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Prologue: A Beauty and the Beast StoryEdit

Jabba the Hutt lay sprawled out on his throne, calmly puffing on the smoking end of his Hookah pipe. The taste

Jabba the Hutt.

of the spice wafted around in his mouth and calmed his inhibitions after a long day of business transactions. He had made several large investments in the previous months, and was finally seeing the foreseen payoff to his generous contributions. In his years of success, he had began to completely indulge in his base desires and had grown exceedingly corpulent, filling out to massive proportions so that now, he was considered one of the largest Hutts in the history of his kind and therefore, a most esteemed leader in the Huttese clans. His bulbous belly, with its rolls of doughy fat, had quickly outweighed the strength of his previous dais, collapsing it under his own mass and in a rage, Jabba had ordered an identical throne (He'd grown so attached to the original) made of a much harder form of stone, in order to keep his overweight body comfortable. He now weighed close to two tons and showed no signs of stagnating in his size, given his appetite for the many live delicacies that took up residence in his snack-quarium. The bloated Hutt was an imposing creature, with the same large, orange reptilian eyes and wide drooling mouth, and yet despite all of this, there was something altogether different about the creature than when he'd started out centuries before, an overall satisfied look on his pudgy face.

Setting the hookah to the side of his armrest, Jabba pulled lightly on a chain he held in his meaty hand. Its length ran towards the lip of his slab-like throne and ended at a collar, the golden circlet clasped around the neck of a striking, nubile women. Her body was adorned with an elegantly revealing metal bikini, consisting of little more than a brassiere wrought with gold, and a two piece skirt that barely managed to cover her crotch, while very intentionally showing off her toned and muscled legs. Minus these two parts of the ensemble, and a few bracelets and a fancy hair clip, the girl was completely naked, her slender body a display of power and beauty for the fat Hutt that held her in his possession. Her skin was smooth, creamy and held no blemishes, and her face was all the more alluring, with make-up bringing out her sparkling eyes and scarlet red lips. Her hair was done up in one long braid that served to be decidedly fancy, without concealing the obvious voluptuousness of her lithe form. Upon first glance, it was clear that this woman was a slave girl to the mighty Hutt Lord, but like her slimy master, something was different about her countenance in the presence of Jabba. She bore no look of disgust or show of defiance in the face of the Hutt and when her leash was pulled, she looked back at her master and gave him a smile instead of a grimace.

Jabba belched an order, the rancid smell of his breath leaving his fetid mouth, as he requested the slave girl come to him. And once again, instead of being repulsed, the slave smiled and rose to her feet and walked a few steps towards her enormous master, seductively swaying her hips, and pressed her half-naked body against the greasy Hutt's flabby bulk. Reaching a dainty hand to carress one of Jabba's chins, a doughy roll of flesh slick from the slime that cascaded from the Hutt's slash of a mouth, she purred,

"What is your desire, Lord Jabba?"

Jabba gave her a mixed look of lust and affection, his reptillian eyes widening in amusement, always enjoying how the girl worshipped his girthy body, despite the disgusting qualities his species' biology was known for. With one arm still holding his slave girl's leash, the other went to the small of her back and pressed her pretty physique closer to his gooey form. Breathing into her face in an obvious show of arousal, Jabba poked his fat,

Jabba's willing Slave.

slimy tongue out to the girl & pushed it against her lips in a kiss. The girl groaned in enjoyment and began to caress her Hutt master's body, her hands running along the flabs of fat, some of which had recently formed due to the bloated creature's growing appetite for live snacks. Nipping at the air as Jabba's tongue retreated back into his cavernous maw, she looked longingly at her obese master, again mimicking her request. This time Jabba rumbled a response slowly, the huttese dribbling from his mouth like the rich saliva that snaked from the corners of his mouth.

"My desire is you, my lovely princess. You serve me diligently, without question. You submit yourself to my embrace without defiance, and you love me, without another thought. You are more than a slave, forced into my arms. You are mine, willingly and by your own choice." And as he made this declaration, his chubby hand began to paw over her round behind.

And so it was at this point that Princess Leia submitted her beautiful body to her Jabba the Hutt once again and began another long hour of pleasure with her powerful master. Months ago, she'd never have dreamed of this turn of events, of being a willing partner to the disgusting Hutt Lord. And yet as she came to know Jabba, both for his morbidly obese, but also oddly pleasurable body, as well as his complex and faceted mind, molded in ways completely normal to the Hutt species, she came to appreciate him as the superior being and love him for choosing her as his favorite slave girl, the lover to end all lovers.

The following is their story..

Part I: Leia's Meeting with a Retired Crime Lord Edit

It had been several years since the Battle of Endor, culminating in the destruction of the Empire with the deaths of the Emperor and his right-hand man Darth Vader at the hands of the Rebel Alliance. The New Republic was reinstating its rule throughout the galaxy, trying to mop up remnants of the Imperial regime while also cracking down on the criminal dregs that the former government had let slide into comfortable obscurity. Piracy and Bounty Hunting were soon outlawed and while indentured servitude still flourished, the outright forced slavery of individuals was completely abolished by the Republic. This was good news to many individuals...except the Hutt Clans, whose business acumen and indeed very well-being depended on those peoples that had been forced to serve them. Due to this, a sort of secret war had been started, with the Hutt Clans seceding further and further away from the Republic's reach and continuing their sordid practices unhinged. Obviously, this did not go over

Jabba the Hutt.

well with the Republic. And so a diplomat, one of the highest ranking members of the Republic and a former hero of the Rebel Alliance had been picked to settle matters with the Hutt Clans, in order to negotiate a peace treaty with the two factions. That individual was the fierce, but still delightfully charming and beautiful Princess Leia.

As an expert in diplomatic relations, a tactful combat specialist, and one of the few individuals who knew several languages fluidly (notably Huttese, a recent accomplishment), Princess Leia had been tasked with gaining admittance to the palace stronghold of Jabba the Hutt, the current de facto leader of the Hutt Clans. He was once arguably the most powerful crime lord in the galaxy, but upon seeing the winds of change 3 years ago with the New Republic coming into power, had renounced almost all of his criminal dealings, and chosen to invest his mass wealth made in blood money in different enterprises, so that the bulbous slug could live in comfortable luxury without the need to worry about his financial status. It was known that Jabba still practiced the smuggling of drugs and spices and was still the top Glitterstim kingpin in the galaxy, and was even known to dabble in the occasional matter of extortion or loan sharking, but for the most part, Jabba had kept his word in being an honest businessman.

Leia had had previous history with the former crime lord, when he'd put a bounty on Han Solo's head for dropping a load of spice many years ago. Fortunately, after Han was frozen in carbonite and Fett took him into his custody, Leia and her friends had managed to follow the bounty hunter to a spaceport he'd docked at to refuel and with the help of Luke and Lando, managed to kill the infamous bounty hunter and reclaim the carbonized form of Han Solo before it could be delivered to Jabba. She'd heard through various info-channels that the Hutt had been furious with the loss of his prize, but upon hearing of Fett's destruction, had decided to revoke the bounty on Han's head as "If Fett couldn't do it, no one could" and would later use this as a token of goodwill towards the New Republic after the destruction of the Empire. Looking back on this, the princess sort of wished Jabba had gotten the carbonite block from Fett. It would've saved her much pain in the long run....

She arrived at Jabba the Hutt's desert citadel. She was not dressed particularly fancily, wearing a mere military jumpsuit that was less than formal, but still managed to cling to her slender physique rather well. It showed off her smooth, athletic legs and her tight, firm tummy, but otherwise, wasn't on the particularly scandalous side.

Bib Fortuna, Jabba's majordomo.

"Might as well try to seduce the Hutt, if I get the opportunity". Upon stating her name and business at the iron gates, was immediately admitted, soon to be greeted by Jabba's creepy majordomo, Bib Fortuna. They conversed for a moment in Huttese and Bib told her that "His Excellency" was currently not with his court in his throne room and could currently be found in his "study". He added that the Hutt would be willing to receive her presence if she was willing. She nodded an affirmation.

Following Fortuna through the dingy halls of the palace, they came to a large ornate door, guarded by several Gamorreans. Fortuna nodded to them and ushered Leia closer as they passed into the room and Leia was assaulted by a particularly foul odor that made her cringe.

The room was not particularly opulent but was decidedly spatious. A few lamps lit the otherwise darkened room and incense burned on a hovering desk that held a large datapad. And behind the datapad was a large stone dais, covered in blankets and cushions, hovering above the ground with repulsorlift coils. Upon this dais sprawled the Mighty Jabba the Hutt.

The princess knew much of Hutts and had researched them thoroughly through the Republic archives, but decided that they did little to alleviate the overall horror and disgust that came with meeting one face to face. Jabba was not merely huge, but IMMENSE. His slimy, bloated body was decidedly flabby, with layers and rolls of fat rising and falling as he breathed slowly, rumbling to himself as his short, chubby arms typed away at the keybad, not even noticing the two intruders. He reclined against the backrest of his dais, his bulging belly round and expansive, leading over to a long, thick, but no less powerful looking tail that wiggled slowly and methodically. Rising up past a series of fleshy chins that comprised Jabba's neck, they concluded at a wide, toad like face, with bulging reptilian eyes that glowed orange, slit like nostrils with snot slowly dripping down them and a monstrously cavernous mouth, with greenish slime dripping from its edges. On top of all this, he appeared to be the source of the miasmic stench that Leia had witnessed and the princess wondered of the Hutt had ever bathed in his 600+ years of living. Leia knew the Hutt may have been a reformed mobster, but that didn't deny that Jabba was the most thoroughly grotesque creature she'd ever encountered.

Reaching a stubby arm into the snackquarium at his side, Jabba grabbed a squirming lizard-like creature and popped the live snack into his mouth, murmuring a sigh of pleasure as he munched on it slowly. His eyes drifted up to the newcomers and his eyes bulged from their sockets as he roared a greeting to the Princess, his Huttese reverberating through his study,

"Bo shuda!" He spoke, a common huttese greeting of good will. "The lovely Princess Leia greets a mere businessman with her presence. You wished to discuss something with me?"

Leia for her part, was still getting over the urge to retch as she watched the ex crime lord partake of one of his many live "delicacies". She was aware that merely being in the presence of Hutts when they're eating was an unpleasant experience to non-Hutts, but in her opinion, unpleasant didn't quite describe it. It was absolutely

Jabba's Palace.

revolting! As Jabba asked her of her business with him, she swore she could here the screams of torture from the little creature as it disappeared down the monster's throat, but forced her gag reflex down and spoke, commandingly, but still courteously,

"Great One, The Republic is aware that you represent the Hutt Clans as their leader and overall decision maker in matters political or otherwise. I seek to talk with you about a truce between our two factions, so that we may better serve each other to the best of our ability."

She needed to demonstrate to the Hutt that she was more than just a pretty face, that she was a respected and powerful individuals. In his heyday, Jabba the Hutt was known for being quite the lech when it came to humanoid girls and was notorious for forcing many into being his pleasure slaves. His harem was supposedly one of the most exotic in the planet. There were rumours that Jabba still HAD a harem, but Leia was keen not to find this out....the hard way.

Jabba rumbled as he considered the princess' words, "Go on. I'm listening." He gurgled, remnants of the lizard-creature and flecks of slop dripping from his lower lip. Leia tried to keep it together.

"In return for financial support from the Hutt Clans, as well as your species overall agreement to abide by our new laws, we are prepared to offer you the freedom to conduct your businesses as you see fit, with no government regulation or taxes on our part. We are also willing to offer the Clans the full backing of the Republic's military for protection and to solve disputes that the Hutts may find...unfavorable." In her view, the deal was politically sound.

The corpulent Lord chuckled slowly, a sound that was hideous and discomforting. He leaned back on his throne, shitfting his blubbery body as he contemplated Leia's proposal.

