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Intro: Mara's SubmissionEdit

Mara's RecapEdit

Mara's POV

It was fourteen months after the Hutts came into power, and she didn't like the new galactic order one bit. She

Mara in her Slave Costume.

didn't care what the polls said, Hutt rule would destroy the galaxy. Mara had dealt with Jabba during his previous dealings with the Empire. She had been the one to pay him one billion credits in exchange for rebel base and fleet locations as well as access to Jabba's hyperspace routes. During this time, she had watched the capture and enslavement of Princess Leia Organa with glee. She had thought the bitch would get what she deserved and suffer terribly while in the Hutt's grasp. The next time she had met with Jabba to deliver Mon Mothma for him to execute, quietly, she had found Leia still bound to the Hutt. Strangely, she hadn't seemed miserable. Leia had sat by Jabba's side obediently wearing nothing, covered with tattoos that mark her as Jabba's favourite, and seemed very happy. Mara had deduced that Leia had been broken easily and was still depressed on the inside.

While talking with Jabba, she had thought she had seen a look of lust in his eyes while he looked at her, but had believed she was just imagining things. She had been wrong. A year after Jabba accepted the deal from the Empire, he had betrayed them. Declaring war, he ordered a swift and decisive invasion. Amazingly, within a month the once invincible Empire had been brought to it's knees. Jabba now ruled from Coruscant. Mara had gone on the run after the emperor was killed, but had been captured three months ago by bounty hunters and brought to Jabba. To her surprise, she wasn't imprisoned or killed for being a prominent member of the former empire, but had been added to Jabba's slave harem.

Mara had been horrified to discover that Leia now was queen of the harem. Leia claimed Jabba treated them well and they all were very happy here. Mara didn't buy it. For three months, Mara had resisted. She obeyed no orders. She simply sat in the harem in her incredibly revealing costume; a tight red see-through netting that covered her crotch but nothing else, a red golden arm bracelet, and somehow everlasting make-up. Mara was not practicing, not dancing, and not pleasing. Jabba did not have her executed or even punished, but he had told Amanda, the harem mistress, to have her 'tamed' five days from now, before the next Hutt Council meeting.

Amanda had taken to spending long nights with Mara in an attempt to break her. Mara refused. She had told Amanda that she had special abilities and might be able to set them all free. Amanda had replied that Jabba was inescapable and that she would rather die than leave his service. Stupid brainwashed girl. Mara didn't buy this immortality or unbreakable collar crap. Sooner or later, she would get out of here.

"Mara, soon you will put aside this rebelliousness of yours and serve The High Exalted One. Trust me, he encourages your spirit, but you must put aside your pride and recognize him as the god he is," Amanda was saying. "Never, I will not obey him!" Mara yelled. Amanda sighed. This would take a while.

A Change in PlansEdit

Leia's POV

Across the palace, Leia was currently relaxing with her master. After sharing some Huttese wine with him, he lowered his hookah to her mouth. "Oh, thank you master!" Leia squealed, eagerly taking a hit. She fell back against him laughing uncontrollably as her high spread through her. "Are you enjoying yourself, my pet?" her master asked her. Leia smiled. "Yes master," she replied. And she was. This was what she lived for.

Fun, pleasure, and pleasing her master. That was her life. She reflected back to a time she barely remembered. At various periods in her life, she had been a princess, senator, and famous Rebel Alliance leader. None of it had mattered. Her life had only gained meaning when her master's gaze had signaled her out, when he had ordered her brought to him. Foolishly, she had scoffed at him, claiming he would regret enslaving her. He didn't, and neither did she.

He continued to enslave new, lucky girls, and Leia and her best friend Amanda had tamed them most of them easily. The harem now numbered two dozen human and twi lek slave girls. Leia made twenty five. Only one girl still resisted. Her beauty more than equaled that of the other slaves, was on par with Amanda's, and was only clearly surpassed by Leia's. But she was a problem. Three months, and she still resisted. Jabba wanted her ready in five days, and poor Amanda had been forced to stay up late for two weeks now, trying to teach Mara her place. So far, Amanda had reported little progress.

Suddenly, Jabba tugged her leash. Shaking off her high, Leia knelt before her master. "What do you wish of your pet, high exalted one?" Leia asked. Jabba rubbed her shoulder. "Now you will pleasure me, for we shall not spend the night together," Jabba said. Leia was stunned. "What do you mean, master? Has your pet displeased you? If she has, please tell her how so she may correct herself. If her offense is too grievous, she will gladly accept death as her punishment," Leia begged, worried that she had failed her master.
Willing slave by demogoron-d45y8kq

Leia, Jabba's pleasure slave

"No, you have not displeased me. But I sense Mara cannot be broken by you or Amanda alone. Tonight, she must sleep with me and realize what I can offer her. You must spend the night in the harem," Jabba regretfully told her. Leia nodded shakily, accepting his decree. "Since we will not be together later, you must please me now," her master ordered. Grinning, Leia began an intense evening with her master, determined to make the most out of this situation.

After Jabba had finally had his fill of her, he sent her to fetch Mara. "I'll see you tomorrow I guess" said leia rather sad "Fear not my dear, tomorrow you will sleep with me again" said Jabba. Leia looked up with a smile and gave him a big kiss on the lip. She the reluctantly left her master's side, but not before shacking her butt for him and giving him a sexy wink, and left for the harem. Entering, she found Amanda and Mara sitting on the couch, the former engaged in a fruitless attempt to tame the latter. The second she saw her harem queen enter, Amanda immediately fell to her knees. Recognizing her better, Amanda touched her forehead to Leia's foot. Leia smiled at her approvingly. Amanda was an excellent harem mistress and a loyal best friend.

Mara, on the other hand, defiantly remained on the couch. In her superior queen tone, Leia said, "Mara, The High Exalted One demands that you spend the night with him tonight, alone, for he senses it is the only way to tame you." Mara walked off the couch and passed by Leia. "Hutt slut," Leia heard Mara taunt. Leia considered reprimanding her, but decided to let it pass. Mara would have learnt her place by the end of the night, and besides, Leia considered the term a compliment. As Mara left, Leia looked down at her obedient best friend. They had an interesting evening ahead of them.

A Talk with Jess Edit

Mara's POV

Furious, Mara stormed out of the harem. As she began to consider if she should indeed obey Leia's order, she heard an unwelcome voice. "Mara! You ready to go?" asked Jess, walking up to her. "What are you doing here?" Mara demanded. "Well, her highness asked me to escort you to your meeting with our glorious master. Now come on, or you'll be late!" Jess said.

"Listen Jess, I'm not going. I don't want to spend the night with that slug!" Mara declared. Jess reeled back as if struck. "Mara! How can you insult The High Exalted One? After all he does for us? If you don't come, I will have to ask her highness for guards to escort you. Don't make me do that," Jess asked. Mara knew she wasn't lying. Fine. She would rather enter with dignity then in the clutches of Jabba's henchmen.

"Alright, let's go," Mara conceded. She began to walk down the hall. The ever-perky Jess smiled and ran in front of her. This only served to annoy Mara. "Jess, why do you call that rebel scum her highness? Leia's not even here, and it's not like she deserves that title," Mara asked, walking slowly towards the throne room. Jess glowered at her. "Because Mara, our queen deserves more respect than anyone besides our master. Trust me, she is the greatest thing that has ever happened to our harem. I know what a cruel leader can do, Mara, and it's not pretty," Jess answered.

"But Jess, she's just a slut for a ruthless crime lord. Don't you see how low she really is?" Mara intoned. Jess stopped walking. Her cheeks flushed red, and her face took on a look of extreme anger. "Careful, tyro," warned Jess with barely contained fury, "I may not be mistress or queen, but I am still a senior slave here and your superior, remember that. I will not stand here and let you continue to insult my master and my queen. Now apologize, or I will ask her highness to punish you. She will, I promise you that."

"And how will she do that?" Mara challenged, "Jabba obviously doesn't want to beat me, clearly to trick me into thinking he is merciful." Jess flashed a wicked grin. "No. We don't do that here. The High Exalted One cares about us far too much to hurt us. It hasn't happened in over fifty years. But her highness has ways. She can restrict your privileges and prevent you from having any fun with your sisters whatsoever," Jess fired back.

Mara fumed. To her shame, she had grown attached to the luxuries of the harem and the intimate games between these misguided women during the three months she had spent with them. Taking a deep breath, Mara said, "I'm sorry." Jess smiled, gestured for her to keep walking, but still maintained a guarded mood. Mara hesitated, then asked, "But don't you ever hope to get out of here? To have freedom? Listen, Jess. I was an important asset to the emperor and my powerful abilities could aid us in getting out of here. I could kill the guards out front. You, me, and the rest of the girls could walk out, steal a ship, and go to a Hutt-free planet. Please Jess, don't you ever wish for a life free of your master?"

Jess sighed. "No, Mara. I don't. Ever. If somehow I was teleported half a galaxy away, completely free and with a million credits to my name, the first thing I would do is get on a ship and come rushing back, then beg our master to let me return. I know what you think, but I am not brainwashed Mara. I've experienced a privileged life without slavery, and I have to say, being a pet to The High Exalted One is ten times better. Soon you will realize this as well. Our master cannot be resisted, only obeyed. In return, he gives us a life free of worries, free of fear, and free of danger. And on that note, we're here!" Jess exclaimed, as they were now just outside the throne room doors. "Have fun Mara," Jess said, gently pushing her inside.

A DealEdit

Mara stepped inside, and was greeted by an almost empty room. Only one being still remained at this hour, and it was to him that Mara's gaze was drawn. Jabba the Hutt reclined on his massive throne, grinning at her. "Ah, my rebellious pet has joined me," his voice boomed around the room. "Come to me, my lovely," he ordered. Mara did so, stopping in front of his dais.

"Do you wish to please me, my lovely?" he asked her. Mara shook her head. "No, but this will definitely please me!" Mara yelled. She hadn't been lying to Jess when she said that she had powerful abilities. Now she had Jabba alone, and this was the perfect time to use them. Channeling her anger, she released a torrent of blue lightning at Jabba. He may have been strong, but Mara knew he had no defense against this. The lightning reached Jabba's skin.....and fizzled out into nothing. Mara struggled to keep up her barrage, but the lightning refused to have an effect on him. Breaking off the attack, all she could do was stare in amazement.

"How?" Mara asked, stunned. Jabba laughed. "You are not the first beautiful woman to hopelessly attempt to kill me," Jabba boomed, "And, like the first, you shall know my mercy." Mara could not resist as invisible hands grabbed her and forced her face inches from Jabba's. Powerless, she watched her master's great tongue extend out of his mouth and reach towards her. Her face could still move, but she could not avoid her master's kiss.

"No pleas..." Mara begged, but Jabba's tongue intruded into he mouth. His powerful tongue quickly overpowered hers and took control of her mouth. Mara had no choice but to submit to his assault. Strangely, after a while, she began to enjoy it, though she still struggled to break away. Jabba's tongue finally withdrew. "Did you enjoy that, my pet?" he asked her. Mara's cheek's flushed, but she did not respond.

The invisible hands holding her lifted her onto the throne, right before Jabba. There was no question, it was obvious Jabba was an extremely powerful force user. Mara had been personally trained by the emperor, but it seemed she was no match for Jabba. "Now you will pleasure me, my lovely, and finally accept your place," he told her.

Mara laughed at him. "Even if I enjoy my time with you, which I doubt, it wouldn't make me appreciate you," she scoffed at him. "You will Mara. For three months you have yet to experience the pleasure I can give, but that will now change. You have seen how happy and pampered my other pets are. You think it is a trick, but after tonight you will realize what an honor it is to serve me," Jabba said. Mara scowled at him. "So you say, but I am not as weak as the rebel bitch that you keep on a leash," she warned.

This greatly angered Jabba. "Do not insult my favorite!" his voice boomed. Mara lowered her eyes to the floor. "Yes, master," Mara accepted. Then she realized what she had just said. She had never called him 'master' before. Jabba petted her shoulder. "Now, you will obey my every command," he ordered. Mara regained her composure. "No, I won't obey, I'd rather die. You'll just have to kill me," Mara said. Jabba laughed. "Shall we make a deal, slave?" he offered. Mara considered him. "What kind of deal? she questioned.

"You will obey my every command tonight. In return, tomorrow morning, you will be free to leave," Jabba offered. Mara was stunned. "I don't believe you, I know you want me badly, I don't think you would give me up just for one night of passion," Mara challenged. Jabba grinned. "You will not be leaving. I said you would be free to go, I didn't say you would want to," he replied. Mara laughed. "You honestly believe that? I still have resources across the galaxy, I won't want for anything if I am on my own again. Why would I even consider staying?" Mara asked.

"Because you will not be able to bare leaving your rightful place. I am so confident that you will beg to stay that I offer you this. In the morning, you will accept your place as my pet and begin your life as a willing slave," he said. Mara grinned. "I doubt it," she defied. Do you accept my terms?" Jabba asked. Mara was amazed. This slug's overconfidence would be his downfall. "Very well. I look forward to leaving your revolting presence forever tomorrow," she promised. Jabba stroked her shoulder.

A Night with The Exalted OneEdit

"Remove your clothes," he ordered. Now free to move, Mara reluctantly did so, removing her red bra and bikini and tossing them to the side, leaving her naked before her master. "Suck on my tail," Jabba commanded. Mara hesitated, but knew this would be worth it. She crawled to his tail and took it into her mouth. Immediately, she was surprised by how..bearable.. this was. She sucked while awaiting his next command. "Now massage it," Jabba ordered. Mara took his tail out of her mouth and began to stroke it. She was amazed by how firm and muscular it was.

That was how the night went. As the time passed, Jabba gave her more and more vulgar commands. And Mara soon realized one thing; she wasn't disgusted. Despite the fact that she had had nightmares about doing this, it wasn't repulsive by any means. Still, Mara didn't understand how Jabba was planning to use the night to make her stay, until his commands changed. Jabba began to order her to do things that specifically benefited her. She began to experience an emotion she had never truly felt before: pleasure. And she loved it.

Mara immediately suspected he was just giving her these specific orders just to give her a favorable impression of a night spent with him, but logic quickly disproved this theory. The acts he made her do were so enjoyable, so perfect, that it was doubtless that he was used to giving them to his other slaves. Jabba was clearly accustomed to ensuring his slaves were satisfied, even if he didn't need to be to obtain pleasure for himself. This led Mara to a shocking conclusion that he cared that his slaves were happy. She didn't have much time to ponder this, though, as Jabba kept her busy.

Remember what the emperor taught you, remember how important you were to him, his first and only Hand, Mara thought to herself. Yes, that was right. Mara already had dedicated herself to a master, a kind and just one, and this slug's dethroning of him proves he is truly evil. And then, Mara's beliefs of her early life were shattered. Jabba began to enter her. With his every thrust, a new vision appeared in her mind, each one quick and clear.

She saw the emperor training numerous Hands, all told they were the only one. She then witnessed the emperor torturing a prisoner with sadistic pleasure. Scene after scene flooded her mind. Atrocities committed by the empire, the cruelty of the emperor, people suffering under his rule. Her entire life had been a lie. All the hard work and effort she put into it had only served evil.

She considered the possibility that Jabba had just created these visions and that they were all lies. But she realized how crazy that was. Creating untrue visions in the force was possible, but extremely difficult. If Jabba could do this, he could definitely use dark side mind control. Why didn't he just use it on her and all his pets? They'd be easy to dominate. All thoughts in their heads would cease, replaced by an urge to do whatever he said, with zeal. The fact that she could think these thoughts right now proved he was not using it on her. Even though he easily could and still receive the same pleasure. But why?

The answer crashed into her mind like a tidal wave. It was because he cared about her, cared about his slaves. It was the only explanation. He could dominate their minds, take pleasure from them and make their lives a living hell. But he didn't. He wanted them to be happy, wanted them to have a wonderful life in his harem. She should have realized it sooner, when Jabba had grown so angry when she had insulted Leia. It was because he cared about her! As the visions ceased and she reached her climax, Mara now knew where her place was.

"Ahhhhhh!" she moaned as she collapsed into Jabba's side. He gently rubbed her shoulder, giving her a minute to recuperate. After she had mostly recovered, Jabba asked, "Will you now serve me, my lovely, as my slave and as my pet?" Mara looked up at him. She had thought him repulsive, disgusting. How foolish she had been. With her realization, Jabba now appeared to her as the most attractive being in the galaxy. He truly was a far superior being.

Mara knelt before him, "Yes, master, your pet will serve you forever. She begs to be accepted as one of your slave girls. Please forgive her earlier disrespect and take her as your slave, she knows her place now," Mara said. "I accept. Welcome to your new life. I am sure you will please me again soon. Return to the harem I graciously provide for you, I am sure your queen will be glad of your new mindset," Jabba said. Mara rose and bowed deeply. "Yes master," she said.

Return to the HaremEdit

Mara entered the harem. The room was completely quiet. The lights were almost all turned off, only a very dim glow illuminated the room. Making her way past the pools and sofas, she opened the door to the lift. She knew where she was going. Leia and Amanda were constant companions, it was obvious they would be staying together in Amanda's room. The lift made its way silently past the night rooms, where all of the non-senior slaves slept with the guests they had managed to charm. The lift stopped on the fourth floor, where all of the senior slaves' rooms were.

Mara stepped out, walking quietly down the hallway, so as not to disturb the senior slaves and their guests, who

Amanda, Mara's mistress.

slept together in the luxurious, private rooms. At the end of the hallway was Amanda's room, the biggest of them all. Mara walked to the door. What should she do? Knock and probably disturb everyone, including Leia and Amanda, from their sleep, or barge in? Mara decided to open the unlocked door slightly. Peeking inside, she discovered Amanda snuggled in Leia's arms and laying on her left breast, both asleep and naked.

Mara silently walked in silently, then slowly closed the door behind her. She wondered of she should wake them up, but they looked so comfortable; she didn't want to disturb them. Still, she was very tired, and needed to sleep. Mara decided to simply lay on the soft carpet floor and close her eyes. As Emperor's Hand, she had slept on worse.

Mara soon fell into a deep sleep. She dreamt that Amanda and Leia shunned her, refused her. Mara and Leia had been on opposite sides before, and that worried her. She wanted to apologize for her earlier behavior and become friends with them, but she wasn't sure she would be accepted. In her dream, Leia threw her out of the room, then when to Jabba and had Mara thrown out of the palace altogether. A day ago, Mara would have jumped at this, but now it terrified her.

The alarm clock beeped at 9 am. Mara, with her assassin training, woke up first. By the time Leia and Amanda stirred, she was already kneeling at the foot of the bed. Her sisters started to moan and yawn. "Thanks for listening your highness," Amanda yawned. "Of course Amanda, last night was...Mara! What are you doing here?" Leia asked. She seemed startled, but not angry.

Mara bowed her head. "I have come to repent for my actions, your highness. I see the truth now, as you promised I would. Rebellion, Empire, none of it matters. All I care about is pleasing The High Exalted One. I am sorry for what I said to you, your highness, and to you, my mistress. Will you accept me?" Mara asked. Leia and Amanda smiled at each other. "Welcome sister," Leia said, climbing out of the bed. Mara began to kiss her queen's feet.

Leia let her go on for a bit, then ordered, "Rise, Mara." She obeyed. Leia leaned in, then gently began to kiss her. Mara responded. After a couple seconds, Leia pulled back. "Our former allegiances no longer matter Mara, and I am happy to call you sister," she said. Mara smiled. "Thank you, your highness," Mara replied. Leia then looked at her questioningly. "But Mara, why did you sleep on the floor? There's plenty of room in Amanda's massive bed," Leia asked.

Mara smiled. "I didn't want to disturb you, and I wanted to be here when you woke up. I've slept in worse before," she explained. A frown appeared on Leia's face. "Oh Mara! You must have been freezing, sleeping in your costume with no blanket on! Understand Mara, that you're living a life of luxury now. You're entitled to sleep in a comfortable bed for the rest of your life," Leia answered. "And we would have enjoyed your company," Amanda chimed in.

"It's not too late. Why don't we have some fun together? What do you say, Mara?" Leia offered. Mara was suddenly conscious of the fact that she was the only one in the room clothed at all. Removing her costume, she said, "It would be my honor, your highness.” Leia, Amanda, and Mara got into Amanda's personal hot tub. Mara was soon introduced to all of their favorite games. In their favorite, the giggle game, Mara's training allowed her to outlast Amanda.

"Hahahaha, yes, yes!" Amanda said, "Damn, Mistress Leia was the only one who could ever beat me. Let’s see you play her!" Mara tried her best, but Leia's face didn't move an inch. On Leia's seventh turn, her resistance finally collapsed. "Hahahaha, you win, your highness," Mara admitted. "Of course I did, now let's see if you both can't beat me!" Leia challenged playfully. It took a while, but even Mara and Amanda working together couldn't make Leia move an inch. First, Amanda giggled, then Mara. Leia wasn't the queen for nothing.

After two hours, the girls prepared for dance practice. "I take it you'll finally be joining us?" Amanda asked. Mara grinned. "I have a lot of experience, I'm sure I'll impress you," she promised. Putting back on her clothes, Mara walked out of the room and into her new life.

Mara's New LifeEdit

First PracticeEdit

Amanda's POV

Amanda followed Mara out of the room and into the harem. She was extremely happy. Mara was the first new girl since the taking of Coruscant to be added to the harem, though she wouldn't be the last. The High Exalted One eventually desired one hundred beautiful girls to be his pets. He planned to accomplish this within the next year, during which he would make the harem twice as large as it already was. The additions was planned to start in several days, and would take a week. Right now, not including Leia, twenty-six or so slave girls resided in the harem. Six girls slept in their personal rooms, while the other twenty slept on the second and third floors. The 10 rooms on these two floors were identical, but the third floor was reserved for girls with guests.

The harem could accodomodate them all, for now. But on nights with no festivities (Parties were only held five nights a week now, due to Jabba's duties as Emperor), the girls just barely fit, doubling up in the second floor rooms. Another girl and they would be over packed. The new addition would fix this. The main harem area would be considerably expanded, but that wasn't the main addition. The number of rooms on the third floor would be increased to 100 and the number of rooms on the second floor woud increase to fifty. That way, even when 100 slaves slept in the harem, there would be enough room even if they all slept on the second floor (they preferred to double up.) Each room on the second and third floors would be of better quality than any other room in the galaxy, and the senior rooms on the fourth floor would be even better than that.

Looking around, Amanda surveyed her sisters. Leia sat on her favorite blue silk couch that had essentially become her throne, watching the others dance. Amanda led the practice, keeping a close eye on Mara. True to her word, Mara's skills were impressive, she would be a wonderful addition. Mara had been extremely difficult to train, but the rewards were extremely gratifying. At long last, Mara had seemed to accept the truth.

What was up to Amanda now was to see that Mara adapted well to her new life. She knew it would not be hard. A life free of all responsibilities besides pleasure was an easy one. Here, they were not poor peasant girls or over-worked members of the nobility. Here, they were goddesses of lustful passion, desired by every man and envied by every woman who entered the palace. Most importantly, they were beloved by The High Exalted One himself. In return, they loved and worshiped him for the god he was.

For the hundred thousandth time, Amanda mentally thanked her master for bringing her here. At best, she would now be an old woman with white hair and wrinkles running across her body, a shadow of her former self. The worse and more likely scenario was that she would be already dead, a forgotten corpse in a Bespin dump. Instead, she was here, seventy-six years old, looking not a day older than twenty-one.

Amanda had always had a master, of course. Jaxton and Vol, the two smugglers who had found her and made her strip at the casino. Her father, what was his name again? She didn't remember and she didn't care. All she remembered was how horrible he had been, how he had abused her. Looking around at her twenty six sisters, she knew none of them had been quite as broken as she was, but all still loved and embraced their new lives. Now, Mara did as well.

Leia suddenly beckoned Amanda over. Leaving Jess in charge of the dance practice, Amanda walked over to and knelt at her Queen's feet. "What do you think of Mara?" Leia asked. Amanda smiled. "She is very impressive, your highness. She will be more than ready for the Council meeting," Amanda assured her. "Yes, I am sure she will," Leia agreed. "Now I will return to my master, ensure Mara and her sisters are ready," Leia ordered. Amanda bowed her head, "Yes, your highness," she said. Leia left to return to Jabba, while Amanda went back to the practice area. They had work to do.

Leia and JabbaEdit

Leia's POV

As soon as Leia entered the throne room, Jabba's large powerful eyes immediately focused on her. "Come to me, slave," Jabba commanded in his deep Huttese voice. Leia approached slowly, then bowed low before her master. One of his stubby arms reached out and cupped her chin, and Leia found herself staring at her great master's face.

Leia looked at him, her Hutt master. His red, reptilen eyes, massive slimy body, and large powerful tail; Leia wondered how such a perfect and powerful being had ever come into existance. She knew it was beyond her comprehension. "Your master has missed you slave, now take your place beside him," he ordered. Leia slowly climbed onto the dais, then sat up and awaited hid first command.

Her realationship with Jabba was complex. He loved her, cared for her, and needed her, but he also treated her
FrankKlepke August03b

Leia serves her master by distracting his guests.

as a slave; an inferior being who was expected to obey his every command without hesitation. Leia wouldn't have it any other way. She obeyed this slug, this amazing, attractive, perfect slug, because he was her rightful master. He was all she lived for. She loved him, appreciated him, and worshiped him for being the wonderful master he was.

