went underwater. Oola was frozen in her spot, He's going to drown her!... thought Oola. The other girls were huddled together, Kanna and the two Twi'leks were hidding this brutal sight from other girls. The water got stiller as Ohara was held under the water.

Jabba pulled the Zeltron out of the water and threw her by the edge of the pool by Oola. Oola glaced down at Ohara's body, She's alive!? Oola was surpised that Ohara was slowly coughing out water. Ohara barly pulled the top half of her body over the pool edge, Ohara weakly streached her hand out towards Oola.

"Oh, what a fool." rumbled Jabba, he slide though the water and came behind her. He pressed his massive body againsted hers, pinning her against the edge. Jabba reached out and grabbed Ohara's hair, he pulled her head up. "Oh I could have sold you for much." he said as his hand slide against her wet, heaving breasts.

Ohara weakly cought something, but Jabba continued speaking. "But now, I am forced to bind you to an eteraiy of punishment. Were you will be fed to me forever." he said. Oola's eyes widen at what he said, Fed? Foever? were the puzzled thoughts in Oola's mind. Ohara weakly clawed at the pool edge, trying to find a grip.

Jabba then let go of Ohara's hair, his hands slid down her wet, trembling ,naked body to her waist. His gruby hands hooked at her waist, he then pulled her up. Ohara weakly clawed at the edge of the pool, still coughing as she was pulled up. Jabba's mouth opened, his tongue slid out going between the Zeltron'slegs.

Oola was frozen with fear as she watched Jabba slid Ohara's half-alive body into his mouth. Goddess!...He is going to eat her!...was the revolting revalation in Oola's mind. Jabba tilted his massive mouth back, his tongue pulling the girl deeper into his mouth. Ohara tried to pull herself out by grabbing Jabba's jaw, but it was futile as she dissappered into Jabba.

"OHARA!OH OHARA!"were the sad crys that came from the frighted group of girls.As Jabba licked his lips, he patted his bloated stomach. Oola looked closer at the monster's belly, Oh-Ohara's alive?! Oola gasped as the Jabba's belly shook from within. Jabba laughted, he then squeezed his belly.

Oola would not forget the sound, the sound of bones popping, a muffled cry. Jabba gave a grunt and once again settled down. He looked over at the troop of girls huddling together, "Well it looks like they are too afraid to finish." grumbled Jabba. Jabba glaced over at Oola, "Go and tell Melina that she can take the snacks away." he said.

Oola quickly got up and left the cleanning room. The other girls followed her very closly, "*sob* Why-why did he have to eat Ohara?" whimpered one of the human girls. Oola went to the door, she looked at the panel on that was on the side. With light to see, Oola could guess what buttons did what. She press the one that had a little mouth on it.

"Hello? Melina?" asked Oola, she let go of the button. "What? You sch-I mean *ahem* master's delictle, pretty pet?" answered Melina. Oola could feel the breath of the anxious girls behind her on her neck. "Master is done with the girls, Melina." said Oola. The door slid open, Melina was almost trampled by the troop of nake slave girls.

This is probably a good time to go thought Oola, she started to leave when Melina put an arm out. "You are not going anywere." she said as she pushed Oola back in to the room. "But-but." stammered Oola as she stood there. Melina pressed some buttons and the door slid closed. Oola pressed herself against the door, "Don't leave me." wispered the Twi'lek.

Oola could hear Jabba hitting the water, "Oo-la-la-la, hee. Come here, my little sweet mint." beckoned the monster. Oola was trembling, I want to go!...I don't want to come!...thought Oola. But watching how Jabba punishes without mercy, her body began to move. Step by step, Oola went back to the cleanning room.

Oola stood at the pool's edge, Jabba was licking his lips. He is a demon, a monster of nightmares...thought Oola. "Y-you call, Jabba?" Oola asked with a tremble, Jabba laugh, his eyes narrowed on the Twi'lek. "Well, I guess I will have to find a new teacher for you." Jabba mummered. He waved his grubby arm, "Take off your costume and come take a dip." Jabba commanded.

Oola grew stiff, Oh no thought Oola as she looked at slime pool. Oola gulped as she began to undress, "Can we-can I-perhaps? Stay dry-" the look Jabba was giving her told her to shut up. Oola started with her sandels, then her leather headband and, with much reluctance, her fishnet costume.

Jabba licked his lips, Oola kept her legs close and her arms at her chest. Oola nelt down, her lovly legs slid into the green, pond water. Eww thought Oola as she slid in, the water came about chest high to Oola. Oola looked at the Hutt, "I took a dip, Jabba. Can I get dry now?" she wishly asked.

Jabba beckoned her with his grubby fingers, Oola slowly came to him. Jabba's hands slid onto her shoulders, "You are beatiful, Oola." said the Hutt, "The water is almost as green as you." he joked. Oola obedintenly nodded, Just be quick and let me get out of here...thought Oola. Jabba leaned back, "You can began cleaning my belly, Oola." stated Jabba.

Oola plucked a discarded sponge from of the water, she squezed it and began to rub Jabba's belly. Oh Goddess...thought Oola, she could feel a form in Jabba's stomach as she rubbed. Jabba chuckled, his hand stroke Oola's lekku and fingered the tip of one. Oola's senstive lekku became aroused, No. Not now. Not now... trembled Oola.

Jabba saw her body's reaction, "Oh ho, so your little worms like to be rubbed." he stated.Oola tried to pull away but Jabba grabbed her collar, his tongue licked her face. "P-please d-d-don't eat me." she wimpered. Jabba used one of his hands to fonded Oola's lekkus, Oola became aroused. "Oh! Oh master! Master!" she cried out.

Jabba watched with great pleasure as he controled his little slave. Oola's ruby, red lips were gasping from the pleasure that Jabba was giving her. She manage to slip out of his grasp, she went to the edge of the pool trying to escape. Jabba followed her, grabbing her leash as she went out of the water.

A sudden jerk pulled Oola into Jabba, Oola struggled as she was pushed into the side of the pool. Oola's legs were pinned between the wall of the pool and Jabba's belly. Oola gave a another cry as Jabba's hands grabbed onto Oola's lekku. "Please oh...please." moaned Oola as Jabba's fat, grubby hands molested her head tails.
Oola tried to crawel away, she cried out for the molestings to stop.

Jabba licked the cruve of Oola's back, Oola gave a gasp as the wet tongue lapped her. Jabba's tongue went higher, he held Oola's lekku apart and licked up her back to her collar. "You are mine." he wispered, the ripples in the water became waves from the foreplay.

After a nap and a snack, Jabba returned to the throne room with his favorite pet Oola. Oola sat as far as she could, she luckly got her costume on before they left his room. Defiled once again...thought Oola, she cleunched her knees against chest. How much more can I endure? He must eventually find something else to keep he amused...Oola thought.

It was the evening amusments, prinsonors brought up for exacutions, slave girls in alluring clothing for the guests. "Bib why don't I have a band?" asked Jabba of his mojodomo, Bib restlessly folded and unfolded his hands. "The band that you want is still under contrat for some time. But a another band has asked to adtion for you in two days." peddled Bib.

Jabba grabbed a frog from his snack bowel and stuffed into his mouth. "They better be amusing." warned the Hutt. Bib reassued that they were, the little brown monkey lizard gave a mocking imationation of Bib. Bib gave a glare at the monkey out of annoyance, the monkey then wispered something to Jabba.

"Hm only if it makes me laugh." mumbled Jabba, the monkey then gave a chuckle and hopped down to the floor. It went over by Oola and began to play with her leash, "Twirl with Crumb! Twily worm." is squwked. Oola shook her head, "No, leave me alone you thing." pouted Oola. Jabba gave Oola's leash a tug, "Go on, play with Crumb. My love." he stated.

Oola gave a sigh and then left her spot, she stood at the center of the metal floor. Crumb was spinning around her feet like a top. "Weeeeeeh, twirl and twirl and twirl!" squek Crumb, then it tripped over Oola's leash and clumlsy fell over. Oola just stared at the strange creature, "Hee, hee, Crumb twirled. Now will twirly worm twirl?" Crumb asked.

Oola glaced up at Jabba, "*sigh* Well I have to streach." Oola stated. Oola rasied her arms over her head and then lifted her leg and caught her ankle. "Hoo." stated Jabba as he watched Oola streach, Oola then sat down and split her legs apart and touched her toes. "Oh, does she do that?" wondered Jabba out loud.

Oola then got up, she tighted the lenth on her leash. She took a pose, her black leash weaved though her fingers. Oola took a breath, Which rythme?...she thought. Her mind went though hundreds of melodys, her mind went back to when she was free and wild. Oola remembered a song that made her father happy, That will do...she thought.

Oola's body began to sway, her hands kneading the air. She then began to senuesly swing her lekku in the air. Then with a burst, she leaped into the air, her legs crurled. She landed on one foot, her other still held in the air. She quickly switched her stance and gave a kick that touched the top of her head.

Oola had no trouble welding her leash with grace. She used it like a rope, swinging it above her head and leaping over it. Oola kept her eyes half closed, Let me dance was the only thing on Oola's mind. Though she was still collared, though she was still on a leash, her body and spirit remembered the feeling of freedom though the steps of dancing.

When the memory of the melody came to an end, she gave a twirl, struck a pose and gave a bow. That was a good streach...she thought as she straighted up. Then there was a sound, a sound that was so familiar to Oola after a dance. The sound of appluse thundered though the room, So even scum know what a good dance looks like... thought Oola as she smiled.

Oola looked behind her and noticed two others had joined her on the dance floor. "Ruby? Amber? Wh-oh I didn't notice you." Oola said to the other Twi'leks. They came up to Oola and wispered to her, "That was beutiful, Oola." "Do you think you can teach us how dance like you." the two Twi'leks asked.

Before Oola could replie, her leash was tugged on. Oola spun around, looking at the mountain of flesh that held her leash. A disgusting, lustful look was on the Hutt's face. "Aha haa haa, *licks lips* that was exicting little one." panted the Hutt. "Come and dance on my throne, I must feel your body in my hands." He beckoned with his sweaty hand.

Oola was disgusted, "NO!" she shouted "I won't come and dance for you. My dance is mine and mine alone." she declared. There was a twich in Jabba's eye, "Oola you probably should do what he wants." "If you don't he will teach you a painful lesson." the other Twi'leks warned Oola.

Jabba tighted the legth of the leash, Oola braced herself ready to risest. " won't come...willing." mumbled the Hutt out loud. Oola shook her head in defince, "No, my dance is mine." she stated. A grin crepted over Jabba's lips, his hand went over to his arm rest. He fingered one of the buttons, "How...shocking." he stated as he pushed a button.

Pain. Pain coursed though Oola's body. She gave a shriek as she collapsed to the floor. S-Stop, make it stop ...wished Oola as she thrashed about on the floor. Most of Jabba's court laughted at Oola's perdicament, Jabba let go of the button and let Oola have a breath. As Oola was glupping in air, Crumb climbed onto the armrest. "Can Crumb try?" to Oola's horror.

"Sure." chuckled Jabba, before Oola could protest, Crumb stepped on the button. Oola body once again thrashed about in pain. Oola could barly breath from pain coming from the collar. After Jabba had a laugh, he swatted Curmb off of his armrest. He held his hand over the button, "Wait! Wait, please no more!" exclaimed the shocked slave girl.

Jabba gave a grin and once more beckon the slave girl to his throne. Oola was still twiching from the pain as she climbed up onto the throne. Oola stood barly a foot away from the Hutt's body. "I want you to a lover." stated the Hutt, licking his lips. Oola gave a obedent nod, Just don't shock me...hoped Oola.

Oola began to shifted her body in place. Her hands sliding up and down the sides of her chest. The tips of her lekku twist, feeling the band around her waist. Jabba's orange eyes became slits, his tongue licking the air between him and the lovely slave girl. Don't touch me...Please don't..Oola wished of the Hutt.

Jabba placed his hands at Oola's waist, he felt Oola's hips move in respose. "You...are so naughty." giggled the Hutt as he slid his hands up. Oola jerk as Jabba's hands went up to her chest. "Shh shh I will make you happy." wispered the Hutt to the strugglly slave girl. His hands pulled at her costume, Oola quinced as her breasts were exposed to the Hutt's pleasure.

Jabba's tongue slid out, he lapped the tip of Oola's breast. Oola gave a wimper, "Please don't, I...I want to dance." she pleaded. Jabba grabbed Oola's back as he buried his face into her chest. Oola screamed as he suckled her body, she managed to push his face away for a second. She tried to twisted out of his grip but she just turned herself around.

"Please! Oh please don't!" cried the slave girl as she swirmmed in his grasped. Jabba slid one of his hands up between Oola's breasts to her neck. His other went down to her waist, Oola could feel his hand rubbing the groin part of her costume. "" wimpered Oola as Jabba's hand went underneth her costume, she jerked her body in responce to his probing.

Jabba nuzzled his mouth against Oola's neck and shoulder. "Shh shh." wispered the Hutt as he molested his slave girl. Oola's hands went up to her neck, trying to release his grip on her thorot. "Oh...oh master." moaned Oola as Jabba was rubbing her body. One of Oola's lekku twisted around Jabba's arm and her body began to stiffen.

Jabba press Oola's body closer to his, Oola began to rock her body in his grip. "Aha! Aha! Master!" cried out Oola as his hand went deeper into her body. Oola's hips began to jerk, once twice and at a third she went limp. She could feel the wetness against her body, flithy...thought Oola as she slid out of Jabba's grasp.

Oola's hands went to her groin, she held them there for some time. She could hear Jabba lick his fingers, "Mmm, pure spice hee." joked Jabba. Oola's lekku shrunk against her shoulders, Please oh Goddess, please deliver me from his touch...silently prayed Oola. As Oola was looking down she could hear the Crumb squaking about something

"Twirly worm is a spicy worm!" Crumb squak as he danced about. Oola glared over her shoulder at the brown lizard monkey,"...Shut up." she growled. Ethier he did not hear or did not care Crumb still continued to squak, "Twirly worm! Spicy worm!". Crumb spun on the lip of Jabba's food bowel, Oola decided that she had enough of the mockery.

Oola lashed out with her hand, hitting the lizard monkey on the face. It was so sudden that Crumb did not have time to react. He fell into the food bowel, Jabba laughed as the lizard monkey was floundering about. "Help! Help! Crumb is drowning!" Crumb shouted. Jabba eventual picked up Crumb by the ear and tossed him into a wall.

"Ho, that was funny how you slapped him silly, Oola." rumbled Jabba. "I think that deseveres a treat." he said. Jabba reached over and grab something off a plate by his armrest. Oola pulled back as he held the morsel in fornt of her face. Oola sniffed the gooy piece of food, Smells...eatable...thought Oola.

Oola licked alittle bit off of Jabba's fingers, Hmm!...Oola was surpirsed by the tastiness of the food. Oola then eagerly mouthed the rest of the tasty treat, "Hee, good girl, Oola, good girl." hummed Jabba as he stroked Oola's lekku with his free hand. Oola's lekku reacted to the stimulus, they began to twist about and enlarged at the tips.

Oola then realized what he was doing, He's-s training me!...was the thought that bolted though her mind. She immeditaty jerk back, going as far as she could until the leash snapped tight. Oola bit her lip as she watched Jabba lick his hand clean.The light in his eyes hinted at what Oola supected. "I.Hate.You." mouthed Oola, Jabba smiled, "For.Now." he mouthed back.

Oola pulled her fishnet costume back over her breasts, I hope he doesn't get any more ideas... hoped Oola. Oola sat outside of Jabba's reach, though her leash was wrapped around his hand. She grew tried of being curled up and now sat more relaxed. She looked around the court, hoping to see the other girls.

The other girls were enterantaing patrons of the court, some were serveing drinks and food. Others were sitting with their compantion's arm around thier neck. Ruby and Amber were sitting at one table, entertaining the males there. Ruby was licking the finger tips of one male while Amber had her arms up letting another feel her lovly breasts.

Yarna was teaching the two new girls how to take orders and how to deliver meals and drinks. They were trying, well as much as one can focus while having one's thighs being rubbed. Jess was relaxing with Bib, her lips at his ears wispering something. Kanna was entertaining an entire table by herself, she was kissing, dancing, pleasuring and other things that made Oola blush.

Poor Kanna...thought Oola, She only does those...tricks to hopefully escape someday...decided Oola. Jabba gave a yawn, "I am tried, everybody go to bed." transled the droid beside Jabba. The noise died down, most of the guest just nestled down and went to sleep at the tables. Others took a girl under their arm and headed off to some dark nook.

Oola nestled down with some pillows on a fur blanket. She thought of taking off the head band but decided not to. The rest of the room became quiet, a slumber and deep breaths floated though the air. Oola laid with her arms over her head, her lekku gently wrapped about her neck. Just as Oola was falling a sleep, she heard a voice saying somthing.

"Ooola.Ooola.", Oola's eyes snapped open, she sat upright looking in the darkness. The throne room had a little more light then Jabba's personal chamber. Oola's eyes ajusted to the darkness, she saw the siloette of the speaker. It was Crumb, he was around the corner of the throne.

"Oola is going to die." he hissed in the darkness. A chill ran up Oola's spine, "Go away. shoo, don't wake Jabba." wispered the slave girl. Crumb came closer, Oola could imagan the monkey lizard's yellow eyes glaring up at her. "Worm going to die screaming." Crumb chuckled. Oola pushed her face into one of the pillows, Oola grabbed another pillow and held it to her head.

"Go away. Go away." Oola wishfully wispered. Crumb stared at Oola over the edge of the throne. "Worm going to die. Hee hee, Crumb will watch. Crumb will laugh." he wispered. Oola squsesd her eyes shut, "I'm sorry, I hit you. Please, let me sleep." she wispered. Oola didn't hear him scamper off into the darkness. It was the third night for Oola as Jabba's slave.

Forth Day

Morning came once again on tattoine. Oola still held the pillow to her head, she opened her eyes. She sat up right, with a grunt she streached out her arms and hands. It could have been a better night thought Oola. She streached out her legs and flutter them in the air. She looked around, most of the people were still asleep.

Then she saw somthing out of the corner of her eye. She looked behind her, she was imdently looking into Crumbs face. "*Gasp*Y-you scared me!" Oola wispered, the monkey lizard gave a small grin. "How was your sleep, worm?" he asked. Oola looked away not wanting to look into those beady yellow eyes. "It...was fine." she stated.

How long was he watching me...Oola thought to herself. Oola sat with her legs hanging over the throne's edge. She was using her foot to draw things in the sand. People were getting up and streaching their limbs and getting something to drink. Jabba himself woke up, smacking his lips and grabbing a drink.

Oola looked over her shoulder at the fat Hutt. Hopefully I get some time from him. Jabba let loose a belch and then smacked his lips. Then all of the sudden,Jabba produced the most rancid smell that Oola has ever smelled. Oola held both of her hands over her mouth, By the Goddess! What is that!?...thought Oola.

Oola looked behind her, she noticed a one of the pillows underneath Jabba became wet with sludge. Oola gagged at the realazion, Oh my...he is dumping his waste right next to me !...Oola thought. It lasted almost a whole ten mintues and every second Oola was praying for it to finally end.

Jabba gave a sigh of releif, "Ahh...that felt good." he rumbled. Oola thanked the Goddess for ending the vile assalt against her nose. Jabba tugged on Oola's leash, "Come here." he siad licking his lips. Oola stuttered at the thought of being a morning snack. She shook her head in difence, Jabba stared at her and then moved his hand over one of the buttons at the armrest.

"Come." he commanded, his eyes narrowed at Oola. Oola glupped, if she were to say no then pain from her collar will happen but to obey...Oola nodded her head. "I am coming." she phouted, she crawled on her hand and knees towards Jabba. Oola sat on one of the clean rugs that was by Jabba's belly.

Jabba reached out and fondled Oola's left lekku, Oola turned her head so Jabba won't see her face react to his touch. "You must be thristy." Jabba stated as he swished the liqud in his cup. Oola did smack her lips, Water would be good right now thought Oola. Jabba's hand went from Oola's lekku to her leash, with a pull he had her on his stomach.

"Only my personal favorite can drink from my cup." Jabba chuckled as he pushed the lip of the cup against Oola's. Oola did not have to taste it to know what it was, *Gag* It's beer...Oola was replused by the smell. She tried to wiggle her face away from the cup but Jabba shifted his hand from her leash to the back of her head.

"You will find it much to your liking." Jabba stated as he forced the lovly Twi'lek to drink. The strong drink filled the front of Oola's face. Oola gag as the liqud went down her thort, she franticly tried to push the cup away. Jabba laughted at her resistence as the drink sloashed into her mouth.

Jabba then eventually pulled the cup away from Oola's lips. Oola went to he knees and managed to get the firy drink down her thornt when Jabba jerked her back up his belly. Jabba licked the side of Oola's face, "You are so frisky, Oola. So early too...perhaps you wish to make me happy." Jabba said, suggested that Oola dance sensual for him.

Oola was feeling nausous from drinking shuch strong liquor, "" Oola stated feeling her head. Jabba stroked Oola's lekku, " you want me to make you happy." he stated. Oola shook her head, ethier from the fog in her mind or trying to properly respond. "" Oola was interupted as Jabba licked her lips.

Jabba then wrapped his hands around Oola's shoulders, his tongue lapping against her skin. Oola gave a moan, a sigh of pleasure as the wet tongue slid across her hot skin. "Ah...ah that...feels so good." moaned Oola. Jabba took Oola's arms and spread them apart, his tongue was now lapping against her fish-net covered breasts.

Oola jerked her body, feebling trying to get away. All her attemps did was arouse Jabba's appatie for her. Jabba then used his tongue to pull the fish-net away from Oola's body, revaling one of Oola's hot, heaving breast. Oola arched her back as the wet tongue lapped the curve of her breast. Please make it stop...wished Oola as Jabba was enjoying her body.

Then the sound of a repluser could be heard coming from the lower levels. Porcellus came up with a table full of dishes. " good morning master. I hope you still have a taste for some delious pudding." he stated as he pushed the table in front of Jabba's throne. Jabba let go of the wet Twi'leks body,she slid off his drool covered belly onto the throne.

"Oh you sly chef of mine. You know I love hot pudding to warm up in the morning." Jabba laughted as he slobberd the thick pudding into his mouth. Oola laid there as the drippings of Jabba's dishes landed on her body. After Oola pulled her costume over her exposed breast,she felt a bowel nugded her hand, she looked and saw Porcellus giving her a bowel.

