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List of StoriesEdit


Jess, la nuova schiava di Jabba the Hutt- una storia su una schiava non usata: Jess.

Alternate Ending-From Misguided Princess to Willing Slave- Leia fails to escape to her master and learns to submit to him.

The Taming of Amanda- Prequel to the above story, Amanda's life and enslavement by Jabba the Hutt.

Mara Jade - Assassin and Slave- Sequel to Misguided Princess to Willing Slave; Mara's enlavement by Jabba and her unique role serving him.

Minna's sex slavery-Minna's most humilitating slavery with the smallest bikini ever   

Alternate Ending - Mara Completes her Mission - Mara defeats Leia's escape, who learns to loyally serve her master.

Oola and Leia submit to Jabba - Oola submits to her master and is forced to serve him with Leia.

Leia's Secret tale of her enslavement

Leia's Execution by Jabba the Hutt- Leia is executed by the almighty Hutt.

Are We There Yet? The Original Edition - After Leia's capture by Jabba, after her days of enslavement, after Luke's arrival and killing of the Rancor, and after Luke & the others were sentenced, there was a long, tense trip on the Sail Barge to her friends' execution. This is the tale of Slave Leia and her master Jabba on that trip. (This edition was written long before the excessive "new scenes" were ever added, originally as a six-installment serial story on the Drool & Discuss page. This is the unexpurgated edition, with occasional edits to help reconstruct it to reflect its original form).

Padme and the Pleasure Pit - A Prequel Slave Story - Padme is captured while on Tatooine during TPM

The Slave Princess - Leia is changed from her ordeal as Jabba's slave.

Leia's Capture and Execution - After being sold to the Empire by Jabba, Leia's fate is sealed.

Oola: Dance of a Pleasure Slave - Oola accepts her fate and shows her devotion to her master with an erotic dance

The Slave and a Princess - After being spared from an untimely demise, Oola competes with the newly-enslaved Leia for the position of Jabba's favorite slave.

Kingdom Hearts: Jabba's Palace - Kairi goes in place of Leia in an attempt to rescue Han, things don't turn out the way she planned.

Steam Punk Slave Leia- Slave Leia set in Victorian times fighting against a Steampunk Empire

Princess Leia of the Feminist Alliance- Slave Leia set in suburban America

Padme: Jabba's Newest Pet

Mara Jade as Arica-Mara Jade infiltrates Jabba's Palace and becomes his pet.

Leia's Joining in her Friends Fate - Leia is executed after failing to please Jabba.

Padmes Execution - Padme is tried and found guilty of conspiring against the Republic and is put to death for her crimes.

In progressEdit

Slave Hermione - As Jabba's slave

Galactic Weekly - Exclusive Look at Galactic Slavery featuring Princess Leia - Leia becomes Jabba's slave again to spread awareness about slavery in the Galaxy.

Ku'Nee ("Fan version and based of the shabby blue story") Leia Recaptured, by the Hutt clans.Her body modified into a new species and became a spiced addict slave girl.

Everything Goes Jabba's Way - Even the smallest things can make the greatest changes, and when they add up they lead to something catastrophic. The story of Jabba's Palace as it becomes the new focus of the Star Wars franchise.

Leia stays - Leia decides to stay with Jabba when Luke comes to get her.

Hutt Earth - The Hutt Empire invades Earth and takes the population as its slaves. The tale follows a woman named Jennifer as she endures the hardships of being a pleasure slave.

Choose Your Own Adventure-Slave By Choice

Leia Gains Weight - Leia comes to the startling realization that her inactive lifestyle and frequent feasts have had an alarming effect on her figure.

Slave Sabine - Sabine gets captured by Jabba

The Sith Girls - Jaina Solo, Leia Solo and Mara Jade are captured when the sith capture Coruscant and the girls are forced to be the sith's sex slaves, then the sith make the girls their apprentaces and then sith themeselves.

Willing Slave - A young woman called Lin enters Jabba's Palace and asks to be one of his slaves.

