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Jabba Stops R2Edit

Leia sat on her master's tail, mentally preparing for what was about to happen. The plan was simple: R2 would launch Luke his lightsaber, he would kill the guards, and she would distract and kill Jabba. She trusted Luke; he was a Jedi and fully capable of defeating the Hutt. Leia looked around, planning her move. Perhaps she could cut the power? Just then, R2 finished serving drinks, and wheeled by heading for the deck. He behaved casually, so no one would suspect him of being up to something. Suddenly, Jabba pointed to the droid.

"Stop that droid!" his voice commanded. Leia was shocked. Did he know somehow? She knew that if the plan failed, she would spend the rest of her life as a sex slave to a repulsive slug. Several henchmen quickly surrounded R2. "Search him!" Jabba ordered. Examining the droid's compartments, they quickly produced Luke's lightsaber.

Leia watched in horror. Jabba was smarter than she gave him credit for. He must have realized Luke had planted

Leia's master, Jabba the Hutt.

R2 in Jabba's court for a specific purpose. "Reboot the droid and give me that," said Jabba. R2 was shot with a Jawa's gun and taken apart and had his systems restored, resetting the astromech droid for good. Jabba was handed the lightsaber. "So, my pet," Jabba began, "You thought you could outsmart me. Don't worry, you will not be punished, for I have not had time to teach you where you truly belong. Now you will sit with me, and together we will watch my triumph."

Leia, stunned and horrified, did not respond. This couldn't be happening! Outside, the execution was about to begin. Jabba demanded Luke be thrown in first. "Put him in," Jabba commanded. Leia saw Luke look for R2, not being able to spot him. As Luke's eyes searched the deck, he suddenly realized that the plan was compromised and turned to grab the weapon from the guard behind him. As he struggled to grab the weapon, another guard raised his blaster and fired. The guard got a clear shot; Luke was hit in the chest and tried everything he could to heal, but the guard pushed him over the plank. Luke could not catch himself and fell into the Sarlacc. Leia watched in unbearable agony as Chewie and Han were both thrown in shortly after him. A horrified Lando broke his cover to try to prevent this, but was quickly dispatched by Boba Fett. Leia began to weep as she watched Lando being thrown into the Sarlacc. All of her friends doomed to suffer hideous agony for over a thousand years. "I am your master now," Jabba said, "Soon you will obey me completely."

Just then, a red haired woman stepped on deck. "What is your business here, Arica?" Jabba demanded.

"Mighty Jabba, I am not Arica, a mere dancer. I am Mara Jade, loyal assassin of the Emperor. I was sent here to ensure the death of Luke Skywalker, the last Jedi in the galaxy. Due to your brilliance, Mighty Jabba, my interference was not needed. Nevertheless, due to your success in neutralizing the rebellion's most skilled leaders, the Emperor offers you a generous deal. In exchange for all your information on the rebellion's bases and fleet locations, as well as access to your hyperspace routes, he will grant you 1,000,000,000 credits, as well as free reign to exercise any business you wish in the outer rim not harmful to the empire."

"Ho, ho, ho," Jabba laughed. C-3PO began to translate. "The exalted one happily agrees, and will allow you to return to Coruscant and inform the Emperor that he accepts the deal. However, he will . .  oh dear . . . he will keep Princess Leia in his possession, as he has many plans for her." Leia sat in mounting horror. She quickly turned her face to look at Mara. Please refuse, please take me prisoner or execute me, but not this. She mentally thought and visually showed through the emotion on her face.

Mara noticed this, and with a cruel smile, nodded to the Hutt. "Of course, mighty one, the Princess will be well controlled here."

As Mara left, Jabba turned to Leia. "Soon, you will be grateful that I demanded to keep you. Living as my pet is far preferable to a life in prison."

Leia looked at Jabba in horror as the shock of her new position slowly began to sink in. In one fell swoop, her life had been completely destroyed. Her friends were dead, the rebellion doomed, and she was at now at the mercy of a Hutt. As the barge began the journey to Jabba's palace, her only option now was to promise to herself that she would never break, never give in, and never obey her master. The one thing she could deny him was her loyalty. Then he'd be forced to kill her. At least this way, she could join her friends in death.

If only she knew then just how futile her resistance would be.

The Taming of LeiaEdit

Day 1Edit

Leaving the barge, Jabba's massive dais entered the palace. Entering the throne room, Jabba yanked Leia's chain, catching the attention of his slave, "You will spend most of your time in here with me, soon you will be very familiar with this room." Jabba began, and then C-3PO translated. Leia refused to answer back. She lay on her pillows throughout the day, ignoring Jabba's petting. Attempting to get a response, Salacious jumped on her leg and laughed. A startled and angry Leia kicked him away, earning a painful yelp and a bunch of angry squeaks of gibberish from the little imp. Jabba pulled her into him, "You will not harm your betters," Jabba boomed. Leia did not need C-3PO to translate for her that time, she had got the gist of it. Jabba released her, and Salacious jumped on her again, finding himself a rather comfortable position on her thigh. This time, Leia tolerated his presence. She received a rewarding pet on the shoulder. I thought I said I wouldn't obey him; where is your strength? Leia thought.

Jabba summoned a slave girl to the throne room. Like Leia, she was scantily clad, but unlike Leia, she was loyal to her rightful master. Her lilac purple costume consisted of two leather pieces. The top half was used to barely cover her breasts, leaving a fantastically formed cleavage. The second half was used as a thong, held in place by two purple straps, similarly to Leia's own skirt plates. Her legs and forearms were covered in thin purple veils, and she wore heels that had no straps but stayed somehow. There were sparkling iridescent jewels adorning her body, and Leia wondered how she thought wearing multiple rings all day was comfortable, because she herself could not possibly stand it. Her lovely assets were also large, but still blended well with the rest of her body. All in all, she was a very attractive lady. "What do you wish, master?" she asked in a light and sweet voice.

"I have decided to keep Leia permanently," Jabba said, the slave somehow understanding him without the help of C-3PO. "She shall be the crowning jewel of my harem. Amanda, you will prepare her for this honor."

"Yes master," the Amanda said. Jabba released Leia's leash from the throne and handed it to a guard.

17747 - Miravi Princess Leia Organa star wars

Amanda, Leia's Mistress

Leia was led by the guard and Amanda to a room at the other side of the palace. It was nearly as large as the throne room, and probably as expensive. The trith-fur pile carpet alone was probably worth a fortune. Cut into the marble beneath it were several steaming hot baths, and scattered throughout the whole place were massive futons of the finest Lashaa silk. Many bowls of fruit and decanters of various exotic wines stood around the place, within an arm's reach from practically everywhere in the room. Some sort of billowed velvet covered the walls, its color changing in the soft light of the glow-panels and the brilliant light show from the crystal skylights.

A seductive scent wafted through the room, drifting slowly from the braziers parked along the walls and near the pools. At the far end, an area was covered not with fur but with blue padding, and had all the accoutrements of the finest dance studio in the galaxy, complete with ten poles for practice dances and multiple workout machines. Luxuriating in all this were several more girls, each one seemingly at ease with wearing close to nothing in public-as they all were. Three were wearing even less, having been practicing their striptease when Leia and Amanda entered.

Willing slave by demogoron-d45y8kq

Leia's second slave outfit, give to her after the execution at the pit of carkoon

"We are all treated very well here," said Amanda, "You will be able to relax here in your free time."

The guard left, and Amanda went to work. She would enjoy this. In addition to dancing, it was her duty to prepare new slaves. And she swore right then and there that Leia would be her masterpiece. "You have been given a position we would all die for," she told her. "It is my duty to prepare you for a permanent stay at the palace." At her command, a slave girl left and returned with a bottle of make-up. "Unlike the make-up you're wearing now, this sticks to your face and is irremovable. It lasts forever!" She began to put it on Leia. The brush roamed around her face, flawlessly applying it. It was more or less the same, except she was given a deeper blue eyeshadow, even more busting red lipstick, even pinker blush, and eye drops in her eyes, turning them blue. "Finished," Amanda said happily. She showed Leia a mirror. Leia's face did indeed look very beautiful, in fact she looked a little younger, but she was not happy.

"I look like a slut," she cried, wiping her face. True to the girl's word, the make-up was not smeared in the slightest. This make-up was now and forever permanently a part of her face. This was her face; it would never change.

"You will look as The Exalted One wishes. Now you need a better costume!" Amanda said with excitement. She sent a slave girl off, and she returned carrying a similar costume to the one Leia currently wore. She was stripped of her old costume, leaving her naked before the girls. Taking a closer look at the costume, she saw it was like her old one, but the bra and bikini were even smaller. Worse still, it had no covering veils. Leia saw in horror that the bra and bikini seemed to have neither straps nor back.

"How will I wear it?" Leia found herself asking. Amanda smiled, pressing the bra to her chest as if it would stay. And it did! Leia simply stood there staring at the bra, wondering just how it wasn't falling off of her. All known reason suggested it should fall right off.

"New technology," Amanda explained to the stunned Leia, "Easy enough to remove if you want, but it won't fall off on its own." After her bikini was put on, sticking just like her bra, Leia she realized her backside had no cover whatsoever so people could look at her ass

"No, I refuse to wear this! I would rather be dignantly naked than forced into this!" cried Leia. Ignoring her protests, Amanda removed Leia's arm wrap, bracelets, and earrings, only to adorn her with seemingly identical ones.

"Like your new bra and bikini, these are pure hardened yet light weight gold, unlike your previous bronze costume. In addition, they are permanent. They can only be put on, not removed. The metal has been made unbreakable. Also, don't worry, you will be naked before your fellow slaves, as well as the Exalted One, very often, and very soon" Leia stared in horror, and then turned to the snake arm band. She attempted to pull it off, but it didn’t budge an inch. The jewelry was now a part of her body, forever.