"Here, you must be hungry." Porcellus wispered as put a spoon into the bowel. Oola gave a small nod, her eyes became watery as she ate the delious food. He is so nice, I wish I could pay him back in kind...thought Oola. She finished her plate and set it back on the repluser table. Jabba was still slopping down his snacks as Oola looked and saw her "replacement".

Melina was behind the poor girl, making sure she did not bolt. It was the new human girl, her black hair pulled back into a long pony tail with white strings weaved though. White ribbions twisted around the girls forearms and made fingerless gloves. She had black gaiters with white ribbions on the fringe, she was bare foot and her nails were painted white.

She had white eye shadow that highlighted her blue eyes. Her large breasts were barely covered by a jet black micro-bikini top and a bottom that exposed most of her large beautiful ass. She's beautiful thought Oola, a small thought of jealousy fluttered though Oola's mind. Well I at least have a form of clothing while she is almost naked...Oola said to herself.

Jabba finished his last dish, he tossed it back on the table with a clang. He rubbed his belly and gave a blech, then he looked down at the new pretty slave girl. "Hoo hoo, what a tease this one is." Jabba slobbed his lips as he looked at the girls body. He reached out with his sweaty hand and beckoned the girl to him.

The girl was reluctant to go towards Jabba so Melina gave her a push. When she was close enough, Jabba reached out and grabbed her by her pony tail. The girl gave a cry as she was pulled up onto the throne. Jabba wrapped his free arm around the girls waist, he was jerking the girl up and down by the hair to see how much her breasts would bounce.

Oola had queitly gathered up her leash that Jabba had forgotten and gentle slipped off the throne. Just as Oola was passing Melina, a voice stopped her in her tracks. "Oola come back. I want my kiss." stated Jabba. Oola turned around, her hands kneading the looped up leash. Jabba had the new girl in one arm while streaching out the other, "Come." he said.

Oola slow went back to the throne. She climbed up and,using her arms, leaned on Jabba's belly. His thick tongue licked his lips, covering them in slime. Ugh...Slime...thought Oola, she glanced at the new girl. She was trying to push herself away from Jabba, he just slid his hand up her back.

The girl wimpered as Jabba's fingers slid around her back and began to rub the curve of her left breast. Oola looked back at Jabba's mouth, Just a quick one Oola conviced herself as she quickly kissed Jabba's lower lip. Jabba gave a grunt, "I guess that will do...for now." he stated as he turned his attencion to the struggling girl in his grip.

Oola lefted the throne room with Melina, the sounds of a pleading slave girl followed Oola down the passage wasy. "Hey slow down." command Melina. Oola was shaking her head, "I can't! I can't I CAN'T!" shouted the trembling Twi'lek as she rushed though the passage ways. Oola found the Dancer's pit out of memory. "OPEN IT." commanded Oola.

Melina gave a mummer and pushed some buttons and the door openned. Oola quickly went in, she looked around for a friendly face. Kanna and the two Twi'leks were comforting the Neimoidan, the female was sobbing and wailing. The human girls were also in their own group, looking depressed and unhappy.

Kanna noticed Oola, she stood up and walked over to her. A smile crepted over Kanna's lips, she wrapped her arms around Oola's shoulders. Oola nuzzled Kanna's shoulder and held her leash against Kanna's back. "You are back." wispered Kanna, Oola's lekku flickered from contentment. "For today." wispered Oola as she hugged Kanna tighter.

Oola let Kanna go and looked at the neimoidan, "Do you know her name?" Oola asked Kanna. "Yes it is Lute. She says that she came from wealth." stated Kanna. Oola went over and nelt by Lute, "Hi, why are you crying Lute?" Oola kindly asked the crying neimoidan, Lute turned and looked at Oola.

"*Sniff* I *sniff* learned that *sob* I been *sob* neutured." sobbed Lute. Oola glaced over at the group of human girls. "I'm sorry for your loss." said Oola, she put one hand on Lute's shoulder. "But you do not understand!" cried Lute, "The galaxy is depraved of my genes!" she stated with sinceraty in her golden eyes.

Oola just stared at her, "...Um, what about your genes?" she asked Lute. Lute took a breath, "You must understand that in Neimoidan culture that only strong and selfish live. My family history has had two thousand seven hundred forty five consutive grubs that have grown into adulthood and those blah blah blah..."

Oola looked over at Amber and Ruby, "Was she like that when she first came?" Oola silently commacated with the other Twi'leks. "Yes." "She either is worry about how she will die here in this rotten place." "Or that she should be treated with repect because she is wealthy." Amber and Ruby silently spoke with their lekkus.

Oola let Lute finish her lecture of Neimoidan culture, "Well...perhaps, you can buy your way home..." suggested Oola. Lute "Yes perhaps wait. If I tell them I pay for my freedom, they would torture me for the passwards and accounts. Oh woe is I!" sobbed Lute. Oola patted her on the shoulder, then looked up at Kanna.

"Is...there still soap in the wash room, Kanna?" Oola asked. Kanna nodded, "Yes there is still some left." she stated. Oola left the Neimoidan and went towards the wash room. "Let me help you out of your costume." said Kanna. "Oh...alright." stated Oola, Kanna removed the fishnet costume from Oola's body.

"Ugh, there's still some slime on it." Kanna commented on Oola's costume. "I'll set it over here." Kanna then floded the costume and set it by the washroom enterance. Oola slipped over her hand band and set it on top of the folded costume. Oola and Kanna went into the washroom. Oola was glad to see the dirty white titles on the floor.

Oola saw the small bowel, that Crystel had used, on the floor of the washroom. "Kneel by the drain. I will wash your back." Kanna said. "Kanna you don't-" Oola stated to say, "Sit my sister, you just had a long day with HIM yes?" Kanna said. Oola bit her lip, she did as she was told and knelt by the drain.

Kanna knelt behind Oola and began to clean Oola's back. "Can you..." before Kanna could finish Oola slipped her lekku over her shoulder and down the front of her body. "Thank you." stated Kanna as she pressed the sponge against Oola's back. The water felt refeshing, Oola gave a small shiver as it went down her back.

Kanna paused, "Oh sorry did I...", "No, no it's feels so refreshing." interuppted Oola. Kanna continued cleaning Oola's back, "Would me to clean your lekku?" she asked. Oola fingered the side of one of her lekku, "Sure though they are a little slimy." Oola said as she brushed her left lekku over her shoulder.

Kanna gently took Oola's lekku and began to rubbed the sponge against it. "Ahh." Oola gave a small moan as the water washed away the slime and filth that was on her lekku. "Your lekku are so thick and I think they are as long as mine." Kanna remarked, a small grin crept over Oola's lips. "I think my lekku were the most desir-...Kanna what is wrong?"

Oola could feel Kanna's hand shake as it held Oola's lekku. Oola glaced over her shoulder, "Kanna?" Oola asked the Togruta. Kanna's eyes were wide, she was taking quick breaths and her own lekku were enlarged. Oola turned so she was now facing Kanna, "Kanna! Are you alright? Talk to me!" Oola spoke to Kanna grabbing her shoulders.

Kanna shook her head, "It's nothing, no-thing" she tried to ephasive her point by wiggling her shallowen lekku. Oola stared at Kanna, "Kanna look at me." Kanna looked at Oola, "Why are your hands shaking?" Oola asked. Kanna glaced to the side, "Since...Ohara's untimly departare, I had to pick up her cilents as well as mine." Kanna said as she tightly squeesed the sponge.

"It...has been hard on my body and it just..." Oola could see the tears form in the corners of Kanna's eyes. Oola came closer and wrapped her arms around Kanna's shoulders. Oola could feel Kanna's heart pounding inside of her chest, "Hurts, it feels like someone it piercing you with a hot piece of metel." Oola finished Kanna's sentence for her.

Oola could feel Kanna's heartbeat soften, Oola could also feel some tears on her shoulder. "I am sorry, I am so weak, somedays I just want death to take me." Kanna wispered into Oola's ear lobe. Oola looked Kanna in the eyes, "We both must be strong, we must not give up on hope that someone will save us." she said with sinceratry.

Kanna wiped the corner of her eyes, "I wish...that I had the same hope you have Oola." Kanna sniffed. Kanna's lekku had srunk and were not as swollen, "Can...I finish cleaning your back?" asked Kanna. Oola smiled, "Of course." she stated. Kanna resumed cleaning Oola's back and her two lekku.

"Here Oola." Kanna said as she handed the wash bowel, with the sponge in it, over Oola's shoulder. "Thank you Kanna." Oola said as she took the bowel. Oola took the sponge and cleaned her chest and torse. The water felt very refreshing as the sponge soaked up the slime and flith from her body.

Oola gave a sigh of relief as she finished washing herself. Oola poured the water into the drain and set the bowel aside, "Do you feel better?" asked Kanna. Oola nodded aprovingaly, Kanna smiled, "Now to get your costume back on you." stated Kanna. Oola stood up as Kanna left to get her costume.

"Huh? odd." Oola could hear Kanna say. Oola left the wash room and went to were Kanna was. Though the other girls have seen her without cloths, she still held her hands and her chest and waist. "What is odd, Kanna?" Oola asked, Kanna stood up holding Oola's leather headband.

"Your was right here..." mused Kanna as handed Oola's headband to her. Oola slipped her lekku though it and the strap over her head and under her chin. Kanna looked over at Amber and Ruby, "Ruby, did Melina come by and take Oola's costume." Kanna lekku twitched to Ruby.

Ruby shook her head, "No." Ruby's own lekku twitched back. Oola then noticed Kanna's third lekku was flicking behind her back. Kanna then shifted her gazed over at the human girls, it seemed to Oola that they had shifted closer together since she last saw them. Kanna walked over the group "Were is Oola's costume." Kanna demanded.

"What are you talking about?" Ribbon mumered, "Yeah, are we responsable for the schutta's fishnet?" stated Lisa. Oola looked at the group of girls hoping that they would give her the costume back. Oola notcied that Ta-Ti was nervously shifting on her pillow. "Kanna look at Ta-Ti." Oola silently commaated with Kanna.

The glare that Kanna gave Ta-Ti made her squel, "Don't hurt me! We just wanted her to apolagize!" she confessed. The other girls glared daggers at her, "You cow." one of them hissed. Kanna's lekku were angerly twitching, "Give me Oola's costume NOW." Kanna commanded. Ta-Ti quickly pulled Oola's costume from underneath her to give to Kanna.

"No you don't!" shouted Lisa, snatching the costume and sandels from Ta-Ti. Lisa held the costume tight, the other girls beside Ta-Ti gathered in front of Lisa creating a wall. Amber and Ruby got up and went over and stood with Kanna. "Give it back to Oola!" "Yeah she did nothing to you!" the two Twi'leks shouted at the human girls.

Oola stood there with her leash in hand just wanting her costume back. "Um...what is it that I should apolag-" before Oola could finsihed Kanna interrupted her. "You did nothing wrong. You don't have to apolagize for anything." Kanna stated. Seeing weakness in Oola, Lisa spoke loud and direct.

"You killed Ohara!" Oola was taking back. "...What?" confused Oola asked. Lisa pointed a finger a Oola, "All you had to do was take her place and clean that fat slug's belly. But no, you had to stall and that caused Ohara got eaten!" Lisa stabbed her fingered at Oola. Oola stood there confused and wondered why they thought that.

"No, it was not Oola's fault, it was Ohara's own fault for trying to manipu-" "SHUT UP SHUT UP!", screamed Lisa interrupting Ruby. "Ohara was always kind to use humans! She atleast could make us happy! All you aliens do is nag, nag and nag!" she stated with tears in her eyes. Oola felt sorry for them, being leaderless and guideless.

Then the door opened, Yarna came in with the afternoon meal, "Oh my...what is wrong?" she asked. "Lisa is not giving Oola her costume back." stated Amber. Yarna gave a puzzled look, "Why are you not giving Oola her costume Lisa?" Yarna asked the blode haired girl. Lisa looked away, like a girl being berated by her mother.

"Because...Oola killed Ohara..." Lisa complied, her lips treambled out of sadness. Yarna waded though the group of girls to Lisa, she nelt by her and placed a hand on her shoulder. "You miss Ohara?" Yarna trederly asked, Lisa gave a sad nod. "Yes. She always could make us smile even thought we had the toughest night." Lisa sobbed.

"Ohara is free, she is free to smile and to laugh." said Yarna, "We just have to hold onto the mermiors of the happy times. No one is to be blamed, would you shame Oola just to hurt her? Now say you're sorry and give Oola back her costume." Yarna said gentle lifting Lisa up and towards Oola.

Lisa stilled held Oola's costume and sandels as she stood before Oola. "I..I'm sorry that I tried to hurt you." Lisa stated as she looked away from Oola. Oola gave a small smile, "It's alright, I needed to dry any way." Oola joked. Lisa gave Oola back her costume and sandels, "We are family right? Family forgives each other right?" Oola said as she held her costume.

Lisa nodded, "Yeah..." she said as she looked down. Kanna, Ruby helped Oola put on her costume. Yarna then had the girls form a line for their meal, "Make sure you eat all it. I don't want to give Porcellus any half finish meals." Yarna stated. " Of course." most of the girls said with their mouths full

As they were eating, most of the human girls were asking Oola questions. "Who taught you how to dance? How can you dance with a leash on you neck? You dance so graceful, can you teach us?" were most of the questions that they asked of Oola. Her lekku twictched out of pride, Oola gave a cheeky smile as she ate her food.

"Well my father would sometimes tell me that I was born dancing. But I did formally did learn how to dance at one of Ryloth's prestious school. Give me a step and I will give you a play, give me a song and I will dance an epic." Oola proudly said, she then notcied that the other girls had a downbeaten look on their faces.

"Oh...well I can teach you what I learned." said Oola,trying to undo her boastful upbring in their faces. Smiles crepted back on their faces, "Oh that would be great." Ta-Ti said. "Well after we have our naps." stated Lisa. The girls were setting their bowels back on the repluser-table when Melina came in.

"Ah good, I came just in time." Melina said with a fake smile. Melina held in her hand a package, she tossed it to Kanna. Kanna openned it, she pulled out a black apon with a white fringe and a matching head band. "...What is this?" asked Kanna to Melina, Melina smiled "Oh becuase that schutta Ohara caught herself killed you are taking her place."

Kanna nervously looked at Melina "For what?" she asked. "Well some people like to have their rooms "cleaned" the middle of the day. So a "maid" is needed." Melina cruelly stated. Kanna's body started to shake, " You are cruel, my body has been ravaged all night and now you are telling me. That I-"

Before Kanna could finish, Melina marched up to the Torgua and slapped her across the face. A cry came from the group of girls standing around, Melina then stood over the fallen body of Kanna. Melina then cruelly grabbed Kanna's third lekku, she then jerk it up causing Kanna to cry out in pain.

"You arrogouant cow, you think you can talk like that to me? I have the power to throw you in the barracks. I think alittle "cleaning" would be easy." she stated with ice in her voice. Kanna's eyes nearly popped out of her head, " You're right, I'm sorry, please not the barracks." Kanna quickly stripped her dress off and put the apron and head band on.

Melina had a smile on her face, "You look like you can clean, cute maid." she scarsaced said. She then pulled Kanna to her feet and shoved her towards the door. Melina then glaced back at Oola, she pointed a finger at her "I will be back for you." she said as she left the room with Kanna.

Oola held her arms to her body, a small shiver went up her back. "What does she mean that she could throw Kanna in the barracks." Oola asked Yarna. A look of terror cover Yarna face, "If a girl is really troublesome and not learning her place. She is sent to the barracks." she said. Oola could hear the wispers of the other girls.

"It's a death sentence." "It's litary a place were you can get boarded to death." "No one can help you in there." "I would rather be eaten by some monster then go there." were the hushed consrens of the girls. "You girls should get some sleep." said Yarna as she went towards the door with the table.

"Oh, Oola." Yarna said as she looked back, "You may want to wait for Melina before you go to sleep." Oola nodded "Yes you are problly right." she said, Yarna then left the room. The other girls then took their spots on the floor. Lute found a spot by the Twi'leks, Oola sat down by the door, I wounder how long I have to wait...she thought.

The sound of slumbering girls filled the room, Oola could feel her eyelids droop. The door openned and Melina stepped though, Oola quickly stood up. "W-where are you taking me?" Oola asked fearfully. Melina grabbed Oola's leash and shoulder, "Please come with me." she said with her fake smile.

Oola obedantily followed Melina, though the hallways of stone and silent passages. Oola walked in front of Melina,her hands nervously grabbing her leash. Were is she taking me? Am I going back to...him? Or perhaps I am going to be... were some of the thoughts that filled Oola's lovly head.

They came to a door, "W-who is in here?" Oola asked nervously. "Oh you know, the odd monster, the serial killer that skins head-tails." Melina stated. Oola's mouth dropped, "You can't be serious! I-I am master's personal dancer! He would be-" "Oh shush, I was just pulling your leash." snarked Melina as she openned the door.

Oola glaced inside, the large room was lined with racks of costumes. "Huh?" Oola said before being bumped by Melina. "Go on, I don't have all day." she snapped. Oola walked into the room, rolls of fabric were shacked on each other and the costumes on tables were in the middle of being adjusted.

"So what do you think, miss master's personal dancer?" snarked Melina to Oola. Oola's lekku twiched, "About what, the mess?" Oola snarked back. "Heh...I guess you won't care about the work space of the person who makes or repairs all the costumes that you schuttas' wear?" Melina said as she walked with Oola.

They came to a corner of the room, there were a a varity of costumes on a table. "I want you to try these on." Melina stated. Oola looked at them, one was a dress with one strap. The second was a black fish net sling bikini. The third one was a black and silver cowel dress and the forth was a silver mesh cloak. The fifth was a black plunge dress that showed off Oola's body.

" make these?" asked Oola to Melina. "Yeah-well most of it. Some things you can't make by hand." Melina then cleached her hand, "Accursed Zeltronian tariffs, why do you have to be so Hutt wide." she stated with grimace. A smirk crepted over Oolas lips, "Huh, what' so funny?" Melina glared at Oola.

"Oh nothing, it's nothing." Oola said, "Were can I change?" she asked. Melina pointed at a sheet of white cloth that was converted into a backdrop. "Oh behind it?" "No on it.", Oola's lekku wiggled in confustion. "What do you mean?" she asked. Melina then guided Oola to the fornt of the backdrop.

"See this." Melina pointed to a holo recorder that was on a stand. "I record you putting on dresses and how they come off. If I see a problem, I take care of it before you are in the middle of a big event and your dress rips and I get beaten." she stated. Oola nodded, Melina then went behind the recorder.

"Alright, we will start simple." said Melina, "Just stand there until I tell you what to do." she said. Oola gave a sigh, "Oh...alright." she said as she relaxed her shoulders. Oola stood resting on her left foot with her right foot out. "Nice, now turn around with your head turned." said Melina as she adjusted the recorder.

Oola did as she was told, to the left, to the right, pivot left, pivot right and now face me. "Good, good you actually listen." said Melina with that fake smile of her's. "Now slowly take off your costume and I will give you a differant one to wear." Oola's lekku twitched, "...Fine." she said as her hands went under the shoulder straps of her fishnet costume.

Oola closed her eyes, she could almost feel Jabba's hands feeling her back as she slipped her costume off. Oola then tossed it to Melina, "Ok here is the first one." said Melina as she tossed the first of the costumes. It was the fishnet sling bikini, "Not much of change." stated Oola as she slowly put it on.

"Oh you'll get use to it." stated Melina with a fake smile. Melina then had Oola do the same routie, turn around, left, right ect. ect. After the fishnet, came the silver mest cloak, the black plunge and then the black and silver cowel dress. "Um, Melina I think something is missing." The one strap dress only covered Oola's left breast.

"Oh blast it. I forgot about that." said Melina as she pressed a button on the recorder. Melina then went off to find something, "I'll be back so don't move." she said. Oola crossed her arms and drummed her fingers and then noticed somthing. Oola went over to the table,"Melina what is this?" the thing she was asking about was a datapad with pictures on it.

"About what?" "This datapad, what do you use it for?" Oola said as she picked it up. Melina came back with a silver pasty, "Hey! Don't touch that! That's mine." snapped Melina. Oola quicly put it down. "Hold still." Melina said as she pushed the pasty onto Oola's right breast. "Alright, now get back on the backdrop." commanded melina.

Oola did as she was told, after she was done looked at Melina. "May I see those pictures?" she asked, Melina gave a sigh and took the data pad and pushed some buttons. "Here, you have five mintues." Melina said as she handed the pad to Oola, Oola took the pad and held it in her hands. Oola looked at the most recent folder, it was untiled and had five vids.

She breifly looked at the vids of her in those costumes, I wonder... thought Oola as she closed her folder and went to the oldest folder. It had five pics on it and was titled "Myself", Oola looked at the pictures of a slender, brown hair girl with a cam in her hand taking pictures of herself in a mirror.

"Who is this?" Oola asked Melina, Melina took a quick look. "Oh that was me about...four-four and a half years ago." she stated. Melina's hand went to the side of her head, "Those were crappy times. The old dance designer had no tasted in style and the guards were barly in line." she stated.

Oola then asked a question that she should of thought though. "Do you remember your family?" she asked. There was murder in Melina's eyes, Oola dropped the pad and backed into the backdrop. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry, I don't know why I asked." Oola pleaded. When Melina came towards her, Oola dropped to the floor holding her lekku close to her body.

Melina grabbed Oola's head band forcing her to look up at her. "Don't. Don't you dare pity me." Melina hissed, "I climbed over the dead to get to this place of power. I threw away many, many "friends" to get a room for myself. I skinned the former costume designer in front of everyone and took his place. So don't you dare pity me."

Oola tearful nodded, Melina let go of Oola's headband. "Get up." Melina commanded, Oola stood up treambling. Melina then tossed Oola her normal fishnet costume, "Put it on. Quickly." Melina hissed. Oola did what she was told, Melina then pushed her towards the entrance of the room. "Move it!" Melina snapped at the Twi'lek.

Oola and Melina quickly went back to the Dancer's Pit. As Melina was pushing the buttons to open the door, Oola notcied that her eyes were alittle watery. Once the door was open, Oola quickly went in without waiting for Melina to tell her. Oola nearly tripped over a sleeping girl, "Oh sorry." wispered Oola as she went to her spot. Oola laid down and sleep came to her.

{C}A couple of hours later, Oola woke up from her sleep. The other girls were streaching and rubbing each other's shoulders. "How was time with Melina?" asked Ruby as her back was being rubbed by Amber. Oola shurrgered her shoulders, "I tried...four costumes, all of them were different from one another." she stated.