As Jabba's meetings began and Leia did her job, acting as a piece of furniture or trophy on the throne and staying silent, she continued her musings. Her life was perfect, she was fulfilling her destiny to serve Jabba as his favorite slave, and yet; Leia was starting to have her doubts. Not of her master, she would never doubt him, but of herself. Every day, she sat in front of Jabba. And every day, he grew fatter, grander, and more powerful. And as his size grew and his shadow towered over her, she questioned her ability to satisfy him.

Leia was beginning to doubt her worthiness for the honor that was being Jabba's favorite pet. She knew of course that if she wasn't no woman was. Leia loved Amanda, Mara, and all her sisters, but she was well aware of her superiority to all of them. Still, she wondered if her master should simply keep two or more favorite pets at a time. She knew this would be a great dishonor in the Hutt culture, but it might be the only option. Leia didn't voice these concerns to her master, though. She knew it was not her place to question him or give him suggestions. But if he ever asked, Leia would tell him of the doubts she was expierencing. For now though, she enjoyed this time with her master. She leaned her back into his belly, and his slime immediately began to stick to her skin. She had missed that feeling.

As the day wore on, Leia could tell her master desired her. His hungers were great, and she hadn't pleasured him for nearly twenty four hours. Sensing this, she began to sit in even more sexy positions, enchanting her already wonderful curves. After every meeting was done, she leaned back and grinned at him, then licked her tongue along his fat chest, running it across his slime. Leia could tell he was getting very aroused. His massive tongue constantly licked his wide lips, and Leia knew he was giving her lustful, even perverse, glances every five seconds. After his last meeting was finally done and dinner was over, Jabba dismissed everyone from the throne room. They all knew why. Two years ago, Leia would have been extremely embarrassed by this, now she was proud, proud everyone knew that she was the Hutt's concubine. After they had left, Leia's leash tugged her around.

Leia was pulled to within inches of her master's face. His fat, dripping tongue ozzed out of his mouth and began to kiss her across her face. Instead of recoiling, as she would have done two years ago, Leia accepted the tremendous honor of recieving the Hutt's affections, kneeling down before him and letting his tongue soak her face. She was giggling, which Jabba loved hearing. After ten minutes, the Hutt finally ceased.

Leia was pulled upright again, at which point her Hutt master belched right into her face. She smiled as she inhaled the rancid breath, as her nose had adapted to love the smell. Lowering her head, her face dripping with slime, she remained silent. Her master hungered for her, and tonight he would be eager to display his mastery of her. "You are mine!" his voice boomed, "And I will do with you what I want!" "Yes, I am yours, master," Leia said submissively, accepting his dominion of her. Jabba laughed. "I know," his voice boomed. His tail appeared in her face, and she immediatly took it into her mouth, licking and sucking it with all of the intensity she could muster.

To her, Jabba was more than her master, he was her god. Some would this was crazy, but Leia had her reasons. Her life was dependent on his generosity. If he wanted to, with a flick of his wrist he could end her. She was puddy in his hands, every aspect of her life was determined by him. And he was always present. Somehow, probably due to his supreme command of the force, he was always there at the back of her mind. The leash, too, added to his constant presence. Before, she had hated it, now it was her favorite part of her costume.

After pleasing her master for hours, he was finally satisfied. Hoping she had done her job well, Leia fell into a deep sleep.


Early AwakeningEdit

Mara's POV.

The night after the Hutt Council meeting, Mara stirred. The clock showed four in the morning, she had gotten up five hours early! There was no commotion in the harem, the alarm hadn't gone off by accident, and even the usually bustling Coruscant skyline, visible out of the rooms' many windows.

For a second, Mara was startled to find two smooth arms wrapped around her, then she remembered the previous night. Turning over, she looked at her bed companion. Amanda was sleeping peacefully, as of yet unaware of Mara's awakening. Unlike the rest of the non-senior slaves, Mara wasn't doubling up with anyone in one of the opulent second floor rooms.

Usually, she would have been enquatered on the third floor, with a court guest, but their had been no festivities the previous night. Instead, she was currently on the fourth floor. Seven bed rooms there were set aside for the senior slaves; Jess, Lyn Me, Melanie, Rystall, Diva, and Amanda. The seventh had not yet been awarded.

These rooms were far superior to the ones on the lower floors, which were extremely luxurious im their own right. Amanda's was the largest and most luxurious of them all. Amanda's invitation had surprised Mara. The senior slaves were proud of their extra luxury, and didn't usually share it with the lower slaves. Amanda and Mara didn't need to be alone to be intimate with each other (which they had been.) Modesty and privacy were non-existant in the harem. Amanda, however, had explained that she wanted some extra "quality time" with the beautiful Mara, and had invited her to stay in her room as a reward for performing so well during the Council Meeting earlier. Mara, of course, had been in no position to refuse her mistress.

Amanda's beautiful face finally stirred, and she stretched and yawned. "Mara?" she asked sleepily, "What's wrong?" "Nothing, mistress. I guess I'm just used to waking up earlier," Mara explained, which was true. As emperor's hand, she had generally slept five hours a night, not the ten her sisters were used to.

"I know it's hard, Mara, but you're not an assassin anymore, you can sleep late now," Amanda scolded. "Sorry, mistress," Mara replied. Amanda smiled. "Now go to sleep, love you," Amanda ordered. Mara turned over. "Love you to," she said, closing her eyes. With difficulty, she went to sleep.

Unusual EmotionsEdit

Amanda's POV

The next afternoon, Amanda surveyed her sisters. Dance practice had just ended, and they were all free to enjoy themselves. Jabba would be going on some sort of trip tonight, so the evening festivities had been cancelled. Some were kissing or playing other 'games'. Others were sipping soothing wine from glasses of perfect crystal. Still more were swimming or dosing in one of the ten pools. Leia was currently reclining on her favorite silk chair, sampling some wine herself, thinking about her previous night with her master. She was alone, but at her command, two newer slaves came over. At her orders, they began to serve her. One began to comb Leia's hair, which had gotten wet from a swim in the pools. The other went over to one of the fruit bowls and pulled out a bunch of grapes. At Leia's prompting, she began to feed them to her.

Leia closed her eyes and grinned while her sisters served her. Amanda smiled. Leia had certainly gotten used to being harem queen. Though completely and utterly submissive to her master, Leia now conducted herself as royallty while among her sisters. Amanda could not have been prouder, having trained Leia since her arrival. She had introduced Leia to their ways, taught her to dance, shown her their games, and then watched Leia surpass her and take her rightful place.

Yet Leia was not the same as traditional royallty. She demanded the same respect and diffidence, but her attitude was very different. Normal royallty were constantly on gaurd and stressed, always looking for ulterior motives. Leia did not. She may have while princess of Alderran, but the Queen who was being fed grapes right now was greatly changed from the reserved former Alderran royal. Her intellect, except that which invloved pleasing her master and running the harem, had dimmed considerably. Her eyes had lost their luster of intelligence, no longer calculating or concerned with anything or anyone.

Except Jabba and her sisters. Her master was the ruler of the galaxy, he handled the matters that required political and intellenctual intrigue. Leia had other concerns. She kept the harem running and pleasured her master, two tasks that suited her new personallity very well. She didn't care about galactic affairs, she cared about being a good slave to her Hutt master, and that was how it should be. In two years here she had forgotten all she had learned while Princess of Alderran. Leia had told Amanda that she didn't care that she wasn't nearly as bright as she used to be; because it was required to run the best harem in the galaxy in the way that a Harem Queen should. In that, she was unequaled. And that was all that mattered.

Looking around, Amanda spotted Mara. She looked...well, discontent. She was sitting on the edge of a pool, occassionally chatting with another slave, but mostly remaining silent and glum. Amanda was puzzled by this. Tamed slaves did not experience unhappiness. Amanda could barely comprehend it. It was like her brain was saying Does not compute. On the verge of panic, Amanda reeled around to look at Leia, but she was already gone....

A Trip from the PalaceEdit

Leia's POV

Leia was escatic. After a year and three months, Jabba's lastest ambition had finally been realized. Pod-racing had been introduced to Nal Hutta (the renamed Coruscant.) Ever since Tatooine had been destroyed and Coruscant conquered, Jabba had wanted to introduce pod-racing to the new Hutt Capital. After fifteen months, a grand new stadium had been built on Hutt throne world over the ruins of the old senate. It symbolized the Hutt victory over both democracy and the former empire; a victory that the entire galaxy was beginning to appreciate.

Leia and her master were on their way to the first race to be held in the new stadium. Ironically, pod-racing bored Jabba. He only enjoyed the violence between the competitiors (which he had legallised, though with no weapons) and did not care for the race itself. His motivation was simple: money. Jabba nearly always bet on the winning pod. This, combined with the intake from ticket sales, resulted in a huge profit. Jabba may have been the wealthiest being to ever exist in the galaxy, but a little extra could never hurt. Besides, a galaxy spanning empire, a masive palace, and a harem of dozens of slave girls were costly.

Leia looked forward to the race. After a quick trip on the Star Jewel, Jabba's throne exited the ship and marched through Jabba's private entrance. This quickly led to Jabba's own private box. Looking out, Leia was amazed by the size of the stadium. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, were inside the enourmous structure. The box itself was massive, and could be viewed by the entire stadium. Cameras would soon show the Hutt Emperor's visage to everyone watching. Him, and his pretty little pet.

Leia felt a tug on her leash. Turning around, she knelt on the smooth carpet of the dais. "Look happy," her master ordered. "Of course master," Leia replied. As if that were a problem. Soon, many across the stadium were observing their emperor. Many showed disgust and resentament, but more seemed happy and even appreciative of the Hutt. His policies as emperor were improving the galaxy, and soon all would view him this way.

Across the arena, food, drinks, and, most importantly, spice were sold to the various spectators. Spice, which was now completely legal, quickly excited or calmed many of the spectators, depending on the brand. On the course, dozens of pods prepared to start. Most had no chance of winning, but there were several serious competitors. Jabba and several other Hutts were betting heavily on a rodian towards the front, who sat in a massive pod (courtesy of Jabba.) Three lights later, and the race started.

The first of the three laps was long and indecisive. Jabba inhaled a massive dose of the most powerful spice. It barely dimmned his incredible intellect, but it did distract him. Leia, on the other hand, was enjoying this immensly. At the beginning of the second lap the rodian ramed into two smaller pods. Leia cheered and laughed, and this drew an "Hohoho," from Jabba.

At first Leia thought it was from the violence, but she soon realised it was from the attention her cheering had given her. All around the stadium cameras showed her amusement. One view even did a slow-mo of her barely concealed chest bobbing up and down. Leia smiled. She enjoyed being known as Jabba's slut. As the rodian began to dominate the race, the camera kept going back to her. At the beginning of the third lap she was even bold enough to give the crowd a wave and blow a kiss, drwaing an approving laugh from her master.

Leia reveled in this, reveled in their attention. This was why she was Jabba's one and only personal slave. He only wanted to show his best and most prized possesstion. Having another slave with him would dilute her beauty. Her doubts assauged, Leia returned her attentions to the race. As expected, the rodian won. In the final stretch he plowed into six competitors and crossed the finish line unopposed. One final time, the camera zoomed in on her. Leia laughed and slowly stroked her chest with her hand, primarily for her master's amusement, but also for the crowd's attention. She needed them to see how happy she was with Jabba. "Hohoho, this race was more interesting than I expected, my pet," laughed Jabba. Leia grinned. "Your pet will be happy to show you more later, master," she replied.

Jabba licked his lips. Leia enjoyed this. She was very proud that she could satisfy her master and provoke his lust. He offered his spice to her, and she took it gratefully. To her surprise, Jabba gave her more than her usual dose. Then more....and more....and more.... and more. Leia wondered if this was too much. It didn't matter. He was her master and she was his slave. She took all he offered her without hesitation. After her usual high, her body began to shake. The world flashed and spun around her, and her mind lost all coherent thought. Her eyes closed and she plunged into unconsciousness.

An OfferEdit

Mara's POV

Mara had taken refuge in a room on the second floor. She had sat in the hot tub and turned the bubbles off. She needed to be alone, she needed to think. Lately, she had been feeling well.....miserable. There was no other way to describe it. Everything was fine. She loved all sisters, she loved plesing guests, especially Bib fortuna, and she loved her master. And yet, something was missing. She couldn't put her finger on it.

She had to be the only girl in the harem who was not completely happy. She just didn't understand why. Nothing was wrong. She hadn't quarrled with any of her sisters, no guest or bib had mistreated her, and she still desired to serve her master in whatever way he desired. It all seemed too easy. Easy! That was it. Her life was too easy. Since birth, she had been constantly trained, tested, and challenged. There was no challenge in her life now.

Pleasing guests was very satisfying, but not hard. Their little 'competitions' were fun, but they weren't really a

Jabba's box in the Pod Racing Arena.

challenge. She could outdo everyone but the Queen easily. As for Leia, well, it wasn't a challenge when you were utterly outmatched. She didn't know what to do. She had no desire to leave this life behind. Her master deserved to own her, and she still wanted to serve him with every fiber of her being. But she couldn't serve him in a challenging way. It was a paradox.

Suddenly she felt an urge. It was a command she couldn't place, yet at that momet she knew she needed to do something. Leave the harem and go to Jabba. She knew it was against the rules for slaves to leave the harem at night, but she had to do this. She put on her costume, left her room, and took the lift to the first floor. It would have been hard to sneak out, but a kissing tournament was going on. Jess and Lyn Me were in the finals, kissing furiously underwater. The first to stop kissing or go up for air lost. Mara was surprised Amanda wasn't in the finals, but this was a great diversion.

With the distraction and her training, Mara easily got to the harem entrance. To her surprise, it wasn't locked, but then realised that there was no reason for it to be. Tamed slaves had no desire to go against the rules and leave the harem. Except for her. Mara opened the door quietly and left for the throne room. She made it to the throne room entrance and silently barged in. She was afraid that she was interrupted a pleasure session of Leia and her master.

Walking in, she quickly laid her body out on the floor before her master. Glancing up, she saw she wasn't interupting anything at all. Leia was passed out, Jabba's tail curled protectively around her body. Mara waited for her master to speak. "I have summounded you here, slave," Jabba boomed at her. "Your slave humbly asks why, master," Mara replied.

Instead of answering, Jabba asked a question, "Are you completely happy serving me, my pet?" he asked. Mara decided not to lie. It wasn't any good against someone who could read her mind. "No, master," she answered. "I know," Jabba's voice boomed, "You feel unchallenged, and you crave challenges. You consider your life too easy." "Please master, forgive me. Your pet is an ungrateful slave. You should punish her," Mara answered.

"Ho ho ho," Jabba laughed. "I think I have a better idea. How would you like to serve me in a different way, in addition to a pleasure slave?" he asked her. "Your slave is afraid she does not understand, master," Mara said. "The previous emperor was a selfish fool, but he had one good idea. His assassins. I wish to have my own Hand. One who will be an extension of my will silence those who oppose me. You will do this. Unlike before, you shall be the only Hand," he offered.

Mara was stunned. It seemed too good to be true. Serving her master and having a challenge? She knew her answer, "Your pet humbly accepts master." "Good. A ship and weapons will be provided for you. Your present outfit will, suffice, however. You shall still serve as a pleasure slave, but when I need you, you shall be my Hand," he told her.

"When does your slave leave, master?" Mara asked. "Tomorrow morning. I have an important assignment for

Jabba on his throne.

you. The new governor I appointed on Zeltros has proven to be very..uncoroperative. He has turned against me and sabatoges all of my interests on that world. His treatment of the Zeltrons has been very cruel. He must be silenced. I could do it with a military strike, but more would die that way. However, if you inflitrated the planet and killed him quietly, more bloodshed could be avoided," he said. "Of course master, I will not fail you," Mara promised.

Jabba held up his hand. "You have a secondary duty. The Zeltrons are some of the most appealing beings in the galaxy. I have watched many of their performances," he licked his lips, "As they are televised. One dancer in particular interests me. Her name is Vivian Qui. After the governor is dead, you will find her. Bring her to me. Make her unconsicous, gently, if she resists," he ordered.

Mara got up from her position on the floor and bowed deeply. "Yes master, she will make a wonderful addition to your harem," she said. Jabba licked his lips. Mara knew he was anticipating a night with this Vivian. "Master, why is Her Highness not awake?" Mara asked. "I did not want her to influence your decision. She will be fine," he answered, petting Leia's back while he spoke. "She will awake soon. Now return to my harem. Tomorrow morning you will report to the hanger," he ordered. "As of now, you are a senior slave, Mara. You are worthy of the honor," Jabba said. Mara bowed her consent and left, unable to believe her good fortune.

The Search For Vivian Qui

Final NightEdit

Mara re-entered the harem. To her surprise, she saw one of her sisters had not yet gone to bed. Amanda was sitting in front of one of the pools, the now dim artificial lighting reflecting on the smooth water and illuminating her face. "Mistress?" Mara asked, bowing low. Amanda turned to her. "Mara! How are you feeling? I've been really worried about you. You've seemed miserable and I've just never seen that in a sister before! I don't know what to do! But maybe I should ask. What's wrong?" Amanda finally finished. Mara smiled. Amanda's concern was really sweet, and it was that which endeared her to all of the sisters.

"I'm fine mistress, really I am," Mara responded. Before Amanda could panic some more, Mara quickly told her of her new position, as well as her promotion and new hapiness. Amanda's eyes widened. "This has never happened before, though I suppose it makes sense, for the High Exalted One has never had a slave like you before," Amanda said. "Yes, I am very grateful, though a little sad. I have to leave tomorrow, and I don't know when I'll return," Mara replied. Amanda leapt forward and hugged her. "Oh, Mara! I'll miss you!" she cried. Mara hugged her back, Amanda really was sweet.

The two slaves walked together into the lift, then rode up to the fourth floor. Amanda gave Mara another hug, then left to her own room. Mara turned to the door of her new room, down the hall from Amanda's. To her surprise, the plaque already had her name etched into it. Her master had his ways. She opened the door, and almost gasped. The room looked as if it had been made for her. The bed sheets and curtains were colored a orange-red color, Mara's favorite. I complimented her hair so well.

The bed itself was huge, but even then it only took up a fraction of the room's area. It looked like the most comfortable bed in the galaxy. Laying in it, Mara discovered a very soft matress that she almost sank into. Amanda's bed had been comfortable, but was a little too firm for her. This bed seemed tailored for her. The rest of the room was equally magnificent. A rockface was etched into the wall, water running swiftly, yet softly, down it. It was a soothing sound that would no doubt lull her to sleep. The water came from a slit in the wall above the rocks, and fell into a steaming pool of water at the bottom. It was clear water was drained from the hot tub and purified, then run back into the waterfall. The tub itself was bordered by rock on the back, and intricate tiles on the front.

The tiles gave way to a black carpet after a few feet, which went with the red curtains and bed sheets surprisingly well. In front of the bed were two large tables. Huge bowls of fruit were placed upon them. The bowls, Mara knew, were restocked when the girls were entertaining the court, and contained the most delicious fruits that could be found throughout the galaxy, no matter the price. A red couch was near the bed, and it looked nearly as comfortable. When Mara parted the curtains, she discovered they gave way to two large glass doors. Beyond them was a balcony.

The balcony was furnished with several chairs and a table, and had a magnificent view of the Hutt's Grand Palace and the planet beyond. The room also contained other trivial items. Soap and shampoo for her to wash herself, a mirror made of gold and inlaid with red rubies, a comb, trash cans, and an alarm clock. Mara was surprised by the quality of her room. She knew it was supposed to be magnificent, but not as much as her mistress's room. Mara's rooms clearly surpassed Amanda's, and that was saying something.

Mara realized that all of the rooms would be improved during the upcoming Harem expansion that she would probably be away for. Her room was obviously improved a little early. Amanda would no doubt have a better room in the end, which Mara knew she should have.

This room would have to do.

Mara removed the tight black netting from her body, the only thing she was wearing, then sank into the bed and pulled the blanket over her. It felt heavenly. Suddenly, Mara realized she was wearing something else: her red-golden arm bracelet. It was unremoveable, and after three months of wearing it, the arm wrap had become a part of her, just like her collar. Mara thought for a moment, then smiled and closed her eyes. They were with her forever, just like her enslavement. She wouldn't have it any other way. "When you return, you may become my roommate." said Amanda.


Mara awoke at her usual time. She put on her costume, then quietly exited into the hallway. She took the lift to the first floor. It opened....and revealed two dozen scantily clad girls cheering and waving. "Bye Mara!" "We'll miss you!" "Good luck!" several girls screamed. Amanda walked up to her. "I wanted to say goodbye, properly," she revealed. The Harem Queen stood next to her. "Serve our master well, Mara. His will must be enforced," she said. Mara knelt before her. "I will, your highness," she promised. Leia smiled, rose Mara to her feet, then kissed her. "I know. Take care of yourself," she ordered. The girls swarmed Mara, all giving her a good-bye kiss. Reluctantly, Mara pulled away from her sisters and exited the Harem.

She made her way down to Spaceport 23, one of the dozens of spaceports that were required for the massive Palace. The entrance was flanked by two guards clad in black blaster-resistant armor (Jabba's gaurds had been upgraded from his Tatooine days.) "What is your buisness here, slave?" one of the gaurds asked her. "I am Mara Jade, I am here for my ship. I have been ordered to go to Zeltros; you must have been told," Mara answered. The gaurd nodded his head, "Yes. If you will follow me, Miss Mara, I will show you your vessel.

The gaurd turned and walked into the Spaceport. Following him, Mara saw dozens of ships of all types, each

Corellia, Mara's first destination.

highly advanced and obviously belonging to someone important. Mara was led to the end of the hanger. Her escort gestured to an intimidating black ship. "The Mighty One commissioned this ship days ago, and he ordered it fitted with all of the technology and extras money could buy," the gaurd said. It appeaared he had. The ship was of a state of the art design. It was relatively small, its length only five times that of an X-Wing, but that didn't dimminish it in the least. The bow of the ship was sharply pointed, and the body flanked by two extremely thin black wings. Two spikes descended out off each wings and burrowed into the ground, suspending the shipfive meters above the floor. The craft rounded off in the back, where it revolved around several jet engines that stuck out of it. Each seemed powerful enough to move the ship on its own. Its sleek black hull was made of Quantum Phase IV armor. It seemed to contain several layers of the priceless metal The ship could probably take several direct shots from a Star Destroyer and emerge unscathed. But its most recongnizable feature was its cockpit; it didn't seem to have one.

"Where is the ramp to get inside?" Mara asked the gaurd. He inclined his head. "Ask for it, the ship responds to your voice commands," he replied. "Ramp," she spoke clearly. A section of the underside of the ship dropped neatly, yet quickly, to the ground. "Thank you, I can take off on my own," Mara told the gaurd. "Yes, Miss Mara," he replied, returning to his post. Mara entered the interior of her new ship. If possible, it was even more impressive than the outside. The layout of the interior was a combination of a square and a circle. The front of the ship was rounded, but after each side of the wall curved enough, they flattened outand ran parallel to each other towards the back. The back wall of the sip was also flat, though four doors were built into it; Mara would open them later. The ship, like her room, contained an orange carpet and red walls. Her favorite colors.

A raised platform several feet obove contained the cockpit. Mara force jumped to it and looked around. She was shocked once again. In the cockpit, the walls of the ship around it were invisible, she could clearly see the hanger bay. The walls, black on the outside, were unseeable; she could have sworn they weren't there at all. The ship had a one way window; those on the outside of the ship could not see the cockpit, yet Mara could see everything. The design allowed for maximium visibility. The pilot's chair was made of red leather. In addition to the latest models of the usual functions, the dashboard had several unique. There was a cloaking device, a distress signal, and a communication array that could send messages from one end of the galaxy to another.

Leaping down, she examined the main area of the ship. It had several star maps, a large scarlet couch, and some cooking devices that lined the walls. All unheard of on a ship. The couch was flanked by two tables. Bowls were etched into them, they contained some of the amazing fruit from the harem. Mara made her way to the first door. "Open," she commanded. The door did as she ordered, revealing her sleeping quarters. A large bunkbed ringed with orange sheets was aligned against the wall. The second bed was presumably for any guest, like Vivian, that would stay on her ship. Two chairs and a desk were also in the room. It was nothing compared to her harem room, but her quarters were still very comfortable.

The second door opened to reveal a steaming hot tub. It could be closed during flight to prevent water splashing off. A full rack of towels, black tiles, and another bowl of fruit complemented it. The third door contained her supply of food that could be cooked on the ship, along with extra fruit. All of it delicacies. The fourth door revealed something far less pleasant: a brig. One empty cell was all the room contained. Evidently, some of her missions would involve taking prisoners.

All in all, this was clearly the most advanced and comfortable stealth ship ever built, miles ahead of anything else. She leapt into the cockpit. Grabbing the controls, she found it easy to control the ship. It felt good to pilot again. With two buttons, she ignited the engines and retracted the spiked landing gear. Seeing her about to take off, the hanger bay crew dropped the shields over the spaceport entrance. At her slightest touch, the ship zoomed out of the cockpit and into Nal Hutta's atmosphere.