"Now for your hair," said the girl, giggling. This was Amanda's favorite part. Leia's hair braid was undone, her clips removed. The girl then began to braid it again, with new identical clips. "Like everything else, these cannot be taken out, the braid will be permanent." Leia wasn't surprised. Amanda finished up, making Leia's hair the in the exact same style it was before. "I can see why the Exalted One likes it that way; it makes you look more wild," Amanda said.

"Alright, now for the best parts! First of which is, you will no longer wear boots," she told Leia, kneeling down and removing them. "Instead you will wear open heels." She said, retrieving the said shoes and placing Leia's feet in them. Like her costume, they had no straps, yet they stayed. "These, like your new arm wraps, bracelets, and earrings, are made of pure hardened light weight gold, and will not come off by themselves."

She then had Jess fetch something. She returned quickly with a test tube filled with a lavender purple liquid. Amanda was given the tube, and then gently grabbed Leia's face and turned it slightly, pouring the liquid down both ears. "This will allow you to understand Huttese so you can obey The Exalted Ones commands." Leia could not believe this. Then, Amanda had the girls fetch another test tube, the only difference being that this test tube was filled with blue liquid. "We're going to have to remove your costume momentarily for this." Amanda told her as she removed Leia's bikini, and then applied the thick cobalt blue liquid onto her whole body like a body lotion, stopping only at the back of her neck and under her eyes. Suddenly all of her hair, excluding her braided hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows came off. Leia stared in amazement at her fallen body hair. "As you can tell, that liquid removed all your body hair, except for where the hair is needed to add to your beauty. And before you ask, yes, it's permanent. That hair will never grow back. As a bonus, it will also ensure that you have no wrinkles, or zits!" Amanda said so sweetly.

And then, funnily enough, a third vial was brought out, this time a red one. "You're supposed to drink this one. So, open wide!" Amanda said happily. Leia obeyed, wanting at this point to just get it over and done with, and allowed Amanda to pour the tasteless substance down her throat. "This stuff will do a number of things. First, it will make your voice sound younger, and you will sound so sweet."

Leia shook her head as if Amanda were a fool. "The rest of your stu-" Leia paused when she heard what her voice sounded like. She sounded the same as she did when she was 15, but with a deeper, sexier tone in her voice that wasn't there when she was a teenager.

"You were saying?" said Amanda, curious as to what Leia was going to say.

"I was going to say that what you did before with the test tubes was kind of impressive, but I doubted the last one was possible." Leia answered, still finding it strange to hear her voice sound younger, and sweeter. Now she knew why Amanda's voice was so light and honey-sweet, like her voice was coated with a thick layer of sugar.

Amanda laughed. "Welcome to a galaxy where anything's possible. Its other effects allow you to have nice, fresh breath as pleasant as roses, and will also ensure that your teeth never rot. No cavities, so that's a plus," she explained. After being given a hot pink perfume spray by Jess, Amanda started to apply it to Leia's hair and neck. “The scent of this perfume is particularly alluring to Hutts. Yes, the perfume is permanent too. Now not only The Exalted One, but ANY Hutt will find your scent quite lovely."

Then she trimmed Leia's nails, filed them into sharp raindrop shapes, put them in an indigo liquid, and then perfectly painted them with a pink polish, topping it off with a shimmery top coat. "This will make your nails never grow again, and the paint will stay on forever." Amanda told Leia as she applied the polish.

As time went on, several other improvements were done to her body, one of which made all of her limbs perfectly flexible, another tanned her skin to be the absolute sexiest a woman can be. "Alright, we're almost done. Just one more thing is needed to make it absolutely perfect." Amanda said cheerfully.

"At last; I thought we would be here all night!" Leia grumbled.

"I know it has been a long time, but it was all necessary. You are now The Exalted One's favourite after all, thus you must be your absolute sexiest." Amanda told her. She quickly glanced at Leia's chest. As well-developed as they were, they weren't much larger than her own, something that would eventually need to be changed. "Mind you, there is still a little area that needs improvement. But, that will come later. On the night that you finally submit yourself to The Exalted One."

"Yeah, not gonna happen." Leia remarked, finding her new voice added a bit of a snarky attitude to her tone.

"Don't be so sure." Amanda sweetly replied. The girl that was helping Amanda retrieved a wicked looking device, using it to destroy Leia's collar. Leia was momentarily happy, until an identical one was brought out, with an extremely long leash that went out of the room attached to it. The girl snapped it around Leia's neck. Leia was mortified. "Yep, it's permanent. The leash is already attached to The Exalted One's dais, which is also made of unbreakable material, so you will never be a palace length apart from him." Leia was horrified. If what Amanda said was true, she would always be connected to the throne of the giant slug.

"Don't worry," Amanda continued, "He'll control the length so it'll only be long when you have to dance or come here. Your movement will still be restricted to the throne." Leia stared. As if that was a good thing! Just then, the leash tugged gently. "The Exalted One calls. I'll see you later. This was fun; you are easily my finest work." The girl then kissed her lips gently, making Leia recoil. "Slave girls do that for fun, and you'll enjoy it too soon," Amanda said, and then giggled. "Now go to him." The leash tugged again, harder. Leia reluctantly headed for the throne room.

As Leia followed her leash to the throne room, she suddenly stopped. I should stay here, not come to him. Maybe he'll realize I won't be controlled and kill me. As if in response to her thoughts, her leash constricted extremely fast, forcing Leia to run halfway to the throne room. She tried to stop, but the leash still pulled her. Finally, the tugging ended. How could he do that? Leia thought. The fact that he could pull her so hard and so long from across the palace spoke volumes for Jabba's strength. Leia wouldn't have believed that possible even for a Hutt. Evidently, the fattest Hutt in the galaxy was also the strongest. Realizing she had no choice but to obey, she continued to the throne room.

Walking into the doorless room, Jabba pulled her so hard she nearly flew to him. Running to the dais, her hands fell into his fat. "Welcome back, my pet," he said, his words still sounding like Huttese in Leia's ears, but thanks to that purple liquid she knew exactly what he was saying, as if Huttese were a second language to her. "Amanda has certainly outdone herself, I daresay she has not ever produced a more beautiful woman in all her years of being my first mistress." Jabba told her as he admired and even touched Leia's improvements and costume adjustments.

After a moment of simply ogling her body, Jabba adjusted the leash's length, making her unable to leave his throne. "She spoke the truth, you are forever bound to me. Now we will enjoy a large party in honor of today's events," Jabba told her. "Soon you will dance for me, but you are not yet trained. Instead, we will watch the other slaves, eat together, and become better acquainted." Salacious laughed from his place beside Jabba, mocking her further.

Leia was forced to lie against her master, her naked back rubbing against the oily chest of her master’s fat, her long luscious legs being rubbed affectionately by Jabba’s tail.

As the party began and the slave girls danced, Leia looked at the guests. The usual bounty hunters, slave traders, spice dealers, and other 'scum' were in attendance. Dinner was soon brought out. Jabba was given a massive meal of fattening delicacies, and a large goblet of Huttese wine was provided by R2, who had been successfully re-programmed to be loyal to Jabba, and had his interior gadgets replaced with alcoholic-drink taps and mixers.

Leia meanwhile was brought a modest meal of five loaves of bread. "Your meal has been modified to give you all necessary nutrients, while being completely fat free. My pets must remain thin, while I must gain bulk." Jabba informed her while patting his stomach. Leia took a bite and actually thought it was pretty good. "Enjoy it, for this will be the only meal you are given, once a day, at dinner." Leia continued to eat, and finished with her hunger sated.

Soon after, Jabba finished his meal as well. "I ate that too fast," Jabba said, "Double the size of my dinners," he ordered his servants. C-3P0, who like R2 had been reprogrammed to be loyal to Jabba, translated the order. Leia, who could understand it without the translation, was disgusted. "The fatter I become, the more attractive I am, soon you will agree," said Jabba. Leia suddenly realized she hadn't been given a drink with dinner, and was very thirsty. "The only drink you are allowed to receive is my wine," said Jabba, knowing what she was thinking. "Tonight, you will get it easily, but from then only as a reward for loyalty," said Jabba. "Kiss me, and I will give it to you." Leia was not happy. She hated the wine! Still, she was very thirsty, so she reluctantly kissed his large drool filled mouth, nearly gagging in the process.

Jabba lowered his goblet to her. She reached to take it, but Jabba refused to give it to her. "Kneel before me, and I will let you drink from my hand." Leia unhappily did so, and her master pressed the goblet to her mouth. As she drank, she realised that much of Jabba's drool had backwashed into the wine, making her gag. She spilt some in the process, but Jabba's hand didn't budge an inch. Reluctantly, she drank and swallowed the rest of the wine, ending her thirst. "Soon you will hunger for my taste," Jabba said.

As the party winded down and the other slave girls shamelessly did their finale, Jabba dismissed everyone to their quarters. "We will need privacy, my pet," he told her. Leia stared at him defiantly. She had unknowingly taken some small steps toward submission that night, but Leia would not let her master have his way with her.

When the room was deserted, Jabba turned to Leia. "Now, you shall pleasure me, as you will every night for the remainder of your life."

Leia turned to her master. Unable to contain herself, she screamed at him, "I will never give myself to you. Bastard!" She struck out with her fist at Jabba's face, determined to make him pay. Halfway there, however, her hand was stopped in midair. Not by Jabba's hand, but seemingly by itself. She could not move her fist any closer to Jabba. It was if an invisible barrier had appeared between them. Leia stared in amazement, lowering her hand.