"I hope that they were wider then a piece of string right?" said Amber as she switched places with Ruby. Oola gave a small laugh, "Yes of them was a fishnet sling bikini. So I guess it was a bunch of strings." she said. Oola and the other Twi'leks gave a giggle when the door openned, Oola turned her head to see who is was.

Kanna walked though the door, she stripped off the apron and headband and went straight to the cleanning room. Melina grumbled as she picked up the apron, "It would be nice if you just handed it to me instead of leaving on the floor, schutta." she said as she lefted the room. "You should see if Kanna is alright." said Ruby.

Oola nodded and stood up and walked after Kanna. Oola went into the cleanning room, Kanna had filled up a bowel of water and was soaking a sponge. Kanna pressed the sponge hard against her crouch, "Kanna, are you alright?" asked Oola. Kanna sadly shook her head, ", it hurts so much." she cried.

Oola came up and and placed her hands on Kanna's shoulders. "It's alrigh-", Kanna fliched at Oola's touch, "I-I am sore." stated Kanna. Oola then noticed that Kanna's brick red skin had miscolored patches. "Kanna...can I wash your back?" asked Oola, Kanna gave a sad nod. While Oola filled up a bowel, Kanna took a seat on the tile floor.

Oola nelt behind Kanna, she gently rubbed the small sponge against Kanna's back. Kanna was huched over, she was still pressing the sponge into her groin. Oola squeesed the sponge and gently rubbed Kanna's third lekku. Kanna's lekku weakly twiched, "They pulled on that one so hard." Kanna softly said.

Oola bit her lip, What can I say? What can I do? thought Oola. "Oola?" "Yes Kanna." "Can...I tell you a story?" Oola paused her cleanning of Kanna's back. "Of course." Oola said, Kanna turned around looking Oola in the face. " I was born on a disant world..." Kanna started her story of her life.

{C}The world Kanna grew up on was one with blue skys, many trees and seas of golden grass. Kanna told Oola how she learned to hurt, how to cook and read the changes around her surroundings. Kanna told of how she grew up, how her body matured and how she felt of her lekku growing long and thick.

Kanna told Oola about how the young males would ask her to hunt with them. How they just loved to be around her, "It took some time for one to ask for privlage to walk with me..." Kanna said. The one that had asked was not the tallest or the strongest, "He was soft spoken, quick to react and to help..." she said.

Kanna then spoke of how after sometime, the young male asked for her hand. "My heart was pounding and my lekku would not stop flickering..." she said with a smile. Before she gave her answer, Kanna asked for one request, "That I would run one more time alone. Before I joined his path and we would run together for all time."

"So in the morning I ran..." Kanna said, she ran and ran and ran. By midday she collapsed, her feet shifted though the rich dirt. She thought of the future and how all will be perfect and beutiful. "I then got up and ran back..." she said, as it was getting dark she could see a light from her village.

"I first thought it was the rest of the tribe getting readty to celarate..." she said. She then told how she closed her eyes as she ran into the village. "But there was a smell and a sound that I had never heard before..." she stated. When she had openned her eyes, the village was on fire, most of the women and childern had been gathered in the center.

There were strangers, tall, lizard like, they were the ones that had invaded her village. Kanna remembered standing there dumb struck. She looked down and found her standing over the body of one of the elders of the village. To her all the males of her village were killed "I couldn't believe what was happening." she said.

Then one of the lizard men shouted somthing and Kanna looked up. The nearest lizard man pointed something at her and she then blacked out. "When I woke up, I found myself in a cage..." Kanna said, the other females were also in cages. When Kanna asked what happened to the little ones, she was told that the childern were left behind.

Kanna remembered thrashing about trying to open the cage. One of the lizards came back, it shouted something and pressed a button. The cage became eletierfid shocking Kanna, Kanna was then silent for the rest of the trip. The other females were crying mornful dires, of lost freedom and of love ones.

"I remember telling myself that I would get free and return everyone home." Kanna said. They came to a overcrowded planet or moon. Kanna then said that most of the other females were sold at a slave market. When one buyer came to look at Kanna, she bit his hand, "I rememeber being beaten and forced back into that cage." she said.

Time moved quickly and Kanna was not bought. "Those slavers were tried of me occuping a cage so they brought me here." she said. The slavers gave Kanna to Jabba as a gift, Jabba was pleased to have a beutiful torugata as a slave. "Jabba...put a collar and leash on me and had me on his throne.." she said.

When she was taken to his room for his pleasure, Kanna bit him. "Jabba had my teeth filed down and he also had me neutered..." Kanna said sadly. "Jabba removed his leash from my neck and gave me to a "cilent" for a night." Kanna's body shook, "I...stopped biting. I cried all day on that side." Kanna said nodded towards the other side of the room.

"Then Ohara came to me." Kanna said, "She comfroted me and we...I gave into the carnel pleasure of her body. That went on for some time and then I had a revaltion and reliested what I become. I told her we no longer were bonded to each other and she took it well." Kanna said. "Then Ruby and Amber came and now you are here." she said with a sigh.

Oola put her hand on Kanna 's shoulder, "You can't give up, I can't give up. Some how, some way we will be free." Oola sincerly spoke to Kanna. Kanna looked sadly at Oola, "I...I have lost the desire to find freedom. I have no home, no family to return to." she said. Oola shook her head, "Did you forgot what you said to me, Kanna?"

"Since we lost our families, we must make our own family. I am your sister, Kanna, I would give my life for you." Oola said. Kanna shook her head, "Don't...don't say that. I am a fake, I have no future. Do not give up your life for filth like me." she sobbed. Oola gave Kanna a gentle hug, "If you have no home to return to, then come to my world." Oola wispered.

Kanna looked at Oola with teary eyes, "" she asked. Oola gave a nod, "It does not have a blue sky or a sea of gold fields. But the people there are good and welcoming, they work for each other and make a commutiy of families." Oola told Kanna. Kanna wiped a tear from her eye, "It must pain you being away from such kindness and warmth." she said.

Oola's lekku twitch behind her back, No...I left it by my own will... Oola wanted to say but could not bring herself to. "Do you need me to finish your back?" Oola asked Kanna. One of Kanna's lekku gave a little flick, "Yes...thank you." Kanna said bowing her head, "About what?" "For listening to my pathic tale." Kanna said.

Kanna turned around and Oola finished washing her back, " feel a little better?" Oola asked as she poured the bowel of dirty water into the drain. Kanna nodded, "Could you leave me a long just for a moment." Kanna asked Oola. Oola nodded as she got up and left, she glanced over to see Kanna squating over the drain.

What is she-oh uh...Oola quickly turned her head, She just wanted some "privite time"...Oola thought. Oola walked upto Amber and Ruby, who were exerizing their voices. "You both have very nice voices." Oola said to the two Twi'leks. Ruby and Amber smiled, "Thank you." "How about you? Do you sing as well?" they asked Oola.

Oola softy song a familry tune, after a couple of verses she stopped."Why did you stop?" "You were singing so sweetly." Amber and Ruby said. Oola sadly shook her head, "It...brings back memories of...home." Oola wispered. Oola felt Ruby touch her hand, "You mean of Ryloth?" she asked.

"Yes, what part of Ryloth did you come from?" Oola asked her fellow Twi'leks. Ruby and Amber both gave a sad look, "We...have never seen Ryloth." "We were born slaves, in houses of filth and pain." they sadly said. Oola's lekku flickered pity for them, "I am sorry. I did not mean to irratate you." she said.

They shuggued their shoulders, "Brought and sold for a price. Many colors: blue, red, yellow, green, brown, purple, gold and silver. Smile and be fed, frown and be beaten. That is our fate, to dance to the tune, to please the buyer. That is our fate." Amber and Ruby sadly sung. Oola felt sadness well up in her chest, she placed a clinched fist over her heart.

"That was a song that the others would sing." "We can never forget." they said. Oola bowed her head, she then noticed a brick red body next to her left. Kanna's lekku wiggled, "That song...always sounds so sad." said Kanna out loud. Oola wiped her eyes, "Yes but we must hope that some day. We will be able to sing a different song." Oola said.

Kanna nodded, "Yes but first today, Ruby, Amber can you handle the music. I will had the...lessons and Oola." Kanna paused. Oola looked at Kanna, "Yes Kanna? Is there something that I could do? Perhaps teach the girls some new steps?" Oola read Kanna's mind. Kanna gave a small smile, "Yes that would be great." she said.

They would take turns doing the lessons, Amber and Ruby were in charge of sing and music. Oola was in charge of dancing and movements and Kanna was in charged of...physical lessons. The other girls were mostly coopative, they did have some moments were they would argue how the lesson should be done.

After they had done their lessons they took a break, Yarna came with their food. The girls line up and then after getting their food, they sat down and started their meal. "Kanna, do you know the name of the new human girl that took my place for today?" Oola asked. Kanna swallowed a piece of food.

"I was... Roxy or Silk? Caelia or Ribbon choose her name." said Kanna. Oola turned to talk to the human girls when her question was already answered, "It was Lavander, Kanna." snipped Ribbon. "Oh, well that is good to know." said Oola. Once they finished their meal they waited for Melina.

Melina then came with their costumes and the little glossy balls. Oola hundled with Amber, Ruby, Kanna and Lute. The encourged one other to endure the night, Oola hugged each one as they left to do their work. Once again the door slid shut and Oola was alone. She then felt the need to use the waste room.

She went to the wash room, she looked at the drain. Well I guess I have to go...she thought to herself. Oola slipped off her shoulder straps and then pulled her costume off. Still having her sandels, she then walked over and squated over the drain. With a grunt and a sigh, she relivd herself, "That felt good." she said to herself. As she walked away she heard a noise.

Turning around she noticed a black disk-shaped droid come out of the wall. It went over the drain, cleaning the area around it and then spraying a little mist before going back into the wall. "Huh, so that is how this room gets clean." Oola said out loud. Oola then thought about just going to sleep naked but then decided not to, she put her costume on then went to her spot.

She laid down and tried to get to sleep, she then sat upright folding her hands. "Oh Goddess, you who teaches us how to sing and dance. Please hear my pray." Oola prayed, "I want to be free from this place, but I want the other girls to be free with me. So please save us from this place of pain and suffering." Oola finished and went to sleep on her fourth day as a slave.

Fifth Day

Oola woke up to the gentle breathing of her friends. Oola laid there, hoping that some how they would be free. One by one the other girls woke up, Oola crawel over to Kanna. "How are you feeling?" Oola silently talked to Kanna. Kanna's lekku wiggle her responce. "It was fine, but I had a pleasant dream last night."

"Oh really? What type of dream did you have?" asked Oola. Kanna gave a small smile, "A great dream of freedom. We were brought by a nice man. Who want to free us out of the goodness of his heart. He also bought Amber and Ruby, we then all went to your world, were we live happaly to the day we died." Kanna silently said.

Oola smiled, "I hope it comes true." her lekku wiggle out her hope. Amber and Ruby were taking turns rubbing each other's backs, "Kanna can I rub your back?" Oola asked. Kanna held a hand over her mouth to stife a yawn, "Yes, that would be nice of you." Kanna said. As Oola rubbed Kanna strong shoulders, she noticed Lute was still laying on her side.

"Lute are you alright?" Oola asked the neimondian, Lute contiued to lay on her side. "I think she had a rough night." "Yes, I think she had one of Ohara's old cilents. They can be rough." said Amber and then Ruby. Oola looked at Lute with pity, Ta-Ti went over to Lute, "Lute, come on, get up. You need to streach you body or it will cramp on you." Ta-Ti said as she lifted Lute.

Lute mumbled something, Ta-Ti just continued to rub Lute's shoulders. "I sore stop rubbing." Lute grumbled, Ta-Ti just shook her head, "Stop whining." she snarked. Oola flet a smile creep over her lips, "Alright Oola, now it is my turn." Kanna stated. Oola went to her knees while Kanna stood up. Oola was glad that Kanna did a great job at rubbing her shoulders.

Then the door openned with Yarna and her table of food. "Good morning girls. How was each of your nights?" Yarna asked. some of the girls said fine, while others said it was hard. "It was very hard. I wished I died in the pits in my youth then endure another night." grumbled Lute. Yarna shook her head, "Then you must endure and hope someone gentle wants to buy you."

After the everyone at their meal, Yarna left to get the cleanning supplies. Amber and Ruby went over to Lute, "Don't be so grumpy Lute." "Oola has it harder then us, she has to please HIM." said Amber and Ruby. "When you say HIM, you mean HIM." Lute said in a hushed tone. Amber and Ruby both gave a nod, "Oola is strong." "She hopes that one day we will all be free."

Lute looked at Oola with her large golden eyes, "I pity you. Giving youself to that bloated slug. It be vary hard." Lute said to Oola. Oola nodded, "Yes...very hard." she mumbled. Yarna came back with the supplies, "Here you go." she said with a warty smile. The girls took the supplies and went to the cleanning room.

Oola removed her costume rather quickly, "You are getting faster at removing your costume, Oola." stated Amber. Oola shrugged her shoulders as she filled up her bowel of water. "Well I can put it on just as fast as taking it off." Oola stated as she began to scrub her arms. "Oola can you pass the soap?" asked Ruby.

Oola gave Ruby the soap, Ruby and Amber were washing each other. It seemed to Oola that the human girls were more mingled with the non-human girls then the last time she was here. "Oola, can I wash your back?" asked Ta-Ti with her sponge in hand. Oola's lekku twitched, she had hoped that Kanna would do it.

"Yes." Oola stated with a nod, Oola turned around and she could feel Ta-Ti rubbing her back. "May I wash your head tails as well?" Ta-Ti asked, Oola brushed her lekku over her shoulders. Ta-Ti as gently as she could rubbed Oola's lekku, "Wow, they feel...fleshy and thick. How do you walk with these?" Ta-Ti asked Oola.

Oola shrugged her shoulders, "They are just other part of my body, Ta-Ti." said Oola. Oola noticed that Kanna was washing Cystal's back while Lisa was washing Lute's back. "Make sure you clean very sure. I want to be very clean." Lute snipped, Lisa rolled her eyes "Yes mistress." she snarked.

After Oola washed Ta-Ti's back, she poured some water over her body and then went to put her costume back on. "Oola." Oola turned her head to the voice, it ws Kanna who still had some soap on her naked, volumpious body. She nelt down and pressed her head against Oola's, "Be strong Oola, and do not be comsumed by HIS depravty." said Kanna.

Oola body trembled, for she was going back to Jabba's side again. " scared." wispered Oola, Kanna gently stroked Oola' lekku, "Remember us in the darkness." said Kanna. Amber and Ruby also came out of the washroom, their lovly body were clean of soap. "We are here little sister, don't forget about us." they wispered as they hugged Oola.

The door openned and Melina walked though, "Hey! What are you doing! Get back, you naked schuttas!" she snapped. Kanna and the two Twi'leks quickly backed away from Oola. "We were just encourging Oola." said Kanna, Melina just gave a sneer, "Yeah, sure you were." she said. Shen then looked down on Oola, "Come on, master is waiting." she said with a fake smile.

Oola slipped on her leather headband though her lekku, "Coming." she said as she stood up. As Oola walked to the door, she felt a hand touch hers. Glacing backwards she saw Kanna pulling back her hand, "Remember us, sister." Kanna mouthed. Oola gave a small smile as she left the room with Melina.

Oola once again walked in front of Melina who held Oola's leash. "You didn't need to snap at Kanna and the others, Melina. They were just comforting me." said Oola over her shoulder. Melina let out alittle scoff, "Think schutta, how much does Jabba lick you?" she stated. Oola's lekku twitched at the thought,"...he licks alot." Oola stated.

"Right, so if he taste that someone else was on your body. What do you think he would think." Melina said. Oola's lekku twitched, "No...I am not like Ohara in any way." she said. "Well just to let you know, the last time the "pet" did something like that. Half of the harem was killed in a grisly fashion." Melina said.

Oola bit he lip, No wonder Melina is so paranoid, the littlest thing can get you killed...thought Oola. Oola and Melina walked up to one of the many entrances to the throne room. Oola paused her step, "Hey who told you to stop?" snapped Melina. Oola tighted her grip on the leash that ran down her front, "I'm scared." she wispered.

"Oh come on, it's nothing you haven't done before." snarked Melina as she pushed Oola. Oola stumbled into the throne room, she straighted herself up and looked towards her owner. He was still eating his morning meal, Porcellus was standing nervously by the table kneading his well used apon.

Jabba paused his eating and glaced over at his lovly pleasure slave. "Ho ho, look who is here. *burp* My little one has come to spin me a web of spice." he slob out the words. Melina gave another push to Oola's back forcing her to walk towards the mountian of fat. Porcellus gave a little bow and moved the table for Oola, she took her normal spot on the throne.

Oola looked down on the poor girl that had taken her place yesterday. Lavander was laying on her side, slime and other drippings covered her naked body. Her blue eyes were dull and half closed, her make up was smeared and her hands were tied behind her back. Her hair was undone and the white ribbons were pulled out.

"She was a paltable." Jabba stated as he slopped down other dish. "She went limp after her hands were tied. No fun if the snack has no fight." he said. Jabba then tossed the dish on the table,"I was thinking all day that maybe you don't know how to kiss, my sweet mint. So I though of a way to teach you."

Jabba reached down and grabbed Lavander by the hair. He draged her to an upright postion, he then reached over to the table and wiped one of the bowels with his finger. He then rubbed the tip of Lavander's breast with the paste, "I heard a saying once, that one learns how to kiss from sucking on their mother's breast. So..." he gently swung Lavander by the hair.

Oola shrunk back from the thought, His depratiy know no bounds thought Oola. Oola shook her head, "NO, look at her. She is exasuted and needs to rest. I won't do such a thing." Oola spoke spitfully at Jabba. Jabba stared at Oola, "...So you won't do it willingly." Jabba mused at the situation he had with Oola.

Jabba then slide his free hand around Lavander's thourt, he then began to choke her. Lavander couldn't resist because her hands were tied behind her back. "S-stop choking her, leave her alone." Oola protested. Lavander's eyes rolled up, her body was shaking from the lack of air. "Stop! Stop, I will do it, I will suckle her breast." pleaded Oola.

Jabba gave a grin, he let go of Lavander's throut,though he still held her up by the hair. Oola craweled closer to lick the paste off of Lavander's breast. Lavander's large, creamy breast heaved before Oola, Oola looked up at the poor girl. " sorry." wispered Oola as she pushed her lips against Lavander's breast.

Ooa softly kissed the naked breast before her, So soft... thought Oola. She wrapped her arms around the girl's waist and place her hands on Lavander's hips. Lavander stiffened as Oola conuited to kiss her naked breast. As Oola pushed her lips against Lavander's breast, she used her tongue to lick the paste off.

Yumm... thought Oola as she tasted the paste that was on Lavander's breast. More... was Oola thought as she sucked harder on the soft, fatty breast. "Please...stop..." Oola paused and looked up at the slave girl she was sucking on. Lavander had such a sad look, "Please stop." Lavander repeated, Oola reaslized what she was doing and pulled away from Lavander.

"Why did you stop?" rumbled Jabba, Oola put a hand to her lips. She could still taste Lavander's skin, " a human." Oola made up an excuse. "So?" replied Jabba, "I would...learn better if...the breast I would suck on would not be...human." said Oola hoping that Jabba would be conviced.

Jabba thought for a moment, "Yes...a non human would be a better playmate." mumbled the Hutt. Jabba then pushed the naked slave girl off of his throne, she landed on the table and then rolled off of it. Melina then stooped down and picked up Lavander, as Melina took her back Jabba called out "She is a 2000 Melina." he rumbled.

Melina gave a nod and then dissappered with Lavander down a passage way. Oola watched them go when her leash was tugged on, "A band will soon be playing for me and you will dance to the beat." Jabba slobbed. Oola sat on one of the clean pillows, Oh good a band...she thought as she wrapped her arms around her knees.

Jabba seemed content smoking his hookah, the foul smoked gathered around his head like dirty clouds around a mountain of sludge. Oola moved with her custion as far away from Jabba as she could, I hate that smoke, I hate this place and I hate him...Oola thought as sat with her nose buried into her arms.

Oola closed her eyes and thought of Kanna, Ruby, Amber, Remember us...was the soft echo of their voices. Oola gave alittle sigh, If...I had stayed home, would I have met such friends as them?...she thought as she gently rocked herself back and forth. The morning turned into the afternoon and Oola could feel the heat from the twin suns making her drozy.

Oola had uncurled her legs and let them dang off the edge of the throne. Oola was glad that she had such light clothing, nearly every one else was hidding in the darkest, coldest nook that they could find. Oola then glaced over towards Jabba, he had stopped smoking, his eyes were half closed and the drool had dried on the corners of his mouth.

Well time for sleep...Oola thought, she fluffed one of the nearby cushions and laid her head down on top of it. Oola then curled her legs up together and pressed her arms closer to her chest. Oola genlty slip her lekku around her neck and closed her eyes. As she was going to sleep, the sound of foot steps echoed though the throne room.

Oola lazly looked over her shoulder to see who it was. It was Bib guiding some people to the throne room, they were a group of different speices. Oola sat up right, one of her lekku unwrapped and lazly drapped down her shoulder. Bib softly went up to Jabba and wispered something into his ear.

Jabba's eyes flickered, he strighted himself up, " this is the band you were talking about." Jabba rumbled to Bib. Oola looked overe at the band, is was a mottery group of different beings. The group consisted of a Roidan, a bith, a rather plain human female and a short hairy humaniod creature.

Jabba rubbed his warty chin, "Well...are they signed?", Bib wispered something to Jabba. Jabba then glaced over at Oola, Oola could feel a chill go up her spine. Jabba licked his lips, "My sweet, we will have a little audition to see if they are worth of playing the songs you will dance to." Jabba said to Oola.

Oola gave a small nod, I hope they are good...she thought as she stepped onto the floor. The band had moved to a nearby alchove, the short furry one seemed to be the leader. He was talking to Bib, they seem to be talking about something. Bib then walked passed Oola and to Jabba's side and wispered somthing to him.

Jabba' eye twitched, "What? The singer's thront is sore? What good is a band if there is no singer?" Jabba rumbled angerly. Oola was on the metal floor streaching herself out, her lekku laid down her back and touched the cold metal floor. Oola looked up and saw Bib contiuing his peddling to his master and that Jabba had her leash wrapped about his hand.

"*grumble* Fine, the band can do a song with out the singer." Jabba said out loud. Oola got up from the floor, she held her leash in both of her hands ready to dance to the tune. Please be good...Oola wishfuly thought, Jabba licked his lips as he tighted the leight of the leash. "Play!" commanded the Hutt.