"The Hutt Clans have always been at odds with every government that has risen throughout this galaxy. The Empire had similar offers to your so-called 'Republic' which we Hutts abided by. They allowed us to practice our crimal activities so long as we admitted that they were the superior power in the galaxy, which we dreadfully bit our tongues and agreed to. They also demanded our financial support. Does this not sound familiar to you, Miss Leia?"

Leia grimaced as the fat Hutt slurred her name in his native tongue, trying to hide her offensiveness. "Yes, well, you see, our offer is..."But she was cut off as Jabba raised a tubby arm.

"And yet does your Republic know what the Hutt Clans really want, what they wanted from the Empire, but were never granted? Our species wants former prejudices abolished."

Leia was shocked. She hadn't planned this to come up. She figured Jabba would immediately seize the opportunity at the mention of the Republic's gracious demand. She wondered what the Hutt was getting at.

"The Empire let us pursue our ventures as we pleased, but you and I both know that the Empire was xenophobic. They loathed our species. They found our culture morbid, our lifestyles disgusting, our very visages were an affront to the supposed 'perfect beauty' of biped races. Does the Republic not feel the same way?" Jabba fumed, slamming his pudgy arm on his armrest. Leia remained silent as the former gangster continued to rant.


Jabba argues with Leia.

"I have, minus a few enterprises, renounced my status as a crime lord, the GREATEST crime lord in the galaxy. And yet this entire meeting, you have looked upon me with disgust. My very presence causes you to gag with revulsion. Your Republic is no different than the Empire. They hold no love or respect for the Hutts. You only TOLERATE us." As if to punctuate the comment, Jabba grabbed another creature from his food bowl and tossed the squeaking morsel into his mouth, chomping on it violently as he eyed the princess-diplomat in loathing.

Leia considered Jabba's remarks and then calmly admitted, "You are correct of some of these things, Mighty Jabba. The Republic and indeed...even I....find the Hutt's culture and way of life to be...unsavory. But you cannot argue that the Hutt species is decidedly less....orthodox..than other races."

Jabba chuckled again as he finally swallowed the little creature and patted his blubbery belly. "Hutts only have different, not wrong, different views on a positive way of life. In human culture, being slender and athletic makes you attractive and gives you status. With us Hutts, it lies in how fat and gluttonus we are. A Hutt who is extremely corpulent and can eat almost constantly is shown to be wealthy and have status beyond all recognition. Your species prefers their food cooked, sauteed, grilled. The Hutts prefer their food live, fresh, untouched before it passes down our throat. Your species prefers to bathe in cool water with soap. Ours prefers mucky swamps that sooth our greasy skin or to avoid bathing altogether and let nature take its course."

Jabba leaned forward and looked the Princess square in the face. She could smell his fetid breath as he spoke slowly, "These are preferences, nothing more, nothing less. And until your Republic realizes this, I'm afraid deals with the Hutt Clans will go unchanged. I refuse to let our glorious species submit to the whims of another government that pretends to have our best interests in mind, but in retrospect, has no real desire to be involved with us." He settled back on his throne, smugly confident and awaited the Republic leader's retort.

Leia was still reeling from the Hutt's breath but also his accusations, not because they were wrong, but because they were true. Hutts have always been viewed with disdain, and if they do leave their criminal lives behind, do they not deserve the same respect and appreciation that other races receive? She decided to be honest with the loathesome monarch.

"You are correct, Great One. And the Republic and even myself, is guilty of prejudices against the Hutts which are unfounded. Still, armed with this knowledge, I'm sure I can negotiate your pleas with the Council and they'll see reason. Is their anything I can do to receive your appeasement?"

Jabba gazed at the woman before him and found himself regressing back into his former lechery, his eyes turning to slits as they traced the outline of her feminine body, made abundantly prominent by the form-fitting jumpsuit she wore, and considered what a treat it would be to have her as a pleasure slave....But no, he had other more wanton girls to please him later. So for now....

"I have an offer. Stay in my palace for a few days and observe my behavior. After your time here is finished, and you feel that my accusations are unwarranted and can explain to me why, I will agree to your terms and our factions can continue as they've always been. If however, you see that I really am an honest businessman and that the individuals of my palace appreciate me AS A HUTT, then we will agree to your terms, but you must negotiate my species' admittance into the council of your Republic. Do we have a deal?"

Leia could've sworn he caught the Hutt checking her out and shivered, but decided it must've just been her mind playing tricks on her. Upon hearing his proposition, she was immediately thrown off. Stay at Jabba's palace? Where would she stay? Surely he didn't mean....

"Your own personal quarters will be prepared for you, and I assure you they will be quite accomodating. located in the same wing as my private chambers, should you need my assistance in any way." And at this Leia could've SWORN he winked at her.,,,

"What of my clothes? I only have what I'm wearing now."

And what a delightful ensemble it is, the bloated slug thought to himself. "I have a tailor who takes care of the harem girl's costumes. I'm sure she can find something suitable for you."

So he DID have a harem still, Leia thought to herself. She REALLY hoped the gross Hutt was not referring to what she thought he was referring to. Still, the Republic really did need this deal with the Hutt Clans. Sometimes comfort zones had to be breached and sacrifices had to be made...

"Very well, Mighty One. I accept your offer on behalf of the Republic. I will stay here for a few days and see if you really are a fair example of the Hutt's reform and try to work around my....prejudices with your species culture and way of life."

Jabba chuckled loudly, his mountainous body quaking as he finished typing up a few more numbers into his datapad. "Very well Princess Leia. A party will be thrown later this evening in honor of your stay here. Please come and enjoy the festivities." He reached over and grabbed the last live snack from his food bowl and stuffed it into his face, gulping it down with a loud squelch. Then the Hutt tapped a few keys on his armrest and Leia watched as Jabba's dais began to move backwards into a opening behind his study. Before leaving, he called to Bib,

"Majordomo, make sure our guest is given a suite in the same wing as my chambers. Make sure she's comfortable and contact the Harem Tailor about getting her some changes of clothes. Make sure they...suit her well. Also, tell the Chef my snackquarium needs to be refilled. I want something more amphibious this time."

He licked his lips at the mere thought of the frog-like delicacies and Leia got her first look at Jabba's purple, oozing tongue as it slid across his mouth. It would take her awhile to get used to that!

Jabba's dais left the room and Bib motioned for the Princess to follow him. As they walked, he spoke,

'The Master travels through a series of passageways to reach the various rooms of his palace. He goes to his throne room now to receive his court. You may head over there yourself when you please."

Leia was still trying to process all the information, but all she managed currently was a "Uh huh." Why was she acting like a lost school-girl?

"You are lucky the Master is fond of you Miss? I've been with him for years now and he can still be downright...unpleasant to girls who catch his fancy. You would do well to stay on his good side...Ah here we are. Your room, Miss.

Jabba's majordomo went over Leia's rooming arrangements, the shower, the bed and a room service button. The room was decorated well and lighted decently, completely different from the rest of the dingy stronghold.

Leia's Sleeping Quarters.

"Should you need anything, a servant will aid you for room service. Or if you want a more personal touch, you can go to His Excellency for assistance...." And he gestured out of her room to a door at the end of the hall, ornately made of priceless jewels and currently guarded by a small batallion of soldiers.

"The Master likes his privacy, but I'm sure he'd make an exception for you. Something to keep in mind....Enjoy your stay." And with that Fortuna left to go carry out the rest of the bulbous Hutt's demands.

Princess Leia shut the door and plopped down on the bed, asking herself what she'd gotten herself into. She was a guest at Jabba the Hutt's palace, one of her former enemies and she was being pampered like a queen. What was the wily Hutt up to?

She waited for the tailor or someone to come with her change of clothes, hoping it would be something more than the skimpy costume of a dancing girl. She must stay on Jabba's good side, if only for the good of the future relations between the Republic and the Hutt Clans.

There was one thing that bothered her however, a comment Fortuna had made....about his master being fond of her. Had she really caught his fancy? And what would that mean for her in the future.....

Part II: Revelry at Jabba's palace. Leia's conceptions are tested.Edit

Princess Leia had been to many different engagements and parties in her years of living. Everything from the lavishly decorated and formal Alderaan balls to even some of the more casual and rowdy get togethers at a local cantina or club. They were all enjoyable to her, with minimal amounts of drinking and carousing, but due to her status as royalty and later an Alliance leader, she was always (save Han a few times) treated with the utmost dignity and respect.

But this party at Jabba the Hutt's palace, this transcended anything she'd yet experienced. It was not merely rowdy in the Hutt's throne room. It was pure, unbridled chaos. Compared to her time at a few of the seedier, but no less civilized Alliance-run nightclubs, the palace's atmosphere and overall clientelle trumped them by far.

Now she had to be fair in saying that while there were still many exotic species of peoples amidst Jabba's court, and she could've sworn she'd seen the occasional wanted drug dealer every now and then, she had to admit that the Hutt had clearly cleaned house, to a degree, in the company he kept. Most of the individuals looked relatively well-kept in the gloomy palace, calmly downing their beverages or using other substances. But most of them, save a lascivious grin or a mumbling snigger, didn't seem to pay her any mind, leaving the
Jess close21

Fortuna with a dancer during the festivities.

Republic diplomat to casually survey the revelry that lay before her as she leaned against a stone pillar next to the main entrance of the throne room. She wanted a quick exit from the place, in case things got too hectic.

From what she could gather, there were a pair of Whipids playing Sabaac in the corner, a decent cadre of mercenaries and soldiers of varying species conversing loudly over battle exploits as they drained tankards of meade. She saw some Jawas snorting a sort of pinkish powder that she took to be what the locals called "Death Sticks" a class IV narcotic, but something that the Republic deemed unnecesarry to regulate. Indeed, most drug trafficking had been left alone by the new government, a fact that Leia had to bite her tongue when wishing to voice her opinion of the sordid practice. She spotted several of Jabba's trademark Gammorean Guards stationed about the palace, occasionally grabbing rabble-rousers that were upsetting the Hutt's mood and escorted them out of the room to be....dealt with, as Leia was notified by her newly found "informant".

The aformentioned repository of information was the other part of her "education of Jabba's courly matters". A young girl by the name of Nala, who could've been no more than the age of 18, was assigned by the Harem Tailor earlier in the afternoon as a sort of tour guide and emissary, charged with granting the Princess answers to any information she was privvy to give. Nala, Leia assumed, clearly had the physique of a dancing girl in the Hutt's entourage, with olive-coloured skin, sleek and shapely legs and an ample bust that would make any spacer croon. She wore what she called a modest outfit, with an emerald halter top and harem pants made of an elaborate silk. Yes, Leia thought, it was clear this girl was a dancer, but the Princess wondered if Nala's duties amidst this monstrous den ended at dancing and acrobatics or went...further. Still, she did not care to have an answer to this thought and the girl was more than adequate and polite to her as she inquired into Jabba's every day businesses and dealings.

"Oh, the master only conducts his business in the mornings, mostly with shipping magnates and accounting firms. The Exalted One's stock continues to rise in the galactic market and soon, the Great Jabba will be able to retire with so much wealth that it will not be a shock for him to spend 10 million credits a day."

Leia choked on the zoochberry choose she was sipping. 10 million?! That was easily the amount of year's salary of a Republican politician. "Does Jabba donate to any charities? Surely he could with all those funds."

Nala smiled, a pretty gesture. "The Master does donate to his own select charities, yes. But he prefers not to be recognized as a Philanthropist. He fears it would bespoke a soft image to the rival clan lords and the very galactic community itself. Despite my Lord's best intentions to change his ways, he still has many enemies and would prefer the image of him as feared kingpin of the outer rim not be forgotten."

The Princess-Diplomat could understand the reasoning behind this. Her own fortune, which was managed by a solid group of financiers, had to be handled carefully. Leia had been unfortunate in making many enemies too after her pivotal role in he dismantling of the Empire.