"You will soon realize resistance is futile," said Jabba, unsurprised. He pulled Leia to him, kissing her face continuously. He then lifted her up by the shoulders and then began licking her stomach with his grotesque tongue. Leia begged for it to be over soon. And it was. Jabba pulled away from Leia. "I will not take you by force, that was just a taste," said Jabba. "I could easily, but I will wait until you beg me to take you. It will not be long."

Jabba then yanked her leash hard from behind her, while his other hand kept her body pressed against him. "You will beg for mercy, both for your plan to kill me and attempting to strike me, recognize me as your master, and thank me for my care of you, or I will do that again," boomed Jabba. Leia remained silent. Her master pulled her leash again, causing Leia to choke horribly, barely able to breathe. Jabba released her again.

Leia bowed her head. "My exalted master, please show mercy for my hopeless actions against you. I will not repeat them. Thank you for your wonderful care of me; I am very grateful," Leia finished. Salacious, who Leia realized had never left, laughed at her. Jabba then forced her to stand with her back against his oily skin. He then pulled her tightly close to him and wrapped his arms around her soft stomach, caressing it with lust in his eyes.

As Leia groaned in discomfort, Jabba said to her, "Now, my pet, you will soon learn the benefits of being my prize slave girl tonight when we sleep together." Leia realized she would have to sleep at the slug's feet (or tail). Jabba was pleased. "Now sleep with me, my pet."

Reluctantly, Leia said, "Yes master." She tried to use her pillows, but both her body and head would not fit.

"Sleep with your head against me," Jabba said. Leia then rested her back fully on Jabba's bulk and placed her head onto Jabba's big belly, which served as a comfortable, but slimy pillow. Jabba pet her with his hand and slid his slimy tail over her soft abdomen, rubbing it smoothly. Leia groaned in discomfort as Jabba started to sleep, but she soon joined him. She had forgotten her vow, obeying Jabba throughout the day to avoid punishment. She was still far from being broken, but had taken several steps toward submission. Despite her royal arrogance, Leia was weak, and would easily be tamed by her master. It was only a matter of time.

Day 2Edit

Slave leia by cameron blakey by cameronblakeyart-d59pfti

Leia frustrated

Leia slave by capmoreno-d7758dr

Leia's awokening

Leia awoke beside her master, who was also awakening as well. Salacious was on her stomach, still asleep. Leia turned to Jabba. "I am a woman, and I refuse to sleep with this thing." Jabba looked at her in amusement at her claim.

"You are not a woman, you are a helpless pet, dependent on your master. You will soon accept this."

"I do not depend on you, I am not your pet!" Leia yelled.

"I give you food, I give you shelter, I give you clothes," Jabba boomed. "You are collared, your leash is in my hand. I control your entire life. I am a superior, vastly more intelligent being and I own and take care of you. You are my pet." Leia did not respond. "Now you will distract my guests during my business dealings," Jabba ordered.

The dealings lasted for the next three hours, Jabba buying and expanding his illegal trades with his 1,000,000,000 credit payment. Leia remained beside him, successfully distracting several unwary dealers. As the meetings ended, Jabba smoked his hookah, which was filled with several illegal, but expensive, spices. Leia looked on with scorn. "You do not like spice, my pet?" asked Jabba.

"They control you, you become addicted to them," she said.

"I am fond of them, but they do not control me. You, however, will indeed be addicted to them," he told her.

"No, I will not try them!" declared Leia. Jabba moved the hookah to her mouth. Leia knew it would only take one puff, and she would soon beg for more. She tried to move away, but found herself unable to. It felt like her entire body was restrained. The hookah pipe entered her mouth. Jabba pulled her leash, choking her.

"Take a hit!" Jabba commanded. As soon as he loosened her chain, Leia inhaled sharply to restore her breath, but at the cost of also taking a puff from the hookah. Instantly, the spices overwhelmed her. Her senses were overloaded, and her body, no longer restrained, collapsed into her master's. She giggled, enjoying her high. Jabba pet her shoulder fondly. Leia would now beg to be allowed to smoke the spices. They would not affect her perfect appearance, but she would need them nonetheless.

After recovering from her high Leia was sent to the harem to learn dancing. Entering the harem, Amanda greeted her. "Welcome Leia, how was your time with The Exalted One?" she asked.

"I hate Jabba, I want to die," Leia declared.

Amanda sighed. "Leia, I don't want to punish you, but we refer to our master as 'The Exalted One.' We are unworthy to say his name. You will soon learn to admire him and be honored by his attentions. Also, you will refer to me as mistress or 'my lady', as I am in charge of the harem until Jabba appoints a harem queen. You will show respect or I will have to discipline you."

"As you say, mistress," said Leia.

"Good," said Amanda happily. "Now you must learn to dance for The Exalted One," she said.

"Yes mistress," said Leia. After finding a quiet corner to themselves, Leia showed Amanda what little dancing she knew, which consisted mainly of boring ballroom dances. Amanda showed her a few moves that were a bit more alluring, which Leia surprisingly picked up very well. With every new and exciting dance move Amanda showed her, Leia copied, and even improved them with her own little spin on them in a spectacular fashion. Leia was obviously an extremely skilled dancer. She could be the best in the harem after a year.

"Excellent Leia," Amanda said, "You will be ready in one week. You are the quickest learner I have ever seen!" Leia was surprised. She had rarely danced in the past. "Beautiful, young, an exceptional dancer, and formerly royalty, you were created to serve The Exalted One!" she exclaimed.

"How long will Ja-," Amanda glared at her, "The Exalted One keep me?" Leia asked.

"Why, forever of course!" giggled Amanda.

"Hutts live for centuries, humans only for one, and in a few decades, I will surely lose my good looks. He would surely not want me then," Leia said.

"The Exalted One said he would keep you permanently. You know the bread he gives you, the 'supplements'? One of them keeps you young forever! The Exalted One only gives this to himself, the other Hutts, and his pets. Don't you see? We will serve him forever!" Amanda giggled.

Leia considered this. On one hand, she was now immortal, forever young. On the other, she would be Jabba's slave forever. However, the other girls seemed to enjoy this, maybe it wasn't so don't think that, they're just brainwashed, death would be better. Leia thought. "My lady, how long have you been here?" asked Leia.

"Fifty three years, now." said Amanda. Leia stared, Amanda only looked twenty-two! "And I've cherished all fifty three of them. You will too, I guarantee it."

Leia looked around the harem. Other slave girls walked around the room, talking happily and swimming in giant pools that were scattered around. That reminded her of something.

"Amanda, I haven't washed in three days, may I bathe in these pools?" she asked.

"Of course, I'll get you some soap and shampoo. Also, remember that you're to call me mistress, as I am temporarily leader of the harem until The Exalted One deems you ready to be harem queen," she said before walking off. Leia was dumbstruck, Jabba planned on making her harem queen? Probably not until she submitted to him, which she would never do. Right? Amanda returned.

"Come on, we'll wash together," she said. To Leia's horror, she had to wash in one of the hot pools (which wasn't bad in of it itself) in front of all the other slave girls, removing her bra and bikini, though her bracelets, braid, and collar stayed on, obviously. Worse still, Amanda joined her, insisting on being 'friendly' with her, which consisted of trying to kiss her again. Still, she found the wash pleasing, happy to remove the dirt, dust, and Jabba's slime from her (Though Amanda said she would soon be eager to get more of it on her again.) After washing, Leia dried herself with a hot towel, before putting on her revealing costume once again. Just as she finished, her leash tugged gently.

"Perfect timing," Leia grumbled.

"Nope," Amanda said, "The Exalted One always knows what we are doing, even when not in his presence." Leia had felt like Jabba was indeed capable of this, as well as other strange feats.

"Amanda, does Jabba have some sort of power?" Leia asked.

"It seems so at times," agreed Amanda, "But that was the second time you disrespected me. And you referred to The Exalted One by name! I am afraid I will have to punish you."

"How?" asked Leia.

"Since this is your first punishment, I'll make it easy. You have to kiss me for thirty seconds, with passion!" she said giddily. Leia sighed, but leaned towards Amanda. Amanda responded and their lips met. It wasn't so bad, actually, Leia thought to herself. After the thirty seconds were up, Amanda let her tongue slip from Leia's mouth, as they parted Leia almost wanted more. "See, it's fun isn't it?" Amanda asked. "Now go to The Exalted One, tomorrow we will practice your striptease," Amanda told her. Leia turned and headed towards the throne room.

This time, Leia hurried to the throne room, not willing to be pulled again. When she entered, Leia walked slowly toward the dais, giving the guests a generous view of her bare backside. "Come to me, my pet," demanded Jabba. Leia climbed onto the dais, and Jabba shortened her leash length again. "So, you are a skilled dancer," Jabba said, "Soon you will dance for me." Amanda was right, he does know everything we do around the palace, Leia thought. "What do you think of the harem, my kahnkee," Jabba asked. "I treat my pets very well, giving them several unnecessary luxuries. In return, they serve and appreciate me well," he continued. "Don't worry, you are the most stunning of all of them and will always be my favorite," Jabba assured her.

Suddenly, a powerful need swept through Leia. She felt she needed something. Then she remembered the hookah. She started shaking. "My spices will give you a mood increase throughout the day, but they can have side effects," Jabba told her.

"Please master, may I have a puff from your hookah," Leia begged. Jabba agreed to give her a smoke, but only after making her lick his slimy chest in exchange. Jabba lowered the hookah to her, and she quickly puffed. The spices quickly ended Leia's shaking, and the world spun around her.

"From now on, you will beg for it before this time of day, everyday, and right after you wake. Do this, and you won't have to endure that unpleasant withdrawal." Leia was surprised. Her addiction would surface at the same times each day? Well, at least that meant her dependency wouldn't increase.