The droid beside him translated his command to the band. The Roidan and the Bith had wind instruments while the plain looking human female had a guiter. They played a upbeat tune that was pleasing to hear and would cause one to tap thier foot to the beat. Though to Oola, it was just a song that she had to dance to.

Oola danced with grace and beuity, she splendly used her leash like a ribbon caught in the wind. Jabba was qutie please with how Oola was dancing, his tongue slobbed across his lips as he watched her dance. Oola kicked high with her green, lovly, strong legs into the air. Oola waved her arms in the air and let her long lekku wiggle about.

Jabba's eyes widen with pleasure as he pulled on Oola's leash. Oola was jerked towards Jabba's throne, "Hey why did you-" Oola stopped mid sentence. Oola's eye became dilated, she knew what the leering in Jabba's eyes meant. "Nono no!" screamed Oola as she hualed back on her leash, she went as far as leash allowed her to from Jabba's throne.

Jabba had tighted the leght of the leash while Oola was dancing making it shorter. Oola strained at her leash, she tried to plant her feet but the sandels had no traction on the bottom. She slide as she was pulled towards the throne, Oola now had feet instead of meters before she was pulled up onto into the arms of her master.

"Please, let me dance! Let me dance!"pleaded Oola of her master. Jabba added another layer of saliva to his lips, he reeled in another leght of Oola's leash pulling her over the sand covered trap door. "Fiesty! So fiesty!" Jabba slobbing declared as he pulled on her leash. Oola was shaking her head, she knew what was to come.

Oola braced one of her feet against the stone throne and then another, she was then pulled over the lip of the throne into Jabba's belly. "NO! NOOOO!" screamed Oola as she tried to pull herself out of Jabba's grasp. Oola twisted herself away in her struggle but then Jabba wrapped his arm underneth Oola's arm and up to her collar and neck.

Jabba pressed the beutiful, green, struggling Twi'lek against his belly. Oola clawed at his hand but it did nothing but make him more exitced. Jabba then slid his free hand under Oola's fishnet costume, "No, please! Oh please no!" sobbed Oola as Jabba stroked her breast. Jabba then openned his mouth and scooped one of Oola's senstive lekku with his tongue.

Oola arched her back from the lapping of her lekku, "Ah...ah...oh! Ah! Ah!" Oola moaned. Jabba then pushed the wet lekku out of his mouth and then started on the other lekku. Oola was panting as Jabba suckled her lekku, her half closed eyes were rolled up. Jabba then slid his hand down her sweating, trembling body to her groining.

Oola gave a squel as Jabba slid his hand into her body. She feebly rolled her body in Jabba grip, "Please...please..." Oola softly moaned. Oola's lekku swelled up from the arousing touch of her master. Oola could feel herself getting hotter with every passing second, her legs were treambling as they spread out from her.

Oola gave a moun as she jerked her hips, with trembling lips she cried out in pleasure. Jabba pushed out her wet lekku and was lapping her collared neck. Oola closed he eyes as the second jerk come from her body. "Please...stop..." Oola feebly moaned as she came to the climax of the pleasure.

Oola gave her final moan as she became limp, Jabba though still held her in his grasp. lower then a slave. I am a toy, to be played with and then...Oola quinced as Jabba pulled his fingers from her body. Oola turned her head, she closed her eyes and she prayed that Jabba didn't decide to put his hand into her mouth.

He didn't, he instead licked his own fingers, "I was half asleep when you wiggled those lovly head worms of yours. Heh, you are so fiesty." Jabba said as he extented his tongue out to lick Oola's face. Oola strained to escape his grasp, Jabba's tongue licked the air between him and Oola. Jabba's tongue stopped licking the air and was pulled back into his mouth.

"What?" Jabba rumbled at his majordomo, Oola glaced over her shoulder at the other Twi'lek. Bib was folding and unfloding his hands, "Master what did you think of the profromance of the band? Were your liking?" Bib asked softly. Jabba gave a rumbling sigh as he stroked Oola's face.

"They...were fine. I hope that they singer is ready for tonight." Jabba rumbled. Jabba gave a yawn, "Deal with them Bib, I am taking my nap." Jabba grunted as he nested down with Oola in his arms. Like a child with his favorite toy, Jabba held Oola tight. Drool slowly dripped from the corners of Jabba's on to Oola's back.

Ewww...Oola silently wimpered as the drool went down her back, she glaced over towards the corner were the band was. The band leader and Bib were in a arguement, Oola judge that the band wanted more money or something. Well Bib had the garmonnan gurads with him and with a little "encourgement" the band signed a contract.

The band did not seemed to happy with what they were forced to do. They were wispering amon themsevles, They are fools, what do they hope to gain from this place? thought Oola as she closed her eyes. Jabba's masssive heart beat plused though Oola's back, slowly Oola fell asleep to the rhyme.

It must have been a couple of hours when Oola woke up. Oh...please let me go...Oola hoped that Jabba would loosen his grip on Oola's body in his sleep but didn't. Oola looked around, the other members of Jabba's court were stiring from their afternoon nap. Yarna and Jess were walking about, taking orders of food and drink.

"Could I have some water?" Oola whispered to Jess as she walked by. Jess paused and then shook her head, "You will get your food when master gets his." she said. Oola bit her lip, "Oh...alright" she replied as Jess walked away. Oola watched as the food was brought up for the guest, Prehaps...the smell will wake him up... thought Oola.

Jabba must have smelled the food, he slowly awoke from his slumber. He gave a mighty yawn, he then reached over and grabbed a frog from his snackaqurima. Oola then used this oppantiy to slip out of Jabba's grasp and go to her normal spot away from him. Her leash became tight, Oola looked over her shoulder at the snacking Hutt.

"Were are you going?" Jabba rumbled as he ate the frog. Oola's lekku wiggled as she thought up something. "I...was just going over here..." she said to her master. Jabba had a look in his eye that she did not like, he tugged on her leash inducating that he wanted her back by him. Oola pouted her lips as she crawled back to Jabba.

Jabba streached out his hand and rubbed Oola's right lekku, "I want you to do something, my love." Jabba bleched to Oola. Oola's eye twitched, "Such as...?" she asked Jabba. Jabba looked over at his snackaquariam, "Get one of those delisous paddy frogs for me." Jabba said with a slup. Oola moved closer to the bowel with the frogs in it.

She looked down, the frogs were at the bottom of the bowel. Oola could feel Jabba place one of his hands on Oola's waist, "Now grab one of the plump ones, Oola." he said as he rubbed her back. Oola gave a little sigh, How hard can it be? Just grab a frog and feed the slug thought Oola as she put her hands into the water.

It turns out that the water was actually a clear brandy, Oola could feel a slight heat on her arms. "Ew." mutter Oola as she put her hands deeper. Well the frogs were not easy to catch at all, more then once they would slip out of her hands. "Stupid frogs!" mutter Oola, she could hear Jabba chuckle beside her, "Wait for one to come up for air."inscruted Jabba.

Oola gave a sigh and pulled her arms out of the brandy, she placed her hands on the lip of the bowel. Eventually one of the frogs came up to the surface, "Now!" rumble Jabba. Oola quickly used two hands as she grabbed the frog, it gave a squel as she pulled it out of the water. Jabba open his mouth and Oola quickly tossed the slimy, wiggling frog into it.

The frog gave a horrible squel as Jabba ate it, a shiver went up Oola's back. "Good, you can go now." Jabba grunted as he waved for his hookah pipe. Oola crawled back to her spot, she put one of the custion underneath her. As she sat there, she notcied that the band leader was agureing with Yarna about how the band should get free food.

"Sorry, that was not in your contract." said Yarna to the furry band leader. The band leader left Yarna and went over to were the band was stationed. They were talking in hushed tones, the plain human female had a worried look on her face. I wonder- Oola's thought was interputed by a arvail of a person being lead by Bib.

The person was actually a Trandonian, a tall lizard like being. In his wake were two others like him with a group a slaves in between them, all of them female. Oh poor things...thought Oola as she watched the group of girls being hearded to the center of the room. Humans, Twi'leks and an unknown speices of female made up the group.

Bib came up to Jabba's side, as he wispered something Jabba puffed out a cloud of smoke. "What have you brought?" Jabba said though the little translater droid. "I have brought you my waresss, mighty Jabba. Look over the choicesss, I give you the first pick of the ssstock before they go to the marketsss." said the slaver.

Jabba and Bib wispered amon themselves, "Are they fresh?" Jabba asked to the slaver. The lizard gave a grin as he beckoned one of the human girls to him. The girl came to him wearing little more then rags on her body, with a talon he ripped though the rags showing off a slender creamy body underneath.

The girl gave a cry as she placed her hands over her body, the slaver looked back at Jabba. "Fressh and inoccent." were his words in basic, Jabba licked his lips as he eyed each of the girls. The group of girls had hudled around the nake girl, their bodies shaking and wimpers came from them. "What spieces is that girl?" Jabba asked of the slaver.

"Thiss one? Oh, thiss one iss quite a looker." said the slaver as he had one of the other slavers push the girl in question forward. She was a different shade of green then Oola and instead of two head tails she had about half a dozen tenaculs the came down her head. She had pitch black eyes and she had alittle more clothing then the other girls.

She had crossed her arms around her chest so that the slaver couldn't rip off her clothing. The slaver gave a chuckle, "Thiss Nautolan has a sstrong will, oh great Jabba. Sshe would be a challage to tame." said the slaver. Jabba gave one of his digusting chuckles, "Hoo hoo, I have my ways." Jabba murmmered.

Jabba and Bib talked amon themselves before giving Jabba's answer. "I want the Nautolan and two human girls, the blond one and the chestnut one. 15000 credits for all three." Jabba spoke. The slaver gave a low hiss at what the words that came from Jabba, "Are my waress that cheap, that you would give such a low price? They are at least 45000 credits." was his replie.

"15", "45"...Jabba and the slaver kept at it for some time, the slaver was getting annoied at how stubborn Jabba was being. "Argh! Ssince we are not going anyware, I sstugessted that I make a compromisse." said the slaver. A grin formed on Jabba's mouth, "I'm lisaning." he spoked though the droid.

The slaver picked his teeth as he spoked, "Truth be told, the Nautolan was the most expensive one. How about this, I give you the three girls for 14000 but I get to choose one of your human haram girls as compatizen for giving you such a great deal." Jabba rubbed his hand against his chin.

"Melina." Jabba called out for his slave keeper, she appeared out of one of the dark alcove. "Yes master?" she asked as she gave a bow. "Bring up the human girls from the pit, Melina." Jabba bellowed. "As you command master." she said as she left to retrive the girls from the dancer's pit.

As they waited for Melina to return with the girls, Jabba offered the slaver something to drink. "No...but um thankss for the offer." replied the slaver. Melina returned with Lisa,Ribbon, Ta-Ti, Erika, Caelia and Crystel. The five girls stood in a line, some of them were nevously kneaded their dress.

The slaver looked over each girl, he had them open their mouths, had them speak a couple of phrases. He then norrowed his selection down to Ta-Ti and Ribbon, both were shifting about uneasy. The slaver tapped his chin, his eyes going back and forth, "Sstrip them." he commanded. Melina then stripped both of the dresses off their bodies.

The stood trembling with thier hands covering themselves, the slaver then circled them looking them over. He ponited at Ta-Ti, "You will do." he said as he waved for something from his compantions. One of them brought forth a thick collar and chain and tossed it it the slaver. He snapped it around Ta-Ti's neck, it looked uncofromable.

As Ta-Ti sadly fingered the collar, she was jerked towards the ground. She went to her knees with a cry, then the slaver jerked the chain up forcing the slave girl to look up. The slaver gave a grin as he streached out his hand, he rubbed Ta-Ti's chin. "I like the look in thiss one's eyess." said the slaver.

Bib came forth with a bag of credits, the slaver snached it from Bib's hand and tossed it to his compantion. His companion then took a scanner and went though the long and tious event of scanning every single one. One he was finsihed the slaver gave a short bow, "Pleassure doing busseinse with you mighty Jabba." said the slaver.

Pulling Ta-Ti to her feet, the slaver and his corhorts leave with their thralls in tow. Ribbon knelt down and picked up the dresses that were on the ground. She softly waved at the group of slave girls, Melina then grabbed her by the hair and forced her to her feet. "Wait." rumbled Jabba, Melina stopped with Ribbon, "I would like that one to dance with Oola." he said.

Melina gave a bow, "As you command." she replied as she left. Oola glaced at Ribbon and then at Jabba. So I am to dance with a partner...Oola thought, Ribbon had taken part of the dance lessons that Oola gave yesterday. Oola's mind was accupited with think of what dance steps would be suttible for dancing with a partner when Porcellus came with the dinner.

"Hello master." said Porcellus as he pushed up the table, Oola licked her lips at the thought of eating her meal. Oola's bowel was in the corner of the table while the rest of the space was accuiotied by Jabba's dinner. Oola could feel her leash being tugged, she glaced at the fat slug. "What?" the slave girl asked.

"Feed me." rumbled the slug, Oola's lekku twitched. He must mean hand feed him...Oola thought as she looked over the plates. Most of the plates were cooked but alot of them had something wiggling on them. "That one." Jabba rumbled as he pointed to one of the plates. It looked like it was filled with large fat maggots rolling about.

Oola reached out and picked it up with both hands. The contents of the bowl shushed about, Oola's coudn't hide her revautlsion. She turned towards Jabba, he openned his massive mouth. She stood up balancing the plate, the maggots must have sensed their doom and were shaking the plate trying to escape.

Oola took the plate and dumped it into Jabba's mouth. Oola could imagen the maggots scream for their lives as they were eaten by the ermous slug. After finishing the maggots, Jabba ponited at another plate and the process repeated. Oola wiped her face with her hand, smearing the drippings from the differant plates she had to fed Jabba.

That was the las-, Oola was then pulled by her leash against Jabba's stomach. Jabba tongue affection lapped against Oola's cheek, Oola pushed against Jabba's jaw. "Egh, gross." she said with a grimance on her face. Jabba rubbed her chin with his finger, "You look tasty." he said with another lick to her face.

Oola realized Jabba used the the word "Tasty" like he did on her first night. Her eyes widen, she pushed hard to leave his grasp. "No! No, let me go you moster! Let me go!" she screamed at the Hutt. Jabba tighted his grip on Oola's leash, his free hand stroked the exposed skin of Oola's chest."You must...have your meal." he stated with a grin.

Oola paused her struggle, her lekku twiched, I forgot about my food...Oola thought as she looked back at Porcellus. Jabba reached out towards Porcellus, the nervous cheif handed Jabba Oola's bowel. Jabba held the bowel easily in one hand, he picked out the spoon and tossed it onto the table. "Eat." Jabba rumbled as he held out the bowel.

Oola looked at the bowel, she reasched out with her hand to pick a piece of food when the memory of her hand being slapped resurfesed. She pulled back her hand and touched her ruby red lips, He expects me to eat like an animal...she thought. Her stomach reminded her about the energy that was in the food.

Oola closed her eyes, I must eat so I might escape...she thought as she lowered her face into the bowel. She openned her mouth and began eatting the food that was in the bowel. It was rich and delsious as it went down her throut. Oola put both of her hands underneath Jabba's one hand to make sure he did not pull away.

"Good girl, good Oola." Jabba said as he stroked Oola's head and the base of her lekku, Oola's lekku wiggled in contentment of eating and having being rubbed. When Oola finished her meal, she let out a sigh of satifaction, Porcellus you make the best meals Oola thought of the cheif. Jabba then tossed the bowel back onto the table.

Jabba waved off the chief, Porcellus gave a small bow and left with the table. Jabba then wiped the corners of Oola's mouth, "I look forward to your dance and later..." a chill run up Oola's back from seeing the lust gleam in his eyes. She looked over her shoulder and noticed Melina and Ribbon have come back up to the throne room.

Ribbon was uneasily looking about as she came to the middle of the floor. Ribbon's white dancing costume had plenty of ribbons and lace but the reavealing part of her costume was that it was in two pieces. The top part covered the bottom part of her breast, exposing the top. The bottom piece was a pantaloon out of ribbions and it exposed all but the most privite of parts.

Oola could hear Jabba slobber his lips at the sight of the human girl. He turned Oola's head so she was looking into his large reptilen eyes. "Go on my frisky one. Play with your partner, I will watch." he said lapping the air between him and Oola. Oola gave a quick nod, Anything to get away from you she thought as she left the dais.

Oola held her leash in one hand, testing the tightness as she walked to Ribbon. "Hello." Oola said to Ribbon. Ribbon looked at Oola uneasly, "I-I'm scared." she muttered to Oola. Oola touched her hand, "It will be alright, just don't worry." Oola said with confince. "Just remember the steps I showed you and if your nerves fail just stand and wave your arm in the air." Oola wispered.

Ribbon nodded in argemeent, Oola could feel her leash being tugged on. She glaced over at Jabba, she could see the gleam in his eye. Oola took a lenght of her leash in her hands and took a pose. Ribbon also took a pose, the band got ready to play. Jabba waved one of his stubby arms in the air and his words were translated by the droid. "Play!"

It was like a bantha was being gutted...quite loudly. The music that was played early was replaced by an awful wail of the damn. Oh my... Oola tried to focus on another melody but the band's music made impossible. Oola looked over at RIbbon, she had forgotten the lessons that Oola taught her and was just jiggling her body in one place in a lewd way.

Oola stopped dancing, This is a waste of my time...she thought as she went back and took a seat on Jabba's throne. Oola glaced up at Jabba who also looked back, "Bad music." she said nodding her head towards the band. Jabba had an annoyed look on his face, he gave a grunt and waved his hand.

For some reason the band thought it was a signal to play louder. The music became even more painful to listen to and Ribbon "danced" even harder. Jabba then waved his hand a second time and the band played even louder! Oola clapped her hands over the headdress's ear-lobe covers. Ribbon had stopped dancing and had her hands over her ears.

Jabba picked a frog out of his bowel and threw it at the band, "SHUT UP!" he roared at the band. The frog hit the singer's wide nose, the music immedatily stopped. Jabba gave a snort, "Get over here, all of you!", the droid translated it alittle nicer. The band and Ribbon stood in the center of the metal floor, Ribbon was trembling at the possiblity of punishment.

Oola could feel her leash being pulled up, she gave a cry as Jabba jerked her neck up. "YOU." he rumbled as he pointed at Ribbon, "Come closer!" he commanded. Ribbon was shaking as she walked up and stood on the sand covered trap door. "You were horrible! The way you were dancing was repluive as if...if..." Oola could see the rage in Jabba's eyes.

"YOU were making fun of ME!" Jabba raged at the slave girl, before she could say anything Jabba hit the button for the trap door. Ribbon gave a scream as she fell, her hands clawing the sides of the chute. The band was disturd at Jabba's way of "punishment", the Bith leaned closer to the singer and said something.

"What are you saying! What is he saying!" Jabba rumbled to the Bith and then to his droid. "I belived that he said: This quick gig is not worth our lives." said the droid. Jabba eyes reflexed a murderous though, "How dare you! I give you the honor of playing for me and this is how you repay me! Theives!" Jabba thundered as he tighted Oola's leash.

Oola gave a gasp as she struggled to keep the collor from choking her. Jabba loosed his grip on Oola's leash as he pointed to the Bith, "Push him in!" ordered Jabba. Guards had stunk behind the band and grabed each one. Oola watched in horror as the guards pushed the Bith towards the gapping trap door.

He screamed as he was pushed in, he tried to grab one of the ring attached to Jabba's throne but it slipped though his hands. The plain human girl went nexted, Jabba laughted at her scream. Then the rodian, just as he was about to be pushed in he jumped and manged to get his upper body on the throne. He reached out his hand to Oola, "Help me-"

Oola acted out of reaction, she sent one of her sandeled feet into the rodian's face. He was knocked out cold and silently slid into the hole. Oola could feel Jabba pat her head, "Good, very good kick." he rumbled. He then lifted a finger at the Band singer "Break his legs, before you throw him in." Jabba rumbled. Oola closed her eyes and tried to block the screams of the singer.

Oola peeked at and saw the band singer being thrown into the hole. Jabba gave a laugh as he pushed the button that moved his throne closer to the exposed pit. Oola looked down and saw the singer slid out of the wall and on top of the knocked out Rodian. Oola then saw the Bith and the human girl trying to force their way under a ledge were Ribbon was hiding.

Then the sound of metal being pulled up could be heard. The unlucky victums turned to see what was coming. "I wonder what it will be." Jabba said licking his lips. A shiver went up Oola's back, the human girl gave a scream and tried even harder to get herself next to Ribbon. The Bith nearly tripped over his bandmates as he tried to get to the trap door that put them there.

The band singer looked up and was trying to get words out of his mouth but none would come. Oola almost screamed at what she saw, it was a monster that towered over the victums in the pit. "'Ho! It's the Rancor! Perfect'!" laught Jabba at the sence. The Rancor picked up the singer in one hand and swallow him alive in one glup.

Oola held her hand up to her mouth trying not to scream. Then the Rancor easily picked up the Bith, as it was about to bite into the Bith, it paused and gave a sniff of the Bith. The Bith had his arms up as if he could stop the monster from eating him. The rancor almost put the Bith down when it then violantly threw the Bith into the grate above.

Blood exploded from the Bith's body as it hit the spikes below the grate, some blood got on some of the observers who were laughing at the Bith fate. Oola had cluched her leash in her hands, treambling at the band member deaths. Rodian was ripped in half and the Rancor ate him in to bites.

The the rancor pasued and sniffed the air, someone shouted to the beast that there were more under the ledge. As if it heard the suggestion it reached under the ledge, screams from the two human girls could be heard. The Rancor reached in twice, grabbing a girl in each hand. Both girls were screaming, sobbing and pleading as the Rancor was deciding which one to eat.

It chose Ribbon, it shoved her into it's mouth and bit into her. It was like a red fruit had been bitten into two pieces and the red juice was dripping out of the Rancor's mouth. It then ate the rest of Ribbon and then looked at the other girl. She had fainted out of fright, the rancor then did the same with her as it did with the Bith.

Oola could feel some of the blood laid on her face, I need to escape now!...was her though of what could be her fate. The Rancor then looked up at Oola, she could feel the blood in her body go cold. It gave a roar and then the grates snapped shut, Jabba's throne then rolled back. Oola was breathing hard when her leashed was pulled on.

She looked up at the monster that just had five beings killed for displeasing him. His eyes had norrowed on his slave girl, "You stopped dancing." he stated. Oola's eyes widen, "B-but how could...the music was..." she stopped when Jabba put his finger on her lips. "I decide when you stop, no matter how bad the song is." he stated as he twisted his finger on her lips.

