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After Luke had missed catching his lightsaber he soon was sent into the Sarlacc by Jabba's goons. He was soon followed by Han, Chewie, and even Lando who was discovered by his fellow Gaurds when attempting to aid his friends. Leia watched in horror as her friends were devoured realizing what was ahead in her future. Jabba gloated in triumph to all of his minions and then pulled his scantily clad slave back to him. To stunned to react to the pull on her collar Leia was forced face to face with her hideous master. When she ran into him she was unable to pull away because her soft smooth belly had made contact with his clammy stomach causing the slime on his body to stick to her sexy body. Jabba then wrapped his arms around his beautiful captive putting one hand behind her head stroking her soft hair while the other one went down to her rear gropping it. Leia was still too stunned from the death of her friends to react to her master molesting . Their bodies were so close that Leia's nose was touching his. Jabba gazed lustfully into her gorgeous face and said, "Now that Solo is gone you can now learn to love me instead." After saying this Jabba licked her up from her neck, across her face, and into her mouth making out with her. Leia soon began to struggle in Jabbas grasp but the slime wouldn't allow her to move away and Jabba kept a firm grip on the back off her head and on her round butt. She soon started to squeal in disgust only making cries muffled by her masters tongue. Jabba pulled his tongue out of her mouth and took his hand out from behind her head and began to comfortingly stroke her face. "shhhh don't worry my lovely, when we get back to my palace we'll have plenty of fun." Jabba whispered as he stroked her face. He then released her from their embrace, but pulled her chain forcing her to lie against his belly. As she lied against his stomach Jabbas slime ran down her back causing her to be stuck against him again. Leia suddenly became tired from all that had occurred and fell asleep against his belly. As she slept against Jabba began to drool from the feeling of her bare skin against his causing him to drool with anticipation from the pleasure he was going to get from her body. For the rest of the barge ride back to the palace Jabba placed an arm on her shoulder massaging it and occasionally stroking her hair while his tail would stroke her bare legs while Leia slept during the entire journey. As Jabba petted his young sleeping half naked slave he would converse with his minions who were envious of their boss for being fortunate enough to be able to ravage such a sexy girl.

When they finally arrived at the palace Leia was awakened by by another one of Jabbas slaves who took her to the slave Harem room. Their Leia had her makeup and hair redone making her look the most beautiful she had ever looked. All the hairs on her body(except for on her head, eyebrows and eyelashes) was shaved off. The slave then applied a perfume that made her 10 times more alluring. After the slave was done some guards came into the room and escorted her to Jabbas private room. The guards forced Leia onto a large bed at the center of the room and chained her arms and legato the four corners of the bed. Leia tried pleaded to the guards to releases her saying she could make it worth their while but they ignored her and left the room. She then spent several minutes struggling against the chains in vein causing her to be exhausted. She new Jabba was going to rape her,unfortunately she was still a virgin. Finally the door opened and Jabba slithered into the room. "Well my slaves did an excellent job making you even more lovely. Now I can enjoy ravaging your beautiful body." Jabba said slithering next to the bed. "please don't do this to me." Leia whimpered. Jabba chuckled and took one hand and stroked down her face continuing down to her chest where he removed her bra. Jabba began to masturbate and his tail sprayed slime all over Leia. Then he began gropping one of her bare breasts Jabbas hand continued down to her soft stomach where he moved his hand down to her sexy bellybutton and placed a finger inside it. His hand then continued down her leg where he stroked her thigh. Jabba leaned in to her face and began to make out with her again and both his hand fondled her bare breasts. His tail wrapped around her leg suddenly plunged between her legs inside of her, taking her virginity. Leia closed her eyes horrified that this slug was taking pleasure from her body. Jabba on the other hand was thoroughly enjoying himself groping his slaves soft breasts and moaning with pleasure. After several minutes of this Jabba finally released his juices into her. He then slithered on to the bed laying on his side next to Leia falling asleep with one hand still gropping her bare breasts and his tail still coiled around her leg. Leia was horrified with what had occurred but realized that this was her life thanks to the death of her friends and she soon fell asleep as well. For the next couple of years leia remained Jabbas favorite slave and everyday Jabba would take leia to the pleasure room to ravage her. Every day hey injoyed the sexy priceses broken will and smooth body.

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