As he had commanded, Jabba's dinner had been doubled in size. Leia was given her usual bread for dinner, realizing she had just been getting hungry. Evidently, her five loaves could keep her full all day. Sitting beneath her master, Leia quickly finished her meal. She didn't want to do this, but she was thirsty. "Master, could I please drink some of your wine?" Leia asked.

"Rub my tail with the oils bottled near it, and you will be given what you ask," said Jabba

"Yes master," Leia said. Crawling past and ignoring a laughing Salacious, she found a bottle of oils next to the other end of the dais, she poured some on her hands, and went to work, rubbing and stroking the large tail of her master as it lightly shook with pleasure. Once he was satisfied, Jabba pulled her to him, and together they drank the entire goblet. Leia still disliked it, but she didn't gag this time, finding it more tolerant. Once they finished, a dazed Leia laid by her master's side. She suddenly realized what she had done. She had rubbed his tail just because she was thirsty! What happened to choosing death? she angrily asked herself. "Do you wish to pleasure me, my pet,?" asked Jabba once the room was empty. Leia ignored him. "Your behavior is improving, I am pleased," he told her. Leia refused to acknowledge him. Salacious jumped onto her legs, apparently he was going to sleep there now. She paid no attention and laid her head back into her master's fat, extremely tired from her dance training. Petting her shoulder, Jabba also fell asleep.

Day 8Edit

Slave leia by maus and babinski by billmausart-d5bc5e4

Jabba "touches Leia up"

Leia awoke beside her master, who was gently rubbing her stomach. He was very pleased with her. Over the week, Leia had taken several steps toward submission, though she still denied this to herself. She always addressed him respectfully when she was begging or talking with him. Though she still showed neither true loyalty nor appreciation, she accepted that escape was impossible and harbored no real hope of freedom. And also realized no one knew where she was and probable thought she was dead, so no search party would be looking for her. Leia began to realize she was now going to have a new life as a slave girl. Leia obeyed Jabba's commands most of the time, unable to resist his commanding voice and powerful gaze. However, he was still not satisfied with her. Leia only obeyed him out of fear of punishment or the need of wine and spice. Jabba wanted her to obey him out of adoration and awe. He knew it was only a matter of time. Leia had already grown more tolerant and less disgusted with him. Soon that would turn to intense attraction and infatuation.

Leia still saw her enslavement as a great contest of wills between herself and Jabba, but she would soon realize how wrong she was. In reality, she was no match for Jabba. His power and intelligence far exceeded hers. Even though she put all her effort into resisting his taming, he could still break her easily without even trying. The sooner she accepted this, the sooner she would realize that her rightful place was beside Jabba. Only with his favor and protection could she, deep down an extremely weak twenty-three year old girl, survive in such a hard galaxy. Leia had only gotten by this long with her guidance and sheltering by her father and the rebellion. With them gone, she would be helpless without him.

Throughout the week, Jabba had greatly expanded his criminal empire, putting his new credits to good use. Leia was helpful in distracting those he met with, but she did not yet actively seduce them. That needed to change. After a normal late morning of business dealings, Jabba turned to Leia. "My pet, what was the price I sold the next delivery of spice?" he asked her.

"Fifty thousand credits, instead of the thirty thousand he asked for," Leia answered. Jabba responded by pulling her leash, turning her body around and wrapping his arm around her, her flat abdomen pressing against him.

"You will no longer pay attention to the details of my transactions," he boomed at her, "They are far beyond your ability to comprehend. Instead, you will concentrate on distracting my guests." Leia stared into his eyes, unable to turn away.

"Yes master," she said. Jabba still did not release her. Gazing into his eyes, Leia could only stare at him. He leaned forward, and his tongue forced its way into her mouth. This time, Leia did not immediately recoil. For a couple seconds, she enjoyed his actions, moaning softly. Jabba's tongue soon left her.

"You begin to learn your place, my pet," he said, "Now go to the harem, for you will need to practice for your first performance tonight." Ashamed of her actions, Leia simply nodded and left the room. Leia entered the harem, seeing the other slaves already practicing their routines.

"Hi Leia, how are you?" asked Amanda.

"Alright I guess," she replied. It was true. Jabba had treated her well. Her food was good and the wine he graciously gave her was becoming more endeared to her. She had even begun to not despise her spices.

"I am so happy for you," said Amanda, "Now it's time to practice, we need you to be ready for The Exalted One."

"Yes mistress," said Leia.

They began to practice. First, they worked on the group dance with the other slave girls. After an hour, Amanda deemed her adequate, and they moved on to Leia's individual dance, which she excelled in. Finally, Leia had to practice her strip dance. She hated this, but Amanda assured her this would only be performed for Jabba alone or when the Hutt Council (which Jabba was the head of) met once a year in his palace.

Amanda was happy with her performance. She herself was currently Jabba's best dancer, but Leia would soon surpass her. In less than a year, Leia would be better than Oola herself, and Oola had trained professionally her whole life!

Ah, that poor girl Amanda thought. Too stubborn to realize her place in The Exalted One’s harem. It’s such a shame, she held so much potential. Finally, Amanda pronounced Leia done.

Leia awaited her master's tug. Instead, she heard a commanding voice in her head say, Relax.

"Mistress," she said, "I think The Exalted One (she called him that now) wishes for me to rest before my performance."

"Awesome, lets go swimming!" she said. The two slaves removed their clothing and entered one of the harem's numerous hot tubs. Once they got in, Amanda moved close to her. "You know you want to," she said, leaning in. Leia actually did, and she leaned in as well. They began to kiss, and Leia did not believe that she was actually enjoying it. After kissing intensely for two minutes, they broke apart.Then Leia leaned in and intensely kissed again letting Amanda's tongue slip between her lips to touch hers then she leaned back again

"Wow, mistress, that was amazing," Leia said.

"It is fun," Amanda agreed, "But nothing compared to what you'll get from The Exalted One."

Leia, who was skeptical, asked, "Really?"

"Of course, Hutts are known for their abilities to give pleasure, and The Exalted One is the most skilled of all the Hutts, I doubt you could find a more pleasing individual anywhere in the galaxy."

Pretending she didn't believe her, Leia asked, "How are Hutts more pleasurable than humans?"

Amanda looked at her, surprised, "Because Hutts are better than us at everything. They are stronger, smarter, and far superior to us. And," she added, "No Hutt is as powerful as The Exalted One."

Leia wasn't sure, "Still, that was fun," she said, changing the subject, "Maybe we could do it more often?" she suggested.

"How about right now?" said Amanda, seductively. In the next hour, Leia kissed Amanda, then exited the hot tub, dried, and put her costume back on.

Just as she finished, her master summoned her. "See you tonight," she told Amanda, kissing her goodbye. Leia then returned to her master.

Leia sat at Jabba's side, quietly eating her dinner. After finishing, she asked Jabba, "Master, may I have a small portion of your wine?"

Jabba pulled her to him, and they drank a goblet together. After it was empty, Leia realized she wanted more. "Of course, my pet," he said, "For I love to pamper you." He handed it to R2, who used one of his new taps to re-fill the goblet, and once again Jabba and Leia finished it. Leia could not handle any more, and she sat against Jabba, dazed. Jabba was unconcerned. His wine was powerful, but did not cause hangovers or last long, Leia would be normal again in forty-five minutes, and her dance was in an hour. Tonight, only she would dance, for Jabba wished to examine her first performance.

When the time came, Jabba said, "Now you will dance for me, my pet," he said.

Despite her recent obedience, some defiance still existed within Leia. "And if I fail to please you, will I be fed to the rancor?" she challenged.

Jabba laughed deeply, "Never, for I know you will please me, for deep down this is your greatest wish."

Leia sighed, "Yes master," she said.

She left the throne and walked to the center of the room and began to perform. She danced the same routine as Amanda had told her, and she did it spectacularly well. Jabba watched her every move, pleased with how skilled she appeared in this practice. She would soon be the greatest dancer he ever had. Leia danced extremely well, and many guests were cheering and whooping at the sight of this beautiful woman performing an amazing dance they would never forget. The only thing that stopped them from grabbing her was their fear of Jabba. Leia was his alone. To try and take her would mean a fate worse than death.
Leia oops by gb2k-d32nytu

Leia after pleasuring Jabba

Jabba was aroused, and pulled her to him and had her dance next to him on the throne. She complied, dancing while Jabba stroked and petted her. As she closed her performance, Jabba pulled her to his face and kissed her. Leia did her best not to enjoy this. She failed. "You serve me well, my pet," he said, releasing her. "Are you ready to give yourself to me?" he asked. Leia glared at him. "Soon, you will beg for my affections," he promised. Leia ignored him. As the other guests left, Leia curled up on her pillows and placed her head against her master's. Leia quickly fell asleep as Jabba pet her stomach with his tail.

Day 15Edit

Leia had still not given in to her master. She continued to foolishly resist him, still believing she could actually survive a month without his constant care and protection. Jabba was patient. He still did not force her to

Leia tries in vain to resist her master's pleasure.

pleasure him at night, knowing she would break soon. Her tolerance for him had begun to change into attraction, and every time he kissed her, she had to struggle not to enjoy it. Even when he simply stroked her, Leia had started to be aroused.

Her dancing had greatly improved, now rivaling Amanda's, who Leia now considered her best friend. They had a lot of fun together, kissing every day, in the baths, after practice, and whenever Amanda felt like it. A new way to have fun had presented itself-the girls would stroke each other for a minute at a time and try not to giggle. Leia's royal upbringing had helped her win this many times, and Amanda still vowed, playfully, to get her back for it.

Jabba enjoyed this, as he encouraged intimacy between his pets, both for their pleasure and his. Jabba knew he grew closer to taming her every day. Soon, she would realize only he knew what was best for her. Leia denied to herself that she was growing more submissive, though deep down she knew otherwise.