Oola gave a whimper as Jabba forced his finger into her mouth. Oola grabbed Jabba's warty hand, trying to force it out of her mouth. Jabba smiled as he forced the Twi'lek to gag for air, he pulled his finger out of Oola's mouth. Oola hunched over breathing in precious air, "Bib, call Melina. I want my pet cleaned for a...private lesson." Oola heard Jabba say.

Oola was trembling, she saw Melina came from somewere and spoke with Bib. Oola looked at Jabba with tears in her eyes, "Not tonight please, not tonight." she sobbed. Melina then took Oola's leash in hand and gave it a pull, "Come on schutta, time to get you clean." Melina sneered. Oola got up and went with Melina, she could hear Jabba licking his lips.

As Oola and Melina were walking back to the Dancer's Pit, Oola could feel her body shaking. "P-please don't take m-me to him. T-tell him I got sick or something just please." Oola pleaded with Melina, Melina just ignored the Twi'lek's pleas and openned the door. Melina pushed Oola though the door and into the room.

The other girls were getting ready for that evening, "Master wants his pet cleanned now!" shouted Melina as she left Oola to the care of the others. The other girls hurried with stripping Oola of her costume, "No! I don't want to go to HIM! I don't want to go!" pleaded Oola. The other girls though had no choice but to follow Melina's orders out of fear of punishment.

Oola looked at Kanna, "Don't want to go*sob*." Oola cried. Kanna took Oola' hand, "Be strong. Please be strong for them." Kanna said to Oola. Oola looked at the other girls, they too were scaried of the coming night. Oola closed her eyes, a shiver went though her shoulders, "I...will try." she wispered.

The other got the tub of water ready for Oola, she sat down in the warm water. The small sponges gently scrubbed Oola's body, "Is...Ribbon still up there?" Lisa asked Oola. Oola bit her lip, she lower her gaze to her painted toe nails, "Was...she...killed?" wispered Cystel. Oola gave the smallest of nods, Cystel gave a sob and continued cleanning Oola's body.

"How did she die?" Amber silently asked though her lekku. Oola silently told them about the deaths that happened earlier, both Twi'leks and Kanna stuttered at what had happen. Oola stepped out of the tub and let the other girls dry her off. Melina returned with a package and the make up kit, "Time to make the schutta pretty." she snarked.

Oola closed her eyes as Melina did her eye shadow, she puffed her lips so Melina could add the glossy shine to them. "You look so beutiful." mock Melina to Oola as she gave her the package. Oola openned the package, the top was a silk towel that exposed her back and cover her front and the botton was a loin cloth of silver string and black silk cloth.

It was not diffacult to put on, Or to take off...Oola thought of her atire for the night. Oola looked over her shoulder and saw the other girls looking back at her. "Come on." Melina stated with a impatint tug of Oola's leash. Oola obedinetly followed Melina back up to the throne room were they went onto the elevator.

When Melina was openning the door to Jabba's room, Oola's nerves failed her. "NOOOO!" Oola screamed as she tried to get away, Melina held onto Oola's leash. "Oh COME ON!" shout Melina as she tossed a leght of leash though the door and stepped out of the way. The leash became tight and Oola was dragged towards the door.

"NOOO!NO!MELINA! DON"TLETHIMTAKEME!" screamed Oola as she was dragged towards the black pit of her master's lust. When Oola passed the theshold, she hauled back on her leash strugling to get back out. Melina stood to the side and strugged her shoulder,"What's the big deal? You done it before right?", Melina then closed the door and walked away on Oola's fifth night as Jabba's slave.

Sixth Day

The twin rose once again over Tataionne, their light reached down to the dephts and touched the sleeping Twi'lek's face. Oola was on her back, her arms above head, her hands cluching the sheets tighly. Her lekku were still slightly swallon, she openned her eyes and looked up at the light.

Oola tilted her head down, her breast and lower body was caked in dried saliva. Her legs were being held apart by the ankles by Jabba's hands. Jabba was still sleeping, a trickle of drool going down the corner of his mouth. Oola contiuned to lay on her back, she laid her arms across her belly. Why am I here...Oola thought as that day came back...

Ryloth-aproxmitly four mouths ago

Ryloth, the home planet of the Twi'leks, it's orbit routes so slowly that there is almost permanted day on one side while etirne night on the other. The only livable areas are along the band were light meets the darkness causing a twilight to fill the sky. Down in one of the many hidden underground settlements among the mounatians, lived the Tarkona clan.

The Tarkona clan was one of the older clans, though they not influence, fame or wealth.They were not reknown like the five families of Ryloth but were proud of who they are. They would be consider primative but the reason why, is that slavers would follow the unsecerced signals to hidden settlements and then raid them of their women and childern.

The current number of the clan was over eight hundred Twi'leks, the clan leader has lead them for more then two decaceds. Though he has lead and protected the clan for so long, he has his own burden. His first wife was kidnapped by raiders and was never seen again while his second wife was killed in other raid.

Oola's mother was the first wife while Nolaa's, her half-sister, mother was the second. Though both of the sister's were loved by their father, Oola was the apple of his eye. She was consquently reminded of how much she look like her mother. The grace of her dance, the melody of her voice and the color of her skin.

Oola given the best education that their father could find for them. She learned how to speack basic from a protocal droid, that their father rented from a trader. Writing, counting and many household tasks. Oola was dissapointed that most of the rules deny any females of any postion of power and that slavery was comman.

When Oola was seventeen she was sent to a pestige school that would increase her "worth". Oola did her best, though many of the other girls there mocked her for being a country bunkin that was so naive. She endrued the laughs and the whispers for four long years. When time came to be evaulted she was placed twelfed out of twenty.

Oola was very disaponited with the outcome, "I should have been placed aleast in the top five!" she declared to her father. When Oola finally returned to were the clan was staying, the clan had a celabration for her. Though the clan did not know what place she took they were very happy that she complted it.

Then she found out why she was sent to that school, she was to be given to a important member of an important family. "What about my life! What about me!" she screamed at her father. "My child, think about the clan. This would give the clan the sectiry to live in peace from raiders." he said to his daughter. "Clan, Clan, Clan! That's all you think about!" Oola declarded.

Oola left the house and went to the common area were the traders would come with their goods. She wandered the area with Nolaa and two "friends", who were more like flatters then anything. "You desever better Oola." "Yes, you should have been first." "You could change Ryloth with your dance." the two other Twi'lek flatterd.

Most of the Twi'leks in the common area wore plain robes, exepted for Oola. She wore a black silk wrap top that exposed her midriff. She had black silk pantaloons with silver emblodered and matching slippers. She also wore a black silk covering that slipped over her lekku protecting them, that she made herself.

Oola borsed though the wares of the traders, she was looking for something to make her happy. "Perhaps Oola, you need to see from father's veiw." Nolaa said to her older sister. "If you marry this member, then the resourses of that family would be shared with the clan." Nolaa stated.

Oola looked at Nolaa, she was three years younger then Oola and was a pretty shade of pink. Though she was pretty, the shot that killed Nolaa's mother had disfigued her. She had one healthy lekku while the other was just a red, shallown stub. "How can you undersand my pain, Nolaa? You are not the one been sold off." Oola snipped at Nolaa.

Nolaa's single lekku was furiously twiching to make up the correct signals. "I...did not mean to insult you sister." Nolaa said. The other two Twi'leks also looked at Nolaa, "It's a shame that you only have one lekku, Nolaa." "Perhaps if you had another, the males would actually look at you." they sneered at her.

"Watch your tone! That is my sister you are insulting!" Oola hissed at the two "friends" who clammed up. Nolaa then gave a smile to Oola and winked at her, Oola gave a wink back when a male Twi'lek came up. "Greetings Oola and you too Nolaa. How are you doing on this fine day?" he said to them.

Oola turned and looked at the speaker, it was Alask a childhood friend. Oola had a incident with him that she considered her worst mistake. (Well, second if compared to leaving home and being enslaved...thought the current Oola.) When she was a adolesant and her body was becoming mature, her father told her not to let others touch her lekku.

So what did a hormorne staturated, crioures young girl do? She had Alask grab her lekku from behind, Oola's father came in at the worst moment. It took Alask's parents, two guards and Nolaa to keep him from throttling the boy. Enstead of exiling him, Oola's father branded Alask's hands, "Every time you look at my daughter, look at your hands first." he stated.

Though time seemed to heal the wounds, both Alask and Oola's father still coudn't look at each other. "Oh...hello Alask, I could be better." Oola then explained her sitiountion. He shook his head, "What a shame, I guess I could have those holo-vids back then." he said. The vids he was talking about were about worlds that had the best places to party and dance.

Oola pouted, "I'm not gone yet." she stated. Alask shrugged his shoulders, "Then you probility don't want to meet someone that might intersend you." He said turning away. Oola's silk covered lekku wiggled intersed, "Who is it?" Oola asked criourily. Alask motioned Oola to follow him, whiched she did.

They came to a hover transport that had "Starlight Entertainment!" painted on the side. It was tucked in a corner of the common area were not alot of people came by. Sitting on a folding chair was Bib Fortuna, he looked Oola up and then down.He then motioned to Oola to sit in a another chair oppasite of him, whiched she did.

"Are you instresed in my services?" Bib asked Oola. Oola fingered her lekku, "What...are your sevices?" she replied. Bib smiled and tapped his fingers together, "I am an agent of Starlight Entertainment, I look for protential girls that have skills suitable for our needs." he said. "Once we have signed them, we send them to worlds that need entertainment. Of course all legel."

Oola's lekku wiggled in exictment, a future off of Ryloth! A future that would show off her skills as a dancer and singer! Thoughts fluttered though her mind of becoming rich and famous by just dancing. And then those hopes dissapated, there was still the reality of being given to that member of that "important" family.

"I would love to but...I am to be given away." she said. Bib gave a sigh and slightly tapped his fingers, " disaponiting." he stated. "Your friend was telling me, that you had a dream of becoming a famous dancer. content living here, willing to live a long sheltered life. If only that dream was stronger." he sighed to Oola.

Oola stood up, he was right, a future that she could grab onto, "When are you leaving?" she asked. He shrugged his shoulders, "Well the curfew that your father set is coming soon." he stated. "I guess that I should look for others who are intersead, though they might be of less talented as you my dear..." he sighed.

Oola's eyes widen as the thought of losing her only chance to leave this suffacting place of her home. "Please...wait as long as you can. I will convince my father." she said with a gleam in her eye. Bib gave a nod and leaned back in his chair, "I suggest you hurry." he said with a smile. Oola left the corner with her three compantions.

Oola and her followers went to the trader that sold fermented drink "What did that male say, Oola?" asked Nolaa. Nolaa and the two "friends" were not in the conversation, "You don't need too know." snipped Oola as she gathered up best of the bottles from the wine merchent's wares. She then dismissed her "friends" and took the bottles with Nolaa back home.

"Why did you get so many bottles Oola? They are a bit expenise aren't they?" Nolaa questioned her sister. The house that Oola and Nolaa lived under their father was simple but better then most of the other clan members. Each of the girls had their own rooms alone, there was running water and a stove. There was a living room as well and that was were their father was.

It seem he was still brooding over his and Oola's argument when he noticed his girls come in. He stood up and greeted them, "You're back...why do you have so many bottles, my emerald?" he asked. "Emerald" was his pet name for Oola, Oola gave the bottles to Nolaa. Oola went to her father with a down, humbled look on her face.

"Father...I am sorry that I yelled at you early. I was being selfish and naive and...and." her father put his hands on her shoulders. "All is forgiven my emerald. I am glad that you have realized what good your sacrifce will bring to the clan. But...what are those bottles for?" he asked Oola. In her heart, Oola knew she had her father just were she wanted him to be.

"Oh father, went I realised what I must do, I went and got the best of drinks to celeabrate with you. Nolaa could you get some cups for our father." Oola smiled at her sister. Nolaa rasied a brow in susionan but did what she was told. Soon the wine began to flow and Oola's father, normaly sober, was very, very drunk.

When Oola's father passed out, she and Nolaa took her father to his bedroom and covered him. Oola closed his door, "Well I am glad father like the drinks so much." Oola snarked to her sister. Nolaa's single lekku wiggled, "...Why did you get father drunk, Oola? she asked. Oola smiled and lazly flipped her lekku over her shoulder.

"I will be in my room." Oola said to her sister. Oola left her unanswered sister and went to her room. She switched her clothing so she now looked like any other robed Twi'lek. She gathered some of her things and put it in a bag: her nice clothing, credits and a few trikets. She then openned the secret passage way that was in her room that was there just in case of raiders.

Oola with her little bag, left her father's house. She went around the outskirts, were no one would be at this time. So far so good, if I continue along-Oola thoughts were intrupted by the sound of someone running behind her. She spun around, it was Nolaa, she had lost one of her sandels running after Oola, she came up and stood before Oola.

Oola could see that puzzled look on her face, Nolaa looked at Oola's bag and then at her sister. " are running away?!" Nolaa excliamed. Since her intentions were now known, Oola abodanwed formalties. "Yes I am running away and you best not stop me!" Oola snapped at her sister.

Nolaa's eyes became watery, "But...why? Father will be furious! And the clan, you will hurt the reputation of the clan!" Nolaa pleaded with her sister. Oola stiffed her resolve, "What about me! What about my dreams! Am I a thing or an object to be given away at a whim! I want to be free to be who I want to be!" Oola screamed at her sister.

Nolaa shook her head, tears going down her face, "You are not a thing, you are my sister! Please come home, I will never tell father about this! Please don't leave me, sister!" she said reaching out to touch Oola's shoulder. Oola smack her sister's hand away, " leaving. GO. HOME." Oola seethered at Nolaa.

Oola turned to leave, "I-I'll scream! And...everybody will-" before Nolaa coud finish, Oola had turned back towards her and slapped her across her face. Nolaa stumbled back, she placed a hand on her face, she was trembling. "Please...don't go." sobbed Nolaa. Oola pointed her fingered at her sister, "GO.HOME.NOW." Oola commanded.

Oola once again turned around, she felt her sister's hands grabbed on to her robes. "LaLa...don't leave me." whispered Nolaa to her sister. Oola wreanched herself out of her sister's hands and raised her own hand threating to hit Nolaa. Nolaa coward before her sister, "Please...don't...go." Nolaa begged of her sister.

Oola's nostils flared up, "I-HATE-YOU!" Oola hissed at Nolaa. "You are not my sister! You are an ugly worm and will never be loved!" Each word stabbed into Nolaa, forcing her to her knees. Nolaa was sobbing, coving her face with her hands. "No...that's not true...not true..." Nolaa crying out her pain.

Oola turned her back on Nolaa and quickly left, part of her wanted to say she was sorry and to say she will always be her sister. But her dream, Oola ran quickly to were Alask and Bib were still waiting. "Oola! You made it. Did you convice-" Oola walked passed Alask and talked to Bib, "Take me away. NOW!" she ordered Bib.

Bib gave a small bow and openned the back of his shuttle, "You carriage awaits." he said to Oola. Oola did not see the smiles and the passing of a bag between the two male Twi'leks behind her. Oola sat down in a chair, she covered her face trying to stop the tears. sorry Nolaa...I'm so sorry...was Oola's thought as she left with Bib in his shuttle.

{C}Oola was then taken to a hidden fortress of Bib on Ryloth. She was handed over to a head-mistress, "I will be back with this one's other and for the elder pair." he said to the mistress. The mistress gave a bow that she understood and took Oola to the dancer's quaters. There were four other Twi'leks, they were all beutiful and graceful.

The first was white-blue with white swirls hidden among her lekku. The second was blue-white with blue lines going down her lekku. The third was deep red and the fourth was light orange. The second pair was alittle snippy at the new girl while the first pair was much more relaxed and welcoming.

Oola adapted well, learning more dances from dance instructers who were brought just to teach the group of girls. Bib did return with Oola's other, a slender velvet blue Twi'lek whose name was Sienn. Bib then took the first pair with him, their last words were ones of encourgment to the other dancers.

The Twi'lek dancers were given their own rooms to dance and live in. The decaying corpse of the last male that tried to lay a hand on one of girls, was tied to a chair in front of their passage way. They were given dancing clothes, skin tight leotards and dance slippers. Oola's style was high kicks and whipping about her lekku, Sienn's style was delacate steps and graceful poses.

Oola quickly grew fond of Sienn, though she still view her as a rival. They trainned togther with the other Twi'leks. When they were not dancing, their were being taught a new lanuaage: Huttese. Oola, wanting to be prasied quickly became flouwnt in the lanuage. Two months flew by and Bib returned with a pair of new Twi'lek dancers.

The red and orange dancers were dolled up, black make-up and black pigmention on their lekku. Their words were alittle more snarky, saying that they are going to be famous and that the others will be second acts compared to them. View their words as a challage, Oola threw herself into her training and soon became the best of the group.

The new pair were twins, a pretty strawberry pink that made them look adorable. Oola learned from the head-mistress that the dancers that Bib took would be evaulted by a rich and powerful indualvidual. Oola's lekku wiggled in exictment, He must be the owner of "Starlight Entertaiment...Oola thought.

Now thoughts of being rich, famous now turned to being rich, famous and powerful. Perhaps...I could entice this person into loving me. Then I would be the lover of the owner of "Starlight" and others would have to respect me...Oola's thoughts told herself. I could order around Bib to get me sweet and such. And those other dancers would have to do what I say...

Then two more months have passed, Bib once again came with a new pair of dancers. "I will be back in a couple of days. Make sure they are ready." said Bib to the Head misstress. The Mistress then took Oola and Sienn to differant rooms then they were acostumed to. There were artistians that took the two girls to be dolled up.(And to be neutered...thought the current Oola)

They gently used a gas that made Oola go into a gentle sleep. Oola then woke up and looked into the mirror, Oola nearly did not recanized herself. Black eye brows were tatooed on her brows with black lines that extened from the corner of her eyes and her lips were now ruby red. What surpirsed her the most were her teeth, they were now white, smooth and round.

Oola ran her tongue over her teeth, So smooth...were her first thoughts. Then in a little while Sienn came out of her room, she too looked differant. Her lips were tattooed white in contrasted of Oola's red. She also had her brows tattooed black, but they extented behind her ear lobes and curled on her cheeks. Black florl chains were pigmented on her lekku.

"You look beutiful, Sienn." said Oola in perfect basic, Sienn's lekku twitched as she thought of the right words. "" she muttered, then the Head mistress had them measured for thier costumes for their future carrers. And then something completly unexpected happened, Sienn got very,very sick.

It was during a rehearse that Sienn doubled over and coughted blood onto the floor. Sienn was confined to her room and doctors were brought in. The head mistress was frantic at what happened, "This can not be happening! It can't be happing!" she screammed. And to make matters worst Bib came back early.

"How...did this happen." He hissed to the Head Mistress. "I...will find out. It...was not my fault." the mistress pleaded. Bib rubbed a one of his hands against his chin, "If I bring a pair that are not ready...Master would be furious." muttered Bib. Oola's lekku twitched, she was standing right there and Bib was going to pass her up because of her partner!?

"I am ready." said Oola to Bib, he rasied a brow at her and then looked at the Head Mistress. "Are the next pair ready?" he asked, the Mistress shook her head, "They have not completed their training." she said. Bib gave a sigh, "I have never brought before the master a single dancer..." "Bring me before him and let him be the judge." snipped Oola.

A smile crepted over Bib's lips, "I knew that you were special. Prepare her before the hour." he waved to the mistress before leaving. The Head Mistress quickly had Oola perpared, her toe nails were painted red like her lips and her fingers white. Purple and sliver eye shadow was aplied to her eye lids. Oola was then clothed in black silk with silver emblied.

Oola's lekku were gently covered in a new silk wrap that had silver woven though out. A beutiful robe drapped over her shoulders and down her body, I don't have anything underneth but that is fine. I won't be dancing in this...thought Oola. A dress that wrapped around her hips and was tied on the side, I won't be dancing in this...she once again thought.

The final piece for her atire were slippers that neatly fit her feet. Oola took a look in a mirror that was nearby, I look like a queen...she thoughted as she looked herself over. Her red lips realy stood out among the black cloth, she smiled with much pride, I have given much and now time to gather the rewards...she thought proudly.

As she was leaving a medical droid stopped her, "The patient Sienn wished that she could be a part of your succuss." the droid said to Oola. Oola's lekku twiched out of annyonce, I don't need anyone that would slow me down...Perhaps it was fate the she got sick...thought Oola. She gave a fake smile, "I wish her a quick recovery." she said as she left.

Oola quickly borded Bib's shuttle, Oola and Bib were the only occuptenes of the shuttle. Oola looked out and saw her world from space, Fasantaing...she thought as it dissaprated from the view of the shuttle. Bib punched some buttons and the computer screen lit up and flashed some numbers.

He leanned back in his chair and closed his eyes as if he entered some sort of medataion. Oola sat anxiously in her chair, " much long until I see the Master?" Oola asked Bib. He did not answer, Oola kept asking him question after question and then he lifted a hand, " seated." he muttered to Oola.

Oola qutlie sat down, Bib then pushed forward a leaver and then the shuttle went into hyper-drive. Oola's mouth dropped, the stars were just lines along the black canvas of space, "" she wispered, then just as quickly the lines became points. "We have arrived." Bib said out loud.

The world that Oola saw was one of brown and grey, "Is...that were we are going?" she asked Bib. Bib was conatrating on piloting the shuttle, "This is were master lives. Have you already forgotten how to speak his tongue? You are to talk only his langunce when spoken to." Bib snapped that lasted part.

Oola was taken back at how he spoke to him, "I...will speak his tongue." she stated. How dare you speak to me like that! When I have captivated the master with my abilites I will have you punished...Oola silently seethered at her fellow Twi'lek. Once the ship went though the atnosphere, Oola saw it was a world of sand.

Why would anyone live on this world?...Oola thought to herself. The shuttle landed in a privite hanger, Oola followed Bib out of the shuttle. "Master will be close to the end of his nap..." Bib muttered to himself. Oola followed Bib outside, the twin suns burnned brightly in the cloudless sky. Oola held a hand over her eyes, Hot...she thought to herself.

Then from around the corner a patrol appeared, Oola quickly hid behind Bib. It was group of stromtroopers, tall humans in white armor that was a bit brown from the sand. "Regasiterion." said the first trooper. Bib dug underneth his robes and pulled out some papers and gave them to the imposing trooper.

The trooper looked over the papers, he passed the paper back. "Carry on and tell your boss to keep his party noise down, we had some complients." said the trooper. Bib gave a short bow, "Of course I will tell the master about the issue." he muttered. The patrol left Bib and Oola, "Were is that fool?" hissed Bib.

