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Padmè's ArrivalEdit

The ship lurched as it landed on Tatooine. The Clone Wars had ended when Mace Windu killed the Sith Lord. Now the Republic is on a mission to destroy slavery and Padmè is leading the mission... alone. She had just come from Naboo where her jumpsuit had been ripped by coruscant pet creatures that almost attack her, but had safely gotten away as she had no time but hurry up to her meeting in Tatootine. This was her last day being a Senator as she prepared to finish her final assignment before leaving office. She is apparently living as a widow due to the tragic event that happened one year ago when Anakin and his master Obi Wan had obviously countered Count Dooku, but we're both killed by the dark lord before being killed himself by Jedi master Yoda who apparently ended the Sith life which news gets out to everyone including Padme. Padmè felt sadden by Anakin's death and tried moving on with her own life. She apparently sold C-3PO due to the fact that she doesn't really need him anymore and had R2-D2 taken apart and sold him for scraps as she felt she did it for money. She just got off of hyperspace and quickly entered the lower atmosphere and touch down onto the planet and found out it was night time. She contacted the Tatootine representatives of her arrival and promise to to their for the meeting. She put on her white attire jumpsuit which she the same one she wore on the Battle of Geonosis, but was still ripped from the back and got outside to load everything onto her speeder. As she went back in to get other things, unknown to her, their is an intruder lurking nearby in the darkness of Tatootine. The figure appeared and removed its hood and it revealed female Twi'Lek who was actually a lone bounty hunter who was stalking Padmè when she landed. She creep silently through the sand and immediately walk in. As soon as she was inside she saw Padmè checking the ships conditions. As the female could make another move, Padme turn around and saw her intruder. The Senator panicked and tried reaching for her blaster, but the bounty Hunter ran up to her, grabbed her and threw her onto the floor. The bounty Hunter began removing the hood and it reveals to be an orange female Twi'Lek. She grabbed Padme's blaster pointed directly at the Senator. "Get up, I said get up, If you do anything stupid, I will shoot you understand" the women shouted at Padmè. Padme thought she was buffing, but the female bounty Hunter fired a shot that almost hit her head to the point that she was serious. "Okay, alright don't shoot, just what do you want from me, I'll give you everything" Padme told what the woman wanted. "No, I don't want anything valuables okay, I was sent here to capture you, that its" the woman replied much to the horror of Padme. "Wait, what, you want to kidnap me, but I'm a Senator of..." Padme was stunned by the Twi'Lek before she can even muffins another word. The Twi'Lek woman began pulling out electrical cuffs and put them onto Padmes wrist before carrying over her shoulders and walked off. A group of Jawas arrived to find Padmè ship and began tearing it apart which they would use the parts to sell it for money. 

It was all a blur and it happened too quickly for her, but before she knew it she was in a room with little light, and no windows. Her hands and feet tied to a chair and found out she was fully grown naked. The woman she was encountered earlier.

The woman cupping Padmè's chin than pinch one of her tits to examine her. One thing the women forgot was to give Padmè a slap to the women's face. Immediatly she walked back a few steps but came back with her evil face. "I would teach you respect for your masters, but I won't get much profit if the merchendise isn't in one piece" Padmè stood silent. Than she reveals that she had plan to deliver her to her employer since she was offered a large reward to kidnap Padmè. The Twi'Lek stepped forward to reveal she is wearing Padmès white attire jumpsuit. "Hey, your wearing my clothes, give them back" Padme demanded for her clothe to be return, but the female Twi'Lek refuses and slap Padmè once again in the face. "Don't you dare talk to me like that, I'm wearing this white outfit because I thought they look nice for me to fit in" the woman said before laughing.

"You are merchandise and a great value to the mighty one, young lady. No one knows your here and they think your now dead and you don't have rights to tell me what to do because you are now a plaything, a pet, a toy, a slave!"

"I am not a thing! I am Senator Padme Amidala of the Republic, and I demand you to let me go!" Padmè retorted angrily.