That afternoon, Leia practiced her strip dance with Amanda, though she didn't understand the point. The Hutt Council didn't meet for eight months (the only time she would be forced to do it), and she would never voluntarily do it, she told herself. Jabba had not actually seen her nude form yet. However, that was about to change. A veteran slave girl, Melanie, approached them. "Mistress, the Hutt Council is holding an emergency session today, I don't know why," she said. Amanda turned to Leia,

"Keep practicing, because you will be performing before thirteen Hutts tonight." Leia did as she was told.

When Leia returned to her master that evening, she discovered twelve other Hutts had arrived in the massive room. They were all sitting on their own mobile thrones, each accompanied by a loyal slave girl. The slave girls themselves were extremely beautiful, dressed in very exposing garments, not unlike herself, and chained to their rightful masters.

"My lord, where did you acquire such an attractive pet?" asked Borga the Hutt as soon as he saw Leia walk into the room.

"This is Princess Leia, the last of the royalty of Alderaan, who I took in after executing the famed rebel leaders," he answered. All the other Hutts congratulated on taming such a beautiful and high class pet. "She has not completely submitted to me, but she is nearly mine," said Jabba.

"My lord," asked Gurbo the Hutt, "If she ever displeases you, I will most certainly pay very highly for her." he told Jabba. Gurbo's favourite slave girl took this opportunity to look at Leia after hearing what her master had said. Not out of jealousy, but of friendliness, as if greeting a step-sister. 

Jabba was outraged. "I may have given you all immortality, but I can still end you," Jabba reminded them. “Princess Leia is to be mine and mine alone. No other creature can own her as I do.” Gurbo took this as a 'no' and did not press the issue. He merely nodded apologetically. After a massive dinner was brought out for the Hutts and their slave girls were all given their usual bread, everyone but the Hutts and their favourite slave girls left and the meeting began.

The talk soon turned to the spending and investing of 1,000,000,000 credits, which was what the meeting was about. There is no need to distract them, my Kahnkee, they all obey me, Jabba spoke in her mind. Leia nodded, but wondered for the dozenth time how he did these things. Submit, and I will tell you, he spoke again. Leia did not think of a response. After the meeting, which Leia tried to comprehend but found her unable to, Jabba announced; "Now my pet will perform a special dance for us."

Leia left the throne and began to dance, just as she had practiced. She marveled the Hutts with her creative and sensuous moves, All eyes were on her as she slowly removed her golden bra, then let it fall to the floor, revealing her lovely breasts to all the Hutts and their respective slave girls. She danced gracefully around the room for another five minutes, then did the same with the bikini, flinging it onto the floor without a care, her beautiful braid swaying around as she pranced. Jabba surveyed his pet's naked form hungrily. He would enjoy ravaging her when the time came. Leia noticed that she had the eyes of the other slave girls on her as well, each trying to study her moves. They were either trying to learn more moves to please their masters and their guests, or they were marveling at her skill. She couldn’t decide.

As she finished her dance, the Hutts' tails shook with pleasure. They would need their slave girls tonight. Jabba pulled Leia toward him and licked her bare breasts "Excellent, my pet. I am very pleased with you," he said. Leia laid by Jabba's side, and then realized with horror that the all the other Hutts were going to sleep in this room tonight. This wouldn't be a problem, as Leia had quickly grown comfortable with sleeping in the same room as a Hutt, except that they all ravaged their personal slave girls before they slept. Leia was forced to watch twelve slave girls please twelve Hutts at the same time, listening to their satisfied moans and groans of pleasure that came with every obeyed order. Like Amanda said, every slave girl obeyed her master, and every one of them seemed to enjoy the experience, looking like they would perform these same actions all night if they had the energy.

For the next long hour, Leia watched them with jealousy. No, scorn, not envy, she thought. Jabba stroked her shoulder, inviting her to copy the other slave girls and please him. Leia managed to refuse. At the next meeting in eight months, you will gladly please me. Watching the slaves and Hutts tire, Leia realized they were competing to see who could go the longest. Very observant my pet, you are correct. And you shall help me triumph, a great honor. One by one, they all fell asleep. Leia wanted to join them, and she moved to retrieve her bra and bikini. Jabba stopped her, licking his lips as he examined her naked body. "I like you as you are." he said.

Before she could stop herself, she eagerly said, "Of course, master. I would be honoured to." Realizing what she had blurted out, she remained silent and fell asleep without talking again, Jabba's skin touching her naked body, giving her far more pleasure than she admitted. And like Jabba, Leia remained satisfied for the whole night.

Day 29Edit

Leia was at her breaking point. Her reasons for resisting her master were dwindling. Thanks to her unbreakable leash, she had no hope of escape. Jabba treated her well, giving her good food and wine. Though she had been disgusted by the Hutt at first, she now nearly believed what Amanda told her; Jabba could give her pleasure like no man ever could. There was no denying he was far stronger than her, and his superior intellect had been demonstrated on several occasions. Leia nearly saw herself for what she was, an inferior being under the complete
Jabba embrace

Leia submits to her master

control of her master, who she should love and appreciate for his care of her. Nearly.

There was still a single spark of defiance within her, but Jabba would soon snuff it out. Only when Leia begged for her master to take her, openly recognized herself as his pet, and truly appreciated him would her submission be complete. That morning, Leia sat and distracted various traders and dealers for her master. His businesses had expanded greatly and in under a month his profits had doubled. After every successful trade, Jabba stroked her back, and Leia reveled in his touch. She could no longer deny how pleasing he was. His very touch aroused her. She no longer felt any revulsion toward her master. She had begun to crave the pleasure he offered her, and was barely managing to still refuse him.

In the afternoon, Leia continued to practice her dancing. She was now easily the best dancer in the harem. Amanda danced with her without the slightest hint of jealousy. Leia had quickly surpassed her, and had not even reached half of her potential. In kissing, the harem sport, she had grown so talented at giving and getting enjoyment from it that the girls sometimes fought to come to her first. Amanda was proud of her and would gladly give her leadership of the harem when the time came.

At night, Leia danced for her master. She barely felt any shame in doing this now, happy to perform for Jabba and his guests. When it was time for her solo, Leia dazzled the crowd, displaying her growing abilities. The Hutt watched her from his throne, eating his massive meal, and was impressed with her performance. He knew Leia was close to breaking. Tonight, he sensed, she would give in to him at last.


Slave princess leia art by jun de felipe by rodelsm21-d5h0upr

Leia entering submission

Leia finished her dance and returned to her master's side. After the Hutt finished his meal, he said, "Tonight's festivities are at an end, everyone will now retire to their quarters." Fearful of Jabba, they did as he commanded. Though Salacious stayed behind momentarily. “You as well.” Jabba beckoned.

Salacious obeyed without question and went to follow the other guests out of the room. He made sure to rub Leia’s legs with his hands and tail as he left.

"Master, why have you ended dinner so early?" Leia asked.

"Because, my pet, tonight you will give yourself to me, and I wish to ravage you for hours," Jabba told her.

Leia was stunned. She was about to say 'Like hell I will,' but then realized that she actually wanted to do this. Hell, she needed this, she craved this, she would not be complete without this. "If you wish me to, master, then I will," she said.

"No, you will beg for this, you will fully submit to me, and you will finally accept your place," he commanded. Leia thought to herself. He was right, she realized. Jabba owned her, and he had every right to. He was a vastly superior being, only through his protection could she survive in the galaxy. She was incapable to decide anything for herself, only Jabba truly knew what was best for her. There were no drawbacks in the life he offered her. Immortality, protection, and pleasure were all hers, thanks to him. Jabba was her life now, and all that mattered to her was him. He took excellent care of her, and it was time she learned to appreciate him.

Leia left the dais, then turned and knelt before her master. "My high exalted master," she began, "Please allow me to serve you, I crave your attention and live to please you."

"You are mine, you will never disobey me again," Jabba told her.

"From this day forward I am a humble pet to my master and the pleasure he gives me is rewarding enough," Leia agreed. Still kneeling, she bowed to her master, laying her perfect chest on the floor. She looked up at her master, "Master, your unworthy pet begs to be allowed to pleasure you," Leia begged. Jabba had told her she would do this, and Jabba was never wrong, Ja... The Exalted One was her life and pleasure. She was not worthy to even think his name.

"Strip dance," he ordered. Leia began to do so, but her master pulled her onto the dais. "You shall dance close to me," he said. Leia did so, slowly removing her top, then her bikini. Naked, Leia was presented with Jabba's hookah. She eagerly took several hits, knowing it would heighten her pleasure. After doing the same, Jabba grabbed her, then hungrily licked her chest. Leia moaned, overwhelmed with the pleasure of his touch.

For the next eight hours, Leia kissed her master, sucked his tail, and allowed him to enter her repeatedly. Throughout the night she screamed in a mixture of agony and extreme pleasure as her master`s tail and slimy tongue passing over and through her naked body made her feel the most happiness she had ever experienced. She never would have thought her first time would have been with a Hutt. Regardless, what Amanda said had been true. Jabba gave Leia far more pleasure than any human ever could have. After eight hours, Leia collapsed and slept pleased, pressed naked next to her master's fat, as she would for the rest of her life.

Tumblr lnmb82bRoY1qa3ssoo1 1280

Leia embraces her new life

An ExecutionEdit

The Exalted One awoke in the late morning, as usual. The throne room was empty except for himself and his pet. Ah, his pet. She laid beside him, her naked body pressed against him. She was his, and she would be forever. He would never give her up; never give her to another Hutt. She would never leave his side. He gently tugged her leash. Her eyes fluttered open. Leia had gotten a sweetheart, submissive, haughty attitude through her night with her master "What do you desire of me, my exalted master?" she asked. He rubbed her shoulder. "We will relax together, my khankee." he answered. He brought his hookah to his mouth, smoked it, and then held it out to her. She gratefully took a hit.

