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Leia's chain was attached to a loop on her collar around her neck and held by Jabba. The chain served as a leash that Jabba used to control Leia and the rest of his slaves. The chain was originally very long until broken by R2-D2. After R2-D2 freed her, half of her chain was still attached to her collar, a reminder of the slavery she had escaped from. Jabba used the chain to prevent Leia's escape and also to control her. By tugging on the chain from time to time and choking her he reminded Leia of his mastery over her. Ironically, she would eventually use the chain to strangle the Hutt Lord to death.

Slave Leia Scene03:10

Slave Leia Scene

Slave Leia chained


R2-D2 breaks leias chain

Leia's Perception of her ChainEdit

Leia despised her chain the most out of her whole costume, along with her collar, as it gave Jabba complete control over her by keeping her on a short tether letting Leia go as far away from Jabba on the throne as the chain would allow. Leia hated that she felt the cold chain against her naked back, along with Jabba's constant tugging, and yanking keeping her close as possible to make the scantily clad princess not to stray far from him, especially on the sail barge. If she ever resisted a yank, he would follow up her newfound courage with an even harder yank, forcing her to either run towards him, or force her back against his bloated belly. Leia was replused most when Jabba choked her as she had to gasp for air in pain. She was always annoyed when Jabba played with the chain, reminding her of her place as his slave. Jabba loved seeing the half naked princess in pain from his tuggs and yanks of her chain, Along with her collar, this showed everybody the proud princess was now a pet to the Great Jabba the Hutt. She also hated feeling the cold chain against her naked back when she slept, as it would often move causing her to make her self comfortable adjusting her self accordence to the chain. Also when Jabba yanked her chain for her to sleep on his belly feeling the coldness of it on her cheeks.

Jabba's Use of Leia's Leash Edit

Jabba enjoyed using a leash as a means of controlling his many humanoid pet females. He especially enjoyed the dynamic it gave him over Leia, a former princess, as he began the process of turning her into his obedient and subservient pet. Some of the things that Jabba would do with the leash to train Leia included using the leash to pull her close to him so that she had to feel him press against her, which she despised. He also used it to choke her by tugging on her leash if she showed any disobedience. Jabba also used his leash to reinforce the fact that she was his pet. Starting around the middle of her enslavement in his Palace, Jabba would take Leia for walks around the palace using her leash to lead her around. He wanted her to feel as though she really were his pet, his animal that he used for his own amusement. So every morning, Jabba would take Leia out on a walk. Leia would be made to crawl in front of him on her hands and knees as Jabba held her in tow with her leash, much like a dog. Leia despised these walks, and she resisted them strongly at the beginning of her servitude. However, Jabba was insistent on his training of her, and by the end of her time in his palace, Jabba had Leia stopping to sniff random messes on the floor of the palace corridors, lifting one of her legs to pee like a dog along the walks, and he also got her to go on these walks completely in the nude with the exception of her boots, arm bands and collar. Leia of course was humiliated but Jabba loved watching her breasts sway down in front of her as she crawled along the floor.
Slave Leia & Jabba Loop 3- Leia runs to Jabba03:05

Slave Leia & Jabba Loop 3- Leia runs to Jabba

Jabba Yanks Leia's chain as she runs to him

Slave Leia & Jabba Loop 2- Jabba yanks Leia's chain03:02

Slave Leia & Jabba Loop 2- Jabba yanks Leia's chain

Jabba yanking Leia's chain

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