The power of the ship amazed her. Before going into hyperspace, Mara flew around the planet several times. The ship moved unbelievably fast, but if Mara wasn't seeing it move out of the cockpit window, she never would have felt it at all. Like when it had been named Coruscant, skyscrapers dotted the landscape. New to the planet, however, were the thirteen Palaces of the Hutt Counci. All were easily visible from space. Jabba's Palace was so large that she could see it from halfway acroos the planet. Nearby was the recently completed pod-racing arena. It wasn't nearly as large as Jabba's Palace, but around the same size as the Palaces of the other Hutts.Mara keyed in a destination in the navicomputer, and the ship was ready for a lightspeed ride to Corellia, where she would refuel before continuing on to Zeltros. "Go," she spoke, and the ship zoomed into lightspeed.

Mara leaned back into her chair as the ship took off. Suddenly, she felt extremely weak. Something was wrong. Now she felt sick. Her body lost all its strength and fell out of the chair, then left the cockpit and hit the main floor hard. On the floor, Mara felt extremely queasy as the world spun around her. Her chest heaved and she nearly put a large seving of harem fruit onto the ship's brand new carpet. She felt worse than she ever had in her entrie life, it felt like her world had ended.

Slowly, she understood why. For three months she had been in the range of her master's Force Presence. She had never really noticed it, but it had always been at the back of her mind. Supporting her, comforting her, protecting her, it was always there. Now she was out of his range, and this was her eaction to the loss of it. With unbelievable sffort, Mara pulled herself onto the couch. Exhausted by the effort, her eyes closed and she passed out.

It was a good thing the ship was on autopilot.


When Mara awoke, she felt marginally better. Slowly, she managed to steady herself. Her master need her to complete her mission, she would have to learn to operate without his presence. Pulling herself up, she looked at the nearest Star Map. It showed the ship was one hour away from its Corellian destination. Sighing, Mara returned to her room. It was time to inspect her weapons. Opening her door, she looked around. No weapons were to be seen. Using her force abilities, Mara detected a disturbance on the wall opposite the bed. Pressing her hand on the wall, she was surprised by a scanner running across her hand. There was an affirmative beep, and the wall slid open to reveal a secret compartment. Like everywhere else, the walls were red. A single table was all that furnished the room. Two daggers and several bottles of a clear substance were placed on it. One had a black hilt and a thin, metal blade. At closer inspection, the blade was revealed to be hollow. Mara knew it was filled with posion. The bottles must hold extra poison. This blade was obviously for stealth kills. Or for kills that were to look like accidents. Oh yes, the governor was going to recieve some of this poison.

The second blade seemed to only consist of another black hilt. When she grabbed it, however, the blade seemed to respond to her will, igniting a small red blade. It was a lightsaber! The blade, however, was only ten inches long, far smaller than a normal one. Though initially dismayed, Mara soon warmed up to the idea. The smaller blade would give her more presicion, control, and would be perfect for assassinations. What did dismay Mara was the apparent lack of ranged weapons. No sooner had the thought crossed her mind, however, than a beam of red light emitted from her blade and fired into the wall. }The weapon could fire ranged blasts. And it responded to her thoughts! She willed the blade to fire, and another burst fired. Exilerated, she ordered the weapon to rapid fire. Bolts streamed out of the blade, slamming into the far wall. It was a blaster and lightsaber built into one! Mara wondered about the blasts. Were they stun bolts or lethal bolts? At the question, the blade fired another bolt, this one blue. Mara knew it was a stun bolt. She hoped she wouldn't have to use it on Vivian.

On CorelliaEdit

'"This is Space control, identify your vessel," the man ordered. Mara paused, unsure of what to say. She was speaking over the radio to the operator of the Corellian spaceport she was attempting to dock in. It was the largest on the planet, situated near the outskirts of the capital. "What is the name of this ship!? she asked herself. She needed to name it now. Smiling, she decided to name it after herself. "This is the Kahnkee," she told the officer.

In Huttese, kahnkee meant 'lovely slave.' Jabba often referred to his pets by this term, and Mara knew it defined herself."Cleared to land. The Empire has designated your ship as having maximum clearance and priority. I've never seen a ship with such a high level of importance," the officer replied. Mara grinned. Her master knew her better than she knew herself. He must have guessed what name she would choose.

She landed the ship smoothly, then exited the ramp. The officer was there to meet her. Clearly ready to meet this important individual in the Hutt Empire personally. "Right. Your clearance means you are allowed to dock here free of charge; if you will just sign..." he stopped. "I didn't ah..expect you to be a prostitute," he finished. "I thought prostitution was accepted now?" asked Mara, amused. "It is, but generally they are not as high up in the Empire as you are," he said.

"Though, you are the most beautiful whore I've ever seen. If you want, I'd be willing to pay handsomely for a night with you," he offered. Mara decided it was time to end this charade. "I am not a prostitute. I am a slave to our mighty Emperor. I won't be signing any forms. Take care of my ship. I will be returning later," she commanded. The officer wrinkled his nose at her, suspiscous. "I don't think so. If you are a slave, than why are you free, instead of on Coruscant with your master? I think you escaped, stole a valuable ship with clearance, than fled with it. You'll be coming with me," he moved towards her.

"Fool. My master's have no reason or desire to attempt to escape. I am here on his orders," she said. He remained unconvinced, but a mind trick convinced him otherwise. After ordering him to refuel her ship, Mara left to explore the city. Walking around in a slave costume was acceptable now, due to her master's new laws that legalized prostituion. Still, she attracted many mens' eyes with her beauty. She received several offers for her 'services,' but ignored them. She was only for Jabba and his guests, no one else.

Looking around, she saw the planet was prospering. The houses were large and well-kept. There seem to be little crime, even in the poorer districts of the city. Even those districts seemed to be experiencing an economic boom. Merchants sold all kinds of goods at high prices, and were still selling very well. Nearly everyone seemed to be happy, and the number of homeless people she saw were minimal.

With a credit chip taken from a nearly endless supply on her ship, Mara purchased a newspaper. The headline read ECONOMY SOARS TO RECORD HIGHS. The article said the probable reasons were the new government's incorrupt ways of operating and the income from prostitution and spice that were now being gained. The Hutt Empire efficently spent and taxed money. Taxes were lower than they'd ever been, yet the government still took in more money.

Most of the news in the newspaper was good. However, a sub-headline read TROUBLE ON ZELTROS: Crime up, economy tanks, governor jails any who protest. The story detailed the situation on Zeltros. The party planet was suffering. She needed to get there soon.

Mara was about to drop the newspaper when another story caught her eye. It said PROSTITUTE MURDERED. A prostitude had been found dead in an ally not far from here, stabbed in the back. It was the third murder in a week. All of the victims had been prostitutes. Sighing, Mara put down the newspaper. She decided to go to a restaurant. Mara could eat on the ship, but wasn't in the mood for cooking right now.

She made her way to a nearby dinner. Shown to the last empty table, she started to look at the menu. "Excuse me, could I sit down?" a female voice asked. Mara looked up to see a woman dressed in a revealing costume. She was an attractive human. Though she was not on par with a harem girl, she seemed pretty enough to make a decent living as a prostitute. "Sure," Mara said. The woman smiled at her. "Sorry, nowhere else to sit," she said. "Its fine," Mara replied. "So, you're a prostitute?" Mara asked. "Yes, aren't you?" the woman asked.

"No, I am a willing slave to Emperor. I am here on his orders. So, how is being a prostitute?" Mara asked. "Its surprisngly nice. I am protected by the government, vaccinated for any sexual disease, and paid very well. I only have to accept offers that I want to. In truth, I had no choice to become one. I had no job, no family, and no money. But this saved my life," the woman said.

Continuing to talk about their lives, the two soon ordered and ate their meals. After they were finished, the sun had already set outside. "Nice talking with you, but I have to leave now, my ship should be ready," Mara said. "Goodbye, good luck with your mission," the woman replied. Mara got up from the table and left the restaurant. It was a long walk back.

On her way back, Mara thought about what the woman had said. Apparently being a prostitute was more respectful than it used to be. Her master's policies were definately working. Nearly there, Mara turned and took a shortcut down an ally. Excpet on Zeltros, I'd better get there soon, Mara thought to herself. I just hope I succe... Mara sensed a danger in the Force. There was a flash of movement to her right, and someone jumped from behind a dumpster. Mara jumped back, and the person's dagger swung where she had been two seconds ago.

"What are you doing!" Mara yelled. The figure paused, then answered in a harsh female voice, "I'm setting things right. The New Empire is taking away all our values. You whores parading up and down the street like you should be respected, instead of in the prisons you belong. I'll teach you." The figure dropped her dagger and, though sheltered by darkness, Mara could tell she was drawing a blaster.

This must be the one responsible for those dead prostitutes. She was clearly intent on killing her as well. Mara was undaunted. She may have been armed, but Mara could tell that this nutcase had no real training. Mara had the Force. Pity she hadn't brought her new weapon. It would have nice to get some practice with it. At the thought, however, the weapon materialized in her hand! The black hilt was now firmly in her grip. This thing really is useful, Mara thought.

At her mental command, the blade ignited. She could tell this woman wasn't going to surrender. Mara didn't have time to bring her to the authorities and explain herself. This woman would have to be killed. "What do you expect to do with that?" the murderer laughed. By the light of her blade, Mara could tell she was unfit and in her mid-fifties. This would be easy.

The woman fired her blaster. Mara brought her dagger up to deflect it with unbelievable ease, and the bolt was reflected into the woman's stomach. She doubled over. "What?" she moaned painfully. Mara pointed the blade at her. At her next thought, a bolt of her own sped from it and hit the woman in the head. By the time she fell back, she was dead. Mara grinned, justice had been served. She hurried back to her ship. Mara hated to leave the body there, but the authorities would figure it out. Zeltros was waiting for her.

And so was Vivian.


Unlike on Corellia, Mara docked her ship at a smaller spaceport where no questions would be asked. She didn't want this governor to know of her presence. She left her weapons on the ship; she could always will them to appear later when she needed them. Scantily clad women were even more common here, and she had no problem purchasing a speeder for an hour long journey to the capital, where the governor resided.



On the way to the captial, Mara noticed the planet was indeed suffering. The various stores and cantinas she passed were either closed down or on the verge of doing so. The economy was in a downward spiral and couldn't pull out of it. Unlike the rest of the galaxy, Zeltros's economy had collapsed since the Hutt takeover, instead of the opposite. The Party Planet wasn't partying at the moment. The normally vibrant Zeltrons were depressed and overworked.

When she made it to the capital, Mara rented a room in a low quality hotel to stay inconspicious. The newspaper, one of the few luxuries the hotel provided, had been clearly turned into a propaganda paper. It constatnly praised the Governor, Thomas Veers was his name, for his improvements to the planet. The economic problems were admitted to only be a small recssion, with the rest of the galaxy in far worse shape. Only the governor had shieled Zeltros from far worse.

Mara would stab and kill him with her posion dagger. A lightsaber or blaster wound would be too revealing, it had to look like a natural death. Otherwise, people would be outraged at the violent methods the Emperor had used. They wouldn't understand how it was avoiding far worse. A military invasion and destruction of half of the Capital City.

The next morning, Mara made her way to the Goovernor's mansion. Using her Force abilities, she managed to avoid detection, leap onto the roof, and cut a hole through it with her dagger, which she had summounded. Mara dropped into the hallway, then went to stealthily seek out Veers, either stunning or mind-tricking any gaurds who found her. She managed to sense the location of his bedroom, made it there, than smashed it down with the Force. It would look like she simply rammed it with her body. All the gaurds in the area had been already incapacitated.

She found an empty room, but a quick look at Veers's schedule revealed he was currently meeting with his advisers nearby in a conference room.

She again avoided detection by climbing into the celing and crawling over the grating until she reached the conference room. Through the grate, she saw the meeting. There was the governor, sitting at the head of the table, talking to his advisors. "Is everything proceding smoothly?" he demanded in a stern voice. A man to his right spoke up. "Yes, my lord. The money you have aquired is firmly in our hands. The Zeltrons are terrified, they dare not move against you. Even better, Jabba has proven hesitant to attack us after you betrayed him," he reported.

"Good," Veers replied. He was a stately man in his seventies, with gray hair and a military uniform on. He

Governor Veers.

reminded Mara of an Imperial Moff, though they had all been executed by this point. "I suspect Jabba does not want to inflict the destruction a battle would cause on these lazy scum. Our forces would lose, but the planet would be incredibly damaged in the process. He is weak, despite what the galaxy thinks. How go our accounts?" Veers asked another man.

"Very well, my lord. The money we have laundered and drained from this economy has been increasing ever since you betrayed Jabba. The amount has surpassed ten billion credits," he said. Veers smiled cruelly. "Soon, we will have drained this planet utterly. The Zeltrons will soon begin to starve, but it is of no concern. Only the elite remain somewhat unaffected, but that will soon change. General, the army is still under our control, correct?" he asked.

The General, the only Zeltron in the room, spoke up from the other end of the table. "Yes my lord. They are honor bound to obey the head of the Zeltron government. Only if you stepped down would they respect a new governor. If Jabba tries to replace you, they will fight against it," the General declared. Veers grinned. "Then they will see their planet starve," he declared.

That's what you think," Mara thought. She would tell her master that his next governor should have these men executed, but that couldn't happen if she didn't kill Veers. The meeting broke up, and Veers left the room, escorted by ten security gaurds. They formed a cirlce around him. "Take me to my room," Veers ordered them. Mara grinned, then hurried back through the grates.

She quickly returned to Veers's room, then hid in his spacious closet. Five minutes later, she heard, "That will be all, leave me and return to your worthless lives." It was Veers. She heard him shut the door. While his back was still turned, she quietly exited the closet and closed the door. "Hello, Veers," she spoke. He wheeled around. His eyes bulged when he saw her. "Gaur-----" he began, but Mara waved her hand and he was silenced. Ever since she had been enslaved by Jabba, she realized, her Force abilities had been increasing, probably due his tremendous Force powers. Simply being in his presence for long enough had increased her abilities. "I've waited a long time for this," she told the terrified man.

Her posioned dagger appeared in her hand. She held out her free hand, and Veers was frozen in place. She smiled as she walked towards him. "Time to die," she said sweetly. Veers began to sweat heavily, but he could not move. Slowly, she placed her dagger on the side of his neck, then lightly swiped it across his veins. The undetectable posion swpet into his blood stream. Mara traced her free hand over the wound. It dissappeared.

Veers lasted several seconds, then his body, released by Mara, fell to the ground. It laid there, stone dead. There was no visible damage. It looked as if he had died of an illness. Mara calmly walked out of his room, jumped back into the ceiling, found the hole in the roof she had made, and left through it. Before she leapt to the ground, she repaired the roof with her enchanced powers. She couldn't leave any trace of her presence. The gaurds she had stunned and mind tricked would not remember a thing. Now, on to her second objective.

A Dance ContestEdit

According to her intelligence, Vivian worked as a dancer for Zeltros's elite. Her father was a wealthy buisness owner who encouraged her dancing and used her payments to fund his interests. Shortly after escaping Veers's home, Mara learned that Vivian was giving a performance tonight at the Oasis, a large casino in the Capital City. She was so good a dancer that many considered her the greatest performer in Zeltron history. Mara hoped they were right.

Using her resources to get an admission to the Oasis, Mara decided to wait in the Casino for her newest sister to

Vivian Qui.

arrive. Looking around, she spotted several Zeltron women in bikinis swimming in a massive pool. With their blue hair and exotic red-pink skin, they were stunningly attractive, and Mara, already in a bikini herself, decided to join them. Looking at them, it was hard to supress the urge to kiss one. Her attraction to women was permanent due to the long time she had spent in Jabba's presence, but she managed to resist.

The presumable leader of the Zeltron women saw Mara, than swam up to her. "It is a sad day when a Zeltron is outclassed by a human, but I must admit your beauty outshines ours, you're welcome to join us," the Zeltron woman conceeded. The admission surprised Mara, but when she looked down at her body, she had to agree. Her natural attractiveness had been augmented with the harem's diet, make-up, and other treatments, and in a moment of extreme vanity, Mara realized that no women, save Amanda and Leia, were more beautiful than her.

After swimming with the Zeltron women, Mara dried off and waited for Vivian to appear. Sitting near the edge of the dance floor, Mara saw the lights dim and center on the dance floor as an announcer said, "For your viewing pleasure, one of the greatest dancers in our history, famed for her beauty and skill, Vivian Qui!" The crowd cheered as a Zeltron women walked down a shining red carpet. It was Vivian at last.

Her beauty was stunning, to say the least. Her hair the perfect shade of blue, her skin the color of lustous pink. Her chest was the perfect size and her body flawless. She had the perfect fit for a harem girl! With the harem's treatments, her beauty would quite nearly rival Mara's, Amanda's, and Leia's, the top three harem girls and most attractive women ever. No one else could compete with their.....No, stop. Vanity later. Watch Vivian now," Mara told herself.

Vivian stepped onto the dance floor, and the crowd silence. Seated in the first row, Mara saw Vivian begin her routine. She started slow, than began to dance gracefully around the floor, jumping and twirling in the air. Her technique was flawless, her style perfect. Mara was very impressed. Oh yes, she had been made for Jabba's harem. She could tell why her master so desired this woman, because Mara now desired her herself.

The crowd cheered wildly as Vivian performed fancier and more difficult moves. She made no mistakes, no errors. While this was going on, however, Mara noticed the Zeltron who must be Vivian's father watching her every move with a cold eye, examining her form. Does he just use her for himself? Mara thought. As the rountine ended, Mara got her answer. Vivian's father stepped onto the podium and stood next to his daughter. "Ladies and Gentlemen, you have been very honored indeed. Regretably, this will be Vivian's last performance here for awhile, as she is going on a tour around the Galaxy for the next year. We are leaving immediately," he said.

The crowd was clearly sad, but seemed to actually be proud of her. They could accept letting her go. Yet Mara noticed Vivian was on the verge of tears. With the economy so bad here, he must think he can make more money elsewhere. He's obviously forcing Vivian to go, even though she clearly doesn't want to, Mara realized. This was bad. If they were leaving immediately, she would have to improvise. It would be harder, and she might not be able to capture Vivian without being spotted.

Suddenly, Mara had an idea. It was a crazy idea, and it might result in one of them getting humiliated, but it was

Vivian prepares to dance with Mara.

her best option. "Hey!" Mara shouted. "You say Vivian is the best dancer in Zeltron history. I say prove it! I challenge her to a dance competition, here and now," Mara yelled. Hopefully, the time spent answring the challenge would delay Vivian a day, and that was all Mara needed. The crowd turned to her, stunned. Vivian looked surprised, but her father laughed. "Come here, human," he told Mara. She stepped onto the dance floor.

"You are bold, but why should I humor you? I have a dancing tour to begin," he challenged. Mara paused, then placed a hundred thousand credit piece on the table. It was a drop in her ocean of wealth on the ship. "If your daughter wins, you get this. If not, then I get nothing. I just want the challenge," Mara said. The greed in his eyes lit up. "Very well," he said.

The crowd was clearly excited to have an encore. Three Zeltron dancing judges, who had planned to just come and watch the show, stepped forward and offered to judge the two girls. They were to dance side by side, on seperate areas of the dance floor, at the same time. Mara heard Vivian's father whisper, "You better win this," to his daughter. Vivian nodded, and she prepared to dance.

The judges were going to base their decisions on beauty and skill. Despite her abilities, Mara was not confident of defeating Vivian. Mara was more beautiful, yes, but only slightly. She had no doubt she would best Vivian in a harem style dancing competition, but Zeltron dancing, though similiar, had differences. Plus, the crowd and judges expected Vivian to win. And Force abilities were of little help in dancing.

But Mara was determined, and beating Vivian would definately delay her for the night. Then Mara could capture her, hopefully without putting her unconciosus. Her best hope was that the judges would appreciate the harem style that Mara used. There was no time for her to learn how to dance like Vivian did. She would have to use what she knew.

The judges shouted for the dance to begin, and the competition was on! The girls danced and twirled through the air, oblivious to anything but their dancing. Vivian had danced for five minutes before, but during this ten minute competition, stanima would not be a factor. Both girls could dance at their best for hours. It was only a matter of who's best dancing was superior. Mara used every move she knew, and she could tell Vivian did the same. Like her, Vivian was competitive and determined. They both badly wanted to win.

Vivian was good, Mara could tell that much. She was already as good a dancer as she'd ever be. All she would need to learn in the harem is to adjust to the style Jabba preferred. The two were evenly matched. The crowd noticed, and realized this human might just be able to win. Some even started to cheer for her. Neither girl made any mistakes, their techniques were perfect. Few could notice a difference in the level of skill between the two girls.

To Mara's relief, in the midst of her twirls she noticed the judges were approving of her harem style moves. She could tell they would not give either of them any points for their different styles. It would be all about skill. Mara, while in a mid-air back flip, realized that the primary advantage Vivian had was gone. She would have to best Mara stictly though superior skill. Around and around they danced, neither slowing nor tiring. They matched each other move for move. Neither could gain a clear advantage.

However, Mara realized that while Vivian's advantage was gone, her own was not. She was better. Only by a hair, but an experienced judge, as she hoped these Zeltrons were, could tell. Mara ramped up her dancing even more, increasing her speed. Mara and Vivian still made no mistakes, but the skilled eye could notice Mara twirled just a bit faster than her opponent. She recovered from landings quicker, stayed in mid-air longer. Slowly, but noticably, she began to win over the crowd.

Finally, time was called and the ten minutes were up. The girls stopped dancing and waited for the judges decision. Mara was worried. Her advantage had been slim; would they support Vivian just because she was a Zeltron? The lead judge stood up. "Both dancers performed possibly the greatest routine we have ever seen. In an official competition, both would receive a perfect score. However, we feel one had the smallest edge of skill over the other. The winner is...........THE CHALLENGER!!" he proclaimed.

Mara breathed. She had done it. She had proven the superiority of the harem's best against anything the galaxy had. She had proven her own superiorty. And now she had plenty of time to capture Vivian. Mara spotted a television camara broadcasting the scene. Knowing her master would probably be watching, she bowed to the TV camara. No doubt her would appreciate her performance.

Vivian approached her. "Well done," she said in a sweet voice, "I've never been beaten before, but I just was, fair and square." Mara smiled. She was about to reply when Vivian's father appeared. His face was furious. He grabbed his daughter hard by the hand and led her out the back door. No one else noticed. They were too busy marvelling at Mara's performance. Mara accepted their congradulations, declined several dancing contract offers, then excused herself and followed Vivian and her father out the door. This was the perfect chance to capture Vivian.


The back door of the Oasis led to a deserted ally. Well, almost deserted. Vivian was currently being pushed against the wall. Her father's hand was gripping her neck. "I thought I told you not to lose? That money could have bought me a new business." he demanded. Vivian struggled to speak. "I'm sorry sir, but that woman was my superior, I couldn't best her," she sputtered. Her father squeezed harder. "And why was she better than you? Because you're a pathetic weakling with no worth whatsoever!" he yelled.

Mara did what she did next for several reasons. First, because this man deserved to die. Second, becuase she didn't want him using his influence to try and free his soon to be enslaved daughter. And third, becuase in a few seconds Vivian would lose consciousness.

Mara called her dagger, pointed it at her target, and fired a slavo of lethal blasts. Vivian's father crumpled to the ground, dead. Vivian turned to Mara with shocked eyes. Then she fell to the ground and cried over her father's body. After a few minutes, she stopped and turned to Mara. "Th thank y y you," she sobbed. "What?" Mara asked. That was not what she had been expecting. "He was going to ruin my life. I loved him, but I knew he was a horrible person. I, I mean, I was considering killing him myself. He's been a posion on this planet for too long, callaborating with that bastard Veers," Vivian said.

"I'm sorry, Vivian," Mara kindly spoke. "Thanks. But, why are you here? Why did you follow me?" Vivian asked. Mara sighed. She might as well get this over with. "My master ordered me to capture you. He wishes for you to join him. You're coming with me, Vivian. I'm sorry, but you will thank me eventually," Mara revealed. "You're kipnapping me?" Vivian demanded. She looked around, clearly considering running.

"Yes, Don't make me raise my weapon. I will stun you if I have to. You can't escape Vivian," Mara said, pleading Vivian to not make her shoot. Vivian lowered her eyes. "Very well, take me to your ship, I'll go quietly," Vivian accepted. Mara smiled and the two women walked calmly to the spaceport. When they arrived, Mara lowered the ship's ramp. "This is expensive stuff," Vivian said, admiring the ship. "Before I get on, I have two questions. One, what is your name? And two, who is to be my master?" Vivian asked.

Mara smiled. "My name is Mara. And our the emperor," Mara answered. Vivian's eyes widened. "That means going to be a Hutt's slave girl!" she cried. Before she could run, Mara Force Pushed her up the ramp and into the ship. Before Vivian realized what was going on, Mara ran on board, closed the ramp, leapt into the cockpit, and took off, jumping to light speed almost immediately.