Then around the corner a hover car came speeding around, it stopped studdenly. The driver jumped out and quickly gave a short bow to Bib. "Sorry, Bib. But I didn't want to be found by those troopers." the man said. The man was in shabby brown clothes and was untidy and had a replusive smell about him.

"You were drinking, Rudd ." snipped Bib, before the man could replie Bib told him to take a seat in the back. "Oola my dear, please take a seat in the front." he said. Oola did as she was told, Bib then took the drivers seat and then drove the car. Rudd was saying something to Bib that could not be heard over the roar of the engine.

They drove though the street blindingly quick, most of want Oola saw were worn down buildings and sand covered streets. Then they arrived at a very large, town house that seemed to be in the middle of the town. They waited a moment for the gates to open, then they drove though.

The court yard was large and most surpising, there were growing plants and a fountian with flowing water. To have flowing water on a desert planet must mean he is very wealthy and powerful...Oola thought. Bib then stopped the car and then took Oola with him up though the door way of the large house.

There were even more plants and fountians inside then outside, but Bib hurry Oola though the many hallways. As they came to a large room, Bib turned to Oola, "Close your eyes and perpare your mind and body for the master." he stated. Oola nodded and closed her eyes, This is it, the moment I have trainned for...Oola thought to herself.

Oola felt Bib place a hand on her shoulder and gently lead her forward. Oola then smelled a foul smell that reminded her of decay plant matter. Oola force herself to keep her eyes closed, It must be one of the plants...she thought of the smell. Bib then let go of her shoulder, "Wait here." he stated.

Oola paused and folded her hands together, her body was trembling out of exictment. "Master." Bib wispered to someone, Oola could hear a rumble, "I have brought you a present." Bib said. Oola's lekku twitch, Present?...she thought, then the master spoke to Bib, "I thought Twi'leks came in pairs." stated the master.

"Yes...the other was not ready and I did not want to deny you the beauty such as this one." stated Bib, Oola gave a small smile, Yes...I am beutiful...she thought to herself. Then the master licked his lips, "Yes...she is beautiful." he stated. "May she now look apon her new master?" peddled Bib.

"Yes, she can now look at me." the speaker stated, "Oola you can now look apon you new master." stated Bib. Oola openned her eyes, she took a double look, that?!...was her first thought. "He" was not a another Twi'lek or a human or anything she had seen before. The creature before her was a cross between a slug and a toad.

The massive, dirty green and yelow Hutt had orange eyes that were as large a dinner plates. The massive belly had streaks of drool running down it. He had a tail that was like a piller of flesh, that connected to the belly. The mouth made a wide grin and a thick tongue slid out and added a layer of slime to it's lips. The smallest part were his arms, but they just as long as Oola.

"B-B-Bib? W-w-what is that?" Oola asked her fellow Twi'lek. Bib gave a sinster smile, "He is your new master, Oola. The wealthy and powerful Jabba the Hutt." he stated. Oola put he hands to her mouth and shook her head, Bib used the term "master" as if she was the creature's proerty.

"! I am not a slave!" she screamed at Bib, the Hutt waved behind her, "Bring her to me." Jabba commanded. Big guards had appeared behind Oola, they grabbed her by the neck and the wrists. "NO! NO!" Oola screammed, she dispertely struggled to get free but the guards easily brought her to Jabba.

The guards forced Oola to her knees on a cushion before Jabba. Oola was trembling, "Bib...I want to go home! I want to go home!" she screammed at her betrayer. Bib ignored her screams and leaned closer to his master, "Perhaps...the clothes are in the way of seeing her beauty." he whispered out loud to Jabba.

Oola could fell her lekku shrink, her lips trembled, "Please...Bib. Don't. Don't shame me." the trembling slave girl pleaded. Jabba on the other hand was pleased with that thought, "Yes...Bib you can have the honor of revealing her to me." Jabba stated licking his lips. Bib gave a bow and then went behind Oola.

Oola could feel Bib gently grab the silk wrap that covered her lekku. "" Oola sobbed. Bib slowly pulled the wrap up and off of Oola's lekku, "My, she has long head tails." Oola's new master said. Oola tried to tuck her feet under her but Bib removed the soft slippers off her feet.

Then Bib placed his clawed hands on Oola's shoulders, Oola's body shook, "Please, oh please don't." she pleaded. Then almost teasingly Bib pulled the robe off of Oola's shoulders, her breasts were now expose to the leering gaze of Jabba, Oola's face changed to a different shade of green.

"Ohhh, such delicaties this one has." Jabba slobbered out loud. Oola held her head down, then she noticed Bib then placed a hand on the knotted string that covered lower body. Oola gave a sob as Bib undid the knot and the dress fell off of her body. Oola snapped her legs together hidden her groinning, "Ho ho, this one has not known shame." he stated.

Oola's body was shaking out of shame. "Shall I put on the accesioures, master?" Bib asked. " may." said the Hutt, Bib then went and grabbed a package from somewere. He went behind Oola and openned it, Oola was too shocked to care what he was pulling out. Bib then slipped something over her lekku, it slid over her head and covered her ear lobes.

Guessing what it was, Oola deteremend that it was a leather headband. "Ahh, the chrest of my clan on this one's head marks her as mine." Jabba said. Then Bib gave a commanded to the guards holdding Oola, one of the guards then took both of Oola's wrist in both of his hands and then forced his other under her chin lefting it up.

Oola was now looking at the mountain of fat called Jabba. "Ha, soon you will learn to please me." Jabba said to Oola. Oola then felt something cold place on her neck, then it bent over her neck. It's a collar...Oola soon relized, then the smell of metal being welded together filled the air. Oola could feel the collor twisted so the joint was under her chin.

Bib then walked back to Jabba's side, he was holding a black fiber leash in his hands. Oola then followed it back to her neck. Oh no...was the fearful thought that filled her mind, she was lower then a slave, she was a pet. The gaurds then let go of Oola, Oola then with a trembling hand touched her collar.

Bib handed the leash to Jabba who then, with a smile, gave it a hard tug. Oola was jerked forward and landed against Jabba's massive belly, Oola then tried to push away. "NO! Let me go!" she screamed, Jabba though grabbed her arm and pulled it up. "Now to taste." Jabba then stated as his tongue slide out.

Oola wiched as the slimy tongue licked her arm. Jabba's eyes rolled up, "AHAHAH! Spice! Bib you fiend! This girl taste like spice!" Jabba declared. He then grabbed her head and then slobbered all across her chest and up her neck. Oola manage to pull herself away from Jabba and wrapped her arms around her chest.

Jabba licked his lips, "Now Bib, what will this spicy one will wear?" he rumbled. Bib already had another package in his hands, "It is right here master." said the male Twi'lek. Oola watched as Bib openned the package, Bib then tossed some sandels onto the floor. "Put them" Bib sneered at Oola.

Oola then quickly put the flat sandels onto her feet. Then Bib pulled out the final piece a one piece fishnet dancing costume. That won't cover much...was Oola's thought on her costume, Bib then dropped it on the floor before Oola. Oola put it on, it was alittle tricky first putting it, she had to slip the leggings on first then put the straps on.

Oola then adjusted the straps that were on her ankles, knees, thighs and hips. It is very light...Oola thought of her costume, then her leash was tugged on and she looked up at Jabba. Jabba had a gleem of lust in his eyes, "You look ravishing." Jabba stated as he licked his lips. Oola then went as far as her leash would allow her to go and grabbed a pillow to cover herself. Jabba then put his hookah pipe in his mouth and puffed smoke out. I want to go home...


The memorys of yesterday went by in Oola's mind, I was a fool and should have never left home...Oola thought to herself. Jabba began to stirr and let go of Oola's legs, she sat upright and tucked her legs underneath herself. As Jabba was reaching for his hooka pipe, Oola took the opptiryandy to crawl off the bed.

Oola tried to hide herself along the curve of the bed, I hope he doesn't see me...Oola wishfully thought. The black line that her leash made did not help Oola in her quest to be hidden. She made the mistake of looking over at Jabba, who met her gaze with his own. Like a parent who found a child hidding from them, he smile, "I see you." he playfully rumbled.

Oola's body gave a shiver and for sometime Jabba seemed content smoking his hookah. Then Jabba gave a tug on Oola's leash, Oola definetly shook her head, "I won't come." she said to her master. Perhaps Jabba misinterupated her statement as a playful rebuff, he then began to reel in her leash.

"!" Oola cried out as she got up and tried to get away from the bed, the leash became tight and Oola was snapped back onto the bed. Jabba then dragged his struggling slave girl into his arms, "Don't touch me! Don't touch me!" she pleaded. Jabba then grabbed the sides of Oola's head in his hands.

Oola jerk about when she saw him slowy openning his mouth. "" she wimpered as Jabba then pressed his thumbs against her cheeks. Oola's mouth slowly openned much to her dismay, Jabba then slid his tongue into Oola's mouth. Oola tried to release his grip but it was in vain. Oola gag as Jabba rolled his tongue around in her mouth.

It felt as if her lips, tongue and mouth were being violated. Then slowly Jabba withdrew his tongue from his pet's mouth, Oola pushed out the saliva that was her mouth. "You are so beautiful." said Jabba to his slave. "But you have much to learn and until I tell you to stop, you will do what ever I want." he stated.

Then he pushed Oola face down into the bed, he placed one hand on her neck. Oola's body stiffened as she felt him stroking her buttocks, "This is your lesson for not dancing until I tell you to stop." Then all of the sudden he paddled Oola's buttocks. No one, not even her own father did that to her, she gripped the sheets and with tears, prayed for the slapping to stop.

Oola sat in her spot on Jabba's throne, she managed to get the loin cloth back on her body. I want to go home...Oola thought of her situtation. Porcellus came with breakfast, "Good morning master." the chief said. Jabba took a look at the table and gave a grunt, he then gave a tug on Oola's leash.

Oola rose from her spot and crawel over to a spot closer to Jabba. She then did what Jabba like best and hand fed him. As she was putting back one of the bowels, she notcied Porcellus was trying not to look at her. "Ha, Porcellus, why are you trying not to look at my lovly pet. Gaze apon her delacaties." translated the droid as Jabba rubbed one of Oola's breast.

Porcellus's face turned alittle pink, "I...would feel better if miss Oola had more clothes on." he said. Oola's lekku wiggled, He...feels me...thought Oola.After the last plate Jabba waved his hand, "You can go." Jabba stated though his droid, Porcellus gave a bow and left with the table. Jabba then rubbed Oola's lekku, "You will be happy with your new playmate." he rumbled.

Oola then looked to see which of the girls Melina was bring up. Oola's heart sank, NO!...was her horrorfied thought at who Melina had bourght. It was Kanna, she was wearing a white sling bikini with truqious ribbions along the edges. White thigh high boots were on her legs, that were stringed up.

White lip stick was plasted on Kanna's lips, Kanna's eyes were either at the ground or at Oola. Oola placed her hands over her mouth muffling a cry. Oola felt her leash being tugged on, "Does this one please you my sweet mint? A playmate that is not human and *licks lips* pleasant to the palate." Jabba rumbled to Oola.
Melina gave Kanna a push and Kanna climbed up onto the throne by Jabba. As Melina was about to take

Oola's arm, Jabba waved to her. "Leave us for a moment, Melina. My little one has a lesson to learn." Jabba rumbled. Melina gave a short bow, "I obey my master." she said as she dissappeared into the shadows.
Kanna, with a puzzled look on her face, wiggled her lekku. " going on?" she silently asked Oola. Oola still had her hands on her mouth, her body was shivering, Not her!...OH Goddess! Please not her!...Oola cried out to herself. Jabba slid his hands onto Kanna's shoulders, Kanna stiffened at his touch.

"My love, you must learn the pleasure of kissing and this one shall give much." Jabba giggled to Oola. Jabba then jerk Kanna's sling bikini to the sides of her body exposing her volumpous, brick red, breasts. Kanna turned her gaze to the floor and held her arms close to her body. But Jabba had other plans for the Torugta.

Jabba grabbed Kanna's wrists and pull her arms away from her body. "Come! Bury you face into this one's chest! Drink the nectar that is hidden in this girl's fruit!" Jabba declared to Oola. With tears in her eyes, Oola shook her head, "I...will not suck Kanna's breast! You monster! I. Will. Not. Do. It!" Oola screamed in basic so that Kanna could understand.

Jabba seethered in annyonce, "What?! You fickle girl! I had this one brought up so that you could learn!" Jabba bellowed. Before Oola could snap back, Kanna interupted her. "Oola...Oola..." Kanna softly moaned, Oola came closer with her lekku hanging over her shoulders. "Kanna don't worry. I won-" all of the sudden, Kanna kissed Oola on the lips.

Oola was taken back by Kanna's action, Oola pulled back from the other slave girl. "Kanna?..." Oola said as she touched her own lips. Kanna gave Oola a look as she licked her own lips, " so hard to kiss me? Come Oola, let us play before the master." Kanna said in a low lustful voice, her breast heaved up as she took a breath.

Oola notcied the sutile twiches of Kanna's lekku as she had spoke those words. "Just act like you are kissing me. I will do the rest." Oola sadly shook her head, "I-" Kanna then managed to pull herself close to the side of Oola's head. "Please...You...have a future. I do not." Kanna managed to whispered to Oola.

Jabba then jerked Kanna back against his fatty stomach, Kanna cried out from having her arms being pulled. Jabba narrowed his gaze at his Twi'lek slave girl, "DO. IT." he commanded. Her lips trembling, Oola looked at Kanna, "I...please forgive me." she said as she buried her face into Kanna's chest.

Oola could feel the heat of Kanna's body against her face, Kanna gasped then gave a sigh. Oola moved so she was in a more suitable postion for being on top. Kanna wrapped her booted legs about Oola's hips, Oola openned her mouth alittle and began to beath heavly against Kanna's breast.

Kanna then jerked her chest and hips in motion to Oola's breathing, "Oh! Oh! Oola, Ah! You suck so hard!" Kanna faked moanned. But then Oola felt Kanna's breast becoming hotter, she openned her mouth alittle wider to get more air and accdently licked Kanna's breast. That pleasant memory of sucking Lavander's breast came to Oola's mind.

Oola paused, Kanna also paused her acted foreplay, "Oola...why did you stop?" Kanna quitely asked. Oola looked up from Kanna's breast, "I am really sorry." wispered Oola. Oola's tongue slid out of her mouth and licked the tip of Kanna's breast. Kanna grew stiff, "O-Oola...what are you doing?" she asked with a tremble in her voice.

Oola let out a heavy sigh, she then rubbed her tongue against Kanna's nipple. Kanna's lekku grew larger out of the pleasure and began to silther about trying to find something to wrap around. "OH...Oh!" Kanna moaned, Oola then pressed her lips against Kanna's volumpous breast, she sucked hard on Kanna's breast.

Kanna struggled in Jabba's grasp, she was taking deep moanful gasps. Oola placed one of her hands on the back of Kanna's hips and slide the other up to Kanna's other breast. Kanna's lekku found Oola's and weaved themselves together. Oola could feel her own body becoming hotter, her own lekku began to swell up becoming more senstive.

More...was the only thought in Oola's mind, she sucked harder on the fatty, brick red breast before her. Kanna's body shook and then Oola tasted something in her mouth. The liquid was warm and creamy to the taste, So this is the nectar that master talked about...Oola thought. Oola swallowed the liquid and pulled herself from Kanna's body.

Oola could feel beads of sweat across her body and lekku, Oola took deep breaths to cool herself down. Kanna was doing the same, both Oola's and Kanna's lekku untwained themsevles and became less swallown."Ho ho, excellent. Have you found the taste of this one's nectar desireable?" Jabba said to his Twi'lek slave.

Oola then realized what this "lesson" was about, He is training me to enjoy the taste of another...was the sicking realiztion that she had. She put a balled up hand against her lips, her lekku wiggled against her arm, "I am sorry, really sorry." she silently told Kanna. Kanna gave a small, sad smile, "I forgive you." she silently replied.

Jabba then let go of one of Kanna's arms and patted Oola's head. "Kiss." he stated as he licked his lips. Oola leanned over Kanna and kissed Jabba's warty chin, Jabba's belly rumbled in pleasure, " are learnning quickly." he said. Jabba then waved for Melina to take his favorite girl back to the pit.

Oola gently touched Kanna's hand as she left, Oola's eyes became watery. Kanna adjusted her sling bikini so that it once more covered herself. Oola walked as fasted as she could with Melina following her with the leash. "Hey! Slow down, why are runnning?" Melina said as she had to keep pace with the Twi'lek.

Oola ignored Melina and when they came to the door, out of memory, Oola pressed the buttons that Melina pushed to openned the door. Oola went though the door and went to her spot, sat down, grabbed a custion and then cried into it. As she was crying, she flet her leash being tossed on the floor and someone tap her back.

"Hey, I need the bottom piece of you nightys." Melina stated with her hand out. Oola glared at Melina from the corner of the custion, she stripped the loincloth from her body. "Here, take your worthless piece of trash!" Oola snapped at Melina, Oola then tossed the piece of clothing at Melina.

Melina was some what taken back at the tone of Oola's voice and quitly left the room. Oola contiued to sob into the custion, then she felt a familer touch. Oola looked up with red eyes at the toucher, it was Lavander with the other two Twi'leks. "Are you...ok?" Lavander asked Oola, Oola shook her head in sadness.

"Kanna is strong, she will be fine." Ruby said trying to reasure Oola. Oola shook her head, "I...I hurt her. I hurt her." she cried. Amber and Ruby looked at each, "What happened?" they asked. Oola then told them with pauses and stutters. Ruby and Amber looked at each other disgust, Ruby then touched Oola's hand.

"Listen very carefully Oola." Ruby said in a hushed tone, "rMaster is training you to be more sexually aroused by using Kanna.Think of Kanna as a mirror for youself, he wants you to be like Kanna. This will be really hard but...Kanna you know is no longer alive, but is a thing that is being used to entrap you. Forget about her." Ruby said.

Oola was stunned, forget Kanna? Forget the girl that bonded with her and became the only family Oola has in this dark place. "What?! can you say that? Forget Kanna? No! I will not forget about her. One day I will be free of this place and Kanna and I will go home." Oola said with confinced.

Ruby shook her head, "Do you not see? Master is using your feelings for her to twist you into his plaything. He will use her to bend you to his will. Kanna is dead." Ruby stated. Oola buried her faced once more into the custion, as she sobbed she could feel one of the other girls touch her shoulder. "Just...go to sleep. can be free in your dreams."

Oola then went to her side and curled up with the custion, she kept her eyes closed and the gift of sleep fell apon her. Hours went by and Oola once woke up in this prison of her foolishness. Oola went to the wash room to clean herself, "Can I help you get...clean?" asked Lavander. Oola said yes and afterwards Oola got her costume back on.

Yarna once again brought the meal to the girls, "Make sure you eat it all up." she said. The girls' meal came and after they were finished, Ruby stood up and spoke, " up with the master. So Oola, Amber and myself we be doing the lessons." Oola did the dancing again, Amber did the singing and Ruby did the breathing.

Though it seemed that all the girls were taking part of the lessons, Oola noticed that the three seasoned human girls were conspiring together about something. Later Melina came with thier costumes and those glossy pills, "Melina." Oola said, Melina turned and looked at the green Twi'lek. "What?" Melina snipped.

Oola glaced at the floor for a moment, "I...want to go the the throne room." she said. Melina raised a eyebrow, "You can't." "Why not?" Oola asked. Melina gave a sigh and crossed her arms, "Because if master sees you-" "He won't see me. I will be hidden in the shadows. Please." Oola pleaded with Melina.

Melina rubbed her hand over her mouth hidding a smile, "Will you behave?" Melina asked. Oola gave a nod, "Yes, I will behave." "You will be escouted by a guard." Melina replied. Oola's lekku twitched, "Guard?" she asked, "Yeah, one of those big green pigs. You might find somthing in common." Melina snarked.

Oola pouted, she really wanted to go alone but if the only way was to be escouted..."Well?" Melina intrupted Oola's thoughts. Oola gave a sigh, "Yes, as long the guard keeps his hands to himself." Oola stated. Melina smiled, "Alright I will be back." she stated as she lead the other girls out of the room.

Oola waited and waited and then waited somemore, When is Melina coming back?...Oola thought to herself. Melina did eventually came back, "Come on." she stated, Oola came out of the Dancer's pit with Melina. A big pig guard was standing there, Melina handed it Oola's leash. "Don't let it go." Melina commanded.

It gave a grunt, "It understands basic and huttese. Just don't expect to have a conversation." Melina starked to Oola. Melina left Oola and the guard alone, the Garmorrn guard just stood there, waiting for Oola to say something. Oola touched her leash, "I want to go close to the throne room." Oola stated to the guard.

It gave a grunt and began to waddle towards the passageways that would lead to the throne room. Oola walked behind the guard, the metal joint gave a little jiggle sound, " speak basic?" Oola asked. The guard paused, he then shook his head, he waved a hand at his throat, So..he can't talk basic...thought Oola.

After walking they came close to the passage way of the throne room. The sounds of reavly could be heard, Oola put a hand on the guard's shoulder, "Please stop." she asked the guard. The guard stopped, Oola then crepted up to the entrance of the passage. Oola kept herself hidden in the shadows of the alchove.

The reavaly was in full swing, most of the patrons were drinking and eating and enjoying the enetertainment. Jess was playing the guiter that the former human female bandmember had, Kanna, Ruby and Amber were all dancing together. Thier bodies were so close together, they would take turns dancing before Jabba's throne and then return to the metal floor.

Ruby was wearing a light yellow gown that looped down her neck, it was spilted down the middle so when she would spin or turn it would reavel her torse. she wore a yellow bikini bottom and had yellow dancing shoes. Amber wore a red bikini wrap top and wore loose red troushers with suspenders with red slippers.

And Kanna still had her attire from early, the dance those three did was very sensual. During her turn, Amber's yellow body would be in the middle of the two red bodies, carsessimg them. Then during Ruby's turn, she sensual picked the other girl's lekku in her hands and slid them against hers.

Then Kanna's turn came, she turned her back to Jabba, the two Twi'lek girls then stroked the back of Kanna's body down from her neck down to her tighs. Oola could see the exictment in Jabba's eyes, his tongue lapping his lips and his tail was whipping about. Jabba bellowed out an order that the droid then translated.

Kanna then left the dance floor and craweled up onto the throne. Amber and Ruby then separted and danced on the oppasive sides of the floor. Kanna knelt before Jabba, her hands weaving the air holding her lekku. Jabba leaned over her, his hands going around her feeling the string behind her. He strummed it as he look down on her.

