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Early LifeEdit

Lyn Me was a white skinned twi'lek born to humble origins. She was born in a small village on Ryloth several

Lyn during her early life.

years before the Clone Wars. During her early life her village was being raided by slavers continuously. One of these raids caused the capture and dissappearance of Lyn's parents. After being helpless against the raids the people of the village managed to combine their credits to hire Boba Fett. They offered him their money for defeating the slavers. Boba accepted. His mission was a success and the slavers were routed, but during the fight much of the village was set ablaze. Boba saved several children, including Lyn Me, from the blaze. These events caused Lyn to idolize Boba as her hero, and after he left she desired to meet him again.

Dancing CareerEdit

Lyn Me was determined to find work as a dancer and leave her home planet of Ryloth. After studying for several years at a local dancing school she honed her skills and became a very skilled dancer. Lyn finally got the chance to leave her home planet when Max Rebo visited her planet and offered her a position as a dancer and singer in his band. Lyn Me happily accepted. She began to live her dream of touring the galaxy and visited

Lyn training.

several planets with the band. During every performance she searched for Boba Fett, hoping to meet her hero again. She was dissappointed as she never caught a glimpse of him, but continued searching. After several months with the band Max Rebo accepted a gig by Jabba the Hutt to perform at his palace. This raised Lyn's spirits as Boba Fett was known to often visit the palace.

Singing CareerEdit


The Max Rebo BandEdit

Serving Jabba the HuttEdit

Unfortunately for Lyn, her experiences at the Palace did not live up to her expectations. She soon discovered that Max had accepted the gig for endless food and not money, and so denied Lyn any pay. She was provided a room and food to eat, but it wasn't enough to earn Max her forgiveness. In addition to this, like Rystall she was forced to wear a more revealing costume to staisfy Jabba and his guests. No interactions between Jabba and Lyn are known, though she doubtless caught his eye once or twice. For her part, she was disgusted by those she performed for, knowing they were some of the worst scum in the galaxy. It is likely she was forced to pleasure them once or twice, though she never enjoyed it. To top it off, Boba Fett did not appear at the Palace. The hope of seeing him was Lyn's only motivation for staying at the Palace.

A Brief ReunionEdit

Eventually, Lyn got her wish. Boba arrived at the Palace following his successful capture of Han Solo. He watched her performance and complimented her on it, filling her with pride. He promised to see her again later, after he accompanied Jabba on his trip to the Sarlacc to execute the rebels. Lyn eagerly anticipated the meeting, but was doomed to dissappointment. Jabba the Hutt was killed when the rebels defeated their captors, with Boba Fett presumed dead. Lyn briefly declared a vendetta against those who destroyed her hero.

Later LifeEdit

Lyn Me

Personality and TraitsEdit

Lyn idolized Boba Fett, following his exploits and dreaming of meeting him again. She had a vengeful side, demonstrated by swearing revenge against the rebels who defeated her hero. Lyn was a very skilled dancer, spenidng years training on Ryloth. Lyn was proud of her abilities, believing herself above perforimg for Jabba and his cronies.

Lyn Me's CostumeEdit

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