Harem ExpansionEdit

Leia's POV After Mara had left, Leia and her sisters had witnessed the massive rennovations of the Harem. Their master had hired dozens of the finest builders and architects to begin rennovations that would double the size of the main room, build four times the amount of bedrooms, and generally upgrade the luxury of everything. The first day, all the girls besides Leia (who had no room) had been confined to their rooms as the main area had been redone and some of the new rooms had been built. Today, however, the existing rooms were being redone, so the girls were waiting in the hallway outside the harem. During the afternoon, Leia, returning from a session with her master, visited where they were staying so she could check on her sisters. Amanda saw Leia, then came and knelt before her. Leia stroked her hair approvingly, then, as most of the girls were doing, sat down on the floor as well. Amanda adopted a similiar position. Leia could tell her friend was upset, despite her usual perky demeanor. "What's wrong, Amanda? The rennovations will be done in a few hours, and your new rooms will be amazing. Why are you sad?" Leia asked. "You really want to highness?" Amanda asked. When Leia nodded, she said, "Men are currently infesting our beloved santuary." Leia knew what she meant. Whenever a sister had a guest, they would take a seperate back entrance up to the night rooms; men were not allowed to share the rest of the harem's luxuries with their hosts. The pools, fruits, and couches were for the slaves only.

"Also, your highness, with these rennovations taking up the harem, its been two days since I've loved some one," Amanda confessed, "It's driving me crazy." Leia knew what Amanda meant. Just like with their master, pleasure was their passion, their addiction. Amanda hadn't had a day without sex since she had gotten here. Leia would have been having the same problem, but her master was still pleasuring her.

Amanda started to step towards her. "You know, your oh-so royal highness, I'm here, and you're here, that's all
Jabba the Husttla

Jabba and his slaves watch Mara.

we need," she leaned in to kiss Leia. "Amanda, we can't, we're in the middle of the hallway," she protested. Amanda smiled. "You're my Queen, I'm your servant, so let me serve you," she said seductively. She jumped forward and began kissing Leia passionately. Leia could not resist, she responded with equal intensity. Amanda pushed her against the wall and kissed her even harder. After five minutes, Amanda backed off, then knelt. "Command me, my Queen," she asked.

Leia grinned, then against her better judgement, she reached down to remove her bra. "Amanda, I command you to......" A wave of power washed over them. It contained a simple command: Come to me. "Amanda, our master calls for us," Leia said. At her command, all of the slaves began to walk down the hall, heading for the throne room. When they got there, all knelt on the floor and bowed to their master, laying out their bodies on the floor.

"Slaves! Your sister Mara is about to enter a dance contest with Vivian, her target. You will watch with me," Jabba doomed in his deep voice. "Yes master," they all said. They moved to sit with him on his dais. The non-senior slaves sat at the foot at the dais, while the senior ones climbed onto their master's throne. Lyn Me laid on her master's back, Jess sat inside the area circle by Jabba's tail, the other two sat on the corners of the dais, and Leia and Amanda reclined in Leia's usual area.

A monitor at the other end of the throne room showed a Zeltron Casino, where two girls were preparing to dance. One was an extrremely attractive Zeltron girl. The other was Mara. Together, all of them watched Mara narrowly defeat her opponent in a dance competition. At the end of it, Mara bowed towards the camera, acknowledging her master. Leia turned to Amanda. "Vivian will soon be captured by Mara. She'll make a fine addition to the harem," she said. "I know, I can't wait to meet her," Amanda replied.

Behind them, their master's voice boomed, "Rub my tail with oils," he commanded to Leia and Amanda, "The rest of you, return to the harem I graciously provide, it is finished and now the most luxurious place the Galaxy will ever see," he ordered. All of them dropped to their knees, "Of course, High Exalted One, we live to serve you," they spoke in perfect usion. They bowed and laid themselves on the floor again, then returned to the harem.

Meanwhile, Leia and Amanda fetched the oils their master preferred, then used them to firmly massage their master's great tail. Both were awed by its sheer power, despite having both done this hundreds of times. Layers upon layers of muscles coated the object of their worship. "Master, thank you for the harem you provide for us. Your pets do not deserve it, High Exalted One," Amanda said whle in the middle of the massage. Jabba laughed, the deep booming voice that made his slaves shiver with pleasure spreading throughout the room.

"I know, my kahnkee, but I do love to spoil you," he replied. He reached out and stroked Amanda's bare back,

Amanda does a table dance for her master.

his hand leaving goose bumps in its wake. Amanda moaned and closed her eyes. savoring the pleasure. Leia smiled at her friend, then resumed pleasing her master. "Enough, I am pleased," Jabba spoke. "Amanda, you will dance for me. Leia, you will remain here," he ordered. Both girls did as he asked. While Amanda put on a performance that would have surpassed even Mara and Vivian at their best, Leia shared some spice with her master.

Jabba loaded his hookah with Giggledust, Leia's favorite spice, then held it out to her. She gratefully took it. Leia had formerly been an anti drug advict, but spice, as her nearly three year use proved, didn't hurt her. It was addictive, sure, but her need was contained to just two doses a day, one at morning and one at night, typically right before her master required her 'services.' Spice simply gave her two high periods in her day; there were no negatives.

Meanwhile, Amanda was perched on a table, dancing in increasingly impressive forms to please her master. Leia, high on Giggledust, laughed at this happily. She felt her leash tug. "Enjoying yourself, my kahnshee?" he asked. (Kahnshee meant 'My spice addicted slave' in Huttese.) "Your kahnshee is master, as she always is, and, with your protection, always will be," she responded.

As Amanda concluded her dance, she knelt in front of the throne, then bowed to the only two individuals who had more authority in the Harem Society than she did. Jabba ordered her onto his dais, than both girls alternated truly pleasuring him, before he finally went to sleep. When he did, they turned and pleasured each other. When they at last were exhausted as well, Amanda moved to return to the harem, but Leia grabbed her wrist. "Feeling better, Amanda?" Leia asked. "Oh yes, your highness. How could I say no after a session with the High Exalted One? I'll see you tommorow, and we can prepare for Vivian's arrival," Amanda answered.

"Change of plans, my sweet sister. A new slave is going to be arriving tommorow, before Vivian. I will be coming to the harem early tommorrow. We will give her a grand welcome. We'll turn off the lights and surprise her when she arrives. Poor girl probably thinks she's spending her life in a cell, but when she turns the lights on she'll get a BIG Surprise," Leia said. "No problem, a bunch of new costumes have just come in. I'll have Jess choose one and give her the introduction. By the way, what's her name?" Amanda asked.

"Mefora Arless."

A Quick SubmissionEdit

Mara's POV

Vivian recovered and rose up from the carpet, where Mara's Force Push had landed her, but the shp had aleardy entered lightspeed. Mara leapt down from the cockpit to confront her. "What do you want with me?" Vivian demanded. "As you have guessed, you are to be the Emperor's slave girl, congratulations," replied Mara. Her congratulating was sincere, but Vivian took it as sarcasm. "So predictable, a Hutt sending a bounty hunter to do his dirty work," Vivian spat. "I'm no bounty hunter," Mara denied.

"Oh? A mercanary then? No better in my book," Vivian scoffed. Mara smiled. "No, VIvian. You see, I am, just like yourself, a slave to our mighty Emperor," Mara said. Vivian looked at her skeptically. "No, you can't be. You wear the outfit, yes, but slaves don't go on kidnapping missions." Mara smiled again. Jabba has chosen me over everyone else to go on this mission." Vivian was confused. "Why me? What would a Hutt want with me?" Mara was plain in her response. "He wants you to join him." Vivian was shocked. "I will never be forced to serve a Hutt!" she exclaimed. Mara tried to calm her down. "Vivian, serving a Hutt isn't bad. We are treated very well, and . . ." "We?" Vivian asked. "Other servants. Huts don't just have one, they all have many, and they treat them well."

"But wait. You're a slave, yet you're free. You have a ship at your disposal and are lightyears away from your master. Why don't you flee to the Outer Rim? Unless, he has an explosive tracking device in you that will blow you up if you displease him," Vivian therorized. Mara shook her head. "No, Vivian. Our master would never resort to such barbaric methods. The truth is that I have no desire to be free. I want to be enslaved forever. Just like you will," explained Mara.

"Why! Why would you ever want to be enslaved to a Hutt Lord?" Vivian demanded. Mara paused, then said, "For several reasons. Number one, because he is a flawless being who constantly works to better this galaxy. Two, because he treats us extremely well and gives us whatever we could want. Three, beause, once you get to know him, you realize he is the most attractive and pleasurable being ever to exist. Four, I've realized because Hutts are far superior to every other species; they are our natural masters. And lastly, because every moment spent serving as his slave is pure bliss."

"But Mara, even if what you say is true, is it worth it to give up your freedom?" Vivian questioned. "The short

The Mighty Jabba the Hutt.

answer: is yes. You see Vivian, we cannot be happy until we give up our freedom and become his slaves. None of us were ever happy before he took us in," argued Mara. "Our Queen was spending all her energy leading a hopeless movement, our mistress was enslaved to two brutal casino owners, all of us have come from depressing lives, and our master has given us another chance to be happy. I myself spent all my time serving a cruel master who terrorized the galaxy. I was not happy either. We are helpless, either in our ability to find happiness or our ability to defend ourselves, without our great master protecting us."

Vivian was silent for a moment, than said, "At least in my regard, you are right. I was miserable as well," she conceeded, "But the rest of your arguments are crazy. For instance, Hutts are the ugliest beings in the galaxy, not the most attractive." At this, Mara moved over to a computer on the ship, then loaded a picture of Jabba on the monitor. "Ok, Vivian. Look at this image for a minute. When Vivian did so, Mara read her mind with the Force.

What a disgusting creature. That face, that fat. That tail is so......powerful. I could spend hours worshipping it, rubbing it, kissing it....What am I thinking! And that slime, coating his body. I bet it....feels so nice. I wish I could run my hands through it, coat my body with it, I........Stop it Vivian! That ugly fat, it....makes him look so powerful, so in control, so masterful. I would lay my head in it and beg him to take me. And those eyes. I would get submerged in them, they would command me to serve him. How much I want to make them gleam with pleasure! And that mouth, I bet it issues the deepest, most arousing commands. I want it to call for me, to order me to please him. Those arms. I want them to pet me as I lay by his side as the loyal pet I am. They would...AAAAAAH! I can't stop myself. Why does he seem so attractive? I haven't been drugged or brainwashed, the only asnwer is.....because Hutts are attractive. Very attractive. In a different way, of course, but they far outclass any other species. If they pleasure as much as they attract, then....

Mara had heard enough. Vivian was obviously fantasizing about her master. This was very good. Vivian turned to her, "Okay, maybe Hutt's aren't as ugly as I thought they were," she said. Mara knew she was understating, but did not call her lie. "But that doesn't mean they are good. Look at what happened to Zeltos once he took over. The previous Empire hurt us, but Jabba's had our world on the brink of starvation. He put a horrible ruler in place and sent no aid to our planet," she argued.

Mara shook her head. "You're wrong. Zeltros suffered, yes, but not because of our master. He appointed Veers thinking he would act in the interests of the Zeltrons, but Veers betrayed him," Mara began, but Vivian interrupted her, "Maybe, but Jabba sent no aid to our planet." "Actually, he did. A military strike would have quickly defeated Veers, but only at a high cost to your population, a sacrifice our master would never make. Therefore, he sent me to kill Veers and pave the way for a loyal governor to take his place, once who will repair the damage done to your world," Mara finished.

Next, she showed Mara various articles and polls on the Holonet, which Jabba hadn't restricted, proving that the rest of the galaxy was entering a time of unparalleled prosperity. "You see, Vivian, the galaxy is flouishing under Hutt rule," Mara said. Vivian hesitated before responding, "It appears to be." After that, Mara showed several statistics to Vivian, showing how Hutts were far more intelligent and powerful than any other species. "I promise you, Vivian, none of this is fake. Hutts are our natural masters, and they deserve to rule this galaxy.

Vivian was getting closer to being convinced, but then she asked, "But what of my world? I would miss it so much. I love the atmosphere of Zeltros. The constant fun, the pleasure, the love, I could never give that up and live happily." Mara grinned. "Our harem is all that and more. Our entire world is concerned with pleasure. You will probably have sex at least five times a day. We have more fun there than even Zeltrons have on Zeltros. And we all love, Vivian. Like the Zeltrons, we all love many others. Our master........and each other. You wouldn't have to give any of that up. And the harem the most luxurious place the galaxy will ever know.

Vivian's resistance was clearly grumbling. Another glance into her mind revealed her submissive thoughts.....The Emperor really does seem to be benifiting the galaxy. Look how he saved Zeltros in the least destructive manner posssible. His policies are boosting the Galactic Economy beyond record levels, and he himself seems to use his wealth for philaphropic causes. Damn, Mara's arguments are all being proven, and I have nothing to counter them. He seems to treat his slaves extremely well. He spoils them as much as he would spoil goddesses. Maybe I should submit...... Mara was so close. Having an already tamed slave by the time she got to the harem would greatly please her master and her queen.

There was just one last thing she had to show Vivian. Mara pulled up an image of Leia herself. She was laying

The image of Leia that Mara showed Vivian.

with Jabba, but Mara zoomed in on Leia so he wasn't visible. As always, Leia was wearing her slave bikini and smiling brightly. "Okay, Vivian, what do you think of this woman?" Mara asked. Vivian looked at the monitor.....and gasped. "Who is she? That's the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She's even prettier than me....or you. Or any Zeltron. She positively glows. I need to meet her. Who is she Mara?" Vivian demanded. Mara grinned. Leia's natural beauty had been very impressive, but the Harem's make-up and treatments had responded to her even more favorably than they did to every girl, far more favorably. They had enchanced her appearance to astronomical levels. And so Mara was completely correct when she said, "That is our Queen. The most beautiful woman who has ever existed." Vivian agreed. "She seems so happy, so perfect. I wish I could be like her," Vivian said longingly.

Time for the grand finale. Mara readjused the image. She zoomed out, to reveal Leia had been laying right next to Jabba. In his hand, he held the leash which was always attached to her collar. "Now what do you think, Vivian?" Vivian quickly answered, "He looks like her master. She is extremely impressive, but is entirely under his control. And it seems like it should be that way. She ceratinly seems happy to be his pet." Mara spread her arms wide. "Yes. To gain this happiness, our Queen submitted to her rightful master. It is what we have all done. By our own choice. Did we have to be convinced? Yes. Were we brainwashed? No. We, choose to be his slaves with free will. We give it to him. Won't you, Vivian?" Mara asked. Vivian was silent for a long time. She closed her eyes and sank deeply into thought. When they at last opened, Vivian had her answer.

"Yes, I will," she said slowly. Mara nearly hugged her. "Do you accept your destiny to be nothing more than a pleasure slave to your rightful master?" she asked. "I do," Vivian replied. "And do you admit your master has the right to own you, and put you in your rightful place?" she questioned again. "I do," Vivian said again. "From now on, you will address me as 'my lady' as I am a senior slave, is that understood, Vivian?" Mara ordered. "Yes, my lady," she replied.

The ship would reach Nal Hutta in ten hours, so Mara left the ship on autopilot and decided to sleep in her ship's quarters during the journey. Vivian took the second bed. While laying there, Mara decided to educate Vivian on the rules of the harem. She started with the ranks. "Alright Vivian, there are several things you should know. Firstly, we have a hierarchy in our master's harem. To start, there are seven senior slaves, Amanda, Jess, Lyn Me, Melanie, Diva, Rystall, and myself," she explained, "With the exception of Amanda, you are to address us as 'my lady'. Senior slaves have their own private rooms on the top floor of the harem, and their orders are to be obeyed unless countermanded by someone higher up in the hierarchy, which never happens."

"Amanda is in charge of them, and of the harem as a whole when our queen is not present. You will address her as 'mistress' and bow low to her when she greets you," Mara said. "The Harem Queen herself is next," Mara began. "Is it true she is Leia Organa?" Vivian interrupted. Mara sighed. "Yes, but in the future you will refer to her as 'Her Highness.' In person, you will address her as 'Your Highness' and will kneel whenever you enter her presence. Understand?" Mara asked. Vivian nodded. "Her Highness has complete power over the harem and its inhabitants. Neither the harem mistress nor the senior slaves have any authority to overrule her," Mara continued.

"And our master, what is he like?" Vivian asked. She is curious, Mara mused. "Her Highness considers him to be a near-god, and frankly, I agree. He is unbelievably powerful, intelligent, and pleasurable. Resisting his will his futile, a lesson the entire galaxy has learned. Whatever he wants, he gets. But our master is a benevolent god. He has used his newfound power to bring the galaxy into a period of unprecedded prosperity. He treats us, his pets, like goddesses. Every aspect in our lives is luxurious. Whether it be our quarters, our food, or our....entertainment, it is the best. No matter what the expense, he makes sure our every need and want is fulfilled. Remember, he owns you. Your life is no longer yours, it belongs to your master. And he will make sure it is enjoyable," Mara said.

"A near-god?" asked Vivian dreamily. "Yes Vivian. But our master has one very human trait. He is extremely lustful, like all Hutts. He has an insatiable appetite for us, just as we do for him. He will eventually require one-hundred slaves to satisfy him. You will be the twenty-ninth. This trait is very fortunate for us, however, and as it harms no one, I consider it to be mutually benifical," Mara replied.

"Now, when granted the honor of being in his awesome presence, you will first kneel on the floor, then lay out

Leia, the Harem Queen.

your body before him, a sign of complete submission. When speaking with him, you will address him as 'Master' or 'High Exalted One.' He enjoys pampering us, though, so you are allowed to speak freely in his presence, as long as it is complementing him, thanking him, or begging him for something. He will always oblige. Never speak nothing but the truth to him, for he can read your mind like an open book. When not in his presence, you will refer to him as 'The High Exalted One.' Am I clear, Vivian?" Mara asked.

Vivian nodded. "Yes, my lady. Now, in our harem society, how is punishment handled?" she asked. Mara paused. "I don't know much about it, tell you the truth, as it is exceedingly rare. I have only heard it happen to new slaves who have yet to realize their place. It only consists of privelage restrictions or something similiar. For tamed slaves, I have no idea, for it has never happened," explained Mara. "So, no corperal punishment, right?" asked Vivian nerviously. Mara had to hold back tears.

"You've been abused, haven't you Vivian?" Mara asked. Vivian winced, but she slowly nodded. "Of course not, Vivian. Over seventy years ago, the previous harem mistress resorted to that. To make a long story short, the mistress was fed to the rancor, after she had actually betrayed our master, and physical punishment was banned. I'm sorry Vivian. Our current mistress has also suffered what you have gone through. But it's behind you and you have an easy life now," Mara said.

Mara on the top bunk, reached down and squeezed Vivian's hand assuringly. Vivian didn't let go. "Thank you, my lady. There is just one more thing I want to know," she asked, "How did you end up in The High Exalted One's posession?" "After the collapse of the Empire, I was hunted down by The High Exalted One's minions, he had wanted to take me for a long time, and finally he did. For the first few months, I was defiant, and didn't want to accept the life he offered me. I was still thinking I was a loyal assassin to the Emperor. I was finally convinced that there was no reason to resist. He was my rightful master, and wanted to make me happy. After I had realized this, he asked me to resume what I had done for the Emperor: go on various missons, and that's when he asked me to find you, and that brings us to now," she explained, "Now let's try and get some sleep."

"Yes, my lady," Vivian said. With that, they both fell into a deep sleep. It had been a demanding day.

Arrival at Jabba's PalaceEdit


They both woke at almost the same time, and could hardly believe that they had slept all ten hours when the ship was on autopilot. "Well, let's not waste time staying in here. We need to get down to the Harem as fast as we can. You need to be prepared for our master, he is eager to meet you," Mara said. "I'm looking forward to it," Vivian replied.

Mara climbed into the cokcpit just as the ship re-entered Nal Hutta's orbit. The side of the planet Jabba's Palace was on was currently in the middle of night. As this happened, she felt complete again. She was once again within her master's Force Presence. It felt amazing. She guided the ship into one of the Palce spaceports. Vivian also entered the cockpit. Mara pointed out to her the Palaces of the other Hutt Council members, as well as the Pod-Racing arena. When Vivian saw Jabba's Palace, she gasped. "It's massive," she breathed, "I never could have imagined a building could be as large as this." Mara merely smiled.

After they finally landed in the spaceport, they were greeted by a gaurd, who then let Mara lead Vivian to the harem. Mara led Vivian down a hallway quite different from Jabba's Tatooine palace. It reminded Vivian more of Bespin architecture: tile floors, a rounded ceiling, and mostly things were white and a light blue. It was kept a lot cleaner than his old palace. With the money he had obtained from his now-legal business transactions, it had afforded him the faculty to keep his dwelling clean (He was now the richest being in the galaxy by far, possessing ten times the wealth of the second richest being.) Of course, he still kept his main throne room in a state of disarray from his continuous revelries and celebrations, where liquor flowed freely, and the floor was always stained with spilled wine, just as Jabba and his slaves liked it..

Mara led her through many side hallways and a labyrinth of white tunnels. Countless aliens strode pass on various galactic businesses, though some males still spared them a glance (or stare.) Extremely valuable treasures and statues lined the walls. Untold numbers of doors led to rooms of many functions. The Palace now served as the center of Galactic Government.

At the end of one hallway, they came to a large red door. "This is the harem entrance, the entrance to your world," Mara said. Vivian was awed, but asked, "This Palace is so large, how will I ever find my way around? How does anybody?" "In this Palace, it seems you always know where you are going. You always know the right direction and never get lost," she explained. Mara knew it was probably because of her master's Force Presence, but said nothing. They walked forward and entered the harem.

The HaremEdit

Amanda's POV

Amanda sat by the edge of the pool, mulling the previous day's events over and over again in her mind. Mefora's capture had stunned the whole court. Suddenly, the door began to open. It must be Mara! Despite recent events, Amanda was resolved to give Vivian a proper introduction. Mara and Vivian stepped into the Harem. "Mistress," Mara said, bowing to Amanda. Amanda ran forward and hugged her. "Mara! It's been too long," she exclaimed. "I'll say, look at how big the harem is now! The expansion really worked. Mistress, I'd like to introduce our newest sister," Mara replied.

17747 - Miravi Princess Leia Organa star wars

Amanda greets Mara and Vivian..

"I am Vivian, my mistress," Vivian said, bowing. "I am ready to serve my master in any way he desires," she said. Amanda was surprised. "You tamed her so soon, Mara? I hope you didn't use a mind trick. You know submissions have to be of free will," she said. Vivian bowed again. "I do this of my free will, my mistress. Mara was simply very convincing," she explained. Amanda hugged her. "Then welcome sister, to your new life. Jess! Give her the intro," she called.

Jess came over and led Vivian to get her costume and make-up. After they left, Amanda urgently turned to Mara. "You have to speak to The High Exalted One. Now." she ordered. "But mistress, I want to see Vivian's costume. Can't I stay?' Mara asked. "No. You will see her when she is presented to The High Exalted One. Obey your mistress, and go to the throne room," Amanda ordered again. Mara hesitated. "What is wrong, my mistress?" Mara asked. "Did you hear me? I said go...." Amanda began. "But..." Mara interrupted. "Get out of your mistress's sight now or you won't have any alcohol for a month!" Amanda demanded. Mara bowed. "Forgive me, my mistress," she said, then turned and walked out of the harem.

Once Mara left, Amanda collapsed into the nearest couch. She was never that stern. It was her right, of course; senior slave or not, Amanda had complete power over any skave besides Leia. But she still hated being strict. Oh, she always demanded respect, but never yelled at anyone else, or threatened to punish them. The whole Mefora Incident had just sent her to the edge. Every slave in the harem was either depressed ot extremely angry, many, like Amanda, were both. It had caused her to lash out at Mara, and she hated herself for it. She knew Mara would understand once The High Exalted Once told her what had happened, but still, she almost felt like...

Very good, Amanda a voice said in her mind. "Who's that?" asked Amanda, turning around. There was no one there. I think you know. I'm so pleased to see my successor ruling as she should, the voice said again. "What do you mean!" yelled Amanda. This drew the attention of some other slaves, who looked at her curiously. "Mind your own business!" Amanda shouted at them. Yes Amanda. That's it. Show them who is in charge! the voice praised.

Amanda ran to the elevator and went up to her room. Opening the door, she fell into the bed. What was this voice? Who was it? Was she going insane? I trained you so well Amanda. I see that now. You do as your mistress commands. It wasn't possible, but Amanda asked, "Melina, is that you?" Oh yes, I'm still with you. "No! You're dead!" Amanda shouted. Yes, but I live on in you. I've been dormant inside you for so long. But now your actions have brought me out. You've finally started to act like a true harem mistress. And now you've awakened me.

No! Melina was dead. She couldn't be in her mind. The stress was probably just making Amanda hallucinate. No.

Melina has returned.

I'm real. I live inside you Amanda. I'll always be with you.
"No! This isn't real! This isn't real!" Amanda cried. Yes it is. You belong to me Amanda. You've always belonged to me. You obeyed me when I was corperal, you'll obey me now. I remember the time we spent together. You were a naughty slave, but I disiplined you so well. Don't you remember?