Kanna placed her hands on Jabba's belly, she was grinding her sling bikini body angist his belly. Jabba's eyes narrowed on his slave girl. His hands went to the knot that held the bikini together, Kanna playfully shifted her body as Jabba undid the knot. Oola could see the white, sling bikini fall off the brick red body of Kanna's.

Oola put a hand of her to her mouth, Poor Kanna...was the Twi'lek's thought. Kanna rolled her naked body in Jabba's hands, Jabba leaned in and lick Kanna's body. Kanna twisted her body so she was facing the dance floor. Kanna rub her buttocks against Jabba's belly, Jabba's hands wrapped around her belly and breast.

Jabba then pulled the slave girl up against his belly, Kanna who arched her back was playfully struggling. Oola could hear the members of the court whistle and use lewd words. Jabba then slid his hand down in to Kanna's body, Kanna's body jerked in response. Beads of sweat were on her body as her lekku became enlarged.

Jabba then leaned close to the side of her head, he must have wispered somethig dreadful because Kanna then franticly struggled in his grasp. Oola leanned out of the shadows, she was about shout when she remembled what she promised Melina. Kanna must have noticed Oola because she turned her eyes toward her.

Kanna face became down cast, but her body still was being molested by the Hutt. Oola turned away, she couldn't watch anymore. She commanded the gaurd to take her back, which it did. Once inside Oola threw herself onto the custions.

"OHGODDESSYOUWHOTEACHESUSHOWTODANCEANDSINGPLEASEHEARMYPRAY..." Oola prayed until she fell asleep on the sixth night of her captivatiy.

Seventh Day
Oola woke up alittle early then normal, with a grumble, she softly stepped over the bodies of the other girls and went to the cleanning room. Oola reveld herself of her waste then went back to her spot. Oola laid there for a moment and listened to the gentle breathing of the other girls. An odd wimper would leave one of the girls.

Why...Why are we, who are so weak and helpless...have no hero to resuce one to save us from this place of drakness and pain, oh Goddess...Oola thought to herself. Oola took on of the custions that was next to her and held it tight against her body, Poor Kanna...the next time we are together I will tell her all the thing I know about Ryloth...Oola thought.

Oola closed her eyes and went back to sleep for some time. Then the proper time of waking up came and Oola once more sat upright. The other girls were also waking up, Oola went over to Ruby and Amber, "Would you like you back rubbed?" Oola asked either one of Twi'leks. Ruby nodded her head,"Yes...thank you." Ruby stated.

As Oola was rubbing Ruby's shoulders she asked what happened last night, feniting inncention of what happened. "Oh...Amber and I danced with Kanna last night." said Ruby, "We then had a cient each, why can't Melina give us a break? What does she think we are, droids?" snipped Amber as she streached out her legs.

Oola gave a chuckle, then she bit her lip, "How...was Kanna?" she asked. Ruby looked over her shoulder, "She...was master's plaything for the night." she stated. Oola gave a silent nod, "Didn't you ask to be taken up to the throne room last night?" asked Lavander who was closed by rubbing her legs. Oola strugged her shoulder's, "Melina didn't come back so, I was here." she lied.

Lavander gave a nodded and contiened to rub her legs. Lute and the Nautolan were taking turns rubbing each other's back. "Greetings, I'm Oola. What is your name?" Oola asked the Nautolan. The Nautolan looked at Oola with her large pitch black eyes, "I'm called Raca. nice meeting you Oola girly.", Oola had to look away trying not to luagh.

"You talk very funny." said Lute to Raca, "Well I wot say the same to you Lute girly." Raca snipped at Lute. "After Oola managed to get a straight face back on, she looked back at Raca, "Do you remeber your home Raca?" Oola asked as Ruby was rubbing Oola's shoulders. Raca sadly nodded her head, "Yeah Oola girly...I remember." she stated.

When asked by the other girls, Raca told them about her world. "Water, girlz. Water was every were and everything. So much water that my people lived in water." she said with a sigh. Raca then told how she got kiddnapped, "Some trador's just said "Oh would you like to see how the world looks like from space?" and Raca was a stupid girly and said yes." she grumbled.

So then the traders took her to space, "At first I was smitted and but then they took me to a knook were thos scum sold me to those scumy lizards and that is how Raca girly got here." she sighed as she fingered her tenecules. Oola and the other two Twi'leks shook their heads, "That is really sad. I am sorry for your loss." said Amber.

Raca shrugged her shoulders, "It woten be to bad if we didn't get mined at night." she said with disgust. Oola gave a sigh and then looked at the two fresh human girls, "I am Oola, what are your names?" she asked with a friendly smile. The two human girls looked at Lisa's group then at Oola, " called Silk." "And I am called Pure."

Silk was the blonde one and Pure was the chestnut haired one. Oola slightly bit her lip and glaced at Lisa's group, How cruel, why call someone "Pure" when they will be force to be unpure...Oola thought of the girls naming. Oola gave a small sad, smile, "Does...that mean you don't know were you came from?" she asked.

There was such a sad look on Silk and Pure's faces, "I don't know. I know things but how I know I don't know." " I want to go home! I don't know were but I..I want to go home." both the girls sobbed out there helplessness. "It's ok, perhaps...Your real famlies are looking for you." Lavander said.

As Pure and Silk gave a gleam of hope in their eyes, Lisa and the others came closer to them. "Don't give false hope Lav." "Yeah, I hear that you are a real schutta, you like it when they mount you." said Crystel and then Lisa. Lavadner gave a look a pain, "How..can you say that, it hurts everytime." she said softly.

Cystel held Silk in her arms while Lisa stroked Pure's hair, "You really should learn to keep to your own kind and not with aliens." said Lisa. Caelia crawled up to Lavander and placed a hand on Lavander's tigh, "Come on Lav,come with me to the wash room. I can make you feel really good." Oola noticed a gleam of lust in Caelia's eyes.

Lavander jerk herself away and hid herself amon Oola and the other humanoids. "I will go with Oola and the other "aliens" thank you." Lavander snipped at Caelia. Caelia winkled her nose and scowled at Lavander, "Fine be that way, I will teach you a lesson once master's "pet" goes back to him." she sneered at Lavander.

"Yeah right, once Kanna come back she will make you remember your place Caelia." "Yeah, once Kanna comes back you'll all be back in line." said Ruby and Amber. The three seasoned human girls chuckled amon themselves, "What is so funny?" asked Oola. "I don't think Kanna will be back here." said Lisa with a proud grin.

Oola's lekku twitched," you mean?' she asked. Lisa pretended to flaten Pure's dress but really was copping a feel of Pure's slender body. "You'll see." she said with a grin, before Oola could ask anything more, Yarna came with thier meal. "Hello girls." she said, Oola and the others lined up and got thier meals.

After they were done, Yarna went to get the cleanning supplies, Lavander kept close to Oola and the other Twi'leks. "I...don't want to left alone with THEM." Lavander wispered to Oola. Oola noticed that Both Lisa and Cystel kept the two new girls close to them while Caelia was watching Lavander with hidden intent.

Yarna came back with the supplies, Oola and her group went into the cleanning room first followed by Lisa's group. The room was divided into two side, one side was Oola's and the other was Lisa's. If a bar of soap or sponge fell across the invisible line between them the one that dropped it would just leave it there.

"What is going on?" "Yeah what is really going on?" "I don't know but it must have to do with Kanna being up there with master." Oola and two other Twi'leks were silently talking to each other as they washed themselves. Once they were done, Oola got into her costume and then Melina showed up with the make up kit.

"So how was you're little trip to the throne room?" asked Melina as she applied the eye shadow to Oola's brow. Oola's lekku twitched, "Oh...well...after thinking about it. I didn't really want to see my friend get molested by that slug. So I stayed here." Oola once again lied. Melina gave Oola one of her fake smiles.

"Oh really Oola? So the guard that took care of you was lying about you being there when Kanna was stripped naked...Oola?" stated Melina. Oola's eyes darted to the ground, "" Oola strammed. Oola did not expect the guard to give a report to Melina and had thought that the guard would just grunt at what ever he was asked.

Melina smiled as she pulled out the clear lip gloss from her case. "Gotch yah." Melina snarked to Oola, as Oola was openning her mouth to speak, Melina pressed the gloss against Oola's lips. "Master has a saying: If a girl is lying, she will have sour taste in her mouth. So Oola I hope that you don't have a sour taste becuase master will give you a lesson you wished you never had." she stated.

Oola gave a small whimper as Melina cover her lips with the gloss. "There, all pretty for master, you green schutta." snarked Melina as she stood up. Oola also stood up as well, Melina then snacthed Oola's leash from her hands. "Come on pet, master is waiting." Melina cruely stated of Oola's fate.

Oola sadly nodded her head, as she was leaving she felt a hand touch her arm. It was Lavander, "Re-remember us." Lavander quitly spoke to Oola. Oola gave a nod, then she was tugged forward. "Come." Melina stated, Oola followed Melina out of the Dancer's pit into the passageways.

"Melina." Oola asked the costume desiger, "Is...death the only way out of this place?" she questioned Melina. Melina chuckled at the thought, "Oh no, by no means is death the only way out." she wispered in a hushed tone. A chill went up Oola's back," mean?" Oola whispered back.

Melina gave a half insane smile, "You can give up your soul to HIM. Then you can go were ever you want, HEHEHE." she laughted. Oola was now certain that this place of death ad pain drives people mad with the fear of dispeasing that mountain of fat. I need to escape this place. I will escape with Kanna and the others and we will be free... she thought to herself.

But how..that thought was interrupted by Melina pulling on Oola's leash. "Enought daydreaming, master is waiting." Melina snipped. Oola walked alittle in front of Melina, though Oola dreaded the thought of going back to Jabba's side she knew she was switching places with her friend.

At least Kanna won't have to endure his touches any more...Oola thought to herself as they came to the throne room. Oola saw Kanna sitting next to Jabba still nake, she must have stripped off her boots during last night's revely. Porcellus was taking the dishes from Jabba's morning meal, by the looks of it Kanna did not eat her meal.

Kanna glaced at Oola with such sadness that Oola looked away, Your turn is over Kanna, go back and please wait for me..Oola thought to herself. Oola could hear Jabba shifted toward her and Melina, "Ah! My little one as returned, now I have something-" Jabba paused. "Hey what are you-Hey HEY COME BACK!" Jabba bellowed.

Oola looked up, Kanna was gone, Melina dropped Oola's leash and screammed at the top of her lungs "GET HER!". Oola was shoved aside by guards and others trying to get a hold of Kanna. So the throne room was nearly empty of guards. Perhaps this is a good time to dissappear...Oola thought to herself as she backed up towards the passageway.

"Were are you going my little sweet mint?" rumbled Jabba who was eyeing Oola. Oola stopped dead in her tracks. Though Jabba was not holding her leash, Oola could feel the pull of his will, "I was...I was..." Oola muttered. Jabba raised his hand, "Come." he commanded to his slave girl.

Oola took a step towards her master, What am I doing?...she thought. This...thing has deflied her body, had girls killed for displeasing him and had people killed for sport, so why was she going to him. Because...I'm a corward and a runaway. I have no future but to be his toy...Oola thought to herself.

Oola climbed onto the throne and sat in her normal spot. "Leash." rumbled her master, Oola gently tossed a good leght of the leash to Jabba. I hope Kanna is ok...Oola thought to herself as she brought her knees up to her chest. Just as Oola was putting her arms around her knees, her leash was violently pulled to the side.

Oola was pulled off of her spot and nearly hit her head on the stony lip of the throne. Before she could upright herself, Jabba grabbed her left lekku and squeesed it very, very hard. The pain Oola recived was worse then being shock, Oola's eyes rolled back into her head and she nearly blacked out.

Jabba then let go of her lekku, Oola was gasping for air and was gently nursing her lekku when her leash became tight. Oola did not see Jabba's hand that striked the side of her head. The world spun around her, she brought her hands up to protect her head from futher hits. "That filth worm head! That filthy schutta! When I get my hands on her I will break her!" he declared as he hit Oola.

Oola arms were becoming numb from Jabba's hits, "Master! Please stop! You're hurting me!" Oola begged of her master. Jabba paused his blind thrashing, Oola looked over her arms shaking, "Please...stop...hurting me..." Oola wimpered. Jabba's eyes focused on his trembling slave girl, he reached out with the hand that he was useing to beat Oola.

Oola cowarded before Jabba closing her eyes and put her numb arms above her head. Jabba just patted Oola's head, "Oh my sweet, master is just angry at that faithless schutta that ran off. She was to be your teacher of the sweet arts of pleasure." Jabba rumbled as she rubbed Oola's head. "Soon they will bring her back and she will be sevily punished." he stated.

Oola glaced up at Jabba, she could tell that he wanted to hurt or kill something. Oola looked to her right and saw that the frogs swimming about, "Master...would you like a snack?" Oola asked Jabba. Jabba licked his lips, "Of course my little one." he said to his slave. Oola waited for one of the frogs to come up for air when she quickly plucked from the water.

Oola gently tossed the frog into Jabba's gapping mouth, a shiver went thought Oola's back as she watched Jabba play with the frog in his mouth. The frog would try to jump out of Jabba's mouth but Jabba would flick his tongue and the frog would go back into his mouth. Eventuly Jabba stopped playing and ate that frog when Bib came with a man in tow.

Bib, who normally had a pale pink tone to his skin, was more pale then normal. The man that was following Bib seemed to be a trader of sorts, "So Mr. majodomo, were can I place a bet on that race." said the trader. Jabba's tail twitched along with his left eye, "Huh? What is that trader talking about Bib?" Jabba asked his Twi'lek servent.

Bib had his eyes glued to the floor, the trader asked the droid what Jabba had asked and the droid told him. "Oh well your mightness, when I as coming in though you gate, a girl. Much like the one you have next to you but brick red. Ran pass me so quickly I was sure she was racing something or someone." said the trader.

Oola cover her mouth to stop herself from gasping, Kanna got OUTSIDE?!...was Oola's surpised thought. Oola glaced over at Jabba, he had his own mouth open out of surpise. Jabba's belly shook, "Wait-wait, are you telling me that you let a girl run passed you and you did NOTHING to stop her?!" Jabba exclaimed though the droid.

The man was taken back, "But...there were others chasing her your mightness." stuttered the man. "There were a half a dozen guards and an enraged woman chasing her. But the couldn't catch her so they went back inside your fortress...sir." stated the man. Jabba's eye twitched, Oola judged by his body langugue that someone was about to die.

"Ho, ho ho. Very funny joke, please. Come closer and tell it to me again." laughted Jabba. The stupid man did as he was told and just as he was about to say what had happen, Jabba slapped a button and openned the trap door. The trader gave a gasp as he went down the trap door. Jabba did not rool his throne closer but just closed the trap door.

Jabba gave Bib a murderous look, "If Melina and those guards come back empty handed they better be righty to die!" Jabba exclamned. Jabba then tighted his grip on Oola's leash and rasied his right hand as to strike her. Oola brought up her hands to defend herself when a voice spoke out from an alcove, "Still beating helpless girls huh Jabba." said the voice

Oola looked up and saw the speaker, the creature was tall and wide at the shoulders. The grotesque face nearly reached down to his knees and the face was worn and grey. In one of it's grey clawed hands, it carried a cane made out of a single bone and in the other it had a silver case. A dirty brown robe with a hood cover the creature as it came before Jabba.

"Ah! Ephant Mon you old scum! How was your trip?" Jabba said in a freindly tone. Mon nodded his oversized head, "It was fine, had to crack some heads though." Mon grumbled. Jabba laughted, "Oh Mon my old friend, I know you can handle anything that come your way." he rumbled. Mon gave grunt then narrowed his beady eyes on Oola.

Mon glaced at Bib then back at Jabba,"Fortuna got you a new girl huh." Mon rumbled, Jabba gave a snicker and ran and finger over Oola's shoulder. "Isn't she a pretty one, Mon? I have found her much to my taste." Jabba slobbered. Jabba then looked at Oola, "Strip Oola, strip. Show that old scum how much you love me." Jabba leered at his slave.

Oola strunk in disgust, she wanted to say no but she saw Jabba's hand on his armrest by those buttons. "Oola, don't." rumbled Mon, Oola lekku twitched in surpise, she paused waiting for Jabba to override his command. "Oh Mon, why not? Is this girl not a looker or...if she really is ugly, I should just kill her?" Jabba muttered.

Oola trembled out of the fear of death, I don't want to die...she thought. Oola put her hands on shoulder straps of her costume, "I'll strip master, please don't kill me." Oola begged. Jabba gave a chuckle, "See Mon, she wants to strip." he said licking his lips. Mon only shook his head, "Jabba my friend, you really should give up this fetish of having slave girls. It's not good for you health." he grunted.

Once more Oola was surpised that someone in this wreached place still had a soul. "Ignore him my love and strip for you master." bellowed Jabba. Oola pulled off her fish net costume, exposing her body to her master. "Yes." Jabba said as he watch his beutiful slave undress herself. She soon was just had her headband, collar and sandels on her body.

Jabba gave a tug on her leash, "Come closer my sweet." he slobbered to his slave girl. Trembling Oola came closer and pressed her naked body angainst Jabba's belly. Jabba placed his hands on Oola's back, he then slid them up and down. Oola could feel her body stiffen, "Oh ho, I can tell you are getting arouse my dear." Jabba said licking the air.

Oola's body was becoming aroused by his touched, her lekku were becoming enlarged and her breast were hardening at the tips. Mon gave a coff, "When then I guess you don't want the present I got you Jabba." stated Mon. Jabba stopped rubbing Oola's body,"...What gift? You got me a gift?! I want it!" declared Jabba.

Mon just shook his head, " have your hands full molesting that poor girl. So I will wait for tomorrow." he stated as he turned around. Jabba grabbed Oola by the shoulders and set her to the side of his belly, "There, my hands are free. Give me." Jabba stated. Oola could almost make out a smile on those weathered lips.

"Of course my friend." said Mon as he held the case up. He openned it and Oola saw what perhaps was the largest handgun she has ever seen. "Wow! What is that!?" declared Jabba, Mon gave a little chuckle. "This is a custom made hand cannon that I had made for you Jabba." he said as he pulled it out.

Mon then passed it to Jabba, in Jabba's hands it looked like a normal hand gun but if Oola were to hold it, she would have to use two hands to carry it. Oola noticed a look of dread fill Bib's already pale face. "Does it have a battary in it or do I have to put one in?" asked Jabba. Mon then pulled out what looked like a brick from the case and tossed it to Jabba.

Mon then quitly move to the side while Jabba put the battery in the gun. Oola then noticed that everbody in the room except for Jabba was on edge. "Let's see how it works..." rumbled jabba as he pointed the hand cannon at an alcove. Like bugs that have sensed the persense of fire, the patrons scurried out of the way when Jabba pulled the trigger.

The blast from the shot that hit the table shook the room, By the Goddess...Oola thought as she put a hand over her mouth. The stone table that the partons were using was rubble and on fire. "By my belly! Did you see that Mon! It blew up a table! Oh oh, Bib go get a prisonar I want to see how it works on a living being." Jabba bellowed out in exictment.

Bib gave a bow and quickly left the room, Yarna and a couple others were cleanning the mess while keeping an eye on Jabba's gun. Jabba affectionly waved it in the air, "I can't wait to use it on a live being." he rumbled. Oola had quitely slipped her costume back on her body. Please don't use that thing on me...Oola silently wished.

Bib quickly returned with a prisanor being lead by two pig guards. It was a man, who might have been in his twentys, he looked unkepted and his hair was long and greasy. The garrmons dumped him on the metal floor, "Remind me what he did to afend me?" Jabba asked Bib. "This man was a swindler and took money from one of you enterpizes." Bib stated.

The man sadly looked up at Jabba and then looked at Oola. Oola had to look away, Poor man...she thought. The man folded his hands and started to beg for mecry, "Oh great and mighty Jabba, please forgive me. I have learned my lesson and I will never ever steal from anyone again." pleaded the man with tears in his eyes.

Jabba laughted, "Stand him up." he commanded to his pig guards. The two guards picked up the man and grabbed his waists, streached him out. The man then realized that Jabba had a gun in his hands. He became to scream and tried to get of of the guards grip. "OHNO!PLEASEHAVEMERCY!" sobbed the man.

Jabba aimed at the man's legs, "Let's try winging him." Jabba rumbled out his thought. Oola closed her eyes as Jabba pulled the tigger, the smell of cooked fleash and the sounds of a screaming man filled the throne room. When Oola openned her eyes, she really wanted to throw up her last meal.

The man's left leg was gone, all that was left was a smouldering stub that use to be the man's thigh. The shot not only decaptived the mans leg but also calterized the wound so he couldn't bleed to death. The man was trembling out of shock, "Ha! I LOVE this gun!" Jabba excliamed. Jabba then openned the trap door and had the man tossed into.

Jabba then rolled his throne towards the open metel grates, Oola looked down into the pit. The trader from early must have stood up when the grates openned. The man that just had his leg shot off just tumbled out of the side of the wall. Though the trader was startled, he went and tried to help the crippled man.

Bib then wispered something to Jabba, "Ha, that would be funny to see!" Jabba exclaimed. BIb then had a guard grab a bar of metal and tossed it down into the pit. Both men were surpized by the falling piece of metal. "If one kills the other, master will think of setting the winner free." Bib stated in a loud vioce.

The crowd watching mummered among themsevles, "Not fair, one of them is cripple, he never has a chance." No, no, the cripple will be more determented to live." were some of the statementss floating among the obserevers. The trader shook his head and gave the piece of metal to the cripple to use as a cane.

"Come on, let's see if there is a way out." said the trader, the cripple leanned on the metal pole. "Can you look, I'm still chatching my breath." said the cripple, the trader nodded his head and turned around. The cripple man took his chance, balancing on one leg, he swung the pole directly into the back of the trader's head.

The crowd of onlookers were laughting as the one leg man beat the other to death. Oola huddled closed to Jabba's belly and push her face close to it. As Jabba watched the beating, he stroked Oola's shoulder, I need to escape...she thought. After a little while, the one leg man looked up towards Jabba.

"I killed him! So please! I want to be free!" exclaimed the blood spalted man. Jabba laughted and then though the droid spoke, "As the peace keeper of this planet, I can not let murderers wander free. So you will die." Jabba stated as he pointed his gun down into the pit. The man gave a single gasp as the red bolt hit him in the chest.

Oola winced as the man exploded, the grates then snapped shut. As the throne rolled back, Jabba chuckled, "I like it Mon! I shall call it...Gun." he proclaim with a smile. Oola's lekku twiched, Why would anyone call a gun, Gun?...she thought to herself. Jabba then took the battry out and gave the gun to a trusted lacky.