"Thank you master," she said.

"Now, I told you I would reveal the source of my abilities once you accepted your place," he said. Leia nodded. "Since you are my favorite, I will tell you, though you do not need to know," he said. "My abilities are similar to what the Jedi used to have," he revealed. Leia was surprised; she thought Hutts could not be force sensitive. "Usually we are not, I am the only exception," he said. "I am the only Hutt ever to be able to use the force. All Hutts are superior beings, but the force makes me far more intelligent, stronger, and powerful than the others. That is why I lead the Hutt council," he finished.

"So, what can you do exactly, High Exalted One?" she asked.

"I can control objects telekinetically, send messages with thought, and read minds. My powers are a hundredfold those of the most powerful Jedi ever were. I know every thought you think, I can lift entire starships, and I can communicate with other Hutts across the galaxy," he finished. Leia bowed to her master.

"Thank you master," she said.

"As a reward for your pleasure." Jabba said as he used the force to bring forth several tattoos, all of them Huttese in origin, and each of them signifying that she was a slave of Jabba. The tattoos were flawlessly applied in various regions where a sullenly everyone would manage to see them. Although the serum had only allowed her to understand Huttese when spoken and not written, Leia still greatly appreciated them.

"Thank you, my master!" Leia told him, while inviting him to lick her tattooed areas, sighing as he did so.

Salacious and Jabba’s other henchmen returned. Salacious smelled Jabba’s slime all over Leia’s body, and giggled knowing what had transpired the previous night. “Recognize, my pet that he is your superior too.” her master told her.

“I understand, O Exalted One.” she told him with a smile, before seductively crawling her way to Salacious. “Allow me to make amends for all the times I’ve mistreated you, superior!” she told the giggling creature. She placed her hands delicately around his sides and lifted him up to her breasts, allowing him to kiss, scratch and squeeze them until his lust was sated. Leia, not in the least bit ashamed of doing this, then brought him up to her face and kissed him fully on his beak. Salacious was overjoyed and cackled loudly. Leia sat him down on her belly and let him play with her breasts as she lay back into her master’s flesh, while Jabba petted her shoulder for doing the right thing and making amends with her superior.

Jabba began his business dealings. Leia performed her duty well, smiling at the negotiators seductively while showing off her perfect naked body. None of the dealers could focus, and her master out bargained them all. After the last one left, humiliated by Jabba, he turned to Leia. "You serve me well, slave," he said as he petted her.

"It is all I live for, my master," Leia replied as she rubbed her master’s petting hand.

"Now go," he commanded.

"Yes master," she replied. Leia rose to go to the harem.

Leia entered the harem, receiving many cheers for finally submitting to the exalted one and making complements about her new tattoos, and started to talk with Amanda. With pride, she told of her submission, recounting with great detail her first time with the Hutt's caresses. When she finished, Amanda spoke, "I am so jealous, but I'm happy for you. When the Hutt Council convenes here, The Exalted One sometimes gives me to a Hutt for a night, so I know what it is like," she said. They then began to practice dancing. Amanda was surprised at Leia's skill. It seemed that with her submission, she had reached her full potential overnight. She was three times the dancer Amanda ever could be, and twice as skilled as Oola was. The Exalted One should raise her to her rightful place, she thought. Amanda would not need to tell him this. His powers were so great that he was omniscient in the palace. He knew everything, including thoughts, inside its walls. If Leia was ready, he would know it. After practice was over, Amanda talked to Leia. "How have you been addressing The Exalted One?" she asked.

"With great respect, I always call him master," Leia assured her.

"Yes, but how do you refer to yourself?" she questioned.

"What do you mean?" Leia asked.

"All of The Exalted One's servants call him master," Amanda explained, "But you are his pet, you must be extra respectful."

"How?" Leia asked.

"When you speak to him, refer to yourself as 'Your Slave,' or 'Your Pet'. This exemplifies his superiority. To refer to yourself as 'I' or 'me' in his presence shows independence and great disrespect," Amanda said.

"Yes mistress, I will do as you say," Leia answered, horrified as she realized her disrespect. She was thankful to have Amanda here with her. So willing to support her. Just then, her leash tugged. Leia thanked Amanda for her advice and kissed her goodbye. Amanda noted Leia's greater enthusiasm to the kissing.

Leia eagerly returned to her master. The early evening was uneventful. Jabba and his pet smoked and awaited dinner. Suddenly, a visitor was announced. "Master, a herald from the Empire requests an audience," Jabba's majordomo said.

"Send her in," he ordered. Leia was stunned to see Mara Jade enter. Why would she be here?

"Greetings Mighty Jabba, the Emperor wishes for you to know our deal was a success and the rebellion has been crushed. I have been sent to deliver your last credit payment." Leia was surprised, the other payments were delivered by normal officers, Mara seemed too important for this, but she didn't voice her thoughts. It would be disrespectful on her part, and besides, her master knew her thoughts, so if he found them noteworthy, he would take them into account.

"However," Mara said, "My master requests a small favor. The rebellion's leader has been captured. The Emperor wishes to execute her, but she is still liked by the populace. He ordered me to bring her here, for you to kill discreetly, and away from prying eyes."

Jabba agreed to do this personally. Mara ordered a prisoner to be brought in. Leia recognized her immediately. It was her old friend and mentor, Mon Mothma. "I shall leave her to you," Mara said, exiting. Jabba watched Mara leave. He wanted to enslave her and add her to his harem, but it was not time to anger the Emperor, at least not yet. He
Slave Leia-CAF

Leia performs for her master.

would have her eventually. She was no match for Leia, but her appearance was striking and she would make a fine addition to his harem. Reluctantly, he let her go.

Mothma looked around, and was surprised to see Leia, though she barely recognized her due to the changes Jabba and his harem had given her. "What has he done to you?" she demanded.

"If you ask me to spare her life, she will be allowed to go free," Jabba said to his slave. Leia looked at her mentor, who had helped raise her and teach her for most of her life. Leia remembered all the care Mothma had given her, and didn't care. Her former life and friends no longer mattered to her. All she cared about was being a good pet for her master.

"Your pet could not care less for her, master," Leia said, as Jabba had known she would.

"He has lied and brainwashed you, fight it!" Mothma declared.

"No," Leia said, "You brainwashed me. You told me I could be powerful, that I could decide for myself, and that no one was superior to me! All lies, for my master has shown me how wrong you were. I am nothing to him, and will gladly watch your death."

"Save me, you miserable whore!" begged Mothma.

"Never!" Leia said which made Salacious chuckle. Suddenly, Mothma leapt forward and grabbed Leia, pulling her away from the throne. Salacious stopped laughing and was suddenly concerned for Jabba’s favorite.

"You will die with me, then," Mothma said, grabbing her in a head lock. Jabba had seen enough. He would not let anyone hurt his favorite! He slammed a button, and Mothma and her captive fell into the opened rancor pit. Leia, with her long leash, was not hung from it, but fell into the pit regardless. Leia landed and rolled away from Mothma. The gate opened, and Leia saw the rancor enter. Jabba must have gotten a replacement for the one Luke killed. This one looked even scarier. It grabbed the stunned and screaming Mothma, eating her crunchily in two bites. Leia did not care, good riddance to a forgotten and unimportant past she thought, but then the rancor turned to her. It started towards her, and Leia knew she was doomed. Suddenly, high above her, Jabba raised a hand. The rancor turned to look at his owner, and seemed to have some sort of mental conversation with Jabba. After a moment, the rancor continued it's trek towards the helpless former-princess, and just as it did with Mothma, it picked Leia up, except he used both hands, and did it more delicately.

No longer afraid, Leia breathed a sigh of releif, and actually spared the Rancor a smile. The Rancor raised Leia up as far as his arms could reach, and the metal bars that the crowd used to see through to watch the Rancor devour its victims opened up. Leia felt her body rise out of the Rancors grip, and Jabba lifted her back into the room. The metal bars closed again and the Rancor retreated back into its room. Leia returned to the throne, Jabba calmly rubbing her side and Salacious rubbing her legs.

After a normal dinner, Jabba turned to Leia. "Were you frightened my Kahnkee?" he asked.

"Yes master, for your pet is weak and helpless, though she knows now her master will always protect her. That woman's death marks the end of you pets past life, and she knows now her master will always protect her."

Jabba laughed. "I am pleased with your loyalty slave. Now that I know you will not escape, do you wish me to remove your leash and collar?" he offered.

"Master, your slave would never want that!" she answered. "She is your pet and needs to be leashed. She is proud of her collar. It is a symbol of her master's mercy and complete power over her." Jabba stroked her shoulder, pleased by her loyalty.

"Now you will pleasure me, obey my every command, and enjoy it, as you will every night, forever," he commanded.

"Yes master," she said. She began to obey his vulgar commands. They kissed, smoked, and unleashed their passions. After several hours, Leia finally collapsed. She snuggled up to her master and closed her eyes, the comfortable feeling of his slime and fat putting her to sleep


Leia's morning followed her usual routine. She awoke, smoked with her master, and ate breakfast with him. Leia quickly finished and watched Jabba eat. She recalled how his eating habits had disgusted her. Now, she enjoyed them, wanting her master to become as fat as possible. After Jabba's business dealings, Leia prepared to go to the harem. "Master, your slave requests permission to practice her dancing in the harem," Leia asked.

"You will not practice today," Jabba said, "But I will accompany you to the harem." Knowing better than to question this, Leia simply nodded. Jabba operated his dais controls, and the antigravity technology soon had Leia and her master floating toward the harem.