Nala looked out to where Jabba reclined on his throne. "Besides, Master Jabba still enjoys spending his exorbinant funds on other ventures. For his entertainment"

Leia shook her head, not understanding. "I can't imagine what. You told me he no longer forces women into service as his pleasure slaves, you tell me he very rarely leaves his palace, and apparently his chefs work with hydroponics to breed all the live treats he seems to enjoy consuming on a regular basis. What could the Hutt possibly need for entertainment."

The young dancer smirked mischieviously. "You are write on all those accounts, but Lord Jabba has a love for the fine arts. He purchases many paintings and sculptures to this day, contracted in his image. He also enjoys importing entertainers. The current band we are listening to now was just hired by him a few cycles ago."

Leia listened to the quiet hum of the instrumentation done by a talented group of musicians, the Violet Nodes, as they played a jazzy, yet somber tune.

"And if you wait a little while more, Miss Organa, you'll see what else the Master purchases to entertain himself after a long day of business. I see your drink is nearing empty. Shall I get you another?"

Leia nodded an affirmation and the girl took her empty glass and sauntered over the bar for another drink. Leia watched as a few of the younger male patrons made jeering and flirty remarks at the pretty dancer and one even casually groped her rear end. She blushed and murmured something in the man's ear, and his cheeks went scarlet. Leia rolled her eyes at the display.

I'm so glad I didn't wear that outfit that was sent for me. Leia thought to herself.

The Harem Tailor, with Nala in tow, had always brought with her an outfit Jabba had said he thought would be suitable for her. By all accounts, it was a gorgoeus little gettup, consisiting of a beautiful sparkling black dress that would've clung to the Princess' slender figure like water, with a pair of gemstone earings and a silver brace

Jabba during the party.

to go over her right arm. It was a gown made for royalty, and Leia considered putting it on, but at the thought of being on display for the bloated slug and his minions, Leia had decided against wearing the ensemble and chosen to go out in her jump-suit. After seeing the perverted men at the various stalls, she decided she'd made the right decision. Unfortunately, the tailor had been adamant that Leia might change her mind, and so the outfit was hanged in the closet of her suite, should she need it another time.

For her part, Leia thought that HIGHLY unlikely.

She looked across the throne room towards the ornate stone dais upon which the overfed Hutt lay. Jabba the Hutt was still just as repulsive as ever, his mounded, flabby form propped up by many blankets and cushions on his throne, his plump worm-like tail twitching to the beat of the music. One of his chubby arms held the smoking nose of his hookah from which the bulbous creature would take occasional puffs, groaning in mirth as the spice clouded his inhibitions. He was drooling, a runny yellowish film leaking from his lips and slowly beginning to gather in the folds of his fleshy neck. His body odor now compounded with the smoky spice and Leia found it hard not to run to the nearest refresher to puke her guts out.

Still though, she had to give herself some credit when she'd first presented herself to the loathesome monarch as he'd arrived to enjoy the festivities of the evening. It was a brief exchange. Apparently, Jabba did not want his cronies to know a great and all powerful Hutt like himself was on good speaking terms with dainty woman like herself. He'd asked her if her quarters were accomodating and she'd nodded. He asked if her outfit was satisfactory and she told him "Some other time, maybe" causing the retired gangster to chuckle, his big belly jiggling. He then told her she'd soon see him for the honest businessman he really was and that in the end, she would lose her little wager. Then with a flick of his tail, she was dismissed and ushered away by Nala as the slug's eyes blinked blearily as he began to indulge in his hookah.

Leia thought back on all this and had to admit, that while Jabba still appeared to be foul and disgusting on the outside, there was very little criminal behavior going on in his palace. And while she'd always heard that most of the sycomphants of the Hutt's court were secretly scheming to kill him, she could hear nothing but praise and gratification for the Bloated One and his gracious hospitality. Could it be possible? Could Jabba really have changed?

Leia was started out of her ponderings as the dancing girl Nala returned with her drink "I apologize Miss for the wait, but those gentlemen can be such rogues." She giggled.

The princess snorted. These men may not be criminals but partying in a stinking, hazy den like this is hardly what she would call "gentlemanly"

"Oh look Miss Organa. Tonight's festivities are starting...Let's go up for a closer look." And she yanked the diplomat's arm in the direction of a sudden ring of spectators that had crowded around a space before Jabba's throne-dais. The band was beginning to tune their instruments in preparation for what Leia assumed to be a mighty performance. Jabba had set his hookah down and with a blubbery arm raised, boomed a Huttese declaration and the crowd was silent.

Leia watched confused when suddenly a striking woman stepped from a shadowed alcove and with a leaping somersault and flurry of skin, bounded over the crowd and landed in the center of the floor. The Princess was first struck that this woman was a Zeltron, her ruby red skin glinting in the light coming off of one of the lamps placed behind the corpulent Hutt. Leia then noticed that the lovely girl wore next to nothing, little more than a bikini top made of dewback leather and a midnight black thong that managed to show off the delicate svelteness of her supple legs. The woman opened striking maroon eyes and cast them about the room, earning the catcalls and whoops of several men. She stepped lightly from side to side, pacing the room as if looking for something and Leia looked to where Jabba sat and saw the bloated lord eyeing her with obvious interest, his stubby hands reaching out eagerly. She finally faced the Hutt's massive throne and her maroon eyes met the Hutt's slitted orange reptilian ones. And with a sudden squeal of delight, she began an exotic series of steps as the Violet Nodes began a techno-enthused rumba.

"What is-" Leia began, but Nala shushed her courteously a told her to watch.

And so Leia watched, as well as the many other courtiers of Jabba's palace, as the Zeltron girl of such

A Zeltron girl dances for Jabba the Hutt.

remarkable and sultry beauty danced wantonly for the obscenely fat Jabba the Hutt. All the men had gathered closer to watch the entertainment, some of them chanting, others fist-pumping, but all of them enraptured by the exotic dancer's raunchy display. Her moves were manifestly sexual, with a twist of her hips there and a jiggling of her round apple bottom there. The crowd was in an uproar, but none were as intent upon the girl as the dance's recipient: The overweight slug who the woman's eyes never seemed to leave. His plump-snake tail thumped up and down to the beat of the music as Jabba's belly bounced with glee. His dark, mucous covered tongue slid across his lips with a slurp and hung from his open mouth as he rumbled in pleasure at the Zeltron's erotic display.

He reached out eagerly for her and Leia saw the lust in his eyes, the need for her skinny body to be pressed up against his flabby flesh. She knew where this was going. Soon, he'd have her put in chains and would chain her to his throne. No Hutt, or any individual for that matter, could resist the charm and allure of a Zeltron. Turns out she'd be going home with that treaty from Jabba sooner afterall. Leia thought smugly. Changed Hutt gangster my a-.

She stopped suddenly as she watched the unthinkable happen. The song reached its crescendo in the blaring of horns and drums and the comely dancer thrust herself into the waiting arms of Jabba, pressing her smooth body into the unwholesome, lumpy flabs of the Hutt Lord. She let her hands glide over his rolls of fat and bringing her tiny lips to the Hutt's fleshy face, she planted a seductive little kiss upon his lips. Jabba's arms meanwhile kept the girl pinned against his large body and began to paw over her athletic physique, beads of sweat shining on her body as she breathed happily at the conclusion of her dance. Jabba's thick tongue reached out and slopped her in turn on the lips, in his own beastly version of a kiss and Leia came close to retching, wondering when she'd hear the girl's violent protests, but none came. Only a few soft cooing noises escaped the Zeltron's mouth before she settled against the right side of Jabba's overfed belly and made a place for herself there, smiling up at the slimy slug. Leia watched as Jabba's eyes drifted from the pretty dancer to Leia's shocked face. He smirked at her as if to say "Told you so" and then Leia once again thought she saw him wink at her. The nerve.

Reaching into his snackquarium, Jabba grabbed a live toad and stuffed the slimy appetizer passed his gross lips, swallowing it with an audible gulp. Pulling the girl closer to his fetid stomach, the Hutt declared that he was retiring to his private chambers and that his guests would do the same.

As Leia watched Jabba's dais recede into the opening behind his throne, taking the flabby Hutt and his...What was she? A slave? a prostitute? Payoff from an old friend? Leia did not know and still could not work out the details. No chains. No bondage. No forced coercian. The girl WANTED to be with the smelly Hutt. Wanted to stay with him tonight. Wanted to be intimate....Leia could not believe it. This had to be some sort of cruel joke. How could a girl like that choose a monstrous revolting creature like Jabba? It just made no sense. Leia had so many questions for Nala as she was taken back to her room, but all she managed to ask was "Was that girl a slave to your master?"

Nala shook her head no. "Our master ocassionally pays for exotic consorts and call-girls but no, she has no real love for my master. She will make good money tonight though and she will make the Bloated One extremely happy."

Leia relaxed. Of course! A prostitute, trained in the arts of seduction would easily entertain a Hutt for the evening for a high enough fee. And Jabba certainly has no shortage of credits....But she was started from this realization from Nala's next statement.

"But Jabba does have slave girls. I am one of them and there are several others. And we all care for our master greatly. We appreciate him because of who he is and he enjoys us because of our beauty and unquestioned loyalty to him."

Leia again coughed. She had a hunch this girl was a slave girl but had no clue there were more! And the way Nala talked about Jabba, it was almost as if she actually ENJOYED being his slave girl.

"But Nala, if you're his slave girl, surely you were put into this position against your own volition. You can't possibly...." But Leia stopped adruptly as she saw that Nala was laughing at her.

"You are so naive, Miss Organa. Our Lord does not take girls by force any more. He does not have to. We come to him because we WANT to. I am a slave girl, as well as my other sisters, because we choose to be. And there is nothing better than being the Bloated One's pleasure slave."

The Princess had nothing to say. These girls must all be secretly brainwashed. CHOOSING to be with Jabba as his slave girl? No idea could be more disgusting.

Nala opened the door to Leia's quarters. "I must go back to the harem and you must get your sleep. With our master's permission, I'd like to take you to the harem to meet my fellows slave-sisters. I think it may help you better understand me....And our master. Please consider. Goodnight Miss Organa." And with a slight reaching in, Nala gave Leia a light peck on the cheek, and blushing suddenly, she left Leia's room in a hurry.

The Princess Diplomat flung herself onto the bed, dazed from the day's revelations. So far, she had gathered nothing concrete against Jabba the Hutt and his arguement that he was a changed individual and no longer the ruthless criminal he was so known for. All she had seen was her own prejudices and assessments still clouding her judgement of Jabba's character, looking at the monster on the outside instead of what lays in the Hutt's soul. Leia therefore decided that starting tomorrow, she would approach this observation with calm ambivalence.

She would go to the harem. She would get to the bottom of this mystery. And if Jabba really was little more than a fat Hutt playing the part of a businessman, then she would accept him for who he was and plant a kiss on those greasy Hutt lips just to show him that humans too could change.

She gagged and giggled at the thought of kissing the monstrous slug. Who knows, she thought, in fairy tales, kissing a toad would grant the princess a dashing prince. Maybe the same could work with a Hutt like Jabba....

Part III: The Princess Meets Jabba's Harem Girls. A Change of Heart Occurs.Edit

It was official. Jabba did indeed have his own personal harem of willing slave girls, woman of startling beauty and ferocity who actually appreciate the retired gangster's affections. Leia was a little unnerved with the realization that with this final piece of evidence, it had become clear to her that Jabba was not the grotesque and evil creature that he used to be, but merely a Hutt businessman, resigned to his previous criminal activities and preferring to indulge in the pleasures and mannersisms that made up a Hutt's lifestyle. She could hold no prejudices against the obese monarch and would have to accept that in the end, this wager she'd made with Jabba would end with her putting aside former prejudices and joining the ex-mobser in future relations with the Hutt Empire and the New Republic.