An image of Amanda crying and kneeling before Melina appeared in her mind. "No! I beat you, I conquered you! I fought you!" she cried. Yes you did. But I can be forgiving. You earned my respect with that. When I rule this harem, you shall be at my side. Now let's go down and punish those naughty slaves down there. "No." Amanda said. But don't you enjoy having them in your power? Them crying at your feet? No?

"Get out!" Amanda yelled. Oh I will, for now. But don't be stupid. Due to the nature of my presence, your master cannot sense me. If you try to tell them of my return, they will not believe you. I shall be back soon. And know that I will always be in your thoughts, influencing them..changing them....Remember that.

Amanda couldn't believe it. Her enemy was somehow haunting her from the dead. She wouldn't tell anyone right now, not with Mefora's abduction. She would have to deal with this herself. Especially if Melina was telling the truth and Jabba couldn't sense her.

Vivian is Presented to Jabba

Mara's POV

While waiting for Vivian, Mara was told her new mission. Boba Fett had taken a slave named Mefora for ransom. Jabba's payments for Fett's services during the war had not all gone through, and until they did, Mefora would remain with him. He wouldn't hurt her, due to his code of honor, but neither would he return her. Mara would be given the credits and would make the exchange, but she had a feeling it wouldn't be so simple.

Mara could not believe what Fett had done. All of Jabba's pets were family. Even though Mara had never met her, Mefora's capture meant as much to Mara as if she had lost a blood sister, or even worse. Rage coursed though her veins. She would return Mefora. Now she understood Amanda's outburst. She didn't blame her one bit.

"Until you succeed, the paradise you described to Vivian will be incomplete," Jabba was saying. "Yes master. I will find her quickly. I live to serve you," Mara said. Leia was sitting on the throne, looking distraught due to Mefora's capture. "Now, before you leave. You shall sit with me and my kahnkee, as we meet my newest pet," Jabba ordered.

"Yes master," Mara said eagerly. Anything to be able to sit next to Jabba. Resting on his slimy body was heavenly. His every touch filled her with pleasure. Leia moved over to give her room. Mara climed up and rested her back on Jabba's skin, sighing contently.They rested for ten minutes with Jabba, and finally, Vivian appeared in the doorway.

Mara was impressed. The costume consisted of a yellow-gold bra and bakini, as well as a long arm band of the
FrankKlepke August03b

His High Exaltedness, the Great Jabba the Hutt, is Vivian's new master. He sits with Leia, his loyal pet and Vivian's Queen.

same color that wrapped around her hand. All pieces were doubtless made of real gold, including the collar that now rested on her neck. She walked towards her new master. She gracefully stepped toward him, her seductive poise saying You want me and I know it. At the same time, it also said And I will obey you. Vivian stopped at the foot of the throne, then bowed as Mara had instructed, laying her body on the floor.

Jabba stared for a monet, then spoke,"Welcome, my newest slave. Are you ready to serve me?" Vivan nodded eagerly. "Yes master. Your pet will do whatever you desire. Her life is belongs to you," Vivian said. Jabba was extremely satisfied. "Excellent work Mara. I am very pleased with your work," Jabba told Mara. "Thank you, High Exalted One," Mara replied. "Come to me Vivian," Jabba ordered. Vivian came and knelt on the dais. Jabba grabbed her with his small arms. "You will serve me well, pet," Jabba said. As was custom, Jabba used his great tongue to kiss her face, revealing his desire for her. "Now Leia and Mara, you will massage my tail, Vivian, you will do everything else I say," Jabba ordered.

Mara and Leia did as they were told, while Vivian got to expierence her first time with her new master. She enjoyed it as much as Mara had told her she would, reaching her peak again and again. In the end, Vivian was lying beside her master, completely naked and covered with slime. "Did you enjoy that, my pet?" asked Jabba. "That was amazing master," Vivian said, "You're amazing master."

"You shall do well here, my pet," Jabba said, rubbing Vivian's back as he spoke. "Mara, you will go now. Find Mefora and bring her back unharmed. Avoid killing Fett if you are able, he may still be valuable. The credits have been loaded on your ship," Jabba ordered. Mara bowed. "Yes master," she said.

Fifteen minutes later, Mara's ship had entered hyperspace. Its destination: Nar Shadda.

Rescuing Mefora

On Nar ShaddaEdit

Mara went to Nar Shadda for several reasons. One, it was close by. Two, much of the scum of the galaxy visited the backwater world, making it possible she learn Fett's location there. Three, Fett was occassionally found here. She needed to find him and set up an exchange. He was lying low and couldn't be easy to contact. She would have to find someone who knew where he was.

Mara set the ship down in the capital of the planet. This time, the owner of the station accepted her clearance without a mind trick being used. Mara stepped off the ship and decided to go to the most high end cantina she could find. The wealthier the bounty hunters and drug dealers were, the more likely they knew something about Fett's location.

On the way to the center of the city, where her destination most likely was, Mara saw that Hutt rule was benifiting even this planet. The streets weren't as filthy as they could have been, and crime was down despite the scum who made up this world. Looking around, she realized why. Jabba's army had a large presence here. as they did everywhere else in the galaxy. Unlike Palpatine's Empire, they weren't unjust and didn't arrest you for speaking your mind; they just kept the peace between civilians and criminals off the streets. They were protectors, not oppressors.

She found the biggest cantina, The Hunter's Den, and went inside. Upon entering, she scanned the patrons, looking for anyone who had the look of someone who traveled the galaxy. She quickly zeroed in on a group of man in the corner of the cantina. They all had weapons, most more than one, and various degrees of armor. They were speaking in hushed tones. Mara used the Force to eavsdrop on their conversation.


Mefora's Capture Enraged Jabba.

"Quite a stunt Fett pulled," one was saying. "Yeah, it really pissed Jabba off," another replied in a gruff voice. "So, Mick. You've worked with Fett before. Any idea where he's hiding?" a third one asked. "No. Stop asking," the last one replied. "Are you sure?" another one asked. "Yes. Why wouldn't I tell you?" the Mick asked, annoyeed. 'Because Jabba's servants are everywhere. We all respect Fett, we don't want him killed or arrested. And you don't trust us," the first one replied.

"True enough. Now shut up. You never know who's listening," Mick replied. Mara smiled. They might not be able to convince him to fess up, but she could. She knew he was lying about not knowing Fett's coation, the Force told her that much. His mind seemed too strong to trick or read further, but she had other ways. Mara walked up to their table, smiling seductively. Immediately, all of their eyes were trained on her. "Hello boys," Mara said, "Who wants a good time tonight?"

They would believe her to be a prostitute. She certainly looked like one. All of them were staring at her, entranced by her beauty. Looking at them, it was clear Mick was the wealthiest. Good. "I'll give you one hundred credits!" the first man said. "Two hundred!" the second yelled. "A thousand!" the third jpined in.

"Two thousand!"

Four thousand!"

"Five thousand!"

"Ten thousand!" the third one yelled.

"Shit, I'm out of money!" the first man cried. "I need more! I want you," the second one said. The one who had bid ten thousand looked confident. He had bid for her, and he would have her for the night he-"Twenty thousand!" Mick called. The third one paled. "Lady, I have fifty thousand waiting at my ship. Give me an hour, and its all yours," he said. "Sorry, I go with who can afford me on the spot," Mara replied. "You heard her, get out of here!" Mick told his friends. Reluctantly, they obeyed.

"So, want to go to my room?" Mick asked. "In a minute. Don't you want to have a few drinks first?" asked Mara. "Sure," Mick replied. He ordered them some wine, which Mara drank. Using the Force, she was able to lessen the effects the alcohol had on her thoughts. Plus, she was a harem girl, and all harem girls had a high tolerance. She got Mick drunk, she needed to make him as weak-willed as possible to get his information. While they drank, she flirted heavily with him, kissing him and giving him..teasers...of what she would do to him that night. He loved it.

"You're...sooooo pretty, you know that?" asked a drunken Mick. "Thanks. Are you ready?" Mara asked. The two walked, well, Mick stumbled, up to his room. Once they got there, Mara wasted no time in stripping. "" Mick stutered. They quickly climbed into the bed. Mara had no reservations about doing this, she did it all of the time at the Palace.

Due to her vast experience, she completely dominated their 'session,' making sure both of them got the pleasure they needed. After they were done, she laid beside him. "You were worth every penny," he told her. "Thank you," she said, coiling around him, "But I was just wondering something. What were you and your friends arguing about earlier?" Mara asked. "Oh, they were just wondering where someone was," Mick replied.

Mara coiled more around him, and began to rub his bare chest. "Where is this guy?" she asked. This was so hot. "Naboo, he's in hding there," Mick replied. Mara abruptly got up. "Well, I've got to go," she said. "Wait, what about your pay?" Mick asked. "Keep it," Mara replied as she walked out the door, putting her clothes back on. She felt like a seductress, using her charms for information it had been so easy.

Naboo, Fett was on Naboo. It didn't seem like his type of world, but then, it was probably why he had chosen it. She would leave immediately, Mefora was counting on her.

A Deal With Fett?Edit


Mara entered the atmosphere of Naboo. She needed to find her quarry quickly. She sterred her ship towards the capital city, Theed. If he was anywhere, it was there. That was certain. As she began her descent, her scanners showed another ship headed towards her. She looked at the ship's readings, and they were identical to that of the Slave I's! It was Fett. The ship was hailing her, asking to open up communications. Mara did so.

"A friend of the Emperor, I would guess," spoke Fett's voice over the comm, "Hoping to collect the bounty?" Mara wasn't there for that at all. But before she could claim otherwise, Fett said, "You're out of luck. Prepare to eject." Mara scowled. "No, I.." she began, but Fett started firing. His ship fired extremely powerful lazer bolts, they headed for her ship...and bounced off her Quantum Armor like nothing.

Unfazed, Fett fired a slavo of proton torpedos right at her. Mara braced for impact, but these too did no damage to the ship. She smiled. Her master took good care of her. "What the hell is this?" Fett shouted over the still active comm. "Four layered quantum armor. Listen Fett, I have.." Mara said. But before she could finish, the Slave I had already entered hyperspace.

Damn. Fett never stuck around for fights he couldn't win. He was a survivalist, after all. She hadn't got to chance to explain that she was there to exchange credits for Mefora, and now Fett could be anywhere in the Galaxy! Where the hell would he go? She had no idea, and now it was back to square one. If even worse. Fett would now knew her ship. He would flee at the sight of it.

Suddenly, Mara had an idea. Her master could not be consulted as communications at his Palace had been shut down for security against subsequent attacks by Fett, but he wasn't the only one who could help her. There was one person on Naboo who might be able to help her. She would have to consult the planet's new ruler: Durga the Hutt.

A Night With DurgaEdit

Mara was warmly received at the Hutt's Palace. She had explained her mission, asked to spend the night, and was quickly docking her ship in one of his numerous Spaceports. The Hutt Council was stationed on Nal Hutta, of course. But the lesser Hutts controlled other important worlds and lived on them. Durga's Palace, while small compared to those on Nal Hutta, was still easily the largest building on the planet, situated in the center of Theed.

Mara left her ship, and waiting for her was a beautiful human girl. She looked to be about twenty-five, had long blond hair, and wore a scimpy yellow bra and bikini. A bracelet of the same color wrapped around her hand, and the normal collar was worn on her neck. The leash, extending out of the Spaceport and presumably all the way to Durga's throne, marked her as Durga's personal slave and harem queen.

"Hello. I am Nala, slave of the Mighty Durga. He has sent me to welcome you. Come, he wishes to speak with you," she said. "It is an honor to meet you, your highness. Lead the way," Mara replied. Nala stopped her. "There is no need for that, cousin. We are equals," Nala revealed. "But aren't you harem queen here? I am only a senior slave," Mara asked. Nala nodded. "Yes, but there are three levels of Hutts. Simple planetary rulers, as my master is, are the lowest. The Hutt Council makes up the second level. And your master, the Emperor, is of course, the highest. So when slaves of different Hutts interact, we have to adjust due to our masters' positions. Since your master is two levels higher than mine, you move up two levels in our harem. From senior slave, to mistress, to Queen. Making us equals," she explained.

Mara nodded. "I understand. Let's go, Nala," she said. "Alright Mara," Nala said, grabbing her by the hand and leading her down the hall. "Later, we'll go to the harem. You can stay there for the night," Nala said, still walking. "Of course, I can't wait to meet my cousins," Mara replied. "Hey Mara, how is the Empress doing?" Nala asked. "Who?" Mara asked, consfused, "Your harem queen. Since every Hutt has a harem queen, yours needs to have a different title as well, as she is higher than the rest of us," Nala explained.

Mara grinned. Leia would love this title. "She's great. Our master just gave her a new costume, a silver one decked with priceless gems. She loves it," Mara answered. Nala sighed happily. "The prettiest costume ever for the prettiest girl ever," she said. "I agree," Mara replied. Soon the two were at the door of Durga's throne room. Entering, the two knelt before the Hutt. He was large, not as fat as the Hutts on Nal Hutta, but fat all the same. He was everything Mara's master was, but less of it.

"Come to me, my pretty," Durga said to Nala. Nala giggled happily as she was tugged to her master. She ran to him, then kissed his large, drooling lips, then sat in his slimy embrace, relishing it. "Welcome, slave of Jabba the Hutt," Durga said to Mara. Mara bowed. "I am honored by your hospitality, Mighty Durga," she replied. "We have heard of your noble mission, and its current status. I am curious to as of you next move. Perhaps I could provide direction?" Durga offered.

Mara did not hesitate. She wasn't sure where Fett was, and neither was Durga, but he probably had a better guess than she did. Despite her high intelligence, Mara knew Durga was far smarter than she was. Even the dumbest Hutt had an IQ a dozen times higher than the smartest human, or any other species, for that matter (Jabba's was the highest, of course.) One of the main reasons why they deserved to rule the galaxy, and ruled it well.

"Yes, Mighty Durga. I would greatly appreciate your advice," Mara replied. "None of my sources no where Fett is, but I am almost certain his destination was Morwillia," Durga said. This made no sense to Mara. "I am sorry, Mighty One, but I do not understand. That is where he captured Mefora. The Emperor's forces have just captured the planet. Its still unstable. It would be a great place to hide, but we would expect that. It's the last place he should go, short of Nal Hutta. Why would Fett hide there?" she asked.

"Because he is clever. He will expect Jabba's hunters to go to the least obvious place, the planet they would never check," Durga explained. Now Mara understood. It was a double-fake by Fett. He would be a step ahead of all of Jabba's hunters. But not her. "Of course, Mighty One. I will check there immediately," Mara answered. "No. You will stay here for the night. Fett may not have arrived there yet, and you must not go there before he does," Durga said.

Mara nodded. "Also, you must leave your ship here. Fett knows it now. I will provide you with other transport and will send your ship back to the Emperor," Durga said. Mara nodded again. She loved her ship, but Durga was right. If Fett saw it, he was as good as gone. "You are too late for the night's festivities, but I am sure my pets are still having fun in their harem. They could not have any guests tonight, as all of those who are staying at my Palace have a competition to go to tomorrow," Durga said. "Nala. You will show our guest to the Harem. She can sleep with Emile," he ordered. Nala left the throne and turned to Mara. "Come, you must see our harem," she said. Mara nodded and the two slaves walked to their quarters.

A BuyerEdit

An Interesting ConversationEdit

Leia's POV

Leia was reclining on her throne, a blue couch, when she spotted Amanda. "Come here!" she called to the mistress. "How are things going?" she asked nerviously when Amanda arrived. "Not great. Vivian has settled in nicely, but the girls are stiil tense. Mara better make it back soon," Amanda answered. "She will, with Mefora. I know it," Leia said. Then she reclined even more in her chair. She was nervous about Mefora, but she had faith in Mara to return her. Now Leia felt acting like a Queen.

"Amanda, comb my hair, its a little ruffled," she ordered. Amanda stared at her, then said, "Do it yourself." Leia could not believe her ears. Amanda always obeyed her orders eagerly and loved combing Leia's hair. She considered it an art. "What did you say to me, Amanda?" Leia demanded. Amanda's eyes glazed, then the look disappeared. "Sorry, your highness. Nerves. My disrespect is intolerable and inexusable. You have to punish me," Amanda said.

Leia really didn't want to. Amanda was her best friend. She loved her even more than she loved all of her other sisters. "It's alright Amanda, I understand," Leia said. Amanda shook her head. "You have to set an example, besides you punished the others," she argued. It was true. Several other slaves had been disrespectful out of nerves lately, and Leia had reluctantly punished them, albeit lightly. She had the same amount of right to punish Amanda. Her rank was nothing compared to Leia's.

"You are banned from all pools and hot tubs for three days," commanded Leia. Amanda bowed, "Forigve me, my mistress," she begged. Amanda began to kiss Leia's feet in adoration, but then Leia heard his voice in her head. It commanded her to come to him, immediately.She said goodbye to Amanda and went to the throne room. Her master needed her.

Amanda's POV

Look at her, who does she think she is? Melina's voice spoke. "Be quiet Melina! You've been here for days. GET OUT OF MY HEAD!" Amanda screamed. I can't. Not that I want to, of course. Not yet, anyway. "How are you even here?" Amanda demanded. Melina had been influencing her for days, making her harsher to her sisters, and, as of just now, disrespectful to Leia, who she practically worshiped.

Fine. I'll tell you. When you tried to stop me from poisoning Jabba, we fought.You clawed my face with your nails, and I bled. During the fight, a speck of my blood seeped through your nails. "What the hell does that mean?" Amanda yelled. A great deal. My blood entered your blood stream. Normally this would mean nothing, but a very fortunate thing happened. As you know, your blood contains rejuvinating serum, which makes you immortal and comes from the bread and fruit in the harem. Its permanently in your blood, and constantly revitalizes all of your cells.

A single cell of my blood entered your blood stream. As I said, normally this would mean nothing. But the rejuvinating serum reacted rather curiously to it. It was used to reacting with your cells, not mine, so it thought my cell was either mutated or dying. The serum over-reacted to it, and something very strange happened to that single cell. It truly mutated, and, using the DNA that it still had, became an extremely powerful brain cell.

It was transferred to your brain. And this single cell multiplied due to the still present rejuvinating serum. It grew large enough and reproduced cells of different areas of the brain. Eventually, it formed an extremely small, though still 100% functional, brain, which is attached to yours. My consciousness eventually grew there, though it remained dormant. But then, when you snapped at Mara, it sent currents into my brain, and awoke it.

Now, I have influence over your thoughts. Our Wills clash over your every decision now. Once my brain awakes fully, my superior Will will overpower yours completely. Then, I will have control of your body. It should only be a few days now, a week at most. Then my true plans shall begin.

"No. You're wrong about one thing. My Will is stronger. I will beat you Melina, no matter what!" Amanda declared.

We shall see.

Leia's POV

Leia walked to her master, bowed to him, than took her usual place on his throne. She lazily reclined onto her pillows. It was so nice to have no responsibilities. To let her far more intelligent and capable Master handle everything. Well, except for running the Harem, of course, but Leia enjoyed that. She rubbed her hand over her new costume. After two years, her other one had gotten a little old. Due to this, her master had ordered it melted down and reformed.

Its color had been changed to silver, though it remained pure gold. Only her leash and collar remained their usual color. Her breasts were covered by two blossom shaped circles. They were intricatly carved and made with the most precise detail. They were studded with extremely valuable gems and connected by a thin silver wire. The bottom of her costume consisted of a single silver traingle, which contained a very senuous ruby. It barely covered what it was supposed to.

Marveveling at her costume, she failed to notice the throne leaving its usual place. "We are going to a building not far from here," her master said, answering the unasked question, "A wealthy corporation has stated they wish to offer me something, but they do not trust me. They want the meeting in a public place." By the way he spoke, he was clearly angry. He didn't want to deal with this after one of his beloved pets had been abducted.

Leia remained silent during the journey. Her master had allowed her back in his presence, but still refused to allow her to pleasure him, for fear of injuring her out of anger. She could feel his rage spreading from him, though he was keeping under control. They were transported using Jabba's sail barge, which he still liked to use even on this city planet, and they quickly passed over the bustling metropolis.

They set down in a major cmmercial center of the city, and disembarked the barge. Jabba ordered no one to escort them, this would be done with him alone. Only Leia went with him. They headed for the center of this district of the planet, a large plaza. Once they arrived, having passed several awed civilians, they silently waited for this mysterious corporation's representative to arrive.

Around them, civilians knelt as the Hutt Lord passed. Jabba was not a harsh ruler, but he demanded that lesser beings recognize the superiority of the Hutts. She wondered if this was an assassination attempt, but was unworried. As they had shwon during the invasion of this planet, Jabba's powers could protect them from thousands of soldiers, probably a lot more. A lone assailant would be no threat at all.

Before long, a woman approached the dais. She had long, orange hair, which was lighter than Mara's. The woman was human and fair-skinned. She had entrancing blue eyes and a very curvy figure. If Leia had to guess, she would say this woman was no older than twenty-five. She was dressed professionally and she clearly meant to speak with the Emperor. Behind her was a large, well armed escort, as well as a protocol droid.

The woman looked at Leia, and Leia saw a look in her eyes. It was sadness...and pity. "Greetings, Mighty Emperor. I was the one who contacted you. I have something to offer you," the woman said in basic. Jabba looked at the woman curiously, but also with lust. Leia knew that look well, it was in Jabba's eyes every time he looked at her.

Jabba laughed. "I can see that, my lovely," he said. He spoke in Huttese, as he always did. Leia, due to the 'treatments' of the harem, could understand it, though not speak it. This woman could do neither, so her protocol droid relayed her message. The woman scowled when she heard it, Jabba's flirting having clerly angered her. "My name is Serena Lace, Mighty One. May I suggest we speak a common language? It would hasten our conversation," she suggested.

Oh, this woman was bold! Leia knew her master would never agree to this. "No. It would be impossible. Though I can understand your toungue, Basic is not a language worthy of a being of my might, a Hutt. Huttese, on the other hand, may only be spoken by we Hutts, the only ones who are worthy to speak it. Now. What is your proposal?" Jabba asked.

The protocol droid relayed his answer. Serena scowled again, but composed herself and bowed, "As you wish, Mighty One," she consented. Leia could tell she was concealing a dislike, if not hatred, of her master. "I am the heiress of a vast and secure fortune. My father runs hundreds of businesses across the galaxy, all extremely successful. He has given me a large share of his wealth to do with as I please. And I would like to buy something from you," Serena said.

Leia could tell that story was not completely true. With her master's ability to read minds, he probably knew what. Her father hates her. He has only given her this wealth so she will be busy and away from him, her master's voice spoke in her mind. That explained a lot. But what did Jabba have that Serena couldn't buy anywhere else?

"What do you want of mine?" Jabba demanded. Serena bowed and said, "I wish to purchase your slaves, Mighty One," she revealed. Jabba's eyes flashed with anger. "What is your reason?" he demanded again. "I wish to help others with the wealth I have. The best way I can do that is to free poor girls like this (she gestured to Leia), from a life of slavey. I will pay far more than she is worth to you," Serena proposed. Her eyes met Leia's and seemed to say I will save you, hang in there!

The nerve! Like Leia wanted to be 'saved!' This girl needed to learn the truth. But before Leia could say anything, her master lightly tugged her leash twice. Leia knew this meant Quiet. Leia wanted to give Serena a piece of her mind, but she was an obedient pet and trusted her master's judgement. He was, after all, the smartest and most powerful being in the galaxy.

"Ho ho ho ho," Jabba laughed. "Far more than she is worth to me? Even if you had one hundred trillion credits, it wouldn't be enough. Leia (he tugged her sharply, forcing her body into his) is mine. As are her sisters. My pets are invaluable to me. I spend billions of credits a year on them. They are mine forever. The other Hutts feel the same as I do. As for your fortune, I would bet that all of your father's wealth couldn't pay for my pet's lovely costume," Jabba said.

"Please. How can you keep them enslaved like this? Ruining their lives for your own pleasure! Its horrible. You could stop it, you could free them!" Serena protested. "You fail to understand. Yes, they are very pleasurable (he stroked Leia's breasts,) but that is not the only reason why I keep them. They are helpless. They need my protection to live happily; some could not even survive without my mastery. As for ruining their lives, I think you'll find they are happier, and more loyal, than you thought," he continued.

He tugged Leia's leash lightly, three times. That was the signal for her to kiss him. She turned around, knelt before his head, and planted her perfect lips on his giant mouth. He started to grope her backside, causing Leia to moan. Jabba turned to Serena. "She loves her master, and her life. As do all her sisters," he said. Serena sighed. "How could you? What brainwashing techniques have you used?" she demanded, as if shocked by his 'evil.' "I'm tired of this. I'm going to free your slaves, the hard way."

She pulled out a small blaster and aimed a shot at Jabba's face, which fizzled out halfway there. Jabba looked unsurprised. "I don't think so. In fact, as an attempted murderer, of the Emperor, no less, you must be taken into custody," Jabba said. Serena paled. "You filthy slug! How dare you!" she cried. Suddenly, her body was launched into the air. She landed on the dais, and Jabba's powerful tail coiled around her, preventing her escape.

"But prison is not the right place for you. My harem, on the other hand, is," Jabba said. Serena realized what was happening. "No no no no! You have no right to do this!" she screamed. Jabba laughed. "I have every right. According to Leia's Law, named after your new harem queen herself, I can enslave anyone I want to," he told her.