When they arrived, Leia saw the other slave girls practicing their routines. As soon as they saw Jabba, every slave girl immediately stopped what they were doing and hurried toward the dais, then knelt before their master. "My pets, today is a special day," Jabba began, "For I have deemed Leia worthy of becoming Queen of this harem." Leia stared at her master, stunned. Jabba continued, "Amanda, you have served me well in your temporary leadership capacity. You will still have authority here, and be in charge when Leia is not present."

"Of course, master," Amanda said. She spoke to Leia. "I am honored to serve you, my Queen," she said.

Jabba left, with Leia staying behind. The slaves looked to her. "Uh, just continue your practicing," she commanded weakly. As they went to do so, Leia turned to Amanda.

"Congrats, mistress, I knew you were worthy of this honor," Amanda said.

"You don't have to call me that, Amanda," Leia said. It felt strange. After a month, the situation was reversed. Leia called Amanda by name, while Amanda called her mistress.

"I have to, mistress," Amanda said.

"Fine, so what do I do exactly, as Harem Queen?" she asked.

"Well, you don't have to practice dancing anymore, now your duties are to train new slaves, observe our routines, and plan unique dances for special occasions. Also, it is your job to report to The Exalted One if we are mistreated while pleasing his guests." Leia was surprised.

"You actually have to do that?" she questioned.

"Of course, your highness. If a guest picks us out during dinner, we must accompany them to his quarters and pleasure him. We all have individual luxurious rooms in the harem, of course, but we only sleep here when we are not chosen. If we are picked, they can't hurt or abuse us, though, The Exalted One forbids it." Leia nodded, then eyed Amanda seductively.

"Since I can just relax right now, would you care to join me?" she asked Leia.

"Of course, your highness," said Amanda. Leia and Amanda spent the afternoon swimming in pools, bathing in hot tubs, and lounging on sofas together, playing the giggle game and sharing passionate kisses every few minutes, snuggling together like six-year-olds. They were very friendly with each other, until Leia's leash tugged. Leia then went to her master.

Once she had returned to Jabba, Leia felt she had to talk to him. "Your High Exaltedness, your pet wishes to ask you something," she begged.

"Of course, my khankee, what is it?" he asked.

"Master, your other pets now treat your pet as a superior, but she is unworthy of their respect," Leia said.

"Why, my slave?" Jabba asked.

"Your pet has no authority or dignity, it all belongs to you," Leia said.

"Khankee, in the harem, you should act like a superior to the others, for you are my chosen, the best of all of them," he said.

Leia's uncertainty fell away with her master's reassurance. "Yes master," she said.

Jabba smiled, altogether pleased with his pet's obediance. He had one final detail to add that would make her the perfect Queen for his Harem. "Now that you are harem queen, you must be the most attractive of all of them." Jabba told her as he waved his hands over Leia's body. Leia felt her breasts and buttocks slightly grow in size. They were now slightly larger than Amanda's, but they still blended perfectly with the rest of her gorgeous body. "This will insure that you stand out among the rest of the slaves. Any new recruits with assets bigger than yours or Amanda's will be shrunken."

"Thank you master" said Leia gratefully, relishing the idea that her Master had now adorned her with the most perfect breasts and buttocks she could ever hope to receive. Then they spent the night unleashing their passions on each other. Jabba enjoyed ravishing her new improvements.

The next day, as Leia entered the harem, she immediately adopted a haughty, superior attitude. "Slaves!" she called, assembling them. "I am now Queen, and I feel some changes need to be made. First, our master is too powerful for us to call him The Exalted One. From now on, he shall be known as The High Exalted One, any of his pets who refer to him as anything less will be punished. Second, we now have a dozen slaves in here, six humans and six twi'leks. This is unacceptable. I shall ask The High Exalted One to recruit more girls, and I shall train them myself. Lastly, I will be designing our new dance routines. That is all. Now practice!" she commanded. As the other slaves hurried to practice, Leia lay on her favorite sofa and observed them. She was going to enjoy this.

Six Months Later- Everything ChangesEdit

Six months after Leia's submission, the galaxy had greatly changed. The rebellion had been completely eradicated. The empire ruled the galaxy with an iron fist. Jabba had greatly benefited from his deal with the empire. He was now the richest being in the galaxy. The Hutts now ruled a massive economic empire across the outer rim, dealing slaves and spices.

As for Leia, her life had only gotten better. Jabba had granted her humble request for more slave girls, capturing the most beautiful women from across the galaxy. Leia trained them well, already several had accepted their role as a pet of Jabba the Hutt. Leia looked forward to the annual Hutt Council meeting the next day, she had an amazing dance prepared and couldn't wait for her performance. Jabba had gotten even fatter. Several new layers of fat had formed on his body, and he had at least two more chins. His stomach had expanded even farther out. He was now considered impossibly obese even by Hutt standards. Leia found him even more attractive and pleasurable.

The morning of the meeting, Leia slept beside her master's huge belly. She was having a wonderful dream. She and Jabba had just outlasted all the other Hutts and their slave girls in a pleasure competition. Jabba leaned in to kiss her, and suddenly she was falling. She hit the floor of the throne room and was shocked out of her dream. "Ow!" she cried.

Jabba and Salacious had awoken with a start, "Why have you awoken me, my pet?" he said in a slightly angry tone. Leia looked at the clock. It was 3 am! She had woken up her master seven hours early. She had committed a horrible offense.

I no longer deserve to live, Leia thought. She crawled to the rancor pit entrance. "Master, your unworthy pet will gladly accept death as her punishment, for she deserves it," Leia said.

She waited for Jabba to press the button and send her to her death.

"No, my slave, for it was an accident," Jabba said. Leia was overwhelmed by his mercy. I love him, Leia realized. "My Kahnkee, I could not live without you, now climb back onto my throne and take your place beside me," Jabba commanded.

"Yes master," Leia said. She crawled back up to her master and allowed Salacious to get comfortable again. Two minutes later, they were both asleep.

That morning, Jabba ordered for an extension to his dais. "You fell off because you do not have enough room, now you will," he said. Leia sometimes could not believe how gracious her master was. She rubbed her hand against his chin, slime sticking to it. She looked at him. He was extremely bloated, had a massive worm-like tail and his reptilian eyes were red and piercing. And he was the most attractive thing in the galaxy.

"Thank you, master," Leia said.

That afternoon, Leia spoke with Amanda while watching the other slaves practice. However, Leia noticed Amanda seemed distant. "What's wrong, Amanda?" Leia asked.

"It's not my place to say, your highness," she replied.

“What is it?" Leia demanded.

"You really want to know?' Amanda asked. Leia nodded. "Ever since your arrival here, I have only been allowed to pleasure The High Exalted One's guests. That's fine and all, but I haven't been asked to please The High Exalted One since you got here."

"You pleased him before?" Leia asked.

"Before you got here, The High Exalted One rarely had personal pets, and he always traded them quickly, although, one was fed to the rancor for being far too stubborn. Instead, he had his harem girls please him, sometimes two at a time. I miss doing that."

"Amanda! I would be happy to please The High Exalted One beside you, I'll ask him about it," said Leia.

"Really? Thank you, your highness!" Amanda said, hugging Leia and kissing her.

That night, the entire Hutt Council assembled in the throne room. Massive amounts of food were brought and

Leia lays beside her master.

every Hutt had his entire slave harem dance for the Council, with Jabba's dancing thirteenth and last. Leia led the slaves in an amazing routine, astounding the Hutts. After stripping for the entire Council, Leia knelt in front of Jabba's throne, laying her perfect naked body across the floor. Jabba laughed and pulled her to him. "You will remain naked the entire night," he ordered.

"Yes master," she said. She noticed the Hutts all staring at her. She didn't mind, they were Jabba's guests and she was happy to arouse them.

The meeting began. "As you know, six months ago I received one billion credits from the empire and tamed Princess Leia," said Jabba, "You would think I have gone farther than any Hutt since the Hutt Empire, and you would be correct," he continued, "But I am not yet satisfied. I intend to bring the Hutts back to the glorious days of our Empire, when we controlled the galaxy and were recognized as the superior beings we were. For the next six months, we shall build up our forces with our massive resources, then strike against the empire." The Hutts considered this. It seemed impossible, but Jabba had never failed at anything yet. One by one, they pledged their support to his plan. "Excellent, and now our pets must please us," Jabba said. Leia quickly began to please her master, obeying his vulgar commands. She refused to lose, they were going to outlast all the competition. After two hours, an exhausted Leia looked around. She saw that all the other slave girls had collapsed. She climaxed for her seventeenth and final time that night, then collapsed against her master. They had won.


One Year LaterEdit

The invasion was ready. The Hutts had used their massive economic power to hire soldiers, mercenaries, and bounty hunters for their army. Boba Fett led them, secured for the task by an unwieldly sum. A massive armada was also paid for Jabba's brilliance and tactical genius created a foolproof invasion plan. Leia had no doubt that Jabba would triumph. She was going to be the pet and lover of the emperor of the galaxy! For the last six months, her life had gone on as normal, though now Amanda or another slave girl would join her in pleasing Jabba, as Leia had requested. Jabba had decided to abandon and destroy Tatooine, for he would turn Coruscant into his capital and a massive Hutt throne world. Leia was excited. Soon, the galaxy would finally recognize her master for the God he was. Invasion. Today was the day. Jabba and his entire palace staff left the palace for the Star Jewel, which would be their home until Coruscant fell. The ship quickly entered orbit, joining the rest of the large Hutt fleet already waiting. "Slave, have I ever shown you this ship's secret?" Jabba asked.

"No, master," Leia said.