She'd seen that he was an honest merchant when she'd attended and viewed several of his business conferences and she noted that there appeared to be nothing underhanded about the bulbous creature's approach to his dealings. He was proposing new trade routes over the hologram of a hyperspace manager, a pretty twi'lek female of a regal bearing. And while the Princess noted that Jabba would indeed lick his lips when the manager spoke and she could note that unbeknownst to the girl, the perverse Hutt's thick tail wiggled as he gazed at her hologram, Leia couldn't really blame the Mighty Lord as the Twi'lek woman was wearing an overtly

One of Jabba's Slave Girls.

snug top that was decidedly low-cut and a too-short mini-skirt, proving Leia's prejudice that most Twi'lek women, to a degree, deserved to be called the "whores of the galaxy". Jabba was decidedly gentlemanly throughout this and many other meetings, only making mild flirtatious remarks here and there, and the Republic leader had to admit, that despite the Hutt's disgusting behavior (She noted that his aquarium bowl was always next to him, during his meetings, in case His Excellency's appetite needed to be quenched), he did appear to be true on his promise of being a changed individual.

Then she visited the Harem and found the final nail in the coffin.

Leia was invited by Nala to visit the harem quarters as the girls were preparing the dance routine for their master's pleasure but had been ordered by their loathesome master to accomodate the princess in any matters she'd question them on. The Princess had decided that since her current jump-suit needed to be washed, she'd finally warm up to her host's hospitality and donned the gorgeous, but slightly revealing, black dress that had been provided for her. Nala had nodded her approval of the outfit and said nonchalantly that "Master Jabba would be pleased with her finally warming up to his ideal style that pretty girls should dress in.", a thought that slightly irked the regal woman, but she put it aside. Han probably would've loved her in this too...

The harem itself was guarded by several guards, beefy looking humans. "The Gamorreans don't know how to keep their hands off us, so Jabba has men who know we are to be treated with respect..." Nala replied to Leia's unspoken inquest.

Upon entering, Leia was struck by the fact that the room was not overtly large, but roomy enough to accomodate several woman at once. There were several plush beds with laced sheets and blankets, a couple of refreshers and sonic showers, a rather opulent looking dressing room, and a large space in the center of the room that was no doubt where the girl's practiced dancing. Leia was also surprised to find that there were not as many slave girls as Leia had imagined. The Republic diplomat had imagined that a Hutt with depraved tastes like Jabba would have many, many girls to suit his many appetites, but only 5 or 6 girls besides Nala actually resided there.

There were two Twi'lek girls in matching fishnet outfits, one blue and another red, who were practicing exotic dance routines in the middle of the room. Leia spotted a Togrutan and a Zabrak female by the vanity, each in skimpy belly dancer outfits, doing each other's make-up and gossiping about previous "endeavors" with some of the palace's patrons. And sitting up on two of the beds were two human girls, one of which Leia realized upon closer examination was the Zeltron from the previous night, eyeing Nala and the newcomer with cautious interest.

"But I thought she was only paid..."Leia asked Nala, but Nala held her fingers to her lips.

"Miss Amilee decided to offer herself to our master permanently as his slave girl after spending an evening with him. This happens more often than you think.." And she giggled, joining in by the cacophony of the other girls, finishing last with the Zeltron who smirked bashfully.

One of the girl's got off the bed, and Leia noted her outfit, a sparkling halter top with extremely short shorts. She

Twi'leks of Jabba's Harem.

walked to Nala and gave her a hug and then nodded to Leia and asked, "Does she wish to be Lord Jabba's slave too?" Her gaze lingered on Leia's black dress in what Leia was a little unnerved to say looked a LOT like jealousy...

Nala was quick to settle unnecessary rumours. "This the the Princess Leia Organa of the New Republic. She is here to research our master's new change in ways and to see if the Hutts can be reasoned with. We are to show her that our master is gracious and benevolent, and that we enjoy his presence."

Slight murmuring went throughout the harem chamber and one of the girls, the Togrutan, sniggered "Oh he's benevolent alright, for a Hutt..."

Leia's heart rate quickened. This was it. Finally, she'd get some ammunition on the supposed required gangster. She KNEW he couldn't have changed completely.

"I mean, don't get me wrong. I enjoy being his slave girl. All of us do, but some of the girls appreciate him more than I do. He's still a Hutt after all."

One of the Twi'lek girls, the red one chimed in, "You'll have to excuse Miss. Ellie, Mistress Organa. She can't get over our master's more...Hutt-like behavior. It just takes time and then you come to enjoy his attentions, even the more unsavorty things. Remember what he has done for us..."

Ellie snapped back "I AM grateful for His Lordship. We all are. He takes care of us and protects us and I won't lie that he's enjoyable company in the evenings, assuming he picks you....But he's still a disgusting slug. And if I could have a hot Falleen noble with all of Lord Jabba's qualities, I'd take that in a heartbeat."

"Well, I doubt a Falleen noble would want a mousy, spoiled wench like yourself anyway." Replied a maternal, but no less powerful voice that had suddenly entered the room. Leia turned to the voice and was greeted to a striking woman in her 30's. She was human and decidedly more plump than the other, slender girls and she wore a form-fitting gown that showed off her widened hips and full bust. She was full-figured, something Leia never thought she'd see in Jabba's palace. It was known that Jabba's preferences went the way of athletic, younger humanoid girls. She wondered who this newcomer was.

"I am Vivian, harem keeper and tailor of the Exalted One's little cadre of slave girls. It is an honour to meet you, Mistress Organa. I hope some of the more....beligerent girls, don't give you the wrong idea about our Lord."

Nala added quietly, "Our Harem mother used to be Mistress Yarna, but she demanded at the collapse of the Empire for Master Jabba to release her to her cubs, and our kind Hutt Lord granted her request. So now we have Mistress Vivian, a former slave girl of a black sun viggo."

Vivian cocked a head to Leia. "You wish to know if Lord Jabba really has changed his colours?" She asked in the smoothly seductive tone.

Leia's mind swam in a sea of different thoughts. So some girls appreciated the Hutt more than others. Was it a form of brainwash? Or was an interest in Jabba liking being accustomed to a fine wine, only allowing you the full experience the more you partook of it.

"I just don't understand how any of you girls can find a monster like Jabba to be appealing, physically or otherwise.

Vivian laughed, a decidedly harsh sound compared to the rest of her lovely disposition. "Poor girl, so confused. We do not ENJOY our master's affections. I have yet to meet a healthy human woman who would find a Hutt, especially one as obese and revolting as our master, physically desirable..."

Leia shook her head, "But Nala just said.." But she was cut off by the harem keeper.

"It is easier to say we enjoy it because explaining it is decidedly more complicated. We do not enjoy Jabba's affections, but we do tolerate his presence, which is easier than you might think."

"He gives us an ultamatum though. Despite our beauty and lovelieness, we are all from broken ways of life. Some of us were slaves to debts to less savory characters. Some of us were forced into slavery by former masters only to be granted solace with Lord Jabba. All of us," She motioned to the various girls. "Picked Lord Jabba and offered to be his slave girl because of what it represents. It is freedom to indulge in base pleasures, to have no responsibility, save pleasing the Bloated One. We were nobodies outside of the palace walls, pretty girls meant to be used and then discarded. But here, in His Excellency's palace, we are goddesses of lustful passion. Men want us, but cannot have us unless we wish it. Women want to be us, to be gawked and gazed at and desired. And our Master, because of his former status as a lech, desires of the pleasures of woman like us, and we would not trade anything in the world for it."

Vivian finished her speech to the silence of the other slave girls, who all solemnly nodded at her declarations. Even the defiant Togrutan woman managed a light head jerk.

"Besides, if you ever have spent the night with the master, you know that despite some of his more....foul qualities, he does no what women want and enjoy.."And the harem keeper gave a lascivious grin to the other girls, all of which returned it in kind. "Jabba is no stranger to sexual pleasure.

Leia tried not to gag at what that might entail and yet could not help arguing that she could understand the appeal of being a slave girl in this sordid palace. How often had Leia wanted to be free from her status as a princess, to be wanted by all men without the cares of responsibility and propriety, to escape past wrongs by starting over.....

"So Jabba the Hutt has you all as slaves. You dance for him, you please him privately and probably serve him in other ways.....But I always thought Jabba was fond of chaining a favorite girl to his throne?"

All of the girls, including Vivian, looked down sullenly, and Leia wondered if she'd crossed the line and said something that would get her into a slew of trouble. Nala tugged her arm.

"Mistress Organa, our Master has not taken a favorite since the Empire fell. He knows that despite how much we appreciate our master, that there is still some level of disgust in having close proximity with him. We wish there wasn't, but its just too difficult for a human girl to spend their time with a Hutt for the entirety of the day. Master Jabba understands this and thus has not taken a favorite in almost 3 years.

All the girls nodded in agreement. Vivian spoke up, "Not even I, a slave girl of Lord Jabba's for most of my life, can spend extended periods with him. The Hutt Lord will not tone down his mannerisms. He indulges in being a Hutt and refuses to be accomodating to anyone else.....You must understand something though Miss. Organa."

Vivian stepped closer and grasped Leia's hands. "Master Jabba may be a disgusting slug to you, but he is our lover and we would do nothing to hurt him. But I think that despite all of these things, The Great Jabba the Hutt still wishes for a return to his glory days. He wants to be THE crime lord of the galaxy. He wants to cheat and murder and steal, but he won't. Because he wishes to avoid the wrath of your republic. He wants his enterprises to be left alone."

"But I think, more than anything else, Jabba WANTS a favorite. He wants a girl he can dress as he pleases, a girl who will wear his collar and leash wantonly and spend every waking moment with him. Who will obey his every command and order and love him unconditionally. This is was Lord Jabba wants, but he will never get it from us."

Leia's head wrestled with concepts she could not fathom. So Jabba was a victim almost in these cases.

"Why won't he get it?"

Vivian turned away from Leia and looked to the ground, hands upon her hips. "Because what all of us girls want in the end is a lover, not a master. All of us want Jabba to pick one of us as his favorite, but not as a slave, but an equal. We want to serve him as an equal, but he will not."

Leia reached out to Vivian, offering comfort. "But I don't understand, why wouldn't he, if he's changed so much."

Vivian laughed, quietly and turned to Leia with eyes of reassurance. "Because, Mistress Leia, Jabba is a Hutt and Hutts don't believe in equals. They are superior in their eyes to everyone else. Jabba does not want a lover. He wants the perfect slave girl. One who will worship him and treat him like the near god his species claims to be. He will not change this because it is at the cornerstone of Hutt philosophy. He is perfect and until one of us sees that, we will not have him, and he will not have us."

Part IV: An Unfortunate Reunion. Leia Makes her Decision.Edit

This was all so wrong, Leia thought to herself as she prepared to head out from her suite to the main audience chamber. It was supposed to be a simple matter of gleaming that Jabba was still a monster and was still wronging people, but it turned out he was just what? Misunderstood? A victim. This bloated slug still ruled over a massive business empire, had more money than many esteemed politicians of the galaxy, and had almost no real authority to answer to. It did not make sense why he had just chosen to incubate in his palace and retire. But that was just it. He had. He was no longer a gangster and while his degenerative behavior as a Hutt was still repulsive and vile, there were clearly individuals who tolerated and even admired that behavior. The Hutt was a creature of habits and his heritage but he was not an evil creature, and Leia, one of the foremost leaders of the New Republic, had come to the conclusion that there were even some characteristics to this Hutt that she found...appealing.

It wasn't his voracious appetites nor was it his ability to ignore even the most rote forms of hygiene, but the lifestyle he offered the girls in his harem was something that the princess had been mulling over and had even come to covet. She didn't think she'd ever be able to completely submit to a disgusting creature like Jabba the Hutt completely, but the thought of forgoing all her responsibilities, all her regal bearings, all her poise, in favor of a skimpy outfit, with the only duty being to please the perverse slug in whatever manners he imagined, and in return, being cared for and having access to various luxuries......The thought of being a slave girl to Jabba's harem was not such a bad one. A bit of a stretch, but defintely...attractive.. She cursed herself for thinking so dopishly. Regardless of her confused feelings at the moment, she was still a rebel and would forever be a rebel. This was a meeting of business purposes and nothing more. She was a strong and empowered women and she would not give into the temptation of giving all that up for a life of simple desires and pleasures. She through on her jump-suit, ignoring the lavishes of the black dress from before, and set off for the audience chamber. A few more days and then she'd fill out this contract between the republic and the Hutt clans and then it'd be back to the life she knew. A life of predictability and respectable Jabba's whore & slave.

