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On Boba Fett's shipEdit

Hutt language* "Take the woman or I will put a bounty on your head so big, the Imperials will tail after you", Jabba the Hutt said. He had recently captured a slave he really didn't need, and the bounty on her wasn't large enough to care. Her name was princess Leia. She had recently attempted to rescue Jabba's favorite decoration, the carbonite frozen Han Solo He owed Jabba a ton of credits, but failed to pay him in time, so Jabba recruited Fett. Fett himself did little except track Solo. Darth Vader was the one who captured him, not that Jabba the Hutt, really cared. Being forced to accept a slave was one thing, but under the pretences, Boba Fett saw it fit to leave the desert planet for a while. So he left for Coruscant. And this is where the story begins."My friends will come for me", Leia said to Fett "And when they do, they will kill you" To which Fett replied "They will try. I've killed Jedi before" "I've hunted down smugglers and brought down renegade wookies" "They will try and they will fail""Now clean my armor" I like a nice, shiny olive color" once leia had finally finished cleaning her captors armor, Boba returned holding something in his hands and handed it to leia, "change into it" Boba said to which Leia replied, "what if I refuse?". at that a sinister smile played its way onto his lips "I'll change you" boba said. hearing that leias face went bright red, not wanting the bounty hunter to see her naked she looked around for a place to change on his ship, but when she found none she came to a horrible conclusion, her changing area was right where she was. Trying to force back tears of humiliation she reluctantly unfolded the bundle Boba had given her, realizing it was no more than a chainmail bikini that would have been a size to small for her 3 years ago she nearly cried, but slowly without looking directly at the bounty hunter she romoved her tunic then quickly put the tight bikini on, feeling the metal links bite into her breasts and other areas. after that Boba held out a strange bracelet with a area for her to put her middle finger, reluctantly she took it and put it on, finally to her horror she saw a collar and a leash in his hand and quickly put it on, Leia nearly cried, he took her to a dingy cell and tied her leash there and left, then leia finally broke down crying. Boba had no idea what to do with her and thought, maybe I should leave her to rot, no he couldn't figure it out. back in the cell, Leia had stopped crying but was just as humiliated. the ship kept flying for a long time and since there was no clock leia didn't know what time it was but Fett came in to the cell, giving her something she suspected was dinner. then he quickly left.  boba went back and told her, "take off the collar," she took off the collar, wondering. THEN, he gave her another collar. It was a shock collar. "Put it on," he said. Leia was more hesitant about the collar.

Fett continued to wait. Leia realized she had little choice but to accept her faith. Slowly she snapped the shock collar around her neck. She suddenly felt a sharp pain as if being electrified. Which she was.

He left and Leia slowly went to sleep. She was awaken by the pain around her neck.

Where am ''I? Leia thought. Then she rememered she was a slave to Boba Fett. Then fett came in. He was already in his armor, and she looked outside, the sun was rising and she wondered how a person could get dressed quickly. Even when she stripped for him it was slower. Maybe he slept in it. But Leia had no idea. Then she noticed the ship stopped. They were on Coruscant.

On Coruscant, in a nightclubEdit

"Now, i will not be seen with a scantily clad slave, as the laws say. Wander around with this blastor and shoot anyone who criticizes Jabba or praises Emporor Palpatine. Jabba wanted me to do it.That bracelet is a tracer so i see your every move and if you disobey, i'll shock you. Oh, and wear this," Said Fett. Leia looked at it. It was the uniform of an asassin. He then handed leia a new blastor, the G-801 with a bunch of things on it. Leia didn't know what to do. She put on the outfit quickly and got going. She left the port and went off to a Couscant nightclub. It was the usual, scum; Twi'lek slaves, criminals and such. She heard a Neimodian smuggler say, "Jabba, that rotten filth... a big *$@&!" Leia felt the collar and she shot the smuggler. She than ran away, far, to the senate building. It reminded Leia of her life before. A senater. a rebel. DEFINITLY NOT A SLAVE.ffd

A ThiefEdit

When Leia headed to Fett's ship, he said, "Ya did Ok, but that's not your thing. Go back to the cell." Leia went to her cell, which closed immediately. There was a bed which had a hard mattress and some ripped pajamas. Leia put them on and undid her braid. She then tried to go to sleep but it was hard with the constantly moving ship. She finally did but felt the pain and woke up 2 hours later. "Wake up," said Boba. "We're on Correllia." "Why?" asked Leia. "I had to get this new gun, and does it matter?" "What do I do?" asked Leia. "You clean my armor," said Fett. Leia followed him out and she saw other prisoners, an Aqualish, a Twi'lek, a big a- and Lando! "Lando?!" asked Leia. "It's me," he said glumly. "Why are YOU here?' he asked. "Well, Jabba forced Fett to accept me so now I'm sopposed to clean his armor."

Leia Felt the pain on her neck and followed Fett out. He was enabling the tracer. Leia found his armor on the floor and started polishing it. Afterwords, her hands were all dirty and cut. She  didn't like this life at all. She then waited for what seemed like 10 hours till Fett got back. I think i may have found a use for you after all he says. He quickly explains that if leia were to become his apprentice then he would take care of her but she would get no pay, as she was his property.


Leia woke up and got dressed in her revealing outfit, even though she would. By the time she got there she saw Boba sitting it seemed he had been waiting a while. He handed her the blaster then ordered her to shoot the set up targets. Boba ordered her to do it again while she was aiming at the third target Boba sucker punched her. She angrily got up and said: "What was that for!" Fett replied, "Always be ready."blah blah blah

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