"Are you, not anymore and now I'm going to just have to bring you to the one who gave me the best offer but that will add more profit into my prize." she said. "Let me take you downstairs to be prepared" the woman said as she started to untie Padmè, as she was doing that, Padme pushed her off and tried to make a run for it, but the woman pulled out a whip and caught Padmè by the legs which causes to lose her balance. "Running away, we'll that was pathetic" the woman said before kicking Padme's body and made her got to her feet and began walking. With someone holding one of her arms she was literally forced to walk to where females are prepared to be tortured. The woman let Padmè into a room and closed the door, locked it, then began preparing her. The woman said "Don't worry it will be all over soon, the more you resist the worser it gets" the woman said. First she had Padmè bound to the bed with her arms and legs stretch out wide. Padmè layed there naked and feeling scared "Please, what are you going do to me, please hurt me" Padme said  as the woman took off the clothe she was wearing and got on top of Padme not before admiring her nudity and said "That's quite a perfect looking body you have there, young lady!" the woman told Padmè as she was being touched "Please stop, just stop doing this, I'll do anything just please let me go and please stop touching me like that". The woman ignored her plead and squeeze her breast to enjoy herself. Padme struggled with the chains she was tied with, but to no avail, she was forced to tolerate the Woman's presence. "Let's try something that she can never imagine" the woman said as her face got towards Padmes. "What are you trying to,," Padme replied as the woman suddenly kissed her on the lips and Padmè suddenly blacked out by the kiss she received. Hours past and Padmè found herself in a dark room, but couldn't remember anything that happened hours ago. She tried getting her handcuffs off which was tens times harder and stronger than she had thought and hurts her waist very bad when everytime she attempts to break free, as her body lay motionless and helpless sustain from the torture, she is horrified of what kind of nightmare she is now living in and feels there is no one trying to come and save her and was never going to get out of that situation, she now knows that she miss the meeting and now fears that slavery is still legal which would go on forever because her presents prevents the treaty from being used to oppose the Hutts independence. About 8 days later after her kidnapping, the women had finally brought out Padmè out of the ship and Padmè now see that she was in a remote desert and knows that they are in he middle of nowhere that nobody had been here before and the women thanked Padme for letting them keep her belongings  before she was hand over to two mysteries guards dress in dark robes who took her to a strange palace at in the forbidden mountains and before they could proceed they knocked Padme unconscious once again. They took her inside and let her enter a big room there she saw a gigantic worm that is none other than Jabba the Hutt.

Jabba sat on his mobile throne and staring at Padmè which tells her that he thinks she looks so beautiful and realizes that a Hutt was the one behind all of this.


This is when she arrive on Tatooine before she was kidnapped by Jabbas bounty hunter.

"Why are you here and whats your name?" Jabba asked.

"I'm Senator Padmè Amidala of the Republic and I have been informed that you continue to keep slaves in captivity. It is a universal law: no slavery is allowed in the Outer Rim, Inner Rim or anywhere. I have come to issue an emancipation of all slaves in your possession and place you under arrest in the eyes of the Republic."

"If you have come to free my slaves, I might as well do this the hard way. Bring her to me." One of Jabba's Gamorrean guards lifted her onto Jabba's throne where she stood looking into his eyes. slimy lough had license her shoulders and brought her to Jabba. "Jabba i'm warning you, you can't obviously do something to a person like me" she said while struggling against the Gamorrean guards, "You were gonna help the government to put an end to slavery, but that failed and now that I got you I don't think that would ever happen and the Republic doesn't know your not here and they think your dead. You're going to regret what you said about me keeping slaves and let's see if you like it when your a slave." Jabba said and order the guards to bring Padme up to him. Padmè was horrified because the things she tried to do that can end Jabba's rights and was in the process of becoming one of his Slaves. First off came the robe. Men started to druel over Padme's body. By this time she was up against the Hutt's mass, her thin, flat stomach pressing against his fat with her handuffs removed. He then licked his lips as Padmè turned away, disgusted. then the hands let go of Padmè's shoulders and Padme immidately attempted to run, but no avail. Jabba was going to enjoy breaking her and she beg him to stop which she can't ignore and a guard came up behind her pound her in the back and one came in front of her pounder her in the stomach and fell backwards some strange powder in her face, than two little tiny Gamorrean started to jump up and down on Padme's body which scared her enough to pass out as she begged Jabba and the rest to stop and leave here alone.

Slave Padme 2

Padme as Jabba's slave

Padmè woke up in a heap on the floor. She was on the cold stone floor of Jabba's palace. All at once, the Gamorrean guard Jubnuk came up from behind her, seizing her shoulders and dragging her closer to Jabba. She had heard stories from slaves that womens would be kidnapped by Jabba and enslaved for the rest of their lives and was never escape, and she feared that she was going to be part of that story. However, she was right and her nightmare had just begun as she heard that Jabba was actually enslaving the Senator that opposed him which he knew it was her and had to be delt with.