Jabba's main audience chamber was particularly rowdy this afternoon, with many patrons, smugglers and other men of shady dealings about, but still no sign of the more murderous cutthroats Leia was sure would eventually drop by. The girls from Jabba's harem were about, the two twi'leks performing an exotic and nimble dance routine in the center of the room, to the joy of onlookers. In various booths and around the bar area, the other girls flirted and mingled with the men and sometimes even women who had joined in the festivities. Some of the acts the girls did were merely social, while others, like the Togrutan, were busy in heated make-out sessions with whatever attractive businessmen they could find. Leia scoffed as she watched the busty slave girl wrap long sinewous arms around a Chiss senator, her lips held in blissful reunion with his cold blue ones. She noticed Jabba's dais was missing from its usual spot and could scarcely believe that he would be missing out on such a revelry. Leia sidled next to Nala, who was offering drinks to various dregs as they wantonly felt her up. Leia even got a perverse enjoyment from having her nude bum groped by a Twi'lek slave who then smiled and introduced herself as Ann Gella, and her fellow blue-skinned slave as Tann Gella, her twin sister.

"Where is Jabba?" Leia asked as she continued to take in the spectacle.

Nala seemed distracted as a particularly handesome man came up behind her and rested his hands on her hips, grinning. "Probably in his private chambers. One of the girls....The with him there...Think he's gambling on pod races....Sorry excuse me..." She turns from Leia, setting the drinks on a counter and promptly jumps into the man's arms, her legs coiling around his waist as the two stumble back to a darkened booth. Flushing with annoyance, and even a bit of jealousy, Leia turns and prepares to leave for her quarters, when her eyes catch something that causes her ire, and rage, and depressive confusion to new heights.

In a booth, hidden behind the bar, Leia's eyes catch the face of the smuggler and former lover, Han Solo, smiling lasciviously as his groping hands wander over the Zeltron slave girl who had previously enjoyed Jabba's attentions a few nights before. Her coaxing lips glide over his neck, causing him to gnash his teeth in desire as his loins grind against hers. Her lap dance fuels his lust as his roving fingers detach her top and ease it over her head, as he plunges his mouth against her yielding cleavage. She murmurs and in response begins to tug at the zipper to his pants, and when his manhood is exposed, lowers her body down upon him, giving quiet whimpers as the two copulate in sleazy reunion.

The whole thing is a monstrous betrayal to Leia. She has not seen Han in months now, having hoped he'd commit to a marriage with her at the toppling of the Imperial regime. He'd told her he needed more time to figure things out, more time to make a life for them, and yet here he was....Induling in some Zeltron slut's affections, in a den of lechs that a few years ago, would've had him brought before Jabba's court to die or rot in a dungeon, had she not intervened. Her jealousy and depression of seeing him there, like that, doing lustful acts that he'd once reserved for her alone, made her feel utterly rejected. The man she'd loved, whom she'd thought had a sense of honor and dignity, was a lie. A slimeball no different from the other individuals who frequented the Hutt's palace. His behavior repulsed her even more than Jabba in his slobbering advances with his girls. At least the Hutt didn't pretend to be someone he wasn't.... Refusing to make a scene, Leia knew the image of Han with the Zeltron would be forever burned in her memory, and while she held no real anger for the girl who enjoyed her former lover's embrace, for the first time, Leia let thoughts of revenge and getting even take over her calm and collected mind. "Han owes Jabba money! So he likes slaves, does he? The traitor!" she thought.

Leaving behind the main audience chamber, the angry and rebellious princess took herself back to the giant jewel emblazoned durasteel doors of Jabb's private suite. Her feelings were clouding her judgement so that now only one thought filled her mind: Hurting Han as much as she'd just been hurt. And if any being could help her with her act of revenge, it would be a Hutt...

Part V: Leia's Fate is Changed. Jabba's Former Desires ResurfaceEdit

The guards let her pass immediately as she announced that she wished to meet with Jabba the Hutt, one's gaze lingering on her full chest as they opened the doors and announced Leia's presence to their Master. A few days ago, she would've found the scrutiny of her body distasteful, but now in her current state of mind, she was flattered, amused even and with mild playfulness, swung her hips from side to side seductively, giving the guards a nice view to gaze at, as she entered the Hutt's chambers.

The room was spacious, opulently furnished, but still held some of the more.....unconventional...decor that Hutts were known for. For one, besides the firelit lamps and the glowing holoscreen, the room was impeccably dark, most likely lit with ultraviolet light to play to the Hutt's strengths. Various paintings and mosaics lined the walls, some depicting portraits of the Great Jabba himself and others depicting other Hutts, likely family of Jabba, and all incredibly fat and grotesque.

A massive tub sat in the corner of the room, more like a pool and likely big enough to accomodate its enormous owner. Sludgy water poured in from one of its founts, and the slight hint of swamp stink greeted Leia's nostrils. Clearly, His Excellency liked to be reminded of his homeworld, Nal Hutta, even when at his retreat on Tatooine. Near the holoscreen, an expansive buffet awaited, filled with bowls and platters of various foods from all sorts of worlds. The more traditional and edible foods were located to the left, pastries and meats and vegetables that would make even a gourmand's mouth water and to the right, various aquarium bowls and murky pots resided, containing all the gross, still-living creatures that comprised Jabba's more depraved tastes. Some of the squirming appetizers were imported from offworld, while others were prepared in the palace's hyroponics chamber, genetically altered to suit the Hutt Lord's decadent appetite. A massive bed lay unused in the back of the chamber, adorned with sparse amounts of pillows and blankets. Leia surmissed Jabba might've used such a bed when he was less immobile, but now preferred his throne and considered it the most comfortable place for him to reside.

Her eyes finally fell on the Hutt's throne, and the obese slug-like creature that adorned it. Jabba was spread out lazily on his dais, his heavy body resting comfortably amidst various cushions and rugs. He held his spice pipe in one stubby hand and calmly puffed on the exotic concoction as his eyes watched the pod races and their results with a hazy, borderline unfocused countenance. His other chubby arm rested on the open top of his snackquarium, the bowl filled with live Nala Tree Frogs, which he would dip into when he required a pallate cleanser. Saliva dribbled down his chins as he moaned, and Leia's eyes caught the Zabrak female, scantily clad, kneeling before the Hutt's big belly, her graceful hands massaging and kneading his fetid rolls. A thick and putrid tongue escaped from Jabba's toothless maw and licked his lips in enjoyment. Another pod race finished, and Jabba's roared with obscene laughter, the victory pod having been the one he'd bet a small fortune on. The fat slug rumbles in mirth at how much his accounts will be lined with more credits and wealth and reaches into his snack bowl and seizes a wiggling frog in celebration. Leia approaches the overweight lord hesitantly, attempting not to flinch as the little creature disappears down his throat. Jabba's spice addled eyes regard her in surprise and he belches as he savors the delicious taste of success, both literally and figuratively. The princess is moderately surprised as the Hutt keeps his lips sealed when he burps, the rancid air burbling in his chest instead of being blasted into her face.

"Lord Jabba....Sorry to interrupt you, but I have a problem that needs your counsel..." Leia is still a little flustered by Jabba's disgusting mannerisms, but notes that her anger is now being fueled into her hatred towards Han and less towards the vile Hutt. She takes a look at the Zabrak, realizing she has not once stopped in her ministrations on the slug. "May we speak in private?"

Jabba's reptilian eyes glow in uncertainty and then he nods, barely. He runs a tubby hand over his slave girl's face and orders her to leave, and hesitantly, the girl looks up at Leia it jealousy again? and then leaves in a hurry. For the first time in days, Leia and Jabba are alone. "Speak." Jabba states bluntly.

"How long has Han been dropping by here? I thought you held no love for your former smuggler.."

The slobbering monarch grins nastily and settles himself backwards on his dais, letting his bulging gut balloon out further.

"After the fall of the Empire, the Republic was quick to settle most of its debts. As Solo was now a war hero, he was cleared of his charges. Your government paid me the large sum of funds, including interest, the smuggler owed me and politely asked that I resign my bounty on him. I was never one for the idea....But nevertheless, I did."

Not exactly the answer to the question Leia was looking for, Leia asked her question again, rewording, "So he's been coming by here frequently since his bounty was lifted?"

Jabba chortled, consuming another frog from his bowl messily. "He likes the company my girls offer him. He is one of their favorite patrons. And if my girls are happy enough after pleasing him to please me....exceedingly well...Then I can put aside my former issues with Solo.."

Leia notes that the Hutt Lord seems mildly disappointed with this decision. "You don't like this arrangement?"

"I'd rather be rid of Solo for the rest of my long life, princess. He has cost me more than credits. He has cost me pride and reputation. It took me months to remind my sycomphants that I was not a Hutt to be trifled with after I let Solo off the hook." He pauses and then his eyes fix Leia's in scrutiny.

"Why are you here, princess? Solo is not a subject I like to discuss. If you have nothing left to talk with me over, then I would ask that you leave me to my devices."

She won't be denied. She has come this far. She will have what she wants, what SHE wants this time. Not what the Alliance desires. Not what Han desires. What Leia Organa desires.

"My lord, Solo was a former lover of mine. I thought we were to be wed soon, but he has demonstrated that he holds no love for me. I feel used and rejected....And I want revenge..."

Jabba gives a grunt of acknowledgement. "I am no criminal anymore, Miss Organa but I sometimes wish I still was. I cannot kill Solo though my blood boils at the prospect. That he would reject and deny a girl of such...* The gross Hutt licks his lips lasciviously, and again Leia is not offended as his eyes glow with lust as he admires her body, "desirable qualities is insulting. As a powerful Lord with more money and prestige than most, I can have my pick of beatiful women in this galaxy, but you....My princess...would be the ulimate prize to my collection.."

Jabba basks in the thought then adds, "My glory days as a crime lord were some of my greatest, and I sometimes get caught up in what could be. Did you have anything in mind with regards to your vengeance on Solo. I will help in any way I can.."

Unbeknownst to Jabba and his debaucherous thoughts, Leia was secretly flattered and gracious of the Hutt Lord's "compliments". That she would receive such commendation from an entity like Jabba, to be referred to as "the ultimate prize" was both demeaning of her worth, but also appealing. Leia's eyes crossed the vast bulk of the Hutt and then found a wardrobe behind the Hutt's dais. She approached it, earning a confused look from Jabba. It was a storage unit containing various dancing girl outfits, some sleazier and more risque than others. A thought struck Leia's mind, that despite its audacity, would be perfect for getting even with Han.

"I could wear one of these outfits...Be your slave girl for the day....Show Han what he's given up...."She turns to Jabba and gives him a playful and flirtatious look..."I bet a former crime lord like yourself would just RELISH the idea of having me with you, in a revealing costume, a trophy to show off to your men and rivals. What better possession for a great Hutt, than the last princess of a destroyed world?" She couldn't help it. she laughed at the plan.

Jabba, for his part, was awe-struck by the prospect and she could see it as clearly on his face as the twin suns of tatooine rising in the sky. "You would voluntarily be my slave, to get even with the smuggler? Lay at my side and behave with the conduct of one of my girls?"

Leia shrugged. "For the day, it seems like a nice payoff. That scoundrel will see that I've moved on too, and I've found a rich and powerful being who lusts for me and showers me with praise. In return, your position in the galaxy will skyrocket. Nothing will matter more to the Hutts of this galaxy or your rivals than to know that The Mighty Jabba holds Leia as a courtesan...But..."

She doesn't have to push for this too, but she figures it'll seal the deal. The Hutt will likely agree to her suggestions now, but for some reason, she WANTS to add this detail...