Leia during her enslavement in 'Mara Jade as Arica' -Leia becomes enslaved to Jabba but not as his sex slave, in his harem.

The Sluts - Sequel to 'The Sith Girls,' Jaina's, Mara's and Leia's lives after they become sith. They are sluts and love it.

Hutt Empire's Sexiest slave girl-Leia's Interview about her herself and roles about her sexual and slave routines.As well as the slave girls society.

The Hutt Empire on Earth - A story set 2000 years after Mara Jade, telling of Earth's adoption by the Hutt Empire.

Arica - the sequel to Mara Jade as Arica.

Zam's big mistake - Bounty hunter Zam Wessle takes a job she'll regret.

ROTJ:Oola- This is a choose your own adventure story of the slave Oola.

Origins of Melina Carniss - A prequel to the Hutt Empire universe stories,A story of the wicked mistress Known as Melina Carniss, aka (Minna)

Slave Padme - Padme is enslaved by Jabba during a diplomatic mission.

Slave Leia and the Great Hutt- Leia is broken by her master during her enslavement.

Leia's New Master- Goro the Hutt becomes Leia's new and more disgusting master

The Booger Monster - Leia is cought in the slimy clutches of the infamous slimy Booger Monster.

Leia's Alternate Ending - Luke fails his mission

A Human Princess No More-Leia's Transformation to a Lethan Twi'lek and rename to Gola'una And Embraces her new life

Life in the Harem- Several short stories following the conclusion of Misguided Princess to Willing Slave.

Lyn me Bibs plaything : Bib fortuna takes over jabbas ganster empire and enslaves Lyn Me. Little dose he know that Boba Fett survived the pit of cackoon and is out to kill Bib with the help of some other firends. . . 

ROTJ:Leia Organa- This is a choose. Your own adventure story,,pick from the many options as you play the role of Leia throughout her slavery.

ROTJ:Jabba Desilijic Tiure- this is a tale of Jabba telling his friend about his new slave girl, Leia.

Queen Arica and Slave Leia  - Mara Jade (in disguise as Arica) kills Jabba and takes Leia as her Slave

Like Mother Like Daughter - Leia and Jaina are enslaved by a Hutt.

The Desert doesn't Freeze - Anna falls through a portal that drops her off outside Jabbas Palace and she becomes Jabbas slave. Meanwhile, Elsa works to save her.

Princess Leia and Lyn Me

Leia's Defeat - Jabba survives Revenge of the Jedi and Leia tries to finish the job, but fails.

Jabba's brothel- Jabba owns a brothel and is not a kind master to his slaves at all, especially the two a slaves/lovers Leia and Oola.

Leia's Second Master- After a failed Execution of Jabba, A Not Known Family Member of his calls for a favor to be returned and Demands Leia. Leia is brought to what would be her second master.

Leia and Rotta - Leia meets and falls in love with Jabba's son after crashing on a distant planet.

A punishment fit for a slave- Leia rebels against Jabba and is punished harshly.

The Sister Slaves- A tale of Christy Marie and Sarah Mau, in the slimy clutches of Jabba the Hutt.

Mara Jade: Jabba's Kiss - Mara's experience as the dancer Arica during her stay in Jabba's Palace.

Li Lan

ROTJ: Jabba The Hutt you are Jabba and you get to choose what you do to Leia

Aayla Secura becomes Jabba's next sex slave

A Loathsome Touch - A Classic Jabba-Leia fanfic

Christy Marie, Slave to Jabba - Christy is forced into slavery by Jabba the Hutt, as his sex slave.

Zahia Di: Top Shelf Entertainment - An intergalactic known pornstar becomes the Hutt's newest toy.

Abandoned (New Contributors are always welcome)Edit

Princess Leia - Slave Girl and Lover of Jabba the Hutt- Leia learns to truly appreciate her master.

Are We There Yet? (Expanded Edition)- An alternate ending of the battle on Jabba's Sail Barge

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