He did as he had done in the desert, drawing her close, and licking his lips. Again, she turned away. "Jubnuk, release her!" Jabba ordered. Padmè stepped down from Jabba's throne, but felt herself again seized by the shoulders by Jubnuk, being led out of the throne room to be prepared for her slavery, what she had first come to abolish. She possessed alluring curves and a sensuality that waited to be drawn out. Despite her relatively short height, her legs were proportionately long and luscious. Her breasts were not large, but pert and firm, and fit her slender physique well. Above her rounded hips her stomach was flat and soft, her young skin still milky and tender. A captivating neck stood on top of her smooth shoulders and beautifully curving back. Continuing upwards, the senators face was most lovely, featuring dark brown eyes, a lovely nose and forehead, and full, pouting lips enclosing a pleasing mouth--all surrounded by dark brown hair that reached down to her navel. 

She was then taken back into a room for her humiliation. First they took a metal bra which was attached to her breasts. The outfit keepers enjoyed themselves by slapping Padmè in the ass as they played it like drums. Two skirt plates were placed around her pussy and ass. They had the design of a woman's anatomy engraved on them. They were fastend by two hip fasteners. They gave a gourges view of her curves. They did not have anything underneath them, so she was given two skirts for her front and back. It still exposed her legs and the sides of her ass. She was then given clothing shoes that were cumbersome and fancy and gave her warmth. Her hair was then twisted into a very long bun, that was held by a Plait. The rest of her hair was held back by two hair fasteners on her head, leaving her face completely visible. She was then given to bracletes: one was extra tight serpant that was worn on her upper right arm, while the other was an equally tight armlet on her left arm. Then padmes ears were pierced and were both given triangular ear rings. Then some Make-up was applied: first, some red lipstick was applied to her soft lips, then mascara and eye liner was applied to her beautiful eyelashes, then blue eye shadow was put around her pretty eyes, and finally, plenty of blush was given to her cute cheeks: all simbalizing that she was Jabbas slut. And finally, a very tight collar was locked around her neck, with an extra long chain attached to it. And now, the senator had been stripped and humiliated. Not only did the outfit give Padme fantastically formed cleavage, but it also left her back, shoulders, and stomach completely bare, ensuring that Jabba would have easy access to her body at all times. He had the right to violate her whenever he felt like. Padme felt like a whore, dressed in a revealing outfit leaving her with constant stares of lust, barley any warmth, Jabba's constant tugging and yanking of the chain more as he wanted her more and comforted her with a sadistic sense of humor, knowing what Jabba had done to humilate her. She had to live with wearing a revaling outfit, and degradation of being known as Jabba's whore slave. The slave whore was being walked toward the throne room of her new master, presented with her new wardrobe. As she walked in, Jabba ordered again for her to be brought before him. She was shaking as she was once again dragged closer to this worm. She couldn't stand being repulsed like that again, but it was too late. In captivity, having nowhere to run because she is in the Palace that is actually in the middle of nowhere that no one had ever escape from this place, and no choice but to comply, she reluctantly stepped (more pushed) closer to Jabba, now only a feet from his throne. "This will be the last time he does this to anyone", she said under her breath as she was now inches from the Hutt's grasp. Jabba then was handed Padmè's leash and then tugged Padmè's collar which chokes her and Padmè was on Jabba's throne. He then took her slave girl bra off and was mouthed and sucked on her breasts and she felt his tail move up her thigh. Padmè yelled,"oh.... no.... please... stop... Jabba then shut her up by putting his toung in her mouth and frennched her. The taste of his druel was so disgusting, she wanted to barf, but she couldn't. He then removed her slave skirt and plates that she was wearing and thrust his tail into her pussy, her thighs shook, and she screamed so loud, but no one could hear her in the palace. Then he moved to her fat ass and started to slap it as hard as he could. He then picked her up and started licking her ass. Padme thought that this must be the worst thing for a woman to experience: to be naked with a hideous drueling lunatic raping the crap out of you while others are staring over your naked body. While his whore was screaming, he removed her braclets, boots, and hair clips. Then he took of her bun plait and unfolded it then spit on her luscious hair and spread it. Then he put her whole face in his mouth and washed off all of her slut make-up. He then took his tail out of Padmè's pussy, and she fell on the thrones pillow. She could not resist anything that Jabba is doing to her. He then told her to get up and say she loves him, or she will be fed to the rancor. Padme, stricken with fear, slowly gets up and out of her mouth comes out, "Jabba, my master, I.... love.... you." Padme felt as if her life had come to its end: calling a lust hungry hutt her master and saying she loves him. He completes her molestation by belching in her face, making her lick his greasy arm pits, and feeding herr from his snack quarium. Her master then made her sleep on his bulky stomach completly naked during his afternoon nap. During which time, Jabba thought about how nice it felt to rape her: her disgusted gagging, her delicous scream, and her slutty body. He then heard her searching for a broken link in her chain. He said to her,"Now. Will you stop your feeble attempts of escape, or you will be fed to the Rancor?" She was shaking because she was filled with fear. She just nodded her head, and sat in shame beside her new master while he laughed at her and spared her not to be fed to the Rancor. The next day Jabba ordered Padme to not put on her costume ever again. Great Padme thought of being completely naked in front of men with dirty minds forever. Jabba then ordered his guards to take her to his private chamber. When Padme got there she saw one big bed with chains attached to each side. Then one of the guard grabbed her and chained her to the bed. Then came Jabba. Jabba smiled and got right to work. He started squeezing Padme's soft breasts. As he was doing this his tail moved down her thigh and into her vagina. "Agh" screamed Padme as the slimy intruder went in and out of her body. Padme kicked Jabba with all of her might. Jabba didn't seem to be injured but he was angry. He ordered her to get whipped 25 times in the back in front of everyone in the palace. "No" screamed Padme as the guards seized her.

