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The next day in Jabba's palace Leia was already liking her new life as a slavegirl and her new friend Lyn Me so she wanted to do something for her today then Leia walked to Lyn Me and asked "Can we do a dance outside?" "Of course we can Princess." replied Lyn Me. The two half-naked slavegirls went outside, bowed and started to dance and the dance they were doing was new it was a exotic dance which Jabba wanted for them. Leia and Lyn Me ended their dance by blowing kisses then they laughed excitedly and hugged each other. "Jabba is sure going to enjoy this Lyn Me.' "Yes indeed Leia." agreed Lyn Me. Jabba was taking a day off today so Leia and Lyn Me had to fend for themselves Leia then asked something no slavegirl asked before "I miss my friends and have no one to love I would like a boyfriend can we find one please?" "Sure even slavegirls like you and me need a boyfriend." agreeed Lyn Me before they could plan on exploring Leia and Lyn Me saw two young men walking across Jabba's palace one was younger like Leia and the other was like Lyn Me so they called to them "Hey over here!" the two men heard Leia and Lyn Me's calls and walked to them. "Hello girls is this the palace of Jabba The Hutt?" asked on man "Yes it is I'm Leia former Princess of Aldaraan and new slavegirl." replied Leia. "What's your name young man?" "I am Kron Princess." replied the kid "Wow that is a nice name I want to ask this I have no one to love would you like to be my boyfriend?" asked Leia "Sure I will." replied Kron the other young man who liked Lyn Me was named Hydra "Tell me Lyn Me how long have you lived with Jabba?" "A long time Hydra Leia and I are good friends and she likes being half-naked like me." replied Lyn Me ans the two slavegirls prepared for their first date. Inside the palace Leia and Lyn Me talked to their boyfriends about themselves "So Leia do you like it here?" "I do now Kron I get to dance, Play with Lyn Me and be half-naked everyday it feels good and sexy." replied leia "I want you to sleep with me tonight Kron  if you're interested." "Of course I will Leia and Hydra agreed to sleep with Lyn me." replied Kron. That night Lyn Me and Hydra fell asleep but Leia and Kron decieded one thing before they slept "Kron you mean everything to me to be my new boyfriend I want you to do something for me." "What's that?" asked Kron "I want you to make love to me". Kron agreed then the two kissed and hugged each other and the two fell in love. Afterwards Kron fell asleep and so did Leia as she rubbed her belly she said "No one will replace Han Kron will take good care of me and he'll serve Jabba like me and Lyn Me." she whispered then sighed sexually and went to sleep.The next day,Leia and Lyn Me danced for Jabba The Hutt.Leia and Lyn Me enjoyed it very much.

The End

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