"I want to make this official. The girls in your harem tell me you haven't chained a girl to you in over 3 years..." She reaches into the wardrobe and produces a golden metal band, large enough to fit securely around a humanoid's neck. She places the band around her neck, lifting her hair up and feels a twinge of arousal as it snaps into place tightly constricting her a bit. It takes her a moment to get used to the sensation, but after a few moments, her breathing gets used to the metal collar. She grabs up a bundle of chain links connected to the collar and brings the leash over to Jabba, offering him the slack...

"If this is to be convincing and really carry the weight I want it to, I want to be your favorite slave girl. I want to be there throughout the day so that when Han sees me, he sees I'm more than just a lover to you, but your property. He can't do anything to me, because, you, oh Mighty Jabba, own me."

Seeing the princess snap the collar and chain around her neck and then bring the leash to him, Jabba cannot help himself and drools copiously at the acts of the princess. Never in his wildest fantasies would he dream of such a turn of events. "I'll glady accept to this plan...Ho ho ho..." The Hutt licks his lips as he places his hookah to the side and snatches up Leia's chains, tugging on the leash and bringing the princess closer to him. Still not quite accustomed to the idea of being at the beck of another, Leia resists the tug out of instinct, but then smirks as she feels that same feeling of submission and arousal take over, and moves closer to the perverse slug. "For the day then...And you'll need to pick an outfit for me....Master.." Jabba smiled. "Tell me again what you are, Leia". "You can't possibly be a PRINCESS anymore", he said. Leia can't figure out why she's acting like this, so pliant and flirtatious, but she likes the result it has on Jabba. He rumbles with glee, his tongue slathering slimy goo all over his mouth as he gestures with a rubbery arm towards the wardrobe, a mass of gold and red peaking out from amidst the sea of color. It seems like fate as Leia rushes towards the costume and holds up a golden metal belly dancer outfit. The top is a gold brassiere, held together by two strings so that when the princess will adorn it, her back will be bare and completely exposed. The bottom is two golden plates that rest securely on her hips, with two long pieces of lashaa silk covering her crotch and her rear. The bottom is devoid of any sort of underwear and minus the scant covering of her butt and her womanhood, along with her pert breasts, she will be completely naked. Its sounding perfect already, she thought. "I am your personal slave, Master", Leia said graciously. Jabba smiled. Shooting her new "master" a knowing glance, she disappears behind a changing barrier and changes out of her jumpsuit and boots, slipping into the skimpy bikini. The top is at parts uncomfortable and fits her chest a little too snugly, but as she looks at herself in the mirror, she is surprised to see how much more full her cleavage looks and how round and perfectly shaped her breasts look in the bikini top. Snapping the metal fasteners into place around her hips, she grins as she feels the cool air of the room tickle her womanly parts beneath the skirt. She pulls on a pair of jerba boots to give herself some footwear that will not draw attention away from her slender and curvacious physique and approaching a vanity, she proceeds to do a few more last minute touches to her face and body, applying some make-up and lip gloss here and there, doing her hair up in a long braid so it will not hide her comely form, and splashes herself with some strong and enticing perfume. She does a once over of herself in the mirror, noting how everything seems to fit together so perfectly. The gross Hutt must know exactly what kind of dimensions a woman like Leia has. The outfit seems practically to BELONG to her. She looks sexy, alluring, what did the girls call themselves? A Goddess...No....THE Goddess of Lustful Passion. Jabba's favourite slave and whore. Leia smiled. Then she kissed her master passionately. The slaves were stunned speechless. "You are an honest businessman, Master, and my revulsion is gone", Leia said. "It pleases me to hear you say that, slave Leia, now let's go find Solo", her Master said. "Yes, Master", she said.

She takes cautious and shy steps out and greets the Hutt monarch with a bashful look, refusing to meet his gaze, but judging from his hooting laughter and the sloppy sounds of him licking his lips, she knows he is pleased and overjoyed with her transformation. Jabba is transfixed by Leia's complete and utter devotion to this task. His eyes dance over her exposed half-naked form, his long, plump tail slithering and throbbing as he openly shows his lust-soaked attraction for her. Greenish saliva oozes from the corners of his mouth, snaking in long lines into the folds of his chin. Even her regal bearing seems to be changed into that of a subservient girl who treats him like a god. As he pulls on the leash, she resists his gaze and strength playfully, causing Jabba the Hutt to pull her chain even harder, forcing the girl forward. She continues to hesitate, wondering how a woman like herself would agree to such a plan such as this, and yet another part of her continues to take over. The lustful and submissive nature she had denied for so long takes hold and even as her bare washboard tummy collides with Jabba's flabby belly, his greasy skin greeting her creamy complexion in an unwholesome reunion, Leia finds herself smiling to herself instead of gagging in revulsion.

"Kahnkee..." Jabba burbles in Huttese, and Leia can tell that the word is a compliment to her. She does not care what it means. She only cares for how the Hutt Lord openly gawks at her beauty. This is not just a plan anymore, a means to revenge. She likes this....She likes being a slave, even if its to a bloated and horrid slug like Jabba.

He breathes in her face, and spots appear in her eyes. Gods, he's still so gross..Jabba orders her to sit before him while he prepares to direct his throne back to his audience chamber. She arranges herself laying next to her master, her legs bare, showing off their muscled beauty. Her stomach is taut as she sits up straight, a submssive and austere bearing on her features as she rests herself on a few pillows in the process. She is aware of Jabba's eyes piercing into her from behind as he continues to gaze at her exposed back as he uses the controls on his armrest to move his repulsorlift dais out of the secret entrance that connects his private quarters to his throne room. Leia's amazing new Master has a court to appear before. Hopefully, Han Solo will still be there.

Part VI Consumation: Beauty and the HuttEdit

Jabba, with his favorite slave girl chained to him, directed his dais so that it situated itself at the forefront of His Excellency's throne room. Leia felt nervous and apprehensive as the throne slowed to a crawl, feeling a momentary pang of reservation as she looked down upon her half-nakedness. Was this really what she wanted? Or had she gotten carried away in her thoughts of revenge. The platform stopped and Leia looked up to see the ensuing throngs of men and girls from Jabba's harem all cease in their revelry as they rose and looked to the enormous slug, like courtiers greeting a royal sultan. Leia felt her collar tighten as Jabba tugged on the leash, less to bring her close and more to demonstrate his dominance over her. She felt one part loathing as the Hutt grumbled something under his breath, realizing this was her past life coming out. There was still a fragment of her that hated being the slug's plaything, but again, as she looked out at the crowds and saw them smirking or eying her openly with obsessive lust, she began to feel the thoughts of passion and her own innate sexuality overflow into her. That's right, you womanizers, she thought to herself. Look upon me and my beauty. But no that these curves belong to my Master, Jabba the Hutt, for I am his favorite slave girl...

Even the other girls in Jabba's harem watched the scene with a sense of awe and amusement, and Leia returned their gaze with satisfaction. I was the perfect slave girl....Now, where was that smuggler.

The Zeltron slave girl, still new to her place in the Hutt's palace, was too busy riding Han Solo to pay any mind to her master or his new toy, and Jabba raised a tubby arm and shouted an obscenity in huttese, his bellow causing the very ground to shake as he commanded EVERYONE to acknowledge his new prize. The girl stumbled backwards, her costume displaced from Solo's groping hands and she slinked off into the shadows, watching the scene with Leia and Jabba in respect, but also terror, hoping she wouldn't be punished. Solo, ever the scoundrel with swagger and poise, zipped up his trousers and sauntered over to his former boss. The smell of alchohol was thick on him and his words were slurred as he passed the crowds and stared demurely up at the fat Hutt.

"Well, well, Jabba? Finally decided to join in the fun? All these pretty girls you've got here," he gestures to the various scantily clad slaves and chuckles, "I'm going to have my fill of all of them before you can drag yourself up here."

The room was silent, everyone eying the smuggler with the utmost hatred and disrespect. Even Leia, in her scant clothing, could not believe that she used to dream of being this man's wife, of loving him unconditionally. He was more a monster and heathen than the large, greasy Hutt that held her leash. As she looked up at the ensuing throngs of men and guards, a noticeable trait was made clear to her. While Jabba might've claimed to retire as a crimelord, he still hadn't closed the doors on his former activities entirely. Men were drawing vibro-draggers and blasters from their holsters, grinning wickedly as they waited for Jabba to give the order to vape the audacious and rude smuggler from the face of the planet. Jabba was still THE kingpin of the Underworld in secret it seemed, even if he kept it unknown. Leia felt more admiration and safeness from her master and instead of resisting the next tug on her leash, she actually tilted her head to the side, looking back at the flabby gangster and blew her pouting kiss at him.

Jabba raised a blubbery hand, and ordered his men to stand down, and looked down at the drunken smuggler with amusement. "Solo, you always were the best, but I was always better than you. More powerful, more rich, more...accomodating..." He pulls Leia by her chain so that she is within reaching distance of him and a slimy, chubby hand reaches down to her bare shoulder, his tiny fingers caressing Leia's skin. Despite the texture of them, Leia sighs and leans back a bit more in supplication, giving Han a hateful glance. She remains silent, not wishing to show disrespect to her master.

"Beautiful girls may use you, but they will ALWAYS come back to me. I am a Hutt and we always get what we want...." Rubbing her shoulder slowly, Jabba chortles, "How do you like your former girlfriend, Solo? I'd say she looks divine in the ensemble I have made her wear. It seems your little princess prefers MY company to yours." Jabba laughed uproariously, spittle dripping from his maw, as his courtiers joined in on the jubilation. Jabba reached into his aquarium bowl and pulled out a squeaking paddy frog. Soaked in brandy, the creature wiggled about, shaking droplets of liquid all over Leia's back and chest as he dumped the little morsel into his mouth, eating it in several sloppy bites, and licking his lips in satisfaction. Leia was repulsed by the lack of manners of her master, wincing as she brushed the residual drool and brandy from her body, but still, she smirked at Han and mouthed the words "Its true. I prefer him." wondering if he'd be able to comprehend all of this.

Han's eyes took a moment to focus and then he realizes the slave girl adorning Jabba's dais leisurely was indeed his former lover. "Leia...? What has this gross slug done to you?" Leia prepared to respond fiercely, her eyes wild with anger at Han's ability to once again blame her predicament on anyone but himself. Jabba however, snapped her collar back, silencing her as he took control instead.

"She is where she wants to be, Solo. This was her choice just as much as it was mine. You had promised her much, but given her so little. Now, I will give her all that she desires. She will always be a princess. My slave princess. And she belongs to me now." A grubby hand reaches down past her shoulder and proceeds to grope clumsily over the outside of her top, squeezing her right breast in eager anticipation. "And I fully intend to enjoy the pleasure of her company.."

Leia grimaces as she feels the crime lord's slimy hand over her tender breast, but again is able to bask in the sheer open vulgarity that is the Hutt. He doesn't pretend to act like someone else. He knows what he wants and makes no attempt to hide him. She cannot hate him for that. She licks her lips with her tiny tongue and nods back at the vile Hutt. Han however, is now upset and shook from his intoxication, at least somewhat.

"So this girl voluntarily picks to be your....slave...for the rest of her life? She'll obediently do whatever you want, service your filthiest desire? Fine then, you tub of slime. You can have this bitch all to yourself. Clearly she will make a fine WHORE for your harem. Classy indeed. She's nothing more than a Hutt Slu-"

The ensuing insults and such thrown at Leia brought tears to her eyes and she tensed as Jabba's groping hand once again descended over her breasts. Jabba must've sensed this for he then turned his bulging reptillian eyes on the smuggler, and filled with anger, shouted, "Boscka!" and slammed his meaty fist against a hidden button next to his armrest.

The floor gave out beneath Han Solo as the hidden trapdoor that many had thought was unuseable engulfed the idiot man, sending him plummeting to the pit below. Leia's tears disappeared almost instantly as she looked up at her master questioningly. The Hutt grumbled, "I may not murder these morons, but my pet rancor is not so indiscriminate about a potential meal. Solo is dead. He will not survive down there." A hideous roar from down below greeted the courtier's ears, snuffing out Solo's pathetic cries for help.