The guards took her to a open part of the palace where everyone could see her punishment. The guard grabbed the whip. Padme took one glance at it. It was a electric whip that men would use for taming the rancor. But this whip wasn't going to be used to to tame a beast, it was going to be used to bring her pain. The guard got in position. Shock. This whip hit Padme's sexy back with no mercy. Padme screamed probably as loud as she have ever screamed before. Shock! Again electricity hit her beautiful curving back. Between hits Padme could here Jabba only a few feet away laughing with pleasure. After about ten swings Pamde started crying cause the pain of the electricity to skin. Her back was getting bloodier and bloodier by every swing. After the beating was over Jabba picked up Padme and put his tail end into Padme's pussy as a sign of triumph. Padme was not only in pain she was embarrassed that this slimy pervert was her master, touching her private parts with no mercy and making her have sex with him in front of everybody.

After Jabba was done a few herem girls brought her back to the harem so that she could rest from such a beating. Padme cried that her life would be this way forever if she misbehaved. Perverts were spying on her all night, teasing her about she's a whore forever.

The next day Padme woke up with all the pain gone. There was a slave girl right beside her almost waiting for her to wake up. "Hello my name is Amanda, said the Slave. "Um hello," answered Padme with a weirded out tone. "Well Padme, you'll be pleased to know that the exalted one has granted you a generosity." The exalted one wishes to give you clothes." "Really" ,answered Padme. Padme was more excited then she has been for a while. "I shall get you ready to be the exalted ones permanent slave. "We are treated very well here," said Amanda, "You will be able to relax here in your free time.Amanda went to work. She would enjoy this. In addition to dancing, it was her duty to prepare new slaves. Padme would be her masterpiece. "You have been given a position we would all die for," she said. "It is my duty to prepare you for a permanent stay at the palace." At her command, a slave girl left and returned with a bottle of make-up. "Unlike the make-up you're wearing now, this sticks to your face and is unremovable, it lasts forever!" She began to put it on Leia. The brush roamed around her face, flawlessly applying it. "Finished," Amanda said happily. She showed Padme a mirror. Padme's face looked beautiful, but she was not happy. "I look like a slut," she cried, wiping her face. True to the girl's word, the make-up was not smeared in the slightest. This make-up was now and forever permanently a part of her face. This was her face, it would never change.