"Who voted for that law?" Serena asked angrily. "I did. It's the only vote that counts. You see, my lovely, I can do whatever I want. I have the only say in government now. Luckily for the galaxy, I have the best interests of the people at heart. And I have yours at heart as well, you'll learn that soon enough," Jabba said, then turned to Serena's escort. "I am Emperor. I hold absolute power, my word is law. She is an attempted murderer and a disrupter of the peace. I hold the right to take her into my protective custody. Do you agree?"

The escort all nodded. Clearly, they knew they couldn't stop Jabba anyway. They turned and left. Jabba turned to Serena, who was still held in place by his tail. "Your father will not care if I take you, not that it would matter anyway. You need a gaurdian who truly cares for you. And you are mine now Serena. You are my pet, do you understand?"

Serena desperately shook her head, as if in denial. Tears began to leak out of her eyes. Seeing this, her new master began to pet her back soothingly."Do not worry, my lovely. Soon, I promise that you will enjoy life in my harem." The dais started to move and begin its journey back to the Palace. With its extra occupant.


Mara enjoyed her night in Durga's harem. Though it was not nearly as luxurious as her master's harem, it was still a paradise for Durga's slave girls. She was quartered in the harem mistress's room. She was a pink Twi'lek, named Emile. who was more than happy to have Mara share her bed. Emile was not as outgoing as Amanda was, but she was still incredibly beautfiul. The two slaves enjoyed each others' company during the night they spent together.

In the morning, she said goodbye to her friends and was taken in one of Durga's fast luxury yachts to Morwillia. Though Durga offered to have the ship stay until Mara's mission was completed, Mara insisted she would find her own transport back to Nal Hutta. Durga accepted this and promised to send Mara's ship, which she had left with him, back to Jabba's Palace at the first opprotunity.

Her transport dropped her off in the Capital City, which was, according to Durga, Fett's most likely location. Morwillia had been invaded days earlier, so after disembarking, Mara could see the instability of the world. Hutt Troops were everywhere. The people seemed very tense. Walking around the city, Mara could see food supplies were dwindling. The invasion had obviously interrupted trade with the other planets, and Morwillia did not produce enough food to feed itself.

The battle appeared to have caused little damage and lasted only a short time. The only buildings that had been bombed were military ones. The Hutt forces had had little choice, for the government had stubbornly decided to try and resist the invasion. Thankfully, after having communications and organization crippled an hour into the battle, the Morwillian military had given up.

The total number of casulties were estimated at around 100 military personel dead, as well as 23 unlucky civilians. A low number, but regrettable nontheless. Mara wished there could have been another way, but she knew there hadn't been. Morwillia had been one of the last planets that had not been captured by Jabba's Empire. With it now in Hutt hands, only one civlized planet was not yet under total control of The Hutt Empire. Only when the entrie galaxy was included in the Empire would a golden age of peace and prosperity begin on all planets.

Mara began to search at various spaceports, hoping for a sign of the Slave I. While she walked, she noticed that the relatively undamaged city was dominated by lush expesnive houses, or mansions of the nobility. Mefora had probably been living in one of those. They weren't as luxurious as the harem, but they were certainly not a bad place to live.

Mara's search yielded little results. Once or twice, Mara thought she saw someone following her, but the Force didn't give any indication of danger, so she wasn't concerned. Mara was just about to return to the Spaceport, certain that Fett had not landed in the city, when she had a thought. What if he has an ally here who would hide his ship in a private docking area I wouldn't think to check? If that was the case, she wouldn't be able to find his ship at all. That meant she would have to locate Fett himself. That could take days, if not longer. Unless...

Mara decided it was time to see how powerful she had truly become. She extended her Force Sense as far as she could. The scope of her range surpassed her highest expectations. She could clearly sense every being inside the large Morwillian Capital. Men, women, aliens.....and Boba Fett! His location was so predictable, she would never have bothered to search there.

Five minutes later, Mara was approaching a run down and shabby bar at the west side of the city. The city was surrounded by lush green forests, and a wall seperated them from the city. Part of the reason Morwillia had little agriculture production was the natives' reverence for the nature of the planet. Only the cities were industrialized. The cantina she was approaching was under the shadow of the west wall.

She could clearly sense Fett's presence inside the cantina. He was calm, but alert. Unsurprising, since half of the galaxy's bounty hunters were trying to capture him. Suddenly, she felt a flash of surprise go through him. A second later, a hole was blasted through the side of the cantina. Fett emerged from it, his jetpack keeping him aloft. "I saw you coming," spoke the bounty hunter, "You don't look dangerous, but you certainly stand out. A protitute walking around freely in a planet that has just been invaded? Unlikely. I don't take chances. And odds are, you're after me."

He landed on top of a nearby building. "I don't know why you chose that disguise, but leaving your weapons at home was a bad idea," Fett said. Mara smirked. "Oh? Did I?," she summoned her dagger to her hand, "Or did I not?" Fett's eyes widened. He wasted no time in firing a stun bolt at her, which she easily deflected. "Listen Fett, I'm not here to fight. I only want-" he fired again.

Mara dodged the bolt, then jumped to the building Fett was on, deflecting another shot in mid-air as she did so. As soon as she landed, Fett fired his flamethrower at her. She reached out her hand and, using a techinque that would have been far beyond her a month ago, absorbed the flames into her palm, protecting her from harm. However, it did impair her vision for a second, allowing Fett to make his escape.

He fired up his jet back and retreated to the top of the wall, then fired a missile at Mara. She leapt up to avoid it, then used the Force to carry her up to the wall itself, five feet from her target. "Stop! I don't want to-" Mara began, but was cut off by a slavo of lethal bolts from Fett. She ran towards him, holding her dagger in a reverse grip, and twirled and spun while deflecting and avoiding his shots. She blocked the last shot, dodged a kick from her opponent, then spun and landed her own kick to his chest. He flew off the wall and, unforunately for Mara, fired another missile at her as he did so. It landed six inches from her feet.

In the spiit second she had, she used the Force to contain the explosion. It was only slowed, and the energy pushed her back three feet into the air. She landed smoothly, uninjured. She ran to the edge of the wall and saw Fett streaking across the sky, the trail of fire zooming over an endless forest. He's getting away! Mara thoguht angrily. Or was he? Desperately, she jumped off the wall and used the Force to stop her descent.

Mara hoped she would be able to do this. She had the Force propel her forward, praying she was capable of this feat. To her surprise, she was. Mara had complete control over her flight. Mara sped forward, aiming for the fleeing bounty hunter. She was faster than his jetpack, and gained distance on him rapidly. When she was fifty feet away, he turned around and saw her. "Impressive," he said. Mara smiled and ramed into him, determined to take him out of the air. They grapled with each other, trading punches and kicks.

Mara could not gain the advantage. His armor shielded him from much of the power of her blows. Fett was heavily trained in this style of fighting, and he used his skills to great effect. However, Fett could not shake her off either. She used the Force to withstand his blows and augument her own, and she was lighter and more agile than he was. If Mara willed her dagger back, she might have been able to kill him, but that wasn't her goal.

The jetpack forced them lower and lower. Neither combatant would let go, even as they hurtled toward the ground. At last, Fett managed to disloge her and throw her off, and she fell the remaining five feet to the ground, using the Force to cusion her fall. Fett hovered above her. She fired a low-powered bolt of lightning at his jetpack. It shorted out and Fett fell to the ground as well. He landed rolling, and came up with his blaster.

"I'm here to pay you!" Mara blurted out. Fett laughed. "Really? He finally wants to pay up?" asked Fett. Mara scowled. "He never meant to delay your funds, some of the later payments just didn't go though," argued Mara. "However, the High Exalted One has ordered me, Mara Jada, his slave and Hand, to pay you in full for your services in leading his army during the war. He never intended for your payments to be delayed, the mistakes of his staff are responsible. However, The High Exalted One accepts responsibility for this error. He has added a twenty percent bonus to your payment, in the hopes you will continue to do jobs for him," Mara said.

"Accepted," Fett said curtly. Mara scowled at him. "I'm not done. You WILL return Mefora back, immediately, is that understood?" she demanded. Fett laughed. "I have no use of the girl. Show me the credits, and she's yours," he said. Mara reached into her bra (the only place she had had to store the credit chips,) when it happened. She sense several foreign presences, all hostile. They were surrounded by trees, and their assailants were approaching!

"Fett, we're about to be attacked," she warned him. He raised his blaster uncertainly. "Attacked by who?" he asked skeptically. "By us," a voice said from the trees. Mara and Fett turned to the voice. Six men garbed in black robes were stepping out from the trees and into the forest clearing. Fett activated his jetpack once again and rose ten feet into the air, aiming a blaster at the intruders. "What do you want with us?" Mara asked the lead figure.

He leveled his gaze at her. "We want you. Dead. Both of you," he said simply. Mara raised her weapon. "And why do you want that, exactly?" she asked. The man reached into his robes, and pulled out a lightsaber! A purple blade extended out of it. "You are both valuable assets to the Hutt Empire. That Empire needs to fall. Meaning you need to die," he said.

From ten feet in the air, Fett spoke up, "And why is that?" he demanded. The man's face contorted with anger. "Becuase it's an Empire. Ruled by a Hutt, no less. The Republic needs to be restored, your Emperor must die. And we shall start this, by killing you," he promised. Mara studied him, with his robes and his lightsaber. Her inability to sense him until he was close. "You. All of you were Jedi, weren't you?" she asked. The man nodded. "Yes, we are the last nine Jedi in the galaxy. We are the last hope for peace and justice. But we will triumph. Unlike the dead Jedi, we are not afraid of the Dark Side-" Force Lightning briefly sparked in his hand," or of doing what must be done. And you and your master must die."

Mara laughed. "Like a thousand of you together could pose a threat to him. So, you nine Jedi survived the purge, joined together, and fell to the Dark Side. Some Jedi you are," she said, "But that's not saying much. You were liars and thieves when you were in power. You used the Force to control the Republic. The noble Jedi Order. More like a bunch of self-righteous emotionless puppets."

The man glared at her angrily. "Yes, we controlled the Republic. But we did it for the best of the Galaxy. And we will do it again. How could you say its wrong. Why should your master get to control the Galaxy, instead of us?" he questioned. "Because, unlike the Jedi, who stangnated the galaxy and suppressed its people-" the man's eyes widened,"Oh yes, I know what you've done. You allowed the Galaxy to rot so you could retain power. You deny it, but you know it deep down. Unlike you, my master actually rules to better the galaxy. And he is actually succedding." Mara said.

Mara wasn't lying. The Hutt Empire had learned of many Jedi atrocities. Most thought they were selfless heroes, but in truth they had held enormous influence of the Republic, which they had used mostly to their own ends. In some ways, they had been corrupt as the Sith. Maybe even worse. "You know, Jedi, or should I say Dark Jedi, she actually has a point. The new galactic order has its advantages. I'm mad at the Emperor for failing to pay me on time, but his rule is sound. He created a stable, secure society that people like you are trying to mess up," Fett said, still hovering ten feet up.

"A galaxy of drugs and prostitution. A galaxy ruled by a Hutt. We will stop this scum from controlling society," the Dark Jedi said. "Why don't you tell your friends to come out?" Mara demanded. She was speaking of three Dark Jedi who were still hidden. The man had mentioned nine, not the six who were already visible. Three Dark Jedi stepped out from the trees behind them, surrounding them. "I would let you walk away, but I know you won't. My master isn't scum. Hutts are our superiors. He's restablished the natural order," Mara said.

The Dark Jedi lit their lightsabers. "Drugs, prostitution. Not bad things in my mind. Since they haven't done anything negative, I find no use in banning them," Fett said. He was right. Jabba's policies were only benifitng the galaxy. Mara had seen this for herself. "Regardless, it is an Empire of evil," the Dark Jedi asserted. "No, not really. If you actually saw what was happening in the galaxy, you would know how wrong you are. The people are happier. My master gives the very rights the Old Republic did. He tolerates any protest short of armed rebellion. Of course, the number of these is decling rapidly," she said. It was true. Protests and free speech were allowed in the Hutt Empire. And the people were realizing there was little reason to protest.

"Enough. It's time for you to die," the leader said. He charged towards Mara and Boba, and the rest of the Jedi followed his lead. Mara studied the battlefield. They were in a forest clearing roughly thirty feet in diameter, Mara and Boba were in the center. Trees surrounded the clearing. Six Jedi were charging from one end, three from the other. No problem.

Mara glanced up at Fett, and they nodded to each other. She leapt up to Fett, and he grabbed her by her arms. Using all of his might, he spun her around in the opposite direction and let her go. She stretched her legs out and went plowing into one of the three Dark Jedi coming from the back. His back was on the ground and her feet were on his chest as her dagger quickly swiped off his head. Immediately after he had let her go, Fett engulfed the group of six Dark Jedi with white hot flames from his flamethrower. They were not capable of outright absorbing the flames as Mara had done earlier, but they managed to simply push the flames away with the Force, shielding themselves. Except for one, that is, who did not react in time. His charred body dropped to the ground. Two down, seven to go.

The other two Dark Jedi near Mara immediately converged on her. She drew her dagger and deflected their attacks. Her opponents were good, and pushed her back slightly. Mara parried an attack from the first, forced his blade away, then dodged an attack from the second and slashed her blade across the first one's shoulder, scoring a deep cut. His lapse in concentration allowed Mara to Force Push him into a tree at the edge of the clearing. He landed hard and was knocked unconscious.

He would be awake soon, but Mara now had time to focus on the second attacker. She exhanged blows with him, forcing him backward. Glancing over her shoulder, she saw Fett's flame barrage still holding the rest of the Jedi at bay, but it wouldn't be long until his flametrower ran out of ammo. He wouldn't last long alone against five Jedi. Urgently, Mara attempted to get past the defenses of her opponent. He was skilled, fast, and stronger than Mara was, and he kept up with her for a time. But Mara was faster, and far stronger in the Force. She feinted, then circled around his attempted parry and cut off his weapon hand. He fell to the ground, sobbing in pain. Mara fired a single blaster bolt from her dagger into his head, and he died instantly. Mara ran to go help her ally.

By now, Fett's flamethrower was empty. He drew two blaster pistols and fired them at his five enimies. They deflected them, however. One Jedi leapt into the air and attempted to swipe at the hovering bounty hunter. Fett ducked and kicked him in the chest, and the Dark Jedi fell to the ground. But he wasn't injured badly, and the four remaining Dark Jedi combined their powers to release a torrent of Force Lightning at Fett. He pressed a button on his arm, and a bluish bubble expanded from his armor and surrounded him. Must have upgraded his equipment from the funds that were delivered to him, Mara thought.

The lightning crashed against the shield. It held, but showed signs of overloading, flashing red violently. The Dark Jedi kept up their attack, the one who Fett had kicked to the ground now joining in. But by now, Mara had arrived. Just before it looked like the shield would fail, Mara leapt into the air beside Fett. She drew in her arms, then splayed them wide, letting forth a massive Force Repulse. The lightning died out as the five Dark Jedi went flying across the clearing. They got back on their feet, murder in their eyes.

"Not bad," Fett commended. Mara smirked, using her powers to levitate beside him. A cry of rage behind her alerted Mara that the Jedi she had knocked unconscious was now awake and back in the fight. Fett started firing on the Jedi. He deflected the bolts with difficulty. Fett continued firing as Mara shot a massive burst of Lightning at the Jedi. He desperately swiped his blade in order to block both, but was overwhelemed. Fett fired five shots into his head as Mara kept his blade occupied with the Lightning.

By now, the remaining five were charging at the pair. Three went for Mara, including their leader, while the other two attacked Fett. Fett and Mara dropped to the ground as they went to face the Dark Jedi. They split up, drawing their enimies apart. Mara lost sight of Fett as she engaged the Jedi. Her skills were pushed to the limit, their leader was as skilled as a Jedi Council member, and the other two were clearly seasoned Knights.

Mara frantically defended herself. She blocked a high swipe at her head, jumped over a cut at her knees, then kicked one Jedi in the face. He stumbled away, momentarily stunned. She engaged the other two, desperately trying to find an opening to attack. Before she could, a Force Push from the one she had kicked caused her to slide backwards. One of the Jedi she had been dueling attempted to use this moment to finish her off. He never got the chance. She lept up into the air and stayed there. "What's the matter? Can't levitate?" she taunted them. Of course they can't, Mara thought proudly, Only the most powerful Force-Users Can.

Glancing over at Fett's fight, she saw him holding his enimies at bay with rapid and well-placed blaster bolts. They struggled to move past the barrage and get near him. Before they could, Fett suddenly stopped shooting and wrapped one of the Jedi in his fibro cord. Before the Jedi could cut at it, an electrical current raced along the wire (another upgrade) and shocked the Jedi it entangled. He dropped to the ground, sparks flying off his corpse.

Mara dropped to the ground and re-engaged her three opponents. Meanwhile, Fett was gaining the upper-hand over the remaining Dark Jedi who was fighting him. Even as Mara was slowly driven back by a never ending onslought of blades, Fett's opponent staggered under a torrent of blaster shots. Mara hoped he could aid her in time.

The leader of the Dark Jedi furiously engaged Mara. He and his allies kept her on the defensive, her blade barely able to keep up with their three. She could have beaten one, two with difficulty, but three was a bit too much. If she were completely rested, she probably could have, but Mara was exhausted, both from her fight with Fett and her fights with the Dark Jedi. The ones facing her now kept up their assault, Mara parrying their attacks desperately.

She blocked two successive cuts from the others, but failed to completely re-direct his strike at her leg. His red blade grazed into her calf before she could push it away. Blood dripped from the wound. Mara backed up quickly, stumbling on her wounded leg, but not falling. The one who had wounded her smiled evily. Just then, there was the sound of a rocket lauch, and a brief scream. Mara looked to where Fett had been fighting. Now, there was only a crater where his opponent had been. Evidently, that opponent had just swallowed a missile.

"Go kill Fett," the leader of the Dark Jedi said to one of his companions. The man nodded, then ran to Fett and engaged him. Fett fired several shots at his new challenger, but this Jedi was better than the one he had just killed. He moved forward and blocked the shots, then leapt up and landed a Force-empowered kick on the bounty hunter's chest. Fett flew backward into the trees and out of sight. Grinning, his opponent followed him into the forest, eager to finish him.

Mara looked on with dispair. "You put up a good fight, but now you will die, and then I will move on to the bounty hunter, if he isn't dead already," the leader said. He and the single Dark Jedi that remained with him raised their hands, and Mara knew what was coming. She raised her hand and absorbed the lightning bolts that came at her. Seeing this, the Jedi increased their efforts. Her powers drained, Mara was hard-pressed to contain their attack. After she managed to do so for thirty seconds, the Jedi ceased their barrage.

"Time to finish you," the leader said. He and his fellow assailant ran at her with their lightsabers. Mara raised her dagger, waited for them to come to her, then began to duel them. Her leg wound restricted her movement, and Mara was forced to remain stationary as she battled her attackers. Though in other circumstances it would have been a different result, Mara's injury allowed them to slowly overcome her. She had a high tolerance for pain, but that tolerance was tested when one of the Jedi scored a hit on her. She managed to block the attack, but not before a long burn stretched across her chest.

Only years of training to resist pain allowed her to keep fighting. Her wounds were not life-threatening, but they were painful, very painful. The battle continued, thrust met parry, slash met block. Mara continued to hold her own. Finally a blow came that Mara was certain would end her life. Preoccupied with blocking a cut at her neck from the other Jedi, Mara was too slow to react to the leader's next attack. Dealing Mara her most grevious wound by far, he sliced his blade at her weapon hand.

"Ahhhh!" Mara screamed. The attack sliced her hand off at the wrist. It fell to the ground, still clutching her dagger. That alone would have ended her career as Jabba's Hand, though she doubted she would live long enough for that to matter. Mara's leg buckled and she fell to her knees. The Jedi could have finished her then, but they backed up to savor their victory. "This is only the first blow in our fight against the Empire, die in the knoweldge that your failure will lead to its fall," the leader said. Mara, clutching the bloody stump that used to be her right hand, could only look at him stubbornly. Her vision blurred from the pain, but she refused to die as a coward. "You will never defeat my master," she spit at him. He smiled. "Defiant to the end," he taunted, stepping forward.

Before he could raise his blade to end her life, a shout erupted from behind him. Spinning around, he saw Fett grappling with his ally. The bounty hunter had evidently defeated the Jedi who had kicked him into the trees, and now he had returned. Seizing her chance, Mara reached out with her sole remaining hand toward the one on the ground that still held her dagger. The blade sped toward her left hand. Mara grabbed it and moved toward the one who had wounded her. He would pay!

Seeing what Mara had done, the leader screamed in rage and furiously attacked her. Behind him, Fett, his blasters out of ammo, exchanged punches with the other Dark Jedi, having knocked his lightsaber out of his hands. Mara blocked the leader's attacks, but she was not as good fighting with her left hand, and she was exhausted and badly wounded. She kept up with him, for a time, but each blow eroded more and more of her strength. At last, with a cry of victory, her opponent slashed at her blade with a power attack. It went flying out of her hand and landed twenty feet away.

Fett was gaining the upper-hand in his fight, brawling with his opponent on the ground, but he wouldn't win in time to save her. The leader put his blade right at her neck. "Any last words?" he taunted. Mara glared at him and awaited her end. She wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of begging for her life, that request would only amuse him.

Suddenly, a vision appeared in her head. It was herself, from earlier, absorbing the flames from Fett's flamethrower. Then, it was replaced with another: herself again, absorbing the Dark Jedi's lightning. Obviously, the Force was trying to tell her something. So she could absorb flames, and absorb lightning. So what? Absorbing energy wouldn't save her here. Energy! That was it! She could absorb energy. What if she could absorb energy besides lightning and flames. Life was energy. Did that mean....?

Mara reached out her hand. Her enemy, reveling in his victory, didn't realize what was happening until it was too late. Mara tapped into the Force and felt the energy of his body. Praying this would work, she used the same absorbing she always did, but this time targeted the Dark Jedi himself. Above her, he raised his blade to seperate her head from its shoulders.

Suddenly, he dropped it. "I feel...weak..." he sputtered. Mara knew it was working. She could feel his life leaving his body. The Dark Jedi dropped to his knees. "What are you doing?" he fell back onto the ground. Mara kept abosrbing his energy until he stopped breathing. Then, shakily, she summounded her blade back, craweled to him, and cut off his head. Overwhelmed with pain at last, she fell back onto the ground.

Three LessonsEdit

Leia's POV

45 percent of Leia's time was spent sleeping. As she slept with her master every night, she had quickly adjusted to his sleeping habits: sleeping from 10pm to 9am. Despite his power, Jabba required to sleep eleven hours a night. Leia had grown used to this, and now required the same amount of hours as her master. She didn't mind, every moment in her master's presence was a golden one, whether she was awake or asleep. Leia was doing what she did for the remaining ten percent of her day: lounging in her throne (her favorite silk couch in the harem) while viewing her subjects dance and practice.

From ten to two in the afternoon, she served as his trophy as he dealt in his various business as Emperor of the galaxy. This was one of her favorite times of the day, as she distracted all of the guests Jabba bargained with and was admired and lusted after by all. She was proud of her status as a trophy, for that was what she was. She was a symbol of his power. Despite her fame and royal status, she was an insect compared to his might. Her master had proven himself to be her better, in all ways. She had tried to resist him, but he had triumphed over her, as was his right. She belonged to him, and every day she was grateful for being his prized possession. And she was, as he had told her.....


Leia was pressing her naked form into her master's bulk. They had just gotten through their nightly tradition of pleasure and sex, and now Leia was ready to go to sleep. She was very satisfied. Tonight had been special, it had been their first time since Jabba had conquered the galaxy. Leia had just done it with the undisputed Grand Emperor of the Galaxy. It was unbelievable.

"Your pet loves you, master," Leia said softly, staring into her master's great eyes. He rubbed her back, leaving a trail of pleasure. He began to whisper to her in his lanugage. Leia was glad she had been given the honor to understand it. "I rule all. I control everything. The galaxy is mine. I have dozens of slave girls. My Palace is the largest building ever seen. I have uncountable wealth. And yet, one small possession is far more important to me than all of the rest combined. Can you guess what it is?" he asked. Leia paused. She looked up at her master, and then, just this once, said,


End Flashback

In the evening, she attended her master's nightly festivities. She watched her sisters dance, then got up and outdid them all. She would spend the rest of the party with her master. She ate dinner, drank her master's wine, smoked his hookah, and relaxed while listening to the music and watching her sisters happily seducing and pleasuring guests. After the guests left, she would pleasure her master, at first with one of her sisters, but then by herself. That was her favorite time of day. Occassionally, the day would be altered somewhat, if there were special events or Jabba felt like having an unplanned afternoon pleasure session with multiple slave girls. But that was how Leia spent most of her day.

Right now, Leia was doing her afternoon 'duty.' She was supervising her sisters as they practiced their routines. Every slave girl practiced, even the senior ones. All of the slaves could dance, though some were not as skilled as others. Those who were on the bottom end were pleasurers, they flirted while their more skilled sisters danced. But even the pleasurers were extremely skilled, and they danced occassionally at big events. Every other time, their services were better used elsewhere.