"While I would normally relish the opportunity to watch such carnage, I feel as though you watching that man destroyed will bring more sorrow to your heart....I would not want that, my Kahnkee..."

Leia heard the sound of crunching bone and heard the sound of a sloppy few bites, then silence. She gave her Hutt master a sincere look, running her delicate hand over his fleshy face. "My master is so kind to me..." She closed her eyes and offered her pouting lips, partially not believing what she was offering. In response, Jabba drooled, rumbling in pleasure and opened his gaping maw, blasting Leia's face with the warm and rancid smell of his breath. She flinced at the disgusting gesture, but held fast as a thick, plump slobbering tongue issued forth and her vile master planted a beastly kiss upon her lips. The warmth of Jabba's saliva and its taste utterly grossed Leia out, and she almost coughed and gagged from how putrid it all was. But she opened her eyes slowly to find the Hutt watching her in glee, almost waiting for her to throw up. Instead, Leia's tiny red tongue, slowly tasted the rest of the Hutt's salty saliva, licking it away from her mouth. She wiped the rest of the residue from her face and returned a sultry look at her degenerate Hutt master. He rumbled, "You are the perfect slave girl. My favorite..."

Jabba's court had now retreated to their former positions, the rancor having returned to slumber after enjoying the hearty meal of Han Solo, and Jabba's harem girls moved about the audience chamber, flirting with the various patrons, while watching their master, and Leia, with trepidation. The place had calmed down, and Jabba wanted none of that.

"Play me a song. Something...exotic...Sexy..." The Hutt gurgled to his latest in-house Jizz Band. Immediately they began to perform a riveting little tune that sent some of the men and guards head-bobbing to the music. Even Jabba's fat tail thumped against his dais to the rhythm of the song. He tugged on the leash holding Leia and instead of resisting, she ran up to Jabba and pressed her slender frame against his corpulent bulk, her flat stomach pressed against his round belly. He licked her cheek again, his other hand rubbing the small of her back as he addressed her solemnly.

"This business with Solo has put me in a sour mood and I could use a distraction. Some...entertainment....Dance for me, my Kahnkee. Show me what that gorgeous body of yours looks like in fluid and erotically charged motion."

At this point, Leia has begun to completely embrace her role as the Hutt's favored slave girl. She plants a tiny kiss of her own on the giant slug's greasy lips. "As you wish, my lord." She breathes huskily as she leaves the Hutt's embrace and walks out to the dance floor, swaying her hips hypnotically and allowing her chain to swing back and forth. Having been trained in various forms of dance as an aristocrat, Leia had secretly also become learned in the arts of seductive dance and with a flirtatious look at the various members of Jabba's court, finishing with a smoldering glance at her obese master, Leia begins a series of exotic dance routines.

Moving her flat tummy in rhythmic circles, her curvacious and voluptuous form moves like water as she exectues a series of pumps and kicks, her long muscled legs bare as she throws them into the air, giving Jabba brief glimpses of the womanly delights hidden behind her skirts. She dances with a combination of graceful ballet mixed with the husky jaunts of a seductress. Letting her hips sway from side to side, she wiggles her round behind in several of the men's faces, earning claps and cheers from the lot of them. The praise is infectious as Leia grins like a common tavern whore and springs into a series of complex steps and swaying movements. She swings the chain and snaps it back at her master, biting her lower lip as she sees Jabba drooling with gusto, his mounded sluglike form bouncing with glee, his thick tail slamming against his throne with wet slaps as his eyes follow every inch of her curves, desiring her all the more. His fat, scum-coated tongue hangs from his open mouth as he watches her buck and jive to the music, belching with pleasure as he begins to pull his sexy slave girl to himself. Leia grins and begins some mock resistance, tugging her least back weakly, and letting its links strain and ride up into the noticeably moist parts of her sex. The routine has aroused her more than she'd expect, and she lets out some provactive groans and husky sighs as she attempts to arouse the perverted Hutt further. Finally at the edge of the dais, Leia thrusts her rear in Jabba's direction, wiggling it slowly for his pleasure. Jabba growls in want and none too gently pulls the princess up onto his throne and waves a pudgy hand, telling the band to cease. As the music finishes, Leia walks hesitantly, but with an air of sexual overtness in her play over to her drooling master, noting the rivulets of slime that cake his lips and gather in the folds of his many chins. His eyes take in her beauty and he murmurs a series of Huttese slurs over her attractiveness. Leia, for her part, has never felt so flattered. The rest of Jabba's court watches the closing spectacle with interest and Leia, realizing she has to close with something teasing, yet able to demonstrate her intentions clearly, pulls her bikini top down and gives Jabba a clear and unadulterated view of her bare breasts, her rosy nipples hardened and begging for her Hutt master to lick them....Leia is so turned on right now. She wants the Hutt to do terrible and profane things to her, to witness how much of a degenerate Jabba the Hutt really is. His huge, fat tail wiggles next to her legs, caressing her shapely thigh lazily, and Leia notes the appendage is hardened from arousal. She looks at the Hutt, this grotesque, slovenly, overweight monster, and breathing slowly....lets her top fit snugly into place and wraps her arms around Jabba's flaccid neck, her breasts and tummy pushing into his unwholesome rolls of flesh.

Jabba burbles, his chubby hands wandering over Leia's pliant body. "It is late. We should retire to my private suite. I will indulge in your beauty there."

But Leia, despite her clear obedience, wishes to make this moment official. "Master, the agreement was only for a day, but being your slave girl has been more than I could ever have wanted. I want to stay with you. I want to belong to you. Treat me as your property. Care for me. Control me. Use me. I want for nothing else."

The vile Hutt crimelord laughed in clear amusement, bits of saliva splashing against Leia's face. "My Kahnkee....You never had a choice in the matter. The minute you put on that outfit, you became mine. Forever. I was going to enslave you permanently whether you agreed or not. I am a Hutt and I ALWAYS get what I want."

Leia sighed in pleasure, her loins spasming from the sheer bold arrogance of the Hutt. It was so wrong to enjoy his company and yet so raw, so simple and primitive. She felt his tail brushing her thigh and took the tip into her hand gently and ran her fingers over its tapered texture.

"Master. I want you here. Publically. Take this slave girl in your embrace and show your court that a Hutt is still the ultimate god of fleshly pleasures."

Jabba rumbles, his deep voice rocking her to her core as he sets the chain draped over his sluglike tail and then rests one hand on her hip while the other greasy one goes to dip past the concealing bonds of her bikini top, his sausage like digits caress and fondle her soft and supple tits. "Then I shall take you, Kahnkee, and you will never know another again..."

Leia moans as the Hutt's stubby arms reach around her back and clumsily undo the straps holding her brassier in place, and eagerly the Hutt tosses the spent top to the floor, revealing her glorious boobs to his probing view. He takes them in his hands and fondles them with clear enjoyment, his bulbous face set in a permanent grin as he proceeds to sample the sexual delights of Leia's gorgeous body. Leia pressed her body against her Hutt master, grinding her lower regions against the greasy and disgusting flesh of the Hutt in little circles. Her hands wander aimlessly over the sultan slug's mounded body, caressing and massaging and kneading his doughy rolls. The process is still a repugnant one and a part of her can't believe she is engaging in foreplay with a Hutt, but as she turns all logistical thoughts off and engages in primal desires, she begins to get into the heat of the moment, sighing as the Hutt's eager little hands explore her body with clumsy pleasure.

Rumbling with desire, Jabba opens his massive, saliva encrusted mouth and extends his slobber-soaked, purple tongue out to Leia's face and with Leia's eyes closed and her lips slightly parted, the Hutt pours his yeasty tongue into her mouth and proceeds to make out with his favorite new slut. Jabba's tail continues to thrash in expectant glee as Jabba's enjoys the taste of Leia's mouth, as his hands move clumsily down to her grinding pelvis and haphazardly remove her bikini bottom and skirts from her forcefully, leaving the slave princess just as completely naked as her foul Hutt master. At this point, Jabba's court has begun to stop their own activities and keep their eyes fixed on Jabba and Leia in their obscene sexual union. A few of the men elicit cat calls and hoots, cheering their Hutt boss on in his dominance of the princess. Leia cannot help but feel alive with the raw sexual tension in the air as her body is used and fondled so openly by the Hutt gangster, his gross and disgusting mannerisms and bulky body doing nothing to stave off the hunger she feels for him.

Jabba lets his wiggling and probing tail move upwards, caressing the inner thighs of Leia, and the Hutt burbles in enjoyment as he feels the silky slick of her juices coat his tail as he brushes it against the moist and rosy intimacy of her sex. Rumbling with obvious want, Jabba suddenly jabs his huge, thick, fat tail between Leia's sullied legs and grunts with pleasure as he begins to hump his slave girl with fervor, meanwhile letting his tongue pop out of Leia's mouth and go to salivating and licking her tender and pert tits. Leia screams in pain from the assault as she is violated by her Hutt master, looking down, past Jabba's monstrous face as he continues to snog and slurp all over her chest and to the long, slithering tail that pounds up into her clammy wetness.

"Such a tight little schutta..." The perverse and fat ganster roars in amusement as his tail continues to expand Leia's swollen sex further, bringing his own horrid body to new levels of pleasure with each thrust. Leia, slave to the mighty Hutt, is overwhelmed by the extreme sensations of pain and pleasure that erupt from her core. She wraps her arms and tightens them around Jabba's neck as his mouth engulfs her big tits and he sucks and slurps on them in delight. She spreads her legs out further, trying to let the Hutt use her as much as he desires. It isn't her own pleasure she cares about. She has begun to adopt the complete slave girl mindset and in a weird twist, only the lusts and vices of Jabba, her master, matter at this point.

Leia can feel the fat slug's body tensing and can see he is close to an orgasm and as she braces her body for the final series of powerful humps to are given out by the Hutt's throbbing and violently pulsating tail, Jabba suddenly lets out a roar of pleasure, a wave of saliva and hot stinking breath exiting his mouth and covering the princess in his juices as his tail spasms and contracts inside of his pliant slave girl. Almost immediately, Jabba withdraws his member from the princess with a wet pop, and leans back on his throne. pushing Leia off of his massive belly into some plush pillows. His eyes are glazed with pleasure as his thick tail wiggles on the ground. He licks his lips with satisfaction and gazes down at the nude and soaked form of the princess.

"Someday, you will learn to pace yourself with me, so that you have release when I have release." Leia can only nod dumbly, still overwhelmed with the aching soreness of her loins from her master's violent abuse. Still, looking upon the massive, obese form of the Hutt lounging lazily upon his throne, Leia cannot help but feel exceedingly attracted to the Hutt and his arrogance. His need to be in control and to have her be submissive. She likes this.

She decides to show her Hutt master just how good a slave girl she can be. Still nude, she crawls on all fours towards the grotesque Lord, her bare breasts swaying back and forth as she grins lasciviously at her master. The crowds of people who have watched the Hutt and his slave girl's love making session, gaze at Leia's slender form and creamy skin with lust of their own and Leia feels empowered by their looks of desire. She straddles Jabba's bulky tail, letting the residual wetness of her ejaculate flow and lubricate Jabba's big member and she smiles as the Hutt's libido is aroused and his tail hardens again. She looks up at Jabba with the intoxicating look of a slut and then begins to kiss and lick the outside of Jabba's disgusting girth. The vile Hutt rumbles in pleasure and leans back further on his throne, his gut balooning out as he enjoys his favorite slave girl's ministrations. Commited to her new place as slave, Leia works the crime lord into a lather, and then when the throbbing member is fully swollen, she takes it fully into her mouth, up to the back of her throat and begins to suck and lick Jabba's thick tail with a newfound burst of sexual energy.