"Prepare to fire!" Jabba ordered. Leia sat on Jabba's large muscular tail, she was going to enjoy this. "Fire!" Jabba commanded. A giant laser sprouted from the ship and destroyed the now empty palace on the planet of Tatooine. Leia watched with satisfaction. The heat of Tatooine had always bothered Leia. Coruscant's temperature would be better suited for her. The fleet jumped to hyperspace and separated. Each fleet of the armada had a destination of one inhabited outer rim planet. A massive surprise attack had begun. Leia sat on her master's tail and watched the invasion of Dosunn. The planet fell in two hours, and reports indicated a dozen other planets did likewise.

The Hutts swept across the Outer Rim, and another hundred planets were conquered in the next week. The various fleets then joined together, and the Hutt armada advanced into the Mid Rim. The empire finally responded, sending a large fleet to engage the Hutt armada. At the decisive Battle of Naboo, Jabba's superior tactics utterly destroyed the larger imperial fleet, the Hutts captured most of the ships and destroyed the rest.

With their expanded fleet, they over ran the Mid Rim within days. The empire, having lost half the galaxy, created a large perimeter around the core worlds and colonies. Jabba briefly halted his conquest, while sending saboteurs to key points in the fleet perimeter. Within a week, a third of the imperial ships were out of commission. The Hutt armada advanced quickly, breaking through the perimeter and steamrolling through the colonies. A large imperial fleet made a stand at Cato Neimoidia. The Hutt armada utterly obliterated it, the Star Jewel's laser destroying the capital ships like they were nothing.

Soon, only the core worlds remained. The night before the final push, the Hutt Council convened on the Star Jewel. As Jabba's dancers entertained the Hutts, Jabba demanded wine. Amanda soon arrived, handing him a drink. Jabba quickly grabbed the drink, then ordered Amanda to come to him. For the next hour, Leia and Amanda pleased their master. He soon went to sleep, leaving the two girls alone. Leia realize Amanda had never told her something.

"Hey Amanda, how did you become a slave?" Leia asked.

"Long story, your highness, it was a long time ago," Amanda said.

"Amanda, how long have you been here?" Leia asked. Amanda laughed.

"Fifty four years, your highness," she replied.

"Wow, it seems so long," Leia said.

"Yep, but remember we are now immortal, so we will serve The High Exalted One forever," Amanda said. Leia couldn't fathom it. Serving her master forever? It seemed too good to be true.


The empire prepared for a final stand on Coruscant, abandoning the other Core Worlds to the Hutts. Easily taking them over, two thirds of the armada advanced on Coruscant. From her place on Jabba's tail, Leia watched the massive battle outside. At first, it seemed even. Then, the Star Jewel's laser began to fire, targeting the largest Imperial ships and destroying them. The Hutt fleet began to push the empire back.

After two hours, victory seemed assured. However, a massive object was detected coming from hyperspace. A massive space station suddenly flared into view. Leia knew what it was. The Death Star ll. The rebel alliance had been planning some stupid mission to destroy it, she knew. Evidently, their pathetic attempt had failed. The station's laser began to light up. It was targeting the Star Jewel! The laser fired, on a direct course with its target. Leia thought it was over. Jabba raised his hand. Miraculously, the laser deflected off the ship's hull. The Star Jewel returned fire. The blast crippled the station, barely leaving it intact. Jabba ordered the now inoperational ship boarded by thousands of troops, and the Death Star was captured, added to her master's armada. The battle continued, with the Star Jewel resuming its massacre of the imperial ships.

Just as the imperial fleet's situation couldn't seem to worsen, the remaining third of the Hutt ships exited hyperspace behind them. Caught between the hammer and the anvil, the empire's ships were destroyed to the last man. Jabba quickly ordered his fleet to descend upon the planet. Thousands of hired soldiers and bounty hunters landed on the surface, engaging the stormtroopers defending the surface. The Star Jewel dropped into the lower atmosphere to watch the battle.

Jabba offered Leia his hookah. She took it gratefully, enjoying her high while watching the fighting. She could see the Hutt army advancing throughout the planet. "Suck on my tail," Jabba ordered. Leia did as he said, hungrily pushing it into her mouth, glorying in the phallic exstention that pushed its way down her throat. As she had gladly discovered, resisting him was futile. Soon, the galaxy would realize this as well.

In the end, only the Imperial Palace held out against the Hutt assault. Hundreds of soldiers defended it against the Hutt's army. Jabba could have simply bombed it, but he wanted the massive building for himself. As the two armies exchanged blaster fire, Jabba ordered the ship to land near the battle. He operated his throne, and the anti grav technology carried the dais to the front. The dais began to travel up the steps of the palace.

The stormtroopers fired at the dais, but an invisible barrier deflected the shots. Suddenly, every stormtrooper on the steps of the palace clutched their throats as they were raised into the air. Soon, they all fell to the ground, dead or unconscious. Leia smiled at her master, awed by his abilities.

Jabba's forces quickly advance up the steps and swarmed into the palace. They quickly overwhelmed all resistance outside of the throne room. Jabba had his dais stop outside the throne room doors. They were massive, but Leia saw them quickly blast inward, shattering off their hinges. Jabba advanced his dais into the room. All the stormtroopers grabbed their throats and collapsed. Only two enemies were left: Vader and the Emperor. Vader took his red bladed lightsaber, lit it, and force hurled it at Leia and Jabba. Jabba simply flicked his wrist, and the blade turned around and inpaled Vader. He really is a God," Leia thought. Black lightning appeared from Jabba's hand, engulfing the Sith Lords. Even the emperor was powerless against Jabba. Both crumpled to the ground dead.

Jabba moved his dais next to the emperor's throne. He swatted his hand, and the throne disintegrated. He quickly moved the dais to where the emperor's throne had stood. He surveyed the massive room. "I control the galaxy, don't I, my pet?" he asked. For the first time in a year Leia said, "No, master." "You think I don't control the galaxy?" he demanded.

For the first time in ages, Leia said "No master, you control everything," she said, "You are a God, master," she said.

Jabba looked at her. "And do I control you, my pet?" he asked.

"More, master, you own me, for your pet is yours forever," Leia answered. She knew that Jabba knew everything he asked her, but he enjoyed her submissive attitude. "Your pet is an insect compared to you, master. You are the most powerful being in existence, while she is a helpless young girl. Only because of you can she survive for a day. She is unworthy of even being in your presence, though she revels in every second she is," Leia said.

"If I control everything, what do you control, my khankee?" he asked.

"Absolutely nothing, master. Your pet owns nothing, not even her dignity. Everything she has belongs to you," she said.

"Will you enjoy serving me as I rule the galaxy?" he asked.

"Master, nothing your pet enjoys matters in the slightest, but yes, she will," Leia said. Jabba smiled, the galaxy was about to change.

Epilogue: The Hutt EmpireEdit

One year after the invasion of Coruscant, the galaxy had drastically changed. The newly formed Hutt Empire controlled every inhabited system inside it, from the Core to the galactic rim. Every Hutt Council member controlled a part of the galaxy from a palace on their throne world. Coruscant had been renamed Nal Hutta, after the ancient capital of the first Hutt Empire. Thirteen massive palaces now dotted Nal Hutta's skyline. Jabba's palace was ten times larger than the other palaces, having been built from the former Imperial Palace. It was easily the largest building in galactic history. The palace was visible from space. Jabba had had his rancor transferred to Nal Hutta, with rebels and assassins dropped into a new pit.

Hutts were now recognized as superior beings, and were allowed to enslave whichever beautiful women they chose, regardless of status or background. The female leaders of various former planetary governments now served in Hutts' slave harems. The Hutt Empire was even more centralized than the former Empire. Jabba had complete and utter control of every major decision, with the Hutt Council serving only as advisers and overseeing issues not important enough for Jabba to deal with.

As they still commanded great influence in their sectors and had any luxury they desired, they did not mind Jabba's absolute control. Several laws had changed throughout the galaxy. Spices and other illegal substances could now be traded freely. Prostitution was now sponsored by the government.

These changes had caused a massive economic boom across the galaxy Unsurprisingly to Leia, polls showed the galaxy's citizens were actually happier with the Hutt Empire than any government before.

FrankKlepke August03b

Leia willingly serves her master as his trophy, distracting his guests.

Leia still sat beside her master. She was now completely and utterly immersed in slavery. She was constantly displayed as Jabba's trophy whenever he had visitors in his palace, showing how even the most famous and important individuals in the galaxy were nothing to him. Before, she would have considered this extremely sexist and unjust. Now, she was proud to display Jabba's mastery of her, happy to exhibit herself for his guests.

Throughout the year, her master had excessively spoiled her. He had named several places in the galaxy after her. Several districts on Nal Hutts shared her name, and the first system that had been colonized under the new government was Leia system. Even the law that allowed Hutts to enslave anyone regardless of status was called Leia's Law. It was appropriate, as Jabba had enslaved her despite her royal status. Now, regardless of her slave status, Jabba often called her his 'Princess,' though she felt it was undeserved. She still served as harem queen, and her and Amanda had tripled the size of the harem, easily breaking every new slave. Jabba still had the best harem of all the Hutts.

Suddenly, she felt her leash tug. "Reminiscing, my Princess?" her master asked.

Leia blushed. "Alderaan was destroyed, and your pet's royal status with it," she said.

"Yes, but you are now the Emperor's favorite, making you a Princess once agin," he said.

"Yes master," she said. Jabba considered his beloved pet. She was perfect. Clever, creative, and an excellent Harem Queen, yet weak, helpless, and completely loyal to him, Leia was the finest slave in the galaxy. "You will be serving me forever, just as I will rule forever," Jabba said. Leia knew he was right, and an eternity as Jabba's pet was extremely appealing to her. Lowering her head to his tail once more, she said, for what she knew would not be the last time,

"Yes master."

The End

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