"You will look as The Exalted One wishes, now you need a better costume!" Amanda said with excitement. She sent a slave girl off, and she returned carrying a similar costume as her old one. Taking a closer look at the costume, she saw it was like her old one, but the bra and bikini were even smaller. Worse still, it had no covering veils. Padme saw in horror that the bra and bikini seemed to have no straps nor back. "How will I wear it?" Padme found herself asking. Amanda smiled, pressing the bra to her chest as it it would stay. And it did!"New technology," Amanda explained to the stunned Padme, "Easy enough to remove if you want, but it won't fall off on its own." After her bikini was put on, sticking just like her bra, Padme she realized her backside had no cover whatsoever. "No, I refuse to wear this!," cried Padme. Ignoring her protests, Amanda removed Padmes arm wrap, bracelets, and earrings, only to adorn her with seemingly identical ones.

"Now you will wear an arm wrap and a bracelet on both your arms. Like your new bra and bikini, these are pure hardened yet light weight gold, unlike your previous bronze costume. In addition, they are permanent. They can only be put on, not removed. The medal has been made unbreakable." Padme stared in horror, and then turned to the snake arm band. She attempted to pull it off, but it didn’t budge an inch. The jewelry was now a part of her body, forever. "Now for your hair," said the girl, giggling. This was Amanda's favorite part. Padme's hair braid was undone, her clips removed. The girl began to braid it again, with new clips. "Like everything else, these cannot be taken out, the braid will be permanent." Leia didn’t seem surprised. Amanda finished up, making Padme's hair the in the exact same style it was before. "I can see why Jabba likes it that way, it makes you look more wild," Amanda said.

"We're almost done. First, you will no longer wear boots. Instead you will wear open heels." She said, retreiving the said shoes and placing Padme's feet in them. Like her costume, they had no straps, yet they stayed. "These, like your new arm wraps, bracelets, and earrings, are made of pure hardened light weight gold and will not come off by themselves"

She then had Jess fetch something. She returned with a test tube filled with purple liquid. Amanda was given the tube, and then grabbed Leia's face, pouring the liquid down both ears. "This will allow you to understand Huttese, so you can obey Jabba's commands." Leia could not believe this. Then, Amanda had the girls fetch another test tube, the only difference being that this test tube was filled with blue liquid. Amanda removed Padme's bikini and then applied it onto her armpits, private regions, back, chest, stomach, arms, legs, neck, nose, ears, and face. Suddenly all of her hair, except her braided hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows, came off. "As you can tell, that liquid removed all your body hair, except your head, eyelashes, and eyebrows. And before you ask, yes, it's permanent. That hair will never grow back.", Amanda said so sweetly. Padme was as cleen as a prepubescent girl.

Funnily enough, a third vial was broguht out, this time a red one. "You're supposed to drink this one. So, open wide!" Amanda said happily. Padme obeyed, wanting at this point to just get it over and done with, and allowed Amanda to pour thesubstance down her throat. "This will make your voice slightly lighter, and you will sound so sweet"

Padme shook her head as if Amanada were a fool. "The rest of your stu-" Leia paused when she heard what her voice sounded like. She sounded the same as she did when she was 15.

"You were saying?" said Amanda, curious as to what Padme was going to say.

"I was going to say that what you did before with the test tubes was kind of impressive, but I doubted the last one was possible." Padme answered, still finding it strange to hear her voice sound younger, and sweeter.

The girl then retrieved a wicked looking device, using it to destroy Padmes collar. Padme was momentarily happy, until an identical one was brought, with an extremely long leash that went out of the room attached to it. The girl snapped it around Padmes neck. Padme was mortified. "Yep, it's permanent. "The leash is already attached to The Exalted One's dais, which is also made of unbreakable material, so you will never be a palace length apart from him." Padme was horrified. If what Amanda said was true, she would always be connected to the throne of the giant slug. "Don't worry," Amanda continued, "He'll control the length so it'll only be long when you have to dance or come here, your movement will still be restricted to the throne." Padme stared. As if that was a good thing! Just then, the leash tugged gently. "The Exalted One calls, I'll see you later. This was fun, you are easily my finest work." The girl then kissed her lips gently, making Padme recoil. "Slave girls do that for fun, you'll enjoy it too soon," Amanda said, and then giggled. "Now go to him." The leash tugged again, harder. Padme reluctantly headed for the throne room.

"Oh my Amanda has really outdone herself this time" said Jabba as Padme entered the room. Now lay with me Jabba commanded. Padme obeyed her master. But right as she got up on his throne she knew why he picked the backless bikini. Her butt cheeks split open with Jabba tail thrusting into them. Her legs shaked, not once has she felt such opening being put in her buttcheeks. Jabba then took off her bra and started sucking on her breast while his tail was still thrusting in her ass.

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