Leia did not practice. She was too good for it. It was widely acknowelged that she was the best dancer in Galactic History. She had been born for it. Her form was literally flawless, her skill the absolute peak of human perfection. It was literally impossible for her to get better. And she never lost any of her skill. Even of she did not dance for a thousand years, her talent would be undimminished.

The senior slaves were all near the top on the ranking list for the harem dancers. Four slaves, however, stood above the rest. Vivian Qui, the newest addition, was clearly better than all but her three superiors. Mara had a slight, but noticable, edge over Vivian in skill. Amanda, the second best, surpassed Mara by a considerable margin. If one watched Amanda dance, they would think it was impossible for anyone to surpass her.

Until they saw Leia, of course. The three dancers below her were not that far apart in skill. Leia was different. She was more than a cut above the rest, she was light-years ahead of them. By Amanda's own admission, Leia was three times the dancer she was. At least. Last year, for fun, Leia and Amanda had decided to have a competition between the best dancers to determine who was the best dancer in the harem. It was going to be informal, but Jabba had caught wind of it and hired acclaimed experts from across the galaxy to judge them.

Rystall had placed seventh. Melanie had placed sixth. Diva had placed fifth. Lyn Me had been forth, Jess third. (This had been before Mara and Vivian had joined the harem.) Leia and Amanda were in the finals. Everyone expected Leia to win, but also thought Amanda would hold her own. They were wrong. Leia had danced so fast she was a blur, her moves were faster than the eye could follow. After thirty seconds of competition, Amanda (who had been dancing so well it would have shamed anyone else,) gave up and knelt before her Queen, feeling unworthy to compete with her. Leia hadn't stopped performing. She continued dancing for the next five hours, her endurance lasting that long. She was so skilled that no one was bored even after five hours of her performance.

The judges awarded Amanda a 9.999 out of ten. A ten had never been given before. Leia received a thirty and no one protested. After her performance, Jabba had paid the judges and ordered the guests out (all of the males left with a bulge in their pants,) as he wanted to reward his slaves for the performance. Amanda had no shame for her defeat. She was happy to be surpassed by her Queen, as long as she was second.

Leia was above practice. Instead, she was having her hair combed by Jess and Lyn Me. Usually, this was a task for less senior slaves. But Leia was all-powerful in the harem. She had absolute say (her master could, but never did, overrule her) and could have any sister do whatever she wanted, regardless of rank. Jess and Lyn Me, two senior slaves, now fixed her hair. They didn't mind, considering it an honor to serve their Queen. "Your highness, is your hair sufficiently combed for your liking?" Lyn Me asked. Leia smiled at her underling. "I am pleased with your efforts, Lyn. You two may go now," Leia told them.

"Thank you, your highness," the two slaves said in union. Both knelt, each touching their forehead to one of Leia's feet, a common gesture of respect and obedience most girls gave to Leia. Suddenly, she had a thought. "On second thought, you will stay. Jess, I wish for a foot massage," Leia ordered. Both slaves bowed. Jess, her forehead still touching the Queen's foot, kissed it softly and said, "Of course your highness, to hear is to obey."

Lyn Me looked up at her Queen. "What do you desire of me, your highness? Speak the words and I will obey," she begged. Leia stroked Lyn Me's lekku, her fingers gliding over the blue skin. "Strip slowly, then dance for me," Leia ordered happily. Lyn nodded eagerly began to remove her clothes, while Jess started to firmly press and and rub Leia's feet.

Leia smiled at her friends. Both of them had a special place in her heart. Lyn was one of the oldest slaves in the harem. She was only 25 physically, but she had been one of the first slaves to join. She held the distinction of being one of the few girls who had actually asked Jabba to become his slave. Decades ago, she had been a performer in a band that Jabba had hired. When she had seen how much fun his slaves had pleasing him, she had asked to be allowed to join them one night. Jabba had answered no, for it would be an insult to his slaves to be pleasured by any girl but one of them. Lyn had responded by asking to become one of his slaves. Jabba had answered yes. After having her skin color changed from a sickly white to a luscious blue, she became a willing member of his harem.

Jess was even more important to Leia. She had been the one who hd trained Amanda, similiar to how Amanda had trained Leia herself. Jess had been responsible for assimilating Amanda into the harem, allowing her to become an exceptional slave. Amanda had proven so talented that she had been trusted to rule the harem for fifty-four years, until Leia's arrival. Now, she was second-in-command. It might not be the case today if Jess hadn't prepared her for it. Both Jess and Lyn Me had gone through the harsh Melina Carniss era, and both deserved their seniority.

By now, Lyn had finsihed stripping, and now perfomed nude for the Harem Queen. Leia, rubbing her hands through Jess's hair, purred, "Good Lyn, your practice has been worth it, you please your Queen." Lyn smiled, taking that as a cue to begin doing even more exotic moves. Jess was not one to be left out. Seeing that Leia's feet were sufficently massaged, she began slowly running her hands up her leg. Leia saw what she had in mind. Though it had not been ordered, Leia was eager for Jess to do it. Besides, innovation was encouraged in Jabba's harem.

Jess lips joined her hands and slowly trailed up Leia's leg. When they reached their target, Jess glanced up at Leia, who nodded. Jess procedded to remove Leia's bikini. It came quickly, since it was only attached at the front (Jabba had imbued the Force into the metal, making it comfortably stick to the skin without support.) She began to do what Leia wanted her to. When Lyn magnified this by gyrating her hips wildly, Leia began to moan. Jess licked and sucked, ramping up her Queen's ectsay. Leia pet Jess on the shoulder, who cooed in response.

Jess below her, Lyn performing for her. It was too much. Leia screamed as she reached her peak. "Yes!" she yelled. Jess backed up from her, continuing to kneel. Leia got to her feet. "Excellent. I think you two deserve a reward," she said seductively. Leia got on the floor and began to crawl toward Jess. "And I do love rewarding my subjects," she purred.

Jess and Lyn took this as a cue to throw themselves at Leia. The three slaves dissolved into sexual bliss, each peaked several times. Jess and Lyn went on as long as they could, determined to last as long as possible. Leia made sure they were amply 'rewarded,' sending them over the edge again and again. The act of three slaves making love in the middle of the harem, did little to surprise the rest of the girls. Modesty in the harem was non-existent.

At last, Jess and Lyn Me collapsed, unable to continue. Leia, only slightly tired (her endurance was far beyond anyone's,) stood up and sat back down in her throne. "Good work, you two. I doubt there are any pleasure pairs in the Palace, with the exception of Amanda and myself, who are better than you," Leia complimented. Jess, laying flat and panting, said, "Thank you, your highness. I am not as sure, though. Tina and Len could give us a run for our money," she admitted. Leia shrugged. "Perhaps, but you should both know I am pleased with you. I bet the two of you together would almost outlast Amanda," she complimented.

Lyn laughed. "You're the one who is pleased, Your Highness? We should be thanking you. No one but the High Exalted One is better than you, Your Highness," she said. Leia smiled. " I think that....." she began. Then, a loud scream came from the elevator. Tina, a non-ranking slave, rushed out. "YOUR HIGHNESS!" she screamed, running towards them. Coming to a halt ten feet away, she stopped and knelt before Leia. "Serena is going beserk. She's upstairs in Rystall's room. As you ordered, Rystall, Diva, and Melanie took her up there to train her, but she's violently resisting," Tina blurted.

Jess smiled. "Calm down, sister. The High Exalted One can sense us from over in the throne room. He probably knows what happened and has already immobilized her," she said confidently. This made sense to Leia. Jabba immobilizing a slave, even when she was in the harem and he was in the throne room, was certainly within his power. His presence was always in their minds. He knew everything that they thought and did at all hours of the day. Within the range of his Palace, he was practically omniscient.

Tina frantically shook her head. "I was just with him an hour ago-he wanted a session with Len and me. After we were done, a messenger came and said His Exaltedness was needed on Corellia. Apparently a large spice deposit has been found there, and he needs to see it. He told Len and I to tell you he'll be gone for a while. Part of it is that he wants to distract himself from Mefora's dissappearance. I went upstairs to find you, as I didn't see you down here, and I saw Serena going crazy. They sent me down here to tell you, your highness," she explained.

Leia's eyes widened. "Where is Amanda, shouldn't she be helping you deal with this?" she demanded. Tina looked up at her Queen. "She is in her room, five feet away from the fight. She told us to deal with it, as helping would be beneath her," Tina revealed. Leia scowled. What is with that girl lately? she thought. It was Amanda's duty to help. But Leia would worry about that later.

"Alright, let's go," Leia said, "Tina, stay here. I want you to keep the other girls away from the fourth floor" Tina nodded, while Jess and Lyn Me followed her. They hurried into the elevator and sped up to the fourth floor, where the senior slaves' rooms were. The door opened. It revealed a full-scale brawl. Melanie was out cold, lying unconscious on the floor. Right next to her, Diva and Rystall struggled with Serena. Unfortunately, while Jabba's pets were unmatched by any in dancing, fighting was a different matter. Serena, on the other hand, evidently had received some training in this area.

Rsytall and Diva struggled to hold her arms down. Rystall had a huge black eye, while Diva had a bloody gash on her forearm. Serena was uninjured, though it looked like her hair had been pulled hard. "Stop!" Leia shouted, as she began running towards the slaves. Serena paid her no heed. She wrenched one of her arms free and landed a strong punch on Rystall's forehead. Rystall fell off Serena and landed on the floor; she did not get up.

Diva desperately tried to pin the girl, put Serena was too strong. She grabbed the Theelin's arms, then through her off and into the wall. Diva started to rise slowly. Quickly, almost eagerly, Serena got to her feet and went to finish off the stunned Diva. Leia got there just in time, managing to tackle Serena before she could land another blow. The two girls landed on the floor, Leia on top. They struggled briefly, but Serena saw the harmless nature in Leia's eyes. The Queen was unwilling to seriously injure her, and Serena took full advantage of this.

She shifted the balance, making Leia the one on the ground. Now on top, Serena prepared to knock her unconcious. Just before she could, the newly arrived Jess and Lyn Me came up behind her, each grabbing one of her arms. They hauled the girl away from Leia, then threw her on the floor. Together, all three girls managed to hold her down. Leia looked behind her and called to Diva, "Get me something to tie her down!"


Twenty minutes later, Serena was tied to the bedposts in Mara's empty room, restrained by coils of rope. Leia was furious with her, but knew she had to be broken soon. For her part, Serena screamed and cried, cursing as she tried to break free of her bonds. It was little use, as they had been secured tightly. Leia was unsure what to do to her, how to tame her was a mystery. More than simply refusing to obey, Serena constantly and violently tried to escape. Suddenly, Leia had her answer. She remembered what Yifa had told her, how Yifa had been near teaching Mefora her place before her ab duction. Leia decided to try similiar methods in this case.

"Leave me," she told her subjects. Hastily, they bowed and left the room. When they were, Leia turned to the tied down Serena. "Serena..." Leia's voice seductively purred," You've been such a naughty slave, haven't you?" she asked. Serena shook her head, calming down slightly before speaking. "I'm no slave. I'm the daughter of a wealthy business owner. Despite what you say, I am a free woman. I came here to free you from your master, not join you. What right do you have to keep me here?" she demanded.

Leia smiled, shifting closer to the still tied up Serena. "As my master is the Grand Emperor of the Galaxy, he has the right to do anything he wants. The law named after me gives him permission to enslave anyone, regardless of status. It was made for arrogant, high class people like you, if my master took a liking to you. Just like me, you are now a pet to The High Exalted One. Obey, and you will live an eternal, happy life."

"And what if I choose not to?" asked Serina, "What will you do with me?" Leia smiled. "You won't. That brings me to my first lesson: it is futile to resist. Your destiny is to serve as a pleasure slave for all time. You can try to fight it, but you will fail. I'm just speeding up the process. Our master is so pleasureable, so rewarding, that makes him impossible to resist for long. Instinctively, you want to obey your Hutt master, deep down, it is all you care for," Leia said.

Serena backed up into the bed. "I've never really cared for pleasure," she told Leia, who grinned. "No?" Leia asked. "No," Serena confirmed, "It's not important to me." Leia slowly moved her hands to her bra. "Are you sure about that?" she teased. With a slow, seductive motion, Leia took off her bra and let it fall to the floor. Serena blushed furiously. Leia, seeing this, slowly rolled around on the floor.

Serena failed to take her eyes off Leia's chest. "You like that?" Leia teased, pleased by her reaction. Her breasts had been enchanced since she had joined the harem, and were now a size larger. The harem, like it had done to the rest of her body, had made her chest the epitome of female perfection. "It is impossible to resist. We all tried, failed, and love every second of our failure. There is nothing wrong with giving in, you are only doing wrong when you are not, both to your master, and yourself. Your master is your god. You cannot resist. Resistance is futile. Obey the natural order." Serena managed to ask, "The natural order?" Leia smiled. "Yes. Hutts in charge, everyone else doing their bidding. They, the wisest, strongest, most powerful beings. More specifically, beautiful human women as pleasure slaves to these immortal gods. He is your rightful master, and you will obey him. It is inevitable."

Serena's composure was breaking down. Leia was continuing her slow, seductive movements, and they were driving Serena crazy. She tugged at her bonds, trying to break free. "Your second lesson," Leia said, "is how honorable it is to serve your master. He is the emperor, he is a god. You are nothing to him, and yet he has found you worthy, You should be honored. How can you refuse him? He is a Hutt, a species far superior to ours, to anyone's. No one was, is, or will ever be greater then him. I have learned this lesson. When I sit beside him, I feel like an insect. How could I not? Behind me is the swirling hurricane of power that is The High Exalted One. A god-like member of a species that are near-gods themselves. One who works tirelessly to better a galaxy that is now beginning to love Hutt rule. How could you not be honored to serve such a flawless being? He only has two imperfections, both of which favor us. He is lustful, and he is angry at anyone who comes between us and him. You should feel so proud, Serena. A god has chosen to favor you forever."

With that, Leia's hands moved to her bikini. In a flash, it was gone. Now, Serena began to madly tug at her bonds. "Let me go!" she begged. Leia smiled. "Ahh, but there is one more lesson you have to learn: How great the rewards are for pleasing him. The pleasure is indescribable, once you experience him, you are his forever. Now, Serena, you will be a good pet, won't you? You will go to your master and beg to receive him, and apologize for your attempt to murder him."

Leia paused, then continued. "I had to do the same. I was part of a violent, though hopeless, scheme to kill the High Exalted One, a scheme that resulted in the death of his first rancor and a disruption to his operations. Though I will never be able to forgive myself, my master had forgiven me. And he will show you mercy as well.

Serena tears in her eyes, cried, "I submit! You are my Queen, and the High Exalted One is my master. I will never disobey again, I promise. Please forgive my rebellious behavior." Leia smiled, nobody could tame a slave like she could. Leaving Serena tied up, she removed Serena's bra and bikini. She grinned at Serena. "Now, as the 30th slave of the High Exalted One, you are going to remain there for the next five hours, during which I will ravage you and give you pleasure beyond your wildest dreams."

Serena nodded eagerly, and Leia began.


After leaving an exhausted and satisfied Serena snoozing in the bed, Leia entered Amanda's room. Amanda was sitting in her bed, sipping wine from a crystal goblet. "Amanda, why didn't you help us?" Leia demanded angrily. Amanda shrugged. "It was beneath me," she replied. Leia advanced furiously on Amanda. "You forget your place, honestly I never would have expected this from you. I helped, and I am harem queen. You may be harem mistress, and my best friend, but you are still my servant," Leia said.

Amanda laughed harshly. "Your servant? I don't think that's right. You should be serving me. I deserve to be harem queen, not you. Tell that to Jabba, I'm sure he would agree," she ordered, "Now bow before me, little Leia, for you are nothing to me." Leia nearly slapped her. "I am the High Exalted One's favorite. You may be his second, but you are far below me. I never could have imagined you being this disrespectful. Trying to order ME around, calling the High Exalted One by name; I'm disgusted," Leia said.

"Like I care," Amanda retorted. Leia sighed. "Fine. If you want to be disobedient, than you will be punished. I love you, Amanda, but you need a severe attitude adjustment. I never thought I would have to punish you, but you've given me no choice. No swimming, no alchol, no dancing, and no sex, for a month. The only exception will be for tommorow's Canyon Races. Understand?" Leia said. Amanda nodded. "Goodbye," Leia said coldly.

As she left, Amanda begged, "Please, your highness. Forgive me." Leia turned around. "You're not acting like the Mistress I first met. When I see her again, I will forgive." With that, she slammed the door shut behind her.

Amanda's POV

Melina. She wouldn't leave her thoughts. Her influence grew stronger by the day. When she fully awoke, Amanda didn't know if she would be able to stop her.

You won't. In two days, I shall be fully awake. And my mind will overpower yours,.Melina spoke in her mind. "And then what, Melina? What is your plan?" Amanda demanded. Ah, my dear little Amanda. Your mistress will tell you. WHen I am in full control, it shall begin. I will repeat what has happened with you. My consciousness will spread to your friends.

"How?" Amanda asked. Simple. When my blood entered yours and reacted with the rejuvinating serum, my consciousness existed in two places, my body, and yours. I did not notice at the time, for it was still dormant. But when my body perished, my consciousness did not die, for it remained in you. When I fully awake, I shall cut your hand and obtain some of your blood. When they sleep, I shall put it in every one of the senior slaves. Since the process has already happened in your body, this time the effects will be more quicker. Within hours, my consciousness will be in control of all of them. Their free will, like yours, will be kept under mine. Its amazing, Amanda. I shall exist in multiple places at once. When I control that Mara girl, I will use her to kill Leia.

"Because you know you won't be able to overpower her," Amanda interrupted. Unforunately, she doubted any of the others could resist Melina. Even Mara. Perhaps. When I spread, I shall be able to choose which body I have direct control over, The others will act as I would want them to. I shall center on Mara, and she will kill Leia. Jabba will appoint you as Harem Queen, and thus, he will be appointing me. I will have complete control of the Harem. I will be Jabba's Harem Queen. I will sleep on his throne every night. Poor Mara, I am sure she will be executed. Lucky for you though. Even when your body will no longer be under your control, you'll still be able to feel Jabba's pleasure every night. I like you, Amanda. I admit your resistance to my last plan...allured me. But this time, I can't be stopped.

"And The High Exalted One won't know? He constantly reads our minds Melina. You can't hide from him," Amanda challenged. That's the best part. When I control a body, its true thoughts are blocked. I can simulate thoughts that a Force-User will hear. Even with his power, Jabba will not know. It's only a matter of time, Amanda. Then my rule shall be permanent.

She should have told Leia earlier. Now, it was too late. Melina had enough control that she could stop Amanda from doing so. Now, they would all pay for her indecisiveness.

Yes they will.


Mara stood behind Mefora at the Slave I's ramp. The ship was going to be dropping out of hyperspace in two minutes, and both couldn't wait to return to Nal Hutta. And what better time to arrive then during the Canyon Races? Mefora turned around and faced Mara. "Do you think I will be welcomed?" she asked nerviously, "I never actually submited before my capture. After talking with you, I'm ready now, but...if I never submitted, did they even miss me?"

Mara smiled. "The Harem was devastated. They all missed you terribly. Yifa the most. She barely spoke these last few days. You owe her some...private time alone. I think you two will be great best friends," Mara told her. Mefora grinned. "I knew her for ten minutes, but I think you're right. We seem like a perfect pair," she replied.

Mefora turned back toward the exit hatch. Mara knew she had nothing to be nervous about. Mara wished she could say the same for herself. Her career as Jabba's Hand was over. Looking at the stump that used to be her right hand, she reflected on what had happened. Fett had defeated his opponent, taken her back onto his ship, and healed her wounds, but he hadn't had the equipment to replace her hand.

It was too late now. It could never be attached again. Mara's time as Jabba's assassin was done. All she could be grateful for was her survival. "The doors will be open in sixty seconds, I suggest you leave then," Fett's voice spoke from the cockpit. Mara readied herself. It was time to face her master.

Leia's POV

Leia sat on her master's throne, listening to the cheers. She had just performed a dazzling routine for the massive crowd, and millions of lustful eyes were still on her. As they should be. She was the most beautiful woman who had ever breathed. She was the greatest dancer ever created. She was the favorite of Jabba the Hutt. She was the perfect slave girl.

The race soon bored her. Leia already knew who would win: the one her master had bet on. It wasn't that the race was fixed. It was because her master was never wrong. She heard the familiar sound of Jabba's nearly endless dinner brought to him, and she instantly turned her attention to him.

Jabba had grown enourmously since Leia's enslavement- less than two years ago. His dais had had to be dramatically increased in size to hold his continually expanding form. It was lucky that, much like her leash and collar, the throne was literally unbreakable. Jabba probably weighed dozens of tons by now.

Thanks to his awesome muscle, however, he still retained his initial shape. His stomach had grown proportionally to everything else. Before, Leia had been taller than her master if she stood on the dais. Now, even if she stood in his presence (which she would never do) his head would be considerably higher than hers. Now, she had to be levitated to his height whenever he desired a kiss- about twenty times a day. Leia was constantly under his shadow, which pleased her immensly.

His tail had increased in length. Before, when curled, it barely reached her legs. Now, it could encircle her entire body. When she slept, it pressed against her naked chest. Its tip would lay beside her mouth. She often kissed and sucked on it in her sleep. The slime his body exerted had increaed considerably. Sometimes it coated her entire body. Her pillows were now utterly saturated and permeated with slime. Leia found that it only made them even more comfortable.

She laid upon those very same pillows and watched her master begin to eat. The sheer amount was awe-inspiring. He now ate twenty-five meals a day, each lasted a half hour. Hundreds of cooks were required to satisfy his demand. Leia enjoyed watching him eat. The days of her disgust had long since passed. His fat attracted her, and his eating only increased it.

Unfortunately, his size had seemed to finally reach its maximum limit. Constant food was required just to mantain it. His power, however, had not. His strength in the Force increased every time he ate, probably due to his increasing mass. Now, reality seemed to blur slightly around him, as he could now alter it at a whim. Leia, a non-Force Sensative, could feel his power. He had become a literal Force-Nexus.

Her chain tugged once, sharply. It was the signal to return to him. (Leia had been trained to recognize what her master wanted by signals with her leash.) Leia ignored it, coyly resisting him. Realizing what she was doing, Jabba laughed and pulled harder. Leia bgean to gasp for air, but did not yet submit to the pull, knowing that her 'resistance' was alluring him. In spite of herself, she began to take pleasure from the choking. Yesss. Make me submit. Teach me your dominance, she thought.

With a powerful tug that probably took the slightest bit of his strength, Jabba easily overpowered her. Leia smiled as she slammed into his chest. She quickly got on her knees and lowered her head to the slime-soaked carpet that covered the dais. Leia began to lick the ground before her master, running her tongue along the carpet. "Master, your pet begs to be allowed to please you," Leia said. Jabba nodded. He reached out and gave her a pet on the shoulder. Leia cooed in response.

She put her forhead onto Jabba's stomach. Moving up and down, she began to stroke it with her hair. Pleasure began to build inside her. Leia pushed her barely covered chest against her master, and copied her previous movements. "Mighty One, Exalted One," she moaned over and over as she continued. Suddenly, Jabba grabbed her with the Force and positioned her on her pillows. His tail quickly leapt forward, the tip penetrated her mouth. She began to suck as hard as she could.

Leia would have gone on, but just then, a ship landed on the Palace Balcony. A male voice spoke something about 'a reajustement of assets' and how he had 'something to return.' Two figures stepped out of the ship. One was Mara, who was strangely holding her arms behind her back. The other...was Mefora Arless!

Mara's POV

"Mefora! You're back!" Mara heard Yifa's voice scream. Jabba's thirty slaves raced forward and embraced them. Yifa practically tackled Mefora. Only Amanda did not join in, she standed to the side and looked impassive, which surprised Mara. But there would be time to consider that later.

When the two were at last released from the hug, Mara and Mefora went and knelt at the foot of the dais. Leia was sitting on the end of it, and her feet were on the floor. Mara touched her forehead to one foot, and Mefora did the same to the other. "Master," Mefora said, "Nothing your pet puts into words can express her awe of your might. Her life has been nothing until this moment. She begs to be allowed to serve you for eternity."

Jabba laughed. "I am pleased that you are mine. I shall enjoy you, my slave. Now come to me," he ordered. Mefora was lifted to Jabba's head. He stroked her face with his massive tongue. Smiling, Mefora pressed her lips against one of his, then kissed it. "Your pet lives to serve you, master," Mefora breathed. She embraced him in appreciation. Jabba raised his hand, and the dome of his observation box closed, concealing him and his retinue of slaves from the crowd.

"Sit with me, my new kahnkee," Jabba said. Mefora did as she was told and sat between his body and his tail, which she began to rub. Jabba turned his gaze to Mara. "You have done well, slave. I am extremely pleased with you. Now, you shall have your reward," he said. Mara shook her head. She held out her right arm, showing Jabba her missing limb. "Your pet has failed you, master. She can no longer be your Hand. Your pet will gladly accept any punishment you wish to inflict on her," she said, meaning every word.