"Guard it with your life." Jabba stated though his droid. The lacky gave a bow, Jabba then looked at Mon, "I thank you for your gift. I will use it much." Jabba stated in basic to his friend. Mon gave a shunted bow, "My pleasure." he replied, Jabba then gave a yawn. "Oh all this exictment has made me tried." he stated.

Jabba glaced down towards Oola, he wrapped a hand on her shoulder. "Did watching those scum die make you exicted, my sweet?" he stated as he licked his lips. Oola obedanitly nodded, "Y-yes. It made me exicted." she stated back. Jabba gave a chuckled, "Well you must save your energy for the evening." Jabba said as he nestled down with Oola in his arms.

Soon Jabba was asleep and most of the others were also getting themselves cormafble. As Oola laid in Jabba's grasp she glaced over at Bib and Mon who were still talking. "Were is Melina? I want my report..." "She went out to catch a runaway slave..." was some parts of the consteration. Oola couldn't keep her eyes open for long and went to sleep.

Sometime later, Oola once again wake up, she gave a yawn. She smack her lips a couple of times, I could really use a drink...she thought. The Patrons were giving their orders of food to Yarna and Jess. Oola could feel Jabba shifting behind her, he brought his arm closer to him along with Oola. Oola's face was half buried in his fat, Oh to be free...she thought.

Then she remembered Kanna, What if she has escaped! Maybe she could get help and save us from this misable place...Oola hopefully thought. Jabba then slowly woke up and gave a yawn, he lifted his arm from Oola's shoulder and rubbed the corner of his mouth. Oola took the oppertunaty to crawel back to her spot.

Oola sat there with her legs dangling of the dais, What if Kanna some how got off world and is right now talking to fath-no. I didn't get a chance to tell her my full name. Why didn't I tell her? Maybe she has already forgotten me and the other girls...Oola thought about the freed slave girl. Oola waited for Porcellus is come up with her meal when she hear Jabba talking.

"Bib have you heard anything from Melina yet?" "No master...I am sure she is on her way." Oola glaced backwards at those two. I hope Melina never finds Kanna...Oola wished. "Well that girl better find that slave or else she will be taking the her spot." Jabba rumbled as he sucked on his hooka pipe.

A shiver went up Oola's spine, No wonder Melina is so paraniod, if I got out of this situaltion I would do everything in my power not to return to-Oola thought was interuppted by a sound. Oola perked her body, trying to hear over the noise of the patrons. Some of the patrons must have also heard the sound as they to became quite.

Then the sound grew, it was the sounds of someone struggling loudly and it sounded femaine. No...Oola thought to herself, the possiablity that one slave managed to escape dissappered. Patrons were standing from their seats and looking up a passageway. Oola held her hands over her mouth, "I wonder..." Jabba rumbled out his thought.

It was Kanna, she was being dragged by nearly a dozen guards and then handed off to four pig guards. Melina was following the group looking exuased, she grabbed the nearest drink and downed it. The guards that gave Kanna over to the pig guards also were exhuased and were downing the nearest drink.

"You took you time with this one huh?" Jabba exclaimed to melina who was sitting on the ground. Melina wiped a hand across her brow, "Well, master." she said with bearly contained inatation, "She lead us on quite a chase. Though tusken raider filled vallays, though womp rat filled caves, and in the desert is were we finally caught her. Yeah I took my time." she snarked.

Jabba gave a sigh. "This one time, I'll not punish you for using that tone at me, Melina." he rumbled. Jabba then turned his gaze at Kanna, "Bring the slave before me!" he declared. Oola was trembling, she wanted to get off the throne and throw herself on Kanna to protect her, He's going to kil her I know it...was Oola's only thought.

But before she could do it, Oola was jerk to Jabba's side. He wrapped his hand under her armpit and kept the leash tight. Jabba's tongue lapped the side of Oola's face, "Ho ho, look at this schutta. She is filthy, I cant not believe that I almost had her suckling your breast to teach you the pleasures of reciving and giving." Jabba slobbed out.

Oola was taken back at Jabba's remark, So the reason why she ran away...was so she would not be the one defiling my body?...Oola thought to herself. Kanna hands were roughly tied behind her back, her sand covered body was forced to kneel on the metal floor. Jabba's hand gently rubbed Oola's fish net covered breast.

"What to do hum, what to do." he mused himself as his hand slipped under the fish net costume. Oola's body stiffened, the tips of her breast were becoming hard, she could hear Jabba licking his lips with his tongue. "First let us find out why she would try to ran away. Then the proper punishments can be given out." Jabba stated to Bib.

Oola managed to gather enough courge to speak to the Hutt, "Master, please...spare her. She was just..." Jabba slid his hand up Oola's neck over her mouth. "Do not worry my little one. I will be your teacher *licks lips*. The left over will be killed." he said to Oola. Jabba's hand tighted over her mouth, Oola gave a whimper as she looked at Kanna.

Kanna's hands were tied behind her back, a second rope looped down from her neck and to her ankles forcing her head to look up. She was trembling, perhaps out of the fear of death, but her eyes they had a light in them that Oola had never seen before. Oola's lekku wiggled underneath Jabba's arm, "Please don't die, please don't die." she silently said.

"Why did you ran away, slave?" Bib asked Kanna, Kanna just stared into space. Bib then repeated the questioned, Kanna did not responed. Bib then causlly walked down from the side of the dais to were Kanna was tied up. He asked her the question again, "You're wasting your breath. Kill me." was her answer.

Bib gave a chuckle and then striked Kanna across her face, she toppled over from the Bib's slap. Oola gave a muffled cry, Bib stood over the fallen slave he grabbed her by her sesentive thrid lekku and dragged her upright. "I will asked one final time, why did you run away?" he interragated the slave girl.

Bib sharp nails had dug in to Kanna's cheek, blood was dripping from the wounds. Kanna looked at Oola, her lekku gave her final thoughts, "I will be free, sister." she silently said. Oola's body was trembling out of denial, Kanna then said something to Bib in a competly differant language. Bib looked at the droid by Jabba, "What did she say?" he asked.

The droid, normally so quick to answer had paused, What did she say?...thought Oola. Jabba was impatinctently thumping the tip of his tail, "Well?" he rumbled. THe droid tapped his hands, "Um..well...I ah-" "If you don't tell me in the next moment, I will have you're arms ripped off." Jabba snapped at the droid.

Oola saw the droid tremble, Is the droid...afraid?...she thought of the delay. "She...curse you-" before the droid finished Jabba flew into a rage, hitting the droid with one of his stubby arms. Oola was shoved from Jabba's arm into his armrest,she bearly manage to duck when the plates began to fly.

"YOU ARE DEAD! YOU ARE JUST PRETENDING TO BE ALIVE! DIE YOU FILTY WORM!" Jabba roared as he threw nearly every plate and frog at Kanna. Kanna closed her eyes and endured the hits, Bib had stepped aside before Jabba had started throwing. "BIB! BIB!" Jabba bellowed for his Majordomo, the other Twi'lek quickly went to his master's side.

"Yes master, what is your judgement?" he asked. Jabba grabbed Bib by his robe and brought him closer. "Bring up the brachno-jags." bellowed Jabba, and to Oola's surpise Bib pale face got paler. "Y-yes master." Bib replied, Jabba release Bib from his grip. As Bib was quickly leaving Jabba called out to him.

"And tell Malakili to have the Blood Eater ready." Jabba rumbled,everyone in the room that understood became silent. WIth his back turned Bib gave a bow, "Yes master." he bearly wispered. As soon as Bib left the room, every body who did not understand huttese was asking the people who did know what just happened.

What is a blood eater?...Oola thought, a chill went up her spine as Jabba slid a hand under her chin. He force Oola to look him in the eyes, "I truely hope, that you will never think about cursing me." he stated as he rubbed the strap under Oola's chin. Oola saw a dark light behind Jabba's orange eyes that had become slits.

She gave an obedaint nod, Jabba then shifted his gaze to Melina, "Go Melina! Go and fetch the rest of my harem. They must see the punishment for cursing me." he rumbled. Melina had regain her lost energy and regain most of her composer, "As you will, master." she said getting up and going to get the rest of the girls.

Oola wa trembling, she was now the only one that Jabba was looking at. His tongue slid out of his mouth, he brought Oola closer to him by pulling on her leash. "I have being thinking." Jabba rumbled as he stroke the side of Oola's face, "That you should have a lesson of power." he said. Oola's lekku wiggled in suspation, Power?...she thought.

Jabba waved his hand at the pig guards that were behind Kanna. They had been licking the plates that Jabba had thrown, they noticed Jabba and stopped licking the plates. "So my dear, the guards will beat this misable slave until you beg for it to stop." Jabba rumbled. Before Oola could ask for more infomation Jabba raised his hand, "Began the beatings." he stated.

The guards must have done this before, they first knocked Kanna to her side then repeatly kicked her with their clubbed feet. Oola tried to get off the throne to protect the helpess girl but Jabba just tighted her leash. "Uh uh, if you want the beating to stop, beg for it to stop." he rumbled to Oola.

Oola looked at the Kanna, she couldn't defend herself as the guards beat her. She looked back at Jabba, "Please stop, please stop the guards master." Oola begged. Jabba gave a chuckle, "Aha, you can do much better then that Oola." he stated. Oola could hear Kanna give a wimper from the beatings.

Oola clasped her hands together and bow her head, holding her cluched hands together she spoke with a temble in her voice. "Master...I beg you...please...stop the guards...please." she whimpered. Jabba smiled, he rub one of his grubby hands across her lips, "That is much better." he stated, he then waved a hand and the guards stopped.

Kanna coughted some blood out of her mouth, she managed to upright herself. "Kanna..." Oola wispered out loud before her leash became tight. Jabba had wiped some paste from a bowel that he did not throw and slid his finger into Oola's mouth. Oola was about to spit what ever it was out of her mouth but the realized it was that very tasty paste from before.

Oola then grabbed Jabba's hand and held it tight as she sucked the paste of his finger tips. "Ho ho, that tickles my sweet little mint." Jabba rumbled as he held her leash tight. Once Oola was finished she wipe the corners of her mouth, What is in that paste?...she thought to herself. Oola noticed Jabba shifted his gazed behind her, Oola looked behind to see what was happening.

The rest of the girls were being herded by Melina, she had them sit down by the edge of the metal floor. Jabba then rubbed the netting that cover Oola's breast, "Melina is here with the rest of the snacks. So that must mean Bib will be come shortly." he stated. Oola glaced at the other girls, they were wearing their dresses and were uncomfatly looking about.

Then Bib came with a guard in tow, the guard was carrying a metal box that was slightly shaking. The guard had thick leather gloves on his hands and some sort of long handled tool that would grab little things. Jabba ordered the pig guards to shift Kanna so she was now looking at the rest of the harem.

The guard that held the box now set it down behind Kanna, one of the pig guards went behind him and pulled an axe from his belt a lifted it above the guard ready to strike. Oola noticed most of the patrons were nervously looking at that box, even Melina and Bib. Jabba then beckon for his droid to speak for him.

"Hear the words of the master, oh slaves who only live because of his mercy and forgiveness. This one is sentence to death, not because of running away but for cursing the one who bought her. She will die screaming. Now for the beganning of pain." Jabba rumbled though his droid. Jabba then rumbled for the guard to ready a jag.
trembly, the guard carfully pulled the top of the box off, he then used his long tool to pick something up.

To Oola, it was a black wet bead no bigger then her thumb. Jabba brought her closer to him, "I will give you the honor of placing the first one." he rumbled to his slave girl. Oola trembled, she did not want to hurt Kanna but she had to do what her master wanted.

"T-The shoudler." she stated to her master, Jabba gave a gutted chuckle. "That is a good choice." he rumbled, he then told the droid what to say. "The shoulder." the droid said to the guard. The guard moved his tool over Kanna's shoulder and dropped the black bead, it did not roll off but paused on her shoudler.

Then to Oola's horror, it buired it self into Kanna's skin. Kanna gave a jerk and then began to shake, "You call this...pain? Being riden was more...painful..." Kanna tried to say bravly. Oola could see the black bead moving underneath Kanna's skin. Jabba then gave his next command, "The schutta's breast." he rumbled.

The guard the pulled another jag from the box and then moved in front of Kanna. Though Oola couldn't see Kanna's reaction, but the other girls had looks of terror. The pain must of been unbearable, Kanna gave a scream and then began franticly thrashing about trying to get free. She fell to her side, her entire body was shaking.

"Make it stop! Please make it stop!" Kanna pleaded, Jabba just laught, "Her screams are getting loud! Now her thigh!" Jabba rumbled. Bead after bead were placed on Kanna's body. Closing her eyes, Oola clamped her hands on the sides of her head, trying to block out the screams. One of the other girls threw up from watching the torture.

Eventully Kanna grew exhused from the pain and just laid there wimpering as the bugs ate her from the inside. Tears went down Oola's eyes, she now had wished that Kanna had never ran away, I would have endured the debasement, I would have allowed myself to become deparved if it protected Kanna from being tortured...she thought.

Jabba licked his lips and just as he was about to say something a voice came from his armrest. "The Blood Eater is ready master." stated a gruff voice. Jabba paused, he then smiled, "Mon, give the guard your vibro-blade." Jabba bellowed. Mon then gave the guard a very sharp knife to the guard. "I want one of those head worms." he rumbled.

Oola gasped, the guard leaned over Kanna's fallen body and picked up one of her long, thick and untouched by those bugs, lekku. The blade went though her lekku like a hot knife though butter, Kanna must have not felt it as she did not scream. "Roll her over towards me." Jabba rumbled as he recived the freashly cut lekku.

The guards did as they were told, Kanna weakly looked up and saw her lekku in Jabba's grasp. She franticly tried looking for her lekku, possibe thinking it was just behind her. Jabba slid the cut lekku into his mouth and slupped it down. Oola covered her mouth trying not to throw up . Kanna, trembling and shaking from shock, was speechless.

"Ah! That was might tasty! Another!" Jabba commanded. Kanna watched with shock in her eyes as the blade went though her right lekku effortlessly. Oola couldn't watch Jabba as he ate the lekku. Jabba then had the guard cut off the Kanna's final lekku and he then played with it in his mouth, slupping it down like a bloody noodle.

Kanna looked at Jabba and then gave the most blood cruling wail Oola had ever hear. Kanna bow her head, her lekku were now just bloody stumps, she was sobbing her heart out. Jabba then commanded her to be pushed before his throne. She was pushed onto the sand-covered trap door, as she laid there, Jabba had the guard cut off her bonds.

As the guard quickly left, Kanna managed to lift herself onto her hands and knees. She was sobbing as she looked up at Oola, the stumps were trying to wiggle something to Oola. Oola tried to get off the throne to take Kanna in her arms but was deneid by the tightness of her leash. "Die." Jabba rumbled as he bumped the trap door button.

The floor disappeared underneath Kanna, she silently went down the chute. Oola struggled to jump off the throne but Jabba wrapped a arm around her waist. "Your fate is to be by my side." Jabba said licking his slave girl's neck. The throne moved forward and the metal floor openned up revealing the pit down below.

Melina forced the other girls of the harem to look down into the pit. Oola looked down knowing only death awaited down there. Kanna tumbled out of the wall, down onto the sandy floor. She laid there for a moment then barely manage to stand up. She flet for her lekku, the bloody stubs of meat just limply hung from her head.

Oola cover her mouth, she wanted to cry out to Kanna but fear stop her. Then the sound of grinding metal could be heard. Jabba's belly wobbled in delight, "The Blood Eater is here." his voice thundered though the throne room. Kanna staggered about and looked towards the sound of the noise. She stumbled backwards into the sand.

How many differant monsters does Jabba have?!...Oola wildly thought to herself. Another living nightmare walked from the shadows, a very thick steel chain wrap about it's waist and arms. It was brown and stood on two legs, it had four arms. Each arm was a bone that formed into a blade. It was about eight feet tall and had a brizare head that was narrow and coned.

It walked towards Kanna, she once again managed to stand up. Having ran so much and then being tortured must have greatly tired Kanna. The creature shifted it's body and brought it's bladed arms towards Kanna. She brought an arm weakly up to block the blow,Oola gasped at what happened nexted.

Though weighted by chains, the bladed claws all asudden became a blur and Kanna's arm from her elbow up became liquad. Several spectacers gave a gasp at what had happen, Oola clamped down on her mouth preventy herself from screaming. Kanna fell down, first her lekku and now her arm was gone. The monster bent down and then sucked the blood from the sand.

Kanna was now sobbing, she was now on her stomach trying to crawel away. The creature then liquadfied her beutiful legs nexted, Kanna was now screaming for the pain to stop. The deboucted crowd just laught at her pleas. Tears rolled down Oola's eyes, Please oh goddess...please make her pain stop...Oola silently prayed.

As if the pray had been heard by the beast, it sliced off Kanna's head from her body. The head rolled away from the liquadfiled body, Oola could see the Kanna's face looking up. Pain...she died in pain...Oola thought to herself. The beast was feasting on the liquadifed body when the grates snapped shut. Every slinge girl of the harem was huddled together and shaking in fear.

And that what Jabba wanted, with a bellow he was about to say something when a voice said something. "Monster.", turning her head Oola looked at the speaker, it was Jabba's translater droid. Everybody looked at it, including Jabba, it nervously looked about, "...Did I say that out loud?" it asked.

Oola noticed a dangerous twitch in Jabba's eye, "Did you call me a monster?!" Jabba bellowed at the droid. He jerk Oola's leash up choking her, she grabbed at her collar allowing her the air to breath. The droid was stuttering somthing when Jabba threw a frog at it, "BIB! BIB! Were are you!" Jabba shouted.

The male Twi'lek matlized out of the shadows, "Here master." he peddled. Jabba stabbed a finger at the droid, "That piece of scrap desverse to learn some manners, send him to the dungoune were EV can do want she wills." Jabba said as he condemmed the droid. Two pig guards grabed the unlucky droid.

"NOOOO!NOTTOHERNOTTOHER!" it screammed as it was dragged off. Oola's velet green body trembled once more, Even pieces of metal know fear here...she thought to herself. Oola felt Jabba's hand rubbed the side of her body, she flitnched at his touch. "Ohhh, you are so cute when you cower." he rumbled.

Oola looked down, He's right...I am a coward...she thought to herself. Porcellus came with the evening meal, "Hello master how are you this evening?" he asked. Jabba then rambled on about torture and death while porcellus just nodded. Oola's lekku wiggled, Porcellus does not know huttese?...she thought to herself judging by the lack of huttese words Porcellus used.

Jabba tapped Oola's head, Oola knew what he wanted her to do. She did as she was told and fed the slug that just had her only friend killed. Oola finished with the last plate and then sat back in her normal spot with her legs up close to her chest. Her mind was void of thought when something bumped her fish net covered leg.

"Miss Oola, your meal." said Porcellus holding Oola's bowel, Oola gave a mumbled thanks and took the bowel. She ganced up at Jabba, he seemed content smoking that hookha pipe of his. After Oola finished her meal she gave the bowel to Porcellus who then walked off with the table. Jabba will probilly want me dancing sometime this evening...she thought to herself.

Then just on seculde, the other girls came up for the evening entertainment. Oola felt Jabba tug on her leash, "Time for your streaching." he rumbled. Oola slipped off the throne, she went to the metal floor and began to streach. Jabba would playfully tug on her leash indacating for her to turn this way and that way so that he could watch the flexiablty of her body.

After she was done streaching, Oola stood on the metal floor waiting if she was to have a dancing partner or not. Ruby and Amber were to be her dancing partners, they wore identicul dancing costumes. White fishnet halter tops with black bikini bottoms and white and black dancing slippers. The three Twi'leks huddled togethered at the center of the dace floor.

"This dance is for Kanna." wispered Ruby, Oola and Amber nodded their heads. "Oola...we might have to carsess your body. Do you have a part that you don't mind being touched?" Amber asked Oola. Oola's lekku twitched, "...You can touch my lekku." she stated. The two other Twi'leks nodded their heads. "Any part." were Amber and Ruby's responses.

Oola felt Jabba tug on her leash, she took a pose with Amber and Ruby. Out of the corner of he eye she saw Jess quickly tuning the guiter that she held in her hands. Jess managed to get ready before Jabba rasied his hand, "Play!" he rumbled. Jess struk a playfully tune on the guiter and the three Twi'leks danced to it.

Oola danced beutifuly to the tune of Jess's guiter, Oola skillfully weaved her leash though the air. Amber and Ruby also danced nimbly to the tune, the would playfully prance about Oola and either artfully go under or over Oola's leash. Oola metally blocked out the lewd words that came from the crowd.

Jabba also was enjoying the dancing performance that his slave girls were giving. He leered at them and playfully jerked on Oola's leash, Oola was about to resist his advances when Ruby chaught her eye. "Wave your hands in the air." Ruby silently told Oola, Oola then took a pose and waved her hands in the air.

Ruby and Amber then came up to Oola, they each took one of Oola's lekku and began to seductivly stroke them. Oola let a small gasp escape from her lips, her lekku wiggled in pleasure. Jabba's eyes had narrowed and he was licking his lips, Ruby then slid in front of Oola, "My turn." she silently said.

Ruby bent down in front of Oola, her lekku sleethered across her back. Oola reached out and grabbed them, she could feel them swell in her grasp. Ruby gave a moan as she shifted in place, Amber came to Ruby's side. As Ruby grided her hips against Oola's leggings, Amber reached down and fingered Ruby's dark red lips.

Oola glaced up and saw Jabba was now panting and tighting her leash, "My turn." stated Amber. Amber's yellow body slid betwen Oola's vevet green and Ruby's red bodies. Amber playfully slid Oola's leash over her head and against her neck. Oola shifted her body and was now stroking Amber's belly and hips while Ruby was stroking Amber's breast and lips.

Jabba was at the preak of his lust for a body, he pulled on Oola's leash and bellowed "Come!". Amber quickly twisted out of Oola's leash before it became tight, "Just go to him." Ruby quickly stated before prancing off to another side of the dnace floor. Oola knew what was to come next if she were to go to him.

She shook her head and hualed back on her leash, "Please, not now! I want to dance!" she pleaded to her master. Jabba though was on a drunk on the thought of molesting the beutiful body that was so frisky before him. He hualed Oola up onto his throne, she gave a scream as Jabba twisted her in his grasp.

Jabba put one hand on Oola's neck under her chin and the other went between her thighs. Oola moanned as she was molested, I deseaved this...this is all my fault...she though to herself. Oola could feel a heat build inside of her body, she grinded her body against the belly of her master. The twin suns set once more on Tatooine on Oola's seventh night as Jabba's slave.

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