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Welcome to the Slave Leia Fanfiction Wiki

This is a wiki dedicated to Jabba and his slave girls, including Leia and Oola. There is a small canon section on this site, but most of it will be fan fiction. Anyone can contribute, and new fan fiction is always encouraged. This can be about Leia, Oola, any other canon slave girl, or an original character. As long as it's not too graphic and has something to do with Jabba and his slaves girls, its welcome here.

Disclaimer: There is another wiki titled Slave Leia Fanfiction Wiki, but that wiki has nothing but an unedited home page. This is also not a copy of the simarily named Slave Leia Wiki. This wiki focuses much more on fanfiction and has a very different canon section. If you wish to view the Slave Leia Wiki which is all canon then click here


Fan fiction - All user created content. Non-canon. AU stories involving Jabba and his slave girls. Anyone is a welcome to contribute.

Canon - All in universe content. Detailing the lives of slaves girls during canon Star Wars films and books.

Choose Your Own Adventure - Create your own Star Wars story line or add to others.

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