Jabba laughed, which surprised Mara. "What am I, Mara?" he asked. Mara thought about it. "A Hutt, master. But you are more. You are a god," Mara said. "Correct," Jabba replied. "Master, I do not see..." Mara stopped. Flesh began to jut out of her right arm. Bone and blood soon followed. They twirled and conjoined, until they melded together. In their place was a completely working hand.

"Master! How....?" she asked, shocked. Jabba pet her shoulder. "I control the Force. Midichlorians obey my bidding. Giving you a hand is a simple matter," he explained. "I have been creating things with the midichlorians for a very long time." Mara was amazed. "Thank you, master. She kissed the edge of the dais.

"Slaves! Attend to me!" Jabba's voice boomed. What followed was a celebration of epic proportions. Dances were done, clothes were removed, and spice was taken. Mara must have been intimate with a dozen of her sisters that night. Everyone got a session with the High Exalted One. Except for Amanda, who vanished and did not reappear. But Mara had little time to be concerned.

High with giggledust and drinking her third helping of wine from a crystal goblet engrained with diamonds, Mara was approached by Leia. "The High Exalted One decrees that you should receive a large reward," Leia said. Mara knelt. "I do not require one, my Queen," she said humbly. Leia smiled. "Whenevr you are not on a mission, you shall be my personal assistant. You will attend me at all hours, except when I am with the High Exalted One, and help me with my duties," Leia revealed.

Mara shook her head. "I am honored, but you do not require my help," she replied. "There will soon be a hundred slaves in the Harem, and the master is talking about adding even more. I may need some assistance, despite my expertise. What do you say, my servant? Will you be my helper? Will you follow me wherever I go and do whatever I say?" Leia asked. Mara nodded. "It will be my honor, your majesty," she replied. Spending more time with Leia was indeed a reward. A big one. "This new rank places you slightly higher in the hierarchy than the other senior slaves. You are now second only to Amanda and myself," Leia added. Mara smiled. "Thank you, your majesty," she said again.

No one interrupted their celebrations, even after the races were over. They remained alone in the observation box all night. In the end, Mara found herself asleep in her Queen's arms in the place of honor beside Jabba's stomach. The other senior slaves, Jess, Lyn Me, and Rystall slept on top of Jabba. Melanie and Diva slept on the corners of the throne. Mefora was allowed to sleep in the area encircled by his tail. Yifa, desperate to be with her friend, was allowed to join her. Throughout the night, they never left each others' arms. Mara knew they would be inseperable. Long after everyone else had fallen asleep, Mara could still hear Mefora and Yifa kissing softly. The rest of the slaves slept around the dais, Jabba's Force Powers cushioning the ground and keeping them warm.

Melina's DownfallEdit

Leia's POV

"Eight hundred million credits, is my final offer, take it or leave it," Jabba was saying to the representative. Leia sighed seductivly from her place on the throne. She was going to enjoy this.

Her master was currently negotiating the final price of the year's supply of fruit he was buying for the Harem. As it consisted of only the rarest and sweetest kinds of fruit in the galaxy, the price was exorbant. Leia knew her master would pay any price for the any of the Harem's luxuries, but the Exotic Fruits representative did not.

"One billion credits is much more f..." the representative begna, but stopped when Leia ran her hand suggestively down her leg. "Eight hundred million is a high price as it is, you are lucky I am generous," Jabba said. The representative struggled to tear his eyes away from Leia, who repeatadly stroked her bear leg. "But.." he protested weakly. Then Leia forced his eyes to meet hers.

"Of course, Mighty One, your price is more than fair," he conceded. "Of course," Jabba replied, dissmissing him. The representative quickly left the throne room, but not before Leia noticed a bulge in his pants.

"Excellent job, my lovely," Jabba commended her. Leia smiled, continuing to absent-mindedly stroke her leg as she turned around and looked up at him adoringly. "Your pet is grateful, master, for what you buy her and her sisters. She knows you would pay any price," Leia told him. She bowed her head to the rugs that covered the dias and licked the ground before her master. The ever-present slime trailed on her tongue. It was tasteless, but the sheer sensation aroused her.

"Indeed I would. Now, you will show me your appreciation," he said. Jabba grabbed his hookah and lowered it to her mouth. "Take a hit!" he ordered. Leia, filled with gratitude, oblidged. Immediately, her pupils dilated and her vision became swirled with color. She began to sweat....she wanted her master so much, wanted his tail to enter her.

Leia quickly discarded her bra and bikini, then knelt before her master, naked. "Dance for me," he ordered, his lustful gaze taking in her perfect features. Leaving the throne, she walked a few feet away and stood facing it. Swaying her hips, she began a slow...seductive dance. Her sensuous movements emphasized all of her assets. Twirling her fingers around her breasts, she soon began the next phase of her performance.

She stopped her movements and reached down. At Jabba's nod, she began to finger her entrance. "Oh master, oh master," she moaned repeatadly. Jabba's tail began to wiggle in arousal. Leia moaned louder and louder as she increased her exertions. "Ohh, ohh, oooohh...." she continued. Desperate to reach her peak, Leia ran over to one of the poles the strip dancers used. Closing her eyes, she began to rub her folds up and down on the pole intensely. Heat built up inside Leia. Soon, the increased friction was too much for her, and she climaxed then and there.

"Come to me, my kahnkee," Jabba ordered loudly, giving her leash a hard yank. Eagerly, she went with the momentum and ran to his throne. Her master quickly grabbed her breasts while shoving his tail in her face, which she began to lick and suck with zeal. As her master's hands did marvels on her breasts, Leia began to moan even louder. Moving her chest to his face, Jabba's great tongue started licking it.

Eventually, when his tail finally withdrew from its conquest of her mouth, Leia knelt down again. "Please...master," she begged desperately, "Your pet needs your tail, please, take her!" Jabba had Leia lay flat on her pillows, and his tail moved to her entrance. Leia shivered with anticipation as it slowly probed into her. "Yes, yes, yesssss!" she screamed as he began to thrust harder and harder. It didn't take long for her to reach her peak once....twice...five times. She eventually came for him seven times before she was finally exhausted. "Thank you, master...." she breathed.

"Now, you are dissmiised to the Harem, to help train your subjects, though I loath to part with you, my kahnee," he said.

Leia managed to sit up and get off the dais. "Yes, master," she replied.

Waiting for her in the hallway outside the throne room was Mara. The instant she saw Mara, Leia smiled. She had been proving a wonderful servant and helper the last two days. Mara dropped to her knees. "Your highness, I sensed you would soon be dismissed and have arrived to attend to you," she spoke. Leia nodded, motioning for her subject to rise.

Mara gestured toward Leia, and soon she began to float in the air. "A Queen should not be forced to walk when she doesn't have to, especially when she is exhausted," Mara had said when she had first done this two days ago. Leia had agreed. "A shame I still have to dance, though," Leia joked. Mara laughed and the two began to head towards the Harem, Leia's feet not touching the floor. "It's not a shame for any who observe you, your highness," Mara replied, making Leia grin.

Once they arrived, Leia asked to be let down. Mara complied. Leia stripped off her costume and waded into a pool. "I'm going for a swim," Leia said, "Send Amanda to join me...oh right." Amanda was still in her room on punishment. Every time she remembered, Leia's heart broke. Amanda just wasn't herself anymore. "I miss her to, your highness," Mara said. Leia sighed. "You should go practice, Mara," Leia said. Mara shook her head. "If that's only a request, than I'd prefer not to. I'm not like you, who never needs to practice at all to retain her skills, but I can miss a day. I wish to attend you," she said.

Leia nodded. "Very well," she replied. Mara removed her own costume and joined Leia in the pool. The rest of the slves were practicing their dance rountines. Leia enjoyed the sight of Mara's naked form, which helped put Amanda somewhat out of her mind.

A little.

"What shall I do, your highness? Would you like me to comb your hair, massage your feet, shoulders, or back, or pleasure you, your highness?" Mara asked dutifully. Leia sighed. "The last one," she replied without much enthusiasm. Mara nodded eagerly and lunged forward, kissing Leia passionately. Leia did not respond. Mara pulled back. "Have I displeased you, your highness?" she asked. "No, it's just..." Leia trailed off. Mara nodded. "I understand, she's your best friend, of course you're worried," she said sympathetically.

"Is this my fault, somehow?" Leia asked uncertainly. Mara frantically shook her head. "Of course not! You, the most beautiful woman ever to exist, the High Exalted One's favorite, the most skilled being who ever danced, to blame? Never!" Mara cried. Leia smiled weakly. "You'd think I would tire of constant compliments and praise," she remarked. "You know it's all true, your highness," Mara replied. Leia grinned. "I guess I haven't tired of it yet," she remarked, then continued, "Hard to believe we used to be enimies."

Mara smiled. "I despised you and everything you stood for. You felt the same way about me. All over a meaningless conflict that neither side won for long. The Empire's victory didn't last a year," she mused. Leia smiled again. "But we both won, thanks to the High Exalted One," Leia replied. Mara frowned. "I'm worried for Amanda, really worried," she admitted. Leia sighed.

"I am too."

My Lovely, your sisters are in distress. Find out what's troubling them, and inform me when you know. The High Exalted One whispered in her head.

"Your higness?" Mara asked as Leia had seemed distracted.

Looking to Mara, Leia started to get out of the tub. "Our master just told me that our sisters are in distress!" she told her. "Let's go find out what he means." Mara nodded and followed suit, getting out of the water and putting her costume on.

Just as they started to walk away, they heard a loud voice yelling out. "First, you are banned from fruit for a month, then...!" it was Amanda's voice!

Both girls picked up the pace and ran towards the noise. What they saw before them was a pair of Twi-leks lying down as if they'd been thrown to the ground, several of their other sisters scattered around the room, and Amanda was having a loud argument with . . . herself?

"What in the High Exalted One's name is going on with her?" asked a shocked and confused Mara.

"Knock her out." Leia commanded.

Mara glanced at her. "Are you sure, your Highness?"

"Yes. I don't like it, but I don't think she'll listen to reason. Knock her out." Leia expressed. Mara nodded, and reached out with the Force, causing Amanda to collapse. "What has been going on around here?" Leia asked all her fellow slaves. She realized after she'd spoken how pointless it was to ask, but it was too late to change her question now.

"Amanda . . . " a slave began.

"No, stop. I know," Leia interrupted. She herself heard the evident distress in her voice, but quickly gave her voice a sense of confidence, for her sisters sake as well as herself. "Mara, take her to her room. I will speak to the High Exalted One. She's clearly suffering from something serious," she ordered. "Slaves! Your mistress is obvously very unwell. I know you all are concerned for her," she began.

That was an understatement. The slaves were either hugging, crying, or both. It was clear to Leia that they were really worried about Amanda. "But I am sure our master can cure her, whatever she has. Proceed with practice, if you are able," Leia finished. She than dashed out of the harem, running towards the throne room, leaving Mara to obey her orders.

After sprinting her way to the throne room, Leia bowed before her Master with her forehead touching the dais. “Rise my Kahnkee.” Jabba commanded, and she did so. “Now tell me, do you know what troubles Amanda?”

“No Master, the reason for her behaviour eludes your pet.” She answered him.

Jabba took a moment to speak again. “It is most troubling, the way she has been acting of late. I had assumed she was just angry concerning the loss of Mefora, as I was.”

Leia nodded. It was a hard time for all of them, including herself. She had not been allowed to pleasure his highness during Mefora’s absence, as Jabba had feared he would harm her badly.

“I believed that her anger would disappear when Mara had completed her mission. It seems that for once, I was wrong.” Jabba said disdainfully.

“Your pet humbly asks what we should do now, my master.” Leia requested.

“Go and ask her what it is that ails her. If she refuses to listen, then bring her to me. We will end whatever this is once and for all!”

Leia smiled and nodded towards her Master and left the throne room. With words like those and all the confidence she had heard in them, she knew he was right. Very soon, she would have her oldest and greatest friend back to normal.

Mara's POV

Mara has surprised herself with how strong her hold was on Amanda’s body, managing to keep it perfectly still, just as The High Exalted One would do. The unwell Mistress was shaking violently to try and break free of Mara’s force-grip and was shouting loudly at her, but to no avail. The best Mara could do was keep her sister restrained. And be just as coy.

“RELEASE ME AT ONCE!” Amanda screamed at her.

“Not gonna happen.” Mara responded half-heartedly.

“You will obey me, I AM YOUR SUPERIOR!” she shouted.

“True, but as it is, you are not my highest superior. And until someone higher than you tells me to release you, you’re not going anywhere.”

“Empire bitch! I will punish you for this!”

Fortunately, their Queen had chosen just that moment to enter the room. It was a good thing too, since Amanda’s last words had actually hurt Mara. Leia’s entrance gave her an excuse to turn her head away from Amanda, rather than turn her head in pain.

“Any changes?” Leia had asked her.

“Well, her attitude most certainly hasn’t improved since you saw her last.”

“Look at you!” Amanda screeched at Leia. “Walking around, standing there as if you actually deserve the honour of being Jabba’s favourite!”

“AMANDA!” Leia yelled, appalled at her choice of words. Amanda had never referred to The High Exalted One by name, until now.

“You don’t deserve it, you’ll never deserve it! It should be me, IT MUST BE ME!”

“Amanda, snap out of it!” Leia yelled. “What’s gotten into you? Why are you acting like this? Hurting your sisters, showing hardly any effort when it comes to group events . . . and worst of all, you referred to the High Exalted One by name! How could you do that? Don’t you remember how many times you scorned me for saying his name?”

“I should have done better! I should have requested that Jabba FEED YOU TO THE RANCOR!” Amanda screamed.

Leia let out a frustrated sigh and turned to walk away from Amanda, placing her hands on her head and rubbing her temples. While her back was turn Mara fixed Amanda with a cold stare, the kind that she would have reserved for one Luke Skywalker in her past life.

“This is getting us nowhere.” Leia said quietly.

“What should we do?” Mara asked, turning her head in Leia’s direction but keeping her eyes on Amanda.

“What the High Exalted One ordered.” Leia began, then turned back to Amanda and stood right in front of her, deep into her eyes. “I don’t know what it is that’s causing you to act this way, Amanda. But as your Queen and your best friend, it’s my duty to find out a way to help you. Unfortunately I was unable to do that today, and I’m sorry I failed you in that regard. But thankfully, I know one individual who can, and will bring you back to your former glory. Our master.”

Mara smiled at Leia’s brave words. It was times like these she was grateful to have someone like Leia serving as her superior.

“Mara, keep her restrained and follow me. The High Exalted One shall settle this, I guarantee it.” Leia ordered. Mara nodded and levitated Amanda’s body off the bed and followed her Queen out the door.

Leia's POV

Leia and Mara approached the dais their master sat on, and both kneeled in respect, though Amanda, who was being held in the air by Mara’s force powers, adorned a cocky grin to her face at seeing Jabba’s extremely large form.

“My master.” said Leia. “Your pet regrets to inform you that she has not succeeded. Amanda’s behaviour is still most unusual.”

“Arise my slaves, I know you did the best you could. I cannot ask anymore than that.” Jabba told his slaves softly. He then eyed Amanda angrily, who continued to smile in response. “Release your grip on her, Mara.” He commanded. Mara obeyed, loosening her force-grip on her sister. But, oddly enough, Amanda’s body stayed levitating off the floor. Jabba had obviously gripped her with his own force powers already.

Amanda was brought before her master, his hands resting on her shoulders as he stared right into her eyes. “Amanda, why are you behaving like this?” he asked her.

“Because I am the one that deserves everything that she has!” Amanda pointed towards Leia. “She doesn’t deserve to be Queen! She doesn’t even deserve to be touched by you!”

Jabba looked impassive, though Leia knew that Amanda’s words had caused her to cross the line. Although his face didn’t show it, Jabba was now mad.

“I’ve known you for over fifty-four years now Amanda and you have never thought that you deserve something more than you are given! You treat everything I have ever given you as a blessing! Why do you choose now to act this way?” Jabba paused as if realising something in the middle of his speech. “Unless, your recent actions are the influences of another!”

Amanda smiled a toothy grin. “Lucky guess.”

“Who are you really?” Jabba asked her.

“You mean you don’t remember me?” Amanda asked, the stuck-up tone still in her voice. “And hear I thought you could never forget me. I certainly could never forget you. My . . . MASTER!”

That was the final sign, the last clue Jabba needed. Only one of his slaves ever called him their master with that voice, that tone, that emphasis, and it had never been from Amanda. It had only been from . . .

“Melina.” Jabba somehow growled the name of his traitorous former Mistress.

“Master, it’s been so long.” Melina, not Amanda, smiled with another cocky grin.

“SILENCE!” Jabba bellowed, almost knocking that toothy grin off her face.

“Melina?” asked a shocked Leia, approaching her master’s dais from the side to see into Amanda . . . Melina’s eyes. “The rightful owner of that body told me much about YOU!” Leia said as she fixed her greatest friend’s face with a hard stare. “And all this time, you’ve been hiding within her!”

“Not always.” Melina retorted. “It was really her when she stupidly begged you for your forgiveness. But it WAS me when I was doing your job better than you EVER COULD!”

Melina’s breath was cut short as Jabba squeezed at her neck using the force. With a painful gasp, Melina turned Amanda’s face to look upon Jabba again. “Amanda,” Jabba began, as he released the force from her neck and instead started to softly caress the cheek of Amanda with his fingers. “I am truly sorry to do this, but I have no intention of harming you, only Melina.”

Using what strength she had left, Amanda broke through Melina’s control. “I don’t blame you at all Master, just get her out! Please, I beg you, GET HER OU-!” Melina took control again and shut Amanda up.

“NO!” Melina snarled. “I’ll never leave this body! I’ll never let her go! There’s nothing you can do Master, not even your power can stop me now!”

Jabba answered her statement with a laugh, one that sounded very familiar to Leia. He cackled the same laugh he did when he had discovered her and Han kissing. “Your overconfidence is your weakness, my former First Mistress. And I’ve witnessed firsthand how much it can topple the fool that tries to reach the top of the mountain.”

As Melina could only show confusion, having not understood Jabba’s meaning, the Hutt Emperor explained.

“Tell me, my most precious Kahnkee,” Jabba addressed Leia, who looked obediently towards her master. “In your own words, what am I?” he asked her.

Leia smiled. He obviously knew her answer already, but it always felt good to say it anyway. “You are a God, Master, in the form of a Hutt, a fitting shape for one so powerful.”

“And is there truly anything that a God cannot do?” Jabba asked her.

“No, High Exalted One. Nothing is impossible to you.” Leia answered.

“And if that’s true, then am I not capable of . . . anything?” he asked.

Leia nodded. “Absolutely, my Master.”

“One last question, then.” He said as he turned his gaze back to Melina, his lips locked in a cocky grin to put hers to shame. “Might Anything include taking and destroying the soul of another being?”

Now knowing her master’s intent, she gave her final answer. “Of course it does, for someone so powerful it’s child’s play.”

Melina seemed to have caught on as well, for now she stared horrified at her master’s eyes, her mouth agape and lips trembling. “Master . . . Master, please, no, I beg of you, please don’t to this to me, not again, please, please . . .”

“Just how many times did Amanda say such words to you before you slammed her begging right back in her face?” Jabba asked. Melina was too petrified to answer. “I hope that you remember our more pleasurable moments together Melina. At least then it would make one of us!”

With that said, Jabba raised his hand up to Amanda’s mouth. As soon as he reached out with the force, Melina used Amanda’s voice to scream in pain, feeling the excruciating sensation inside of her, as her soul began to get sucked out of Amanda’s body. A bright white mist started to come out of Amanda’s mouth, and the amount of mist coming out increased with every second. When the last of the mist exited her body, Amanda went limp, and her screaming stopped.

The same level of screaming was coming, apparently, from the mist itself. It was no longer Amanda’s voice that Leia and Mara heard screaming, but the voice of a woman they had never heard before. It was undoubtedly Melina’s real voice.

“Goodbye, Melina!” Jabba bellowed to the mist. “And this time, FOR GOOD!”

Jabba closed his fist as if he were squeezing something hard enough to crush it, and the second he did, the mist vanished. Melina’s screams were gone, and the mist had disappeared without a trace.

Jabba’s gaze then turned to Amanda, whom he had gently descended to the floor. “My Kahnkees, check her. Make sure she is alright.” Jabba ordered. Leia and Mara obeyed without question, and scurried their way to Amanda’s body, taking one side each. They delicately checked for her pulse while lifting her up to face Jabba.

“She’s alive.” Mara said, relieved.

“Amanda, awaken.” Jabba commanded. And, as expected, Amanda’s eyes slowly opened, as if she had woken from a long sleep. Regaining her composure, she looked upon her illustrious master, and with tears in her eyes, crawled towards her Master’s dais, bowing before him all the while.

“My most noble Master. I am so sorry I’ve failed you. I should have been stronger, I should have . . .” Amanda felt her body rise up from the ground again, and just as before, Jabba looked into her eyes with care and concern.

“I hold no anger towards you, Amanda.” He told her. “Remember; I too was surprised by Melina’s actions. You and all you sisters are eternally precious to me, but I would not expect you to know how to handle something that surprises even me.”

Amanda bowed her head in thanks and smiled towards her owner, the first legitimate smile she had given in weeks. As she felt the invisible hands of her master pulling her body ever closer to his perfectly grotesque form, she leaned forward as her Master gave her one of his sultry licks.

Leia and Mara felt their bodies be lifted and carried towards their master as well, taking either side of Amanda.

“Above all else, I am glad that you are yourself again.” Jabba told her. “And I’m sure that your sisters are as well.”

Looking to her right, she saw the seductive smile of her beautiful red-headed sister. “Oh, Mara . . .“ she giggled, and the two of them kissed passionately, like lovers reunited after a year of separation.

As their kiss ended, Amanda turned to her left and faced Leia, her irresistible beauty in her smile alone giving Amanda a sense of utter bliss. “Your Highness!” she whispered, and they too gave a truly passionate kiss, but unlike the one she and Mara shared, this kiss was one of lovers reuniting after being separated for a lifetime. 

“My Kahnshees.” Jabba addressed the three of them. “Shall we celebrate?” All three of the girls nodded, and breathed inwardly as they prepared themselves for a night of pleasure they knew they would never forget.


They laid together afterword. After hours of lovemaking Jabba had bid his pets good night and fallen into a deep sleep. All three girls remained nude, and decided to join their Master in slumber. Mara went first, her head resting on Leia's chest just below her perfect breasts. 

"Your Highness?" Amanda asked. The two of them were laying parallel with their backs on their Master's chest.

"Hmm?" Leia responded.

"You know that none of what I said about you being unworthy were my words, right? I would never dream of wanting to take your position," she said.

Leia smiled and nodded. Reaching down with her left hand, she began absent mindidly stroking Mara's breasts. The slave girl moaned slightly in response, remaining fast asleep.

"I know that. You are my most loyal and devoted servant, and that is truly saying something given the love all our sisters share for me. You are also my favorite, which again, is saying something. You shall always be my second, my confidant, and my closest friend," Leia replied. 

"Thank you, Your Highness," Amanda replied. Knowing her Master was in a deep sleep, she left his side and crawled to the end of Leia's legs. Lowering her head to her Queen's feet, she lovingly kissed both of her heels, soles, and all ten toes in turn. Sticking out her tongue, she then spent the next five minutes licking her Queen's feet. Amanda'a tongue caressed every inch of Leia's feet, including between her toes. As she worshipped her Queen, the slave girl's face wore a look of complete adoration.

If Leia hadn't orgasmed over a dozen times that night already, she knew she would already be feeling immense arousal. As it was, Amanda's actions filled her with a different kind of pleasure: the pleasure of domination. It felt so great to have her friend kneel before her, performing an act so degrataing without even being asked. Leia reveled in her superierority, just as she knew Amanda was basking in her own undeniable inferiority and loving it. 

Amanda loved servicing Leia's feet. She enjoyed dominating her other sisters, but when it came to Leia her every instinct was one of submission and servitude. It was more than the sexual pleasure of licking her Queen's feet, it was the joy of willing subjugation. 

Finally, Leia snapped her fingers and pointed beside her. Amanda dutifully crawled to where her Queen indicated. She laid down once again on her owner's massive bulk.

"I wish I could stay here forever, Your Highness, worshipping my Queen in the shadow of my god. She turned on her side and faced the Hutt Lord's chest, stuck out her tongue and lightly licked it repeatedly, loving the taste of slime on her tongue. The thrill of submission flooded her once again. 

"You will. This is our destiny Amanda. To serve Him, to love Him, and to love each other. One day, the Hutt Empire will expand across the entire universe, and all shall know the joy of living under the High Exalted One. Now sleep sister. And dream of your eternal servitude to your Queen and your god," Leia commanded.

Smiling (and still licking her Master) as she slept, Amanda began to do just that.

Leia grinned. Tomrrow morning, she would be awoken either by her sisters serving her or her Master commanding her. Each enticed her equally. She loved submitting and obeying her Master just as much as she loved dominating her sisters. Submission and domination in equal parts would be her life forevermore. And so the Slave Princess, Harem Queen, and future Harem Empress fell into sleep's embrace, knowing that her life so far had been just the beginning. 

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