Jabba the Hutt licks his lips with his scum coated tongue, smiling in pleasure as his Leia begins to get into a proper rhythm. As she continues to devour his throbbing tail, the gluttonous Hutt reaches into his snackaquarium, his pudgy hand fishing about for a tasty morsel to complete the perfect moment. His hand closes over a particularly fat and juicy paddy frog. As Leia's head continues to bob up and down on the Hutt's wiggling tail, Jabba brings the wriggling creature to his drooling mouth and stuffs the squealing creature in. Letting the creature squirm in his mouth for a minute or so, the fat slug finally begins to chew on the live snack slowly, letting bits of half eaten frog juice and slp dribble from his lips and slide onto Leia's shoulders and chest as the Hutt swallows the rest of the mangled animal down his throat. Leia ignores the offensive behavior of her master, scarcely believing he just chose to partake of a snack while she gives him a blow job, and instead feels the build up in the Hutt's body and with a series of erotically charged licks, brings the Hutt to another pleasure ridden orgasm. Jabba gurgles in satisfaction as his tail contracts and spasms in his slave's mouth, and has it leaves her lips, limp and spent, he ushers his naked slave girl closer to him. She rises and leans against the doughy rolls of fat that comprise the Hutt's bulk. Her face is mere inches from his drooling lips as Jabba reaches out with his tongue and plans another slimy kiss onto Leia's lips, a wet and stinking burp escaping his mouth in the process. Leia cannot help herself. She coughs and gags at the revolting experience, but Jabba seems less offended. Only amused. "I find it fun to gross my girls out. I was getting bored with your lack of reaction to me."

Leia regained her composure and pushed herself back up against the bloated slob. "Oh Master. You are very disgusting. Trust me." Her feistyness shows for but a moment and she hopes her master will not punish her for speaking out of turn. She winces, awaiting her punishment, but instead, Jabba only laughs, more waves of stench exiting his maw. "And yet you choose me, my little Kahnkee. I own you and will do with you as I wish. As long as you understand that, continue to be grossed out. It will make this all more...enjoyable.." His stubby hand goes to cup one of her soft tits and he groans in response.

"Lay with me. We sleep now. Tomorrow I think...will be just like today.."

Ignoring her costume, Leia adjusted some cushions near the Hutt's bulky belly and then leaned her slender form against the obese and stinking form of her new Hutt master. As her lithe body was engulfed by the flabby rolls of flesh of Jabba's bloated belly, Jabba clutched the chain of his favorite slave in a meaty hand, and pulled her leash, keeping her close. His long tail slithered against her thighs as the Hutt leaned back on his throne, raising a tubby arm for the rest of his court to retire for the evening. Sleep overtaking him and his slave, Jabba grasps one more squirming frog from his snack bowl and stuffs the tasty appetizer into his mouth, chewing slowly for a moment, and then swallowing noisily. With a hideous burp, Jabba drifts off to sleep, and Leia, his slave girl and lover, slumbers with her master. Her galaxy may have gotten a lot smaller, but in her view, her new life was perfect

Alternate Part VI Leia and Jainas New LivesEdit

(Alternative Part IV)

After sending her report to the New Republic, Mon Mothma read it to General Riekann, Han and Jaina Solo, Chewbacca and Jedi Master Luke Skywalker: "From what I have been able to learn from the slave and harem girls, Jabba the Hutt has definitely altered his ways, although the days of him murdering, cheating and stealing are over because he is afraid of the wrath of our Republic. Plus, he hasn't taken a favourite slave girl to chain to his throne for three years. The slave girls I spoke to recently, explained the situation to me in these terms: "We do not enjoy Lord Jabba's attentions, but we do tolerate his presence, which is easier than you might think. Another slave girl told me, "Inside the palace walls, we are goddesses of lustful passion. Men want us, but cannot have us unless we desire it. Women want to be us, to gawked at, and gazed and desired". And then I felt jealous. You may be wondering why, so I'll tell you. There has been many a time when I've wished to be free of my Royal title and the trappings of propriety and responsibility.

(Alternate Part V)

Jabba had chosen Leia. "So, Princess Leia, what is your answer?" Jabba asked in Basic.

Princess Leia replied, "I am jealous of your slave girls, Mighty Jabba". Suddenly, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo,

Mon Mothma and Chewbacca burst in. Jaina followed. "What is the meaning of this?" Leia yelled angrily,

"I want nothing to do with the New Republiic!"

"But you were brainwashed, surely?" Mon Mothma said.

"No, I was not brainwashed or blackmailed or intimidated! Listen carefully, because I will only say this once. More than once I have wished to be free of the trappings of royalty, propriety and modesty. So as of now, and of my own free will, I am officially declaring my ties to the New Republic null and void, and I am also declaring myself-again of my own free will, to be Jabba the Hutt's favourite slave girl. That is, if he'll accept me". Everyone, even Jabba, were startled by Leia's declaration.

Finally, Jabba said, "Princess Leia, you do realise that if you were to be my slave, I would own you, do you not? Whatyou said would rob you of your liberty".

Leia said, "I am fully aware of that, Master". She added, "Nevertheless, I am serious".

Jabba paused, then said, "If you'll include your daughter, we have a deal".

'Leia said, her name is Jaina. You spell it J-A-I-N-A.". Luke said, "Jaina, what is your decision?"

She replied, "I will join my mother as a slave girl. I say this of my own free will and without coercion. I'm fully aware that Jabba the Hutt will own me and my mother as mere property that can be bought and sold, but I don't care. In my opinion, slavery should be encouraged, Mon Mothma!"

"Why do you say that,Jaina?" Mon Mothma asked

Jaina replied, "Because slaves don't have to bear the heavy burden of responsibility. Nor do they have to make decisions, since their owners make them for them, and all the slave has to do is carry out their tasks. And in their free time, they can relax. Is this not so, Master Jabba?"

Jabba the Hutt replied, "What you say is the truth. I treat my slave girls and dancing girls with a great deal of kindness and affection".

Leia said, "And I personally conversed with the girls themselves who told me, 'We do not enjoy his affections, but we do tolerate his presence, which is easier than you might think'".

Mon Mothma asked Leia, "Are you serious about becoming Jabba's slave, Princess?"

In no uncertain terms, Leia confirmed that she was extremely serious. So the Rebels left Leia and Jaina to their new lives as Jabba's slave girls. Jabba pawed a pudgy hand at Leia's exposed bare breast, and she moaned in pleasure. His other pudgy hand caressed Jainas' bare breast. "Are my pets happy?" he asked. In unison, both mother and daughter replied in ecstasy, "Oh, yes, Master!". Once jabba finnished caressing his new slaves breasts, he ordered Nala to enter his throne room, as Nala enter jabbas new slaves stripped naked because they knew what jabba wished of them and they followed Nala through jabbas palace, as they exited the throne room jabba admired Jaina and Leias rear ends. they went straight to the harem where Jaina and Leia separated to get prepared for their new lives as slaves. Leia had her makeup done first so she sat on a stool, naked, and had her face made up with mascara lipstic and the such, then she was dressed in purple brown boots with gold around the top, then she was given a bikini bottom with purple flowing veils, then she was given a bikini top wish a sinuous gold design and purple underneath the gold and strings to keep it on her body then she was given two arm bands.
Leia's Boots

leia sits on the stool in her new costume

"I heard jabba keeps his slaves on a leash will that happen to me" leia asked hopefully. Nala walked into the room when leia asked the question.

"either you or jaina will, it depends on who he chooses" Nala replied. leia nodded and then her hair was done in a pony tail and bun and held with golden hair fasteners. then they handed a mirror to leia to look at herself with and the first thing leia asked was "will master jabba like it"

to which nala replied "yes." leia then smiled and stood up and walked through the halls into jabbas throne room where jaina was already waiting, dressed in a very revealing blue outfit. jabba sat on his throne and Nala walked in with four chains two had collars the other two were manicles it seemed whoever would not be jabbas favorite would be a slave that feeds jabba. jabba eyed up his new slave.

"for my personal slave girl I choose" both of his new slaves were anxious looking "Leia" jabba said. leia nearly jumped up and down as Nala walked to leia and put the collar around her neck that matched her costume. leia felt how tight it was around her neck and smiled then walked to jabba and kissed him along his stomach tail and head "thank you master" Nala walked to jabba and handed him leia's leash then locked it to the throne. then she attached the manacles to jaina and attached a chain in between then locked it to jabbas armrest then handed jaina a tray full of food and huttese wine. then Leia fell back and felt jabbas slime against her skin, and once again smiled.

Leia layed against her masters bulging belly enjoying the feeling of jabbas slime on her back arms neck and head with her eyes closed, while jaina fed jabba paddy frogs. both leia and jaina were happy as slaves, but something was different about Leia than jabbas other slaves besides her rank, other slaves tolerated being around their obese master, leia loved being around him, she loved it when he touched her, loved it when he yanked her leash, she espessially loved jabbas slime being on her. she rarely ever left her masters side nor did Jaina. Even though Jabba didn't choose jaina as his favorite slave Jaina was fine the way she was, for she knew her master was happy therefore she was happy. As Jaina fed jabba he looked down at his beautiful and favorite slave girl, he thought how happy he was that he didn't have to show Leia or Jaina that this was their rightful place, it was always so tedious and it explains why he never chose a lover because they didn't choose he had to convince them. Leia as she was laying on jabbas belly enjoying his cold slime she felt a familar hand stroke her shoulder, a hand she knew well for it has caressed her breasts more than once, and Leia eyes still closed turned her head to face her masters hand and kissed it whenever it was close enough to.

Leia then felt a tug on her leash which she enjoyed but she knew what her master wanted so she opened her eyes and got on her knees facing her master and kissed her masters face lovingly, then felt jabbas tail snake up her leg then up her skirts, carressing her butt cheeks, leia stopped kissing jabba for a moment and looked at her master "please master do it" leia said. Jabbas tail snaked its way between her legs and stroked her womanhood, leia fell against jabba her head under his and arms over his body, then jabbas tail wormed inside her womanhood and leia gasped in pain and pleasure, then jabba started pumping inside of her and Leia began to scream in pain, this went on for about three minutes then her screams of pain turned to moans of pleasure that coensided with jabbas thrusts, she had never felt this kind of pleasure before, she loved it, this was the first time she made love to her master and she absolutely loved it, even making love to han was never this good. The thrusts kept going on and leia in to much pleasure to stop holding her master the way she was, so jaina setting her tray down went over the armrest with her manacles still on went to jabba and began kissing her master starting at the bottom of his stomach to his lips then jabba ordered jaina to stop and then licked her face. after 15 minutes of jabbas tail being in her leia managed to reach her hand over her back and romoved her top and brushed her breasts against jabba's body, jabba with an eager pudgy hand jabba caressed leias breasts,

"master may I be caressed" Jaina said hopefully as she romoved her top and cast it aside. but instead jabba had an order

"romove her bottom and I will jaina" jabba said, and jaina slowly romoved leias bottom and unhooked the hip fastener so it fell on the side of the throne then jaina because she knew it would make master happy, kissed jabbas tail then returned to let jabba caress her breasts

leia managed to squeeze out a sentence through her moans of pleasure "harder master please go harder* leia begged her orgasm imminent, she gasped as jabba pumped her harder and deeper and she had her orgasm, and jabba pumped her for 10 more minutes then pulled her tail out of her womanhood, and jabba stopped caressing both leia and jainas breasts, and leia collapsed on her masters belly still naked, jabba then started petting leias bare back, "th-th-thank you master" leia said then the two of jabbas slaves fell asleep leia in her masters arms and jaina in Leias. Leia woke up in her masters arms, covered in her masters slime and Jabbas chubby arms around her naked back, she remembered the amazing love making session from last night, and she looked over and realized Jaina wasn't in her arms, wasn't she last night when they went to sleep? But to her releif she looked over to see her, still without the top of her costume, on the other end of jabbas armrest with huttese wine, ready to feed her master. they stayed there until her master woke up, and looked down at his beautiful slave "good morning my slave" jabba said in basic.

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